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bonky-n-steeb · 19 minutes ago
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬: Your daily routine involves waking up in the morning, going to work and sulking at night. But then you meet the man you’ve fantasized about for your entire life, Bucky Barnes. At the same time, you've caught someone else’s eye and his first step in winning you over is to cook you breakfast. But will you be welcoming of that person’s affections?
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦: yandere, obsession, stalking, violence, cursing. If you find any of this triggering, please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.  
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴀ ʀᴇᴀᴅ, sᴏ ᴀʟʟ ᴍɪsᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴏᴡɴ
Tumblr media
You scratched your head as you yawned and opened your eyes. Laying in your bed, you stared at the ceiling for a whole minute thinking about yesterday. You wondered if the breakfast would’ve been cooked today too.
You slowly got up from your bed and started walking towards your bathroom when the realization hit you. How did you end up on the bed? You were tired yesterday and sat on the couch to watch tv. And you were pretty sure you had fallen asleep there due to all the fatigue. You had no memories of coming upstairs.
The last thing you remembered was sitting on the couch and watching some random episode. How and when did you come upstairs? Were you sleep walking? It might be possible, you were usually very tired by the end of the day and maybe the stress was taking its toll.
Or what if...? What if someone brought you upstairs? You knew this was more plausible. But then again, who? And why?
You turned your feet around and walked out of the bedroom instead. You rushed down the stairs and entered the kitchen. And there it was.
The waffle machine was giving away steam. The waffle was already golden and crispy from its sight. He must be about to just take it out. Someone was late today, you thought to yourself.
As you looked around further, there was your notepad and a pen lying on the kitchen counter. You were right yesterday; he had used your notepad. You picked it up and started reading the note.
‘I didn’t mean to scare you yesterday, neither do I mean any harm. I just want you to be happy. I swear I haven’t tampered anything. Please don’t be scared of me!
Also, I hope you liked the ru...’
You could read and hear the desperation in his voice. The words were too kind and formal for a stalker. The note was half written and he had probably heard you coming down the stairs before he could complete the ‘g’ in the rug.
He must have to be somewhere in the kitchen, you wondered. “I know you are here only. So please do both of us a favor and come out. I won’t tell anyone else; I promise. Just... just talk to me maybe. Pleasseee.”
You were sure you sounded desperate. And you were. God knows why you weren’t afraid of this man, but instead you wanted to talk to him. You wanted to get to know him. He was a sweet guy after all. He made you breakfast and ensured your comfort. You were sure he hadn’t done anything to hurt you, yet.
“Also, thank you for the food. And well, ensuring I slept comfortably on the bed. I really appreciate your efforts but... but I don’t need it. We can be friends, we can talk to each other, but I don’t want to you to be troubled into doing all this for me. I’m used to living like this.” Your tone had lost its enthusiasm. It was dull and resigned.
You shook your head and started looking around. He had to be in this house. He was here moments ago, you were sure of that. He hadn’t yet served your food. But where would he be?
You started opening the cupboards one by one. Your heart hammered in your chest. The anticipation and the fear were killing you. You knew the cupboards were too small to have a human fit inside, but you still checked.
As you turned around, your eyes caught the new rug. You huffed out a breath and shook your head. “You don’t have to throw away a rug just because there was maple syrup spilt on it. I can list at least two ways by which I could’ve removed it all out without a single trace. But no, you had to throw it away and buy me another one and waste your money when you could’ve saved it.”
You knew this man was an idiot for sure. As you looked into the last cupboard of the kitchen counter. You stared to question your own sanity. Was there actually someone else or was it just you? Were you sleep walking?
Was the loneliness affecting your mental health and making you write letters to yourself. But then if it was you, cooking would be the last thing on your mind. And also, you definitely didn’t order the rug. It was someone else.
But then why would you write yourself notes. And the handwriting definitely wasn’t yours. “At least say hi. I feel as if I’m going insane. I don’t even know if you are here or if I’m talking to myself. Just... just say... Oh shit!”
You exclaimed as you smelt something burn. You turned your head to see the waffles almost dark brown. You were so engrossed in finding him you didn’t even realize to switch the machine off.
“You know it’s all your fault, right?” You said aloud so that whomsoever it was would hear it. You opened the lid to see that though the waffles were definitely inedible, they gladly hadn’t stuck to the machine. You chuckled at the thought that if they had, this man would’ve bought you a new machine.
“You know what? Fine. Don’t show yourself. Maybe one day I’ll just die from the curiosity.” You were hungry but you still had to freshen up a little. You decided to come back downstairs and look after your breakfast later and first go and do your morning routine.
Also, somewhere in the back of your head was the thought that maybe if you left, the person would go away. You knew it had to be uncomfortable for him to be stuck wherever he was. And you were sure he was still in the kitchen. This thought troubled you as your rational brain knew you couldn’t sympathize with a stalker.
He let out a long sigh of relief as you left the kitchen. You were this close to finding him, but the heavens were on his side today and you didn’t.
First, he didn’t expect you to wake up a little earlier than usual, but you did. He had to quickly hide and didn’t get enough time to take the waffle out or complete his note.
Your reaction was unexpected and yet a dream come true. Yesterday, judging by your reaction to the breakfast and the zoning out during the Avenger’s meeting, he was worried that you would hate him and were afraid of him. But he was glad it was quite the contrary.
When you asked, he really wanted to come out. He wanted you to know who he was. But then, if it had been a trick or if you had been disappointed by finding out it was him, his heart wouldn’t have been able to take the blow.
His heart was thrumming loudly in his chest and he feared you would hear him. He prayed to all the gods he knew when you had knelt and opened the door right next to the refrigerator. But gladly, you never opened the fridge.
And that’s exactly where he was. Your refrigerator was mostly empty today and he snuck in as he had heard you come downstairs. He hadn’t closed the door completely and had left a small gap to see the kitchen.
He was grateful for his flexible body and his resistance to the extreme temperatures that he was able to sit inside for so long. He couldn’t even imagine the horror on your face if you had seen him crouched down at a really weird angle in the fridge.
As he left your house and walked back to the tower, he had a silly smile plastered on his face. You liked him, you wanted to know him, you wanted to be his friend. And he was sure you’ll soon want to be more than just his friend.
You chewed your cheek as you sat blankly staring at the computer screen in front of you. If this had been seen by your past self, she would’ve berated you for slacking off of your job.
All your life you had been level headed. While other people were confused, you knew what you wanted and what you had to do to achieve it. Your goals were clear and set right before your eyes. But now, when the others had considerably settled down, you were in a turmoil.
You didn’t know who the other person was. Or whether if there was any. But whoever it was, he was smart and agile. You still hadn’t guessed where he was this morning. Your instinct couldn’t have been wrong and it was screaming that he was still in the kitchen.
You knew it wasn’t you sleep walking or having multi-personality disorder. But you had to be sure. You had to see if it was you, or someone else. And most importantly you had to know who the other person was. And there was one way to find out, security cameras.
But you were afraid and nervous about what you might find out. And you still didn’t know how you felt about the situation. The thought about someone roaming about your home, which was a safe place for you to hide from the world, was disturbing. And at the same time, you couldn’t help but be happy that someone finally wanted you.
The fear of being stalked was probably being overshadowed by the butterflies you got in your stomach from being noticed by someone. You had read and watched a million thrillers about stalkers, and if you were honest, some sick part of you always wanted for someone to love you so much that it exceeded logic and laws.
You were still lost in your own head when you heard a knock on the door of your office. You rubbed your eyes and ran your fingers through your hair before saying, “come in.”
You gave a genuine smile as you saw Peter enter the room. He was now an Avenger, a grown-up man, but when you saw him, you still saw the boy you had first seen on tv years ago. He wasn’t as thin as before, he now worked out with the likes of Captain Rogers and had gained incredible muscle weight, but he was still lean and not bulky.
Lost in your own world, you failed to notice the slight blush creep across Peter’s cheek at your smile. “What happened Peter?” He smiled as bright as the sun as you asked and you wondered if you had said something funny. You were aware about how terribly shy he was.
Not meeting your eyes, he looked at his own feet as he spoke. “It’s actually lunch time. So... so I was wondering if you’d come... come downstairs and have lunch with me... I mean us, all of us are going to be there. Not all, Black widow and Clint have gone for a mission, so the rest of us. Mr. Stark has ordered food and if it’s okay with you, will you join us?” He stuttered continuously as he said.
“It would be my pleasure.” With that, you closed the tabs on your computer and sorted the papers on your desk. Standing up, you ran a hand across your suit and started walking alongside Peter. “You don’t have to be so scared of me, you know that right? I’m not gonna eat you.”
You had seen Peter become flustered in front of you. He did act that way in front of others too. But it was much less as compared to how he behaved when he saw you. You still remembered the time you had entered the gym where Peter and Steve were sparring. After seeing you, he had forgotten to duck and ended up getting his nose broken by Steve.
“I know that. You are too... too kind to do that.” He said giggling. Nobody except Tony Stark knew about Peter’s crush on you. You were just a few years older than him and you were all that he wanted in a woman. His liking for you wasn’t a big deal for the entire team to either notice or know, it was just a crush.
You both had small talk until you reached the dining area. Almost all of the seats were occupied except the one besides Bucky. What you didn’t know was that Bucky and Steve had purposely made it that way. You took that seat and Peter shifted some chairs so that he could sit on the other side of you.
Tony had ordered Chinese food which on other days you might have thoroughly enjoyed, but not today. Today your brain was too busy thinking about your new stalker problem to focus on the taste of the food.
The Avengers were all chit chatting about something but you didn’t even hear what they were saying. As usual, Bucky was quiet and fixated on you. You were nervous and were staring at your own food and occasionally looking up to Bucky, just in time for him to look at the opposite direction.
“So, what do you think?” Tony asked turning to you. Your head snapped up like that of a deer caught in a headlight. Your eyes were wide and your face was hauntingly blank. “You like cats or dogs?” Bucky finally asked you.
Bucky could see that you weren’t paying an ounce of attention. And maybe this was the time where you would actually accept his help. Apparently, the avengers were discussing whether they liked cats more or dogs.
You plastered a bright smile on your face for Bucky. He had actually saved you from the bombardment of questions that would’ve come your way if the others found out about your absentmindedness. “Dogs.” You answered stuffing your face with noodles again to avoid questions.
When you said that, Bucky quickly imagined his future with you. You would have a dog and he would have a cat. And together along with your kids, it would be a perfect family, just like those hallmark movies which Peter had not long ago forced him to see.
“Dogs are the best.” Peter chimed his agreement to your statement. You nodded at that. “Dogs are the best medicine for loneliness, and so are cats.” Bruce mediated between the two groups.
“I’ve always wanted a dog. Just never got the guts to go get one.” You said reminiscing about all those nights you had spent wondering if getting a dog as your companion would be a good idea.
“Alright, so we know what to gift you for your birthday.” Tony replied and everyone chuckled at that while you happily agreed, “That would be a great gift.”
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idk3ither · 41 minutes ago
What I wouldn’t do for someone to write either a Loki or Peter Maximoff fanfic based on Enchanted by Taylor Swift.
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nezukomimi · 3 hours ago
Against The Odds - Loki x Reader (angst drabble)
Summary: You were not allowed to be Loki's as he is not allowed to be yours. Titles are fickle little things, and you two realize that too late
Marvel Masterlist
Main Masterlist
"We run away." He suggested, pacing back and forth across the room, hands fidgeting anxiously with one another.
"Loki, we can't run away," You reminded him as if speaking to a stubborn child.
And in such a case, he was. He wasn't listening to anything you told him.
"Then what do you suggest we do?" He wanted to sound confident but his voice cracked as he looked at you with clear desperation in his eyes.
"I," You sighed, rubbing your tired head, "I don't know. There's nothing we can do." You sat at the corner of his bed, looking longingly at his bookshelves and cabinets, all things you were going to miss fondly.
"So that's it?" Loki's voice was strained as he gripped his balcony railing so tightly that his knuckles paled, "That's the end?"
You couldn't look him and the face and neither could he see you, both knowing how much more pain it would bring to see each other in such agony.
"You're getting married, Loki." You tried to keep your voice steady despite every will inside of you crumbling away.
"We can't keep this going. It won't be fair to your new wife if you're off seeing somebody else,"
"I don't love her!" He shouted, knowing well some people outside must have heard.
"I don't even know her! You expect me to forget you? How much you mean to me? You think I can just toss that aside as if you're," He stammered, tears pricking his eyes, "As if you're a stranger?"
You bit on your bottom lip heard, not wanting to cry in front of him knowing it would only freak him out more.
So you quietly got up from where you were sitting, going to close the window and softly put your hand on his back, leading him to his reading chair, kneeling down as you placed a warm hand on his knee.
"I love you Loki," You kissed his shaking hand with your tear-stained lips, "I love you more than I've ever thought I could."
"You were good to me, and you helped me, and you made me see myself as my true worth," You unwrapped his clenched fist as you raised it to your cheeks, leaning down in it as he softly traced his thumbs over your cheekbones.
"And there is so much I wish I could have done with you," You let out a choked sob and his eyes watered at the sound, "But you are getting married and there is nothing we can do to stop it."
"Even if you don't know her you may grow to love her maybe more than you care about me-" He stopped your rambling by pulling you into his chest, hugging your back tightly as he shook his head.
"I could never love someone more than I love you, Y/n. Nobody," He sniffled harshly as you nodded slowly, trying to ease him.
"I wish we could have had a different fate, but" You shut your eyes as tight as you could, trying to zero every sound out so you could listen to his heartbeat,
"We don't have that power. There are just some things that we can't fight against," your voice broke as you told him the inevitable truth.
"We tried to go against those odds, Loki, you know we did everything we could."
"Just know that I will always love you. That's the only thing left that I can do."
And Loki held you until your shuttering breathes calmed down and he felt sleep take over you, carefully picking you up as he placed you down in his bed, placing a kiss on your forehead as he tucked you in, knowing this would be the last time he could ever do such a thing.
And so he slipped in, holding you tight against his chest, your skin flush against his,
As if knowing that would be that last time that you and Loki were allowed to love.
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julesjohansson · 3 hours ago
Hey, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could do maybe a short little blurb of maybe while Loki and Slyvie (sorry I always forget how to spell her name) are talking about love maybe Loki mentions his time with the reader or like maybe the reader is his wife and maybe the he used to sing that song to his wife during parties or something. It’s just a suggestion tho it’s totally okay if you don’t want to do it
A/N: I love this! Also, I took the title from this song, which I definitely recommend listening to while you read.
And Every Person Seems More Beautiful - Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Loki didn’t hate parties.
He liked them, actually - on Asgard, they were the one time people ceased to notice or fear him, the one time he could slip through the crowd and do whatever he liked.
I usually went alone, though, he thinks, casting a glance at the woman seated across from him.
It feels familiar.
Too familiar.
And one person is conspicuously absent.
"A pity the old woman chose to die, don’t you think?” Loki says, stirring himself from his reverie.
“She was in love.”
“She hated him.”
“Maybe... love is hate.”
“Love is... love is hate? Should probably remember that.”
He magicks a quill and scroll from thin air, and begins to scribble it down.
“What was that? Love is... love is hate?”
“Oh, piss off,” states Sylvie, a smile on her face.
“So,” Loki begins, “Is there a... lucky beau, waiting for you at the end of this crusade?”
“Yeah, there is, actually. Managed to maintain quite a serious long-distance relationship with a postman.”
“And with charm like that, who could resist you?”
“How about you? You’re a prince. Must’ve been... would-be princesses. Or perhaps, another prince.”
Sylvie raised her eyebrows suggestively.
“A bit of both,” said Loki gamely, “I suspect, the same as you. But nothing ever...”
He nods.
“Until my wife, that is.”
“You were married?”
“Are you truly that surprised?”
“You’re not repulsive, but - I certainly can’t imagine you in a relationship.”
“Yes, well. I-I didn’t deserve her. I was lucky to have her, for as long as I did.”
Sylvie hums.
“Did she die?”
“So I’ve been told. Or... or shown.”
Sylvie chuckles.
“It’s a real shame for you that we can’t fix this TemPad, or we could go get her.”
“Of course.”
Well, there it is.
For the first time, a shining ray of hope.
Sylvie nods awake.
She never falls asleep on trains. She never falls asleep in public, period.
But there’s something comforting about Loki. Comforting, familiar, and-
"Oh, when she sings, she sings, come home-”
He sees her gesture at him, wildly, and he gestures back.
Was it irresponsible to get drunk? Yes.
Was it avoidable?
Well, no.
You would have stopped him, he thinks soberly, pausing. As he looks to Sylvie, she blurs until she’s unrecognizable, and all of a sudden-
Oh, she’s you.
You, the one who had always been surrounded by a gaggle of admirers and suitors at Asgard’s wild parties, you, who had always looked for him in the crowd-
And him, who was too shy to admit his affections for you until much, much later.
It all floods back now -the way he’d sulk in the corner, trying not to catch your eye, the way you’d grin at him.
And then, the one day he got just a little too courageous, and stood up in front of the entire planet and belted out a song for you.
The night he told you how he felt. The night you responded.
He slows down now, singing to Sylvie, aching.
I’ll find you, he promises to himself. I’ll find you.
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@rottenstyx @giggles75th @amourtentiaa
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oh-honeyz · 3 hours ago
Our boy Loki can stop a whole building with telekinesis and has a whole bunch of super badass powers and YET he still chose to attack Thanos with a butter knife ?? WHY ??
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mischiefmanaged71 · 3 hours ago
Trivia: Love
My new story Trivia: Love is out now!! It's a Joaquin Torres X desi! Reader story!! Enjoy!!
Tumblr media
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shreddedparchment · 4 hours ago
A Wife for Thor Pt. 26
A Surprising Change
Pairing: King!Thor x Reader          Word Count: 4,307
Warnings: child birth, possible complications, labor, language, angst
A/N: I’m too tired to tag right away so I’ll come back when I’ve had some sleep. I hope you all enjoy this one. I’ve had parts of it planned for so long and I’m glad to finally share it with y’all! Let me know what you think and if you have any favorite parts or...well, y’all are pros. You know what to do. If you happen to reblog, thanks so much for helping me spread my work! xoxo
Please DO NOT REPOST or TRANSLATE my work on any other blogs or sites!
REBLOGS are always welcome!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your mind is hazy. You move along the mattress, squirming from the pain as your body tries hard to bring your prince into the world.
The doctor, you don’t know which because the corners of your vision have become blurry, is sweeping around the room getting things ready.
You can’t see anything. It’s like a fog has been placed around your head and pillows shoved against your ears as you gasp and throw your head back onto your pillow.
Even though you can’t see, you know Thor’s there. At your side. Worried. Stressed, not as much as you but enough. The crinkle between his eyes is probably as deep as a trench.
You know that he wants to comfort you, to offer some sort of solace. Support even. But as his large hands reach for you, your vision clears for a moment and you turn away from him.
“No,” you mumble, pushing him away because you can’t need him here.
It’s cruel of you maybe. Selfish, to send him away. But you need to know that you can do this without him.
This is the hardest thing, the most difficult moment of your life. This is when your strength will be tested. Your body is being ravaged from within to bring new life into the world and you need to know that you can stand on your own two feet through this. That you can be split in two, in pure agony, and still come out the other side as a whole person. A stronger person. And it will all be because of you. It will be your strength that carried you through it.
So that when the day comes, IF the day comes--you really have to start accepting that Thor will choose you from this day on--and Thor leaves you or chooses someone else over you again, you won’t be so shocked. It won’t hurt as much. You’ll know that if you can make it through this, you can make it through anything.
Despite your resolve it’s too tempting to give in. It’s too easy to reach out and take Thor’s hand and cry to him and tell him how much it hurts or how tired you are.
You don’t want it easy.
So you push his hand away, clammy and sweaty as you are, your own slaps against his skin with a light smack.
They’ve changed you into a modest cotton gown. Long but breathable and at the moment it’s shoved halfway up your thighs as you squirm around on the bed, sheets all over the place. Special sheets brought just for this purpose. To give birth.
“Get out,” you whimper, voice shifting into a deeper tone as you give your head a small shake to try and chase away the cloud of disorientation that’s overtaken your every sense. “I-I don’t want you in here, Thor. Get out.”
“My cherub, please, I-”
Your contraction helps you shout. Channeling all of that pain into your voice you give him another firm push and this time he doesn’t come back towards you but instead stands up slowly, clearly hating every moment of it.
You can see the pain you’re causing but the pain in your body is more demanding and you won’t feel guilty for needing this time for yourself.
There’s too much going on. Too many voices. Too many people.
“Get out, please…” you groan, reaching down to grab at your belly as your back spasms and your pelvis is set on fire.
“Thor, go,” Sif’s voice cuts in. “If something goes wrong, we’ll call you.”
“No,” you protest, but they’re not really paying you any mind at the moment.
Thor’s eyes are glued on you, his face contorted with indecision and grief.
“You’re only making it worse for her,” Sif tells him gently. “She’ll be alright.”
You shake your head again, hard from side to side as you feel the build up of pressure in your lower body again.
You grunt and groan, curling up as the next contraction steals your breath.
Thor leans towards you, reaching out but Sif is already there, supporting your back as you ride out the pain.
“Thor, go,” she orders more sternly.
Suddenly, a male voice, Doctor Alric, interjects.
“The Lady Sif is correct, Your Majesty. Your presence seems to only stress Her Majesty. She needs peace and quiet now. Please? For the child’s sake, the mother must be at ease as much as she can.”
Despite the sound of a question in his words, it’s not a request. Thor takes a step towards the door.
“All of you, out,” Doctor Alric orders and a flurry of maids, guards, and Loki move through the door.
As he passes, Loki takes hold of Thor’s elbow and practically tears him away from you, dragging him forcefully through the doors as Estrid follows behind them looking worried and like she’d very much like to stay.
Too many people. Even with just Sif, Alric, and Doctor Wilson. Three other bodies besides yours and the little one in your belly.
You want to be alone, completely. And yet, at the same time, you’re terrified to be truly alone in here.
A few minutes pass and another contractions paralyzes you momentarily as you grunt and groan through it. You almost stop breathing completely but Doctor Wilson is there.
“Breathe, Your Majesty, in and out slowly. There you go, just like that,” she praises you as you override your instinct to hold your breath.
You’re crying by the time the contraction passes and you fall against your pillows and sob.
Turning to Sif you shake your head, so weak and you haven’t even started pushing yet! This pain is too much. Is it like this for everyone? You start to wonder if you’re just weak.
“I’m here, Your Majesty,” Sif assures you, a small reassuring smile on her face.
It’s a miracle that through it all, after the way things started with the two of you, Sif is the support at your side. She’s the backbone of your strength.
The two of you had bonded when she came back and told you she’d been surprised, pleased, and in complete admiration and awe that you’d banned Jane from entering the Kingdom again.
Your mutual distaste for Thor’s ex had bridged a small gap between you and she’d confessed to having been hesitant in your ability to rule the Kingdom but sees now that she was wrong to doubt you.
Everything changed for you and Sif after that small talk.
“I miss him so much,” you cry, shaking your head some more.
Sif shushes you softly, her hand moving across your forehead to wipe away beads of sweat.
“I do want him here,” you admit, almost wishing that Thor had fought your request. “I love him so much, Sif.”
“I know, Your Majesty, but you can do this. I would go get him, but you made me promise.”
You regret making her swear on the crown that she’d keep Thor away and let you handle this on your own.
The compromise was that she’d be able to stay.
“Am I a t-terrible person?”
“No,” Sif shakes her head. “No, Your Majesty. You are a strong woman who has had her heart broken by her husband. You are learning to heal and whatever form that takes, you are allowed to follow through. Marriage is forever, and I’m sure Thor will understand in a year’s time that what you are doing was necessary for you to be able to openly love him again.”
She’s so smart. So clever and kind. She’s been much nicer to Loki too, even though it’s reluctant. Sif is a good person, despite her prejudice against the Asgardian Prince.
You continue to sob but turn as Doctor Wilson stands between your legs at the end of the bed. She beckons you towards her and Sif helps to sit you up.
Doctor Wilson takes hold of your arms, helping you sit up.
“We’re going to do this a little bit differently than you’re probably expecting. I need you to get on all fours for me, okay?”
“Is everything okay?” you fret, letting her guide you but keeping your eyes locked onto her face to see if her expression betrays any deceit.
“Everything is perfect, Your Majesty, this might help with some of that pain in your back. Alright?” Doctor Wilson explains.
“Oh, okay…” you reply, breathless.
As soon as you’re in position, you feel a significant improvement to the pain in your lower back.
Doctor Wilson hurries around to check you again and with a nod to Doctor Alric, she gets in position.
“Time to push, Your Majesty,” she informs you, and your heart begins to race faster than it has all night.
Everything’s gone so wrong.
Nothing is as it should be and Thor has only himself to blame.
It’s impossible for him to ever move on from this. Not while you keep your distance. Not while your heart still aches.
There isn’t a moment in his day that he isn’t thinking about what he might do to make it all up to you.
What can he do? What can he say?
What will make you trust him again?
Nothing is what his heart tells him.
He can do nothing to help you believe in his love again.
“You have been pacing out here for nearly four hours. Are things really that irreparable with Y/N?”
Heimdall’s voice, usually a comfort to him, surprises Thor and brings him no relief.
Thor stops his pattern, grabbing his hands and wringing them roughly as he struggles to piece together his thoughts. His eyes glaze over the numerous flowers you’ve planted since you’ve moved into the palace.
You’ve taken such good care of your garden, even through your pregnancy.
He’s watched you. It’s almost therapeutic for you. He’s certain of it.
“I have only myself to blame,” Thor grumbles, angry and pained. “I brought this unhappiness upon us both.”
“I think you will find that Jane’s deceit provoked your reaction. This is not completely your fault, Thor.”
“It is. I could have made different choices. I could have thought things through more carefully before-” He can’t say it.
Not again.
“I betrayed her trust. I made her feel as if she were disposable. And then when we were finally making progress...I should have waited until she woke before agreeing to see Jane. She should have been there with me. At my side as my Queen. Then Jane would never have had the thought to attempt to renew her feelings. Then no one would have heard us and-” Thor stops, remembering something. “Have you found them? Have you found the spy in our ranks?”
Heimdall shakes his head.
“Whoever is wreaking havoc on your marriage is shielded by magic. Familiar magic, but I cannot remember where I have sensed it before. On Asgard for certain, but…”
“But what?” Thor asks, impatient.
“I will keep searching,” Heimdall concludes.
The silence between them lasts long. Thor is too preoccupied with his own thoughts to care about how long they stand there in your garden.
Heimdall is kind enough to let him think.
Then, just as Thor’s about to collapse from the weight of his guilt and the agony of not being able to be at your side on this night of all night, Heimdall speaks.
Slowly Thor is pulled from his torture and he looks at his oldest friend.
“Patience will heal your wounds. Give her time to see that the choices you have made have been for her benefit and your own.”
“I’m not infallible, Heimdall. My instinct to leave her for Jane when Jane might have been pregnant was a mistake. It should never have crossed my mind. I can admit to this, if nothing else.” Thor argues. “But I made these mistakes and I must pay for them.
“I made us waver. I broke my promises. I am only sorry that she hurts still. I wish I could take her pain, take the seed of doubt that I’ve planted in her heart. I’ve told her that I love her many times, every single day.
“She has to know by now that she’s everything. That I love her. Doesn’t she?” Thor wonders, not really expecting an answer.
“If she indeed knows, then you must give her time to believe you. The foundation you and she built was broken but she still loves you, Thor. No one who has seen the two of you together can deny it. Her heart is true. This will not be easy for either of you. And now with the Prince on the way-”
Loki rushes towards them, black suit, deep green t-shirt underneath the jacket looks wrinkled which is out of the ordinary but not alarming.
The alarm is in his face, the panic in his eyes is what drives a fear into Thor’s heart.
Have you left him? Have you taken your baby boy and chosen to raise him away from Thor? From his father? From his rightful place on the New Asgardian Throne?
Thor wouldn’t blame you.
“What is it?” Thor gasps, his voice deep and trembling from fear.
“It’s Y/N,” Loki begins, and Thor’s breath catches in his throat, heart sinks to the pit of his stomach. “She’s given birth.”
As he gasps for breath, Loki’s mouth splits into a genuine grin. He laughs once and Thor’s heart nearly explodes with joy at the news.
He closes the distance between him and his brother. Pulling him in for a hug which Loki returns gladly they thump each other hard with flat hands as Thor’s own laugh joins Loki’s.
Thor pulls away then turns to Heimdall only to feel his heart cave in again at the expression of confusion on Heimdall’s face. The utter bewilderment is unexpected and unnatural. For Heimdall?
“What is it?”
Heimdall suddenly turns to Thor, brow furrowed, “Run, Thor. Go to Her Majesty. Quick.”
Thor doesn’t even need an explanation. He’s racing through the halls of the palace, Loki on his heels looking and feeling just as confused as the God of Thunder.
Several servants gasp and leap out of their way as they wind their way up the many stairs.
Why he doesn’t just fly, Thor won't wonder for months. All he knows is that Heimdall told him to run, so run he must.
As he reaches the landing of your shared floor he slips on the rug but adjusts and catches his weight slightly, Loki grabs him and helps steady him as they continue to run, not skipping a step as Thor’s feet fumble.
He’s ten feet from the door and he can hear you crying, gasping for air. The sounds you’re making are unlike any he’s ever heard you make before.
Please, let them be alright, Thor thinks.
Then he hears it. The shattering, quivering, tiny cry of his child. The newborn sound fills the palace halls and Thor thunders through the door of your bedroom, eyes searching until they find you.
You are indeed sobbing, but the expression on your face is radiant. You’re crying and smiling, laughing! This laugh is new. It’s pure and utter joy and you are glowing with love as your eyes are glued to the small, tiny, so very little bundle in your arms.
The love for your child must blind you to anything else you may have been feeling before this moment and when you look at him, when you turn those exquisite eyes on him, Thor melts at the smile and the adoration that pours from your pretty face.
“It’s a girl,” you gush, looking at your baby before meeting Thor’s love-filled and one-eyed gaze with your own. “Kasi. I named her Kasi.”
Thor takes a step towards you, then another, and another. He’s blind to anyone but you and his daughter.
His heart pounds in his chest, swelling with every beat. It grows in size to make room for both of you and a fierce desire to protect you both, to guard you from all the harms the universe might bring on you.
He’s only a few feet away, reaching out for you and he relishes in the way you don’t pull away. You smile up at him, loving him, openly. You’re eager with it. You’re flowing with love right now.
He gets just the slightest peek at the baby in your arms and can see your skin on the child but her hair is blonde, just like his. The texture reminds him of his mother’s hair.
“Frigga has blessed our little one, my cherub,” Thor realizes, admiring his daughter’s beauty as you stare at her.
He’s just about to lower himself down beside you when a nudge to his left pulls his eyes to Sif who’s also smiling up at him, pleased and like she’s about to tell him a really good joke.
“Congratulations, Thor. They’re beautiful.”
He smiles then notices the strange angle of her arms.
As his eyes find the second bundle--teeny, tiny, so small he could hold the babe in one arm comfortably without ever waking them--his heart stops and then races to catch up as his mind explodes a little.
He looks up at Sif then you, then back at Sif then back at you.
You’re smiling still, leaning back against the headboard of your shared bed, relaxed and tired, but so very happy.
“Tavis,” you tell him. “I want to call him Tavis.”
Thor’s eyes begin to water as he turns back to Sif and his eye finds that baby in her arms.
So very carefully she hands him over, placing the little bundle in Thor’s very large and thick arms.
He looks like he’s cradling a towel as he finally takes a seat beside you.
Fixing yourself so that you can see Tavis, Thor leans down to press as gentle a kiss as he can muster on his son’s sweet little cheek.
“He’s beautiful,” you gasp.
Thor suddenly realizes that this is the first time you’ve seen him and watches as new tears fall along your cheeks.
“All of you are beautiful,” Thor whispers, his voice deep and thick with emotion. “My son. My daughter. And my wife.”
Your eyes are glued on Tavis. He’s Thor’s spitting image. Blonde tuft peeking out from underneath the small cap covering his head, like his sister.
Both of you stare at your children as Doctor Wilson tends to you carefully. Alric comes over to check the babies over and takes them one at a time before brining them back.
While you and Thor sit with only one baby, Thor scoots closer so that you can hold them against your chest and they look content there against your breast.
“Can I feed him?” you check, looking over at Doctor Wilson as she cleans up not too far away from you.
“Of course,” she smiles. “He’s not crying so, he may not be hungry but they’ve both been fairly quiet. Save for His Highness who wanted to make sure we knew he was here.”
She comes over to help you, Thor watching carefully so that he’ll know how to do it when she’s not around.
Tavis latches onto your breast after a few tries and it’s like you’re seeing him for the first time all over again.
Every little thing he does is a revelation and Thor agrees with every gaze you give.
When Kasi is finished and freshly swaddled, Alric brings her to you and Thor quickly takes Tavis who is fast asleep after being fed.
You do just as Doctor Wilson did with Tavis and although it takes you a few tries with her too, Kasi latches and you relax a little once she’s eating.
“Where’s Loki?” you ask, turning to look for him looking a lot more tired than you did when Thor first came in here.
“He’s just outside. Shall I call him in?” Sif offers, getting up from the seat she’d taken over by the roaring hearth.
“Yes. And you should go to bed, Sif. You’ve been up so long,” Thor hears you urge her, though he can’t even look away from his children so he’s not sure how tired Sif might look.
“I’ll go when Estrid comes,” she promises and moves out of the room.
Only a few seconds pass before Loki is rushing into the room, green eyes bright and searching.
As he spots you both, he moves forward slowly, eyes glued first on Kasi since she’s angled so that she’s more visible, and then moves to Tavis as Thor adjusts so that he’s not cradling him so securely out of sight.
“You have a niece and a nephew, brother. This is Tavis Thorson, Prince of New Asgard and that little lady there, she is Kasi Thordottir, Princess of Asgard and heir to the throne. Aren’t they great?”
He’s not sure what causes it, but you suddenly start to chuckle and lean back as you stare at him. You reach out and caress his cheek before tracing his arm until you can place it over his where he’s got it gently placed on Tavis’s little chest.
Thor’s entire hand basically covers the little one’s entire torso, hips, and thighs.
He’ll grow.
“Might I hold him?” Loki wonders, blinking away tears of his own.
“Of course, Loki,” you gasp, nudging Thor.
Thor frowns for a second, hating to let his son go. He only just got him! He wants to hold him all night if possible.
“Thor,” you urge him, and he carefully passes his son into Loki’s arms.
Loki walks away with him, moving towards the center of the room before moving back. Just pacing, giving the baby some movement, Thor realizes and yet, his anxiety is massive with Tavis not in his arms.
He is silent for only a few minutes before he gets up and moves to Loki, “Alright, my turn.”
Loki looks up at Thor whose hands are clenched into fists and smirks, looking at you with amusement.
“Feeling greedy, brother?”
“What? No! No, of course not. I just...he looks hungry. And maybe your arms are too tight or...or maybe he doesn't like the sway of your walk? You’re much thinner than I am and your balance is all to one side. See, look, he’s frowning. Give him back.”
Loki leans away from Thor, turning his body as if to shield Tavis from him but then he scoffs and hands the baby over.
Thor’s tension melts and he very slowly walks his way back to you and takes his seat again.
“You’ve done a wonderful job, Y/N,” Loki nods. “I’ll get word to David to tell him the good news and I’ll have them ring the bells in the tower to tell the city that our Kingdom has an heir. Congratulations, both of you.”
“Thank you, Loki,” you tell him, voice weak and tired.
“Yes, thank you for taking the initiative,” Thor agrees. “Keep everyone away for now. My cherubs will need their rest.”
Loki nods, smiling from ear to ear, and leaves you both to yourselves.
When Kasi has finished her eater, Thor helps you with one hand to cover yourself again then as you smile up at him in gratitude, he can’t help but slip his hand behind your head, caressing you gently.
“You’ve done so well, love. You are the strongest woman I know,” he tells you.
You smile but at his touch, your eyes droop and Thor’s worry rises.
“Doctor Wilson? Alric? Her Majesty is ready for sleep, I think.”
Both of them come over and Alric carefully takes Kasi from you.
“,” you protest.
“It’s only for a few hours, Your Majesty. Soon you will have her in your arms again. In the meantime, oh! Right on time! While you get some sleep, Estrid will watch over the Princess and Prince with His Majesty’s help, I imagine?”
Thor looks to the door as Estrid comes in sporting a basket of things that must be for the babies.
“I’m not going anywhere,” Thor assures them and you. “Rest, my cherub. Our littles ones will need you at full strength when they wake and you’ve done so much tonight already.”
Your hand is on Tavis’s little cheek, finger stroking the soft velvet baby skin gently.
“I already miss them always being with me,” you sigh, and Thor realizes he’ll never understand that connection. To have those babies growing inside of you, always with you. Tied together physically, emotionally, mentally. He envies the ties but also stares in awe as the love in your eyes becomes more than love. It’s like blood.
This devotion to your babies is primal and deep and it looks so good on you that Thor leans in to meet your lips in a soft kiss.
You’re surprised, which the increase in your heartbeat tells him, but your face is just as tired, only slightly confused as your own lips pucker against his.
“Get some sleep, my Queen. I will be with them until we can both be with them again, together.”
Thor’s almost amused at how easily your head falls back onto your pillows but you stare as Alric brings Kasi over to Thor and places her in Thor’s other arm.
He has no trouble holding them both and they’re so small compared to Thor.
For a moment, Thor’s heart nearly combusts. He’s never known such a feeling of pride and contentment.
Then he looks over at you, eyes still fighting to stay open as you stare at the babies until finally your exhaustion takes over and your eyes shut, hand still extended out, fingers gently pressed against Tavis’s chest as if you can’t bear a single moment without him.
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the-second-tonks · 4 hours ago
May I have a ship request for Marvel and Stranger Things please?
I’m 5’5 I have thick black curly short hair. I have dark brown sometimes mistaken for black eyes.
I’m a Libra Rising, Leo Sun, and Capricorn Moon. I’m also a Venus Leo, a Mercury Scorpio, and a Pluto Saggitarius.
I’m a Ravenclaw.
I love reading, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, coming up with new ideas, and researching.
I have a hard time communicating how I feel in words and physical touch, so I usually do it in gestures like taking the time to listen to you and all the things you like. Doing research on the things you like to have a better understanding. I’m not prone to physically communicating my emotions for people.
I’m sassy, sarcastic, and witty. I’ve been told I’m very intelligent. I’m shy and very helpful. I am very curious. I am very creative, hardworking, and loyal. I’m silly and talkative once I get comfortable, I’m also an introvert. I tend to view things as something big and everything having a deeper meaning.
Some of my flaws are I tend to crave drama whether in real life drama or fictional drama it’s still a crave. I’m arrogant sometimes. I can get overly possessive and protective over the people I care about. I can get jealous easily and I tend to lie for no reason sometimes unintentionally. I have trouble admitting my faults, being vulnerable, and being wrong. I am quick to anger and sometimes I’m a little apathetic. When I get into a really important task to me I tend to forget everything else around me and anything else that I should or have to do. I can get very clingy to people I like. I can get emotionally attached very quickly. I have bad coping mechanisms, and I have trust issues. I can be mean sometimes. (That’s a lot of flaws. Sorry.)
I’ve been told I have a way with words when either speaking or writing. I’m usually not what people’s first impressions of me really are. I have interests in psychology, biology, philosophy, and law. I’m very indecisive.
Thank you so much and have a nice day or night and a nice week! :)
Sure !
So, you sent an ask about your sun and moon sign mistakes ... I hope I correct when I saw that you're Leo Moon and Capricorn Sun and Rising ..
Also to add , it's really alright about the confusion thing and I hope you have a nice week too !
So , let's get to your ship !
From Marvel
I ship you with -
Tony Stark a.k.a Iron man :)
Tumblr media
Clearly , I see him a perfect fit for you !
Two Capricorns means strong Capricorn traits . It shows how ambitious and determined you are ! Tony's gonna love that , honestly !
Your intelligence , smartness , curiousity and sarcasm is going to be his ego feeder , because you are his girlfriend . I can literally imagine him proudly talking about you in front of others (I hope you got that!)
So , I think I got that line . It meant that you are not good with sharing your emotions . Don't worry , Tony too , hides a lot sometimes . He would definitely understand !
Leo Moon makes you want to be the centre of attention ? So , Tony wouldn't mind giving you attention and also wouldn't mind you being clingy . But I'm pretty sure that while working , you would not be like this
Your hardworking and Tony is smartworking , so that's fitting here too !
This thing that you're introverted is not going to attract him , but when he sees you)overhears you being talkative with someone and being silly , he's gonna be intrigued !
A mercury Scorpio , as you mentioned , makes sarcasm as the way you speak but Tony would smirk everytime you sass anyone out (even him!)
You might have a hard time communicating through physical touch but not Tony . He'll always have his hands around you while he vents out and you listen to him .
Venus leo makes you want to spoil your future spouse , so I guess over here , you'll spoil Tony and vice versa but your Capricorn will ensure that money is under control !
You'll be patient with Tony , always ! You'll also be his lab partner !
Tony will help you embrace your flaws and you'll help him to embrace his . You will know when Tony's being really , like really arrogant (bcz you know , you can be arrogant too so ..) and you'll warn him , help him .
Okay , his ego feeder two would be you getting jealous , possesive and protective over him !
It's ok , I mean Tony is kinda playboy so , ya know , when you get attached to him , he's gonna break your heart , but only once . Never again !
Tony's really smart , so I don't think it's going to be trouble to make you confess/accept your flaws . He might trick you into it ! Being indecisive is also not a problem because Tony can take the lead !
Overall , a perfect and understanding relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black widow
Tumblr media
You can't change my mind on this !
Sarcasm alert ! You and she are unbeatable ! Also to add , it's literally a good friendship because she might understand you hiding your emotions !
Overall , a very loyal and deep friendship !
From Stranger things
I ship you with -
Johnathan Byers :)
Tumblr media
He's a good fit for you ! He's a bit nerdy , more of unsocial .
Also , trust issues fit here ! I mean , he'll understand !
He's really protective and so are you ! So maybe even though you both are busy , you'll make sure he is fine and vice versa
Also , he's really caring and won't let you get jealous or won't mind if you're clingy !
When he's being timid , you could reassure him (Capricorn trait !)
He's really afraid to make the first move so maybe , you'll get comfortable with him first and then it would be his turn
You both are quite independent !
You're introverted so yes , you both would spend time together !
Also to add that you both would be quite the inteligent couple !
Overall a deep relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Nancy Wheeler
Tumblr media
Nancy is really kind and extroverted , so you'd explore different parts of life that you're deprived of due to being an introvert
But being an introvert as its own advantages , you noticed things like no other !
Overall , a really fun friendship !
Gifs and photos not mine !
I hope you liked it !
Thank you for the ask 😊
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tropicaltransgressions · 4 hours ago
Do the Right Thing - Ch 29
Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 6 Ch 7 Ch 8 Ch 9 Ch10 Ch 11 Ch 12 Ch 13 Ch 14 Ch 15 Ch 16 Ch 17 Ch 18 Ch 19 Ch 20 Ch21 Ch22 Ch23 Ch24 Ch25 Ch26 Ch27 Ch28
*Short, but everyone was soooo nice after the last update I wanted to do more ASAP. More coming SOON**
You throw the portal to the ground with shaking hands and you all step through back out into the Resistance Space Station.
Your first priority is Katya who is in desperate need of medical attention and Maria and… your mother…??? (Right. She’s a doctor.) -are already prepped and in the med bay when you arrive there first to usher her into surgery.
Several other attendants in the medical ward want to take a look at the rest of you, but you know your injuries are superficial and you want to see this to the end.
You shrug them off with an insistence that you’re fine and when they try to argue Lena Luthor backs you up and they back away.
Super Girl is still holding an unconscious Natasha and you follow them to a lower level where the cells are.
“Fucking Nordic Prison System,” is all you can think when you see the cell they put her in. It’s bigger than your apartment in Brooklyn with better furniture and a much better view. And hey, you are all for prison reform, but you’d appreciate a little old fashioned American style jail right now. She locked you in a coat closet for a month. It’s fair that you’re a little bit peeved about her cell having a bidet.
Kara and Maria are still getting Natasha situated as you and Wanda look on from the two-way glass outside.
“So what did she say to you?” you keep your arms folded and your eyes straight ahead. “Right before she put the gun to your head? What did she say to you?”
Wanda keeps her own stiff posture, an almost mirror image of yours with folded arms and steady eyes… but you can feel her tense.
“C’mon, Wanda,” you prompt, finally turning to look at her fully. “What good are secrets now?”
Wanda looks down before swallowing and nodding her head, and you realize just a fraction too late that Wanda only ever keeps secrets to protect people.
“She asked me if I understood now why I should ‘never take her things.’”
...You giggle. But it’s not funny.
Oh to think just a few minutes ago you were almost considering having sympathy for her…
The other two emerge back out of the cell.
“Well, I think that’ it for to---”
“We should give her back,” you cut Maria off.
Three sets of eyes focus on you intently.
“Listen,” You continue. “We should give her back to the Order. We could maybe even save Kara’s identity.” Yes. this plan is shaping up nicely in your (extremely exhausted, traumatized, and potentially still hungover brain)
“Send Kara with Natasha to Superman. She can tell him that Natasha was a traitor. That she was working for the Resistance and she kidnapped Wanda and that’s why she broke into the Tower and took Natasha. They’ll believe her, they’ll believe Kara!” You’re getting hysterical now. “Wanda and I, we can… we can back it up! We will back it up! They’ll believe us!”
Now three sets of eyes are looking at you with pity.
“(y/n)...” Kara tries very softly and very kindly. “We don’t know if that would work but… but if it did…”
“They’d kill her.” Maria finishes. “And you don’t want that.”
You are seething to the point that you’re almost hyperventilating. “DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I FUCKING WANT!” you scream.
Maria tries to approach you slowly but… you can’t. You can’t with any of this right now.
“You know what?” you say, shaking your head. “Keep her here. Keep her somewhere else. Giver her to them. I don’t care. I just never want to see her again. Can you at least do that for me?”
Maria seems hesitant and you can tell she's is about to protest, but it’s Super Girl who cuts in and says, “We’ll deal with the justice from here on out. She is not your responsibility anymore, (y/n) and I’ll see to that.”
Again, Maria looks like she want to protest, and maybe that’s because she knows that's not a promise that can be kept forever, but for right now, you just need a fucking break. You need this to be over and you need to not think about Natasha Romanoff or Natalia Romanova or whoever the fuck she is for a long time.
“Where are you going?” Maria shouts at your retreating form.
“To find my brother,” you respond.
“Which one?” she asks your back.
If anyone can find drugs in space-- it’s Sean.
And you deserve that. You deserve to float for a while.
Katay’s POV
Considering the life I’ve lived… It's almost strange that this is only the second time I’ve ever had surgery. Both times for a gunshot administered by the same person… ok maybe this isn't actually that strange, maybe this lines up pretty well with my life.
But that first time all those years ago, bleeding out and dying in the rain, knowing it was the end… that was waaaaaay worse than this. I feel… I feel good. I know I’m goofy from narcotics...and probably not fully healed but, goddamn, if you gotta get shot…
This place has some kind of tech that can heal you faster than normal. I am up and out of bed again in less than 3 days. (The first time Natalia shot me, it took 14 months of rehab).
I am so relieved at my recovery.
Maybe this is a selfish thought, but.. I’ve learned in these last 15 years, that it’s ok to be selfish sometimes. I am so relieved that it will heal and I can still dance.
They all advise me against it. “She might not seem dangerous now but as soon as she wakes up…” and blah blah blah. As if I don’t know how dangerous Natalia can be.
‘ I don’t think she’s who you used to know,’ Lena tries to tell me. `You have no idea what she is capable of now.”
I met a 14 year old with a double digit body count. And she’s the one who tried to kill me when she was my best friend. They are the ones who don’t know. How could they? Read any file you like, but nothing will ever tell you what it was like for us in the Red Room. How we survived. How we kept each other alive.
I thought I had moved on. I thought I had forgiven. After all, there would be no Heather Cohen if Natalia had not shot me that night. That bullet literally gave me my life and set me free.
But I guess there was some… unresolved tension. I didn’t do what was needed of me when I confronted "Natasha". I regressed. I got angry. I thought it was past it but… the person I loved most in the world tried to kill me. I’ve grown so much, gained so much, been to so much therapy, but it was like seeing her again took all that away. I was 17 and sad and scared and desperate, and she shot me in the back.
It's three days later when I am stood outside the two way glass looking into her cell next to a very fidgety (y/n).
“You don’t have to stay, Ka-- Hea… what should I call you?”, (y/n) asks confused.
I smile at her. I like her for some reason. And it’s not that I just feel bad about what happened to her, I just… like her.
“I’d prefer Heather, if you don’t mind.”
“Of course!” she’s quick to assure
God. I can see why Natalia took to her.
“You can just go home to your family. You aren’t… you aren’t obligated…”
I cut her off quickly. As well meaning as she is and as much as she thinks she understands Natalia and me… she doesn't. No one could.
“I want to stay with her. That’s firm and that’s final.”
“Ok,” (y/n) relents, “But you do realize she can't come out of that cell…”
I scoff. Like I haven’t slept in worse places. “Then I will stay with her in her cell...”
@blackxwidowsxwife @madamevirgo @chickenhavewisdom @fayhar @fishlikestuff @natasha-danvers @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @ima-gi--na-tion @maximoffsgirl @chicken-wang09 @beforeoursecrets @diaryoflife @iburntsalad @trikruismybitch @mcu-fan-fics-blog @theoispizza @beachesssssssssssssssss1 @lostandsearching
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zemosimp05 · 4 hours ago
Prompt: cuddly zemo 
*y/n sitting on the couch working on laptop* *suddenly got crushed with big massive hug making them jump*
Y/N: ou.. Aou.... Hey... hey...... Gwad Helmut get off me...
Zemo: *dropping his full weight on y/n, somehow trapping them below him* hi draga.
Y/N: *sighing defeated* do you understand the fact that you're heavy? You gonna crush my bones someday.
*Zemo smiling softly then peppering feather kisses all over yn's face*
Y/N: *giggling* stwappp....
Zemo: I *kiss* missed *kiss* you *kiss*
Y/N: You saw me couple of hours ago... *y/n notices a small cut on his lower lip*
Zemo: I don't like leaving you... *nuzzling his face in crook of y/n's neck*
Y/N: You're hurt...
Zemo: its Nothing....
Y/N: come on... Go take a shower... Then we can cuddle...
Zemo: * lifting his head up cheekily smiling* Join me?
Y/N: *rolling eyes* you're a big baby...
Tumblr media
Gif by @sonyarebecchi
That lil cut makes wanna... you know... Ahhhhh... ✨️Send me more zemo prompts✨️
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chelleztjs18 · 4 hours ago
Lost in Assistance - Ch. 13
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
It's Friday, Lizzie has a day off today so are you. After the busy weeks since your first day of working as her assistant, all you want is just to relax at home all day and sleep early. You actually regretted telling Aubrey that you need more than a party after dealing with a boss like Lizzie because that made you sound like you want to go to the party when you actually don't. As much as you don't want to go but you know how Aubrey is, she already said she won't take No for an answer when she invited you. After running errands and spending time with your mom, you got ready for the party before Aubrey sent a search team to your house and dragged you to the party.
So here you are, in your car parked in front of her huge house. You walked to the front door, music and people chattering inside the house can be heard from where you stand, it's loud enough to let the neighbours know where the party is but not at a troublesome level of loudness. You ring the bell and a bottle of wine is on your other hand.
"Y/n! You made it!" Aubrey greeted you with a wide smile and opened the door wider for you to get in then gave you a welcome hug. "Of course! I don't want you to send a search team to drag me here. Also, I got this for you." You playfully replied and handed her the wine. "Good thinking! You know me very well. Thank you, love!" She winked at you.
Aubrey grabbed your wrist and pulled you to come with her to the bar. As you are walking, you check out the surroundings. Quite a lot of people came, you see some familiar celebrity faces but some you didn't recognize the faces who you thought might be Aubrey's other circle of friends. Gooey - by Glass Animals plays in the background mixed with people's voices talking and laughing. As soon as you both got to the bar, you saw a familiar figure and Aubrey tapped his shoulder to turn around.
"OMG!! Look who's finally here! Hi beautiful! How are you?" Mitchel squealed with excitement as he pulled you by both of your arms to give you a cheek to cheek greeting kiss. "Hi handsome. I'm good. How are you?" You smiled. "Oh I'm fabulous! How was your Paris trip? I heard what happened from Aubrey." He asked with a knowing smile. Aubrey came with two cocktails for you and her. "Oh, it was good but you know, working with Olsen is like riding a roller coaster with lots of loops and drops." You shook your head and rolled your eyes followed with a sigh. "I'm sorry Aubrey, no offense. I didn't mean to talk bad about your best friend behind her back with you." You added as you took the drink from her and took a sip.
"Oh none taken. Don't worry. I know you were just answering Mitch's question. Oh and Mitchel, thank God y/n was with us, I didn't know she could speak French. It was really helpful there and sexy too!" Aubrey joined the conversation and of course she had to throw a harmless tease in it like usual.
"Oh yeah, my girl right here is like a walking dictionary of five different languages. I'm so proud of her." Mitch wrapped his arm over your shoulder around your neck and gave you a quick peck kiss on your cheek.
"Wow y/n! That's impressive! Mitch, can I just switch Y/n to be my personal assistant?"
"Well, It depends. If you are like Olsen, then I would say no to you." You joked in a slight sarcasm even before Mitch responded to her.
"Oh come on! I told you she's actually a sweet person, it will just take a little time to see the sweet Lizzie. Trust me." She playfully slapped your arm while she's defending her best friend, Mitch noticed Lizzie coming towards the three of you after she had a chat with her other celebrity friends. "I agree with Aubrey and speak of the devil." Mitchel flicked his eyes in the direction of the incoming Lizzie from across the room. Three of you turn your heads to Lizzie as a reflex from what Mitch said.
"Hi guys." Lizzie greeted as she finally stood in front of you. "Hey Liz! I was looking for you around. You remember Mitchel right?"
"Of course! I have met him a few times. How can I forget this charming gentleman? Hi Mitchel." Lizzie put her arm out to give him a hug and he instantly jumped to her arm to hug her back. "Hi sweetheart! Good to see you tonight. How's everything?" His smile high to his eyes.
"Everything is good, just busy with work. Good thing I have your best assistant helping me." Lizzie smiled so friendly to your redhead best friend but you know she really didn't mean what she just said about you.
"Hi y/n." She greeted you half heartedly after she talked to Mitch. "Hi Ms. Olsen" You nodded. "Um. Hey Mitch, would you mind if I borrow Aubrey for a little bit?" She grabbed Aubrey by her arm, smiling at Mitchel. "Oh of course not. Go ahead. I'll see you ladies around." Mitch's hand signaling her to go ahead. "Thank you. I'll see you around. Enjoy the party." Lizzie quickly drags Aubrey somewhere quiet and more private to talk.
"What is she doing here?!" Her eyes darted at you and back to Aubrey's, uncomfortable expression patched on her face. "Who? y/n? I invited her. Liz, she's my friend too. A close friend. Just like you and I." Aubrey crossed both of her arms on her chest and tilted her head. " I know, I'm sorry. It's just that I have been stuck with her at work, now I have to see her again on my day off at a party?" Lizzie lowered her head and groaned. "Aw I'm sorry babe, I'm pretty sure Y/n will be with Mitchel the whole time. Anyway, you pulled me here just to ask me that?" She raised her eyebrow, waiting for an answer from the girl in front of her.
"Oh no. no. So Jane forgot to give me stuff for the interviews and event details in comic con event in San Diego and I'm leaving tomorrow. Is it okay if she sends Aaron here to give it to me please?"
"Yeah sure, as long as she can make sure that we can trust him about where I live. You know what I meant." Aubrey answered casually. "Thank you! Oh yeah, you don't have to worry about that." Lizzie gives Aubrey the reassurance that she needs.
Aaron arrived at the party. The tall blonde assistant looked around in excitement as Aubrey led him to where Lizzie was. This is his first time ever to be at a party where there are a bunch of famous faces in one room. Fighting hard the urge to greet his favorite celebrities since he knows he is not allowed to do that because he is "working" at this moment. "Hey Liz, Aaron is here."
"Hi Ms. Olsen. Here is the thing that Mrs. Vernon told me to bring you." He handed it to her. "Thank you Aaron." Lizzie nodded a thank you at him. "You can stay a little bit and have a drink or two Aaron but remember you are still on the clock right now. You know what I meant." Aubrey invited him with a welcoming tone yet added a firm tone at the end to make sure Aaron knows the drill. "Thank you so much Ms. Plaza. Don't worry, I'll behave and won't stay here too long." Aaron smiled at her with gratitude.
Few drinks later, you have been "people watching" while still talking with Mitchel. Lizzie and Aubrey have been hanging out with other friends next to both of you. Everything went well, you started to think coming to this party was not really a bad idea until this russian couple who are friends with both Lizzie and Aubrey came and greeted the girls. Just when you start to enjoy the party, of course oh what a small world we live in, they also know Mitchel which automatically pulls you to join with them.
Since the couple don't know you, both Mitchel and Aubrey introduce you to them. "So Elizabeth, I didn't see Jane, how is she? She is still your manager right? The husband asks Lizzie with a thick accent. "Oh yeah, she is but she is so busy managing all the major matters for me, so she had to hire another assistant for me." Lizzie gave a disguised bitter smile.
"Oh, It's always good to have extra assistance. Hope you got a good assistant that knows how it is working in the Hollywood world." The wife responded to Lizzie.
"Ona otlichnaya pomoshchnik, no my ne lyubim drug druga s pervogo dnya." (she is a great assistant but we haven't liked each other since the first day.) Lizzie answered them in Russian and the couple laughed and thought that she was just joking.
Your eyes quickly look at Lizzie as soon as you hear what she said in Russian but she didn't notice. You chuckled and you clenched your jaw. Unbeknownst to Lizzie, you speak Russian as well but Mitchel knows so he is fully aware of what's going on right now, he put his hand on your shoulder and squeezed it gently to calm you down just in case you got upset.
You took a sip of your drink. You bite your tongue to not reply in Russian because you don't want to embarrass her even though you think she didn't really talk bad about you but you decided to say something. "Well, you are looking at her. I'm Lizzie's assistant." You said it casually and smiled then the conversation went on.
After a good twenty minutes of conversation with the couple, they finally bid their farewell. Lizzie and Aubrey continue to chat with other friends, so is Mitchel. God knows how many people he knows at this party. You stay at the bar then Lizzie comes, but both of you don't talk. You started to get bored but then comes your other Russian saviour, saving you from this boredom.
"Hey y/n!" Aaron was happy that finally he saw someone that he can actually talk with. "Hey Aaron! I didn't know you were invited." You gave him a hug. "Oh I'm just here to drop off Ms. Olsen stuff." His excited tone was loud enough for Lizzie to hear it.
She ordered a drink from a bartender so she has an excuse to stand there. She is multitasking, using most of her senses. She took a sip of her drink as soon as she got it. She glanced up to the ceiling yet she paid attention to you and Aaron in the corner of her eyes and of course she's eavesdropping as well.
An idea pops into your mind as soon as you notice that she's there. You use the chance when a slower music plays, you know she can hear from where she is at. "There are a lot of celebrities I like here. It's crazy!" Aaron said in excitement.
"Zhal', chto zdes' yest' lyudi, kotoryye mne ne nravyatsya." (Too bad there are some people here that I don't like.) You make a victory smile, your eyes flick to her and quickly back to Aaron. It didn't surprise him that you speak Russian because he knows, but on the other hand, it was a huge surprised for her.
"I hope it's not me." He threw back a joke at you. "Oh no, of course not." You grinned as you took a sip and looked at her. You smiled on the rim of the cocktail glass. Her shocked uncomfortable face was priceless for you.
Surprised, upset, and embarrassed feelings were melted in one pot of her expression. Her eyes burned with her bothered ego that she feels the need to take an action in order to help herself from the embarrassment.
"Y/n, can I talk with you for a minute." a stern voice flowed to your ears. You took a deep sigh, wondering what's going to happen.
Ch. 14
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idy-ll-ique · 5 hours ago
bucky: knock knock
y/n: who's there
bucky: when where
y/n: when where who
bucky, smirking: you and me, my place, tomorrow
y/n, flustered: o-oh
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xdazednconfuzedx · 5 hours ago
"Please" Pt 2
A/N: Thank you all for 3170 reads and 14 votes <3.  I wanted to do a special part so this one is going to be quite a long one so get ya music and snacks :)
Tumblr media
"Y/N, You almost ready?" She questioned tapping a few times against the wood door.
Yeah, we're just making ou-" before he could finish his sentence you threw your hand over his mouth, standing on your tippy-toes just to reach him. "Huh?" Wanda questioned as to what the hell she just heard. "Yeah, sorry I just got out of the shower gimme like 15 minutes," You yelled, slowly letting your hand fall from his lips while continuing to stare into his piercing eyes. "Alright well don't take too long, we'll be in the living room, just yell when you're ready." Her voice becoming faint as she got farther away from the door.
Tumblr media
"Why the fuck did you say we were making out?!" You questioned, pushing his shoulder, making your tone firm. "Why not," he replied brushing a strand of hair out of your face. "Stop doing that," You retorted, turning your head so you weren't making lustful eye contact. "Doing what?" He replies, cupping your jaw he turns your face to face him again, "What am I doing doll? I wanna hear you say it." He questioned, pretending like he didn't know that he was flirting, staring down at your full, soft lips. "Nothing Bucky, look I gotta get ready for this so-" You said, adjusting your loose watch
"Don't you have somewhere to be doll?" He snickered laying his head against the wall, making his jaw even sharper and toned. As you copied his body language unknowingly, quickly jolting up to change it as you realized you both were doing the same thing. "I do actually, don't you have the stuff to grab as well?" You started giving him a small smile but quickly wiping it off your face as you see the time.
"God, why the hell did I just say that?" Feeling your face heat up and become flustered you grabbed your clothes, peeking your head out the door to make sure nobody was around, slowly shutting the door, and raced up the stairs, pulling at your towel trying to hide your goods. Before you turned the corner of the stairs you saw Bucky looking out the door, looking left and right he finally make eye contact with him, giving you a type of look that you actually hadn't seen before. His steel-blue eyes glaring into your (eye color) sparkling eyes, licking his bottom lip, as his eyes move to your lips. Hearing Wanda's red heels click against the wood floor, he accidentally slammed it shut, resulting in a loud slam.
"Sorry, Wanda!" Bucky yelled behind the bathroom door. Rolling her eyes, she was holding back a slight snicker, rubbing her nose to get herself together, she continued up the stairs, stopping at your door.
Your POV: After racing to your room, you attempted to get dried off but failed since you couldn't stop for a moment, after grabbing the gown, you hurried over to the dresser and brushed the mascara brush against your long, soft lashes, leaving more defined and voluminous lashes. Slipping the dress on, you noticed the back had cross-like strings; kind of like a corset, after constant attempts to tie them the side of the dress rips all the way up to your bra, That feeling of just numbness ran over you, eventually turning to anger than sadness, Wanting to just let it all out, all the stress and pressure you've been holding in for so long, feeling a sore lump in your throat, With the soft, wet tears coursing down your cheeks, Falling to your knees you, hearing the rest of the side of the dress rip, as you staring down at the floor and rubbing your fingers through your hair and gripping the sides as you try to grasp reality, trying to do the breathing exercises you saw on some dumb website but of course, it wasn't helping,  just when you felt the need to finally give in and lay on your floor, a few taps hit your door.
"Hey, Hon everything going alright?" You heard Wanda's muffled voice through the door, quickly running your hands across your face, smearing the tears as if they never existed, slowly approaching the door you took a deep breath as you gripped and turned the doorknob.
Noticing your puffy, bloodshot eyes she immediately changed her facial expression, quickly shoving her way into the room, noticing your knotted hair and smeared mascara. "Y/N Is everything alright?" She asked utilizing her powers to put away the clothes that had been thrown on the floor in the process of figuring an outfit and laid them in the cute bamboo hamper in the corner of your room. "Everything's wrong, my whole plan for today has just totally gone to shit, my dress is ripped, my hair is knitted and now all my mascara is smeared and now I don't have anything to wear, I just feel like nothing is going to go right today." You expressed feeling your voice crack mid-sentence. Wanda huddled close to you, giving you a big hug. "Hon You can always come to me if you need any help at all! Seriously I genuinely care about you, listen if you ever feel down or any sort of negative just come talk to me and we can go out for a girl's day or order junk food and sit in my car and ball our eyes out to music." She said feeling tears start to draw, blurring her vision she hugged you again, tightening her squeeze this time. "Thank you Wanda really, ever since I've moved here you've always been there to help." You replied feeling a bit of laughter as you both look up and see tears streaming down each other's faces. Feeling the joy of having someone there was so warm and comforting.
Tumblr media
"Of course hon!" Wanda giggled as she wiped her tears off her rosy full cheeks and stood back on her feet, offering her hand to you, accepting her offer, she helped you up and waved her hands around, revealing her glowing red eyes making your body glowing red, as it swirled around your body from head to toe, your hair felt longer and bouncy, as well as a natural but cute makeup look as well as a beautiful gown that had slits on the sides of your legs. Swaying her fingers, you felt a bit taller but still comfortable, looking down to your feet you saw a pair of heels that matched perfectly with your dress. "Ta-Da!" She laughed and jazzed her hands, leaving the both of you bursting out laughing. "Oh wait-" she jumped up running behind you and covering your eyes, as she guided you to the full body mirror. "Here wait sorry lemme just fix this, CLOSE YOUR EYES!" She shouted running to the mirror and pushing it back so it is even enough to see head to toe. " Okay open!" She shouted, hearing the shake in her voice made you nervous but as soon as you opened your eyes your jaw just dropped. "Wow." Was all you could mouth, "Wanda how the hell did you do this?" You asked feeling your soft and bouncy hair, even doing a little spin to see the cute corset touch she added just for you. "Oh please that was nothing," she reassured you.
"Anytime y/n, now are you ready to make his fucking jaw drop?" Wanda questioned, raising her brow and revealing her evil smirk. "You know it," You replied grabbing your purse and a few condoms just in case. As you both ran down the stairs you eyes Bucky talking on the phone. As he glared at you, his eyes fell to your dress, his jaw immediately dropped, it was practically still rolling on the floor. Walking into the doorway you peeled out the side of the door and sent him a wink, smiling at you he bit his lip and looked out the window to see Wanda trying to get your attention. Holding his hand to the speaker of the phone, "Hey doll you're missing your ride." He whispered pointing out toward Wanda, then returning to his call. Quickly attempting to run in the heels, speeding up your pace as you got closer to the car. "So where are we going?" You asked, buckling yourself in and adjusting the seat that vision had previously Been sitting in. The silent electronic noise that the seats made as they are adjusted always made you two laugh. "Well, I want it to be a surprise so you gotta wait till we get there." She answered.
As everyone gets parked, you look up and notice your favorite restaurant, smelling all the different delicious foods. You both enter the building, being amazed at all the beautiful art and just how amazing everything smelled, the joyful feeling bursts in your chest, like getting food at a carnival. "Hi, I have a reservation for Wanda and Y/N please," she asked the host, using her magic to secretly stuffing the tip jar with a good 10 dollar tip. Quickly running behind her to cover the glowing red ball she had been forming. "Right this way," the waiter replied and led you two to a small booth with a beautiful view of the city. As you both get seated the waiter lays the menus down in front of both of you as well as a small bar menu. I'll give you time to decide on drinks but I'll be back soon, feel free to look at the menu as well while I'm gone." They continued to another table and began writing in their order book.
Pt 3 is out!
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xerotodeath · 5 hours ago
Hi I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a Harley keener (the boy from iron man 3) x reader where their teens/college age and readers a new scientist working for stark and banner as an intern and Harley is super into her but is too shy and asks like tony as a father figure for advice? Or something like that
Harley Keener x Fem!reader
Word Count: 857
Girl Advice
“Tony, where’d you put my-” I stopped once she walked into the office handing Tony his third coffee today. “Here you go, Mr. Stark, uh is there anything I could do around the lab maybe? Help you or Dr. Banner with your project maybe?” She stuffed her hands into her back pockets. I smiled slightly at her attempts to get Stark to let her handle the big guns. I mean don’t get me wrong she absolutely could, I’ve seen her work, but Tony is harder to convince. I tried to keep my eyes on my small section of the lab. “Uh yeah Harley could use some help with his robot-” “it’s not a robot it’s- wait what?” I stopped when I realized he was trying to get Y/n to help me. I’m a mess whenever she looks in my direction. How the hell would I be able to work with her help? 
“You needed help didn’t you?” Bruce asked as he played with some settings on his tablet. “It’s ok! If he doesn’t need my help I don’t want to get in Harley’s way” Y/n smiled at the three of us before walking out of the office with a little less pep in her step. I hated the idea that I was the one who made her a little less happy. 
“Oh sorry Mr. Dr? Is it Dr or Mr Keener?” Y/n asked after accidentally bumping into me while I was fixing myself a cup of coffee. “Oh uh it’s- it’s just uh Harley” great now she thinks you’re nervous. Maybe it’s because you are nervous. I need to stop talking to myself. “Oh, well, I’m sorry for bumping into you, Harley '' A smile was placed on her lips and I swear to god every time she said my name it felt like angels were singing. Dear god I am in it bad for this girl. 
“Tony! Banner, I need your guys’ help with something” As much as I hated the idea of giving Tony the satisfaction of coming to help for girl advice I have no other choice. “Oh is this about the kid? It’s about time you asked me for help you’ve only been drooling over her for the past two weeks,” Tony didn’t even look up from his gadgets when he spoke. Bruce gave me a supportive smile as a way of telling me to continue. “Every time she looks at me I feel like I can’t breathe, I can barely talk to her, I just need advice on how to gain the confidence to ask her out and I figured with you being Tony Stark and all maybe you could give me some of that?” I rubbed my hands together  as if it would get rid of the nerves. Tony finally looked at him with a small smile. “Listen, kid, you’ve come a long way, I’m shocked the only thing that can get you blushing and mumbling is a girl, but if it helps she asked me and Banner if you were single a few days after she began working here, and then after that she always asked small questions about you” I gave him a nod to elaborate on that last bit. “Is he more of chocolate or vanilla kinda guy?” Bruce mimicked in a slightly higher voice than usual. “Does his hair naturally curl like that in the front or is it just the way he styles it?” Tony copied the tone Bruce had just used. “Do you know what shampoo he uses-” “Alright, Alright, I get it,” I cut them off with a short laugh. “Thank you guys, do either of you know where she is?” “Yeah she should be in the kitchen getting something for her school project.” I thanked Bruce for telling me where Y/n was and headed out the door as fast as I could. This courage boost will only last so long I can’t risk a second. “Hey! Y/n!” The minute she turned to me all the confidence left my body. I kept repeating Tony’s words in my head and the sight of her smile helped slightly, as if she was excited to see me. “Hey Harley-” “Are you free friday night?” She laughed a little “ oh uh sorry I didn’t mean to cut you off” I looked at the wall behind her trying to avoid her gaze burning a hole in my face. “Yeah, I’m free, why?” I took a deep breath and smiled at the pretty girl. “Can I take you out? Like on a date?” “yeah, I’d love that actually.”
“So! Now that both of the lovebirds are in! How was the date last night?” Tony asked the minute Y/n walked into the lab.``How did you-” “F.R.I.D.A.Y. told me” Tony had this smug look on his face. “You know what? It was great!” Y/n smiled at me as she spoke, walking out the door after she finished. I could hear Bruce humming ‘harley and y/n sittin in a tree’ as Tony turned to me “I’m proud of you, kid,”
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