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Pairing: Charles Leclerc x Reader
Request: hi! can i request fluffy domestic married life w charles? <3
Summary: You and Charles make breakfast together on his day off.
Warnings: Fluff!
Tumblr media
Blinking your eyes you forced them open as you took in your surroundings. You could feel the warm arm slung over your hips as the owner of said arm slept next to you. His breath fanned against your neck as he carried on sleeping.
Ever so gently you started to extract yourself. Wiggling slowly as you put your pillow where your body had been. Smiling, you watched as Charles tightened his hold on the pillow and nuzzled his nose into it. When you were sure that he was comfy and asleep again you left the room.
Tiptoeing through to your kitchen you slowly started to pull ingredients out of the fridge and cupboards. Gently laying them out on the countertop you got to work making pancakes for yourself and Charles.
With it being one of the blissful weekends where Charles didn't have to be off in some far-flung part of the globe you figured that you would treat him to breakfast in bed with lots of snuggles.
Sadly your plans were foiled when you felt a pair of warm strong arms wrapped around your middle. As Charles practically draped himself over you. You felt as he nuzzled his face into your upper back. Leaning your head back you kissed his cheek as you continued on with breakfast. 
“Why did you leave the bed, mon amour,” Charles whined, his voice laden with sleep.
Laughing you reached your free hand up and around to sink into his beautiful hair. Gently running your finger through you lovingly rubbed his scalp. Eliciting an almost sexual moan from him.
“I left the bed because I was hungry.” You told Charles. Removing your hand from his hair you flipped the pancake. All you got from your child of a husband was a whine at the loss of contact.
Softly laughing at him you returned the hand to his hair.
“How about you set the table, love?” You gently prompted him. Nudging him towards the table.
Grumbling gently with no malice behind it Charles headed to where the cutlery was. Laughing at him you turned back to the stove.
When you had finished with the pancakes you plated them up. Taking them out onto the balcony where Charles had set the table and was now reading the newspaper his sunglasses perched on his noes.
When he saw you approaching he grinned up at you. Putting the newspaper to the side he opened his arms to you and pulled you into his lap. Laughing, you cuddled into him as you gave him his breakfast.
The two of you proceeded to dig into your breakfast as you talked about what you day ahead looked like. You talked about what you had booked. What you needed to do and was on your to do list. You talked about the weather. You talked about things in the distant future. And you talked about everything and anything.
Because this was right where you wanted to be and right where you needed to be. Sat in the warm Monegasque sunshine with your husband as you looked at the rolling blue sea and talked about everything and anything.
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Already So Perfect
Pairing: Charles Leclerc x female reader
Request: hi! if you take requests could u maybe write about best friend!charles turned into boyfriend!charles and before the next gp, pierre goes to your hometown to help u with a surprise for charles and after the surprise you make the relationship official?
Warnings: Language, Monaco GP 2022.
Sidenote: I rewrote this about 4 times before i ended up with this version, what explains how long it took for me to post it, but i ended really liking how it turned out so i hope you do too! Strongly recommend listening to Dandelions by Ruth B. while reading cause it came on while i was writing it and my heart went 💥
Monaco Grand Prix 2022:
After that one awful pitstop and the expletives that spilled out of Charles' mouth in pure anger and frustration as he got back on track, it all seemed unsalvageable in the monégasque's eyes. It was set in stone in his mind that this weekend would be nothing but a disappointing memory that he would have learn from only to store it away and ignore it for the rest of his life after that.
For now, he didn't really know how he'd end up dealing with the painfully fresh memory, but he knew one thing for sure: he didn't expect to look back on the weekend with a satisfied smile.
You had been watching the race from the pit lanes, switching between the Alpha Tauri garage and the Ferrari one so you would be able to listen to your two best friends' team radios. Your eyes furiously came back to the grid positions every few seconds as the race neared its end, anxiously watching for any changes in the positions.
You were in the Ferrari garage, red headphones on your ears so you could listen to Charles' radio when he was asked to box. That's when shit hit the fan and a rather good race turned into a disaster. Your body acted on its own, ripping the headphones off you ears, simply not bearing to hear Charles' angry, pained voice screaming curse words like he had nothing else to say. Because, let's be real, he probably didn't.
Your eyes closed as you realized how bad this was. It was almost painful, the silence that took over the room as Charles' name dropped down to P4. The thought of how much disappointment Charles was dealing with right now squeezed at your heart and made your throat dry.
You just let your legs carry you out of the Ferrari garage and you walked in the chilly air towards the Alpha Tauri one, knowing that the atmosphere there wouldn't be much better but still desperately wanting to escape the heavy aura of the red-dominated room.
You stayed there until all the cars passed the checkered flag and Pierre appeared amongst his team members. He shook everyone's hands, a consoling attempt from both sides, then he finally reached you giving you a quick friendly hug that showed how much he appreciated your presence there.
You never knew what to say in these situations, so you just settled for a small "Hard luck." and a sympathetic smile. Pierre responded with a small nod and a half-hearted smile.
Seconds of silence dragged on as you and Pierre stood there.
"Vas à lui. Il a besoin de toi maintenant." Go to him. He needs you right now.
It was slightly selfish, but your heart wouldn't bear being around a disappointed Charles. You just knew you'd end up blurting out anything that would make him feel better, even if that meant spilling things you wanted to keep to yourself.
"He has Arthur and his mother with him. You're alone here, Pierre."
"No, y/n. He needs you by his side after today." He emphasized the 'you' in his statement. Even after the bad race he had, a glimmer of mischief sparkled in the French driver's eyes, twisting the meaning of his words in many confusing ways.
The questioning looks you gave Pierre made him give you a little push and a small, encouraging "Go!"
For some reason, Pierre's insistence made you hurl to the bright red garage, only to find it mostly empty except for some team members. Enough time had passed since the race. Charles had probably already passed by here and was probably even done with the media and press duties he had post-race.
Your shoulders slouched in a short-lived moment of surrender before you started sprinting to the motorhome, knowing that would be where you'd find Charles.
Thankfully, you were right. Charles was in his driver's room. He seemed to be picking up a few things and packing them in a duffel bag so he could head home.
"Charles..." You started but quickly found that your words were crushed under the weight of the situation.
He turned to look at you the second his name rolled off your lips. It might sound dramatic, but you could almost see his guard being let down, the unreadable look on his face quickly getting replaced by an honest, vulnerable one. He finally allowed his body to relax and he sat on the massage table behind him.
"I'm so sorry about today." You managed, taking a cautious step towards him.
Charles, when upset, usually kept to himself and bottled up all his feelings, so it was safe to say that you didn't expect his hand to wrap around your wrist nor for him to pull you in to stand between his parted legs.
"J'en ai marre de ça, y/n." I'm sick of this, y/n. He mumbled, pulling you close and hugging you around the stomach.
"Je sais." I know. You didn't have the right words to say so you just rubbed circles on his back with one hand and ran your fingers through his tangled hair with other, not caring that it was still slightly damp with sweat.
You hoped it helped him feel a little better, but you highly doubted that so you just let him stay wrapped around you for as long as he needed. You didn't mind staying that way until he decided he okay to pull away.
The staff, on the other hand, had other plans.
"Charles, i'm really sorry but they need to start deconstructing the motorhome." Someone spoke from outside the room. Charles pulled away, his expression scarily impatient, his eyes closed as he took a deep breath in attempt to calm himself down.
"C'mon." He disguised the urge to ask you to come home with him with the small word but you understood him and you didn't find one reason to why you shouldn't accompany him. If he needed you by his side, even if it was just as a friend, that is where you were gonna be. At least for today, you were willing to ignore your feelings for the guy that was currently guiding you out of the Ferrari motorhome towards the gloomy outdoors.
Once you were outside, you felt his hand wrap around yours. It shocked you enough that your gaze immediately shifted down to look at your hands. Charles, apparently just as surprised by his gesture, studied your face, trying so hard to read you expression and understand how you felt towards that. You didn't really know what reaction he wanted so you concealed all the feelings this gave you, keeping your expression neutral.
His lips pursed and he started making his way towards his black Ferrari. You followed him with a head swirling with a million thoughts.
The drive to his apartment was overruled by a comfortable but confused silence. Fans had stopped him on his way out of the parking space, waving at him but keeping a distance, clearly aware of the race results.
Once you reached your destination, Charles told you to make yourself at home before he disappeared into his bedroom.
"I'm gonna take a quick shower." He appeared in the doorframe, shirtless with a towel draped over his arm.
You nodded, looking away as you felt your cheeks blush. You saw him disappear again out of the corner of your eye.
Letting out a breath you were holding, you rid yourself of your jacket and headed towards his kitchen to make him something to eat.
It was shocking how fast Charles' quick shower was. You didn't expect him to walk into the kitchen so soon, but there he was, hair still wet, watching you from one of the chairs by the kitchen table.
"You don't have to make food."
"Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it."
He nodded and thanked you before the room fell back into silence.
You were reaching to grab a plate when you heard Charles' voice again.
"I don't know why i feel like this is the right time to say this but I can't see you as a friend anymore."
His words immobilized you momentarily but you quickly recovered and spun around to face him.
"I'm sorry, what?" You didn't know if you were confused or hurt. Whatever it was that you were feeling, it wasn't good.
Here you were, keeping him company in his apartment after a bad race and making him food, trying to make up for his bad day and he still had the audacity to tell you he didn't see you as a friend anymore.
"I just can't be friends with you anymore," you didn't wait for him to finish. You dropped everything you had in your hands onto the counter and quickly started making your way back to his living room so you could grab your phone and get going.
However, his damn fast reactions kicked in and his arm wrapped around your waist just as you were gonna pass him.
He stood up before he continued his previously interrupted sentence.
"... i like you too much to be okay with being your friend. Je veux être beaucoup plus que cela." I want to be way more than that.
At this point, he didn't need to hold you back from walking away. That thought was long gone and instead, you quickly turned to face him. Your mind didn't register it fast enough because it just sounded too good to be true.
Pierre's insistence that you go to Charles after the race instead of staying with him suddenly started making sense.
You stared at your best friend in disbelief, you mind still processing the fact that he just said the words you thought you'd never hear from him. It seemed like you brain was too busy memorizing this moment instead of busying itself with coming up with a response.
You just stood there admiring the guy you've liked for so long, since both of you were children begging your parents to sleep over at each others' houses, and the look on his face as he expressed feelings you could've only dreamt he felt.
"Now would be the time to say something." He grimaced awkwardly, his mind already running over the list of ways this weekend could tumble even lower down the scale of catastrophe. He was desperately trying to get insight on wether or not this was a good idea.
Without even realizing what you were doing nor thinking the action through, your arms reached up and wrapped around his neck, inhaling the comforting scent of his shampoo and basking in the the comfort of being so close to him. At that moment, you literally felt him relax and exhale in relief, his own arms wrapping around your waist in a delicate embrace while he hid his face in your neck.
The fact that you could feel his heart beat against your own body gave you goosebumps all over. However, it seemed like for now the only thing you cared about was how amazingly safe you felt in his toned arms. It felt like that's where you belonged in the first place. It felt like home.
After that, Charles decided that eating on the table would put too much distance between the two of you so you ended up on his couch, your legs draped over one of his and two plates of food in your laps as he ranted about his day before he made sure to ask you about yours.
As it neared midnight, you started getting anxious about leaving alone this late, especially since you were getting sleepy.
"Charles, i really need to leave." You started getting up, but he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you even closer.
"Leaving? Why? Just stay here."
Previously, there were moments in your friendship with Charles where the limit lines blurred and you ended up cuddling in bed until both you fell asleep. You never thought it was weird since you had grown up around Charles and the both of you grew up thinking it was normal. Therefore, it didn't really make sense to him that you were planning to leave tonight after all that happened.
It barely took any convincing from his side before you were dressed in his sweats and cuddled up with him in his bed.
The night passed in a blur of confessions and sloppy kisses and before you knew it, sunlight came into the room uninvited, reminding you that even if you felt like the two of you were the only ones to exist in this world, reality still says otherwise.
You woke up to two text messages from pierre.
"I haven't heard from both u and Charles since yesterday so i guess last night went like i thought it would." The first text read, the other one being a string of winking emojis.
You didn't have time to respond since Charles, still mostly asleep, grabbed your phone out of your hand, dropped it onto the mattress and pulled you back into him as you giggled.
Silverstone Race week 2022:
A full month since monaco. A full month since you and Charles started dating.
Precisely, on the Wednesday before the british race, the 29th, a full month would've passed.
It was the Monday just before that. Charles was flying to you tomorrow, planning to spend the day here before the both of you head to Britain. Pierre, on the other hand flew in on Sunday just like you asked him to.
Throughout the past month, Charles had gone out of his way to spend as much time with you as was possible. The amount of dates he had managed to sneak into his schedule was absurd, especially since the dates involved one of you flying to the other. You wanted to do something nice for him. That's where Pierre, who was ecstatic when he found out the two of you were dating, came into play.
While watching a movie with Charles once, there was a scene where the two main characters went on a date on the beach right as sunset started. He had said that he's always wanted to try that so, naturally, you were planning to recreate that for him.
You saved up some money and rented out a section of a beachside restaurant, spilling some additional cash so they would give you full privacy and control over the space for a few hours. You insisted on the privacy part of the deal since your relationship with Charles was still a secret. No one other than Pierre and your families knew.
Along with your french best friend, you went shopping and got all the things you needed, from cooking ingredients down to small candles to decorate with.
Pierre stared complaining once he realized he was going to have to help you with all the cooking, but he still did it nonetheless, telling you that he expects any future Leclerc children to hold his name due to his big contribution in the making the relationship happen.
"Dude, what the hell? We've been dating for a month! Easy on us, please." You had replied.
Tuesday noon, you climbed into your car and headed straight to the airport to pick up Charles. He met you in the parking lot and gave you the biggest kiss once he settled in your passenger seat.
As was planned, Pierre was nowhere to be found when Charles and you returned to your apartment. He was probably already finishing up the preparations of the things you had bought yesterday.
As sunset neared, you started bugging Charles that he should get up and get dressed because you wanted to show him a spot you discovered. After some bickering about that, he ended up putting on some white shorts and a loose beige button down. You couldn't help but smile as you realized he had unknowingly picked out the perfect outfit for what you had planned and that the color of his shirt was almost identical to the color of your sundress.
Halfway through the drive, you stopped on the side of the road to blindfold Charles with a bandana you brought with you. You also sent Pierre a quick message telling him he should disappear from the restaurant in about 5 minutes, then you resumed the journey.
"I don't like this, y/n. I'm getting nauseous." Charles had complained many times, even after you had parked your car and started helping him out of it.
"5 more seconds, i swear." You assured him as you guided him down the beach. Luckily, there was a pavement that gilded through the sand so he hadn't picked up on where you two were yet.
Once you reached the spot you and Pierre prepared, you turned around to make sure everything looked good before telling Charles to take off the blindfold.
It looked golden, in a way.
The sun was just about to start setting, its light harmonizing perfectly with the one coming from the littered candles and the lanterns paving the way to the dinner set up. Instead of setting up a table, you had used a big white tablecloth directly on the sand and placed many pillows and cushions on its edges. Right in the middle was the food Pierre had helped you prepare, distributed neatly on white plates. In a big bucket of ice on the side, there was a bottle of white wine ready to be served and just beside that, there was a bouquet of red tulips and white baby's breaths, the only pop of color that meets the eye.
You had chosen the tulips because they meant 'thank you' and you were thankful for Charles. The baby's breath, on the other hand, was a different story. The florist told you it symbolized everlasting love, and even though you have not said it before, but you loved Charles in a way that felt like it would most-literally define the meaning of the word "everlasting".
"You can open your eyes." You spoke after intertwining your fingers with his.
You watched Charles as he ripped the bandana off with his free hand, his expression completely changing as his eyes met the sight in front of him. His lips were parted and his eyes were glistening, his hold on your arm tightening.
"Oh mon dieu, y/n." Oh my god, y/n. He gasped.
"I don't know if you remember when you told me you wanted to go on a beach date, but i wanted to surprise you with one. Plus, tomorrow is the 29th, so it's been a month since Monaco, what means that we've-" he cut off your rambling with a passionate kiss, his lips feeling perfect against yours, an amazing combination of sweet and firm.
"Je n'comprend pas comment tu es si parfaite. Ça- Ça c'est magnifique, et toi... Mon dieu, tu es tout ce que j'ai toujours voulu." I don't understand how you're so perfect. This- this is amazing, and you... My god, you're all i've ever wanted. He said after breaking the kiss, pulling you as close to him as was possible, planting small kisses on your forehead between his words.
"Tu merite bien plus que ça, Charles." You deserve way more than this, Charles. You kissed his cheek and snuggled into his chest while he continued staring in disbelief.
Seeing him smiling like that was all you wanted out of life. Seeing his eyes glimmer with so much happiness made you want to spend forever making him happy. You were never superstitious nor religious but, standing right there with him made you want to beg every higher power and wish on every shooting star, passing airplane and dandelion that you'd get to spend the rest of your life with this man.
He looked over at you, his gaze making it hard to breathe while also setting your soul free and making your heart dance with utmost joy.
If the kind of love that comes once in a lifetime and sticks around until your very last breath actually existed, this was definitely it for you.
"I love you, Charles. I think i was already starting to in Monaco, but now i feel it so strongly and i just can't hold it in anymore." The words spilled out of your mouth once your body felt like it was overflowing with the love you felt for the man stood beside you.
To your relief, the words made Charles' smile grow.
"I love you too, mon ange." My angel. He kissed the top of your head. "Je t'aime tellement beaucoup plus que je ne le pensais possible." I love you way more than I thought was possible.
His words had such a strong effect on you. They made your heart want to escape its cage and leap towards his. You've just never felt happier.
After that, you both sat and ate.
Charles literally blushed when you gave him the flowers and explained their meanings to him. It nearly made your heart burst, seeing him so flustered over something you did.
You were sat between his legs, his arms wrapped around your shoulders in a loving embrace when he propped his phone up on one of the cushions beside him without you noticing, immortalizing the moment perfectly in a photo. You had your head tilted back slightly, your eyes closed and one your hands wrapped around his arm while the other reached behind you to cup his face as he kissed your cheek, your surroundings illuminated softly with the glow of lanterns and small candles.
The moment he showed you the picture, you fell in love with it, making him smile.
"How about we use it to let the world know? I just want post it in my story and brag about having you in my arms." He suggested in a tone that made it clear that he was just testing the waters. He wasn't going to pressure you into anything but he just wanted you to know he was ready to share this with everyone.
You quickly turned to look at him. You found him waiting for a response with full seriousness.
"You actually want to do that?"
He nodded, "As long as you want it too. We don't have to do it yet but I'll probably end up using this picture no matter when." He chuckled, looking back down at his phone screen.
You admired his smiling face and his blushed cheeks and asked yourself why you were hiding the fact that you get to call him yours from the world anyway. Looking at him alone made you grin like a lovesick idiot, for God's sake.
"Post it." You smiled and he looked up at you with so much love it nearly made you squirm.
"Tu es certaine?" Are you sure?
You nodded and kissed him.
Less than a minute later, he put his phone away, signifying that your relationship was now as public as it can get. You heart beat faster as both excitement and nervousness coursed through you, but Charles touch on your skin was quick to dispose of any negative thoughts.
When you were back home, you logged into instagram and hundreds of notifications rolled in.
You ignored them and just clicked on Charles' story to see what he had posted. Sure enough, the picture from earlier appeared on your screen, the only addition being very few words Charles added on the bottom corner.
"I don't think it gets better than this." The small text box read and right below it was your username, signifying that Charles had mentioned you.
You heart swelled at the little sentence he had chosen to add and you found yourself replaying the story over and over again before finally sharing in onto your own profile, the grin never leaving your face.
After that, you sent Pierre a quick message, inviting him over for breakfast tomorrow, thanking him repeatedly for his help and letting him know that everything went well.
"I know."
"I just liked his story." He replied, shamelessly referencing the many internet memes about him liking posts on instagram. It was funny, you couldn't deny that.
You sat and thought about the upcoming race weekend while Charles' singing voice sounding from the shower filled the apartment, grounding you and assuring you that this was in fact your reality, even if it felt too good to be true.
This weekend, you'd finally get to walk around the paddock with Charles without going out of your way to look like platonic friends like you had done the previous race. This weekend, you'd finally get to walk around with his hand in yours and with the whole world knowing that he was your boyfriend. The thought alone made your stomach fill with butterflies,
It seems like Charles was right after all. It doesn't get much better than this, does it?
How can it get better when this is already so perfect?
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redemption || pierre gasly 10
type: one shot pairing: pierre gasly x reader word count: 4k (sorry not sorry) summary: having that one important thing, which means a lot to you. But will Pierre be able to be there? Or will he have to make it up to you? requested: yes! “Can you do one with Pierre where he fucks up and then makes it up to y/n?” (by anon) Requests are OPEN!!! warnings: angst, language!, disappointment, sad, fluffy ending notes: I had a blast writing this. It took a little longer, but I wasn't feeling too well. Thankfully I'm feeling good enough to write again, yayayay!! Don't worry, the story has a happy ending, otherwise it wouldn't be a story of mine :) I hope you'll enjoy it, have fun and please let me know what you think about my writingstyle in the comments or my askbox, tips/tops are very much appreciated
my masterlist
Tumblr media
Contract elongation or not, the moment news spread about Sergio Perez staying with RedBull Racing for at least 2023, possibly even more years, created quite a bit of stress for the France Formula One driver, currently driving in RedBull’s ‘rookie’ team, Alpha Tauri. Stress, that might have affected his behaviour a little more than he anticipated, and wanted.
Pierre Gasly, twenty-six years old, a talented driver on the grid who previously was a second driver for RedBull but was set back to their rookie team Alpha Tauri after Alexander Albon replaced the Frenchman back in 2019. His dream? Become a Formula One world champion, preferably at RedBull.
However, when he heard the news about Checo signing his new contract that stated he’d stay at RedBull in 2023, he got stressed, mostly because his contract at Alpha Tauri would be ending this year. So, as a result of that, he was busy, not just in the racing weeks, but also in the remaining weeks he and you would normally spend together.
You and Pierre, the perfect couple, the most loved couple in the paddock. Fans loved seeing the two of you together, the reason for it? You weren’t a model, a singer, actress or even well known in the world. You were just you, a casual girl, finishing up your college and getting ready for the big world, trying to find a job, one you enjoyed and would see yourself work in for the next decades. And people loved it, watching you and Pierre, a famous Formula One driver with connections all over the world, money that would buy him everything he wants, and you, his girlfriend, nothing more, nothing less. Just the guy Pierre loved more than anything in this world.
‘’Baby?’’ You had been trying to get into contact with your boyfriend for the last 15 minutes, asking him whether or not he’d come to your graduation, which was on a Friday, a race-free-week-Friday. You knew he was stressed, or at least busy, talking to his manager, his entire team, Alpha Tauri, RedBull, even McLaren and Alpine, but you also needed the attention, especially since your graduation was one of the most exciting and important things in your life, aside from Pierre’s races.
‘’Pierre!’’ You furrowed your eyebrows, standing up from the relaxing chair you were just seated in, to walk over to your boyfriend, who was sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone.
‘’What?’’ He looked up from his phone, a sigh leaving his lips as he saw your upset face. ‘’I’m sorry mon ange, I was just texting my manager.’’ Of course, he always was texting his manager. You weren’t mad, no, because you knew how much stress finding a new team, in time, could be, and you didn’t want to distract him from getting a good deal.
‘’I was asking if you saved the date, for my graduation.’’ You sent your boyfriend a nice smile whilst you went over to him, taking a seat on his left side, one hand resting on his knee, which you squeezed lightly.
He smiled back, placing his phone on the side of the couch just to pull you in his arms, the place you belonged according to him. ‘’Of course darling.’’ He whispered against your right temple, his lips feeling as soft as always as he kissed the side of your head. ‘’June 20th, right?’’ You nodded in response, your eyes closing as you relaxed in his arms. ‘’Yep.’’
However, the cuddles didn’t last long, just half an hour of you time for the both of you, before he got up from the couch, ready to go to another meeting with McLaren. He had to keep his options open, which meant every team that reached out for him, would be pleased with at least one meeting with the French driver. McLaren was lucky enough to have multiple.
Some days passed, and things started to get a little more comfortable at home, Pierre not being as busy with his meetings meant more time to spend together, time you cherished more than ever, because you knew that once you got accepted into the job, it would mean the two of you wouldn’t be able to see each other for weeks. That wasn’t something you weren’t used to though, being a student meant going to university, and not races.
You were laying on the balcony the sun kissing your already tanned skin as you listened to the music you were blasting through your earphones. Milan, one of the most beautiful places here in Italy, the busy centrum, the calm parks and the sun, which was shining brightly this afternoon. Pierre wasn’t here, he was at the factory, probably in the simulator, having meetings or doing more Formula One related stuff.
You opened your eyes when your phone rang, a smile plastered across your face as you saw the name. You answered almost immediately after sitting up straight, placing the sunglasses on your nose as you accepted the facetime call.
‘’Mom! Dad! Hey!’’ You threw them a wave from the other side of the phone, receiving a wave back from your mother, and a ‘hello’ from your father.
‘’Hello sweety, how are you doing?’’  
‘’I’m good! Enjoying the sun here.’’ You smiled, turning the camera on your phone to reveal the view you had from Pierre’s balcony. The beautiful park on the left, some buildings on the right, and a beautiful lake in the middle, ducks and swans cooling themselves down in the water, as well as some dogs chasing them.
You turned your phone camera back to face you, the same smile still on your face. You were one lucky girl.
‘’Oh my, that looks absolutely beautiful.’’ Your mother nudged your father who agreed with what she had just said. ‘’Isn’t Pierre home?’’ Your father asked, leaning a little closer, maybe a little too close because all you were seeing was the side of his head.
You smiled at your parents and shook your head. ‘’No, he’s at the factory.’’ You smiled kindly, biting your lip. You missed him, for sure, but it wasn’t the end of the world, you’d see him tonight.
‘’Had he got an offer yet?’’ Your father got along great with your boyfriend, him being a motorsports fan, and your boyfriend being a Formula One driver seemed like the perfect match, and it was. Every time your father would visit you and Pierre at his place, or Pierre would come to your place, since you partly lived with your parents, and partly with your boyfriend, you had to separate the two along with your mom. They always told each other everything, your father giving Pierre – according to him – amazing tips, and Pierre just laughed and took mental notes. Another thing you loved about him, his respect and kindness he had towards not just your parents, but to everyone around him. Even though Pierre knew more than probably all of them combined about the sport, he’d always gladly accept the tips he’d get, even though he probably already knew every single one of them.
‘’Yeah, he has, I believe so.’’ You said, reaching for the glass of lemon water standing on the table next to you. ‘’Alpha Tauri wants him for another year, but you can’t tell anyone yet, okay? It’s not public yet.’’ You said seriously as you sipped from the straw. Your father immediately nodded, and smiled, loving the fact you always told him everything, loving the fact you trusted him enough to tell him those highly secret and important plans.
‘’Oh, I think he’s home?’’ You frowned, turning your head to look through the glass door that connected the balcony to the living room of Pierre’s apartment. He usually never was home this early, so you assumed that it either was good, or bad. You saw him, and it for sure was the latter. You rose your phone in the air, letting your parents see nothing but the sky, because you didn’t want them to see Pierre’s face, which didn’t speak happiness or fairy tales at the moment. ‘Mom and dad’ you mouthed, hoping your boyfriend would get the hint, and he did, because he took a deep breath, a somewhat fake but realistic smile on his face as he opened the glass door to greet your parents.
‘’Hello Sandra, hello Paul.’’ You turned your phone so your parents could see your boyfriend and you moved to the side a little, creating space so Pierre could join you on the bed. Your hand moved to his, holding it, squeezing it and drawing small circles on the back of his hand while he took a hold of your phone with the other. A sigh escaping your boyfriends lips gave you the reassurance you needed, he loved what you were doing right now, calming him, not immediately asking what was wrong, but giving him the time.
After what seemed like 5 minutes, but was actually 20 minutes, Pierre ended the facetime call with your parents, handing you your phone back before resting his head against your shoulder, another sigh escaping his lips. You stayed like this, for a good 5 minutes before it got too hot and the both of you decided to go inside. You closed the curtains behind you, to prevent the heat coming into the building, and you watched as your boyfriend let himself fall down on the couch.
‘’Wanna talk about it, baby?’’ You asked carefully, following him to the couch and sitting on the armrest of it, bare feet on the seating area of the couch.
He nodded, adjusting himself on the couch as he rested his head on your knees, looking up at you. ‘’I can’t come to your graduation.’’ He sighed, knowing you’d be upset, and you had every right to be, it was the one thing you wanted him to attend, one of the most important things to you.
You sighed, closing your eyes for a brief moment to calm yourself, maybe he had a reason he couldn’t come, a legitimate reason. ‘’Why not?’’ You almost whispered, both a little mad, upset, and confused.
‘’Can’t you just, tell them to reschedule it? It’s my graduation Pierre!’’ You stood straight, hands intertwined as you looked at your boyfriend who was still seated on the couch. He had a dinner, here, in Italy, with Alpha Tauri.
‘’Look, love, I understand it’s your graduation, okay? But this is for my contract, we need to keep the sponsors happy and-‘’
‘’I don’t care.’’ You said, reaching your breaking point. ‘’Every damn day the most important thing has been your contract. Alpha Tauri, McLaren, RedBull, that’s all you talk about. And I understand it’s stressing, but can you at least clear one day, just one day, for me?’’ Small tears were appearing in your eyes, your worst nightmare coming true. You always knew being a Formula One drivers girlfriend would mean long distance, little to no time spent together, and doing things on your own. However, you hoped that he’d at least be able to come to your graduation, which meant so much to you.
‘’You don’t know how important this dinner is, y/n!’’
‘’It’s next week, Pierre, you could have told them to reschedule it because you have known for weeks, maybe even months, that next Wednesday is my graduation!’’
‘’You never told me it was Wednesday!’’ He stated, making you raise your eyebrow.
‘’What’s next Wednesday’s date?’’ You were getting mad, because you had definitely told him the date.
Pierre groaned, grabbing his phone to check the date and counted in his head. After a few seconds of thinking, he looked back into your eyes. ‘’June 20th.’’ He said.
‘’Great, do I have to remind you of the conversation we had some days ago?’’ You asked, arms crossed in front of your chest at this point.
‘’Well, I can too forget things, y/n, sorry!’’ He stated, getting up from the couch as well because he couldn’t stand sitting down, you looking down at him.
‘’Forget, ‘things’?’’ You asked, your madness turning into hurt at this point. ‘’You just simply forgot your girlfriend is finally graduation after 4 years?!’’
‘’Baby, I didn’t mean that…’’
‘’Oh, I am pretty sure you did.’’ You sighed, watching as Pierre took some steps closer to you, attempting to pull you in for a hug. ‘’No, Pierre!’’ You stepped back, wiping a single tear that was falling from your cheek.
‘’Oh come on y/n, don’t be so fucking dramatic now! I apologized, okay? What else do you need from me so you’ll be able to forgive me?’’ Pierre didn’t mean all of this, obviously. He was one of the sweetest, kind and respectful guys you’d ever meet, but the stress he had been coping with at work had taken its toll on those lovely characteristics of the Frenchman.
‘’For you to be there in England when I take that bloody paper!’’ You took one more attempt to convince him to reschedule the meeting, because you needed him there, to cheer for you when you took a hold of that paper, just like you cheered for him whenever he had a marvellous race.  
‘’Well, I can’t, it’s scheduled, I’ll fly over the next day to take you out for dinner, okay?’’
You simply shook your head, not believing those words came out of your boyfriends mouth. The man that used to do everything for you, fly in between races to your house, just to surprise you with flowers he picked up from the local flower boutique in your town, had changed, and you hated it.
‘’You know what? Forget it, go to your stupid dinner, prioritize that fucking dinner over me, it’s fine. Lately I’ve been getting used to become second anyways.’’ And with that, you left, ignoring Pierre calling your name, knowing he completely messed everything up.
The next day you were already on a plane, heading to England to your parents house, not wanting to spend one more day with your boyfriend. You needed space, time, and support right now, things he couldn’t give at the moment. It hurt, because you still loved him, and he still loved you, but right now it was for the best.
Your parents, however, were very understanding. You wasn’t sure you made the right decision, but after talking to them for hours upon hours, you were confident you did make the right decision. Sure, you couldn’t expect him to have you as his number 1 priority at all times, but you could expect him to at least think about it, try to be able to attend your graduation, as it was something you worked your ass off for, for over 4 years.
Graduation day. You were dressed into a nice cobalt blue dress, topping it off with the traditional black coat and hat, your hair nicely curled, make up on point. You looked stunning, beyond beautiful really.
‘’y/n! Oh my goodness, you look absolutely amazing, like a queen!’’ Stacy, your best friend in and out of university ran towards you.
‘’Wait till you see the dress I’m wearing.’’ You joked, hugging your best friend tightly. ‘’Come on, let’s go see my boyfriend.’’ You were dragged along, Stacy being way too excited because you had never actually met her boyfriend, since you had been traveling with Pierre for those last couple of weeks. The guy was kind, tall, typical Brit really, and you found it adorable, because it reminded you of the stage you and Pierre were in years ago, a new couple, madly in love with one another.
‘’Hey, speaking of, where’s Pierre?’’ Stacy interrupted your thoughts, and you just let out a sigh. ‘’Couldn’t make it, work.’’ You mumbled, not really feeling the need to talk about why your boyfriend wasn’t here. You wanted it to be a happy day, one to remember for in the books, and you didn’t want it to be ruined by the fact your boyfriend didn’t find you important enough to come to your graduation.
‘’Oh, well, I understand, he’s a Formula One driver after all.’’ Stacy smirked, wiggling her eyebrows a few times which made you laugh in agony. Stacy was happy when you announced your relationship to her, and wanting to meet the guy, she immediately asked you to arrange a double date with her – now called – ex boyfriend, something which was quite hard seeing you did not want people to know about you dating a famous Formula One driver straight away. You created the perfect double date setup in your parents backyard, since in that way nobody could see you, and nobody would suspect a thing, you and Pierre hadn’t announced your relationship to the world yet at that point. So the moment Stacy figured out he was actually Pierre Gasly, you had to beg her to not tell anyone, which was a task on its own.
Now, almost 5 years later, she always managed to tell people you were dating Pierre Gasly before you had even met them. You didn’t mind, Stacy was just excited because you deserved to be happy, which you were with Pierre, and being a motorsports lover didn’t really help with keeping it low profile either.
After some talking with Stacy and her new boyfriend, it was time to take place on the seats, ready to take your paper and finally move onto the next chapter in your life, find a job you enjoy, and make money. You turned around to have one more look into the audience, sitting up straight when you saw a figure in the back, a figure that looked really familiar. But as soon as he stepped forward, into the lights, you sighed. It wasn’t Pierre, just someone that looked similar, but it wasn’t him. That’s the moment you gave up hope. Of course you still had hope, maybe he had changed his mind and decided your graduation would be slightly more important than a dinner with his sponsors, but sadly, that wasn’t the case.
‘’Y/n Y/l/n!’’ People were cheering, clapping and you looked over at Stacy before getting up, a smile on your face, a proud smile. You made your way to the podium, a deep sigh escaping your lips as you felt the black cold pen reaching your hands. You signed your diploma, a smile from ear to ear when you placed the pen back on the table. You shook hands, and held the paper next to you when you stood next to your teacher for the photo.
‘’Okay, photo time!’’ Your parents stood on either side of you, Stacy taking the picture. ‘’Now a crazy one, because we’re done with this fucked up school!’’ Stacy laughed and you immediately looked over at your parents who were shocked by her statement.
‘’Stace!’’ You laughed, shaking your head as your parents decided to join your laughter, pulling a weird face as you did the same.
‘’Okay, I think that’s it.’’ You smiled, looking at Stacy. You had taken more than enough pictures with your friend, as well as some pictures with your parents. ‘’We have all the pictures we need.’’ You smiled, weakly, because you knew you missed one person here.
‘’No, we don’t have them all yet.’’ You turned around, because you recognized that voice from miles away.
‘’Pierre?’’ You were surprised, he had the dinner, with his sponsors, right? How could he be here now? Pierre noticed you were confused, because you hadn’t said anything but his name the moment you saw him, your facial expression like you had just seen one of the most confusing things in the world, and your body frozen in place.
‘’We need a picture.’’ He simply smiled, holding his hand out for yours to take. He looked amazing, in suit, his hair nicely done, glowing skin, and you hadn’t even started about the cologne he was wearing, or the way his breath was soft and minty. You accepted his hand, slowly stepping towards him as you wrapped your arms around him, tightly, almost scared of letting him go.
‘’I thought you-‘’ But he cut you off. ‘’Shh.. don’t think about that now, okay? This is your happy day, your graduation, and I am so, so proud of you, okay?’’ He whispered close to your ear, pressing kisses to your cheek. ‘’I have been an idiot, and I am sorry for that, I hope you can forgive me.’’
You looked at him, a smile on your face as your eyes were filled with tears. Of course you would forgive him, he was here now, he came to your graduation. ‘’Were you here the entire time?’’
He nodded. ‘’I saw you getting up there, signing that paper of yours. I could even see that beautiful smile of yours when you were standing next to Mr. Johnson.’’ He smiled. ‘’Or when you were seated and turned around, were you looking for me?’’ He asks carefully, taking a hold of your hands.
You nodded in response, smiling weakly as you looked down at your hands. ‘’I was, yeah, I just, hoped you’d come, I still had hope.’’ You admitted, looking up into his beautiful eyes who had a sparkle inside of them, the sparkle you had missed so hard when he was busy with his work.
‘’Come on, take that coat off, I want to see that amazing dress!’’ Stacy cheered, interrupting the two of you. You simply laughed, turning around so you could easily take the coat off, along with the hat and you heard Stacy whistle. ‘’Damn girl! Hot!’’ She laughed.
You turned around again to face Pierre, and that’s when your heart skipped a beat. He was there, down on one knee, a box in his hand as he looked up at you with the sweetest but yet most nervous smile ever.
‘’Pierre…’’ You whispered, hands covering your mouth as you gasped.
‘’I’m sorry for being such an idiot lately. I wanted everything to be perfect. I was so stressed, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I-I was planning this, and the whole work thing messed it all up. I wanted to surprise you, and when they told me the dinner would be tonight, I honestly tried to reschedule it but they didn’t let me.’’ He started, still seated on one knee. ‘’After our talk, last week, I knew that I had to do it. I had to call my manager and tell him I wouldn’t be at the dinner, because there was something on my to do list that was much more important than that stupid dinner.’’ He smiles, quoting your words about the stupid dinner. ‘’When you left that day, I immediately contacted your parents, asking for their permission, and I explained everything to them. I just hoped they would say yes because I already bought the ring and all… But, I want you to know that you are my number one priority, and you always will be, because I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I need you, because I’m lost without you, and I can’t say it enough, I’ll never get tired of saying it, y/n. I love you, so much it hurts, so please, don’t make me the happiest boyfriend, but the happiest man, and marry me.’’
You were amazed by his words, and didn’t even notice the tears running down your cheeks, or the phone camera’s pointed towards you, all you saw was him, your boyfriend, down on his knee for you, to ask you to marry him.
‘’Of course I’ll marry you, Pierre.’’ You nodded, receiving a deep sigh as response from the French driver in front of you, followed by a wide smile. He got up, grabbed your hand and delicately slid the ring around your finger, cupping your cheeks and pressing his lips to yours, lovingly, not wanting to be separated from you ever again.
‘’Je t’aime, mon chérie.’’
‘’Je t’aime aussi, bébé.’’
((Repost because Tumblr hated me yay)
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iconocon · 2 days ago
future of monaco | leclerc | 4
Tumblr media
summary: choices are never easy are they?
warnings: uh cheating? but really a whole lot of angst
word count: 2k | ⚔︎ ANGST
part 1 part 2 part 3
and with that, he was off out the door rushing while carrying a million things but somehow once again forgetting his phone on the nightstand. hoping to catch him before he was too far gone you too rush out the room but in opening the door you're reminded of what you tried so hard to forget arm raised about to knock on the very door you now clung to trying to hide behind its frame.
"charles, hi"
"we need to talk"
fuck. you were fucked.
“I-“ he could tell you were hesitating if not by the sound of your voice then almost definitely by your body language. of course, you were never that lucky because as you leaned into the door as if you were about to close it he obviously was not going to let that happen. one perfectly presented black and white chuck taylors was now placed on the threshold of the hotel room paired with a ringed hand holding onto the door frame. you had two options; harm probably insured multi-billion dollar body parts OR let him in so against your own judgment but probably in the judgment of your lawyers you allow him in. “can we um make this quick”
the surprise on his face did not help the way your heart raced as your oldest friend now walked passed you towards the bed before he started his pleading. “rose you have to, believe me, I never wanted to hurt you”
“but you did”
“I know I did and i’m sorry I did it was a bad race and a bad day and I took it out on you”
those stupid blue eyes were beaming right into every inch of resolve that you built up in the space of your getaway with pierre. you couldn’t look at him. if anything you looked anywhere but his body and it made you feel so small when in reality you had all the power in the room. even if you couldn’t look at him that still didn’t stop you from soaking in every word that came out of his mouth even with his ramblings and frantic hands.
“i had to find out from instagram where my best friend was do you know how weird that was?” and it continued as if he couldn’t find the off button. “in milan she was in fucking milan in a bikini, in a pool, with my other best friend I mean really rose pierre?”
there it was again, the judgment. never once have you judged him for all the skimpy beautiful women he would meet at bars and take home. never once did you tell him he couldn’t do something because it would hurt your feelings, yet here he was throwing it all in your face like it wasn’t his fault in the first place. “what’s wrong with pierre?”
“nothings wrong with pierre but there’s something wrong with you AND pierre” there was the jealousy again something he had absolutely no right in, especially with how he has treated you pushing you to the side until he’s drunk calling you at odd hours in the morning telling you he loves you. charles didn’t know how to love you, he didn’t understand where the boundaries started and ended when it came to you. most of that was your fault because you gave him free rein over you for 20 odd years but now you needed to take that back as none of this was fair not to you or him or even his girlfriend.
“p has been nothing but nice to me”
“p?” the scoff that followed behind also wasn’t lost to your ears. “of course he’s been nice to you we both know how he is”
“what do you mean?”
“he’s always been following you around i mean come on don’t be blind.”
was that true? had pierre always had a thing for you and once again you were too blinded by the wrong one. thinking back to children or even teenagers it made your heartburn that you couldn’t even think of moments past the important ones with this stranger in front of you. he was where all your first were and now you were beginning to realize what everyone meant when they said how unhealthy that was for you.
the fingers brushing the hair out of your eyes sobered up all the thoughts of him as you finally made eye contact. “I meant what I said on the phone” the slurring of I love you rose rang as the distant memory came back. he felt so real, the hand on your face felt so real, but the way he was acting felt like a daydream as if he wasn’t actually here confessing his feelings for you in real-time. “rose, let me make it up to you.” like he was scared you would run out the door and never come back again he made slow movements until his feet now stood ok either side of yours while his hand moved further back into your hair. you knew what he was doing, you knew what was gonna happen next you would be stupid if you didn’t and maybe parts of you wanted it to happen because even as his eyes drifted towards your lips you didn’t move away.
the leaning in felt like slow motion. the feeling of his warm minty breath fanning to mix with yours felt like slow motion. even the feeling of his fingers gripping the back of your head to pull you into him felt slow motion. the kiss, however, was anything but slow motion, the minute you two met all thoughts were gone and you were back to reality gripping onto the front of his hoeodie. even as your back hit the wall you didn’t dare part to even breathe because you knew the minute you actually thought about what you were doing you would start beating yourself up again. you were lost in him, the hand that dug into your sides begging you to jump into his awaiting arms didn't even seem to phase you as you obliged now pinned against the wall.
"rose-" this time it was you who didn't let him finish as you took the opportunity to burn this memory in every inch of his skin you could hold. rolling your hips against his fabric-clad center should've told you that you went too far but the moan that came out of the pair of you made you never want this to end.
the scornful laugh that filled the hotel room at that moment confused your lustful brain as you started taking in the reality of the situation in front of you. here you were pinned against the wall by charles as pierre all sweaty, and now obviously angry but laughing (?) walked into his hotel room.
"wow don't let me interrupt you two" how you kept finding yourself in these situations you would never fucking know. pushing charles as far away from you as possible you now stood in the middle of the hallway awkwardly watching pierre like a hawk as he walked by you two and now to the bed where he drops his things than himself before looking at you. “no continue come on”
not trusting your own voice you listen as charles responds, “come on man”
“i wanna hear from her, not you”
“don’t do that”
“i can't ask her how it feels to have both of us on her lips?” the smile on his face was wide almost like he was enjoying this, you knew pierre was petty and usually you also loved that side of him but here it was biting you in the ass. “c’mon cherie who’s the better kisser tell us”
you couldn’t handle this. you could barely handle the both of them alone and now here they were cock fighting over you taking up all the air in the room.
“talk to me colombe”
“pierre shut up rose come with me”
“she’s not fucking leaving”
the sound of you struggling to catch your breath you could only assume stopped both of them in their bickering tracks as they watched the color drain from your face.
“i can’t do this” before ethier one could grab you from the hallway you were gone. running and running and running. down the hallway, through the stairwell, it felt like forever until you saw the exit door to the outside. you wish you could say you stopped there but you kept going for blocks not even paying attention to the empty roads you were crossing until you saw what you were looking for. the sand humbled you as your running feet got stuck in the earth finally catching your breath as you inhaled nothing but the salty air. how did you get in this situation a month ago you were sitting in your apartment on the phone with your friends still denying your feelings for anyone and now you kissed the two men that literally built you into the person you were today.
even as the air got colder and the wind got harsher you sat on the sand with your head between your knees running your fingers in the sand, sometimes drawing dumb pictures other times messing up what you already drew. you wish you even had a choice to make because maybe that would make this easier. it wasn’t picking between them it was picking which one you couldn’t be without and you would rather have neither than go down that road.
the shouting of your name wasn’t what reached your ears first instead the sight of bright red and navy blue mixed together barreled into your eyesight. the both of them struggling against the sand running wildly towards you had to be some type of comedy act as the one in red was clumsily catching up to the wide strides of his counterpart.
“colombe” “rose”
it was mind-numbing, after every scenario you played through you did not imagine BOTH of them working together to find you. you knew eventually one would as the beach has always been your place. a place where you would sit for hours to even make the simplest decisions. even though you didn’t answer them they still understood what you needed each taking a seat beside you in the sand to stare out to where the moon met the sea.
“I can’t lose you”
even without naming who you were talking to your respective counterparts knew you meant them both and all you could do is hope they wouldn’t give you the ultimatum you’ve been dreading.
“rose im sorry”
“yeah charles is sorry”
when you finally looked over unamused at him and his dumb joke the huge cheshire grin that took up his whole face broke you into a fit of exhaustive laughter to the point that yours was still louder than the ones that joined you. finally giving into the sand you stretch out sighing as you become one with it now looking up at the stars not missing a beat as the three of you bunched together to the point that you couldn’t tell who’s hair was who’s, foreheads touching as you stargazed like you did when you were all kids camping. watching on you didn't miss the gasp or point from charles as a shooting star crossed from east of the sky to the west as you closed your eyes now wishing for monaco to forgive you for the mess you made.
mistakes? yes ill come back and fix but IM SORRY I hoped you liked this ending I wanted to at least give a somewhat happy ending as i didn't think charles or pierre would get justice from anything else but i appreciate all the love and support on the series as it was just originally one part thank you!
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russellsppttemplates · 2 days ago
Two going on three (Lewis Hamilton)
Note: english is not my first language and this is really long and I don't know how I feel about it
As always, any knowledge here that is more detailed it's from what I've learnt over the years
Feedback is appreciated 🤍 and although I'm not taking requests per se, if you have any ideas or concepts you want to share, feel free to so so!
Tw: mentions of pregnancy symptoms (tiredness, sickness, no period)
As you slowly rolled to the other side of the bed, you felt the cold and empty space. Lewis was out of bed early on this monday morning, you vaguely remember him mentioning a meeting in the factory, leaving you cuddled up in the sheets until now, enjoying the morning off.
Getting up and heading to the bathroom to start getting ready, you went over your plan for the day: a lunch meeting, appointments all afternoon and then back home. Seemed simple enough, something you were used to and, quite frankly, it was even lighter than some of the days you tend to have. Getting dressed in a pair of black jeans and tucking a t-shirt in, you opened your bedroom door and made your way downstairs, hearing dog's feet's patter on the floor, "Hi baby, hi Roscoe, did you have a good sleep?", you greeted him as you scratched between his ears.
Checking if he had already been outside and fed, you went to make your own breakfast and prepare your packed lunch. After eating and gathering everything you needed for the day, you petted Roscoe one last time and left the house heading to work.
"Hi Anne, good morning, any changes today?", you asked your receptionist, "Hi Y/N, good morning. Yes, Mr. Philips had to cancel because his grandaughter caught some bug in kindergarten but I remembered Hailey said if there was an opening earlier she would prefer it so I rescheduled it. If nothing urgent shows up, we might be able to go home earlier", she smiled, before grabbing her lunch and heading with you to where you usually eat your lunch together with the rest of your colleagues.
As they were discussing the latest news, you spaced out for a little bit, grabbing your fork absentmindedly as you took your food to your mouth, only responding after someone called your name, "Yes, but that weekend I'm not here, GP is in Europe so it's easier for me to go", you replied to some plan they were trying to book, "Oh okay, that's what this is. I saw that you were not in and it just said 'GP' and I didn't know what it was, sorry for that", a new member said, "Oh it's fine, no worries", you replied.
After briefly discussing a little bit more, you all heard to your offices and got to work.
As you arrived home, Roscoe was first to greet you at the door, going around your legs excitedly, "look at you so excited, I don't think you have ever been this happy to see me", you said, feeling a pair of arms grabbing you from behind, "Hi, my love", Lewis said placing a kiss on your neck. "Hi bubs, how was your day?", you replied after setting your shoes down and hanging your coat.
You both moved to the kitchen as you went on about your days, wrinkling your nose at the smell that came from the familiar dinner Lewis apparently started cooking, "I thought I'd get started on dinner, the rice just needs a little bit more time and it's done. You can go upstairs and change into your comfies if you want", he said as he grabbed a last piece of cutlery that was missing on the table. You went to peck his lips before going upstairs to change, Roscoe right behind you.
After changing and heading downstairs, you helped Lewis carry the pots to the table and, with a yawn, sat in your places and began eating, falling in a comfortable conversation about the weekend ahead, the plans consisting in visiting his family for the weekend to catch up with everyone.
Getting up and tidying the kitchen, Lewis left you wiping the counter to go have a shower before bed, not before pressing a kiss to your forehead.
Locking up and making sure everything was ready for the next day, you made your way upstairs as Lewis was exiting the en suite bathroom in just a towell wrapped around his hips, leaving you to do your night routine so you both could get into bed.
As you were fluffing your pillow and opening the sheets to get in bed, "Darling", Lewis called, gulping and catching your attention, "We said that we would never go to bed angry at eachother and-, shit, is there something wrong? Did I do something wrong?", Lewis asked making you turn your face to him and notice his eyes blinking at you rapidly. "What? No, my love, no. What makes you think that?", you said softly, stretching a hand to test waters, the affection welcomed by him as he laced your fingers with his, "It's just, you haven't said much since dinner, and you didn't even like it because I noticed you scrunching you nose, I noticed it, and yeah, I was just wondering if I did something to upset you and - oh no, no, no tears darling", and only when he ran his thumbs over your cheeks did you notice that you were crying. "Am I crying? My goodness... I'm not upset with anything, you've been anything but wonderful to me, as always. I guess I'm just tired, today was a busy day at work, despite not even doing a full day... but I promise you nothing's wrong with us", you cupped his cheek with your hand, "I'm sorry I lead you to belive that, I'm sorry baby", you apologised, "It's okay, I'm glad we worked that out. Come here for a cuddle", he said settling himself in his spot and opening his arms so you could nestle yourself in his chest. You both stayed like that for a bit, peppering kisses in his chest as he traced random shapes on your uncovered shoulders until you fell asleep.
It was 3 am on Wednesday when you woke up to a weird taste in your mouth, you couldn't really pinpoint it, but it wasn't really pleasant, and when a sudden gush came up your throat, you quickly got out of bed and threw it all up on the toilet, "Hey,", you heard Lewis' groggy voice filled with sleep, "It's alright now", he said as he rubbed your back soothingly, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. When you felt better, you held his arm to help you push yourself up, as did he from his crouched position, flickering on the soft mirror lights so you could wash your mouth and splash your face with some water, "I think it might have been the sandwich I had at work today, Sally brought them in and they had a funny smell but they tasted really good so yeah, I had them, probably not the best idea", you retorted, smiling a bit in hopes of erasing the frown that was on your husband's face, "probably not, feeling better darling? Do you want anything?", Lewis asked you through the mirror, "some cuddles would be great", you said as your arms circled his waist and you both got back into bed.
Friday afternoon rolled around and you were packing for the weekend, grabbing a few things that were left on the dresser so you'd only need to put in chargers tomorrow before leaving, "what are you doing, buddy? Do you need to go outside?", you asked Roscoe because he kept nudging his nose on your leg. Walking downstairs, you opened the door to the garden so he could go outside but it didn't seem like it was what he wanted, you gave him food and water and he still didn't change his stance, always following you around. "Alright then, seems like you just want some cuddles then", you said to him as you sat down on the sofa waiting for your husband to come back from the factory, the dog immediately got up on the sofa after you placed a blanket on your legs, settling his head on your lap, bumping his nose in your arm until you finally lifted it so he could rest his head where he wanted it. Accepting that he was needier and cuddlier today, you paid no more attention to the situation than it needed. It was when you got up to use the bathroom after a nauseous feeling that he was quick to follow you there, sat right beside you as you emptied your stomach. Getting up to brush your teeth, you turned to the dog "this", pointing to the area around you, "is between you and me Roscoe, okay? No telling on me", as he got back into your side and rubbed his side on your leg, "thank you for being my shadow today", you said while scratching his ears.
The trip to his mum's was going smoothly when you were in the motorway, pretty much all straight ahead, and it was only when you started driving in more local roads that nausea came back, "I think it's just the turns", you replied, noticing Lewis' concerned expression, splitting his attention between you and the road. Drinking a bit of water hoping it would pass, "to think my husband drives cars so much faster than this and anytime you do a turn today I'm this woozy", you giggled, "we're almost at mum's, darling, not long now", he confirmed as he made what you recognised what the turn to his mum's street, noticing the familiar cars all parked outside.
"Oh, I've missed you both so much", Carmen welcomed you and her son into her house, hugging you both, "Hi mum, just going to get our bags and Roscoe out of the car and I'll be right with you", Lewis said before going to the boot to collect your belongings. "Hi, how are you? Thanks again for the invite, it's going to be nice just spending some family time", you hugged your mother in law as she hugged back, "all good darling, yes, I think it will do everyone good. We were all in the living room waiting for you, come on in", she urged the both of you inside to meet the rest of the family.
Catching up with everyone for a little bit, Willow, Lewis' niece had enough of 'boring adult conversations' and started playing with Roscoe by your feet, "Can I go play outside with him?", she asked. "What a lovely idea bug, today is a wonderful day to be outside", said Carmen as you all moved to the outside area, enjoying the nice warm weather and clean skies you were presented with.
Roscoe was following Willow along and a quick glance around him prompted him to look for you, turning on his paws and running to where you were about to sit down, "do you want me to play with you and Willow, buddy?", you asked him, excusing yourself as you followed Willoe back to a nice area where you could sit on the edge of a beautiful flower bed Carmen had in her garden, playing thow the ball with Roscoe while maling flower crowns wirh the little girl, teaching her how to split the stems and thread them along. It wasn't long before you started feeling sluggish and tired, and luckily you heard your names being called for some snacks, prompting the three of you to head back to the outside lounging area.
"Did you guys have fun?", Lewis' asked his niece as you sat down next to him, "Yeah, we made these flower crowns and bracelets, auntie Y/N, show him yours!", she asked as you stretched your arm to show the white and yellow flowers around your wrist, "Wow Willow, they're so pretty. I think I want one of those as well", he complimented. "After snacks we can go make one for you, right?", she looked at you, "Sure bug, let's just eat and rest up a bit and then we can go!", you replied. As everyone munched on the different snacks you leaned on Lewis' side as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, and you honestly just wanted to rest your eyes up a bit, but ended up falling asleep.
"Auntie Y/N, can we go now?", Willow called, "Shhh baby, auntie's asleep now, maybe later? Or we can go with you?", one of the other adults said and after cleaning up, only Lewis and his mom were left in the sofa outside.
"You two are so cute, I still can't handle it", she gushed as she noticed how you had cuddled more into Lewis and how he was gently running his hand on your arm, "She's been really tired recently, work has been keeping her busy with new cases and stuff. She's been sick a bit too, bless her, the other day all of her colleagues had the same food and she was the only one that got nauseous from it, she spent the next day just having tea and biscuits because her stomach wasn't taking anything else", he said as he placed a kiss on your forehead, "and I've been trying to help around the house as much as I can, but I still worry something's up", he confessed his worries to his mother, "she seems to have her loyal and trusty friend with her", she said while petting Roscoe, "yeah, this one never leaves her side", remembering the times where he followed you like a little shadow, even when he wanted to play with him or how Roscoe had done the same with Willow.
"I don't want to be TMI but, are you guys having a baby? Maybe you don't want to tell everyone just yet but-", Carmen said and Lewis stopped in his tracks, "I- I don't know", he replied. You usually had really bad periods and you hadn't said anything in the past weeks, and thinking about it, everything added up, the sickness, the tiredness.
"You know, they say dogs can sense that their owners are expecting a baby, they grow even more protective and are always beside them", Carmen recalled a book she had read, "Whatever it is, you can count on me", she patted her son's thigh as she got up to join the rest of the family, leaving Lewis to process the information.
You had been trying for a bit, just going with the flow of the situation and not wanting to put pressure on either of you to conceive. When it happened it happened. Seeming like you sensed the turmoil in your husband's head, you started moving, slowly waking up from your nap, "well hello you", he said as you stiffled a yawn, "did I really fall asleep? Wow, I'm getting old", you giggled as you arranged yourself in a better position. "Actually, there's something I need to tell you", he said in a serious tone, making you straighten up your back, also realising you were alone, "when did you have your last period?", he asked. "Last month, I should be getting it by these days actually, but mine is never regular so...", you replied, "I was here with mom and the symptoms you've had, they all add up for pregnancy and it got me thinking for a bit...", Lewis said looking into your eyes.
"Do you think so?", you were just now clocking everything and the symptoms were there, it could really be a pregnancy, "I don't want to get our hopes up, or making you take a test and it be negative and make you upset bu-", you interrupted Lewis, "No, no, I should go and get a test and see if I'm pregnant. We're bound to get negative results so yeah.. if it's negative, we keep trying... and maybe I'll pop to the doctor's office to see what this is because I can't keep taking naps like this everyday", you giggled, laying back against his chest.
"And what if it's positive?", he asked, "if it's positive then we also go to the doctors to see about it, and I can finally tell Susie that she can get me the Mercedes baby onesie she is always trying to give me, because I said I would only accept it when we got pregnant", you replied, "So, should we go and find a pharmacy to buy it?", he asked, getting the both of you up so you could make your way out.
Buying what you needed and getting back home, you were both in the bathroom, a timer set on his phone and the tests facing the counter on the sink, "do you think you're gonna be a big brother Roscoe?", he asked the dog who immediately followed you everywhere when he noticed you were back.
The timer beeped, "I love you no matter what, okay?", Lewis mumbled into your joint hands, kissing yours, you whispered "i love you" back to him and looked at the three tests you had in the sink. Three tests. Three of them stating that you were pregnant.
You looked at Lewis with teary eyes, "we're having a baby?", you questioned still not fulling believing it, you came in here just for a relaxing weekend and now you're two going on three.
Lewis nooded, pressing little kisses everywhere he could on your face before moving a very excited Roscoe a little bit away from your feet so he could kneel in front of you, lifting your top and pressing little kisses on your tummy that would soon grow into a bump, "We already love you so much little bean, so so so much".
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chanandlersstuff · a day ago
Post-its, shopping carts, fries and the person you love.
Pairing: Daniel Ricciardo x Reader.
Summary: Stresfull days are the worst but Daniel has the remedy for those. Spending time with him always feels like fresh air...and that’s one of the reasons she loves him.
Word count: 4.734
Warnings: None actually except for teeth rotting fluff.
Author’s note: Cause it's his birthday and I had this idea in my head for a long time. I hope you like it as much as I did when I wrote it. He always give me comfort so that's why this is extremely sweet and goofy. Shout out to my best friend who is my beta reader and I love her so freaking much. And FYI, requests are open if you want me to write something.
Tumblr media
Daniel woke up with his limbs tangled with hers, her hair all over her pillow and the sheets going up and down to the compass of her calm steady breaths. Her face was free of that frown that adorned it for the last couple of days. The exam period was getting close and she was lowkey freaking out more day by day. He stayed there in the bed next to her, admiring her, for a few more moments. Enjoying the peace of having her in his arms for a few more minutes. 
Slowly and quietly he got up and got out of the room, to get her a few more moments of peaceful sleep. On his way to the kitchen he passed the room she used as her study room. It was nothing from another world, it was a small room but it had a big window that let the light from the day enter. The  room was pristine, because she couldn't concentrate in a messy environment. Papers well arranged in her desk, different colors of highlighters placed one next to the other, her computer clean and close in the middle of the desk and her glasses resting on top of the books and papers, color post-its and notes on the big cork board on the wall. He walked in to get a closer look at the things that were on the board. 
It has a little bit of everything, from mathematical formulas, movie tickets to photos. Photos with her best friend since they were little, motivational quotes, cute photos of them together from their first dates, a picture of him in the podium on Monza, even the stickers a fan gave him specifically for her, her VIP passes from the first race she attended as his most important guest. Trying to not make a mess Daniel grabbed a post-it and wrote a cute little message for her and stuck it in the inside of her laptop. 
Satisfied with his doing he went to the kitchen to make breakfast before going to train with Mike. He ate his part and left hers in the kitchen for her when she woke up. When he was ready to go, he gave her a sweet kiss on her lips as goodbye and left. 
When she woke up the sheets were cold next to her. Checking her phone an unread message from him was there, “I woke up and you looked so at peace that I let you sleep more time. Breakfast it's waiting for you in the kitchen. Have a nice day, see you in the afternoon. I love you.” - Daniel, always a sweetheart. 
Barefoot and without brushing her teeth, she had breakfast on top of the counter. Coffee and Daniel’s pancakes gave her the serotonin she needed for the day. A warm long shower and she was ready to start a stressful day of study. With her water bottle and phone in hand she made her way to her study room. It was like she and her best friend were mentaly connected because the second her ass touched the chair her phone pop up with a text message, “You ready?” “Yes, give me a second. I will call you.” Since they were little they studied better together so being in different universities and studying different careers didn't stop them from studying together, it was for moral support too. 
When she opened her laptop there was the cute post-it Daniel left for her. In his handwriting with cute little hearts, or what seemed to be hearts, was written “You got this, beautiful. You can do everything you propose.”  It was impossible for her to not smile at his words. Even after years of dating she was still hopelessly in love with him, she blushed like a teennager at every cute and flirty word that left his lips. He was the first thing that came to her mind when she woke up and the last thing too. At all her future plans he was always by her side, every step of the way, at every milestone of her life. Just like she was at every one of his. Their plans involved the other, taking them in consideration. They were not only lovers and partners, but they were also best friends. His note had gone directly to her corkboard, next to their photos. She smiled looking at all the precious memories on her board. But her daydreaming didn’t last long cause her best friend facetime cut her short.
-Hello.- She sat smiling. 
Her friend saw the look on her friend and groaned. -Oh god, it’s too early in the morning to be that in love woman. At least wait until I have my second cup of coffee.- She chuckled and shook her head.
-Okey Grinch, relax. Prepare your coffee cause it’s gonna be a long long day.- She put her glasses on and took a deep breath.
Her friend groaned again and dropped her head on the desk -Remind me again why we can't have a Sugar Daddy who would literally died to spoil us or be a trophy wife.
She laughed. -Cause we are independent women. We are not going to depend on an old man nor be some trophy wife. We are feminist and we are going to get our degree to be the best on our jobs.- She nodded trying to make a point. 
Her friend glared at her. -You didn't answer why we can’t be a trophy wife. I mean, I can get my degree, shove it up my ass and still be a trophy wife but WITH a degree.
-Oh god, you are impossible.- She rolled her eyes. 
-Can we cry? I wanna cry.- Her friend said making a pout.
She looked at the schedule on her laptop. -Not yet, that’s in like three hours so hold your tears and let's study.- Her friend groaned, again, and opened her books. 
Tumblr media
Daniel arrived at like six p.m and the apartment was almost deserted. Not one single thing out of place, the only sign that someone was in where the lights turned on in the kitchen and the plates of the breakfast clean and dry in the sink. With a water bottle, from the fridge, in his hand he took his phone out and wrote a quick message. “I’m home. Are you here? Are you okay?”  But his answer came right away when the notification ringtone she put especially from him sounded far in the apartment.
He walked towards the study room and raised his brows when he arrived at the door. She was sitting there, her eyes focused on her laptop while her hand wrote rapidly on a paper. Her hair in a weird bun that was held in place with a pencil. Her water bottle in the desk was half drunk and she was biting the corner of her lower lip, a habit of hers when she was deep thinking. 
Daniel leaned into the door frame. -Well hello there beautiful.
She didn't take her eyes off the laptop. -Hi.
He frowned. -Did you eat something?- She said nothing and continued writing something down. Daniel walked closer to her and rested against the desk next to her. -Hey.- He tapped her wristed three times and finally she looked at him. 
She looked at him, gave him a small smile and continued writing. -What…..did….you asked me?- She turned her head to where he was but her eyes were still fixed on the laptop. 
-If you ate something, apart from breakfast.- Daniel read what she was writing and had no clue what it meant. There were numbers, letters and terminology he knew nothing about. 
She stopped what she was doing for seconds, moved her eyes around thinking and then continued writing. -Emmm…no. I don’t recall preparing anything.- He squinted his eyes at her making her drop her pen and looked at him. -Sorry I was so focused on all this that the only time I got up was to go peeing.- She stretched her habil hand towards him and he grabbed it.
-We already talked about this babe, you have to eat something. It’s for your health.- Daniel stretched her fingers and massaged her palm.
-I know. I promise from now on I will set an alarm to remind myself to eat something.- Daniel smiled pleased.
-Good.- He kissed her head. -I will prepare you something to eat.- She smiled and nodded. He was walking out of the room when he turned around to look at her again. -Did you put those eye drops the ophthalmologist gave you?- She nodded. 
-Yep.- She grabbed something from one of the drawers and showed it to him. -I always have one here.- He nodded proudly and went to the kitchen. 
Daniel took his time preparing a sandwich, he placed all the ingredients on the counter and started working on his masterpiece. Each movement was made with pure love. Until he heard her voice. -OH MY FUCKING GOD.- The loud scream made him stop what he was doing and ran to where she was. 
In seconds he was there. -Are you okay? What happened? Are you bleeding?- Daniel appeared in the door, with a dishcloth on his shoulder, but he tilted his head to the side at the image in front of him. She was in the chair with her legs to her chest, her head buried between her knees, her arms covering her head. She looked so small, so different from moments prior. Daniel walked slowly towards her, crouched to her level and ran his hand up and down on her leg. -Hey beautiful, what happened?
Slowly she lifted her head and looked at him. She looked exhausted, tears gathered in her eyes. -I don’t understand a single thing. I'm a failure, a disaster. I’m awful.- She buried her head between her knees again. 
Daniel shook his head. He got closer to her and rested his chin on her knee. -No, no you are not awful, nor a disaster, not a failure. You are amazing.- She shook her head. -How long have you been studying? On this day I mean.
-Since this morning.- With her head between her knees her words came out all muffled but he understood her.
-And you took a break?- She shook her head. Daniel took a deep breath. -I figured.- He said to himself. -Okay, look at me.- She didn’t move. -Come on….look at me.- She shook her head. -Come on….show me those beautiful eyes of yours or I swear to god I will tickle you.- He started moving his fingers towards her and she started laughing, even if she wasn’t looking at him. She always told him she had ghost tickles and since day one he took advantage of that. Always making her laugh, one of his favorite sounds. She looked at him with her lashes wet from her tears. -There is the most beautiful woman on this freaking planet.- She blushed. -So this is the plan, you are going to come with me on grocery shopping.
She shook her head again-No Dan, I can’t. I have to continue studying cause- He shook his head too.
-You didn’t take a break since this morning, so you are coming with me to the supermarket even if I have to drag you from this chair, alright?- Daniel raised a brow.
There was a little eye battle but she finally gave in. -Fine.
-Excellent.- He got up. -Now come on, up so we can get going.- He stretched his hand towards her to help her get up.
-I have to change Dan. I can’t go to the supermarket like this.- She pointed to her clothes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Daniel looked at her up and down. -What’s wrong with your outfit? You looked stunning.
She looked at her outfit. Plush orange pants, the t-shirt from his SPEED AWAY collection and blue socks with yellow ducks. Her bun barely held on with the pen and puffy eyes. She looked at him with a smile on her lips and kissed him. -I love you and you are the most beautiful human being on this earth.- She said caressing his face. 
Daniel smiled. -I love you too and I know I’m awesome. Now let 's go. You put on some shoes and I’m going to grab my wallet and keys. Meet me at the front door.- He pecked her lips and walked away. 
She ran to their bedroom and grabbed her go to shoes, black tall converse. She almost tripped on her way to the front door but Daniel was already there waiting for her. -Let 's go.
-After you m’lady.- Daniel opened the door for her and let her pass.
-Thank you very much kind sir.- She stood on her tiptoes, placed her hand on his chest and kiss his check. 
On the elevator she rested her head on his chest while he passed his fingers along her spine and gave kisses on her head. They arrived at the car and he opened that door for her too. On their way to the supermarket Daniel’s playlist played low on the car. 
Daniel told her about his day, at her request. At a red light he turned to look at her while she tried to put her hair back in a bun. Her glasses resting at the top of her nose, the pen that was on her head between her lips and her hands on her hair. Her legs crossed one on top of the other, proudly wearing his t-shirt. and her cute socks.
He was completely and utterly in love with that woman. He loves her wearing comfy clothes, fancy clothes, wearing nothing at all. He loves her on rainy days, sunny days, and cold days. From day to night. Every second of his days. He love her and couldn't imagine a day without doing it.
-Where are we going exactly?- She asked, looking at him.
He laughed. -Why?
-I mean, there’s a supermarket a couple blocks aways from home in that direction.- She said pointing in the other direction from where they were going. 
-I prefer the supermarket that is in this way.- He said pointing where they were going. She squinted her eyes a little bit nodded. 
A couple of minutes later they arrived. The parking lot was pretty empty so there were not many people inside. They entered the supper market and grabbed a cart, which she was in charge of driving it. -What are we going to buy babe?
-I made a list.- He took his phone out of his pocket and started looking at it.
-I'm surprised, Ricciardo.- She said, raising her brows. 
-I like keeping you on your toes.- He said turning around in one of the alleys and she almost crashed into a pile of cans. He laughed a little. He started putting things in the cart. Daniel was telling her all about the last paddock gossip she missed about while she stayed back home studying. 
She was half paying attention to what he was telling her and half trying to maneuver the cart around the alleys without knowing things down. -Fucking shit thing.- She mumbled under her breath. Daniel continued walking and turning around alleys and eventually she lost him. She was walking around the supermarket like a lost little girl and calling for him. -Dan, where are you?- While she was looking around, without looking where she was going, she crashed into one of those machines that carried big boxes around. -SHIT SORRY.- She said looking around, even if no-one was around and the machine didn’t have any feelings.
Moments before the little incident Daniel was two corridors down from her. He was looking at the different types of rice and looking on the internet what type of rice was better for the recipe he had in mind, he turned around with two packets of rice in hand ready to ask her opinion. -Beautiful, what rice you- He stopped mid sentence when he looked up and she was nowhere near him. -Beautiful, where are you?- And seconds after that he heard the noise of metal against metal and knew right away that the cause of that noise was his girl. 
Looking around he walked until he found her. -What did you do this time, beautiful?
She was resting her arms against the cart, she lifted her head and turned around when she heard his voice. -This.- She pointed to the cart. -This is why I don't drive.
He chucked. -I know.- Daniel walked towards the cart and moved it far from the machine there. -Your carriage m’lady.- He made a little bow and she looked at him confused. -Come on, hop on.
-What? Dan I can't, it's not- She looked around worried.
Daniel opened his eyes big and looked at her. -Hop. On. The. Cart, I said missy. Come on, I'm not gonna repeat myself.- He made a serious face.
-Fine. -She mumbled like a little girl.
Daniel smiled satisface. -Good girl. -He watched her try to hop on the cart and almost fall on her face. He laughed out loud and she looked at him. 
-Are you gonna still laughing at me or are you gonna help?- She crossed her arms. 
Daniel laughed a little more and then helped her. He kept the cart stadie so that she could get on it without any problem. She sat in the corner of the cart, her front towards him so they could look at each other. When she was safe inside the cart he leant closer, so did she, and they kissed. 
-I will never understand how you got your license.- He said, starting to push the cart around. 
She shrugged looking around. -I was young and flirted with the guy who took the test. Want to give me your phone so I can tell you what we need?
He nodded and handed her his phone. She smiled at his background, it was a photo of them playing tic tac toe on the sand in Australia in one of their many vacations there. -In other words, cheating.- He said teasing.
She scrolled down her phone and looked around the cart, taking note of the things missing and the ones that were already there. -I didn't cheat, I just simply took advantage of the guy who was a sucker for a pretty face.- She said smiling. -That, we need that.- She pointed at something on one of the shelves.
He stopped and handed it to her. -Aren't we all a sucker for a pretty face? 
She raised an eyebrow. -I hope you are a sucker for this pretty face and only this pretty face.
-Of course my love, your face is the only one I'm a sucker for.- She smiled proudly and blushed a little.
-Good.- She pursed her lips and he gave her a little cute kiss.
As Daniel pushed the cart around she looked at him and felt more in love. She love the dichotomy between the Daniel he showed to the cameras, the one who was full optimistic; that always made people laughed and be comfortable around, who had fun like a child and made shenanigans around the paddock, and the Daniel he only showed to her, the one who loves to cook for her even if he sometimes burn the food, that stays up all night designing new things for his clothes collection and want to be every step of the making of his wine, the one who was a little insecure, the one who laughed at the same parts of the movie he saw a million times. 
-Here you go.- Daniel toshed her something and she catched it before it hit her face. 
She looked at the package in her hands and smiled like a little kid when she saw what it was. -FRIESS.- She even hugged the package. 
He nodded. -Yep, I know how much you love those specially and this supermarket is the only one who has it. That's why we are here, so open them and talk to me about what's on that cute big brain of yours.
-I can't open them Dan. 
-Yes, we will pay for them when we finish shopping.- He nodded and she looked at him doubtfully, Daniel rolled his eyes and opened them for her. -There you go. Now that you have your confort food and your comfort person- He pointed at himself. -tell me what got you so stressed.  
She started eating between fries. -It’s like every little piece of knowledge I understand and remember disappear when I try to understand another topic, like my brain is too small to fit all the topics I have to study to pass that stupid test.- She kept pointing at the things they needed for the dinner and Daniel put them in the cart. -I feel like a total and complete failure.- He frowned. -How am I supposed to work about this if I can’t remember the little things that make my carrear choice so fucking important?- She passed him a few fries and he gladly took them. -It’s like….it’s like…..life is telling me that I made the wrong choice and that I had to go for the easiest career and not the one I choose cause I’m not as smart as I like to think.- She buried her face in her hands. -I’m gonna end up failing, without a degree and working in some fast food restaurant serving people in the middle of the road.- Daniel stopped the cart abruptly and she almost hit her head.
-Look at me.- She didn’t move and he said her name in a tone that made her realize he was serious. He rarely uses her name, it’s always sweet pet names and calm tones. So when he uses her name it means he was 100% serious about what he was gonna say. So she looked at him. -Don’t ever think about yourself like that again. You are smart, don’t even doubt that. Not for a second. Just like I wrote you down today, you can with anything.- She smiled remembering that morning post-it. -And if you don’t pass that exam, which I don't see possible to happen because you are the smartest person I know and I know a lot of people, you can spend an entire day in bed crying your eyes out about it and I will be there with you but after that life continues. There are more important things than an exam. It's just a piece of paper and a grade, that does not define you in anything. You are so much more than that and I can spend my entire life enumerating all the good things you are and I will still run out of time.- Those words and the pure love look he had in his eyes made her blush and her heart ran wild. - You are studying something that you are passionate about, something that would make you happy while you work at it, and if you are happy doing it you don't work a single day in your life. Doing what you love does not have to hurt all the time, maybe sometime because not everything is 100% fine, but the good moments will kick the asses to the bad ones.- Daniel made a little pause. -And your brain it’s not small and I already told you, you are not a failure. What you are is tired, you did not have a break and your systems lack food, that’s why you think you can’t remember a single thing. You have to eat to energize your brain.- He tapped her forehead. -You are gonna see, tomorrow when you wake up well rested and with a healthy meal in your stomach you are gonna kick Einstein’s ass, cause that’s how smart you are.- She laughed and he smiled pleased at the sound of her laughter.
-You certainly know how to make a woman feel special, Ricciardo.- Daniel shrugged and kissed her.
They continue with their journey around the alleys of the supermarket, a catchy song playing on the speakers that made him move his body at the rhythm of the bit while she sang to him. Daniel made a 360° turn, with the cart and all, making her laugh. Stood in front of her, extended his hand inviting her to dance. Without thinking for a second she took his hand and got off the cart to dance with him. She moved her hips side to side and he copied her moves, the song started sounding a little louder. They sang to each other and enjoyed the spontaneous moment they were having. The alley 3, full of sweet things and coffees, was their dance floor and nothing was broken in their “Dancing with the stars” moment. The song ended and they looked in the eyes with nothing but pure adoration and love with big smiles on their lips. They shared a kiss and laughed at what they just did. 
Hand in hand they grabbed the last ingredients for their dinner and walked to the cash register. There was a young woman who was looking at them with a smile on her lips. While Daniel put everything for the girl to cash, she looked around. -Oh god, we are the last ones here?- She looked guilty to the girl behind the register. 
She nodded. -Yes, but it’s alright. You two are too damn cute.- She frowned and Daniel looked confused.
-Thanks, but what?
The girl stopped what she was doing and looked at them. -The dance part was sweet.- She blushed and hid her face in Daniel’s back, while he just smiled. -I think we can make a copy of the security type if you want.- Daniel nodded enthusiastically.
-Yes please, if not much trouble.- He said passing the girl his card.
-Not at all.- She smiled. Daniel kissed his girlfriend's forehead. 
After a couple minutes and small chat with the girl in the cash register they walked back to the car with their food and the copy of their cute moment. They put everything in the backseat and he opened the car door for her. On the ride back to their home, with his hand on her thigh, they enjoyed the night breeze on their faces thanks to the windows rolled down.
She kept humming the song they danced moments prior and she even added to their shared playlist. -I will show that video to our kids one day.- Daniel said out of the blue.
She turned to look at him, surprised. -To our kids?
He nodded and gave her a little squeeze. -Yes, to our kids. I have my whole damn life planned with you.- She smiled at his words.
-I have my whole damn life planned with you too.- He smiled widely. -We have to talk about it sometime, to make everything work out.
Daniel stopped at a red light. He turned to look her in the eyes. His hand on her neck brought her closer. -Everything is gonna work out, it’s you and me. Your big brain and mine. Everything is going to be perfect, beautiful.- She nodded smiling.
-My big brain and me love you more and more each day.- She said cupping his cheeks to kiss him. 
He pulled apart a little and kissed the tip of her nose. -I love you too.- He pecked her lips one more time and continued driving.
Just like that well known quote says, “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth.”. Life with Daniel was like that. He made all the stress she was carrying fly out the window the moment he made her get in his car and drive to the freakin supermarket. They loved each other with all they had, with no buts and with no limits. Loving him was everything that was right to her. They were so in love that they danced in a supermarket alley, sang to the tops of their lungs with the windows rolled down at any hour of the day. Their love was their heaven on earth. 
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leclercsdoll · 12 hours ago
wet dreams — charles leclerc
your body couldn’t help but surrender to its deepest desires on a warm monegasque night; lucky for him, charles was right there to watch the show.
[cw! smut] — masterlist — leave a request!
Tumblr media
a quiet summer night in monaco provided a warm atmosphere, the slightly open windows allowing the moonlight into your room. a soft breeze compelled your bodies to keep close throughout the night as the long-forgotten white sheets sat at the end of the bed.
charles slept soundly with you right next to him, your head resting on his exposed chest while his arms held you tightly against him. the only nights he felt utterly relaxed were the ones his heartbeat matched yours, the contact between your bodies allowing him to connect with you further than physical contact.
charles would appreciate every second you spared him; he felt like the luckiest man for having you as one of the few constants in his life. he never took for granted something as mundane as sleeping with his girlfriend as he knew just how painful it would be to say goodbye when duty called.
nonetheless, as much as he wanted to get a good night’s sleep, something interrupted his peaceful rest— soft whimpers brought him back to consciousness, setting his body into a skeptical state. charles immediately tensed, but waking up to his legs still intertwined with yours brought him a sense of serenity.
worried about the unusualness of it all, he tried to wake you after recognizing the source of the weak noise; however, goosebumps appeared on his skin as he felt your panties grinding against his thigh. the soft material created friction with your throbbing pussy, just like he instructed you to do many times before. it was an instinct now.
charles observed your almost imperceptible pleasure expression as your slightly furrowed brows and shut eyes told him everything he needed to know. you had a wet dream, a pleasingly surprising occurrence he would love to see.
he felt the blood rushing to his cock and the way his erection progressively grew painful. the hand that wasn’t comfortingly rubbing your back reached down his body, carefully pulling down his sleeping shorts to free himself.
the grinding intensified as your whimpers grew slightly louder, indistinguishable words falling out of your lips. charles couldn’t believe his eyes; he couldn’t comprehend how deep into her sleep his girlfriend was— you were literally about to cum on his thigh, and it would have been impossible for him not to with the way your wetness stained his shorts.
as the sight before him enthralled his mind, a sly hand traveled to your lips, thumb softly playing with the trembling lower one. charles slowly pushed his finger into your wet mouth, your tongue wrapping around it and your cheeks hollowing to suck on it. the amount of self-control and mental restraint charles needed to not cum right then was admirable.
after leaving your mouth, he took his hand down his body for it to attend to the erection your wet dreaming created. he swiped his thumb over the tip of his cock, the pleasure causing his head to press back against the pillow. charles used your saliva to lubricate himself as he stroked up and down his length, his eyes not leaving for once the ecstasy expression on your face.
his slightly calloused hand worked his cock up and down, the veins on it pulsing as if he had never been this aroused. he felt like a teenager again, cumming after mere minutes— although, who could blame him? by the looks of it, you were dreaming with the best sex of your life. if one thing is for sure, charles would later have you relate every detail of your dream while he showed you how much he enjoyed the little show you put up during the middle of the night.
“fuck, charles,” you mumbled as your orgasm finally approached. “sh-sh-sh, je suis avec toi,” he cooed while picking up the pace of his hand. pushing his thigh further up against your pussy, your thighs clenched around his, the overstimulation of your clit bringing you closer to climax.
“you’re so close, mon amour. i’m so proud of you,” he leaned down to whisper in your ear. even in your unconscious state, your body couldn’t help but oblige to his dominance. a high-pitched moan accompanied your orgasm as charles's cock released white ribbons of pleasure, painting his abdomen.
you both panted as the air returned to your lungs. the hand permanently holding you was now lovingly rubbing your head while your eyes slowly opened.
“you did so well for me, mon ange. want to tell me about that little dream of yours?”
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houseofflufff · 2 days ago
Daniel's Birthday
Endless love masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Y/nricciardo It's this guys birthday today so bare with me while I wish him the happiest of birthdays
Happy birthday to the guy who has made me smile since I first sat next to him
Happy birthday to the guy who holds my hair while I puke
Happy birthday to the guy who will make me laugh even when I want to cry
Happy birthday to the most amazing cook
Daniel i hope you have an amazing day because you deserve it your kind hearted an amazing driver, handsome, your the best husband and your going to be an amazing dad to our little bean
Love you xx❤🥰
Danielricciardo love you ❤
Danielfann32 praying for a good result at Silverstone this weekend
F1wags33 the baby photo 🥺 no doubt their kid will be just as cute
Danielricciardofann2 happy birthday daniel you make me smile everyday
Tumblr media
Authors note
I know I promised next post would be the pregnancy one im hoping to get that up later on today but I couldn't let the day pass by without wishing daniel happy birthday
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lovingperfectionsblog · 2 days ago
The Run-Aways: Part 2
Pierre Gasly x Reader
Summary: The relationship between two strangers just grows deeper. A story based off of the song ‘Pierre’ by Ryn Weaver.
Warnings: Swearing, the smallest hint at sexual activity, drinking.
Word count: 2531
Authors note: So here if part two. Forgive me but this was more a chapter setting things up. I have an idea of where I want this to go and forgive me :D It is slightly a little all over the place, but it will make sense soon. Hopefully you all enjoy.
The Run-Aways: Part 1
“ I’m feeling really bad that you’ve slept on the couch for two days in a row now, you’re on holiday too, please let me take the couch tonight” you’d felt so bad as you watched him stretch as he was waking up, placing his up of coffee on the table next to him.
“Not a chance gorgeous, my mother raised me better than that” he shot you a wink as he sat up, the blankets slipping down, his bare torso suddenly distracting you.
“I promise I won’t tell your mom that you slept in the bed you paid for while you’re on holiday while the girl who is bumming off of you slept on the couch” you refused to let this go, feeling awful that he was essentially paying for your vacation at this point.
“I need you to know that I am incredibly stubborn, and you aren’t going to win this one” Pierre shot you a look, a challenge more than anything, daring you to try and fight him on this.
“I’ll get you sleeping in that bed one way or another” Fuck, that came out a lot flirtier than you expected, but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t falling incredibly quickly for this man.
Pierre shot you a look, not because he didn’t want to be in that bed, especially if you were going to be in there with him, but instead because he didn’t expect you to potentially feel the same as he was.
Truthfully, how he was feeling confused him. He’d barely known you but you two suddenly fit. He had clicked with you faster than he had ever with any other person, a type of vulnerability blooming between the two of you at speeds he had never experienced before. There was something about you, maybe it was your authenticity, your passion, your zest for life maybe? He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it was there, and he was drawn to it. He could feel himself changing already and lord knows he didn’t want to be a cliche and have a whole eat, pray, love moment on holiday but he could feel it and it was all because of you. Your adoration for life was suddenly forcing him to be here, to be present and he hadn’t given himself the luxury for some time. He wanted to be with you experiencing every single moment because somehow you’d made even sharing a mundane cup of coffee after a pretty shitty nights sleep on possibly the most uncomfortable couch he’d ever slept on something he looked forward to. You were infectious.
So if he got to share a bed with you, lord knows he might not entirely recover from that at all.
“Is there anything particular you wanted to do today or you happy to let me take you somewhere?” Pierre asked after he had recovered from the thoughts of sharing a bed with you.
 “Uhm” you wracked your brain for anything you wanted to do, but the idea of being dragged around by Pierre sounded like the thing you wanted most.
How had this absolute stranger entranced you the way he had. He was so gentle and attentive and in the two days he had known you it was if he had seen you more than anyone else in your entire life ever had. You hated the concept that you might be falling for this stranger. God, were you going to be having one of those life changing cliche movie holidays where you return a completely new person? Or where you ran away with your new lover to somewhere completely new?
The thought of running away with him didn’t seem like the worst.
“Eyes are up here chere” Pierre dragged you out of your thoughts and you realized the entire time you had been staring at his torso. Fuck, how was he so toned?
“Oh, uhm, sorry” you began gathering up your empty cup and readying yourself to head back to your room to get ready in the height of your embarrassment, “yeah, whatever you want today is perfect” you stammered out walking away.
“Okay, wear something comfortable” he chuckled out towards you as he watched you retreat.
“How did you find this place?” you were mesmerized by the day so far.
Pierre had taken you to a smaller coastal town where they were having a market, the most glorious pieces of art were being sold, second-hand books you were sure you were stealing at how little you were paying for them and food you were sure you’d only ever have the luxury of tasting in the afterlife.
“Truthfully, it’s not the first time I’ve been here” Pierre told you between bites of his lunch.
You weren’t sure why you were so shocked but not one had you expect the car guy to be someone who comes to a quaint little coastal town like this.
“Is this like, your go-to holiday destination?” your laughter died down quickly as you noticed the sheepish looking he was sending your way, “oh my god, sorry, really? I just didn’t expect this to be the place where someone like you goes.”
“Someone like me?” The question was a loaded one from Pierre, he was more curious to hear what you genuinely thought of than why you thought this wasn’t the type of place he would go.
“Well, and no offence to you, but it seems a little more down to earth than what you seem used to” you tried not to sound offence but even you knew it sounded like you were calling him a snob.
“What I seem used to? And what does it seem like I am used to?” He was so sure he was doing a good job of toning it down, not wanting to be flashing money around potentially scare you off or hint at who he really was.
“Well, like, you clearly have money, not that it’s an issue, but I guess I’m just used to people with money wanting to be in something a bit more luxurious, not, sitting on the edge of a fountain eating street food with a girl you met 2 days ago” you felt relief when he laughed, knowing that you hadn’t offended him in all that you had said.
“Well, to me, this is actually perfect” he gave you a shy smile, taking in all your beauty as you sat staring back at him, “happiest I’ve been in a really long time”. He didn’t want to sound like he was unhappy all the time, because he wasn’t, he loved his life and he was so privileged every single day that he got to live the life that he does, but this was a different kind of happiness, this was more of a ‘this is what his life was meant to be’, a serenity.
“Oh, well, yeah, me too” Pierre couldn’t help the warm feeling he felt in his chest as he watched the blush creep up on your cheeks as you sported a smile that he was sure you couldn’t have helped even if you tried. You felt the same as him right now.
“So, this was all I really had planned for today, but I was wondering if we could maybe get some fresh food and I could make us supper back at the chalet tonight, if you’re willing to trust me?” he had eventually broken the comfortable silence between you two.
“Oh, the car guy can cook too? God, what can’t you do?” you didn’t want to read too deeply into it, but this was definitely romantic right? Was he maybe feeling the same was as you?
“Of course, I know how to cook” he didn’t but after you had gone to bed he had sat combing through recipes so he could make something for you, coupled by a few YouTube videos to make sure he got it all right.
“Well then, it’s getting late, would probably take us a little time to get the groceries and get home so we should probably get going” you began getting up, Pierre instinctively grabbing all your bags to carry for you.
“Yeah, groceries and then home” he smiled down at you as you two walked side by side.
Why did that sentence sound so good when it was referring to you two. ‘Groceries and then home’.
“Are you sure there is nothing I can help with?” you tried walking into the kitchen, but Pierre immediately was handing you a glass of wine and pushing you back out.
“No, please, go lounge outside, take in the view and I’ll come get you as soon as the food is ready” he couldn’t have you in the kitchen, he didn’t want you to see the absolute shit show this was slowly becoming, Pierre already running through a list of names of someone he could call to help him manage this all.
“Okay, well, if you’re insistent” you made your way outside, soaking up the last of the days sun.
While you sat outside basking in the sun, Pierre was having a near panic attack over this situation. Okay, step one, someone to call and help. His mom was out of the question because she couldn’t know he was cooking for a girl. A girl who he was staying with and that he met two days ago.
Yuki definitely couldn’t cook. He was pretty sure Charles had no idea how to either and plus, Charles would ask too many questions. Daniel would do nothing but laugh at him and tell absolutely everything to absolutely everyone. Why did he even consider Lando, that would be bloody useless. Lewis? Could he fucking call a 7-time world champ to help him with some cooking? No. No, he couldn’t do that. Carlos was away, God Carlos would have been such a good option, I’m sure between him and Isa they would have been able to help him.
Oh my god. That left him with Max.
Max wasn’t all that bad of an option. He knew Max would have kept it quiet and he wasn’t likely to ask too many questions and like, he might know how to cook something.
Fuck it. Okay, He was calling Max. If that didn’t work out then he was going to call Lewis. Yes, that was going to work perfectly.
“Hey mate, good to hear from the dead”
“Listen, I don’t even have time to get into that, but I need your help”
“Jesus, first you literally disappear and leave everyone a little nervous and now you call asking for help”
“It’s not that bad I promise, can you cook?”
“Can I cook?”
“Yes can you cook, I need help cooking and it’s time sensitive and it is not going well here”
“Why do you need to know how to cook?”
“Why do you need to ask so many questions?”
“No Pierre, I cannot cook, now answer my questions”
“Absolutely not, thanks mate”
Well, max was definitely going to be pissed he just hung up on him, but he didn’t have the time to deal with this. You were already nearly finished with that glass of wine, but he couldn’t keep giving you wine to waste time.
Fuck, he was going to have to call Lewis.
“Hey Pierre, good to see you alive and well”
“Hey Lewis, listen, firstly, I’m safe, sorry for just disappearing on everyone there for a while, uhm, could I ask for your help with something?”
“Yeah man, of course, is everything okay? Got me a little worried here man”
“Oh no, it’s nothing bad, but can you help me cook something?”
“Are you whispering because you’re trying to cook for a girl?”
“Secrets safe with me man, don’t worry”
“Thank you Lewis, seriously, she’s just, and I can’t”
“And if she’s there with you then you are running out of time so lets get going”
How Lewis had managed to help him pull this off is beyond Pierre, he had actually made something really good, and you seemed like you were enjoying it.
“God, you really are a great cook” was this guy actually the whole package? This meal was incredible.
“I was taught by some pretty great people” you didn’t need to know that it was literally while he was busy cooking this exact meal.
“This holiday really has been absolutely perfect” you whispered out.
How had your impulsive actions lead to something this great? You couldn’t believe that it had taken your entire life to do something this brave and look what it had given you.
“Kind of makes you feel like it wouldn’t end” Pierre spoke honestly. Being an F1 driver really was amazing, but this, having watched the sunset with you, over a meal he had cooked and you both sharing a bottle of wine, this was what peace was. This was magic.
“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about just never going back home” you laughed out, despite how true that statement was. You’d been thinking about staying constantly.
“Wouldn’t your people back home miss you?” he had hoped this question wasn’t pushing you too far.
“They’re the reason I ran away” your entire demeanour had suddenly changed, a sadness resting over the conversation now.
Pierre sat saying nothing. Not wanting to push you, but not wanting to stop you from potentially opening up to him.
“It’s a dumb story though, not worth getting into right now” and suddenly your smile was back on your face, although it concerned Pierre, a protectiveness overtaking him.
In a surprise display of affection Pierre was now crouching down in front of you, his large hands cradling your face, forcing you too look at him.
“You don’t need to hide it from me, I’m here if you need to talk” he noticed as you leaned into his touch. Your hand now resting on his own.
“I just, I like this version of me, and I don’t want you to know the other” a tear slipped down your cheek the fear of your past creeping into this perfect scenario you had both created here.
“I will adore whatever version of you I get to have” Pierre knew it was a risky thing to say, probably too soon to admit he liked the girl he had met two days ago, but here he was falling anyway.
Suddenly the tension between you two increased ten-fold. It may have been the wine or the fact that here you sat in the most beautiful country with a beautiful man who you were falling for, but you wanted to kiss him. You wanted him to kiss you.
He wanted the same.
But the holiday was going to have to end, and he wasn’t sure he was going to recover if something more had to happen between you two. He couldn’t leave you after that. You were going to consume him entirely.
“I should probably get this all cleaned up” Pierre was suddenly standing up, confusing you entirely. Were you two not just having a beautiful moment together?
Were you wrong about everything?
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dontdidntsendit · a day ago
Tumblr media
Congratulations - Lewis Hamilton
Summary: celebrating p3 at the Canadian gp
Person: Lewis Hamilton x fem!reader
Pls Note: English isn’t my first language
Warnings: pure smut, 18+, oral (fem reviving), sex, mentions of god, swearing, spitting, unprotected sex
Word count: 1.6k
Reading time: 13-16 minutes
„And that’s p3 Lewis, p3! Congratulations!“ you heard toto in the team radio over your headset saying to Lewis. You were overwhelmed by his performance. You know how much he has struggled with the car this season and seeing him finally back on the podium made you happy for him.
„I’m so proud of you“ you shouted at him while kissing his Helmes at parc ferme.
As he walked on the podium you probably celebrated p3 more that Redbull their win.
As he was back at the Box you practically jumped on him, kissing him. „God get yourself a a room“ you Heard George saying. You smiled at him as Angela told him to come to her. „See you at the hotel“ you whispered.
You drove alone back to the hotel which wasn’t far from the track. You knew Lewis would probably come back in 2-3 hours so you decided to take a shower. After showering you turned on the tv as you watched teds notebook and the race highlights.
Your phone vibrated
Lewis: On my way
You: can’t wait
You textet back, deciding to surprise him. You went to your suitcases taking out a new pair of lingerie you just bought. It was hard to hide it from Lewis but it payed off. [lingerie inspiration]
You put on the lingerie set and putting your hair in a ponytail. You checked Lewis live location he just send to you seeing that he was stuck in traffic.
Before Lewis would arrive at the hotel you decided to take some hot pictures of yourself in the mirror for him.
You checked your phone again seeing he just arrived at the hotel. You rushed back from the bathroom back onto the bedroom, turning of the tv. As you placed yourself on the bed.
„Babe I’m ba- wow“ Lewis entered the hotel room. „God you’re hot“ he said. „Just as hot as my boyfriend“ you replied and smiled. He came closer to you as he kissed you softly and passionately. He placed his hands on your hips to pull you closer to him.
The kisses began to become more passionately as he also started to kiss your neck, leaving marks all over it. „Let me show the world you’re mine“ he whispered as you left out a small moan. „Fuck You’re so hot“ he whispered again
You began to take off Lewis shirt and jeans. Your fingers traced the waistband of his boxers. Before you got the chance to take of his boxers he lifted you up carrying you to the bed. „On your back“ he commanded. „Good Girl“ he smirked as you placed yourself on your back.
He stated kissing you again while pulling of your bra. He started to kiss your boobs and sucking on your nipple his hand massaged the other tit. „God your tits are perfect. Want to see my cum all over them“ he whispered as you let out a small moan. He continued kissing your body on his way to your legs. Still holding one boob on his hands until he reached your panties. He slowly pulled them of. „Please Lewis“ you moaned. „What’s going on my pretty girl?“ he winked. „I want your..“ you weren’t able to finished the sentence as he pulled one finger in you without any warning as you moaned his name „oh my god Lewis!“ you practically screamed.
„You didn’t finished your sentence. What do you want baby?“ He said while giving you a wink. „Fuck Lewis. I want your mouth“ you begged. „Here?“ he asked as he kissed you. „God. I want your mouth on my pussy. Eat my pussy Lewis and then fuck me. Please“ you begged with tears on your eyes so desperate to really feel him. „If That’s what my princess wants“ he smirked. Going down on you.
He had his mouth near your pussy as you could feel his breath as he placed one finger near your entrance, tracing around it a little bit. You were almost crying now. All you wanted is to feel him and his magical mouth on you. „Say the magic word“ he whispered. „You’re such a tease! Come on“ you whined. „I said, say the magic word“ he said louder. „Please Lewis“ you begged. „That’s a good girl“ he gave you a wink as he placed his tongue on your clit eventually sucking on it a little. He pushed two fingers in you what made you scream his name. „Fuck Lewis oh my god Lewis yes“ you moaned as he gave more pressure on your clit. „I’m sir for you. Understood?“ he said. „Yes sir“ you replied meaning. „That’s a good girl. Such a slut for me“ he moaned.
You Feld your high coming in your stomach. „I’m coming“ you moaned. „Will you be a good girl tonight?“ He asked. „Yes sir I will. Please let me come“ you moaned. „Then come for me my slut“ that was all it takes for you to come around his mouth and his fingers. He scooped up some of your juices „look how good you taste“ he said. Placing his fingers right into your mouth making you cleaning them. „Such a slut. My dirty slut“ he whispered.
„Ready for the real thing now“ he smiled. „Yes sir. Always ready for you“ you replied. „So embarrassing how desperate you are just for me to fuck you“ he teased. He pulled of his boxers revealing his harnend cock. He directly placed him near your entrance, moving a few times up and down your folds what was enough for you to almost come.
Without any warning he pulled his dick inside you what directly made you scream his name. He placed your legs on his shoulders as he got the perfect view on you and his dick inside you. „So tight, oh god“ he moaned. After letting you some time so adjust to his size he started fucking you slowly. „Fuck! Go faster!“ you moaned and so did he. He went faster and faster hitting your g spot perfectly at every thrust inside you what made you go Insane. You felt your high slowly coming. „I’m coming“ you moaned. „Not yet“ Lewis replied. „I now you can control yourself“ he continued still thrusting inside you. „No really I’m coming“ you moaned. Knowing it would take you three or four more thrust to make you come. Before the final one Lewis suddenly pulled out. „Oh my god! Lewis, really?“ you complaining. Looking down at your pussy seeing some pre cum dripping out of her.
„On Top!“ he commanded. „Ride my cock“ he continued and so did you. He leaned back with his hands behind his head watching you placing his dick at your entrance and sliding in. You slowly started to ride is dick. „Fuck“ he moaned „look at you. Such a whore riding my cock as it is the most normal thing. Taking everything I’m giving you. Right?“ he looked at you as he have you some support with his waist. „Yes sir“ you moaned. Not really being able to talk as you rode his dick. And again you felt your high slowly coming. „Sir!“ you moaned. „I- I’m coming“ you let out. „that fast? What a slut“ he moaned. „You’re not coming yet“ he made you stop riding him. „You’re only coming when I say so“ he commanded.
„Go back on your back“ he said. Pulling his dick back in as he started fucking you in missionary. He was rubbing over your clit what made you go crazy. Your moanes where so loud the people next to your room would definitely hear them. „Open your mouth“ he commanded. As soon as you opened your mouth he spitted into it watching you swallow it. „Good Girl“ he moaned, still fucking you hard. You had no idea that something filthy like that could me such a turn on. „That was hot“ you moaned. „Yeah? Was it that slut?“ he raised an eyebrow. One second later he spitted on your pussy rubbing it all over your clit. That was what it takes. You could feel your high coming again. „Fuck I’m coming. Please sir! Let me come“ you moaned. „Didn’t though you would last that long. You were a good girl tonight. Come for me my little slut“ he moaned. „Come around me dick and make the whole floor hearing who’s making you feel this good“ he continued moaned.
It didn’t take long for you to come. You screamed his name so loud, probably the whole hotel would hear it. He fucked you through your orgasm. As your pussy clenched around his dick he also reached his high releasing his cum in you. „Fuck y/n“ he moaned as he collapsed in the sheets next to you.
„Was I too rough to you“ he asked? „Oh my- oh my god no!“ you told him. „That was amazing Lewis, really“ you continued.
„Okay. Go and clean yourself pretty girl“ he said as you walked in the bathroom after you looked for your panties and a shirt from Lewis.
In the bathroom you cleaned yourself, brushed your teeth and putted on the clothes.
As you came back to the bedroom you saw Lewis getting comfy unter the blanked watching a documentary on tv.
You lay down next to him, laying your head on his chest. It only took you a few minutes to fall asleep after a day that both of you will never forget.
Okay so this was the second time writing smut and I loved it. This is practically pore smut. I hope you enjoyed it
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vinvantae · a day ago
Baby Steps
Part 14/?
Link to previous part - https://vinvantae.tumblr.com/post/688046371783262208/baby-steps
Warnings - Mentions of death, explicit language, mentions of sex
Rating - Mature
You groaned and rolled out of bed, grabbing a hoodie from the floor and pulling it on as you trudged down the stairs. Who the fuck was knocking on your door at this time of night? Okay… it wasn’t that late, but you were a mum, you needed your sleep and after a play-filled evening with your son, 11:30pm definitely felt late. You rubbed your eyes and shoved the key into the door, struggling to unlock it.
“Fucks sake.”
After wiggling the key a few more times, you managed to unlock it - leaving the chain across as you slowly pulled the door open. Your eyes widened.
The Australian stood before you, drenched from the rain - his hair slick against his forehead and clothes clinging to his skin. “…mind if I come in?”
“Uh yeah… sorry.” You shut the door to take the chain off before reopening it, allowing Dan to step inside. “I’ll just grab you a towel and a change of clothes… uh, don’t move?”
He watched you rush upstairs - staying firmly in place, only leaning down to put his bag on the floor and shivering a little from his soggy clothes. It would’ve been the romantic thing to do to just pull you in and kiss you, or apologise out in the rain but he didn’t think he’d ever been so rained on in his entire life and he was freezing. So seeing you with a towel and a change of clothes for him was truly a blessing. You, meanwhile, were also wanting to have a talk to him about everything but you didn’t want to be the reason he got pneumonia so getting him dry was priority number one.
“There’s a loo just there… I’ll be in the living room.”
You sat on the sofa, tucking your feet underneath yourself while you waited for him. Both of you were running through the possibilities of how this could go, Dan just gripped the sink in his hands - looking at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t mess this up, he wanted the two of you to work more than ever. The Australian couldn’t lose you - he couldn’t remember the last time someone made him feel like you did.
As he entered the room, his heart practically skipped a beat when you looked up at him from where you were sitting on the sofa, playing with the ends of your sleeves. You looked so small and fragile, Dan was worried if he said or did anything wrong you’d crumble.
“…hi.” You whispered, eyes glassy.
“Hey.” He sat beside you, keeping a small distance between you.
You reached out for him, the vulnerable look on your face breaking his heart. “Come here please…”
The Australian pulled you into his arms, his body warm against yours - you buried your face into his neck. Everything that was wrong temporarily forgotten as you just held each other in peaceful silence; his fingers running slowly up and down your spine. There was no anger, no resentment, just two people full of apologies and regret. He pulled back just enough to press his forehead against yours, the tip of his nose brushing against yours.
“…I’m so sorry.”
“I’m sorry too.” You mumbled. “I should’ve just told you about Ben… it would’ve saved all of this… I just can't believe you flew here.”
“I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Regardless of why you weren’t there you obviously had something going on and I was a dickhead about it.” He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. “Yeah, I won’t lie, it sucked that you didn’t trust me enough to tell me but-“
“It’s not that I didn’t trust you… I just… I really struggle to talk about it and I was selfishly hoping you’d remember on your own.” You said softly, drawing patterns on his knee. “I’m so bad at opening up, if that wasn’t clear.”
He chuckled softly. “I’ve noticed. I should’ve remembered sooner - Ben was a great guy.”
You sighed quietly, eyes flickering across the Australian’s face. “He really was… he always liked you, y’know.”
“Oh yeah?” A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. “I always liked him too, he was absolutely hilarious… do you think he’d approve of us then?”
“I’d like to think so.” A soft hum left your lips. “I should’ve told you about him sooner though. It was selfish of me to assume that you’d just know that Ben was my fiancé and Milo’s Dad.”
“Fiancé, huh? I’m so sorry, y/n… No wonder you freaked out about the restaurant and coming to Austria.” He sighed softly, everything making sense to him now. “I get that you’d be nervous about dating a driver after everything that you’ve been through.”
You sighed, snuggling up into him. He linked his hand with yours and you played with his fingers as you both thought about what to say next. He rested his chin on top of your head, his free hand caressing your side.
“I can almost hear you thinking.” Your voice broke him out of the trance he was slipping into.
“Tell me to fuck off if it’s too much but… I think you should come to Austria.”
“Just… listen for a second.” He said softly, stroking your hip - his voice reassuring. “You don’t have to come to the actual race, I wouldn’t ask that of you if you’re not ready, but I think it would be good for you and Milo to bring some flowers to him.”
You buried your face into his neck, mumbling against his skin. “I don’t know if I can do it.”
“If at any point you want to leave, I will not hesitate to get you out of there.” The deep thrum of his voice almost vibrated through you, bringing you a sense of comfort. “I think it would be a good step to helping you heal.”
He didn’t push you for a response, just simply letting you think about it. So much had happened that he hadn’t really processed the fact this was the first time he’d been in your home - he’d had to beg Zak and Andreas for your address - and now he was just taking in all the little details that made this house your home.
A box full of Milo’s toys in the corner, framed photos of him throughout his life and Dan couldn’t help but smile when he saw all of the little souvenirs he’d been buying you during the season lined up across a shelf. It wasn’t a messy house but it was cosy and lived in. He felt so comfortable here.
“I wanna do it.”
He brought his attention back to you and his eyes met yours - there was a hopefulness in them that was truly beautiful. “Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you into doing something you feel uncomfortable doing.”
“No, you’re right. I’ll never heal fully if I don’t do it.” You said, playing with the tassel on his hoodie. “And, I owe it to him.”
The kiss he pressed to your lips was chaste but meaningful. “I’m proud of you.”
Your cheeks flushed dark, a soft giggle leaving your lips. “I’ve not done anything yet.”
“And if you don’t do anything, I’ll still be proud. Even saying yes to coming is a big step.”
“Thank you, sorry if all this is weird for you.”
He simply shook his head. “Nah, it’s okay. I care about you more than anything else, I just want you to be okay.”
The Australian watched your eyes flicker across his face and he simply smiled at you softly. He made you feel so safe, all your worries about opening up felt so trivial now. He was so understanding and supportive of your feelings - you almost felt like you didn’t deserve it. You’d kept him in the dark for so long but he’d not given up on you.
“So, it’s late.” You hummed, your hand coming to rest on his thigh.
“That it is.”
“You wanna stay here then?” With a playful brow raised, Dan got the message loud and clear - his lips curving up into a cheeky smirk.
“Absolutely I do.” He purred softly, leaning in a little closer.
You giggled, leaning in to meet him in a kiss. It was deep and slow, his large hands sliding up your hips and underneath your hoodie. He practically purred as your fingers found their way into his curls, tugging at them gently as he leant over you, the back of your head now resting on the arm of the sofa and the Australian between your legs.
He pushed your hoodie up and you got the hint, pulling it over your head to reveal the very thin camisole you’d worn to bed, braless underneath. The Australian groaned and lent back down to kiss you deeper, your leg hooking over his waist.
You heard Milo before you saw him, the toddler padding down the stairs - his favourite dinosaur teddy clutched in his little hand. You and Dan sat up, looking over the back of the sofa. This wasn’t the first time the toddler had interrupted you and you were positive it wasn’t going to be the last.
“Everything okay, jellybean?” You asked, trying to catch your breath and ignore the way Dan’s hands were still on your legs.
“Had a bad dream.” He grumbled, rubbing at his eyes - still not noticing the driver sat beside you. “Went to your bed and you were not there.”
“That’s because one of our favourite people came over…”
Milo blinked hard a couple times to get the sleep out of his eyes and suddenly his little face lit up when he saw Dan sat beside you on the sofa. “Danny!”
“Hey little man!” He cooed. “Sorry you had a bad dream, wanna cuddle?”
You’d never seen the toddler move so fast, circling the couch and clambering up - squishing himself between you and Dan.
“Why didn’t you wake me to see Danny!” He whined, throwing his arms around the Australian.
“Because, it’s very late. He was still going to be here in the morning to say hi.” Your voice was fond, watching the way Daniel held your son with such care. “But once you’ve had your cuddles you’re going straight back to bed okay? It’s far too late for a little one to be awake.”
Thankfully, he was too tired to protest and after about five minutes of having his hair stroked by Dan, he’d fallen asleep in his arms - little snores coming out of his nose.
“So, boys with curly hair are your type then?” He teased, now aware of where the young boy’s hair had been passed down from.
You smiled softly. “Apparently so. Curly haired race car drivers specifically… you’re far too good to me, y’know? I’ve got so much baggage that you should just run for the hills.”
The driver carefully leant over and pressed a soft kiss to your lips. “If you’d let me, I’d like to help you carry those bags - make them a little lighter.”
Fuck. Why are you so cute. Your cheeks flushed dark and you let him wrap his free arm back around you and pull you into his side, pressing a gentle kiss to your temple. “Can I keep you forever?”
He chuckled. “I’m not planning on going anywhere.”
“Thank god, Milo would probably never shut up about it if you did.” A yawn escaping you. “Wanna go to bed?”
“Mhmm, please.” He replied, mirroring your yawn. “I’ll put the little one to bed.”
“You don’t know where our bedrooms are?” You chuckled.
He shrugged. “I’ll find them. Go get yourself to bed, I’ll be in in a minute.”
You rolled your eyes playfully before doing exactly that - you stripped back down and climbed into bed, heading the soft hums of Daniel’s voice through the wall as he coaxed your son back to sleep. A soft smile took over your face as you played with the corner of your pillow case, Dan’s relationship with Milo made you feel so warm.
When the Australian finally joined you, you saw a mischievous glint in his eyes when he saw your previously worn clothes now on the floor. “Oh hello.”
“You gonna join me?” You purred softly, flipping down the duvet on the empty side of the bed.
His clothes were gone in a flash and before you knew it, he had slid into bed beside you and pulled your body close, his skin warm against yours. You hummed contently, letting your head rest on his shoulder - fingers drawing patterns on his chest, legs tangled between the sheets.
“This is nice.” You lifted your gaze to look up at him, his long eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks as he smiled.
“It is. I like being naked with you.” He leant down and kissed you softly. “Did you want to carry on what we started or..?”
“Mhmm thank you for asking, but I think I just want to sleep.”
He hummed. “Sounds good to me too, I’m shattered.”
You snuggled up into him, your eyes drawing to a close - the soft touch of his fingers against your skin lulled you into a sense of calm. All of your anxieties melted away. Dan looked down at you as you fell asleep on his chest, soft breaths leaving your parted lips. He knew it was creepy to watch you, but when you were asleep all of your troubles seemed to fade and you looked peaceful.
He was absolutely smitten with you and it was a strange feeling to him. The driver couldn’t remember the last time he felt so strongly for someone but he liked it. He felt comfortable, safe, and happy. No matter what happened during race weekends, knowing you’d have his back no matter what made his heart grow in his chest.
But he still couldn’t ignore the fact that you still weren’t really his… and he really wanted to change that.
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merrymissesmaxiel · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
friend (lando norris x reader)
summary: set in 2020, lando's oldest friend finds herself heart broken and lando never wants to see her like it again
words: 1.6k
warnings: cheating?
follow me on tiktok: merrymissesmaxiel
you can listen to 'heartbreak girl' from 5sos as it's based very loosely off of it. however, this isn't necessary for you to understand it
lando and y/n. y/n and lando. whichever way you put you always put them together. meeting the first day of secondary school lando and y/n have since been best friends.
they were that close as friends that sleepovers were allowed because nothing was going happen, they were the purest platonic soulmates ever. that was all they were. platonic.
as time went on, puberty hit and bodies changed lando hated the word platonic. he'd had a plethora of thoughts and dreams about y/n that don't work in a platonic relationship. he soon started to fall for her and fall for her hard. he was hopelessly in love with her but couldn't do a thing. he loved her too much to make it awkward between them.
when he signed for mclaren she was most excited , more than anyone who knew him. it meant as much to her as it did him. he fought to get her a job with mclaren and soon enough y/n was his press officer , working under charlottes wing.
lando regretted two things in his life, not telling y/n he didn't just love her he was in love with her and that he got y/n a job at mclaren. both lead to carlos and y/n, y/n and carlos. the garrage couple.
y/n had fallen for for carlos the moment she set eyes on him and lando knew what it meant. y/n was gorgeous inside and out, she could get anyone she wanted and lando knew that she would soon be dating his team mate.
it took carlos a couple of weeks to realise just how great y/n was and when he realised she was into him he didn't hesitate to ask her out. it pained lando seeing her with him when it was all he ever wanted.
but he couldn't blame her carlos was great. they were perfect together, they looked like they should've been a couple. not only that they had loads in common but the biggest selling point was their shared love for lando.
it didn't take long for lando to realise that the entail view on them was just a front. he'd hang out with carlos all the time and he'd moan about y/n for hours on end but he'd never hang out with y/n. he hung out with y/n and carlos and just carlos but never just y/n. he hated that the most.
she'd call him every night at 10, when carlos was asleep. mostly crying about what carlos had done or said that day. lando very quickly realised that the only thing they had in common was him. it filled him with guilt. the root cause of all the pain y/n was going though was lando.
she'd mention multiple times to him how she wished carlos was more like him. how she wanted someone like him to solve her issues. he felt like saying 'why not me then?' but that would only cause more issues.
y/n l/n !
need you to drive me tommorow, don't want to go with carlos x
he looked at the notification strangely. even after all their many arguments they'd still travel together, they lived together it made sense.
of course i can, what'd he do?
he hated them together, he can't remember why they were ever compatible it just made his bestfriend sad that his other bestfriend wasn't what she thought it would be.
8am the following morning landos mclaren pulled up to the unassuming house, there was no need for a mansion. carlos' car wasn't there. she came out the house looking like she'd been crying. "what's wrong?" he asked as she sat down.
"it's over" she nodded putting the belt. "i've gotta move out" she added. lando sighed looking at her. this was his chance, he could treat her better than anyone could. he wanted to scream it out. he bite his tounge however, she wasn't ready.
"maybe not forever" he reassured her. it's what she needed. despite how rocky their relationship was, y/n truly loved carlos with every bone in her being. "you're more than welcome to stay with me" he nodded. she looked at him.
"thanks for being such a good friend lan" she smiled sadly.
lando nodded. friend. "always y/n" he smiled reassuringly. "what was the final straw?" he asked pulling away from the house.
"he cheated on me, with some spanish model he's know for years. he's her oldest friend, like we are" she explained.
"seriously?" lando asked surprised. he was furious.
"yeah" she nodded. "they were sorta together before he met me, obviously never stoped loving her like that" she nodded.
"dickhead" lando said simply and y/n laughed letting her head fall against the headrest.
"true that" she chuckled a small smile on her lips.
"he'll come back, no one can beat you" lando told her drumming his fingers on the wheel to the beat of the song. he just had to keep telling her what she wanted to hear. she was keeping it together by a thread that was starting to rip.
"i've gotta work with him all day, something for spanish sky" she shook her head.
"but your my press officer" lando frowned his brows.
"lydia's ill" she told him referring to carlos press officer.
"you just have to try and act unfazed" lando told her.
"easier said than done, carlos is great" she huffed.
he's no me, he thought following the signs to mclaren hq. "he's no you" he told her with a reassuring smile.
"oh lando, what would i do without you?" she asked him.
"probably die" he joked and she laughed.
"probably" she agreed.
mclaren was busy today, all of spanish sky were there and it was the day the big men from mclaren were in.
"carlos?" she asked walking into the room he was sat in. "lydia's ill, you have me today" she nodded. she tried her best to seem unfazed by their situation. he looked uncomfortable and she had no sympathy for him.
"y/n!" he seemed taken aback by her presence.
"you have sky spain here for you today, they're doing a mini doc on you, considering your up for spanish sports personality. you're also doing a youtube video with lando later, then you're good from pr side" she explained.
"does er lando know?" he asked awkwardly.
"lando knows everything" she almost laughed. "he's my catalina but i don't sleep with him behind my partners back" she smiled at him. it was hurting her but lando was right, she had to make him want it back.
"got it" he nodded in response.
"i'm gonna stay with lan for a bit, while i can find a place" she told as they walked though mclaren.
"oh um you don't have to" carlos told.
"i'd rather stay as far away from you as possible" she flashed him a smile.
"ok" he nodded not really knowing how to respond.
"hey!" lando jogged up to the pair making sure carlos knew he wasn't happy with him shooting him a glare. "key" he handed it to the girl who smiled. "my casa is your casa" he joked hugging her.
"thank you lan" she hugged him back.
"so you're really serious about moving out?" carlos asked surprised.
"what? you want me to let my best friend stay with the man who cheated on her, no way, i actually care for her" lando glared at carlos.
"you're punching the air lando, you've waited two years for y/n to be single" carlos huffed.
"what?" y/n asked.
"you're insane. i bet catalina was waiting for you to be single, oh wait she didn't" lando shot back.
"lando, thank you but carlos needs to work" y/n nodded.
"i'll come find you after work" he patted her shoulder dismissing himself reluctantly.
the day dragged, followed by the next day and the next day until ultimately its impossible to get over your ex because you see him everyday. y/n had her post breakup glowup and carlos hadn't even batted an eyelid. he was moving on, she wasn't.
it wasn't until she was ill and on instagram that she realised just how far carlos was over her. the post made half an hour ago showed himself and catalina on a beach in the spanish sun.
Tumblr media
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carlossianz55 it all worked out in the end ❤️
she sobbed. it had been two months. she called lando, he already knew about the post. "i'm coming home" he told her simply she didn't protest a cough shaking her body. "you're ill and now upset, i'm coming to look after you" he stated. she needed him.
"be quick please" she begged. soon enough he was buy her side comforting her. he wanted to tell her more than anything. to see her heartbroken hurt him because he knew if only he could tell her she'd never be heartbroken again.
"i'm right here" he held her like she was glass yet it was the warmest most loving hug she'd ever experienced.
"i wish i could date someone who loves me and only me " she told him though a cry.
"he's out there i promise you" he played with her hair, combing it and twisting it round his fingers. "until then i'll take away your hurt" he kissed the top of her head.
he knew it would happen, he was confident they'd end up together, he just had to be patient, wait his turn. he'd been dangerously close to confessing on multiple times but held it in, he just needed to make her forget all about carlos. get it though her head that she should with him instead.
"lan, you're such a great friend" she squeezed him as he held her.
yup, friend.
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callmenyyourname · 2 days ago
a/n: this story is PURE FICTION and has nothing to do with real life, I do not think by any means that Toto would ever cheat on his wife not do I have something against Susie. She’s a total badass and I love her for that. Also, this is my first ever story, so please go easy on me. :)
Tw: just the usual really
You’ve been working as Toto’s assistant for the past year. In the past year you learned something: you can never be good enough for Toto Wolff, unless you’re Lewis Hamilton.
You can’t particularly say Toto made you life hell in the past year, but you can’t help but feel like he didn’t make any effort to get to know you better and try to be friendly.
Toto may be stubborn, tough and hard to impress, but so were you. So your life as Toto’s assistant wasn’t exactly easy and vice versa. 
You’ve been working a lot since you started your job at Mercedes, but you wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. You came in early and left late. You were the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. But it was your job, and you loved it.
Tonight was no different, it was almost midnight and you were still in your office  sorting through paperwork and preparing Toto’s schedule for thr upcoming week. The office was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
After finishing going through paperwork you gathered your stuff, ready to leave. As you made your way to the exit you saw that the lights were on in Toto’s office so you entered to turn them off. You didn’t expect to find him in his office. He left hours ago to spend time with his wife and didn’t see him come back in.
“Toto, are you alright?”, you asked, and he flinched
“y/n, Jesus, you scared the shit out of me”, he said
“I’m sorry, I didn’t think I’d find you here. Didn’t you already leave?”
“Yeah, I did. I just came back.”
“Why?”, I asked and saw he moved uncomfortable in his chair.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. You don’t have to tell me.”, I said feeling a bit ashamed for trying to get my nose in my boss’ business.
“No, it’s ok”, he sighted, “it’s just...Susie and I are getting a divorce. I went home to discuss some things with her. You know, maybe trying this again, finding some common ground.”
You were speechless. You had no idea Toto had problems with his wife and he never spoke about it. You knew Susie, you saw her a lot around the paddock and not only. You’ve spoken to her, you ate lunch wih her. And never in a million years you would have believed they will get a divorce. 
“What are you going to do now?”
“What do you mean, y/n?”, he asked, scanning you from head to toe and you felt your cheeks turn red.
“I mean, what are you going to do now? Where are you going to stay?”
“For tonight, here. I have to be in the office early tomorrow. After that, I’ll see.”, he said, and you thought you saw a smirk on his face.
“Mhm, I understand.”, you replied feeling a pool forming between your legs.
The effect he had on you it was unbelievable. He was for sure a hot man, but he was you boss and married. Or just your boss, you weren’t so sure about the other one anymore. 
He brought you down to earth with his voice and thick accent. 
“Are you disappointed?”, he said while getting closer to you, “do you have a spare bedroom you would like to rent?”, he asked smirking. 
“I think that’s a bit inappropriate, boss.”, you said chuckling.
“Each of my thoughts about you are  inappropriate.”, Toto said caressing you arm.
“I love it when you say my name like that.” at this point, his strong hands were on your waist.
“Toto, please, stop, we can’t do this.”, you said running out your breath, and he squeezed your waist harder.
A soft moan escaped your lips.
“If you don’t like my teasing why are you moaning, y/n?”, he said with a lustful look.
You started to squeeze your thighs together, desperate for friction on your core. Toto saw that and with a skilful move you were spread on his desk.
“Be a good girl and spread your legs.”, Toto told you as he pushed your skirt to your waist. “So wet already and I haven’t even touched you.”
Kneeling in front of you, he licked through your wet folds.
“You taste like fucking candy, schatzi.”
He caught you off guard when he inserted two fingers inside of you, pumping in and out of your tight pussy.
“Fuck, Toto…”, you moaned, the pleasure already building inside of you.
“You’re so beautiful all spread out like this…just for me.”, and just like that, hearing those words leave his pretty mouth you felt you walls clenching around his finger, reaching your climax.
“Good girl, that’s a fucking good girl.”, he said as he planted a kiss on the inside of your thigh.
“Did I say you could stop?”, the words slipped out of your mouth. It was probably a side effect of the shattering orgasm you just had.
“If you want more, all you have to do is ask.”, he grinned at you.
“Please…”, you whispered, unable to gather your words.
“Please what?”
“Please, fuck me, Toto. Fill me with your cock.”
You could read the pure lust on his face. He unzipped his pants and took down his boxers letting his big cock out.
“Bend over and spread your legs.”
In a second you were bent over his desk, waiting to feel him inside you. And without any warning he slammed into you, a big moan escaping your lips.
He pumped in and out of you at a high pace, giving you no time to adjust to the size of him.
“You feel so good.”, he groandes and he was hammering you.
“Just shut up and fuck me”, you were close, you felt the knot forming in your stomach and your walls clenching around him.
Just by the way you felt his cock twitch inside you you knew he was close too.
“Turn around”, he said between groans, “I want to see your pretty face as i fill up your tight little pussy.”
“That’s it, that’s my girl.”
As soon as you heard his words your orgasm ripped through you, screaming his name, his orgasm following yours.
He remained inside of you for a few minutes, while both of you catched your breaths.
“That felt amazing, schatzi. You are amazing.”, he said and then kissed your lips.
“Gosh, I’ve never done this before.”, you said a little bit flustered.
“What? Have sex?”, he asked, a small laugh escaping his lips.
“No, have sex with my boss. In his office. I’m afraid I can no longer remain professional after this.”
“Good, cause there are so many things I want to do to you.”, Toto proudly said.
He pulled you into a passionate kiss, a soft moan escaping you lips, giving him the opportunity to sneak his tongue into your mouth.
“Come on, let’s go.”, you told him, getting your purse and heading to the door.
“Where?”, he asked confused.
“You need a place to stay for the night, and I could use a roommate.”, you told him winking.
He laughed as he grabbed your hand and head out of the office.
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Calming hearts (Part 2) (Pierre Gasly)
Part 1
Note: english is not my first language and this is the first time I'm writing a following part to anything I've published so I can only hope this meets the expectation * nervous giggles * not sure how well I did
As always, any specific/medical knowledge here is based on what I've learnt and know, and some from experience
Text messages are in italic!
Feedback is appreciated 🤍 and although I'm not taking requests per se, if you have any ideas or concepts you want to share, feel free to so so!
Tw: curse words, mentions of dementia symptons, being away from family, mention of a bad previous relationship, mild anxiousness
"For fuck's sake", you grumbled as you closed the program window on you laptop, trying to reopen it for what felt like the millionth time. You enjoyed research, you really did, otherwise you wouldn't have pursued a PhD, but did it take away your patience sometimes...! Whilst the program was loading, you picked up your planner and looked for today's plan, already assuming you would have to delay everything because if this was gonna set the tone for the day, you had to buckle up for a difficult one. As your finger stopped running through the page and stopped in the 5 pm time slot, you groaned. After texting back and forth different dates and times, you and Pierre had finally found a day where you both had time off to go on a date. And thanks to your computer, you may have to delay that, "Why, out of all the days we spend together, did you have to do this today, hm?", you said looking at your computer after it finally opened the program, getting on with the tasks you had.
Having a little break for lunch and coffee, you were sitting back on your desk checking the tasks you had already completed when your phone pinged with a notification. Grabbing it and unlocking, Pierre's name showed on the screen with a message that read Hi, just checking if the plans for today are still up!, to which you replied Hi, yes, still up!, already accepting the idea that you would not have time to go home and change since you wanted to complete as many tasks as you could and getting back to work.
In Charles' place, Pierre sat down on the sofa with a giddy smile on his face, "What's got you smiling like that? Actually, who's got you smiling like that?", Charles asked his best friend, already knowing the answer. He knew a little bit of what had been going on between you since Pierre would often comment about how you had texted eachother that day or some instagram interactions, "Y/N confirmed that the plans are still up", he replied, locking his phone and setting it aside. "Did you already decide where you're gonna meet up?", Charles asked, remembering a conversation the previous day where Pierre realised you hadn't set a place, prompting his friend to grab his phone again and open your contact, "Shit shit shit, forgot to do that! Where do we meet up?", he asked Charles, who laughed, "Do I look like I'm you PA or your private chauffeur? How would I know? Do you know where she is? Just say you'll pick her up wherever she is", the Ferrari driver advised.
"Maybe she's working now, I don't want to bother her, I'll text her later", Pierre reasoned, "I'll make sure you remember it again then, because you said that last time and look where it brought you", Charles teased before he was hit with a pillow, "For now it's just a pillow considering how you helped this situation", Pierre finished as they both grabbed the controllers to play a game while they passed the time.
Back in your office, things were going smoothly and you were getting things done quicker than you anticipated, and when you were in yet another coffee break, your phoned pinged again, a message from Pierre saying he would pick you up wherever you were. Debating wether or not if you could ask him if he could pick you up at the university, you finally decided that it would benefit the both of you, figuring how much closer the university was to him and how you would have more time to do your work, you settled in the response, I'm at the university for the day, so you can pick me up here! Only if you're okay with that though, I can go to another place too, not wanting to seem like you were ordering him about. After a confirmation text that he would pick you up there, you sent him your location and thanked him.
It was later in the afternoon, 5 pm approaching as Pierre parked his car in the university parking lot, going over to the passenger seat so he could grab the bag. Heading to the entrance's desk, he mentioned your name and after the receptionist called you informing he was heading upstairs, he did so.
Knocking on your door, you opened it quickly, "So sorry, the program is taking a while to close and I can't just shut it down because I might loose what I've done today, but I'm nearly ready, j-", you stopped your ramble and you turned away from where you were standing and bumped into his chest, "You really should be careful about opening the door, imagine if I was a burglar?", he teased you, "Hi, how are you? It's okay, take the time that you need", he finished.
"Bit of a stressful day, not going to lie, my laptop didn't want to work and I didn't want to cancel our date but I had work to do and", you rambled on, Pierre's lips curling up at the word 'date' and seeing you ramble about your day while you closed the laptop and placed it in your backpack, "but all in all I finished it so I'm ready t- what's that?", you asked him, referring to a tote bag that was placed on your desk. "You said that your office still didn't feel like you own, and since you spend a lot of time here I thought it could use some flowers to cheer the place up", he replied, revealing a gorgeous flower in a pot, "the lady at the shop said these are really easy to care for so I thought you'd appreciate it too", as you grabbed the pot, placing it near a window so it could get some sunlight. "Thank you Pierre, it's beautiful", you said as you looked at the way it had already brightened your office, "and she also had these flowers and I thought you'd like them as well", he said taking a small but beautiful bunch of peonies from the bag and handing them to you. You could only smile at his attentiveness, "Thank you so much, these are so beautiful! You know you didn't have to do this, you're already picking me up and taking me somewhere I don't know", you hinted, "and you're not going to know until we get there", he said, "they really are beautiful, thank you", you set them down as you hugged him.
After checking if everything was in order, you grabbed your backpack, bag abs flowers and made your way out of university, not paying much attention to the stares and looks of the other people in there, probably wondering why you had a bunch of flowers and why Pierre Gasly was in the PhD office area.
Pierre helped you pack everything into his car and you got inside, "You look nice with your hair up", he said as you were fiddling with the hairband and pulling it out of its bun shape, "It's easier to work with it that way, I don't like it when it gets in my eyes, but not it's hurting my head". "But are you good?", he asked, "yeah, just pulled it too tight", you blushed like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
Pierre stopped near a park you used to go loads of times with the patients from the center, "I thought we could enjoy a picnic here, this usually isn't too crowded so we can also have some privacy", he said said. He knew what came with his name, and the chances of someone seeing him in a restaurant with you would and the situation turning chaotic full of fans and press was something he wanted to avoid, not wanting you to feel uncomfortable.
"Ooh, I love picnics! We usually come here with the patients and they really like it because it's a very calm place", you said as he grabbed a basket from the boot, "Charles helped me pack this so we have food and drinks, a blanket too to put on the floor!", he smiled seeing your sparkling eyes and even bigger smile, "if I get sick then I can blame it on Charles?", you nudged him, "Yes, if anything bad happens it's his fault", Pierre said as he grabbed your hand and walked you both to a more secluded part of the park under some trees.
Setting the blanket down, you both sat and unpacked the food and drinks, "Actually, I made these", he took out a tupperware box with some little cakes, "had my mum send me our family recipe, so I hope I didn't ruin it". "You could've told me to bring something too", you sighed, "You had all this work and I'm just going to sit here and eat it", you reasoned, "you'll be responsible for the next one then", he tested, not sure if he should be already proposing a next time when this one had barely even began, but to his (and yours) relief you replied, "deal, I'll make you the best spaghetti bolognese of your life".
You feel into comfortable conversation while you ate, "I used to do this all the time with my family back in Rouen, my grandparents would gather everyone in this park we have near where they live and we would spend all day in there, eating and playing football and cards", he reminisced. "Do you miss them a lot?", you asked, knowing yourself what it was like to live far away from your family, "It was worse when moved out for the first time but yeah, I miss them. They usually come to all the GPs that can so I know I have them there but it's still not enough time sometimes, we're always running around and in meetings but I like having them there regardless. And you?".
You finished your drink and wiped your mouth with a napkin, "yeah, I lived with them until I moved to university. And from then on it's always harder to find the time to go visit them, especially since they moved", you said referring to the move your parents made after selling the house because they no longer needed such a big one and taking the opportunity to move another 4 hours away to be closer to your grandparents, "but we always talk on the phone so it feels like we're closer... and having friends and people who care about me around always helps", you smiled at him, his gaze already on you, admiring every little detail. How you had no make up on, so he could see the wrinkles on your eyes when you laughed and little moles on your skin, refraining himself from steching his hand to your face and playing connect the dot between them. How your eyes sparkled everytime you spoke about your job and how you had gotten more patients to become verbal and just improving their quality of life, or about your family and friends. You really were something else and he was determined to not let you go.
The sun was setting and you were now laying down side to side on the blanket, your head slightly leaning on his shoulder, just talking about whatever came up because in reality none of you wanted to leave that bubble, "Actually I was wondering if you wanted to come and watch the next GP, it's here in Monaco and yeah, I'd like to have you there", Pierre said, "and Charlotte will be there as well, Charles too", he mentally face palmed himself, where else would the Ferrari driver be on a GP weekend? "Oh yeah? The one after next weekend right? I don't have anything planned, I think, so I'll accept the invite", you smiled, "I'll get the team to send me the details and your pass so you can get in then", he smiled back while grabbing your hand and lacing your fingers in his. His phone rang and he sat up, accepting the call, and you heard a slightly stressed voice on the other side of the line mentioning something about an engine and performance and "we need to talk about this now" and after he finished the call, he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, "that was my performance engineer, I'm sorry but we have to go, I have a meeting in a bit", he looked at you, his eyes blinking quickly, "Sure, no worries, I can go home on my own as well, I don't want to bother", you smiled a sad smile as you got up and packed what was left.
He grabbed your hand, making you look at him, "Nonsense, you could never bother me", and you both walked hand in hand to the car so he could drop you home.
"Thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed it", you smiled as he opened you door and went to the boot to grab your things, "Oh, no need to help, I can carry these myself, thank you though", you grabbed your backpack and bag and then the flowers, "I hope your meeting goes well and you engine goes back to doing what it is supposed too", you smiled at him, "I had a great time too", he replied, and you went for it. What did you have to loose? You got up on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek, a few inches away from his lips and leaving you both like giddy teenagers sharing their first affections, "I'll text you later then", he said, hugging you one last time and returning the kiss on your cheek.
As you placed your bags down on your room, you still hadn't been able to stop the giant smile on your lips. The date was amazing, and Pierre as well, always kind, funny and never pushing anything on you, letting you set the pace. You were already in bed scrolling through your phone when an email from Scuderia Alpha Tauri dropped with the information you needed for the GP weekend. You took the opportunity to text Pierre thanking him and wishing him a good night, to which he replied no worries, sorry again for having to leave so soon, the meeting was urgent and couldn't be delayed any longer. Good night mon ange, sleep tight. This boy was really going to be the end of you, that you were sure of.
When you arrived home after a full day at the center, you were trying to gather up the courage to get up from your sofa and head to kitchen so you could make yourself some dinner when your phone rang, Pierre's caller ID showing on the screen, "Hey you, am I catching you at a bad time?", he asked, "Hey, no, I'm just procrastinating making my dinner so go ahead", you replied, "I have your passes for the GP, and it's best if I give you them now because when you get there on Friday I might not be available and it's easier this way. Can I drop by your place? Or do you want me to leave them somewhere else?". In reality, he also wanted to see you, there were so many people on the team that could definitely give you your pass but he was craving some time with you, despite texting at least every other day, wether it was a meme or just checking on eachother. "No no, I'm home so you can drop them here", you said, "I might go now actually then", he said and again, you risked it for a biscuit, "And if you want to maybe you can stay for dinner? Only if you want t-", "I'd love to, and actually I remember a certain someone mentioning 'the best spaghetti bolognese' of my life", he quickly replied, not wanting you to entertain the idea that he didn't want to spend time with a second longer, "Alright then, it's settled, I'm home so whenever you want to show up, just ring me!".
As you finished the call, a new found energy propelled you to your feet, heading to the kitchen so you could start on dinner. After changing into comfier clothes and having the dinner cooking in the pots, you tidied the place up a bit and as you were about to lay down on the sofa under a blanket, your phone pinged, Pierre saying he was leaving his place.
You were stirring the pots when you heard your bell, and wiped your hands in a kitchen towell before going to open the door, "Hello", you greeted him smiling, "Hello you, I see you look at the people you open the door now, that's good!", he teased as you shoved him, leading you both to the living room.
Sitting next to eachother, you told eachother about your time since you last saw eachother until you had to get up to stir dinner and boil the pasta, "I'm just going to the kitchen to check on dinner, but make yourself at home", you got up and he followed, "I can help too", the both of you heading to the kitchen.
As Pierre grabbed the plates and set the table with your help after you started boiling the fresh pasta, he remembered one of the reasons he was there, "before I forget", he said as he took and envelope out of his coat's pocket, "here are your passes, these should be able to get in in the paddock and into our hospitality and the garage, but if you have any problems just talk to anyone on the team because I told them about your presence, and Charlottle will be there too so you can sort it out between yourselves", he handed it to you, "Thanks again, I'm looking forward to see you in your element".
After eating dinner and tidying the dishes and kitchen, you both sat on the sofa as you handed Pierre the remote and he flickered through the app, trying to find something for the both of you to watch, ending up with a sitcom rerun.
You started to feel droopy, the rush of the day catching up with you, "You can lay your head here if you want to", Pierre said as he opened his arms and you just let your body fall in his chest, head placed on his shoulder and enclosed in his warm embrace, as you looked up to his handsome face under the dimmed lights and TV noise in the background. "Tell me this is real", you whispered as you nudged your nose in his cheek, smelling the cologne that had your mind racing everytime you caught a wiff of it, "as real as it can be mon ange", he whispered back before readjusting his face and looking deeply into your eyes. You leaned in and pressed your lips in his, a perfect fit. Not too hard, but long enough for the both of you to express your feelings. "That was nice", he said as he licked his lips looking at your blushed cheeks, "I'm not sure that now that I know how good your lips feel on mine that I'll be able to stop", he finished as you leant again to press your lips to his, smiling and sharing affections whose words you were still afraid of voicing out loud.
Unwillingly leaving because Pyry would kill him if he wasn't on time for his early training session the next morning, you accompanied Pierre outside later, "Text me when you get home, yeah?", you asked as he pressed another kiss on your forehead, "will do", before he bent all the way down to kiss your lips, sealing his affections and intentions in that final kiss before heading to his car and then home, leaving you with butterflies (or maybe a whole zoo) on you stomach at the prospect of your relationship with the driver. As you got the agreed message, you texted back thank you for letting me take things at a comfortable pace for me, receiving a response almost instantly, I'll wait as long as you need me to, with a picture of you sleeping on his chest attached to it. Sneaky bastard had taken a picture of you, mouth slightly open as you snoozed for a bit when you were on the sofa.
The day before Monaco GP, Charles had a lunch at his place with his family, Charlotte and Pierre. "So, I've heard that someone's relationship is going well", Charlotte's voice emerged from the living room, "he tells me pretty much everything you tell him so don't act so surprised, so spill it Gasly", earning a sheepish smile from Charles, "Mate, I was happy that you were happy. And to be fair we played matchmakers, we should know all the inside information". Pierre smiled, " It's been good, really good actually. We're taking things slowly, I'm letting her open up in her time, the asshole ex boyfriend did quite the job on her and I just want to prove her that I'm not like him and will never be like him", he replied, "Look at you all grown up Gasly", Charlotte patted his back, "I'm very proud of you, truly, she's an amazing girl and deserves the world, and so do you". Pascale couldn't really help herself, "I'm sorry boys, but are you talking about Y/N?" and Pierre felt like he got caught red handed, blushing madly and giggling nervously, "Oh, how wonderful you two. She's such a great girl, is she going to be around this weekend?", "Mama!", Charles called, not sure if Pierre minded the assumption. "Actually she is yeah, I've invited her for the weekend. She said Friday might be trickier to come and watch because of work, but for the rest of the weekend she'll be here", earning two surprised looks from Charles and Charlotte and a happy smile from Pascale before she returned inside, "You didn't tell me she was coming!", she bickered Charles, "How would I tell you if I only found out now?", he bickered back to his girlfriend, "She hasn't texted you?", Pierre asked, concerned that maybe you had decided against going, "No, but I'm going to text her now. Uhhh, this is so exciting", leaving the two boys alone in the balcony as they discussed about the weekend.
After lunch and into the afternoon, you had yet to answer Charlotte's text, "Maybe she's just busy", she said, but Pierre was already thinking ahead, "I didn't speak to her yesterday either, and she hasn't answered me yet. I'm gonna call her, excuse me", he said as he got up and went to the balcony, appreciating the view as he waited for you to pick up, "Hi Pierre, how are you?", you replied on the other end of the line. He noticed the slurr in your voice, "Hi, good and you? I'm just calling because you haven't answered Charlotte and I hadn't spoken to you for a bit...", he replied, quickly saving himself, "I'm not trying to control you or anything, I- I just wanted to make sure you were okay". Your heart warmed, making you go all fuzzy inside, "Oh Pierre no, I'm fine, just tired. The center has been keeping me busy, Mrs Martin is not doing so well this week and I've been keeping her company at night too because she is feeling very shaky and disoriented so yeah, I've spent the last three days here and I think tonight I will too, I went home yesterday during lunch time because I was stinky and had to get new clothes", you giggled, "but thank you, I like it when you're worried about me, I know what your intentions are", you reassured him. "And tell Charlotte that I've been meaning to text her about the weekend but it's just been very ectic in here that I completely forgot, I'm sorry", you finished, "and you? Are you good? Do you need me to bring you anything?", he asked drumming his hands on the railing, "Yes, I'm running on little sleep but it's something I am used to. And you, ready for tomorrow?", you asked as you sat down for a bit, enjoying hearing his voice, "yeah, a bit nervous because the weather doesn't look promising but all in all I'm very excited, especially because I have someone special in the audience this time", he forwarded. After talking a bit more and then hanging up, Pierre got back inside and explained the situation, "She's sorry that she couldn't answer it, but she said she's gonna try and get back to you when she can", he said to Charlotte sitting down, "She's been busy, bless her".
Later that night, you got a text from Pierre, Good night mon ange, I hope you can sleep a bit better tonight and can't wait to see you tomorrow. Yeah, you were down bad.
The morning of Quali day promised a sunny day, and you put on your white linen dress and some comfy trainers that matched along with a blue scarf wrapped around the handke of your bag (all the fashionable people were doing it so you gave it a go) in a little way to support the team and, most importantly, Pierre. Not wanting to be in the spotlight, you spoke to Charlotte who advised you where to get in the paddock, since you'd be doing it alone to not raise any unnecessary attention to you, agreeing to meet her in the hospitalities so it would be a calmer environment.
"Hi gorgeous, how are you? I didn't see you yesterday!", she greeted you, "Hi, good, good and you? You look amazing as well. Yeah, yesterday I only got out of the center when Pierre was leaving here, I came here so he could show me around for a bit but then we went home", you explained the missed encounter, "But you're here now and this is exciting! I'm gonna show you around!", she said as she guided you along since the boys were in their morning meetings. After a bit of exploring, Pierre texted you saying he was in the garage and you texted back saying you'd meet him there. Saying goodbye to Charlotte and heading there, you thought back to last night. You had been up, thinking about being in there and not knowing many people, and how the other people in there would question who you were and why you were there, something that tended to make you feel anxious but you felt none of that. You felt confident walking through the garage and seeing Pierre near some screens, "Hi handsome, how was your morning?", you walked up to him and pressed a chaste kiss on his lips as there weren't many people around, "Hi", he hummed, appreciating your affection, "it was good, we'll see how we do on Quali today, hoping for a good result", he said.
The 17th place was where Pierre would start on the grid. You may not know much about racing given the recent interest in it, but you knew Pierre would be upset about it. After he met up with his engineers to sort the last few things for race day, he grabbed your hand and you silently walked though the paddock to the parking lot. As you approached your car, Pierre hugged you, "Thank you for coming along today, I enjoyed having you here", he said pressing little kisses all over your face, making you break a smile and automatically leaving him smiling too, "I can't wait for tomorrow, I know you're going to be great", you said, looking into his eyes, "but for that we both need rest", he said, not wanting to let you go but knowing deep down how important it was that he did. Sharing a last kiss, you bid farewell and made your way home.
When you opened your curtains, the weather seemed strange. It wasn't necessarily cold, but the heat from yesterday had left, and the sky looked cloudy. Eating your breakfast and choosing a pair of black pants and a comfy but elegant white shirt, you grabbed your hoop earrings and trainers and headed back to the paddock.
When the rain started to fall heavier, you noticed Pierre's leg shaking next to yours, "What's on your mind, handsome?", you asked, making him look at you. "I just don't want them to cancel the race, especially since this will be your first one", he said as he squeezed your shoulder, "It'll be fine, it will stop, at least that's what they were saying on the news", you mentioned.
Heading to the garage, Pierre grabbed a set of headphones "Now you can put these on", he said as he helped you, "and you can hear the radio, I might swear a little bit, don't get scared, and your hair will be out of your face too", you blushed, noticing how he remembered the slight mention of how you didn't like to have your hair hindering your eyes when you were trying to focus on something, thanking him, "have a good one and be safe!", you said as he headed to his pre race routine.
Someone then called the time, and Pierre put on his helmet and got in the car, ready to be taken to his place on the grid.
The weather had calmed down slightly and you hoped it stayed that way, knowing how the rain could make it more dangerous to drive and settling down the feeling of worry in your chest. Through the race you couldn't help but hiss everytime he did an overtake or took a bit of risky moves, knowing deep down that he knew what he was doing and he knew how to be safe.
Finishing in P11 and given the circumstances of the whole weekend, the team was proud and congratulated eachother, the engineers closer to where you stood smiling back at you and then getting ready to get the car back in the garage.
As it arrived, they helped him out of his security belts and then out of the car, shaking his hand as Pierre went around the team.
As he removed his helmet, he searched for you in the garage and went straight to your arms, "Well done, I'm so proud of you", you said as you felt your body relax now that you could feel his rapid racing heart beat around you, "you're okay? Not too worried now", he asked, pressing a kiss to your forehead, "I mean, your heart is going faster than that car but it's still calming me down, knowing you're here with me", you said before depositing a kiss in his clothed chest and before someone called his name so he could head to the media pen, "I'll be right back", he said squeezing you one last time.
Heading up to the sofa area, you sat down and watched the interviews as you waited for Pierre to get back, checking your phone until a hand fell on your shoulder, "Hey you, I'm just going to get my things and then we can head home?", Pierre said and you nodded, pushing his face to yours so you could kiss him.
After arriving at his place, Pierre hopped in the shower while you grabbed a water from the fridge and waited for him, "There's this party tonight, do you want to go?", he asked you, "Sure, we can dance it out like last time!", you said remembering fondly the day you properly met the french driver, "But can I go home to change clothes before going? I think my feet are still cold from the rain too", you asked. Pierre grabbed one of his hoodies, "Here, put his on, you'll feel warmer, go and have a shower too if you feel like it. And yeah, we can pop back to your place", he said handing you the clothes. Thanking him with a kiss, you changed in his bedroom, not seeing the need for a shower but the warmth of the clothes being welcomed.
"So I'm thinking that for dinner we can d- wow, don't you look cute in my clothes", Pierre said as you entered the kitchen, pushing the sleeves of his hoodie so you could see your hands, "It's very comfy and warm, I think I might steal it", you whispered into his chest as you cuddled, "Fine by me", he whispered back.
When you got yo your place, he waited in the living room whilst you picked your outfit, deciding on a satin midi midnight blue dress that hugged your body in all the right places and your trusty pair of comfortable heels. Leaving your hair down as it was from the day, your brushed through it and grabbed your things, heading back to Pierre.
"I'm ready, just need to grab my coat and we can go", you said, entering the living room and appreciating the sight in front of you. Pierre was dressed in a shirt and pants, a classic look for him you had noticed, "You look gorgeous mon ange", he said as he grabbed your hand and made you twirl, "you're gonna have everyone's eyes on you tonight". And it was the comfort and security Pierre brought you whenever you were with him that lead you to say "but I'll only care about your eyes, because I'm yours, only yours". He looked at you, as if asking what you really meant, "I'll be yours for as long as you'll have me", he said before grabbing you for a kiss, sealing the deal with you, the both of you listening to the steady and calming rhythm of your heartbeats. "Let's go, girlfriend?", he tested, "lead the way, boyfriend", you smiled giddily.
Yeah, whoever was up there responsible for your love life had finally given you the goods.
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babies and bahrain | c. leclerc
pairing: charles leclerc x reader word count: 4.4 words request: yes, by anons: "hii bestie can i get a fic where the reader and charles are guardians of their godchild and on the child calls them mommy and daddy for the first time? i love your writing btw I’ve been binge reading your fics." & "hii can i request a soft fluffy charles fic? i love your writing style 💕" & "hello! can we have a imagine with reader and charles with a long term relationship at bahrain gp 2022? 🥺" warnings: kids, fluff, angst, death(mentioned only), car crash (mentioned only), language (like one or two), hospitals. a/n: i am finally posting something. i've been hating everything i write lately, but hopefully it's only temporary because i want to work on something to celebrate when we (hopefully soon) hit 3k. literally can't believe i'm typing that. we're so close to three thousand, what the fuck. also, i have no idea how the legal system works, let's remember that this is all fiction, please.
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Tumblr media
the moment violet was born, you and charles fell in love with her. the first few months of her life you would visit the new parents every chance you could. caroline and nolan were close friends of charles, and they instantly welcomed you into their group when you and charles started dating. charles loved violet, he’d always get her every baby-related thing he saw wherever he went. dolls, princess onesies, toys, anything that reminded him of her.
you were the same, offering to babysit when your friends wanted some alone time, or wanted to go out for a date. often, the five of you would go out to kid-friendly spots.
‘violet needs to spend time with her favorite aunt and uncle’, charles would say. every chance he got, she was in his arms. caroline would always laugh, chastise him and tell him she would get used to being carried. 'good thing i have strong arms, then.' he'd reply, pressing his forehead against the baby's head.
it wasn't a surprise when you and charles were asked to be her godparents, but you were still over the moon when you arrived at their house and saw violet wearing a shirt that read ‘will you be my godparents?’. you and charles hugged the -then- six-month-old baby and her parents, promising to take care of her as much as you could. 
the day everything changed, it started just like any other. you were in italy with charles, he had some duties at the ferrari museum in maranello, so you took the day to explore the city, seeing ferrari plastered on almost every wall. you entered a small shop and were instantly drawn to a plushie of a cat. violet loved cats. well, they didn’t have any pets, but everytime she saw one on tv she always yelled in delight. you picked it up and paid for it, walking to the museum to wait for charles.
you had a special badge around your neck, so security let you through without too much trouble. you sat on a bench outside, grabbing your phone to check if you had missed anything. you were scrolling mindlessly when you saw an unknown number calling. you recognized the area code as one in france. you frowned but picked up anyway.
you’d always wondered how you’d act in case of an emergency. you’d seen so many tv shows and movies where the characters ran through the hospital, some screaming, asking where their loved ones were, others in shock. you never thought, never hoped, to be in that position one day.
your heart was beating fast, pounding inside your chest as you held onto charles’ hand. he was almost running, following the signs until he reached a nurse station.
in shock. in case of an emergency, you were the one in shock. your eyes were glossy as you let charles guide you to the icu, you could hear him mumbling under his breath, but couldn’t understand what he was saying. you could see the automatic doors that led to the icu, you gripped charles’ hand before walking in, making him halt his steps.
he turned to look at you, he had small tears in the corners of his eyes. you threw your arms around his neck, pulling him down and hiding your face in his neck. the tears fell freely, you could feel his chest shaking as well.
“we have to go in,” charles said, still holding on to your waist. you nodded but didn’t let go of him. “we-we have to find out how they are, and-”
an unmistakable soft whimper made its way into your ears, charles paused mid-sentence and you both turned your heads to the side.
“violet!” charles said, you both ran to the woman who was carrying your goddaughter. ten-month-old violet’s eyes were wide open, you could see the terrified look on her face as she was in a completely unknown place with strangers. “is she okay?” he asked.
“she’s alright. she’s been checked by the pediatricians and everything seems fine,” she gave you a small smile, “i’m the social worker in charge of the case, who are you?” she asked.
“we’re violet’s godparents,” charles said, gripping your hand. your arms ached, longing to hold her in your safe embrace.
“w-why do they need a social worker?” you asked, placing your free hand on charles' arm. the social worker was about to speak when violet started crying. charles took a step, and violet leaned forward as well. charles took his goddaughter from the social worker's arms, and for the first time since you got that awful call, you let out a deep breath, knowing that violet was finally safe. you seemed to forget that there was someone else present, at that moment, all your focus was on violet, on the way she clung onto the both of you, her godparents, the only people she had left in the world now.
nolan and caroline didn’t have any direct family, but they had each other. and they had you and charles.
“can we see them?” you asked, violet was playing with your finger. “is- is caroline still in surgery?” the social worker didn���t know how to answer, she walked to the nurse station right outside the intensive care unit, where you’d heard they were keeping nolan. you followed her, your gaze flickering between violet, charles, and the social worker. the look on the latter’s face didn’t make you feel reassured.
“when can we see them?” charles asked again, a bit too loud than he intended, causing violet to flinch. charles handed her to you, placing a kiss on the top of her head.
“only family is allowed in, and-”
“we’re family. we’re all the family they have,” charles interrupted.
you were told to wait, you sat on two uncomfortable chairs, holding violet in your arms. the social worker was standing in front of you.
“did you ever discuss what would happen with violet in case…” she started, you both froze.
“w-why are you saying that?” you asked, looking from her, to charles. 
“the doctor is coming, he will fill you in on their condition, but… we need to know their wishes about violet’s future in case they don’t… you know,”
“we’ll take care of her,” charles said, without wasting a second, without any doubt. “that’s what we signed up for when we agreed to be her godparents. to take care and be there for her whenever,” he told her. then, he looked at you, you nodded your head, taking his hand in yours.
“we will take care of her, no matter what happens.” 
the next few days went by in a blur. you felt so many emotions at the same time. grief, pain, fear, helplessness. you’d had to do so many things in just a few days. saying goodbye to your friends was probably the hardest. even though the doctors tried their best to save both of them, their injuries from the car crash were too much.
your full focus was on violet. you pushed aside your feelings and grief to focus on the little baby you’d now found yourself in charge of. you’d gotten in contact with a lawyer, who promised to help you as much as she could to get violet’s custody. you didn’t know if you were mentally prepared to take care of a child, but you weren’t alone. charles wanted this as much as you did, it was what you’d signed up for, as he said.
you’d recruited the rest of your friend group to look for a will or a document that stated their wishes for violet’s custody, but found nothing. you never talked about that topic, you were all way too young, you still had plenty of time you think about the future. or at least, you should’ve.
the second night after the funeral, violet was sleeping in the crib you’d bought a day before, next to your bed. you were lying on your side, your eyes were closed but you couldn’t sleep. you turned so your back was against the mattress, you looked up at the ceiling and sighed. you felt charles moving beside you, you turned your head to see him looking at you.
“did i wake you?” you whispered, he shook his head, giving you a small smile. you got closer to him, resting your head on his chest. you both stayed quiet, you could feel his fingers playing with your hair. “do you think we can do this?” you asked after a few seconds of silence.
“i don’t know,” he said, and even though it wasn’t the answer most people would’ve wanted, you felt comfort in knowing that he was just as nervous as you. “but i don’t want violet to go away, not when we can give her everything she needs,” he continued. “it will be difficult for all of us, but violet needs us,”
“of course. i want her with us as well, but are we ready for this change?”
“we have to be, there’s no turning back now. but hey, we’re in this together, okay? we got each other. it will take a little while to get used to a new routine, but we can do this, alright?” he said, grabbing your hand and lifting it up to his lips, pressing soft kisses to your knuckles. “we got this,” he nodded his head. you looked up at him, kissing his cheek. 
a month passed, violet was still in your care whilst you were going through the adoption process. and now more than ever, you were sure that you were ready to give the little baby everything she might need. each day you spent with her you fell even more in love with her, you didn't know how it was possible, but she brightened up your day, she had taught you so much already. 
of course, the first few weeks were messy, having to adjust to the presence of violet in your lives 24/7. there were nights when you thought you couldn't do it, nights when violet stayed up almost all night, crying uncontrollably, and you knew that the one thing she needed were her parents. you'd cry with her, sometimes.
one particular night, charles wasn't home, he'd traveled to paris, violet’s hometown and the place where all the legal process was taking place. you’d put violet down to sleep, since it was past her bedtime. you sat on a stool in the kitchen, replying to a text charles had sent. turns out, things were going to be a little more complicated than you had first thought. as you sent the text, you received a call from him.
"hi, love," you said, propping your phone against a napkin holder to see him better. he was sitting on a chair in his hotel room, you figured he must’ve made the call from his laptop, since you could see a mess of documents littering a wooden table.
“hey,” he sighed, you frowned.
“what’s wrong?” you asked, “didn’t get good news today?” you leaned your chin on your fist, your elbow propped on the kitchen island.
“no,” he shook his head, running his hands through his hair. you could see the dark circles under his eyes. “they said that- in order to adopt we-” he sighed before continuing, “at least one of us has to be twenty-eight years old, we have to be married- or prove that we’ve been together for a couple of years, and-” he rambled, you stopped him.
“hey, hey, slow down,” you said, watching as he shook his head in desperation. “charles, i know it looks like we might be in a gray area right now, but we have time. as long as violet can stay in our care, we have time to make sure every requirement is in order. we’re working with the best of the best, we’re all doing what we can. as long as we have violet’s custody, we’ll be okay,”
the morning of violet’s first birthday, you woke up extra early, wanting to surprise her. you went downstairs and started hanging decorations, balloons, colored strings, everything you’d bought a few days ago. once everything was finished, you checked her room to make sure she was still asleep, taking the baby monitor with you to the bathroom.
you’d always loved the luxury of taking long, warm showers, but now, with a kid under your care, you’d learned to shower in less than ten minutes. you did your hair in a comfortable way, and threw on some joggers and one of charles’ shirts, walking to violet’s room once you heard her moving around.
“good morning, princess!” you smiled, seeing violet standing up, holding herself up with her fists around the crib. “oh, you’re a big girl now, aren’t you?” you laughed as you approached her, running your hands through her hair, getting the curls away from her face. “you’re going to start walking any day now, miss,” she smiled, bending her knees in excitement, trying to jump as she giggled.
you held her in your arms, pressing soft kisses to the side of her head, to her cheek, her forehead. one of your arms was supporting her under her bum, you noticed that she was in desperate need of a diaper change, but you ignored that at that moment. your other hand was on her back, keeping her close to your chest. you’d installed black-out curtains in her room, to make sure she got as much sleep as possible in the mornings.
“happy first birthday, violet,” you whispered in her ear. 
right then, with the little bit of sunlight peeking in through the curtains, for the first time, you felt like her mother. it wasn’t anything extraordinary, that was how you greeted her every morning, but that, you figured, was the beauty of motherhood. finding the special in the most simple and ordinary moments.
you looked up at the ceiling, feeling your eyes starting to burn as they filled with tears. maybe you didn’t have nolan and caroline anymore, but you had violet. and you promised to love her and protect her, raise and cherish her just as much as they would’ve done, had they had the chance.
violet lifted her arm, without measuring her strength, she moved it towards you, hitting you on your face. that brought you out of your thoughts. you laughed as you looked down at her, walking to the changing table you’d set up, you placed her down and changed her. 
about thirty minutes later, you heard the front door opening and closing, you’d stayed upstairs with violet, waiting for charles to get there. he was in charge of setting up all of her presents, the ones you’d approved, and the ones charles secretly bought when you fell asleep that night a few weeks ago.
you were on the floor, playing with violet as you two heard the sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs. you looked at violet, who was still holding the bright yellow lego, but her eyes were now stuck to the opened door of her bedroom. you pulled out your phone, recording her curious face as her eyes widened in anticipation.
“who’s that?” you asked. you held back a laugh as charles finally appeared in her line of sight.
“where’s the birthday girl?” charles said, kneeling down, he spread his arms to the sides, watching as violet first started crawling her way to him, but then, she stopped. she kept her hands on the floor as she planted her feet on the floor. charles’ eyes widened, you’d told him that violet was standing up, but he hadn’t had the chance to see her.
instantly, you both leaned closer to her, your were both ready to step in and catch her if she couldn’t keep her balance. but, she stood up, she straightened her back as you and charles held your breaths, and then, she took her first steps, rushing to charles’ awaiting arms. 
this all happened in a matter of seconds, but to you, it felt like the clock slowed down, like she was moving in slow motion.
her loud squeals brought you back to reality, you saw charles holding her against his chest, still kneeling on the floor. 
“oh, you did so good, violet! that’s my big girl,” charles kissed her temple, “i missed you so much. i was gone for a week, and now you’re walking?” he continued talking to her, you stopped recording, placing your phone in the pocket of your sweatpants, kneeling next to your loves. “i thought she was just starting to stand up?” charles asked, you nodded.
“those were her first steps,” you said, voice a little groggy as you kept your eyes on violet, who was playing with charles’ hair, grabbing fistfuls and tugging lightly.
“first steps… first birthday…” charles counted, throwing an arm around your shoulders to pull you close to him. you leaned your head against his shoulder, and violet stopped what she was doing to look at you two.
she was still standing up, charles had a hand on her back to help her up. she looked back and forth from you two, the smiles on your faces were so wide that your cheeks were starting to hurt. 
“da!” she said, dropping down to her bum, crawling away, leaving you both speechless.
“first word?” charles breathed, you frowned.
“is ‘da’ even a word?” you asked, mostly annoyed because it was a word that resembled ‘dad’.
“in baby language, i think it is,” he smiled smugly, you rolled your eyes as you turned to violet, picking her up. 
“hey, baby. say ‘ma’,” you instructed, violet stayed quiet, then, she opened her mouth.
“da!” she repeated, you sighed, kissing her cheek before passing her off to charles. “da!” she said as she looked at charles.
“yeah, that’s her first word,” you laughed, admitting defeat.
six months later, you and violet slipped through the crowd of people, sneaking your way to the ferrari motorhome. it was the first race of the season, and you had to admit, you missed being there. 
you’d been with charles for what felt like forever at that point, coming close to eight years. you’d met, fallen in love and started dating as teenagers, and you’d been there every step of his career. your relationship was one that the public had always been curious of, given that you were both extremely private and cautious with what you let the rest of the world see. when you stopped attending the races for almost half of the year last year, people had started wondering if you’d split up. but as you walked with violet in your arms, charles’ hand around your shoulders, that was a clear statement. 
you were scared of attending a race with violet, but you were a family now, and you needed to support charles, you knew he needed you there. you were going to stay inside the ferrari hospitality the entire time, away from the cameras and public. you were inside charles’ room, playing with violet whilst he got ready.
violet was starting to speak a bit more, so most of your time was spent over-pronouncing easy words in hopes to get her to repeat them. she was a smart girl. after having her first birthday, first steps and first word all in the same day, you knew you had a little genius in your hands.
“the car goes fast,” you said, moving your lips slowly, watching violet’s eyes go from your lips to your eyes. she babbled, you smiled as you kissed her temple, repeating the sentence again. “the car goes fast,”
“hell yes it does,” charles said, walking in. he had his racing suit on, the zipper was down, though, and you could see his fireproof undershirt. he grabbed violet, who played with the velcro strap. 
“don’t swear,” you patted his leg, standing from your spot on the couch. “you ready?” you asked, kissing his cheek. violet noticed, and she did the same, making charles laugh.
“i think so,” he nodded, “i’ve got my two girls here, i can do pretty much anything right now,” he pressed his lips against violet’s temple. “but-”
“charles, we need you for something,” there was a knock on the door, and charles sighed. he’d promised to spend as much time as he could with you, even though you’d promised him it was okay, that he still had to focus and prepare for the race, but he had missed having you there and wanted to stay there with you two. 
“it’s okay,” you grabbed violet, who frowned, she’d only gotten a few minutes with charles, why was he leaving again so soon? “we’ll be right here,” you smiled, leaning in to kiss charles’ cheek, but he turned his head, meeting your lips with his. 
“i will be right back, okay?” you nodded as he hugged you both. he walked out of the room without looking back, despite how much he wanted to stay.
violet whimpered, you looked down at her and chuckled.
“it’s okay, baby, he’ll be right back, okay?” you sat her down on the couch, “da will be right back,”
as it turned out, violet called both you and charles ‘da’. it was the one word she associated with the two of you. much to charles’ dismay. 
“oh, love, it’s okay,” you cooed, noticing violet’s teary eyes. “it’s just for a little while, my love.” you grabbed her again, and started walking around the room, gently rocking her in your arms. she wasn’t a loud crier, but her tears were just as real. “oh, violet, don’t cry, you’re making me cry, too!” you chuckled, pulling her close to your chest. 
a few minutes passed, you could still feel your shirt getting damp from her tears, when the door behind you was opened.
“what’s wrong?” charles asked, and violet struggled in your arms. you put her down and she ran to charles. 
“dada!” you froze, your eyes went wide as you watched charles crouch and catch violet in his arms. “dada,” she repeated, her tiny arms on his neck.
“it’s- it’s okay, violet. i- dada’s here,” he said, letting out a shaky breath as his eyes met yours. 
“charles-” you started, feeling your eyes burning. 
“dada,” violet started, turning her head back, “mama!” she called for you. you couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. you just stood there, with wide, teary eyes, as the child that you’d promised to love and raise as if she were your own, called for you. “mama, mama,”
charles was just as shocked as you were, but he snapped out of it first, walking to you once he noticed that you were still processing it. 
“d-did she… did she…” you couldn’t finish your question, but charles was already nodding his head. 
“dada. mama.” apparently those two words had become violet’s favorite ones. you let out a laugh, wrapping your hands around charles’ back, with violet stuck between your bodies. 
“yes, violet. dada and mama are here.” charles said. you just breathed deeply.
violet didn’t know what was going on around her. she didn’t know why the people wearing red were standing up, clapping and yelling. she didn’t know why you were standing up as well, with your palms pressed together, covering your mouth. she didn’t know why you had tears in your eyes. 
“dada won, violet!” she didn’t understand what that meant, but you were smiling, so she smiled as well. you picked her up in your arms, someone handed you a pair of headphones, you placed them on violet’s ears to protect her from the loud noises.
you’d promised to stay inside the ferrari motorhome, but you weren’t counting on charles getting the first win of the season, his first in a while, his first with his family there with him.
you were escorted to the podium ceremony, arriving just in time to see charles stepping out of the car. he jumped out of the car and ran to his crew, you were breathing fast, your cheeks hurting from smiling so hard, there were tears in your eyes as you watched charles.
“that’s dada,” you told violet, even though she probably couldn’t hear you with all the noise. 
you waited a few minutes, for charles to finish getting weighed, before someone talking to him pointed in your direction. 
he smiled as he ran to you, wrapping his arms around the two of you.
“that was amazing, my love.” you said, grabbing his face to direct his lips to yours. “i love you so much, you deserve this!” you smiled.
“dada! mama!” violet said, annoyed that you weren’t paying attention to her. 
“sorry, violet. dada and mama are here. we love you, too,” charles gave you two one last hug before he had to be taken away for interviews.
violet was sleeping between you two, she was curled up on her side, resting her head on charles’ chest. you couldn’t blame her, that was how you loved to fall asleep, too. you couldn’t sleep, you still had that remaining rush of adrenaline running through your system, which made it hard for you to succumb to sleep. you turned to your side, leaning forward to kiss violet’s cheek softly, then charles’ lips. you left the bed, sliding open the door to the balcony. 
you could hear people partying out there. you leaned your arms against the railing, thinking about how, if you didn’t have violet, you would probably be out there with them. but you wouldn’t change your little family for anything. 
“what are you doing out here?” you heard charles’ sleepy voice, felt his arm around your waist.
“just thinking,”
“about?” he asked, kissing your shoulder. you smiled, turning your head to the side to look at him.
“how i wouldn’t change this for anything in the world,” you answered, biting your bottom lip. “i love you and i love violet, and i’m so lucky to call you both mine,” he didn’t answer, just turned you around so your back was against the railing, his hands on your waist.
“we should make it all official, then,” he said after a few seconds, you leaned back, tilting your head up to look at him. “marry me,” 
“charles leclerc, after almost eight years of dating, this is how you’re proposing to me?” you raise an eyebrow, joking to avoid letting tears take over you.
“no,” he shook his head, a small smile on his face, “you deserve something much better. our child needs to be part of it, for starters,”
“of course,” you laughed. you placed your arms around his neck, fingers playing with his hair.
“will you, though?” he asked.
“marry me?”
that was a question that you both knew the answer to. 
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Tumblr media
in which you and charles find yourselves in a never ending cycle of sex and regret since the end of your relationship, until you think you’ve moved on.
warnings; hella angst, toxic charles, toxic reader, no morals tbh, cheating, smut, choking, spanking, face slapping (like once barely,) oral sex, unprotected sex, degradation, praise, possessive charles, implied slut shaming? mention/details of a slight breakdown, alcohol, confusing charles, confusing reader.
charles knew was he should’ve done.
when he got back to his monaco apartment after what turned out to be a sour weekend in imola, he should’ve gone to bed and dealt with his misery alone.
he didn’t like being alone though, not when his annoyance and anger was directed at himself.
and that was the case this time around. he’d made the mistake, he had fucked up. and of all places to do so it was in italy. he was hard on himself, he knew that. too hard on himself.
but the headlines and opinions already being thrown around the media only fuelled his frustration. maybe getting over the few seconds where he made a lapse of judgement would be easier if it wasn’t being mentioned to him every where he went or every-time he turned his phone on.
the idea of seeing you first entered his mind when he passed your street on the way back from the airport. he quickly shut it down. he was better than that. he was not that desperate, not right now anyways.
he hasn’t seen you for 10 months, a new record. one little mistake in front of a home crowd wouldn’t break that hard earned streak.
it wasn’t even a DNF.
he was almost proud of himself for a moment, that he had in fact thought of you then quickly talked himself out of it. he had thought rationally. which was a difficult task when it came to anything involving you.
once upon a time he would’ve been at your door already.
the pair of you were almost the definition of toxic. having broken up 2 years ago, for the final time (because there was a few failed attempts before that) you had spent the next year and a half crawling back to each other anytime something went wrong or one of you had one too many shots.
it never ended well. when he wanted you back, you were quick to run off in fear and disbelief. when you wanted him back, he freaked and ghosted you for a week or two.
but it didn’t matter how far the arguments went, or how long the pair of you went without contact, one way or another you’d end up tangled in the sheets together again.
but you had ended it all just before the summer break of last year.
“i mean it charles. i’m done. no more late night visits or drunk phone calls, we can’t keep doing this.”
he didn’t think either of you would stay true to your word, but so far you had. no drunk calls. no late night visits. for once it seemed as if things were actually over between the pair of you.
but then charles sat in the silence of his apartment for a few moments too long. then his go to drinking buddy didn’t answer his phone.
and suddenly his options were thinning and his need for a distraction had multiplied.
he was so quick in grabbing his keys and getting in his car, giving himself no time to think twice about the poor decision he had landed on.
he turned to music to drown out his thoughts as he navigated his way to your apartment complex, no need for a GPS as he took the route he had driven so many times. too many times.
it was when he was parked outside that he realised what he was doing. how’d he know you’d be home? what the fuck was he doing? didn’t we get pass this?
but the idea of going back to his apartment sounded worse, so without any more thought he had huffed and gotten out the car ━ heading inside and up the stairs he hated oh so much.
the stairs you had thrown his clothes down. the stairs he had drunkenly stumbled up alone countless of times. the stairs you had both stumbled up together with hands all over each other. not to mention the time you sucked him off in between floors. or the time the pair of you woke up all your neighbours from the screaming match that made its way outside, not the screaming your neighbours were used to.
safe to say they held all sorts of memories.
none of them deterred him though, pressing on your doorbell as if it was nothing before shoving his hands into his pockets, dressed comfy in a hoodie and sweats.
worst case scenario, you have someone over. he’d never forget the time he’d turned up and your best friend had been the one to open the door. cursing him out, shoving him back down the stairs, making him swear to never contact you again.
he had laughed. the way she acted as if you were not guilty of doing just the same as him. charles would not come back if rejection was expected.
you used to always expect charles when you heard the doorbell and weren’t anticipating someone, but after finally breaking free from the torturous cycle, you no longer assumed it would be him.
right now you were assuming there was a murderer at your door, considering it was midnight.
so you had been silent in approaching and looking through the peak hole.
huh. maybe a murderer would’ve been better.
“not a killer.” his flat voice caused your throat to dry up, completely caught by surprise that he of all people were here.
you should go to bed. ignore him. tell him to fuck off. anything but open the damn door.
so what did you do? open the door.
only slightly though, enough to poke your head out; enough to keep him out there, and you in here.
“what do you want?” you huffed, eyes narrowing in suspicion. your tone had him rolling his eyes, maybe this wasn’t a good idea. but it was too late to turn back. plus he was more than used to being on the receiving end of your venomous tone.
“nice to see you too,” charles mumbled, dodging your question which had you taking in a sharp breath. he didn’t even need to tell you, you knew why he was here, shaking your head quickly.
“we’re not doing this.” you spoke in certainty, raising your eyebrows; grip tight on the door. “you need to go,” you mumbled, nodding towards the stairs behind him, which had him letting out a groan as his head fell back.
“doing what?” he challenged, eyes falling back on you in curiosity. trying to play dumb, as if he wasn’t here because of the reasons you were assuming.
“this.” you huffed, gesturing between the two of you. “leave.” you almost spat, starting to shut the door, impressed you had even got this far. but his hand was quick to stop you as he pressed against the door, leaning forward.
“please,” charles stopped you, and you were ready to snap at him again. but then you caught sight of his desperate green eyes, practically pleading with yours. your face softening almost automatically.
“charles,” you sighed, your voice telling. not sounding furious as you had moments earlier, just disappointed. the fact you both knew better yet this was still happening was incredibly frustrating. you thought you were past this.
“i’m sorry.” he huffed, pursing his lips as his free hand tangled through his hair; the other still resting on the door. “i didn’t want to be alone.” he mumbled out. and while over time you’ve been able to resist his seducing words a couple of times, never could you resist his vulnerable ones.
you were stood in silence for a moment, eyes now holding sympathy but you were hesitant to make any further moves. scared to speak and open the can of worms the pair of you worked so hard to seal.
“that doesn’t mean you come here.” you sighed, biting down harshly on your bottom lip, watching as he took a deep breath, his pleading eyes not giving up.
“i just wanna talk,” he muttered, and you were slowly growing tempted to open up, let him in. but you couldn’t. you knew you couldn’t.
“bubs? who’s there?” a voice snapped you from your trance, charles looking at you in confusion as you parted your lips in surprise.
charles thought his mood couldn’t get any worse, but then he saw a hand slide around your waist, the other moving to the door to push it open, revealing some tall muscular blonde.
“you need something mate?” the guy asked, instantly recognising him as your ex; you almost felt guilty as you looked at charles in the arms of another man. but you shouldn’t.
“uh,” charles spoke, trying to get past the initial shock. a whole lot to take in one moment. “just wanting to talk that’s all.” charles shrugged, and while this ken looking doll was much taller and muscular than him, and attempting to look down at him with an intimidating glare, he was not one bit intimidated.
sure it felt as if someone had just ripped his heart out and shoved it back down his throat, but he wasn’t intimidated.
“didn’t realise you were…” charles trailed off, eyes falling back on you in question. maybe he read this wrong, maybe this was a one night stand. or a regular hook up who you would tell to fuck off.
it couldn’t be much right? the fact he called you bubs spoke for itself. you hated that nickname.
but the way you were leaning into his hold was telling a different story.
“in a relationship,” you finished for him with the nod of your head, pursing your lips at the pure awkwardness of the situation. charles eyes still widened despite it being obvious as he nodded slowly, hand moving to rub the back of his neck.
“right.” charles spoke, biting down on his tongue. he hadn’t seen you for so long, he thought he was over you, even with tonight’s slip up he still believed that you were just a comfort he was used to.
but despite all the break ups, make ups, arguments and screaming matches; he’d never seen you with another guy. it felt weird. he felt the urge to tell the guy to fuck off, you were his.
but you weren’t. a painful realisation he was having for the first time.
“you should go,” the guy spoke again, doing nothing to mask his annoyance. the ferarri driver felt pathetic that his first response was to look at you, hoping, praying, that maybe you’d disagree. but you remained silent.
your boyfriends arms around your waist reminded you of how things were better now. you had gotten over charles. you were happy now. so despite the small part of you wanting to offer charles the comfort he was seeking, you didn’t.
“you don’t say,” charles couldn’t help but scoff, his eyes lingering once more on the way you were being held before he was quick to spin on his feet and leave. not even a few steps away and the slam of the door shut was heard.
if he thought he hated the stairs before, they’ve just gained another reason for him to despise them. another sour memory which was topping the rest of them.
usually as he trudged down these he was drowning in regret and self-hatred for crawling back to you, but at least he’d be leaving somewhat satisfied after hearing you scream his name in a good way.
right now there was no highlight, no shining light, nothing to focus his mind on.
instead of being the drug that offers him a high for a few hours, you had just been a slap to the face.
charles was attempting to be grateful. grateful that you had somehow managed to break his heart again, because now he’s eager to get back out on track. two days ago he was dreading it but now you had given him something else to dwell over.
he felt as if you’d broken up again, back where he was two years ago; miserable, short-tempered and relying on anything around him to get you off his damn mind. except this time he couldn’t get back into bed with you to ease the pain for a night ━ which was why this was so much worse. he had actually lost you.
it took two days before he was calling you, drunk off vodka and whatever other liquids had been shoved into his hands from his mates. he had dialled your number as he tripped his way up the stairs to his own flat.
he couldn’t figure out where the steps were but pressing your number into his phone was not an issue, even in his drunken state. he had deleted your contact months ago, yet clearly that didn’t work cause he had your number memorised regardless.
“hello?” your hushed and croaky voice came through the speaker, and even under the influence of alcohol he was surprised you had answered. anticipating an opportunity to just leave you a message.
drunk calls were not foreign between the pair of you, a bad habit he tried so hard to get out of but never to any success, as proven tonight.
but still, you answering was not something he expected.
“y/n,” the driver spoke through a small chuckle, attempting to finds his keys from his pocket so he could get himself inside.
you had awoken to the ringing of your phone, having answered without looking at the name or number, still half asleep. although his voice through the speaker had you wide awake, slipping out of your bed and out of your bedroom, where your boyfriend currently laid asleep.
“charles?” you asked, a sense of dread washing over you; listening to the sounds of him patting his jeans and hearing keys jingle every few moments, alongside his heavy breaths.
“yeah.” he confirmed, sounding disappointed in himself as he let out a sigh, which turned into another chuckle. “wanted to hear your voice.” he admitted, words slurred, allowing you to quickly figure out he was in fact drunk.
“i’m hanging up.” you mumbled, biting down on the inside of your cheek, somewhat hoping he’d make this easier for you and comply. but that wasn’t going to happen.
“no, no, no, no.” charles rushed out, frowning to himself as he attempted to get his key in the door; dropping it in the process, listening to the sound of metal hitting the ground before a curse left his lips. “don’t go.” he whined.
“charles you know i━” you began to explain.
“a boyfriend yes. how could i forget?” his words were dripping with sarcasm, and you could picture him rolling his eyes. “doesn’t mean i can’t speak to you.” charles huffed out, sounding like a child as he finally got inside his apartment.
oh the regret he’d be facing in the morning.
“he’s a prick by the way,” charles added in a mumble, and you stood there silently, leaning against the wall in the hallway of your apartment, attempting to stay calm despite having him on the phone.
him showing up two days ago threw you off enough, the mixed emotions that followed his visit were not positive and was all internalised, he was just too much for you to handle.
“i bet he’s got some… i bet he’s got some basic ass name too,” he ranted, not caring that you weren’t speaking, too drunk to notice as he stumbled into his dark apartment. “like ben.” charles laughed at himself, shaking his head.
“mason.” you spoke up, unsure why you hadn’t hung up on him yet. but you always struggled when it came to cutting him out. “his names mason.” you cleared your throat, only being met with another laugh.
“mason. right. same thing,” he slurred, and you could hear him flopping down onto either his bed or couch. “do you love him?” his question came out casually, shocking you as your throat dried up.
the question had been weighing on his mind heavily among others. do you love him? how long have you been together? how’d you even meet?
“yes.” you admitted, a shaky breath following. the conversation making you nervous for some reason, not wanting to hurt him. but you couldn’t let him hurt you again either. “i do charles. i’m happy.” you muttered.
even with the alcohol flowing through his veins and numbing his feelings, those words almost sobered him up. it definitely sucked out any amusement he was feeling like before, but he had done it to himself by asking you.
“he can’t love you like i do,” charles practically argued, words still slurred but he was speaking quietly now. a lump threatened to form in your throat at his honesty, although you quickly shook your head, not that he could see you.
“you don’t love me.” you tried to sound put together, although he probably wouldn’t notice if you slipped up. you had heard this too many times, drunken confessions and promises. too many times you had believed his words which never held any weight.
“yes i do.” the monegasque sighed, groaning as his head fell back. “love you too much.” he mumbled, standing up from the couch. you heard what sounded like a fridge opening before a drink popping.
you were on the verge of tears at this point, because you knew he wasn’t lying. he did love you too much. and you loved him too much. it’s why you couldn’t let each other go despite all the pain and anguish you both caused.
“bet he doesn’t fuck you as good as i did,” charles spoke after a swig of the bottle of beer he just opened, letting out a small laugh at his words once more. “probably makes love to you every second night, doesn’t know you’re not into that shit,” he continued to speak.
really he was just speaking on the one thing he knew he could never hurt or disappoint you with; sex. the temporary answers to all your issues. the way you two would apologise and make up.
“tell me i’m right,” charles breathed after a few more moments of silence, grip tightening on the phone as he quickly checked you were still on the line.
“i’m happy charles.” you ignored, sounding anything but convincing. you wanted him to believe your words. you wanted to believe your words.
“he called you bubs.” charles laughed again, and you knew this would just go in circles. “you hate being called bubs.” he mumbled, almost as if he was trying to prove something.
“good night,” you huffed, and he began to speak but you cut him off, managing to hang up on him; the sob escaping your lips moments after, hand coming up to block your mouth.
silently crying in your own bathroom over a man you thought you had gotten over months ago, all the while a perfect guy was laying in your bed was a new low, charles leaving you plenty of voicemails to fill your phone as you did so.
and you could only imagine the horror on his face when he woke up with a pounding headache, and you topping his recent call list. while you woke up with tear stained cheeks and a reminder of what used to be.
charles had gone back to italy a few days later, deciding to head to the ferarri head office. while he told his team he wanted extra work, to get prepared, he really just wanted to escape his own mind.
he remembered pieces of the phone call, but it didn’t matter. he knew whatever he said wouldn’t have been good. the fact you had answered was probably the worst part. if he had just left you voicemails he could have some peace of mind by convincing himself you just wouldn’t listen.
regardless, here in italy the last thing he expected was to wake up in his hotel room with your number and “2 missed calls” from the middle of the night occupying his phone screen.
he got a weird sense of deja vu, because this time last year he wouldn’t have questioned it. but the last he checked he was the one making the late night calls.
his breath had hitched in a throat when he saw you had left a message, the timer reading 2:24 not doing anything to calm him. but he didn’t hesitate in pressing play.
a few moments of silence alongside movement filled the speakers, and after a few seconds charles feared you’d called accidentally, but then he heard you sniffle.
“i’m at… i’m at your fucking apartment,” your shaky voice spoke. “i’m at your apartment, you’re not here.” you mumbled, causing him to sit up straight as he swallowed intently.
“of course you’re not here. you’re never here.” you almost laughed to yourself, charles tensing at your words. something he had heard before. distance was a key factor of the relationship downfall.
“mason broke up with me.” you spoke after a while, charles not knowing how to react at the sudden confession. “said he couldn’t be with someone who’s not over their━” your voice had cracked, and he didn’t miss the small hiccup that told him all he needed to know. you were crying, causing guilt to wash over him. “not over their fucking ex.” you finished, frustration evident in your voice.
“i tried so fucking hard charles, so hard, to get you out of my life. out of my fucking head. and you still manage to ruin things for me,” you had cried out into the phone. “he was good to me. he was here, he-he loved me.” you rambled, the small sobs enough to have charles eyes watering.
not being able to do anything but listen to your breakdown was one thing, being blamed for it all the while had him frozen in place.
“and it’s all fucking ruined because you wanted to talk,” you laughed through your tears, taking a few deep breaths as you attempted to calm down, sat outside his apartment and leaning against the door.
“and then you tell me you love me. and that you miss me. and that he’s no good for me,” your rambling resumed, recounting everything he had said on the phone and the voice messages three nights ago. “as if those words mean nothing.” you whispered.
charles eyes darted back to the phone, and seeing there was still a minute left scared him. not sure if he could continue to listen to you in pain because of him.
“i don’t even… i don’t even care, that he broke up with me.” you soon confessed, sounding tired more than anything, your tears having settled. “i just hate that the first thing i did, was come here.” your voice had cracked again.
“proved him right, and you’re not even here.” you whimpered, the tears starting once more, feeling pathetic. “i hate you. so much.”
at this point charles was begging for it to be over. after ten months without you, this was hitting hard. giving him a taste of his own medicine for restarting this mess.
“you were right by the way,” you continued with another dry laugh, sniffling again. “i hate being called bubs. i hated the cheesy love making shit, but so what?” you huffed, as if you were responding to what he said a few seconds ago, when really it was a couple of days ago. “at least he fucking made time for me. and could express his feelings,”
it was a direct hit at what charles didn’t do. he knew that. you had never let him live it down despite his efforts to do better.
he couldn’t make out the next thing you mumbled, and suddenly the voicemail stopped ━ almost relieving him.
the relief was short lived though, because the guilt, worry, anger and heartache quickly crept back in. he didn’t bother in checking the time where you were, pressing the number to call you back immediately, standing up from his hotel bed as he began to pace.
straight to message bank.
he pressed it again, and this time it rang through only twice before falling through. you were ignoring him, great.
fortunately for charles, he was in the position to do irrational and extreme things. such as flying back to monaco a few hours later to see you.
he was unsure how it had gotten back to this point. two weeks ago he hadn’t thought about you for months and now he was cancelling plans and making last minute flights to see you.
all because he couldn’t handle a simple mistake he made in imola.
he had called you again when he rocked up at your apartment complex, not wanting an instance like last time. but you didn’t answer, so he was left with no choice but to head up by himself without any warning.
the grunt of annoyance he let out as he made his way up the stairs was quite typical. but in his mind it couldn’t get worse than last time, you had broken up with your boyfriend so surely there would be no repeat of that awful situation.
he had knocked on your door with urgency before pressing the door bell, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. having wrapped up for the day in italy, he hadn’t stopped since getting on board his flight here, only for dinner on the way to your apartment.
“fuck off charles,” he heard you shout out from the other side of the door, causing him to roll his eyes as he knocked again.
“don’t pull that shit with me y/n,” he tried to speak calmly, biting down on his bottom lip as his eyes glanced around nervously, in hopes the neighbours wouldn’t appear. they hadn’t seen his face in a while he wouldn’t mind it staying that way.
he waited a bit, but was only met with silence; causing a frustrated huff to leave his lips. “y/n open the fucking door,” he spoke as he knocked once more.
“you’re not fucking your way into my good books tonight.” you huffed, your voice sounding closer this time. and he wanted to pull his hair out at your words.
always assuming things, shutting him down before he can get his point across ━ which then only gets him riled up and snapping back.
charles bit his tongue, mustering up all his self control to not defend himself and his intentions, instead taking a more childish approach. his finger pressing on the doorbell, before spamming it repetitively.
he couldn’t hear what you were saying over the loud and continuous ringing, and his plan had worked when the door flied open.
“i will call the cops.” you threatened, eyes narrowing and he couldn’t stop the laugh that left his lips at that. you’d made a lot of empty promises but that was definitely the best one.
“go on then.” he couldn’t help but encourage, raising his eyebrows as he finally took you in. you looked tired, which wasn’t surprising considering you were calling him at 3am and then denying his calls at 9am. but you still looked good. you always looked good.
“fuck off. i’m not letting you in, you can’t just show up here and try seduce me to make yourself feel better. that doesn’t work anymore,” you rambled, and he didn’t hide his annoyance as he shook his head, jaw clenching as you spoke.
“i’m here because i’m fucking worried about you,” charles exclaimed back, speaking as if it was obvious; using his hands as he spoke, it being your turn to shake your head.
“i’m not falling for that shit.” you replied, voice lacking confidence but still just as accusing, in denial like always when he said something you wanted to hear.
“you think i’m not going to be worried when you leave a two minute voice message of you on the verge of a breakdown?” he scoffed in disbelief, he understood you had put your walls up but you were simply thinking irrationally if you genuinely believed he didn’t care.
you didn’t know how to reply, wanting to cringe at the mention of the message you had left him last night. not your proudest moment.
“just let me in.” charles took a deep breath, not keen on the whole complex hearing your conversation. you stood there, unsure of what to do. but after a few moments of contemplation you chose the easiest option, stepping aside to let him in.
you locked the door behind him, taking your time in doing so to avoid the inevitable. cursing yourself silently for letting him in, for still not being able to resist him.
“i didn’t want you and… i didn’t mean for you and mason to break up.” charles mumbled in defence when you had turned back to face him; both of you awkwardly standing in the entrance of your apartment.
“it was bound to happen,” you replied in a shrug, your eyes avoiding him as you attempted to be civil. “i don’t need your sympathy.” you couldn’t help but add. as much as you’d like to blame charles it was as much your fault, you knew that.
he didn’t know you were in a relationship. if you had reacted different to seeing him and then hearing from him, it’d be a different story. so unfortunately you couldn’t add this to the list of shit he had done to upset you.
“i know you don’t.” charles sighed, in no mood to argue with you. the past week had reminded him how draining it was, how tiring fighting with you could be.
you hated that he wasn’t getting annoyed at your words, that he was managing to stay calm and speak rationally. it was harder to shut him out that way. it’s why you were always so defensive, so quick to assume the worst in him. it hurt less than getting your hopes up.
“why are you here?” you huffed, moving to lean against the wall, glancing towards him for a few seconds to where he stood on the other side of the entrance. it pained you if you looked at him for too long, too easily caught up in him and his beauty.
“because i was worried about you,” charles repeated, speaking genuinely and in concern which only had you letting out another sigh of frustration, eyes now focusing on everything but him.
“i’m fine.” you rushed out, of course saying those words out loud was a reminder to you that you were in fact not fine. you hadn’t been since he rocked up on your doorstep. and it was obvious, charles knew when you were lying.
“no you’re not,” he shook his head, approaching you slowly; with caution because he wasn’t sure how you’d respond to him or his advances. sometimes you welcomed him with open arms, other times you pushed back.
“don’t act like you care,” you spoke through a deep breath, throwing your head back to stop your watering eyes from letting any tears fall, trying to pull yourself together.
although the fact you had to try pull yourself together was only furthering your self-hatred, not doing anything for the tears that were threatening to spill.
“you know i care,” charles hushed voice snapped you from your thoughts, now in front of you his hands gently took ahold of your face ━ tilting your head towards him. it was the last nail in the coffin, being forced to look at him, knowing you should push him back.
his embrace was the last thing you needed. but you had been craving it so badly, struggling without it. no matter how many times you remind yourself that he’s no good for you.
you didn’t speak as you looked at him, his delicate hold, soft eyes; just reminding you of what you wanted but couldn’t have, and that was enough for the tears to start falling, your walls tumbling down with ease for him.
“i need you charles,” you practically whispered the words that had been weighing heavy on your mind, making a confession you had been aware of for way too long, afraid to speak any louder as he quickly shook his head; his thumbs wiping your tears as they fell, looking down at you with so much love in his eyes.
“no you don’t.” he sighed, heart breaking at the sight he could never get use to. your anger he could handle, but seeing you broken like this was never easy. the urge to protect you and hunt down anyone who made you feel the way you do overcoming him, only to remember he was the one at fault. he was the reason you were in so much pain.
“yes i do,” you whimpered, attempting to look away from him but he didn’t let you, softly bringing your gaze back to him, shaking his head once more and making sure you saw.
“you don’t.” he mumbled, not able to disguise his frown as he studied your features. “you were happy. i fucked it up, but you were happy. you moved on.” he was trying to remind you, it being your turn to shake your head as he spoke.
“no i didn’t,” you sniffled, denying everything he said because you didn’t believe it. you knew while it was the easier option to go with, to convince yourself that you had gotten over him, you knew it wasn’t true.
“yes you did.” charles reiterated. “if i hadn’t showed up here, you wouldn’t be speaking like this.” charles managed to push his own feeling aside, no matter how difficult it was. “and you’d still be with him.”
your lip was quivering at this point, trying oh so hard to not break out in sobs as he spoke. the hold he had on you was unmatched, how he could not only make you cry. but how he brought you comfort, so much so you felt comfortable enough to cry to him. he was everything in the best and worst ways.
“which is why you’re gonna call him tomorrow morning, and explain that he was wrong.” charles words were the last thing you were expecting, blinking few a couple of tears to fix your blurry vision, to see that he was being serious. “tell him you love him. and that he’s who you want to be with,”
it was charles now whispering, unsure if he could keep himself together. but he had to.
for the first time ever he was going to be selfless with you. he was going to put you and your happiness above any of his selfish wants.
“charles,” you signed, shaking your head but he was quick to nod in reassurance; thumbs still tending to every tear that traced your flushed cheeks. the small smile he managed to give you didn’t make it any easier, refusing to believe any of this was okay.
“it’s okay,” he hummed, lying to both you and himself. it was far from okay. he still wanted you for himself - but he didn’t deserve you. and now you had found someone who did deserve you. who you deserved.
even if he had a face that looked oh so punchable.
“you deserve to be happy. and you told me yourself you were happy with him. i’m not going to ruin that.” charles managed to put on another fake smile, you could see through it ━ even with your clouded eyes and spinning head, his fake smiles were easy for you to pick out.
but the fact he was faking one spoke for itself.
“i don’t think i can,” you spoke in honesty, feeling as if you were back to the same point you were at when things initially ended between you and charles. the idea of being with someone else was off the table.
“you can.” he disagreed with you once more, voice still soft, your tears had paused for a moment but his thumbs were still caressing your cheeks softly, keeping your attention him. “because this ends here. i’ll stay away this time. i promise.” the driver couldn’t hide his slightly shaky voice, but he meant everything he was saying.
suddenly you had more tears to cry when he made his promise, managing to keep them at bay as you stood there silent. is that what you wanted?
for him to stay away? to end the cycle of drunk calls and late night visits? to have some peace of mind that even in a years time, he won’t show up?
the thought of it scared you, because up until now whenever things were over between you both, it was never actually over. even the past year away from him, you still silently counted on the fact you’d seen him one way or another.
the mere thought of losing him completely terrified you. and it terrified him too. but he was speeding up the inevitable.
“we’ll be okay.” he practically read your mind, speaking with such confidence yet having so little. “it’s for the better baby,” his voice almost broke this time, and the pet name was enough for you to break down into tears once more.
it was a repetitive cycle that night, he kept repeating what he was trying to say, you kept denying it. he cried, you cried, but ultimately you had both agreed that what you wanted is what not you needed.
it felt like the original break up but ten times worse, because for once there was no toxic intentions. only both of you wanting to rid yourself of the never-ending and draining cycle.
for the first time ever you were parting ways on good terms, without any sex or snide comments, just best wishes and tears.
and you did what he said, you called mason the next morning. apologised for being in your head, assured him you were over charles, that the chapter of your life with him was closed. that you wanted to be with mason, and only him.
like always he was accommodating, listened to everything you said; was patient with you the following weeks and got your relationship together back on track.
you almost wished that he had seen through your bullshit and blocked you, but as the days went on you became happy again. charles slipped further out of mind, and you were satisfied with the love and happiness mason gave you.
it was a whole lot easier considering charles had kept his word.
it was hard work, taking him back to all those months ago when he had to detox from you completely. the intense regret he felt for caving after imola, that he would put himself in this position again.
but he managed. he did not show up at your door. he did not call you when he was drunk off his face at 2am. he spent a fair few nights staring at your number, contemplating undoing all his hard work. but he never did.
it got easier like he knew it would, immersing himself in his work and the championship fight. while you used to be on his mind every second of every day, he soon only struggled with the temptation of you when in monaco.
he’d like to say now that he’s moved on fully, 3 months later. he wonders every now and then what you were doing. did you get back with mason? did you struggle like him?
but he knew he couldn’t seek answers. he couldn’t risk ruining anything you had built for yourself, not again; the guilt would kill him.
but ultimately the two of you were both being quite naive for thinking things would end there, and the universe seemed hell bent on making it hard every time things started becoming easy.
that’s what charles thought anyway when he spotted you on the dance floor of the small club in monaco. he picked you out of the crowd the moment he had gotten to the bar, having ditched his friend who was attempting to sweet talk a girl he met.
he couldn’t take his eyes off you, grateful that you hadn’t noticed him. of course you weren’t here alone, and one of charles lingering questions were answered considering mason was attached to your hips, quite literally as you both swayed to the music.
you looked happy, which was almost a relief. but the gut wrenching disappointment was still there. he wanted you to go back to him, but he didn’t want to see it.
he had been snapped out of his thoughts when you made eye contact, anxiety washing over him in fear that you’d react. that he’d kill your mood, he hadn’t meant to stare but he most certainly was.
but you smiled, a polite and small smile gracing your features as you looked at him. the last thing he expected, which is why he blinked a couple times before quickly returning the gesture ━ giving you a nod of acknowledgment before he finally remembered how to use his legs, disappearing into the crowd as he weaved his way back to his friend.
despite your appropriate response, you were caught off guard when you saw him. needing to stare for a few moments to ensure you weren’t seeing things. you sobered up quickly, not that you had much to drink. barley tipsy.
you had smiled, and watched as he reciprocated before seeing him walk off. eyes attempting to keep track of him but you lost him quickly. your attention now far from the man in front of you.
you were more so worried about whether he was here with anyone? will he leave? will you need to speak to him? should you speak to him?
“you good?” your boyfriend brought your attention back to him, and you couldn’t mask the confusion on your face before giving him a fake smile, nodding and hoping he too hadn’t seen your ex.
“perfect.” you replied with a grin, throwing your arms around his neck, attempting to distract yourself with his presence and the music.
charles too was attempting to distract himself but it wasn’t working, taken him 5 minutes before his eyes were back on you. as long as he kept his distance he was fine, so while he knew he should do himself a favour and just go to a neighbouring club, he stayed.
maybe if you weren’t wearing the short red dress he has fucked you many, many times in he would’ve left. but it seemed god was well and truly testing him and his intentions tonight.
jealousy was the simplest way to explain what he felt as he watched you dance, kiss and laugh with your boyfriend. dwelling on the fact it used to be him. wishing he was the one holding you tight, the one you were whispering in the ear of, the one who’d be taking you home. he was regretting ever encouraging you to fix things with him now. slowly slipping back into his selfish ways.
the next time you made eye contact was his next slip up, he couldn’t muster a smile this time as much as he wanted to; unable to pretend he was unbothered by the scene of you and him.
he was self aware though, tearing his eyes off you and going to get another drink. in fairness he was reacting a whole lot better than he would this time a few months ago.
the old charles would’ve picked out one or two girls to entertain himself with, to make you jealous with and gain your full attention. but not tonight. he wasn’t like that anymore. you two both weren’t like that.
he was now the one oblivious, oblivious to your lingering gaze and stare as he talked to a fan who had recognised him as he waited for his drink.
after almost 15 minutes of conversation, and a picture, charles managed to free himself of the man. while he loved his supporters, the last thing he wanted to do was put on a smile right now.
he went to watch you once more, as if that would relieve any of his annoyance, and much to his dismay you were gone. his eyes darted quickly, as if he needed to know where you had went, as if it was any of his business.
only to see you sauntering off towards the bathrooms with mason not far behind.
one thing he knew for sure was sex in the bathroom was not something you weren’t apposed to. if anyone knew that it was him, so his stomach dropped as you disappeared down the hallway.
suddenly finding a girl to busy himself with seemed like a good idea, but then he realised there was no point because you wouldn’t be able to see it.
which wasn’t a good sign because he thought he was past that.
he sculled the rest of his drink before setting off to find his friend, in hopes they could leave so he wouldn’t act irrationally. because for some reason he was tempted to follow the pair of you, not that it would achieve anything.
just his luck his friend was no where to be seen. the monegasque should’ve used that as an excuse to leave the club without any second thoughts, but instead he used it as an excuse to head straight to the bathrooms.
telling himself he was looking for his mate when in reality he knew you would be nearby. on your knees for another guy? maybe. but you’d still be near.
but he was committed to the role, looking for his friend as he made his way to the bathrooms despite not keen on running into him anymore, but he did run into someone.
“you’re fucking pathetic too,” mason spat as he shoved past him, causing charles to look at him in confusion, before he could say anything however mason was gone, having not stopped to pay anymore attention to the beloved driver who he currently hated.
charles was frozen for a few moments before realising you weren’t with him, turning around the corner to the hallway that bordered the bathrooms to see you leaning against the wall, running your hands through your hair.
trouble in paradise?
“that didn’t look good.” his words left his mouth before he could think, making his presence known as the music was not loud enough here to drown him out. running away unnoticed no longer an option.
your head snapped in his direction, letting out a dry laugh at the irony. of course the man you had just been lectured about turns the corner to meet you here. almost typical.
“you’re a sore subject.” you decided to sum up, looking back ahead of you as you let out a breath, still processing the argument you had just gotten into. you didn’t deal well with confrontation. well the after math more so.
mason had noticed the longing glances across the club, had seen charles and made that the reason as to why your mind was suddenly else where. and when you had rejected his advances and attempts to hook up in the bathroom of the club he lashed out.
“i want another drink,” you mumbled as your lips broke away from mason’s, not used to his eager kisses as you pressed your hands onto his chest.
“can you wait ten minutes?” he grinned, causing you to laugh but you shook your head none the less, letting out a sigh when his lips moved to your neck, causing you to put more pressure on his chest.
“mason,” you breathed out, in seriousness this time and he was quick to pull away, annoyance evident on his face none the less.
“you wanna go stare at your ex a little longer instead?” he scoffed, causing your eyebrows to furrow at his accusing tone and sudden outburst. you had hoped he hadn’t spotted charles but that obviously wasn’t the case.
“what?” you questioned, playing dumb as you watched him take a step back and laugh to himself, shaking his head all the while.
“don’t play dumb you’ve been drooling over him all night.” he responded bluntly. “cant even look or kiss me for more than a few seconds.” he pointed out, and it was your turn to laugh. he was right but you didn’t want to admit it.
“i don’t see how that has anything to do with him?” you quizzed, arms crossing over your chest.
“it has everything to do with him and you know it. god he hasn’t even spoken to you but you’re still obsessed.” mason ranted out, not caring for those coming in and out of the bathrooms around you, your jaw dropping at his words.
“that’s not fair nor true.” you scoffed, feeling quite called out. you hadn’t done anything wrong. sure you had gotten distracted, but you had no intentions of speaking to him.
“yeah keep telling yourself that.” mason breathed out, taking a few steps back as he ran his hands through his hair in frustration. “you’d be on your knees if he was here right now instead of me.” he insulted, his tone disgusted.
“excuse me?” you asked in full offence, not appreciating what he was implying, your turn to let out a fake laugh. “what’s that suppose to mean?” you asked curiously, raising your eyebrows in expectance.
“tell me i’m wrong then,” mason exclaimed, hands reaching out to emphasise his words, causing your jaw to clench as you looked at him in disbelief. while there was some truth to his accusations, you were offended he thought so little of you. that this was how he was reacting because you didn’t want to hook up right now.
“fuck you for even thinking that.” you were quick to snap, neither confirming nor denying because that wasn’t the issue here. not to you anyways.
“you’re pathetic.” mason left you with his departing words before storming off.
“my bad,” charles laughed awkwardly, moving near you; leaving a safe distance in between. a friendly distance. it worried him that his first thought to hearing you had gotten into an argument over himself was good. maybe he could only be selfless for so long.
“nothing you did,” you hummed as your hand ran through your hair once more, having looked back to him. of course he looked better up close. you’d never learnt how to deal with your attraction to him, not when he’s in a white button up, sleeves rolled up; hair messy. oh god.
“i should get going,” charles came to his senses quickly, realising he was in a dangerous situation. you, alcohol and that red dress which was a literal red flag. he didn’t trust himself to stay true to his word standing right here.
while he hoped things could eventually play out in a manner where you two could have a friendly conversation, he still felt as if being alone with you would lead to screaming and cursing. in what way he didn’t know.
“no wait,” you spoke out too casually, arm reaching to grab ahold of his wrist to stop him. you were acting without thinking, credit to your short temper and the minimal alcohol in your system. “how are you?” you hummed in interest.
charles breath hitched his throat from the contact, eyes staring down in to yours. he knew that look too well, seen this too often. you hated small talk and only ever resorted to it for one reason, so figuring out where this was going was easy, considering he’d been down this road countless times.
“i’m good.” he nodded, pursing his lips as you nodded with a small smile, eyes looking up at him with anything but innocence, and his self control was being tested when you looked at his lips for a moment too long.
“that’s good,” you replied, hand still gripping his wrist lightly, thumb brushing over his skin casually. maybe you wanted to make mason regret his words, he should be careful what he wishes for.
or maybe this was just what you wanted.
“y/n,” charles trailed off, taking a deep breath as he gave you a questioning look but you gave it no answer, acting oblivious as you looked at him, allowing him to go on. “we’re not doing this,” he mumbled.
oh how many times either of you have said that.
“i’m not allowed to see how you’re going?” you scoffed, although a playful laugh followed as you tugged him slightly closer towards you, he didn’t resist the few steps that it forced him to take, towering over you now.
“not when you’re wearing that,” he grunted, shamelessly allowing his eyes to take over the little dress once more. all sense of rationality and morals were out the window now, lost in the sight and smell of you.
a small smirk grew on your lips, excitement bubbling in the pit of your stomach which left no room for sympathy or guilt about the current thoughts you were having.
so with no better judgement and no care for anyone lurking you went back to your old ways, old habits, and closed the distance between the pair of you as you crashed your lips into his.
he could never deny you, so his hands were quick to fly to your waist as he kissed back; all plans of leaving you alone well and truly forgotten and all progress lost as he pushed you against the wall.
your hands had a grip on his shirt, as if he’d try run away, the kiss sending shivers throughout your whole body and causing goosebumps on your skin, a sensation you had forgot you missed.
“i should go,” charles spoke as he pulled away from the kiss, a moment of guilt hitting him, this was quite clearly him ruining things and he had swore to not do so again. and although he already crossed the line, this could easily be blamed on alcohol if he left now.
you looked at him for a few moments, contemplating the options. he could go, he should go. but you didn’t want that and you were sick of acting like you did. sick of pretending that you didn’t want him even if it wasn’t right.
“no you shouldn’t,” you told him, hands running over his chest as your lips hovered over his, and he stood no chance in thinking straight with you all over him. mind growing foggy from the idea of staying and having you the way he wanted.
“you’re either going to stay, and fuck me.” you hummed out simply, one of your hands moving to cup his jaw gently. “or i can go find mason, and have him fuck me while i think of you,” you concluded, a sweet bat of your eyelashes to top it off as your thumb brushed over his bottom lip.
his eyes had visibly darkened at your words, jaw clenching at the thought alone. and that was it for him taking the moral high ground.
“you do that often?” he asked with raised eyebrows, his hands trailing down your waist, before moving back up, wanting nothing more than to grip the material and tear it off of you. “think of me when you’re with him? when he’s fucking you?”
you didn’t hesitate to nod, letting out a small hum of confirmation. no complaints about boosting his ego right now. “yeah.” you admitted, grip still tight on his shirt. you had no time to worry about his hands leaving your waist because he had quickly grabbed your hand, dragging you towards the nearest bathroom.
he locked the door within a second and you didn’t hesitate to throw your bag aside onto the bathroom counter, not bothered by what had fallen out as then had you pressed up against the door, lips against yours as he kissed you hungrily. you kissed back just as eagerly, hands tangling in his hair as you made sure to have him as close as possible.
and even though there should’ve been a sense of guilt floating around in your hazy mind there was none, no thought for the guy you had come here with, only the man in front of you. you had been thinking about this since you first spotted him tonight.
one of his hands moved to your thigh, hoisting up your right leg as his hips pressed against yours lightly, his grip tight on your skin as his lips trailed towards your neck.
you let him do as he pleased, head tilting back to give him better access to your skin, no shame in the small moan that left your lips as he kissed and sucked at the sensitive spot below your jaw. he knew your body better than anything.
“could fuck you right now.” he grumbled against your skin, giving your thigh a squeeze as you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, your moan intertwining with his when he pressed his hard on against you once more.
it had you almost smiling to yourself, the way you could turn him on so easily. the feeling well and truly mutual because you knew in no time your panties would be soaked.
you moved your hands to his belt as he continued to kiss at your neck, the marks he was certainly leaving an issue for later on. he was not missing any opportunity to mark you up, the need to remind you and anyone around you that you were his.
you pushed him back lightly once getting his belt unbuckled, before starting to sink to your knees as you pulled his pants down lightly. funny how mason had somewhat predicted this and you took full offence and denied it, but looking up and seeing charles smirking down at you was enough to make you forget the conversation you had with your boyfriend. forget your boyfriend as a whole.
you were stopped before you could however; his hand grasping your jaw and leading you back up to look at him. “as much as i want your pretty lips around my cock amour i need to taste you first,” charles whispered, causing a small pout to present on your face.
“i wanna taste you.” you almost whined, hand moving to run over his hard on ━ palming him lightly, watching the way he reacted to your touch; jaw tensing alongside his grip on your jaw.
he almost chuckled at how eager to please you were, thumb brushing over your pouting lips with raised eyebrows.
“been thinking about this for months ma belle, you’re gonna take what i give you.” he warned, tilting his slightly in question and you needed to take a deep breath, nodding in agreement. “use your words baby.” he added with a raised brow, causing your cheeks to flush.
“yes,” you quickly rushed out, watching as he let out a small chuckle and hum of approval, his thumb then pushing past your lips; almost distracting you from his other hand which was crawling down your side, landing on the hem of your dress and sneaking under.
you sucked on his thumb as if it was his cock, wishing it was his cock. looking at him with angelic eyes in an attempt to sway him to change his mind as you swirled your tongue around the digit. but your efforts were forgotten when his fingers ghosted over your clothed entrance.
he watched you intently as you sucked his thumb expertly, dick twitching at the sight and feeling; making him question stopping you from getting on your knees. “good girl,” he cooed in appreciation, the praise sending heat to your cheeks.
you moaned around his thumb as his fingers pushed your panties aside, and while charles was enjoying the show he wasn’t going to risk muffling any of the noises he had been repeating in his head the past few months, pulling his thumb out of your mouth with a pop.
“please charles,” you moaned out when his fingers flicked over your clit, moving to grip one of his arms because you were unsure if you’d be able to hold yourself if he started pleasuring you, and that seemed to be the plan as his fingers began rubbing circles quickly.
“i got you baby,” he hummed in reassurance, making quick work of his fingers as his other hand remained cupping your jaw, ensuring your eyes stayed on him, admiring as your lips parted and face contorted in pleasure. “missed my fingers? know how much you love them,” he asked as one slipped inside you suddenly; and you let out a small whine as you nodded quickly.
how could you not love his fingers when they worked your body so perfectly and he had hands that were so nice to look at and felt even better on your skin.
“so much,” you moaned out as your head fell back. “missed them so much,” you repeated, whimpering when they stilled, your hips bucking in an attempt to mimic the feeling of them a few moments ago.
“eyes on me.” he demanded as he gave your cheek a small tap, causing your head to whip back up to look at him with pleading eyes, letting out a breath of relief when his fingers got back to work.
your body felt as if it was on fire, his stare doing nothing to help as you couldn’t escape his eyes that were admiring you so shamelessly, watching as you got off on his fingers.
“look so fucking pretty like this,” he muttered out, sliding in a second finger, thrusting it in and out of you alongside the first, his thumb having not let up on your clit. “making a mess all over my fingers when i’ve barely started… such a slut for me hm?”
you whimpered with a nod, back arching slightly as he curled his fingers perfectly, enough to have your head falling back but you resisted; putting in effort to keep your eyes on him and only him.
you were too lost in the pleasure to see the displeased look on his face, but you heard the grunt of annoyance when his fingers stilled once more, his hand that was gently cupping your jaw moving to grip your neck, causing a surprised gasp to leave your lips as your hips moved against his hand once more.
“you’re out of practice love,” he huffed out, squeezing your neck lightly. “forgot how to use your words or just getting dumb off my fingers?” he questioned, and you quickly shook your head, attempting to remember what he had said.
“m’ sorry,” you quickly whined out, sounding somewhat breathless from the restricted airway. “i’m your slut… you know i am,” you quickly added, thighs attempting to squeeze together but he had already strategically placed his knee in between them to prevent you from doing so.
the ferarri driver let out a hum of approval and then thought, his fingers still inside you doing nothing to please you as your hips squirmed for a few moments. “i’ll let it slide considering you haven’t been fucked like you deserve for a while,” he decided out loud, a petty jab at mason and his own ego boost but you were in no position to call it out right now.
you were anticipating his fingers to resume after what he said but instead they left you completely, his grip on your neck leaving. you had enough time to frown but couldn’t say anything before he had grabbed you by the thighs, lifting you up and placing you on the edge of the sink counter.
“spread your legs for me.” he instructed, green eyes flickering up at you as you did as he said - always so quick to submit to him, breathing through heavy breaths, chest raising every few moments as you kept watch of him, biting down on your bottom lip as he crouched down and spread your legs further.
he pressed kisses up your inner thighs, nails digging into the soft skin as he kept your legs apart before pulling the thin lace material which was now ruined down your legs, shoving it into his pocket.
you leant back on your hands, trying to stay still as his lips continued to tease your inner thighs before they finally reached your clit, and your breathing only got more erratic when he positioned your legs over his shoulders; giving him perfect access to your cunt.
“oh my god,” you moaned out when his tongue dived between your folds, gripping onto the counter beneath you as he lapped at your core like a starved man. because he had been, denied of you for way too long.
his bruising grip on your thighs kept you in place as his tongue moved between your folds and clit, swirling perfectly as he enjoyed all the pretty sounds leaving your lips, hearing you moan his name would never get old. it was addictive, he just wanted more.
“charles━ so fucking good,” you exasperated, eyes rolling back as he sucked on your clit, tongue flicking perfectly, and while you looked back on your times together often it was always better than you remember, a shock to the system despite being so used to him ━ it had been a while since you had been pleased like this.
your moans were only growing louder, no care in the world that anyone outside the bathroom could hear; you would never be quiet with charles, unless you really needed to but even then it was a struggle.
in a trance by one and another, the ringing of your phone eventually gained both of your attention, but you didn’t bother to look at the phone that had fallen out of your bag and onto the counter right next to you.
charles did however, eyes looking up and thanks to the bathroom mirror he could quite clearly make out your boyfriends name printed across the screen.
“answer it.” charles face left your cunt, looking up at you, causing you to shake your head in confusion, looking aside as your stomach dropped at the contact name, before shaking your head once more.
“what?” you rasped, attempting to catch your breath; but charles wasn’t messing around, raising his eyebrows expectantly.
“answer it.” he repeated, and you only stared at him dumbfounded; struggling to process everything considering the pulse between your legs, but his hand moving to lay a slap on your clit brought you to your senses, your body jerking as you whimpered.
it put you into action however, hand scrambling for the phone as you answered it; blindly doing as charles said as you lifted the phone to your ear.
“hello?” you tried to sound normal, as if there wasn’t another man between your thighs, but that was going to be difficult considering the moment he heard you speak charles resumed his assault of your cunt.
“where are you?” a flat mason spoke from the other side of the line, charles managing to make out his words despite the phone not being on speaker, his tongue swirling around your clit as he let go of one of your legs to slide his fingers inside you once more.
you were biting down harshly on your bottom lip, face red and legs shaking as you attempted to suppress any moans or sounds. “none of your business,” you huffed, taking a moment to breathe between your sentences. “you stormed off from me remember,” you added, eyes looking down at charles.
“which i shouldn’t have done, so don’t be difficult and tell me where you are.” mason spoke through gritted teeth, charles rolling his eyes as he fingered you, quite eager to get you off while you were on the phone to your boyfriend.
yep, trying to be the selfless ex was well and truly a thing of the past. a phase you could say. this was coming much more naturally to him. not to mention it was much more enjoyable, watching you struggle to contain the pleasure he was giving you as you spoke to the guy who was meant to be the one dragging these sounds out of you was amusing and somewhat comforting to charles.
“i don’t want to see you right now,” you spoke, a moan almost slipping past your lips when charles curled his fingers, attempting to disguise it with a cough before clearing your throat. your knuckles were white from the grip you had on the counter and phone, hand shaking as you kept it up to your ear.
“i don’t give a fuck what you want y/n,” mason exclaimed loudly, charles hearing him loud and clear, eyes tuning up onto you. he notice you were unbothered by the outburst, only focused and caring about your he who was in between your legs. but charles didn’t appreciate the tone he was speaking in, no matter how hypocritical that was of him.
so he moved his hand up towards the phone, signalling for you to give it to him. hesitance flashed your features for a brief moment, but then his fingers curled inside you again ━ enticing you into submission as you passed it to him with no second thoughts.
“what do you want? make it quick.” charles spoke into the phone as he moved it to his ear, his other hand still playing with your pussy, fingers curling and thumb rubbing circles.
he didn’t need to see mason to recognise shock, the silence on the other end of the line speaking for itself and charles couldn’t but smirk.
“you fucking piece━” mason began to cuss out, but was interrupted by the sound of a squeal like moan leaving your lips, unable to stop yourself as charles slid a third finger inside of you ━ giving you no time to adjust and curling them to press against that spot inside of you. you had covered your mouth but it was all too late.
charles was almost grinning ear to ear, a small hum of appreciation being heard from the monegasque as the phone fell silent again. “bet you haven’t heard that before,” charles spoke teasingly into the phone sounding incredibly proud, and while his cockiness and bragging usually pissed you off it was only adding to your arousal right now, your moral compass completely off balance.
the call was ongoing but silence was all that followed, charles letting out a small chuckle; and you were well past hiding your moans, small whimpers and whines leaving your lips.
“i’ll tell her to call you back.” charles concluded before hanging up, tossing your phone aside, and you whimpered slightly. while you knew it was wrong, all of this was so wrong, it felt so right.
his tongue made contact with your clit once more, and it wasn’t long until your moans became irregular and strained, your legs were shaking more and more and you were clenching around his fingers.
“cum for me mon amour,” charles breathed against your core. “make a mess all over my fingers, go on,” he added and it was enough to send you over the edge; the orgasm hitting you hard, eyes rolling back as you chanted his name.
he could never get sick of the sight, watching as you shook on his fingers as he let you ride out your high, practically in awe as he did so, his hand squeezing your thigh in attempt to calm your shaking legs.
“oh my god,” you spoke through a whisper as your eyes fell back onto him, breathing heavily as his fingers slid out of you, watching as he stood up straight and guided them straight to your lips.
you didn’t miss a beat, taking them into your mouth eagerly as you cleaned them off one by one, eyes pouring into his as he watched you with a proud smile on his face.
“so good for me,” he commented, your red cheeks somehow darkening, never being able to get use to any flattery or praise that left his mouth. no wonder it was impossible for you to resist him, he always knew what to do or say. your body always reacting to him.
when his fingers left your lips you were hoping you could replace them with his cock, desperate to return the favour but he wasn’t wasting any time as he tugged you off the counter, turning you around and pushing your back down so you were now bent over the sink.
“i want you in my mouth,” you huffed out as you stared at him through the mirror ━ watching as he rolled his eyes, his hands ghosting your hips as he shook his head.
“and i want to remind you who your pretty cunt belongs to.” he snapped right back, challenging you to make a fuss as he pushed the material of your dress that had already rid up your legs even further up, bunching around your waist, leaving you bare and exposed for him.
“you just did that,” you tried to argue, pursing your lips as you admired him through the mirror, his swollen lips, messy hair from your fingers tangling through it. god he was perfect. and you just wanted to admire the sight from below him.
“ma belle,” he grunted, in two minds about your desperation to suck him off. it made him want to fuck your face and also bend you over his knee all at the same time. “don’t make me remind you what happens when you act like a brat.” he spoke out, his hand moving to give your ass a squeeze as the other freed his cock from the constraints of his pants.
your lips curved upwards at the warning, and you were ready to test him and take him up on that offer before catching sight of his dick, realising you’d much rather him just fuck you. you knew how cruel he could be, edging you for hours, denying you of an orgasm, giving you 3 in a row so your crying. it wasn’t worth the risk, not tonight at least.
“that’s what i thought,” he breathed out as he kicked your legs further apart, before running the tip of his cock through your folds, the slight touch of your sensitive cunt having your body lurching forward slightly.
you whined, hips wiggling in an attempt to hurry him up ━ eyes watching him carefully through the mirror, arms flat on the counter beneath you.
he couldn’t resist, despite the want to tease you and have you beg for him he could only wait so long himself, having dreamt and daydreamed of this for too long. you two weren’t meant to be apart for as long as you had been, so thrusting inside of you was an immediate relief.
your jaw dropped at the full feeling, his hands gripping your hips as he groaned, your tight walls wrapping around him so perfectly, like you were made for him.
“charles; fuck,” your words stumbled out, attempting to adjust to the size of him, to the feeling of him inside you again. he kept his eyes on your face, a half assed smile gracing his lips at your reaction before he pulled his hips back and thrusted into you harshly again.
“mhm, oh my god,” you moaned out; eyes rolling back, your hands returning to their grip on the counter to help get you through the painful pleasure. you had no time to prepare yourself as he started thrusting in and out of you consistently, pulling your hips back and forth to meet his movements.
“feel so fucking good amour,” charles spoke; drawing your attention back to him and his words, reminding yourself to admire the sight of him fucking you, but the way he was practically pounding you made it a struggle to focus on anything, only being able to moan in response.
you hadn’t seen his hand move to your hair, tangling in the strands and tugging you back towards him, causing your eyes which had fluttered shut to shoot open, meeting his in the mirror.
“watch as i fuck you ma chérie,” charles cooed in your ear, his sweet tone not matching his harsh movements, his cock hitting that spot in you every time. “gonna ruin your tight cunt; taking me so fucking well.” he grunted, your head nodding pathetically as you moaned his name once more.
“please,” you whined, not sure what you were even pleasing for but it didn’t matter, your hand reading back and gripping onto the arm he was using to hold your hair, managing to keep your eyes on the image of the pair of you in the mirror.
he too was admiring the scene, the way your back was arched, showcasing your chest; causing his hand to leave your hip for a moment and tug the front of your dress down so he could fully enjoy the sight of your boobs bouncing with each snap of his hips.
“you’re mine,” charles reminded you instinctively, the sight of you on his cock, in his arms again enough to clarify the suspicion he had that he wanted you all for himself. “all mine, but you already know that don’t you baby?” he had repeated, lips ducking to your neck to kiss over the small marks from his fingers and lips from earlier on.
once again all you could do was moan and nod, mumbling out your agreements and curses of how good he was fucking you, barely coherent sentences leaving your lips as he fucked you stupid, his thrusts only getting harder ━ refusing to grow sloppy with his movements.
“use your fucking words,” charles huffed for what felt like the 100th time tonight as he laid a sudden slap to your ass, causing you to let out another squeal like moan, body attempting to leave his grip in response. he just needed to hear you say it.
“all yours charles,” you moaned out, your knees buckling under you slightly but his grip on your hip and hair kept you upright. “only yours, fuck━ fuck feels so good,” you managed to speak, watching as he continued to kiss your neck, back, shoulder blades; anywhere he could reach.
his hand soon let go of your hair, and thankfully you managed to catch yourself as you were bent over the sink once more, charles hand returning to your hip before he fastened his thrusts, causing you to practically see stars.
every thrust had you practically squealing, attempting to not scream his name although every moment that passed by it was becoming harder, weak legs below you not doing anything to hold your weight.
your body went into auto pilot mode for a moment, snaking your own hand down between your legs to rub your clit, something you had to do quite often with anyone but him.
“don’t you fucking dare,” charles was quick to slap your hand away, his own fingers finding your clit instead, and if he hadn’t spent so long apart from you he would’ve been offended that you were going to touch yourself with him right here. “need to fuck some sense into you,” he couldn’t help but mumble.
but he got away with yet another snide comment because your mind was practically broken when his fingers danced around your sensitive bud, losing control of your body as you practically shook.
his stamina was unmatched, still fucking you like he just started, harder than when he started actually, and your tired body had almost forgotten how to keep up. you had no warning to give when you came suddenly, shaking as you did all but scream.
“oh fuck,” charles groaned, his own head falling back as you clenched around him tightly, feeling you cum all over his dick enough to make him hit his orgasm, cumming inside of you as he has done many times before.
you stayed where you were for a few moments, not sure you had the strength to move as charles slid out of you, his hands grabbing you softly now as he placed you on top of the counter once more, having not failed to notice your weak legs.
your hands had tugged the material of your dress back up, not that you were attempting to be modest as the pair of you caught your breath, processing what had just happened.
it seemed no matter how many times this happened you never knew what to say afterwards, and you weren’t sure there was a right thing to say.
but then you saw that look in charles eye that you knew all to well, your heart dropping at the sight of his regret filled features.
charles in intense thought as he replayed the events of tonight, how he went back to his old ways, went against everything he had promised you. promised himself.
“please don’t look at me like that,” you mumbled through a sigh as you leant back still catching your breath, pushing your hair out of your face. his eyebrows had furrowed, acting like he wasn’t aware his thoughts and feelings weren’t so transparent.
“like what?” he asked, trying hard to not sound defensive because he couldn’t help but notice the disappointment in your tone, his hand tangling through his hair as well to try tame the few wild strands.
“like you regret everything we just did.” you replied, sounding unbothered, as if you were use to this. because you somewhat were. he was so easy to read, especially moments after sex, even when you were physically exhausted.
“please don’t start y/n,” he sighed at your accusation - sounding tired, his hands moving to pull his pants up and fix his belt, avoiding your eyes as he did so; in no mood to argue with you even though you blatantly called him out. you never missed an opportunity to call him out it seemed.
you resisted the urge to scoff, watching him despite him quite clearly avoiding your eye. “you always do this.” you huffed, masking your disappointment with annoyance. “acting like what we did was a bad thing,” you spoke in somewhat denial, because it definitely wasn’t a good thing no matter how good it felt.
his eyes lifted back onto you, raising an eyebrow. “you just cheated on your boyfriend.” he spoke flatly, letting out a breath. “sorry that it crossed my mind for a moment,” his apology one of sarcasm and frustration. frustrated that things still hadn’t changed, that if you weren’t having sex you were arguing.
“yeah and you bragged about it to him on the phone,” you scoffed in disbelief, shaking your head. “you can’t act all guilty and above now.” you explained almost desperately. that wasn’t fair.
charles rolled his eyes, knowing you were right. but god did your accusations and assumptions make it difficult for him to agree with you. he hadn’t even said anything.
“you don’t feel guilty?” charles questioned with a raised brow, dodging your words like he did so often, pretending that this whole conversation wasn’t ridiculous.
“no.” you were quick to speak in certainty, swallowing quietly. okay obviously there was a little guilt, but you didn’t regret anything. “i want you charles,” you sighed out, words softening as your hand reached to grab his wrist. “not him.”
charles mind was racing, the grasp of his wrist was a soft and intimate touch he had almost forgotten existed, your words not what he expected either.
and while it’s all he wanted to hear, he couldn’t help but replay the events of a few months ago, of a couple of years ago, of the whole relationship.
this never ended well. he ruined things for you last time, he’s done it again. you’ve told him you wanted him before; and backtracked weeks later. this time was no different, you two just didn’t work.
“y/n you know we can’t,” he sighed, and you felt the soul crushing disappointment he had delivered to you too many times once more, quickly shaking your head but he continued. “this doesn’t work.” he added, and you could only laugh.
“don’t do this to me,” you practically pleaded, already knowing where this was going. it seemed to be luck of the draw with him, and today was not your lucky day.
just another time where your feelings don’t align, your wants don’t align.
“i’m sorry,” he tried to apologise, convinced this was the right thing. convinced that this little bit of pain right now would save you both from agony in the near future.
convinced that he was doing what he needed to, pushing back his own want to be with you as he always did when you reciprocated it.
“you’re unbelievable,” you spoke through a whisper, now afraid your voice would betray you. but you weren’t shocked, not at all surprised he could fuck you, call you his, call you by those stupid pet names, then speak to you like it was nothing.
charles was unsure of what to stay next, and your watering eyes didn’t make it any easier; so he did what he always did, and ran away.
a quick pat down of his jeans to ensure he had his phone and keys - placing your panties back on the counter, one last look with sympathy held eyes before he slid out of the bathroom without saying anything else, taking your broken heart with him.
leaving you on the counter with nothing but tears on your cheeks and his cum painting your thighs, a state you had been in too many times, yet it never got easier.
and you couldn’t be mad, knowing you have been guilty of leaving him in similar circumstances before, but that did nothing to ease the pain in your chest, to soften the blow of thinking once more that this time things would be different.
and the haunting knowledge that it wouldn’t be the last time you saw him, no matter how many times you swore to yourself right now that this was the last time you did this. you’d find yourself back here soon one way or another.
a/n: ouch 😀
okay i hope u liked it, i think i liked it. kinda my first angst centred piece so feedback would be greatly appreciated ily all <333
i do have some ideas for a part 2 so let me know as well if u want that 👀
also she’s half edited bare with me for a bit like usual oops
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houseofflufff · a day ago
Summary: daniel and y/n find out their going to be parents
Warnings: pregnancy
Endless love masterlist
Tumblr media
Daniel and y/n had reached the next stage in their life where they were ready to add to their little family. A dream both daniel and y/n had from an early stage in their relationship was to at some point have children. So for the last couple of month that's what the couple have been doing. Both of them enjoying the love making side of it alot.
That's how they both find themselves standing in the bathroom of their hotel room in Saudi Arabia the day before qualifying. Y/n has been feeling miserable for the past couple of days and after taking more than the necessary amount of covid tests to make sure that she hadn't caught the virus, both herself and daniel had came to the conclusion that maybe she was pregnant they did factor in the point that she was late to but sometimes y/n is late so they couldn't really base it of of that. So now their both in the tiny hotel bathroom laughing and giggling as daniel watchs y/n pee on the third test.
"Are you sure your peeing on it correctly like how long does it take for the results to come up" Daniel asked giddily. Y/n couldn't control the laughter that came out as she placed the third stick on the counter pulling up her trousers and walking over to where daniel was standing looking at her confused. "Okay firstly yes I have peed on all three of them correctly and secondly you have to be patient it takes a couple of minutes" she replied. "Oh" Daniel said back laughing.
Y/n could swear it was only thirty seconds when Daniel asked "can we check them now" "no Daniel we have to be patient we have only been waiting for thirty seconds my phone will go off when we can" y/n replied. To pass the time the couple returned to there bed where the TV was playing on a low volume though neither were actually paying attention just being okay with being in each other's presence as they waited for the timer to end.
Y/n was both nervous and excited with the idea of becoming a mom. She was nervous that it wouldn't be postive and she would be letting daniel and herself down though deep down she knew that is nowhere near true. She was also nervous about having a kid the idea that she might not be a good enough parent scared her, though the excitement of the test possibly being positive and a new chapter was starting where they would both be parents outweighed all the negative thoughts and deep down she knew both of them would love their kid with everything they had and they would be good parents.
With that both y/n and daniel were dragged out of their thoughts when her phone rang signalling that the three minutes were up. They both looked at each other when Daniel spoke "does that mean we can check now". Y/n just simply nodded her head with a huge grin plastered on her face it was mirroring the one daniel had on his face as they both took of for the bathroom.
"If this is negative we will be okay" Daniel says to her as the both look at the back of the test not turning them over yet. "I know we will" y/n simply replied. With that they turned over the tests.
"OMG YES" Daniel shouted excitedly as he turned to y/n tears forming in his eyes. "There's a baby in my tummy" she replied excitedly also as the tears were now running down both their faces. Daniel engulfed y/n in the biggest hug she swears she ever got off of him. "We are having a baby" he said happily "we are having a baby" she replied excitedly. All of y/ns worries had just disappeared the moment she saw the words pregnant.
Daniel placed his hand on y/ns stomach as she mirrored his action placing her hand on top of his. "Hey little bean we are your parent" the both said at the same time with smiles on their faces no one could wipe off.
Tumblr media
Authors note: I hope you guys enjoy this i really enjoyed writing it. In regards to the poll telling their families was most voted for so thats what I'll write next. Hopefully it eill be out soon but if you haven't noticed already I am a very slow writer 🤣🥰
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xhopelesslyromanticx · a month ago
Just an Affair - Charles Leclerc x Reader
Part 2
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, cheating, alcohol, explicit language, toxic behavior
summary: Feeling that your marriage was starting to fall apart you go seek comfort in the arms of a certain Monégasque guy. Knowing just how complicated things could get as your own husband was his literal opponent.
Tumblr media
The glass of champagne in your hand was already empty again as you bit the inside of your mouth so hard you were afraid the sensitive flesh was gonna bleed. One arm crossed over your body in an introverted manner while you leaned against the cold marble bar counter behind you. Feeling stupid for having put on your fancy lingerie, stupid for wearing the short black dress that you nearly suffocated in and even more stupid that you had come there despite knowing it wasn’t gonna end well.
You watched as your husband was all smiles and giggles as he chatted with the Formula 1 elite. All of them suited up and with a drink in their hands. The drivers all clearly hated this but it was part of the job. These were the people that brought the money, so it was of course expected for everyone to be nice. When you awaited for the waiter to refill what seemed like your millionth glass of champagne your attention fell to the lounge area, seeing some drivers had accumulated there, most of them with their girlfriend or wife by their side.
It made your stomach twist with embarrassment. Seeing how Max had his arms wrapped around his partner Kelly and how a clearly tired Carlos was resting his head on his girlfriend Isas shoulder. All seemingly living the same life as you but just being better at it. You blushed as you realized your staring hadn’t gone unnoticed, feeling the eyes of a certain brown haired Monégasque linger on you. The young man shooting you a friendly smile as his hands played with the glass in his hand.
It was the week of the Miami grand prix and you hadn’t enjoyed your stay in the states so far. Even if you had just arrived less then twenty four hours ago, it had been very unpleasant to say the least. But maybe it wasn’t the places fault, everything was perfect here after all. Or so it seemed.
„Here you go.“ the bartender handed you another glass of champagne, as you had decided to stick to the sparkling beverage. Knowing how bad things could get if you opted for something stronger or started mixing different alcohols. This was merely to not upset your stomach but also get you drunk enough to forget your worries. You gave the waiter a small nod before mumbling a short thank you as you brought the rim of glass to your lips, your bracelet on your wrist jingling with your every movement. Your eyes travelled through the room again as a sigh left your lips. God, how was it always you that ended up at the bar totally alone? 
„Enjoying the bar all by yourself I see.“ you turned your head to the right, checking who had just approached you. But even just the strong french accent had given it away as you stared at the brown haired guy who had a big smile on his lips, ever so perfectly showcasing his dimples. You smiled before taking another sip as you just looked at him watching your every movement „Yes but it’s good champagne at least.“
Charles shook his head, chuckling before turning to the bar and ordering himself a drink. He then hopped up onto the bar chair, causing you to raise your eyebrows. Was he really here to give you company? In a way it was sweet but also incredibly sad as you figured how pathetic you must look. But the Ferrari driver didn’t even give you much time to think about it as he signaled you to sit down as well. You did so, readjusting your short dress a little as you took place on the high bar chair. Charles eyes fell onto your legs while you did so and you could tell he was holding his breath in before brushing it off and asking „Enjoying Miami so far?“
„Mhm.“ you nodded, resting your arms on the counter top „It’s very nice, the place I mean.“
Charles furrowed his brows, the sad tone in your voice obviously didn’t go unnoticed to him. He could feel the eyes of his friends in the lounge on him, all of them wondering what the hell the young guy was trying to do. But he didn’t really care about what people thought. He had always liked you, even just from the few times he had gotten to talk to you. For a long time it was almost impossible to catch you alone, which had of course intimidated him. He wasn’t gonna risk anyone in the paddock having a personal vendetta against him, especially not the guy that called himself your husband. But things had changed lately and it didn’t go unnoticed to the Monégasque guy, that you seemingly spent more time standing in the corner all alone than usual.
„Yes, of course the place is nice.“ Charles chuckled, not really content with your answer „But what about you? Are you enjoying yourself?“
Charles saw as you wanted to say something but then decided against it. He also noticed your head turning around and looking through the room as if you were searching someone. And when you didn’t find him, your whole expression changed. Suddenly the guy found you to be much more relaxed and talkative. You two talked for nearly an hour as the place was starting to empty out. He would never forget the sound of you laughter and the feeling of your hand on his knee when you tried to calm yourself.
„He seriously said that?“ you wiped the corner of your eyes, having cried literal tears from lauging too hard. 
„Yes! I swear!“ the young guy laughed, as he watched you closely. The room almost completely empty with only the two of you and people starting to clean up. Only now you noticed how nice this bar was, with the chandeliers and all the details on the walls. Finishing your champagne as you had calmed yourself a little, you ran your hands through your tangled hair. 
„I may or not have to go.“ you sighed, looking at the time on your phone „Its past midnight and I’m gonna have to go back to the hotel.“
Charles lips turned into a frown as he noticed your heel playing with his chair. Your naked leg basically intertwined with his. Was this a sign? God the young guy felt scared to do what he did next but he just had to; he nervously placed his hand on your naked thigh as your eyes fell onto him. You held your breath at the sudden touch, almost giving you goosebumps. His hand travelled higher up when he saw you didn’t disobey and finally his fingers played with the hem of your short dress. 
„Please don’t go.“ the young guy whispered his fingers now confidently wandering under your dress. You quickly grabbed his wrist stopping his movements as you were already a little flustered. Charles almost looked sad when you did so, thinking you had just rejected him but your next words surprised the guy „Charles, not here.“
The feeling of being pressed against the hard wall behind you was enough to drive you crazy as you remembered the last time you felt this excited with your fingers buried in Charles hair as he eagerly attacked the skin on your neck with kisses. You wrapped you leg around him trying to pull him closer into you. You couldn’t even feel the cold bathroom wall against your back as you felt this incredible rush go through your body. Charles hands roaming your body, before resting on your hips. He pulled away from you, grasping for air as he looked at you with puffy lips and messy hair „Are you sure about this mon amour?“ 
God how would you even resist at a sight like that. You nodded and next thing you knew Charles guided you to wrap your second leg around him as you jumped up and put your arms around his neck, your face only inches away from his. The young guy carried you over to the bathroom sink before putting you down on the flat marble surface. He placed his lips onto yours softly again before quickly undressing himself from his blazer, dropping it to the ground as he started unzipping your dress while you unbuckled his belt. Much quicker in undressing you let his pants drop down to the floor. As Charles felt your hand on his lower stomach, playing with the the hem of his underwear he stopped in his track „Wait!“
You froze pulling away from him confused, had you done something wrong? Judging from his hard on that couldn’t be the case. Charles grabbed your left hand with out another word. He then held it up, signaling you what his problem was. You raised your eyebrows sending him a challenging look „Just take it off then.“
Charles didn’t need anything else as he tried to take of the silver ring on your finger with his hand. When he realized that didn’t work he quickly put his mouth use. Taking your finger in his mouth before carefully pulling off the ring with his teeth. Was he trying to test you? You knew you where supposed to feel bad about this, guilty even. This was the worst thing anyone could do but somehow it made you feel incredibly; good.
Your ring was placed onto the sink next to you before Charles started roughly pulling up your dress, not even bothering unzipping it anymore as it revealed your black lingerie. The Ferrari driver chuckled shaking his head at the sight of it as you could feel him press against your thigh. You looked down as you felt his thumb press against your lips before he grabbed your chin „You were planing on this, huh?“
Rolling your eyes you shook your head before biting your lips; guys and their ego. You put your hands onto his lower stomach again before now going a step further and pulling them down. Charles now feeling challenged by this and wanting to keep the upper hand, quickly and roughly did the same to you before without hesitation putting his fingers onto your private area. He teased you by running his fingers through your folds, feeling how wet you were, giving him exactly what you wanted „I bet I can make you cum with just my fingers.“
You chuckled shaking your head, as you tried not to go insane at his teasing touches. Your hand now wrapped around his cock without a warning as the guy took a sharp breath in. You smirked before whispering into his ear„I bet I can do it faster.“
He looked down at your hand as he closed his eyes for a second, knowing he was fucked. With how worked up he was he wasn't gonna last long. But Charles was extremely competitive so he of course agreed to the stupid challenge and next thing you knew he entered one of his fingers into you, slowly pumping in and out. One soon turned into two and then into three as his other hand stared rubbing circles against your clit.
„Fuck.“ you whimpered, already at his mercy. Somehow you managed to pump your own hand still wrapped around him up and down, even if it was hard to coordinate. Charles groaned before pressing his lips onto yours, your head pressed against the bathroom mirror. His movements remaining steady.
„Charles.“ you now moaned, feeling his hand against you with each of the pumps. He really knew what he was doing and you couldn’t remember the last time you actually felt like this. It wasn’t like your sex life was dead but once you start to resent someone it’s hard to enjoy the sex part. Did you actually just say you resent your husband? God what was this guy doing to you.
„You’re fucking crazy.“ Charles groaned, feeling the familiar feeling rush through his body. He couldn’t cum before you though so he picked up his pace, making you throw you head back as you were a moaniing mess. A satisfying smirk placed on the young guys face but next thing he knew cum started dripping down his shaft right onto your hand. That was enough to put you over the edge and with your head thrown back and your husband opponents fingers buried inside of you, you reached that sweet high you had been longing for. And Charles did so at the exact same time. Resting his hand on the mirror next to you, as he came all over your thighs. He closed his eyes, catching his breath before wordlessly pulling his fingers out of you. 
The brown haired guy pulled up his underwear and pants before grabbing some tissues and starting to clean up your thighs. You were taken aback by the sweet gesture, not used to this kind of affection after sex. But somehow the young guy made sure you were all cleaned up, before pulling up your panties. You watched him with furrowed brows closely as he readjusted your dress, his look so concentrated. When Charles was done he looked up at you, seeing your confused gaze 
„What?“  the guy chuckled, not understanding what he had done wrong. But you just shrugged your shoulders shaking your head, not wanting to ruin the moment with your own insecurities. You then hopped down the sink and just when you wanted to unlock the door, the Monégasque guy grabbed your upper arm agins. He turned you around looking down at you before pressing a soft kiss onto your lips again, as his hands brushed down your hair „Now let’s get you home.“
The next morning you woke up with a pounding headache. Memories of what happened the night before flooding your brain. God, what had you done? Seeing your husband had already left for practice you took your time to get ready. The only thought on your mind while showering being a certain brown haired guy. Still wondering what this now meant. But even if it had been wrong, it had felt so good to be wanted and treated with respect. 
You were also dreading going to the paddock because when you had gotten back to the hotel late last night your husband wasn’t exactly pleased. Allthough he had already been sleeping when you laid down next to him he hit you with a „We‘ll talk about this tomorrow.“
So with an eery feeling in your stomach you made your way to the Miami gardens. Not wanting him to get more upset with you than he probably already was. You had put on a white two piece and kept hair and makeup fairly simple. Maybe it was your unconsciousness trying to make you look as innocent as possible. But you felt like guilt was written all over your face when you stepped out off your Uber. Using your badge to get past security but most of them already recognizing you. 
A couple of teams where already done practicing for the first session on this Friday morning. So passed a couple of familiar faces all of them smiling at you bit not daring to say anything. It had always made you feel like kind of an outsider. Even the drivers girlfriends seemed to have a shared dislike for you, which you just couldn’t understand. But then again it was probably more of an issue with your husband than you. You also walked past the Ferrari home but Charles didn’t seem to be there. It was probably better, after all you shouldn’t think about him. You were here to support your husband.
„Y/n!“ a familiar voice yelled after you, making you cringe internally. You turned around to look at the older guy with the mercedes logo on his his chest.
„Toto!“ you gave him a fake smile as he furrowed his eyebrows, wondering why you had just wanted to pass the mercedes hospitality. You hadn’t wanted to talk to anyone, so you had been heading towards the stands but that was now not gonna happened.
„Tell me, Y/n. What the hell have you done to Lewis?“ Toto chuckled, shaking his head. You couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not but the mention of your husband‘s name alone made you wanna throw up. The gravity of what you had done hitting you.
„What- What do you mean?“ you stuttered, nervously fidgeting with your bag, glad you had choosen to wear sunglasses or else Toto would have probably noticed something was up right away. The Mercedes boss looked at you critically, he had never seen you this uneasy. Normally you had always been calm and relaxed but today there was something else going on.
„The guy's totally out of it today. Yelling at people and driving terribly.“ Toto explained, earning a sigh from you. Lewis could be so moody sometimes it was one of the things you absolutely despised about him. Every little thing you‘d do could cause him to go off like a little child throwing a tantrum. But it had been even worse since he had lost the championship last year, actually that’s when your marriage had started to go downhill. Your husband just was incredibly narcissist and everything was about him all the time. Or at least that’s how you felt.
„Alright.“ you just shrugged your shoulders, actually not really caring wheter or not Lewis was doing well. You had stopped caring about him winning after last year, seeing how incredibly dependent his happiness was on the stupid competition. It was an incredible turn off seeing him do things that weren’t sportsmanship like at all when racing against Max. And the things he had said, even to you, you weren’t ever gonna forget it. It made you hate this goddamn sport so much.
The look on Totos face was one of confusion and also disappointment as he tried to find the right words to say, just now realizing how bad it stood for Lewis and you. But there wasn’t enough time for him to say something because soon enough your husband walked onto the paddock, wearing his race wear and looking absolutely done as he drank his water while people were stood all around him, handing him towels and acting like he was some sort of god. Behind him followed none other than Charles, who hair was sticking down to his forehead as he clearly struggled under the warm Miami sun. Charles looked rather startled, and even when his eyes fell on you his expression didn’t change much.
„Lewis!“ Toto yelled his arms crossed as Lewis caught up to you. He looked at you behind Toto, not acknowledging you much at all „What the hell happened? It’s not even been five minutes!“
Lewis sighed, taking of his headset as he wiped some sweat of his forehead ignoring all the cameras around him. He looked at Toto with a clenched jaw, mad the guy hadn’t been there to communicate with him over the radio when he needed him „Me and Charles touched and I spun before I went into the wall.“
Toto stomped the ground angrily, making you flinch a little. You just hoped Charles was okay and not hurt, knowing how scary crashes could get. But the Mercedes boss was more than mad by now, feeling Lewis was being reckless „This is free practice Lewis! What the fuck are you doing driving so close to one another!“
„It was his fault! He‘s super competitive and drove up on me way to closely, leaving me no space to break!“ Lewis defended himself, making sure that no one heard him. Toto didn’t even really listen to him, he just turned around and gave you one last look as if he was trying to say that this was all your fault before walking off into the motor home. You watched him leave, awkwardly bouncing on your legs as Lewis stood beside you mustering you as he drank out his straw.
„Where were you last night?“ there it was, the question you had been avoiding to hear. You looked at your husband , biting the inside of your mouth. Thoughts traveling through your mind, what if he already knew? What would happen if he found out?
„I stayed at the bar a little longer.“ you shrugged your shoulders crossing your arms. He wasn’t one to talk after all, he had literally just left without you. Not even asking if you wanted to come with him. Lewis looked at you critically, not knowing wheter or not not he believed you. He knew you very well after all or at least he thought he did "It’s not like it really matters Lewis, right? Just focus on racing-"
„Of course it matters to me when my wife gets home in the middle of the night with zero explanation.“ Lewis muttered under his breath taking a step towards you. Great, he was angry again. This could only end well. You clenched your jaw, rolling your eyes, luckily your glasses prevented Lewis from seeing so.
„I just told you why.“ you insisted, staying calm so he wouldn’t flip out. Sometimes it felt like Lewis didn’t even listen to you, like he had his mind and opinions all made up. You shifted on your feet as felt uncomfortable by all the glares on you. Your eyes wandering the paddock as everyone was noisy and wanted to know what the seven time world champion was seemingly so mad about. Your eyes fell on Charles, who was watching you with crossed arms as he sat in front of the Ferrari motor sport home. He looked mad for some reason.
„Why are you looking at everyone but me?“ Lewis now spat out, clearly frustrated with how distant you seemed to be. You shot Lewis a death stare, shaking your head. People were watching and this was incredibly inappropriate.
„Lewis please.“ you sighed but the older guy didn’t listen, instead he just shook his head before angrily walking away. You were left feeling humiliated and embarrassed as you tried to resist the urge to cry. A breakdown in front of these people who had seemingly hated you all along was literally the last thing you needed. So you took up all your courage taking a deep breath in before starting to head towards the exit again. 
Charles had watched what seemed like a altercation between Lewis and you while he resisted the urge to go off at some of the Ferrari mechanics who were making fun of it.
„Seems like there‘s trouble in paradise.“ one of the guys in the red suits chuckled, clearly enjoying the sight of their opponent struggling. Charles took a deep breath in as he continued to listen to the disgusting conversation.
„Ye, I always disliked her though.“ the other guy stated, watching you with crossed arms „I mean she has to be out of it if she married that prick.“
„Can you shut up?“ Charles now interrupted the two, not wanting to hear anything else. Earning some confused looks by the mechanics Charles got off his chair. His body still aching a little from his collision with Lewis.
When he saw you take off he contemplated wheter or not to follow you. You looked sad and upset to say the least and he knew he had to be very discreet about it.Pacing up and down as he readjusted his messy hair and when he saw you disappear into the main building he decided it be okay for him to go after you. He excused himself, telling the mechanics he‘d get something to eat and walked off rather quickly. Knowing he‘d have to rush if he still wanted to catch you.
When he made it to the main building he looked around the hallway for any sight of you and to his luck he saw you stand there and lean against the wall. The Ferrari driver did on last check to see if anyone was watching and when he saw it was just the two of you, he approached you. He felt nervous, the confidence he had last night seemingly having disappeared into thin air. Little did Charles know that you felt the exact same way when you saw him. Without alcohol in your system and even slightly hungover it felt weird. 
„Y/n.“ the guy mumbled finally caught up with you as you leaned against the blank white walls, next to the empty reception. This building that worked as a back entrance for all working for Formula 1 was empty all over, giving one an eery feeling when walking in the hollow halls. Charles didn’t know what to do with his hand, resorting in him awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. 
„Charles.“ you shot him a weak smile, sensing he was just as nervous as you. It was really endearing seeing the young guy this worked up, barely getting out words.
„I-I…“ he now stuttered, causing you to raise your eyebrows in order to signal him you wanted to know what he was trying to get across. „Are- Are you okay?“
You knew he was asking because he saw Lewis and you. Or better; Lewis yelling at you. This is exactly what you had always been afraid of, being nothing but a side character in someones life. But how could it be different, of course everything was about Lewis. All about Lewis, all the time. 
„I am now.“ you stated, looking into Charles eyes. It still struck you that you hadn’t noticed how beautiful he was till last night. You had of course always thought he was a handsome guy but something was different now. It’s like you could actually see him. Charles could see it in your eyes, the way you looked at him. It made him feel incredible, like he had all the power in the world. So it only came natural that not even a second later he had his hand gripping on your waist as he smashed his lips onto your eagerly. Taken a back at first, you gave in after a couple of seconds. The kiss esger and rough but somehow still passionate, something you weren’t used to.
You whimpered feeling his tongue enter your mouth as his hands roamed your body, making you feel squirmy. Charles chuckled at the sound, pulling away and looking at you mischievously „Already?“ he asked as you punched his shoulder playfully. He knew you were at his ease and he absolutely loved it.
You reconnected your lips for a short second before backing away once more and whispering „Meet me outside at midnight.“
Charles was pacing up and down his hotel room, impatiently waiting for the clock to strike midnight. He felt nervous, checking his reflection in the mirror for the hundredth time as he readjusted his hair again. His white button up hanging loosely, revealing his toned chest. He thought about you. How incredible you were snd how he couldn’t understand how Lewis could be stupid enough to see it.
That was one more thing, normally one is supposed to feel some kind of guilt but Charles didn’t at all. He couldn’t have cared less about the man who called himself your husband.And yes that was possibly because Lewis treated you like garbage in his eyes. 
You slid out from under the sheets, Lewis asleep next to you. As you grabbed the shoes closest to you before looking back on last time. Thinking, if he just got up now, if he just saw you for once, then maybe you’d stay. But Lewis didn’t get up and a few seconds later you were wandering the empty hotel halls in nothing but your black silk nightgown and high heels. Knowing you were about to do something you could never take back.
Charles had his Ferrari parked outside your hotel, when leaving the building you earned a weird look from the nightclerk but you just ignored it. Walking into the pitch black night as the air hit your face. Surprised that it was still a  little fresh out even if it was already May.
The look you earned from the Monégasque guy could only be described as one of disbelief. Charles resisted to say something as he drove off with you in his car. The Ferrari driver drove what seemed like forever as he headed to some hotel he had booked a little out of town. Much more lowkey then the place he was probably staying at. But you knew you couldn’t risk anyone seeing you. 
Entering the room you were surprised by the sight. It seemed like the young guy had driven out here ahead of time and prepared a setting that reminded you of those in movies. Rose petals spread all over the floor as millions of candles where lit around the room, resulting in not even needing light. And on the bed there was a tray with champagne and glasses. 
„You did this?“ you asked turning around to look at the guy closing the door behind him. Charles turned around smiling like a little kid but the continuing to shrug it off like it’s no big deal.
„Yes, whatever.“ he scratched the back of his neck looking at you as he studied your expression while you looked around the room in awe. Unsure of wheter or not you liked it he whispered „Is it too much?“
This caused a chuckle to leave your lips, confusing the poor guy even more. Turning towards him as you slowly approached him before wrapping your hands around his neck. The sent of his cologne filling you with bliss, as you looked deep into his eyes before smiling „No, it’s perfect.“
Charles could have sworn he heard your voice tremble a little. Feeling relieved you were just as emotionally invested in this as him. He then continued to gently pull you close to him by grabbing your waist, his eyes still lost in yours before falling on your lips. Licking his own before he slowly leaned in. The kiss was different than the other ones you shared, resembling more the goodbye one he gave you just a night before. You never wanted it to stop, relaxing into it as you sighed. Charles then continued kissing all the way down your jaw to your neck and then collarbone. You threw your head back as his hands buried themselves in your hair. 
After a little while you couldn’t handle the sweet teasing any longe so you started stumbling towards the bed, holding him by his collar gently. You put you lips back onto his eagerly roaming your hands over your body before finally ending up at his belt. Starting to unbuckle it Charles pulled away breathlessy „Wait!“ the brown haired guy chuckled causing you to furrow your eyebrows. 
„What?“ you whispered basically painting for air and once again Charles took your hand and held it up. But when you both looked at it, you realized you weren’t even wearing your wedding ring at all. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion but decided to just forget about it, you had probably just forgotten it in the shower or somewhere. 
„Alright then.“ Charles smirked, satisfied with the little thing tying you to Lewis already being out the picture. He continued to kiss you, laying you down onto the bed underneath him as he hovered above you, running his fingers against your bare leg. Before you knew the guy had taken off his pants, while you worked on unbuttoning his shirt. It didn’t take long and you were laying there in just your underwear, ever so slightly shivering every time his fingers grazed your skin. With on swift motion he unclasped your bra behind your back and slid it of you ever so smoothly. A wave of insecurity hit you as you held your arms over your chest, feeling exposed as you looked at the guy above you. Charles shook his head, furrowing his eyebrows.
„Don’t do that.“ he whispered, removing your arms from your chest and pinning them to your sides in a non forceful manner. He looked down at you naked underneath him, his eyes sparkling „Your absoluetly beautiful. No need to hide mon amour.“
He placed his fingers between your breast and ran down between your chest, all the way to your lower stomach as he played with the hem of your lacy panties. Although you had technically seen one another naked an intimate once before, this felt much more real and not just a spur of the moment thing. You wanted this and he did too. 
Charles then continued to slowly pull down your underwear, while mustering your expression. You bit your lips as you felt his hard on press against your thigh through the material of his underwear. It didn’t take long and his lips were connected with yours again as his index and middle finger started teasing your clit. At first very slow and sensual but picking up his pace as your moans got louder. 
„Charles.“ you moaned, somehow feeling very natural to say his name „Please.“
The Monégasque guy chuckled, not stopping once but only getting faster as the sounds of your moans made his erection twitch in his pants. He pulled away from you, looking down at your puffy lips „I need you to say what you want mon amour.“
„You know what.“ you sighed rolling your eyes, your fingers digging into his back. You swore you could have cum right there and then. But you didn’t want to. Ignoring the feeling in your stomach as Charles geve you a challenging look „I want you to fuck me.“
Without hesitation Charles stopped his movement. The blunt choice of your words being enough to put him over edge. In what felt like not even a second and his own underwear was thrown to the ground as he hovered above you once again. Wrapping one of your leg around him as you pulled him hinto your body, his cock pressing against your pulsing clit. You felt him align himself against your entrance, his tips teasing your wet folds. 
He was fidgety and squirmy, something you hadn’t yet noticed him to be. But you found it endearing and as one would say; sweet.
„Are you sure?“ he whispered one last time as you gave him a quick nod „Yes.“
Ever so slowly you could feel him enter you. His cock stretching your insides as your walls tightened around him. Waves of sensations flooding through your entire body as you felt him stop for a second, allowing you to relax . After you did so he continued to push in all the way. You whimpered biting your lips and Charls took that as his clue to reconnect your lips. As he started moving in and out of you slowly. 
His hands roaming your body as you tried to comprehend all the feelings that you felt. Realizing just how much you missed having sex like this. With actual passion and care. Your moans becoming louder as Charles picked up the pace as you gripped onto the skin of his bare back. Charles panting himself as he kept on whispering sweet nothings into your ear. As you felt that familiar sensation build up in your stomach, deciding to wait till Charles himself was there. 
It only took him a couple more seconds until you felt him twitch inside you, pulling out of you quickly as he came onto your once again. Coming down from your high you chuckled seeeing how much of a mess the guy had made, sweat glistening on his forehead as he looked up at you. A smirk forming on his lips as he looked up at you „I think this might become our new thing.“
That night would change your life forever. Not just of what you had done but the fact that your husband had gotten a call from the host of the Formula 1 event a couple of days ago claiming they had found his wifes wedding ring in the mens restrooms. The guy had to legally refuse to inform Lewis of how he knew it was yours but god he had the urge to share what he saw on cctv that night. 
There was no doubt in Lewis mind that you had done something wrong and when you came home early that morning wearing only your nightgown and a guys button up, reeking of mens cologne and stumbling straight into the bathroom he knew what had happened. Lewis didn’t react though, wondering who the hell you had went to see. It struck him as odd that you weren’t even trying to cover your trail. Being super obvious about it, like you wanted him to know. It made him angry to think about you being with someone else. Who was it? Wad it just a s guy you had met here in Miami? Why would you throw away your whole marriage for that. For someone you barely knew. But the deven time world champion would go on to pretend like nothing happened the next days. He‘d take you out dor dinner and be the best husband he could possibly be. In hopes you‘d feel bad about your actions.
Race day came around and Charles was trying to concentrate on racing. But it was hard as he could only think about you, wondering how you were and what you were doing. He hadn’t heard anything from you since it happened an it confused him even more that Lewis had literally posted an instagram story of you with him at dinner last night, clearly showing you off. Like you were as happy as ever. It left the Ferrari driver doubting on how broken your marriage really was. It didn’t look all bad after all. 
Everyone had always felt like you were unapproachable and it was mostly Lewis fault. Other drivers had told Charles to stay away from you as the British guy apparently had real jealousy problems. But Charles felt like it was unfair for everyone to just write you off because of your husband. You were your own person after all. That was part of the reason why he had approached you at the bar. He wanted to get to really know you, not the idea everyone had of you. And it left him with an uneasy feeling once he realized that he maybe liked the real version of you a little too much. Having opened up to him like you did the other night.
But with Lewis and you seemingly having made up, Charles felt like you were avoiding him. You had ignored his texts after practice and had walked straight past him this morning. And after Charles just couldn’t handle his worries any longer he decided to just ask. He approached the Mercedes motor home taking of his headset starting P2 today and really proud of himself. People there just ignored him busy with work, so he just passed them walking into the hospitality.
His eyes scanning the room looking for you but instead landing on the guy he had such a strong disliking for when he spotted him in a corner talking to you. Lewis seemingly was mad about something as he pacing up and down the room furiously. While you just stood there with teary eyes, leaning against the wall. Charles contemplated wheter or not todo something and as he approached the brit he could finally hear what was going on.
„No Y/n!“ Lewis spat out, ignoring Charles presence „That’s not the point!“
Your eyes fell onto Charles, holding your breath. What was he doing in here? Wiping the corner of your eyes, not wanting him to see you cry. You didn’t want to seem weak, especially not in front of someone like Charles who you adored so much. Having resisted the urge to answer his messages the past 24 hour, feeling like it was unfair to pull him into your mess. And it had seemed like Lewis was finally happy again here in Miami. He had taken you out for dinner last night and it was actually fun. It reminded you of the good old times you two used to have before everything got complicated. He was your Lewis again. The Lewis you had fallen in love with. But today something had switched. He was angry and mad at you from the second you woke up. Every thing you did rubbing him the wrong way.
Lewis of course noticed your eyes falling onto the Monégasque guy and ignoring him in return. It pissed him off, seeing that the Ferrari driver was also literally staring at you. He had enough shit going on, he didn’t need to bother with him right now. He turned towards Charles with raised eyebrows before muttering „What’s up Leclerc?“
Charles sensed Lewis was tense but it didn’t stop his concerns for you. He decided someone had to finally confront Lewis about his behavior. It wasn’t okay. The young guy sent you an apologetic look before looking at Lewis „Why is she crying?“
Lewis clenched his jaw, looking back at you ad you tried to wipe the tears continuing to drop down your cheeks „She’s not.“
„Yes, she’s clearly upset about something.“ Charles insisted, his accent strong as he tried to talk some sense into the guy. How could Lewis not feel bad for you? After all you had been with him for so long. Through everything allways by his side. 
„Even if she is, it’s not your business!“ Lewis hissed, taking a step towards the young guy. It striked him as odd that the stranger seemingly was worried about you. Lewis was hit with a wave of male cologne, making him atop in his tracks. Charles nagging voice faded to the back of his head as all he could hear was ringing. His driving suit suddenly way too tight allowing him no chance to breath as all blood left his head. 
„No, I think you can’t just throw public spectacles like this and expect no conceque…“ Charles went on as your eyes fell on your husband, who was unusually quiet. When you noticed Lewis stand there almost frozen and pale you knew something had to be wrong. Wiping your tears as you rushed to your husband in worry, standing between him an the Ferrari driver. 
Charles stopped his rant as he watched the scene infront of him, seeing you grab Lewis face asking if he was okay. Seemingly scared he was gonna literally pass out by the looks of it. He crossed his arms as he felt his stomach twist. Was he actually jealous of a married womans husband?
Lewis took his time, looking back and forth between you and Charles. Trying to put two and two together. But as he saw the look on the brown haired guys face as he stared at you, he knew his suspicions were confirmed. Clenching his jaw and refusing the urge to go and punch Charles straight into the face he looked at you.
„Lewis.“ you whispered, realizing what had just happened here.
„You took off your wedding ring.“ Lewis muttered, not taking his eyes of you once as you let go of his face in your hands. 
„Do you really want me to have to say it?“ you mumbled, swallowing your tears as your whole body was shaking.
„I don’t.“ Lewis shook his head before looking up at Charles „I highly suggest you leave now. You’re not going to get near her ever again.“
Charles was speechless, looking for any sort of reaction from you. But when he looked at your face his heart was torn into literal pieces. Seeing you send him an apologetic look before he turned around and walked off. Realizing after all; it was just an affair.
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dontdidntsendit · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dirty Texting - Pierre Gasly
Summary: Pierre was teasing you the whole day so you decided you give him a revenge
Person: Pierre Gasly x fem!reader
Pls Note: English isn’t my first language
Warnings: teasing, sex, oral (fem receiving ) sex, mentions of god, swearing
Word count: 1.3k
Reading time: 8-12 minutes
You just woke up after a pretty hot night with Pierre. You were trying to look at the clock but you were tangled up in Pierre Arm. He was spooning you.
„Mhm good morning baby“ he mumbled as he pushed your ass against his harnend cock in his boxers as he was the big spoon. You turned around and gave him a soft but passionate kiss. „Last Night was hot“ he whispered „oh yeah“ you smiled. He started kissing you. His hands slipped under his alpha tauri shirt you were wearing sliding down to you ass. He slowly began to pull you closer as you were interrupted by his alarm. „Nooo fuck“ he shouted. „I’m so sorry baby. I Promise we will continue this afternoon!“ he continued. He stood up and went into the bathroom. You went into the kitchen to make some coffee. When he came back he gave you a small kiss. „I love you“ he said as he left the apartment.
You got ready for your work day. Dressing up and packing a small backpack with your laptop, tablet and other things you needed for work.
The whole day you couldn’t stop thinking about last night. The way he fucked you until you were screaming his name begging him to letting you come won’t leave your mind the whole day at work. As you came back from work you put on some comfy clothes as you got a call from Pierre. „Yes?“ you answered. „Baby I’m so sorry but the media appointment will take longer and I still need to go to the gym. I won’t be back until 6. I know I promised you something but I promise I will make you feel like yesterday night“ he said a little bit shy but confined. „Mhm… okay but please be here at 6. Don’t forget that we are going to dinner with Max, Kelly, Charles and Charlotte!“ you said. „Yes don’t worry“ he said „I love you“ he continued „Love you more. Bye“ „bye“ he ended the call.
You made yourself some food. After eating you cleaned the apartment. Summer Break started a week ago. So you and Pierre decided you visit Monaco and your friends for a few days since you had a small shared Appartement in Monaco with an amazing view. As you were done cleaning you looked at the clock it was 3 so you had 3 more hours until your boyfriend will be back. You went on the balcony, listening to a French learning podcast and watching the cars driving around Monaco.
At 4 you went into the bathroom to take a shower. After showering you put on a hot lingerie set [ Inspiration ] and a beautiful dress [ inspiration ] after you straighten and curled your hair. „Fuck I Look hot“ you said to yourself Hoping you both will continue what happened last night later.
„Baby I’m home“ you Heard Pierre shouting as he entered your Appartement as you sprinted to him pressing a soft kiss on his lips. „Couldn’t stop thinking about last night you know?“ you whispered in his ear as he kissed you passionately. „You’re so hot“ he whispered. „I love you“ you said. „I love you so much baby but we don’t have time now“ he said. You looked a little bit upset as he went into the bathroom to get ready.
After he got ready you two went into the car driving to the restaurant. You went in and directly saw max and Kelly. „Heyyy“ you said as Kelly hugged you. A few minutes later Charles and Charlotte joined you four. You really had a fun night. You laughed a lot. But the last night and this morning won’t leave your mind. You were so horny so you decided to text your boyfriend who was sitting on the opposite side of the table.
„Pierre I’m so wet. Can’t stop thinking about the way you fucked me last night“
you texted him. You saw him opening your message as he immediately turned off his phone laying it back on the table with a shocked face. You smirked. It was so funny for you to see him struggling Starting a real conversation. He didn’t mind ending the dinner as soon as possible.
You two went back to his car. On the way back home you acted like nothing happened. Back in the Appartement he directly pushed you against the wall. „acting so innocent the whole time but being horny aren’t you“ he whispered in your ear. „Please Pierre please“ you begged him. „Is it that what you wanted? Being pulled against the wall like a little slut?“ he teased. Pierre started undressing you. „Fuck“ he whispered as he saw your Lingerie. „God you’re so hot“. He also started undressing himself and you helped him leaving him only in his boxers. He ripped of your bra directly sucking on your nipples and massaging your boobs as you let out a soft moan. „Fuck Pierre“. „Love it when you moan my name“ he whispered. Pierre pulled you up carrying you on the bed. „On your back“ he commanded and so you did. „Oh god you’re such a slut. Haven’t even started yet and you’re already so wet for me. Doing everything I tell you to do “ he whispered.
„Please Pierre“ you begged as he went down on you leaving kisses all over your body. He softly pulled down your panties getting a perfect view on your pussy. „Looks Perfect“ he said more to himself then to you. He softly ghosted your folds only making you feel a warm breathing. „Come on Pierre“ you shouted. „Beg for it!“ he command. „Please Pierre eat my pussy. I’m so wet“ you begged what made him start. He placed his mouth on your clit while drawing some circles around your entrance before he pulled some fingers in you. „Yeah fuck“ you moaned. „Right there“ „such a dirty girl“ he mumbled. „Please Pierre I’m coming“ you moaned. „Yeah?“ he raised an eyebrow. „Yes! Please let me come“ you moaned. „Come for my my little slut“ that was all it takes for you to come all over his mouth and fingers as he smirked. He scooped up some of your cum and made you suck it up from his fingers. „Good Girl aren’t you?“ he smirked.
He started kissing you slowly. He began you pull off his boxers. He let out a silent small moan as you saw his rock hard cock. Pierre placed him right at your entrance not waiting long to pull in. „Fuck Pierre“ you moaned. He let you some time to adjust to his size. Around ten seconds later he started thrusting inside you directly hitting your g-spot perfectly what made you go insane. „Fuck yeah. Right there“ you moaned loudly. „God you’re so tight baby. You feel so good“ you moaned. He thrusted faster and faster in you as you felt your orgasm coming. „Fuck Pierre. I’m coming“ you practically screamed. „Me too. Come for me. But make sure to let the whole house heat who makes you feel so good“ „fill me up“ you begged as you clenched around him coming all over his cock. „Fuck Pierre fuck oh my god yes“ you screamed while he fucked you through your orgasm as he reached his own high filling you up „fuck you feel so good“ he said sinking onto your chest.
He slowly pulled his dick out watching his cum dripping out of you. He went up to bring you some toilet paper and he cleaned you up. You went into the bathroom to pee. You put on a comfortable pantie and an oversized Alpha Tauri shirt from him. You went back in the bedroom. Laying your head on Pierre’s chest. It only took you a few minutes to fall asleep.
Get me a Pierre NOW! Okay I’m starting zo get addicted to writing smut.
Requests are open :)
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lovingperfectionsblog · 2 months ago
The Lockpick
Daniel Ricciardo x reader
Summary: y/n catches the boys locked out of Daniels flat and surprises them all by getting them back in.
warnings: none. (Maybe a swear word?), Drunk people.
Word count: 2930 words
Authors note: This is my first piece I have ever written; it hasn’t been edited or checked, let me know what you think 😊 I just decided I needed to be creative, and this is weirdly what I was inspired to do. Enjoy
“Explain to me again why we’re sitting outside in the hallway and not in bed at, 2:00am please?” Max sighed as he sat himself down next to the locked door.
“We’re all aware that I fucked up thank you Max, but your negativity isn’t doing much to help the situation here” Daniel quipped back as he tried to force his front door open.
It wasn’t his brightest move, by mistake locking his keys in the flat before they left to go grab a few drinks, which turned into too many drinks and subsequentially a full-on night out, leaving all of the boys barely able to stand, let alone manage to get back into Daniels locked flat without the keys. It wasn’t his brightest move, no, not that, it was a rookie error is what it was. How could he not have checked for his keys before he left his flat and how did he only realise this as they were getting back to the flat. He knew he was never going to hear the end of it from the other drivers. Well maybe not Pierre, he wasn’t even sure Pierre was still awake at this point, looking back at him, his eyes were closed and he had his head resting on Charles shoulder, while Charles was whisper shouting at Daniel what he should do to in order to get the door open, not sure if it is to keep quiet for his friend who was asleep, or to be courteous to Daniels neighbours, either way, Daniel was thankful to his friend for the consideration.  
Max on the other hand was a bit too drunk and a bit too frustrated at the situation to care about his volume.
“Is there no way we can go get someone like security to help us?” Max asked, staring at Daniel but making no move to go and get them.
“We’ve already been over this, they can’t. I’ve tried. They can only help tomorrow morning with a locksmith” Daniel continued jiggling the doorknob, hoping it would somehow magically open the door for them and he could finally climb into bed and be done with this entire evening.
“I can’t even call Charlotte, my phone died hours ago” Charles stated, trying not to move too much as he put his phone back in his pocket without waking his friend.
“How is it that out of the four of us, none of us have a working phone so we can actually make a plan to sort this out” Daniel was defeated, he didn’t know what else to do and he could feel himself sobering up the more and more frustrated he got.
“God, let me try again, you’re clearly fucking useless at this” Max got up, trying to move Daniel out of the way so he could take a crack at getting the door open.
“Mate, it’s all good, I’ve got this” Daniel stated, trying to prevent Max from getting to the door handle, placing both his hands on the handle as Max reached for it.
Charles sat there watching as the two men struggled it out, their ego and pride getting the best of them, both wanting to prove they could get the door open. Charles wasn’t stressed though, he knew this was nothing but the boys having a bit of fun, hearing them laughing in between the minor insults they were throwing at each other, as they battled it out in their drunken state over dominance for the door handle.
This play fight was becoming more and more boisterous and had somehow ended up with Max’s head under Daniels armpit, Daniel giving Max a noogie and Max trying to get himself free by trying to trip Daniel. All three boys being unable to keep their laughter down by this point, the rumbunctious noise getting louder and louder by the second.
Due to this noise, none of the boys had noticed the woman that had turned the corner and at no point had she expected this scene, in the middle of her hallway at 2am. She stopped in her tracks, her tipsy self-unsure of what to do, just wanting to get past and get to her flat so she could finally get these heels off and fall into bed and hopefully sleep until 9am, at least, the next day.
As y/n stood there, she tried to work out what could possibly be going on, trying to piece together all the elements of this almost renaissance-esque scene. The four grown men prompting more questions than providing answers.
“Excuse-moi” she quietly said, weirdly not wanting to disrupt them too much, but still wanting to get their attention.
The young man who she had assumed was asleep was the only one who stirred and moved his head lazily in her direction, dragging his eyes from her feet all the way up her body, and finally widening his eyes and they landed on her face. Pierre immediately tried getting up, albeit a little clumsy in his movements, prompting Charles to look at his friend to see what he was doing, still laughing with tears in his eyes over the scene he was just watching.
“Excuse-moi Mademoiselle” Pierre said, bowing low, trying his hardest to look somewhat put together in front of the new company the men found themselves in, despite his clear intoxication.
This action from Pierre caused the other three boys to stop in their tracks, Charles Scrambling to his feet, suddenly realising how drunk he was, having to grab on Pierre to stabilize himself. Daniel and Max though were originally facing in the opposite direction, having to turn to face you, but neither giving up their position, still in a wrestling pose, Max’s head still trapped by Daniels arm, but Max had now at least been able to grab onto Daniels one leg properly. Eventually, in the same position, they both managed to look at you standing there, you feeling more and more awkward as time went on. An awkward stand off happening between the five of you, all simultaneously a bit too drunk to probably process what was happening.
“Is everything alright?” you enquired, looking at the four men confused, hoping to get an answer as to what the antics were about.
Upon hearing your voice, Daniel and Max seemed to realise the position they were still in and Daniel let go on max’s head, causing Max to stand up straight, but not thinking of letting go of Daniels leg, he slightly yanked it up with him and he bolted up, causing Daniel to fall into the door. As he was falling, Max caught him and helped straighten him up, fixing his creased shirt from where he had grabbed him, Daniel swotting away his hands so he could fix himself.
While Max and Daniel remained in their little bubble, Pierre had yet to take his eyes off you, smiling happily, like you had just made his evening by showing up. Charles eventually ended up tugging on Max to get him to stop bickering with Daniel yet again, forcing them to pay attention to the woman that was now standing in front of them. You let out a giggle at their antics, causing all the boys, now standing in a straight line across the hallway to blush as they looked at you.
Since none had answered your previous question, you tried again, “is everything okay” before adding “or was it just a really good night out?”
“Daniel locked his keys in the flat” Max blurted out, with Charles, Pierre and himself pointing at who you now assumed was Daniel. At that, Daniel turned to look at them all, embarrassment creeping up on his face and he looked ready to either argue or continue the original wrestling match.
Charles gave him a pointed look, almost daring him to continue, but Daniel knew better than to face Charles at this point, so he instead just gave an exacerbated sigh, looking back at the woman. It wasn’t until this point that Daniel realized why Charles didn’t want to cause more of a scene. Before the four men stood easily one of the most proper and beautiful looking women he had ever seen. His embarrassment increased ten fold as he finally truly took you in.
You had just come from a gala for work, as an art dealer, working for a high-profile art gallery and auction house, this was an unfortunate requirement. You needed to schmooze up to the elite of Monaco to get them to buy art, but you didn’t hate the idea of being able to dress up beautifully and get free drinks for a couple of hours. Albeit an unfortunate requirement, you still really did love it.
You had your make up done up beautifully, without making you look unlike yourself, simply highlighting your green eyes with some natural tones and allowing your already strong cheekbones to stand out slightly more that they normally did. A slight red matte lipstick adorned your lips, to match your dress. Your hair had been curled and left loose to hang down.
The dress you wore was an A-line deep red dress. Dipping into a low v with the sleeves resting off the shoulder. A long slit cut into the side f the dress showed off your toned leg perfectly when you walked, choosing to remain more modest for this event. Class was always key at these types of galas, and you intended to make sure that while you were still desired and looked beautiful, you still looked proper and classy. There were certain tricks to making rich people buy art after all. You paired this all with gold high heels that complimented your gold hand bag that you chose to take with.
This look that you had desired to go for had clearly worked on the men in front of you, especially Daniel, assuming you had never had anything bad happen to you ever nor had you ever done anything wrong in your entire life. Proper, innocent, yet beautiful. God, we felt like such an idiot standing there in front of you. He had literally just been wrestling with a friend, both grown men, wrestling, because of a locked door and their egos. Why did you have to walk up to them then and there? He could feel himself internally groaning.
As Daniel was silently hoping for the earth to swallow him whole, Max decided to expand on his previous statement, since none of the other men seemed willing, or rather capable, at this point.
“As I was saying, Daniel by mistake forgot his keys in the flat and didn’t bother to check before we left to go out and then we possibly got too drunk and he only realized when we got back to the flat with all our phones dead and apparently security can’t do anything about it until tomorrow morning and so now we’re stuck outside and HE won’t let anyone else try to open the flat” Max explained, rushing through the story and staring at Daniel on the emphasis of he. Daniel didn’t even bother to dignify Max with a look at this point, instead opting to just stare at the floor, avoiding your gaze, assuming you think he was nothing but an idiot.
Finally, it all had made sense and you burst out laughing. Of course, this is what had happened to these men. Without even knowing them, just by looking at them, this seems like the most natural thing to have happened to them. Pierre and Daniel both perked up at the sound of your laugh. Music. It had to have been music, Daniel thought as he watched you cover your mouth as your laughing continued.
“Would you like some help?” you asked when you stopped laughing.
All the boys immediately began to say no, assuming you meant they could crash in your flat and there was no way they could do that to you.
“Are you sure? Really, its absolutely no problem” you stated as you began walking towards Daniel.
“I mean, only if you’re able to help us-“Pierre began and that was all you needed to hear as you placed your hand on Daniels arm, in order to shift him slightly from the door so you could kneel in front of it.
Pierre stopped talking as he watched you get on your knees, all four men confused as to what you were doing. You opened your purse and grabbed two bobby pins out and bent the one, firmly securing it into the bottom of the lock and placing the second one in the top, shuffling it around, carefully trying to listen to the lock.
“Are you trying to-“Daniel began,
“Pick your lock?” you interrupted, looking back at him with a sly smile on your face. All four men nodded in response, “I’m not trying to sugs, I am picking your lock” you calmly stated, ignoring the look of surprise on their faces as you turned back to continue with his lock.
“Am I turned on by this?” Pierre thought aloud, slapping his hand over his mouth when he realized that everyone could hear what he said, although the response was not what he expected, instead the other three men grunting in agreement to his question.
The men stood there in silence watching you for a few minutes before you tried the door handled and the door swung open on your push. You pulled the bobby pins out the lock and stood up with a triumphant look on your face.
“How?” was the only thing that came from any of their mouths. You recognized the question coming from the shorter, darker haired man.
“The real question is how you didn’t learn these types of life skills boys” You retorted, beginning to make your way down the hallway to your apartment, “have a wonderful evening boys hope the hangover isn’t too bad” you said, Max Charles and Pierre thanking you and waving back as they began walking into Daniels apartment, still confused with what they had just witnessed.
Daniel stared after you, needing to know more about you, because the woman you presented yourself as was definitely not the woman, he just witnessed in front of him, surprised that both could co-exist.
“Hey, hold up” he shouted, jogging up to you before you had the opportunity to get your own keys out your bag, “what exactly was that? How do you know how to pick locks?” he asked as he ended up standing in front of you.
“Weird life skills I’ve had to learn to pick up on,” you shrugged, “plus, my job has required me to know how to do it a weirdly large amount”, you said with your own confused look on your face, remembering all the times you had to pick locks at the most unexpected times.
Daniel laughed at your admission, and a little at your facial expression, “either way, it was impressive” he admitted, a small smile adoring his face.
You felt pride filling your chest as you squeaked out a small thank you.
“I don’t think I can go to bed now without at least securing a potential date to get to know you a bit better, if you’d be interested in that?” Daniel awkwardly asked, too scared to meet your eye. God, when did he get nervous asking a woman on a date?
“I’d love to, would be great to get to know the guy who locked himself and his friends out of his flat on a night out” you giggled in response, causing a massive smile to spread over his face.
At that exact moment, Max popped his head out of Daniels flat, “Oi, Mate, Charles and Pierre are fighting over your bed and I need you to know that I was promised it so could you stop flirting and please come and sort this nonsense out, no offence ma’am” he whisper shouted down the hall, tipping his imaginary hat in your direction, before disappearing back into the flat.
“I guess I should probably go and sort those children out before they burn my flat down or kill each other, but I’ll slide my number under your door tomorrow if that’s okay and we can organise a time for our date then?”, he asked, rocking on the balls of his feet, nerves radiating off of him.
“Concerning that you’re the one who has to go and sort that one out, but yes, that is all perfect”, you said.
“Okay, well, night then”
“Good night, Daniel”
Daniel left to go back to his apartment, and you turned to open your door and step inside.
“Oh, you look beautiful by the way” Daniel shouted out his door, grinning down the hall at you.
“Like an angel” Pierre shouted, popping his head under Daniels, making you chuckle.
“Mate, I already asked her on a date” Daniel said, looking down at Pierre
“Hey, she might absolutely hate your date and she could decide to go on one with me instead” Pierre retorted with a shit eating grin before rushing inside, Daniel chasing after Pierre and slamming the door shut behind him.
You couldn’t help barking out a laugh as you closed the door on the raucous scene you left behind you, finally climbing into bed.
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