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i love you | harry styles x reader
♯ summary : harry expresses his love for you.
♯ warnings : fluff, kissing, mentions of sex
♯ word count : 313
Tumblr media
waking up to the feeling of light pecks across your face was how you usually started your day. the slight ticklish feeling waking you up. “good morning, h” you sighed. you were tired after a very long and intimate night with harry. you smiled, thinking about the night before. the way his slow strokes had you in a state of pure bliss.
“hello, love,” he grinned. “how’d you sleep?” “like a baby,” you spoke, slightly muffled as you turned around into the soft pillows. he giggled while admiring you. you were the most beautiful girl in the world to him. he loved you and everything about you. he loved how you stuck with him through all ups and downs. he loved the way you laughed at all of his jokes, even the ones that weren't funny. he wanted you to know that he loved you, even though you two haven’t said those words to each other yet, you both knew you loved the other.
“(y/n)...” he paused. he needed you to know this but he didn’t want to scare you off. you were it for him. he didn’t want anyone else. he didn’t see a future with anyone else. you were the only one for him. you were starting to get worried, not being able to tell how he’s feeling. “h, what’s going on? is everything okay?” “yes, love. everything is fine, i promise.” he said slowly. you sighed, feeling relieved. “what’s on your mind, bub? you can tell me.” you whispered.
“i love you” he spat. “i've loved you since the day we met, i love everything about y-” he was cut off. cut off by your kiss. you lips colliding with love and comfort. “i love you too, harry.” you smiled, pulling away from him. you loved him too.
༉‧₊˚✧ a u t h o r s n o t e
this is my first time posting any writing on here so i’m very nervous!! please send me requests, i need ideas!! hope you enjoyed :)
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🩸sometimes peter being a nerd is just so hot i 😐😐😐 would 100% be all over him when he starts ranting about science shit... it's so embarrasing ✋✋✋ but he better keep talking 😐 like it's bad idk where it comes from. he could read a textbook and i would cum. ok im escorting myself out
fr, he'd be babbling about anything and i'd just watch in awe.
Tumblr media
"you know those weird gooey shapes during the halloween party in donnie darko? that's like, real. kind of?"
"oh yeah?" you quirk an eyebrow as you lean towards peter on the couch.
"that wasn't a bad portrayal of the multiverse, honestly. i mean, it's not about time traveling but more so about parallel universes. like, all that shit happening was in a tangent universe and even though the fourth dimension is technically impenetrable--"
you blink up at peter when you realize he's stopped talking.
"hi," peter murmurs, mouth spread in a curious smile. "are you even listening to me?"
"yes, i am!"
"okay, well, even if the writer just made everything up out of his ass, it was pretty valid in its methodology with the proposition that there's a theoretical connection from a wormhole to other... y/n!"
"why are you looking at me like that?"
"like what?" you smirk.
"i don't know. am i talking too much? for the past ten min--"
you shut up him with a kiss and he accepts it graciously, hand flying to your lower back to pull you closer. your hand moves from his jaw to his throat and out of eagerness you accidentally squeeze the side of his neck, making him whimper quietly in your mouth. the sound encourages you, but instead, you pull back.
"wh-what was that for?" peter whispers, his eyes blown out.
"nothing, you're just hot when you talk about quantum physics."
"oh," he blushes. "well in that case..."
"okay, no," you shush him with your finger to his mouth. "no more. time for kissing now."
"yes ma'am."
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Tumblr media
Y/N and Harry are the most desired couple in our town. According to their friends they knew they would be destined for each other forever. What could they say? They are the hottest couple known to man. 
“Babe! Let’s dance. I want you close.” Harry said tugging you away from your friend group. 
“Get a room.” They all shouted out. “Harry let us have Y/N. We envy her and both of you make me sick.” Amber said. You’ve known her since you two were in elementary school. All of your friends seem to agree with her because they all decide to nod their heads in agreement. 
“No! She’s mine and I want my baby close to me.” Which is ironic because Harry is behind you with his arms wrapped around you and you can feel his mouth on your neck leaving love bites behind. 
“I- Harry.” You moaned because Harry knows where to leave those heinous bites on your neck to have you begging him to do more than these love bites.
 “Ew, gross. Take her please. I don’t want to hear any of those moaning from you.” Alex said turning his back from you guys. You couldn’t help but to laugh and take Harry's hands to the dance floor.
Harry wrapped his hands around your waist while yours was wrapped around his neck. You guys couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to touch each other. Touching is one of your guys love language and without that you two would suffocate to death. 
“I’m in love with you Y/N L/N.” Harry said without taking his eyes off from you. 
“I’m in love with you too, Harry Styles.” You said admiring how lucky you are to have him. Your relationship with him isn’t always rainbow and sunshine but it’s all worth it if that means you’re able to have him like this. In these moments. These are the moments you realize Harry is your breath of fresh air. Harry is the only one who can bring you the most happiness but at the same time he’s the only one who could bring you the most pain. 
That’s you and Harry's love story. You two are so toxic for each other but he’s also the love of your life. 
You guys were too into the moment that you didn’t realize your friends captured a picture of you too deeply in love.
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‘𝘴 𝘸𝘰𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘧𝘶𝘭 - 𝘱𝘱
word count; 614
warnings; none !! just fluff :•)
author’s note; i didn’t know if this was supposed to be a fic or a blurb but i had this tiny idea love u all hope u enjoy it <3
Tumblr media
there’s something so domestic about being home alone on an evening in spring. the air is still cool as you bundle up in your blankets, but it’s warming up. the fairy lights are a whimsical decoration that are like tiny stars around your room — not compared to the ones that are outside, that made peter parker’s honey eyes twinkle so poetically during your walk home. and with the soft glow of your lamp that made him radiate comfortness with his tousled curls hanging above his forehead.
“what movie did you say you wanted to watch?” he asks softly, hazel eyes watching you so softly as you get out of your and peter’s little cocoon of warmth. “oh, uhm, it’s called ‘funny face,’” you bend down to pick up the vhs tape in its case, showing peter the cover. “it’s an audrey hepburn movie” he tilts his head— much like a puppy —in curiosity. “it looks cool” you chuckle softly at him, putting the tape into the player and retreating back to his side as he puts an arm around your shoulders. you breathe him in, and he smells like a dream. “it is”
the movie plays on, peter continuing to hold you as close as ever. you don’t mind, you never could. your head’s resting on his shoulder, one hand resting on his lap over your blanket as your pinkies intertwined; you’re not shy around him anymore. though, you’ve been dating for almost three years, some small acts of loving on still had you feeling too flustered to complete the little gesture. but peter, the sweetest and most gentle, thought that was okay (and pretty adorable, if you asked him). so when you gently tapped your pinky, gently against his, he heard you.
“hey, is this the song you were talking about the other day?” peter speaks up in a gentle tone, his eyes dancing between audrey hepburn and fred astaire’s characters on screen, to you feeling so peaceful and content against him. “yeah,” you chuckle softly. “it’s one of my favourite songs. right next to ‘how long has this been going on?’” you tell him, meeting his warm brown eyes that glow then looking back at the screen. he sees how the characters on screen are singing a romantic melody together and he’s thankful you can’t hear his heartbeat right now. without thinking, his legs and feet move him off the bed and away from your side (but only for a bit) as he goes to stand at the foot of the bed. you look up at him curiously. “pete? whatcha doin’?”
“dance with me, lovebug?”
your heart feels like a lighted candle, flickering with every word peter says and all you do is stand up in agreement, meeting him as he holds his hands out for you to take. and you do, looking at the matching set of pajamas his aunt may got you both on a spur of the moment – she does everything for the cutest couple she knows. it makes this moment between you two one of many fairy tales that you’ll absolutely share together.
peter gently pulls you into his chest, slowly twirling you around with the limited space you have. you do the same, and it’s a repeated sequence that’s full of smiles, hearts, laughter, and starry eyes as you dance amongst the fairy lights hung up in your room. you’re both like two bambis; it’s clumsy, but you wouldn’t trade it for all the perfectly memorized steps in the world as he brings you back into his chest, soft, pillowy hands coming up to gently cup your face as his forehead makes home with yours.
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peter taglist; @badassbabeparker @kelieah @nocturnalms @sophi54 @wildxwidow @parkersholland
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Take My Hand
Pairing: Jake Kiszka X gn!photographer!Reader
Summary: You take some photos of your boyfriend, Jake while the two of you are hanging out.
Warnings: None :))
Please Note: Jake Kiszka is a real person that I have never met and the way I’ve written him should not be seen as anything but a work of fiction.
Word Count: 570
a/n: this blurb is based off of the photo below :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You had been trying to take some photos of your boyfriend Jake for some time now as you had asked him if you could for your portfolio, but he just wouldn’t stop making you laugh. Whether it was by tickling your ribs or making some joke, and because of that you hadn’t even been able to take at least one photo yet.
“Alright, stop making me laugh. I really wanna take these photos of you and I have none so far.” you said as you slowly stopped laughing, jokingly pouting a bit whilst you did this.
Jake smiled over at you and before he could even say anything, you quickly snapped a cute photo of him while that cute grin was still on his pretty face, making him jump a bit when he heard your camera go off.
“Okay, okay. I’ll stop making you laugh, I just like seeing you smile is all.” he made known to you as he jokingly held his arms up in defense.
And while he said that to you, you quickly snapped another photo as you loved how good Jake always looked in any candid photo taken of him, no matter if you were the one taking it or if it was taken by someone else.
As for his next pose, Jake held his hand out to the camera like you were miles away and he was reaching out to grab you and bring you back to him.
“Can I suggest something for the next couple of photos?” Jake kindly asked you, his eyes meeting your own as your camera disappeared from your face and was set down in your lap.
“Of course, Jakey. What are your ideas?” you asked him in return while one more smile rolled out across your enchanting lips.
He set the palms of his hands down on the table in front of him whilst he began to explain his ideas to you, “So I was thinking for the next one instead of me just reaching out to camera, you could take my hand in yours and then take the photo exactly like that. And for the other one, I was thinking we could take one together since we don’t have that many photos together.” his cheeks blushing by the time he had finished talking.
Your eyes then lit up at the sound of his ideas, “I would love that.” you replied, your cheeks now blushing as well.
“I love you, Jake, more than anyone else.” you quietly said to him a few minutes later just before the camera took the photo of you too, your noses brushing up against each other.
“And I love you, (y/n), more than anything else on this entire planet.” he replied, making you both smile as you continued to look into each other’s eyes and the camera took the photo.
While you looked at the result, you couldn’t help but let happy tears prick at your eyes.
This photo was the best one you had ever taken in your opinion. And you were glad that you would both now have a cute photo to look at whenever either of you needed something to lift your moods.
Jake then turned off your camera for you and cupped your face in both of his hands as he softly kissed you, the pads of his thumbs wiping your happy tears away while his lips remained pressed to yours.
Tumblr media
greta van fleet tag list: @mckenna4 @gremlincum @gretavanbri
permanent tag list: @weenersoldierr @winter-soldier-101 @canadailluminate @itsmentalillness @drayshadow @black-rose-29 @mess-in-side @mckenna4 @alexxavicry @theworldaccordingtoaballerina @stanmixtapes @randomwriter1021
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Professor au! Where y/n is McGonigle's adopted daughter a Hufflepuff and she clicked with the Murauders much to her moms concern.
Skip presenting where professor y/n McGonigle-Black and Professor Sirius Black are watching as their Hufflepuff daughter mixes into the Weasley twins, Harry, and all of their mischief. Sirius is always protective of his girls but glad she mixed with Gryffindors and not Slytherins. Y/n however is very openly concerned they will be bad influences only to have all three Marauders turn to her with wide eyes as Sirius announces çhiw do you think Minnie felt when you befriended us, then went and married me of all people!"
Nah because Minnie would still be there and ofc she hears them laughing and she’s like ‘now you know how I feel’ which only makes everything funnier and they’re dying of laughter but she’s just frowning and Sirius is like ‘c’mon I’m not that bad am I?’
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Tumblr media
This was just a random blurb
I want to be crushed on by katsuki bakugo. No like im deadass, just imagine him fumbling over his then getting pissed off abt it.
Him not knowing how to properly show his affection so he just does the most subtle things hoping you’ll catch on.
Katsuki making you the taste tester for everything he cooks even if it means waking you up at the ass crack of dawn to try the new breakfast recipe he tried.
Or, him complaining about how he doesn’t have someone to train with whenever he wants
After realizing you’re completely fucking oblivious he’ll just blurt it out… but at the most INCONVENIENT moment ever. Like while you’re drinking a hot liquid making you spill it on yourself or when you’re surrounded by your entire friend group this leading to alot of chaos
Listen okay he didnt mean to say it outloud like that but damn holding that secret was becoming overbearing as hell.
And honestly he couldn’t wait any longer to see what your response would be. Impatient ass
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helaintoloki · 2 months ago
pairings: Druig x eternal!reader
notes: this is kinda short bc i’m still getting used to writing for the character so my apologies
warnings: angst, pining, unrequited love
summary: in which you come to terms with your life of eternal loneliness
Tumblr media
Your existence is lonely.
Having been given extraordinary gifts and near-immortality, you should have considered yourself blessed to be granted the life of an Eternal. The people of earth adore you no matter where you go, the planet’s elements bend to your will with ease, and you get to spend your time here on this world with people you consider family, so you should be grateful. What more could you possibly want?
But as you witness the laughter spill from Druig’s lips and the smile he saves for Makkari’s eyes only you’re harshly reminded of the one thing your existence is missing.
Requited love.
You aren’t quite sure when it happened or even why it did, but you had foolishly fallen in love with the man you considered to be your closest friend, never once considering the possibility that your closeness could lead to heartache down the line.
There had always been a sense of understanding shared between the two of you, a balance that kept you both from falling off the edge. When it all became too much you looked to Druig to chase away the monsters and put your emotions back in order when you couldn’t. You kept him from making rash decisions and often talked him down during his times of frustration with the humans and his inability to interfere. It wasn’t always perfect, and there were times when neither of you could see eye-to-eye, but it worked, and it was what kept you sane throughout the years. Druig was your confidant, your best friend, but he would never be yours.
He would never look at you the way he looked at Makkari, would never shower you in compliments and give you coy smiles when you melted into his touch. Though you were a friend, you would not be the one he went searching for in the middle of the night. You would forever be a second choice, but you had learned to be okay with that. You would accept his scraps, cherish the small moments shared in the shadows of the domo, savor every spared glance and lingering touch. A single brush of his fingertips against your own could satiate the hallow pit of longing in your chest for centuries— you’d take what you could get no matter how pathetic if it meant maintaining your friendship.
“Sulking so early in the evening, my dear?” His voice is teasing, smile mirthful as he pokes at your side and breaks you from your contemplative state. Brought back to the present, you are reminded of the party taking place before you. The locals play their music and dance, taking extra care to include you and your group in their festivities, though Sersi seems to be enjoying herself the most.
“I suppose I’m not in a very festive mood,” you reply with a meager shrug and a timid smile. “You go on and enjoy yourself.”
“I’ll be coming back for you,” Druig promises with a wink before heading off in search of Makkari. Your heart pounds in your chest, close to bursting at the seams as you longingly watch him disappear into the crowd.
A new presence joins you then, following your yearning gaze in silence before returning to carefully analyze your features. You huff in mild annoyance and shift uncomfortably where you stand, but the woman says nothing. “Don’t poke fun, Thena.”
“I wasn’t going to,” she replies calmly. “Gilgamesh sent me to check on you.”
“I’m fine.”
“You’re in love.”
“Is that so terrible?” You muse quietly.
“Are you ever going to tell him?”
“Look at him,” you whisper softly, swallowing to keep your forming tears at bay as you watch him and Makkari banter playfully from across the way, “he’s happy. How could I ever be selfish enough to ruin that?”
“And what of your own needs? Your own happiness?”
“We each have a job to do here on earth, a duty to fulfill, and my happiness is not a priority,” you reply solemnly before looking over to meet Thena’s neutral gaze. “You must think I’m pathetic.”
“No,” she replies carefully. “Cynical, maybe, but not pathetic.”
Her attempted jest brings a faint smile to your face, and for a moment the ache in your chest is relieved. There are times when your fellow Eternals make your world deem less empty, and for a while you feel as if perhaps your existence isn’t so isolating after all. But you know better, and you know that when the festivities are over and the moon hangs high in the sky you will be alone again, and no one will be able to stop the loneliness from swallowing you whole.
Not even Druig, who has heard your every thought and felt your every emotion since Thena approached you.
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jarofstyles · 3 months ago
Watermelon Sugar
Tumblr media
Tiny one shot 🤪 bc Harry confirmed he does indeed love a female orgasm and eating pussy!
Also trying out a new pov hehe.
Smut warning
If you like this, check out our Patreon! 
If there was one thing Harry knew how to do? It was to eat pussy.
He was liberal with it. Really, taking his time to go down on most of his partners because… he loved it. He lived for the little way they gasped, seeing them react to his little tongue tricks, feeling them buck into his face. The whimpers and the tastes, seeing who was sweeter, who he could get to cum hardest on his tongue, how he could manage to get them off over and over while he took them to another place entirely….
Yeah. He fucking loved it.
His favorite pussy had to be yours, though. The smell, first of all. The beautiful scent that had him burying his nose into your panties before he even began so he could truly enjoy it. The smell of your cunt sent him into a different headspace. It was so much that he was guilty of taking your panties for later, getting off right in the middle of them when you weren’t around to take his load.
The first time he ever licked you out, he had thoroughly shocked you. The fervor he went at it with, how he gripped your hips fully and held your down so he could greedily lap at the sweet cream dripping from your needy hole. It was so… messy. Primal. Hot. He wasn’t able to stop himself. The only complaint you ever had was the pure addiction he had for it.
It was the worst after a show. Not only did he edge the crowd- he edged you. Knowing exactly what would be going on as soon as they got alone together, he would slip in his own little hints especially for you. Wiggling his fingers the way he did when he fucked you with them. Licking his lips or wiping his mouth…
He knew what he did.
It didn’t surprise you at all to be in this position. Strewn out on the hotel bed with your skirt flipped up, dark green eyes looking up at you while a messy sucking sound filled the room. Your fingers caressing the back of his head and gripping a nice handful at the top to pull him in deeper as his lips tugged at your clit.
“Fuck… just like that, baby.” Your lips dripped out. It was a steady relief because your heartbeat could be felt between your thighs the moment he had stepped on stage. Unhinge. Wild eyed. You’d been fucked since this morning.
Harry hummed against your cunt. Lifting your legs to rest over his shoulders and pulling you into him, hands under your back to lift you up and make it easier- fuck. You loved him. Loved his mouth.
“Cant get enough.” He grunted into your puffy cunt, nose and chin soaked with your arousal. His favorite taste, so desperate to get every and any drop that would leak from his favorite hole. Laying his tongue over it, he swiped up to your clit and gave another suck on the swollen bud. Smearing his spit and your cream all over your already messy pussy.
“So wet f’me. Gets you off seeing me like that. Know it.” He spoke against your cunt, the burst of air making you jolt. “I can’t get enough of this perfect cunt. Heaven sent me… the perfect pussy to eat. Tastes so fuckin’ good.” His words nearly snarled as he went back to pulling you into him.
“Grind against my face. Take it.” He ordered, encouraging your hips to move. Of course- there was no question, following his orders and moving your cunt messily over his face. Soaking him further as he laid his tongue out for you to grind against.
Harry was a whore. He knew this from a decent age- but he never knew how much of a whore he was until he had your cunt. It was perfect for him. The taste, the tightness, the smell. He was whipped for it and was effective in having you whenever he wanted. He was overly eager to give you head, but again- barely any complaints.
He moaned against you. Eyes rolling back as he felt your hand guide him exactly where you wanted him. Rubbing your swollen clit against the flat of your tongue, whimpering loudly as your head laid back on the pillows. It was heavenly. Debauched. Filthy. Harry letting you use his tongue for your pleasure.
“Fingers, H. Give me fingers.” Your demand was easily met, his eagerness to coax as many orgasms out of you as possible showing as he gave you two. Fucking them in steadily as you humped his tongue.
You were impossibly wet, moaning, and the sloppy sound of his long fingers in your cunt was erotic. Messy sex was a given for you both but this was a favorite. Harry being covered in you, knowing exactly what the goal was. To get you to cum. Hard.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Your repeated curses urged him to continue the pace, curling his fingers slightly. He could feel your pussy pulsing around his digits, and you were about to cum. He didn’t interrupt the rhythm, knowing how good of a place you were in. Instead, he hummed, watching intently with his dark eyes as your chest heaved and your end approached.
His name was given as a sulky whine, no other words needed as you came. The gush of your orgasm surprising you both, as he hadn’t expected you to squirt- but it was so good that you couldn’t help it. Your mouth opened in a silent whine and Harry watched in awe, the taste finding his tongue and dripping down his chin and chest. Gushing your orgasm on him was the biggest reward you could possibly give him. Slick, sticky, wet. Evidence of his ability to pleasure your dripping down his body, till his feet were wet.
“That’s m’fuckin’ girl… givin’ it all to me.” He preened against her sensitive cunt. “So fuckin’ sweet…. Just want to taste it. I just want t’taste it. Give it to me. Know you can give me more.”
But it wasn’t the end- no. Harry was greedy man. And he would find many ways to get the same result all over again.
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twilight-99-tm · a month ago
Since it’s scarjo’s birthday how about a little blurb of giving nat birthday head?
I was busy for scarjo’s birthday but it’s Nat’s birthday today 🥰🥰🥰 so here it is
It had been a long day of celebrations filled with friends, cake and lots and lots of spoiling your girlfriend. But at the end of the day, all she really wanted was to be with you, and you with her. So after it was all said and done and you were both snuggling on the couch watching a movie, your small soft kisses on her neck turned into sucking which turned into biting which turned into her pulling you onto her lap which turned into the two of you making out while you straddled her and ground your hips onto hers.
But it was her birthday after all.
Her hands gripped your hips as you continued moving your lips against each other, roaming all over your body before you pulled away. Her lips were red and puffy and as much as you wanted to keep kissing her, you knew exactly where your mouth would be of better use.
You gave her another quick peck on the lips then moved off her lap, making her whine at the loss of contact. “Did you have a good birthday, baby?”
She leaned her head back onto the couch cushion and turned her head to look at you, a small smile playing on her lips. “Yeah, I did.”
“Well, it’s about to get better,” your lips touched hers once more before you got off the couch and kneeled between her legs. Her eyes practically twinkled as she looked down at you, giggling and scooting closer to the edge of the couch in anticipation.
Your lips touched her inner thigh, while your hands slid up her soft skin to her waistband. She bit her lip as you pulled her shorts and underwear down her legs, already feeling the familiar heat growing between her legs.
You kissed up her thigh, her hands entangling in your hair as the soft moans left her lips the higher up you went. You could feel her nails scratch your scalp when your lips touched her clit, you pulled away just slightly to look up at her, her eyes glued on you and waiting for your next move.
You smirked, then without taking your eyes off her, licked a stripe up her slit, making her release a breathy moan. You hummed against her as she tugged on your hair, pulling you closer, begging you for more. You expertly moved your tongue against her, drunk on her taste and addicted to the sounds she was making.
“Fuck, Y/N,” she moaned, hands pulling your hair harder. “Please.”
You smirked moving your lips up to suck on her clit while one of your hands slid up her thigh to tease her entrance. She groaned, bucking her hips onto your fingers. You pulled away, moving up and pressing your lips together before she could complain. Your fingers slid past her entrance moving slowly and deeply as your thumb rubbed circles onto her clit.
She moaned against your mouth, increasing the pace of her lips against your hand, desperately chasing her high. Your free hand moved up to cup her jaw, thumb running over her cheek bone as you increased your pace in and out of her.
Natasha ran her nails down your back and pulled you closer as her walls clenched around your fingers. Her moans became more drawn out and her hips faltered, you pulled away so you could look at her coming undone. You curled your fingers in just the right way and you felt her legs clench around your body as her arousal soaked your hand. Her body shook as she came with a loud moan, you worked her through her orgasm, taking in how her body relaxed as she came down.
“You did so good, baby,” You kissed her lips before taking your fingers into your mouth and sucking them clean, moaning at her taste. “So sweet.”
She fluttered her eyes open as you settled back between her thighs mouth already kissing up to her pussy again.
“Y/N…” she whined, pulling in your hair so you’d look up at her.
“It’s okay sweetheart,” you kissed her inner thigh, humming against her skin. “Your birthday’s not over yet.”
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selfwrotevision · 19 days ago
Mommywanda testing out the huge new strap with reader on the bathroom sink.
pairing: Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader
Warnings: +18! Minors DNI, mommy!wanda, swearing words, smut, mommy kink, strap-on, (let me know if there’s more)
a/n: long time no see! But I’m back with a short blurb for you guys <3
navigation | w.m. masterlist
Tumblr media
my gif!
Cold hands were holding you right on place, so the red-haired woman could have you at your full mercy. Her hands were gripping your hips, pressing you against the cold sink.
“Please,” you begged, tightening the grip in her fierce red hair. The woman smiled against your neck, leaving some purple marks which you knew were hard to cover up later.
“You want it, babygirl?” she asked, her sokovian accent dripping and you let out a moan. You loved when her accent showed itself. You nodded, capturing her lips in a kiss again. She loosened your belt and pulled down the zipper of your jeans. Her fingers found your panties, stroking you over the fabric of your panties. You moaned into her mouth, trying to pull her closer to you, if that was even possible.
“Mommy’s got something new for you baby,” she whispered, unzipping her jeans and revealing a big red strap between her legs. You felt yourself getting wetter at the sight, and of course because it was bigger than the ones you were used to.
Wanda’s hands gripped your hips tighter, pushing you on top of the sink, so she could stand between your spread legs.
You felt the silicone toy getting coated with your wetness and you had to bite back a moan because of the sensation. Wanda grinned against your skin and pushed forward, entering you with the strap. A whimper escaped your lips, closing your eyes shut so you could get used to the feeling.
Wanda slowly pushed the whole length inside your cunt, whispering soft praises to encourage you. “I know it’s bigger, babygirl but you’re taking it so well,” she said capturing your lips in a kiss and with a movement of her hips she started to pound into you.
You couldn’t hold back the moans and Wanda couldn’t held back hers either. She gave you time to get used to her being completely inside you, stretching out your walls. “Mommy please, it’s so big,” you said, searching for release and wanting her to take you right and there. The redhead nodded and took your earlobe into her mouth, gently pulling it which caused you to shiver.
“Be a good girl for Mommy, I want you to scream,” she whispered in your ear and you were sure you wouldn’t be able to walk for days.
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thepsychewrites · 5 days ago
Ignite | N. Romanoff
Tumblr media
Smart people don’t ask stupid questions…
Natasha Romanoff x f!Reader
Summary: After going nearly five years under the radar successfully, your whole world changes when a quick-witted and ultra determined redhead comes to your safe home in the middle of the night, hellbent on getting you to join a team and their efforts to save the human race.
> Word Count: 1.4k
> Warnings: Mild profanity, mentions of previous kidnapping and allusion to institutional abuse. This fic series will contain heavy use of profanity, graphic descriptions of violence and sexual activity throughout, please take warnings and cautions seriously. Smut chapters will be labeled accordingly. This series is a slow-burn.
A/N: GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. I haven’t put anything out in so long and I have SO MANY WIPs so it is getting so hard to decide what to post or work on. However, I am in a Natasha kick, SO this is what y’all are getting tehe. First Marvel/Avengers fic I’m putting out, however I have so many more in the drafts just waiting to be finished and worked on so those may or may not be out eventually. Not sure when part 2 of this one will be out, so try to be patient :) And yes this will be SLOW BURN bc I couldn’t find any for Nat that interested me or were complete (if y’all know where I can find some or just some Nat series in general please let me know!). Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! 
Pt. Two
The quiet used to scare me when I was a child.
I was always expecting something bad to come from it. A howl in the snow-ridden December woods, a shout from my parents, a faint knocking on the wooden front door, disembodied footsteps getting impossibly close- attempting to steal me from my bed when I was least expecting.
A figure standing over me, a frosted hand closing over my mouth to halt my pleading words.
A dark blind covering my eyes for the following twelve hours, only to be taken off when I was trapped in an unfamiliar white room.
Four Walls.
A roof.
Not a home.
That’s what the quiet gave me. It gave me inexplicable rage that poured from me in the form of fire.
Crimson, burning hot flames that poured from my fingertips and hands. Ones my parents could never contain- not that they even tried.
So they sent me away. They put me in an institution where I would “be taken care of the proper way”.
What a joke that was.
The place was a factory- attempting to produce and train the finest and stealthiest weapons of mass destruction.
Most of the others didn’t have the added “condition” like myself, but it was only ever used against me anyway. I was their golden star because of it. I got front row seats to thousands of interrogations and infiltrations, forced to use my ability when I least wanted to. Forced to use it to get information and to hurt people.
I escaped in 2007 and I’ve never looked back.
With knowledge of a locked savings fund of my parents and a gained background in hacking and wire transfers, I relocated to a rural stretch of land in northern Finland, which is where I’ve been for the last five years.
It snows for nearly seven months a year here. Even though it was nearing the end of April now, a few inches of it still sat calmly on the ground. A pretty drastic change compared to the flames that used to engulf me.
I kicked at my doorframe lightly, tapping off the packed snow from my boots before bending over to release the logs I had gathered as the ones from this evening had wilted away already. Shrugging off my coat, I moved to the kitchen, throwing the fleece over a dining room chair. A heat rose to the back of my neck, but I ignored it, reaching up to grab a glass from the cabinet and filling it with tap water. I chugged it down in just a few sips, inhaling sharply when I was done. My body stilled, bracing against the kitchen sink. I rolled my eyes, reaching up once more to grab another, filling it and slamming it down on the counter next to me.
“Didn’t anyone ever tell you that it’s rude to stare like that?” I mumbled, fighting the urge to grab a steak knife and chuck it at the corner of my living room.
“What gave it away?” The sultry voice rang, the figure in the corner stepping out from the shadows.
My shoulders bounced as I gave an airy chuckle. “The door. I always lock it behind me, even for wood. Maybe you’ll do better next time and remember to leave things how you found them.”
It was a woman of average height and build, quite on the petite side, though. Her vivid auburn hair didn’t do much to disguise her, even in the dimly lit room of my house. She was definitely a few years older than me, but one could hardly tell by the way she carried herself. I had to give the woman credit, if it hadn’t been for the singular obvious mistake right off the bat, I’m sure she could’ve gone a few minutes longer without detection.
Only a few, though.
“I assume you know why I’m here.”
I stood a bit taller now, resting a hand on my hip for comfort. This was the last thing I wanted to deal with today.
“Yeah. And you can tell Fury the same shit I’ve been telling him for years. I’m not interested.” I put emphasis on the last three words, hoping maybe it would get through their thick skulls this time around.
The woman stalked closer, a testing look etched on her face. She slipped a finger into her pants pocket, pulling out a phone with an image brightly displayed on it.
“This,” she started, holding the phone out to where I could see. “is the Tesseract. It has the potential energy to wipe out the planet and everyone on it. We need help finding it. If it ends up in the wrong hands-”
“The whole world will end, yeah, I’ve heard this story a million times. It’s always the same- some bad guy has a life-threatening device that will end the human race, blah blah blah. It never ends. When you take down one, there’s ten more waiting in line behind them to do the exact same shit.” I rubbed at my temple for a moment, taking in a deep breath. “Why does he want me?”
“Well, not only the obvious,” she said, her eyes peering into mine with some sort of mutual understanding, “but we know that you’re incredibly smart. They tested your IQ yearly in that place, right? And you were always the highest score on the sheet. What was it the last time around again, hmm? One fifty something?”
“One seventy nine.” I answered near robotically, a habit that was hard to break.
“Smart people don’t ask stupid questions, so don’t ask why he wants you. It’s quite obvious, isn’t it?” By this time her phone was clicked off and back in her pocket, her arms folded over her chest. She looked annoyed that she had to be here. “Plus, it looks like Fury’s not the only one keeping tabs.” She had a finger out and pointed to the back of the house where my office was.
Where my research was.
Yes, I’ll admit, it was rather stupid of me to keep turning down the man and then fill up dozens of manila folders containing information over him and his entire operation. I couldn’t help it. Curiosity killed the cat.
Or in my case, got her caught in a web of justice-seeking hard heads and vigilantes.
She threw a crooked smirk in my direction, finally moving for the glass of water I had slammed on the granite counter minutes ago. “So how long will it take you to pack?”
I didn’t move a hair.
“I said I’m not interested. Do you have hearing problems or something?”
She let out a hearty laugh, struggling for a second to get the sip of water down she had in her mouth. “No, actually, but some of them do, so be careful with the jokes when we get there.” She laid the glass down carefully, strolling around the living room like she paid rent.
“I’m not-”
“You keep saying that like you mean it, but we both know you don’t. It really wasn’t hard to find where you were, it would be a real shame if anyone else found out-”
“Are you blackmailing me?” I asked, surprised Fury would resort to blackmail at this point.
“It’s not blackmail, it’s a warning for expectation. You really don’t wanna come? Fine, I’ll let Fury know and we won’t be back. But the next time someone pisses you off and you burn an entire city to ash, that place you risked your life to leave? They’ll be the ones coming for you. Not us. And I’m sure they’ll be a lot more excited to have you in their hands than we will.”
She wasn’t wrong. I hated how she wasn’t wrong.
They’d come for me first chance they got. I couldn’t risk it.
I held the woman’s gaze as I lazily pulled my hair up and tied it. “What’s your name?” I asked.
“Natasha. Natasha Romanoff.”
I nodded, getting a good look around my house before I dared to move.
“Well, Natasha, hopefully Fury’s got a pretty bonus waiting for you. Give me twenty minutes.”
“You get ten.”
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silkscream · 15 hours ago
🩸 giving peter a handjob 🥺🥺🥺🥺 ?? and congrats on 1k!! you deserve it! you're already my favorite spiderman content creator! your portrayal is <33 and your silk is so lovely ✨
ahhh thank you baby <3
Tumblr media
nsfw content ahead! minors please dni
wc: 630
celebrate 1k followers with me!
Tumblr media
you probably barge into his room while he's already got his hand down his sweatpants, already thinking of you. you, his best friend. so when the door opens, reflexively, peter shoots a web towards you but misses you by a hair. you're startled, for sure, but nothing's funnier than seeing the look on peter's face. he's trying really desperately to hide himself under his covers but his face reddens like a rose when you slide into his bed with him.
"what is your problem? it's just me," you mumble into his pillow, pulling him closer. his muscles contract as he hides his face in embarrassment.
"pete, c'mon--" he stops you by taking a hand gently to your throat. not really choking you, more so holding your jaw, but your breath hitches nonetheless.
"stop moving, i'm, um, already really warm," he mutters.
"i'm not even moving!"
"yes, you are, you're squirming!" too much friction and he'd be found out by you. so he attempts to pull his knees closer to his chest in fetal position while he holds you tightly.
"you're so weird," you tut, but your voice is muffled by the fabric clinging onto peter's chest. you play his game by getting even closer to him until his hard length pokes at your inner thigh. maybe you've made it up, but you think you hear peter gasp under his breath.
"yeah. um, it's involuntary a lot of the time. it'll go away in a bit--" peter stammers.
"or i could... take care of you."
"wh-- really?" peter babbles anxiously.
"yeah... y'know, as a favor. you volunteered to be my first kiss years ago, so..."
"yeah. um. okay." he nods with fervent desire, but his eyes are still wide and innocent.
slowly, you kiss him, teasing his bottom lip with your teeth. you can hear his rough exhale against your mouth as he plays with a strand of your hair. your hand moves down to palm him through his sweatpants, to which a whine vibrates from the back of peter's throat.
"wanna take these off for me?" you coo. obediently, he does, along with his t-shirt which you'd already been toying with. he feels vulnerable against you but the honeyed smile on your face makes him feel safe.
a moan flutters out of his mouth like a gift for you as you palm him. you’re flooded with arousal as you watch him buck his hips towards your hand involuntarily, small whimpers falling from his lips as he grips your arm with his strength.
“does that feel good?” you blush, even though you know the answer.
“yeah, really... fuck,” peter groans, his eyelids fluttering. “maybe get your hand... wetter?”
he watches you in awe when you release your hand to dribble spit on your palm. when you pump him again and swirl his pre-cum along with your saliva to his tip, peter feels like he’s about to lose it. 
“y/n...” he moans softly. the sound of your name coming out of his mouth like that makes you feel things you’ve never felt before. you know how heightened his senses are. he looks like he’s falling apart just from your hand. “fuck, i’m-- i think i’m gonna...”
he grips a fistful of your hair, pulling ever so slightly as he jerks upwards and finishes. he convulses with your name on his lips, ropes of cum adorning his abdomen with his pink mouth wide open. 
“jesus christ,” he breathes, chest rising and falling in time with your heartbeat.
“how was that?”
“i-- um. really... good,” he stammers, flustered once again after gaining some post-orgasm clarity. he wipes himself with his t-shirt and discards it on the floor. “c-can i return the favor?”
you smile at him with wistful admiration. “’course you can, pete.”
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omiishii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Nice slow lazy sex with sakusa is what I’m thinking of. He rolls over first thing in the morning and begins to gently kiss the pulse of your neck with slow open mouthed kisses. As your eyes flutter awake, he groans feeling you subconsciously grind against his hardening cock. He coos sweet nothings into your ear as he slips his cock inside your sex. Your gummy soft insides squeeze him, sucking him in deeper. Sakusa cant help but groan hearing your soft whines and cries. “You feel so good…made just for me” he says as you fuck you sweet and slow.
Tumblr media
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ollovae3 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
"Hearing the title said so emphatically from the tiny boy forced tears from his eyes. He remembered the short form of 'buir' shouted from his own lips, to his father, to his adopted father...
To now to hear it directed at himself felt as though the Ka'ra themselves had blessed him, and that the Manda watched him with pride (or so he hoped). In his heart, he promised his little Boba he'd do all he could to deserve the title. For Boba was his ad'ika, and he was his buir, until the day comes that he leave the living."
Happy Father's Day y'all!! For those with good dads, I hope you're celebrating them and having a great day!! For those who don't, MY dad will adopt you (for context, he's tall, ginger with a big ol beard, gREAT at hugs and comforting you if you're sad, and an awesome handyman willing to listen to you ramble about special interests, hyperfixations, or troubles)!!! I hope you're having a chill day and keeping safe and taking care of yourselves!! 💖💕💖💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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madrewrites · a year ago
don’t judge a book by its cover.
judge it by whether or not it uses the blurb to actually summarise the book, or if it uses it to say that the New Yorker called it a ‘subversive masterpiece’
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roonilwazlibimagines · 22 hours ago
Librarian!reader and Charlie is so flipping cute! But I imagine Charlie was raised right so he knows how to dance, so now I’m just thinking about chaperoning a school dance and a slow song comes on and he twirls and lifts you! And it’s just really cute and the kids love it but it end with you two getting stuck teaching kids how to dance next year
Literally just thought of it and now I am obsessed with it - I will be thinking about it to help me fall asleep tonight
But stop it !! I am convinced all the students are obsessed with their relationship and its only because Charlie talks about how pretty you are all the time and they think it's the best thing to see charlie all flustered about it
But he definitely knows how to dance and you're giggling but also telling him that there are students !!
And next year when you're asked you say no but charlie says yes so you compromise and do it and the students are so excited and they're awwing and you're so embarrassed but Charlie loves it and I am obsessed with this !!!
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donald4spiderman · a month ago
i don’t have a sentence for this but i have this concept. okay so we all know spencah is vocal as fuck during sex right? so what if him and reader got a noise complaint from his neighbors so now when they have sex he’s all embarrassed and is trying to be so quiet but reader is like 🤨😒 and gets him to be loud again and maybe just maybe they get yet another complaint
also the way i’m finally publishing a fic wow look at me go! PLS REBLOG
TW: sub!spencer, slight exhibitionism, blow job, hand job, slight degradation, kissing
When Spencer finds an unaddressed envelope on the doormat of his apartment, his immediate thought is along the lines of oh my god, another unsub is out to get me.
You’re sitting inside on the couch, unsuspecting of the panic ensuing in his mind. He tears open the envelope outside— just in case.
Only, it’s not a threat, or a bomb, or an attempt to poison him with anthrax. Instead, it’s a passive letter written to the couple.
Dear tenants in apartment 7B,
Many of your neighbors living in the adjacent apartments have shared complaints about the noise coming from your apartment, especially from the hours of 10 pm to 1 am on Saturdays.
You’re relatively quiet given any other day of the week. But the exceptionally explicit nature of your noises is making some of the other people here very uncomfortable.
Please conduct your business with a little more discretion.
Fellow residents of floor 7
Spencer whips his head around, afraid he’ll find delighted neighbors laughing at his embarrassment. He never thought he would receive a noise complaint, let alone one for being too— for a lack of better words— vocal.
He steps back inside his apartment, bracing himself on the shut door and letting out an exasperated sigh.
“What’s wrong?” You inquire, pausing the TV so you can address your boyfriends evident frustration.
“I, uh— here.” Spencer tosses the opened envelope towards you.
Your eyes quickly scan the handwritten words on the page, brows furrowed and lip tucked between your teeth.
“You’re fucking kidding me.” You scoff, slamming the letter down onto the coffee table in front of you. “Imagine if we complained about every loud bitch in this apartment?The family in 7J has a baby that screams and cries and whines all the time! I can’t believe—“
“(Y/N),” Spencer interrupts, “Maybe they’re right. We get kind of loud, a-and I’m sure no one wants to hear us having sex.”
“So what are you saying?”
He wrings his hands nervously, “I-I don’t know? M-maybe we should... dial it back a bit?” It’s not what he wants, but he’s rather not have everyone in his floor hate him.
You nod with pursed lips. “Okay. So are we just not gonna have sex?”
“No?” It comes out as more of a question. “I don’t know. Obviously I don’t want to not have sex with you— sex with you is great. I just... maybe we should go as, uh, hard as we usually go.”
“Okay.” You agree, unpausing your television program.
Spencer can’t help but worry that you’re secretly upset with him for being less uninhibited than you. “You’re not... mad, right?”
Your face softens, “Of course not. I’m never going to make you do anything you don’t want.”
But that’s the issue. Spencer doesn’t want to have to be quiet. He likes being loud, arguably more than you do. But his hatred for confrontation outweighs his love for vocal, sloppy sex.
A few days later, when the both of you return back from a hectic case in Georgia, all Spencer wants to do is fall into your arms. His body aches for you to take care of him like you always do.
After completing your nightly routine, the both of you settle beneath the covers of your bed. Spencer’s arms instinctively cradle your waist, practically pulling you on top of him. He places a gentle kiss towards the base of your neck.
“Spence.” You sigh as he feathers more pecks onto your neck and jaw. “What are you doing?”
“Hm? Me?” You’re eyes shut, but you can envision the dopey smile playing on his lips. “I’m not doing anything...”
You chuckle softly, “Sure,” turning into his body so you can press a kiss to his lips.
His large hands cradle your face, pulling you against him impossibly close. Your hand rubs his chest lightly, grasping onto his shirt when he shoots his tongue into your mouth.
“You’re so naughty.” You purr, smirking against his lips as his hand slides beneath your pajama shirt. “What happened to my good boy?”
Spencer pouts, releasing a small whine. “I’m still your good boy.”
“Always.” You smile, capturing his plump lips in another heated kiss. “Take your clothes off.” He waste no time ridding himself of his shirt and pants—always obedient.
Your fingers tease him through his boxers, rubbing up and down the outline of his shaft, occasionally pressing down on the tip of his cock. His lower body squirms, torn between pulling away from or leaning into your touch.
“Please, baby.” Spencer’s voice is strained and husky, overwhelmed with pleasure. This may as well be your thousandth time touching him, but it always feels like the first—life changing. “I need you.”
“Since you asked so nicely...” Shimmying his boxers down, you free his cock, wrapping your hand loosely around its circumference.
He yelps loudly in response, moaning with each upstroke. You pause, leaning over his hips to lick a wet stripe up his length. From this angle all he can see are your mischievous eyes and the way your lips wrap around the head of his cock. Your tongue flattens against the edge of the tip, pressing firmly, encouraged by his moans. Spencer has completely forgotten the noise complaint the two of you received a few days ago. His jaw is pried open, a constant flow of moans and whines pouring from his lips.
“O-Oh! God, yes! F-fuck, (Y/N). Don’t stop!” You can only imagine how irate your neighbors are. You, on the other hand, couldn’t be more delighted to show everyone that Spencer belongs to you.
“You like that, baby?” You tease. “Knowing everyone can hear you moaning— so pathetic. I thought you wanted to be quiet, hm?” When his response gets lodged in his throat, dominated by the pleasure you’re bringing him, you continue to egg him in further. “Poor baby can’t think straight. You’re gonna cum like a fucking slut, yeah?” He nods rapidly, fist clenching on to the bed sheet beneath him.
You watch his hips stutter beneath you, stomach tensing as white-hot-heat erupts in his core. His mouth hangs open, body silently shaking beneath you as your mouth continues to work him through his orgasm. Thick ropes of cum shoot onto your tongue and onto his chest. You do your best to clean him up, licking up whatever you can.
“I love you so m-much.” Spencer gasps, regaining his energy after having his life-force sucked out of him—literally.
You hum, straddling his lap as you peck him on the lips. Just as he goes to flip the both of you over, planning on returning the favor, an urgent knock sounds at your door.
Spencer and you still, neither of you wanting to move. You hear a faint grunt of irritation, followed by padding back to the adjacent apartment.
“I think we’ll be receiving a few more noise complaints.” You chuckle, pulling Spencer in for another kiss.
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themultiimagines · a month ago
Can I request sorority!wanda being a mean girl in front if everyone but being the softest girlfriend ever in private? (fluff)
Tumblr media
Wanda was probably was the scariest sorority girl you have ever met. So when you first met your freshman year of college you had heard the scary tall tales of former and current sorority members. Being the leader she often used her power against her opponents, making her seem on the offense, but you were different.
She didn’t even notice when you had walked into the room. It was about seven o’clock and the annual first sorority meeting was about to begin. Wanda had heard about you but never had a reference to what you looked like. Natasha, her best friend and basically co-leader of the sorority, was the one that pointed you out.
You were the prettiest person she has ever seen. It felt like all the wind got knocked out of her the moment you two locked eyes from across the living room. Wanda audibly gulped which made Natasha chuckle.
“Really Wands?”
“Shut the fuck up,” she sneered before putting her soda down and walking towards you. Your eyes widened when you saw the red head. You felt your heart race when you two connected eyes but now that she was coming over to you, you felt very nervous.
“Hi, I don’t think I have properly introduced myself,” Wanda says calmly, slyly reaching out her hand for yours to shake.
Her voice was truly something else. Raspy yet delicate and soft, and her hand looked so inviting you couldn’t resist but to reach out and shake her hand. Her palm was also soft as she firmly gripped your hand.
“I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” you replied and she smiled.
“Wanda, Wanda Maximoff.”
“Well yeah I kinda already knew that,” you admitted shyly which made her giggle. You decided that day forth, her giggle was the best sound in the universe.
She stepped a little closer, pushing a strand of hair back from your face and hooking it to your ear.
“Well I hope you like this sorority, love,” she whispered, before walking away and starting the meeting.
That’s where it began. Nine months later you two were now together. You two did everything together, from studying to weird hobbies you both were secretly into.
Unfortunately, Wanda’s mean girl persona still hasn’t gone away. You’ve slowly realized she’s just a big softie for you and sometimes it really warms your heart.
You’ve seen her make girls cry for not doing certain tasks and yet she comes to you and curls up into your body like a puzzle piece and suddenly you forget about anything except protecting her.
Like when she has bad dreams, she’ll wake you up, her cheeks stained with tears and let out a shaky, “(Y/N)?”
“Yeah baby?”
“I can’t sleep,” she whimpers, pushing her face in the crook of your neck and wrapping her arms around you. You sigh, turning slightly and doing the same thing to her, kissing her jawline softly.
“You wanna talk about it?” You mumble against her skin. She shakes her head.
“Okay.” So you two lay there, wrapped up in each other as she traces small patterns on your back until she eventually falls asleep. After seeing moments like these with her you can never understand where the mean girl truly comes from when to you there’s not a mean bone in the red heads body.
Or maybe it is cause she is totally in love with you.
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jarofstyles · 6 months ago
138 !!!! with best friend harry
“Were you just…. Masturbating?”
Harry’s face was flushed. Skin glowy and he was hidden haphazardly under the covers. She hadn’t knocked, having never knocked, but he must have heard her footsteps as she walked up.
Now… anyone with manners or common decency wouldn’t have mentioned it. No, they’d either excuse themselves or move on. But Y/N didn’t have good boundaries when it came to Harry, and she was a curious little thing. Too curious for her own good.
“Christ. Y’can’t knock and y’dont have a filter to save your life.” He rolled his eyes in disbelief, groaning as he hid his eyes under his arm. I didn’t help that the subject of the fantasies he had been rudely pulled from had walked in, not naked and not bouncing on his thick cock. It was rude, if you asked him.
“Oh, hush.” She giggled, laughing harder as Harry scrambled back as she crawled up on the bed with him.
“Oi! What the fuck are y’doin, love?” He laughed nervously, cock still pulsing under the covers. Y/N was fearless and he knew that, but they’d never gotten this close. Sure, they spoke about sex and were close physically but this was…. Something else entirely.
“Relax, H. M’just getting comfortable. You don’t have to stop on my account.” She actually was nervous. Heart beating fast. But it was the best idea she had. She needed to get over this hurdle. And she was so curious about it, she needed to see him. If he was comfortable… she would want it.
“Y’want…. You want to watch?” He said slowly, trying to understand. His cock throbbed in betrayal of his confusion, aching to be touched again.
“Mhm. If you’re okay with that, though.” She leaned in next to him and placed her cheek against his shoulder. “I haven’t seen a guy do it. And I’ve always wanted to see yours. Y’act like it’s big.” She laughed, eyes curiously peeking at the bulge under the covers.
“Uh… okay. It won’t be weird?” He asked again, making sure she wouldn’t be weirded out. Of course it had been his idea, and he had been close to orgasm so he was eager to get back into the groove of it. The idea of her watching made him even more horny, but again… he was cautious.
“Mhm, it’ll be fine, H. You’re being silly.Let’s see.” She urged, stroking her fingers over his arm. Comforting to her, arousing to him. She listened to him take a breath, and slowly lowered the comforter back down.
Her eyes widened. It was… big. Bigger than she had ever experienced. And it was…. It was hot. Thick, red tip glistening, her mouth watered a bit as she wondered how the precum dripping from the slit would taste like. Or how it would feel to have it throbbing against her tongue as she stroked it.
It wasn’t the first time she had these thoughts. But the first time truly seeing what she would be working with.
“Wow…” her breath voice went straight to his stomach. “You’ve got a right to be cocky.” He wrapped his hand around it after those words, squeezing himself at the base. It was so nice to have her looking at him. A breathless laugh left him as he shook his head.
“Thanks, petal.” He murmured. His best friend watched as he gave himself a few strokes, lulling his head back. Her cheek pressed against his bicep, watching intently as his thumb rubbed over the slit. He hadn’t expected her to speak, though.
“How’s it feel?” She whispered, stroking over the back of his wrist. The hand was free, and she was touchy. “Is it good?” Her face tilted up to look at him.
“Feels really good, yeah.” He licked his lip, breathing getting heavier. “Was at a good place when y’came in.” He laughed. The strokes were slow and steady, her eyes going back to the length. Her thighs clenched together, imagining how good that much cock would feel filling her up.
“M’sorry.” She whispered. “I’ll help.” He was shocked when he watched her lean up, bending close to his length and pursing her lips. He gasped when a string of spit dropped down, dripping on to the tip and over to meet his fingers. He nearly whimpered, the idea of her spit coating him a lot to process.
“Oh, fuck.” He cursed, throwing his head back when she did it again. This time using her hand to brush the hair out of her face and giving him a clear view of the saliva dripping from her lip and stringing from her bottom lip to the tip of his cock. “My god, Y/N.” He whined, lifting his hand up and breaking the spit from her bottom lip.
She laid back down, chest throbbing in time with the beat between her leg. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt you.” She licked her still wet bottom lip, watching his fist stroke faster now. “It looks…. Really nice.”
Her words were hesitant but he could hear the genuine tone. And the bit of arousal, at least he hoped Thats what it was. Testing his luck, he spoke back.
“Yeah? Y’like watching me get off, petal?” He asked, turning his face to look at her. Her eyes glued to his cock, dark. Legs clenched together, her hand holding his wrist while the other strokes up and down. The new slick and wet sound her spit had added to the strokes only added to his new arousal.
“Uh huh…” she was breathless, nuzzling her cheek against his arm. Suddenly shy, she was aroused and wet, but so focused on the filthy sight in front of her she could barely move.
“Didn’t know you were dirty like that.” He spoke quietly. Waiting. The little shift she did and slight tiny whimper cluing him in to knowing that this was effecting her just as much. “Do ya’ think you could do me a favor?”
Pushing the limits. He knew it. But he was so beyond horny, so hard and aching and she was giving him all of this beautiful material… he couldn’t help but push for more and more and more. It was her idea, after all.
“Yeah. Yah- I can.” She whispered with wide eyes. His hand was working himself steadily and she was doing her best to not show how worked up she was. But she couldn’t help it.
“Kay…. Can y’dip those fingers in between your legs…. N’lemme taste?” He breathed. “Don’t have to if y’dont want to. Promise. Just…. Want to taste it. I just sent t’taste it, M’not gonna last long, sweetheart.” He pleaded. Needing to taste her and see if what he imagined was what she was.
Y/N nodded, her own breathing picking up as she snuck her fingers under the band of her lounge shorts. A soft moan left her throat, guiding the fingers up her soaked slit and bumping over her clit. The image of her hand in her pants and her little noise made his orgasm approach sooner, a simple Christ spilling from his lips as he watched.
“Are you wet?” His voice was a deep, dark tone she hadn’t ever heard before. Her head tilted back and her glazed over eyes met his as she nodded, hips chasing her hand as she stroked over her swollen, needy clit again and circled a few times. “Good girl. Let me have my taste.” His words weren’t a suggestion anymore, and it only made her even more eager.
Tugging her fingers out, his spare hand guided her wrist to his mouth and immediately, he brought them between his lips. Closing them around the smaller digits, the sweet, tangy taste of her cunt coating his tongue as he dragged it between the two. It was even. Better than he imagined, a dark moan escaping his chest as he stroked himself harder. Thrusting into his hand, he sucked her fingers clean, Every single digit, even brushing his tongue over her palm to get any he missed.
“Fucking sweet. Fuck, M’gonna cum.” He panted. “Gonna cum with that taste all over my fucking tongue. You’re unreal.” He slurred, mouth dropping open as she took her hand that was slick with his spit and her taste, knocking his own hand off. The confidence swelled in her at his reaction to how she tasted, wrapping her smaller fist around him.
“Go ahead. Fuck my hand. Cum on it.” Her lips brushed his jaw. “S’a good boy, Harry. Come on. S’so soft around you, isn’t it?” She purred, pressing her body into his side. He let out a whimper, nodding as his lips parted again.
“Yes, yes, petal. Feels so good, oh god baby… M’gonna cum.” He panted, hips thrusting into her hand she held tightly around him. “Oh, feels… shit, it’s so good, you’re gonna make me cum.” He babbled, dizzy with incoming orgasm.
“Go ahead. Cum. Such a pretty cock, S’a honor to have it in my hand.” Her lips puckered just a bit against his stubbly jawline. “Cum for me, Harry.” She nuzzled against him with a slight nip and he was done for.
He let out a deep groan, cock throbbing and finally going over the edge. Coating her hand and his stomach with sticky cum, he fucked his pick into her soft hand and held her wrist to him until he was too sensitive, pulling it off. His head swimming in orgasm, heat and pure bliss.
His face turned to meet her lapping his cum off her hand, humming as she did so. And that’s when Harry realized he was completely screwed. This fantasy about his best friend… wasn’t just fantasy anymore.
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