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#marvel x reader
thewritingdoll · 2 days ago
☾ “How does it feel to be fucked like a whore?” with bucky barnes?? um purge au, because that sounds so hot.
𝒾 𝓌𝑜𝓃’𝓉 𝒽𝑜𝓅 & 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒹𝑜𝓃’𝓉 𝑜𝓌𝓃 𝓂𝑒 | ᥇.᥇.
fandom marvel
featuring dark!professor!bucky barnes x reader (f)
content warning the purge au, noncon, age gap (reader is 18+), fingering, unprotected sex, shower sex, breeding kink (blink & you’ll miss it), infidelity (bucky’s married), victim blaming, slut shaming
summary with nowhere to go during the purge, you’re stuck in your dorm alone, luckily for him.
word count 1.6k / mini musing
attention part of my fright nights event! not proofread; don’t read if you don’t like dark fics (duh) because I’m not responsible for your media consumption and this fic contains non consensual sexual acts & abusive behavior. do not copy/repost/translate. please reblog ❤️
Tumblr media
“Mr. Barnes?”
the inquiry is a breathless one, uttered in disbelief when the mask is torn from his countenance in the struggle to keep yourself on your feet— you fail, knees buckling in response to the strength he demonstrates when he tackles you to the floor with a bestial grunt in your ear.
the shower running drowns out your cry when you hit the slippery floor, and another when his knees dig into the back of your legs, pinning them underneath him. it hurts, and you let him know it. “Mr. Barnes— you’re hurting me! Get off!”
but he doesn’t seem to mind, one palm pressing against the side of your head when you try to push yourself up from the shower floor, he forces your cheek against the drain. “I thought a sweet, soft girl like you would be smart enough to run home to mommy and daddy during the Purge,” he mutters, but a wicked chuckle follows, “I was just going to check the dorms and see— I guess I lucked out.”
his shirt, a once crisp, white button down was soaking and transparent, and as you catch sight of it, you remember how vulnerable you are in this moment. completely bare, pinned to the ground beneath him.
“What—“ you writhe, hands reaching towards the neatly folded pile of your things: towel, clothes, your cell phone. but, who could you call if you could reach it? you were in the dorm when the announcement played over the speakers. “What are you talking about?”
he groans, one hand wedging between your thighs and presses into your sex. regardless of how you try to clamp your legs closed, he’s stronger, and two calloused fingers worm their way beneath your folds. “Never been much for Purge Parties, or even participating. But then you walked into my class, into my life, and I started… thinking about you. About this.” you reach behind you to try and pry his hand from your core, but his first, two digits find your hole and force their way inside of you. your walls spasm at the sudden intrusion, fluttering about the invader as you whimper in protest. “Fuck, you’re even tighter than I dreamt you were.” you can feel a hardening protuberance against his thigh when he presses himself against you from behind. his fingers pump furiously in and out of you, palm slapping against your labia with each thrust, no doubt preparing you for the true assault.
“Mr.— B— Barnes, please!” your knees scrape against the tile floor, skidding through the water that splashes down around you. if you could get some leverage, you might be able to fight him off long enough to scramble to your feet, and your room wasn’t far; you might be able to outrun him. “Why are you doing this?”
“Why?” he repeats, incredulous, as he strips the drenched shirt from his chiseled form. that and his slacks soon form a damp wad a few inches from where he has you pinned. “Because I’ve been counting the days, sweet girl. You know how many nights I lie awake, jerking myself off thinking about tonight? I tried not to let you get to me at first, the way you bat those pretty, innocent eyes at me and bite your lip when I look at you during class. Thought you were just flirting to get a decent grade, figured you could suck my cock for a little extra credit, but you didn’t care about any of that, did you?” one knee slides off and creates a gap between your legs that he can maneuver, spreading you open even as you try to shut him out. his digits curl within you, tearing strangled moans from your open lips that merge with screams for help. futile, of course, but it’s all you had.
“Please don’t!”
“— No, you wanted to tease me. To drive me crazy, to make me do this.” he continues like you weren’t pleading at all, his palm applying enough pressure on your head that you could feel the drain leaving the metal pattern imprinted on your cheek. “I was good, though,” he murmurs in your ear, pressing his weight into your back, “bided my time, made due with what I had. Shoved my wife’s face into the pillow more times than I can count when I wrecked her ass, trying to imagine it was your little, sorority pussy. She didn’t have a clue that in my head, I was destroying a cunt half her age.”
you grit your teeth when you feel his lips on your cheek, the scrape of his beard against your flesh. your tears are invisible on your shiny face, the water from the faucet masking them, but you can taste the saline on your lips. “I’ll— tell— everyone…!”
your professor inhales deep, kissing the side of your mouth as he reaches between your bodies and guides his erection to nudge your nether lips apart. “Go ahead, sweetheart. Make sure you tell them all: the dean, the cops, hell, tell mommy and daddy that mean Mr. Barnes fucked your spoiled cunt until you cried and screamed. Because, what can they do? Nothing.” with that, he rocks his hips, conquering your sex with one, mighty thrust.
both of your palms push against his taut lower abdomen, nails biting at the skin and hair found there, but you weren’t strong enough to stop the assault, and before you had the chance to adjust to his girth nesting in your canal, he was rutting madly into you.
he was a mess. a grunting, panting, thrusting mess when he felt your walls clamp down on him. “Fuck, yeah,” he howls, smearing his open lips over your shoulder blade before sinking his teeth into it. you cry out, jolting forward, but he only fucks you more mercilessly, “I barely fit in that warm, little cunt, don’t I? Shit, I feel like I’m gonna rip you in half—” he mewls, slurred as he scrapes the stinging bite mark with the blunt edge of his teeth, “How does it feel, sweet girl? How does it feel to be fucked like a whore?” he pulls himself up on his knees to adjust his angle, releasing your head to grasp the flare of your hips, instead. you didn’t move your face from the drain, sobbing into the water as it swirls around you. he, on the other hand, boosts your lower half into the air so he can pound down against you and watch your ass ripple from the force of his ramming. you choke on your sobs, loathing how they morph into sounds of pleasure. it felt so very wrong for him to take you like this, but you couldn’t hide the way you tremble, or the way you squeeze him from the inside as he decimates you. you were getting off on it. “That’s not an answer—“ he growls, slamming himself into you with so much strength that you slide against the shower floor. “How does it fucking feel?!”
“I feel dirty!” you scream over his demand, drowning him out with your voice breaking, “I feel like a disgrace!”
you feel him twitch inside you. was that the response he wanted? “Good,” he moans, “you feel like a dirty whore because that’s what you’re meant to feel— like nothing more than a little fucktoy for me to take when I want!” you can tell he’s close by the way his hips stutter, when his bucking reaches its hardest, fastest rhythm. “Damn, you’re squeezing me like crazy, you want this cum, sweet girl? What, you want a cute, little purge baby to remember me by?”
your eyes widen, and you shake your head, squealing in desperation, “No! Mr. Barnes, please— don’t cum— inside me!” you press your palms down against the shower floor to push yourself up. “Please!”
but your plea is in vain the moment he pushes both hands into your back, forcing you back down. your name falls from his lips, filled with euphoria when he’s possessed by his orgasm. all the screaming and kicking in the world doesn’t keep him from splattering your walls with his release. you scramble in protest, but he tilts his head back and exhales, eyes closed as he revels in the damage he’s done to you. “Sh, sh, shh, sweet girl. Take it for me. Take it good.”
it takes several moments for you to give up and obey, sniffling, you feel utterly full— plugged by his thickness with a belly full of his cum. you hide your face with your hands, even when he pulls out of you. you’re met with a sickening, hollow feeling. when the faucet turns off, you don’t bother looking up, but you can hear him moving around the room. he paces to where your towel is, and wraps it around himself, chuckling as he tosses your clothes into a puddle beside you. “Get up, sweetheart.”
when you look up, eyelids fluttering, you see your phone in his palm. everything on you, especially the space between your hips, aches when you try to move. extending one shaking hand, you pout and mumble, “Mr. Barnes, please…”
he arches a brow, looking from the phone to your pathetic display, before he hurls it at the wall opposite of you. it shatters into countless pieces, with it any hope of you escaping tonight.
“Come on, baby, let’s go.”
“Go? Go where?”
“Back to your room,” he purrs, as if it’s obvious, “you don’t want to be alone during the Purge, do you? Besides, you’ve still got two more holes for me to ruin and about…” he pauses, and looks down at his watch, “six hours before I have to get home to the wife and kids.”
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asgardwinter · 2 days ago
Not The Alcohol
fictober day 16 | “Not this again.”
Tumblr media
summary | Loki doesn’t drink too much, at least not often. But when he does it can lead to some… extra loving situations.
fandom | Marvel
pairing | Loki x Reader
warnings | mentions and consumption of alcohol, fluff, a lot of use of the word “love” (you know, affectioned Loki and all…)
word count | 365
author’s note | I’ve got mixed feelings about this one, but anyways I hope you enjoy it…
🍁 fictober 2021 masterlist 🍁 Loki Laufeyson masterlist 🍁
Tumblr media
Thor brought a lot of Asgardian mead. Too much actually.
Loki never was one to drink more than he could handle, most because of his need to keep everything under his control. If he drank too much, he wouldn’t be as alert as he needed and the outcome of that was never good.
You found out that was far from a common day when he was more… openly happy that his usual self. That quickly drove you to the conclusion he might’ve drank a bit more than usual, but only a bit, right?
“Not this again.” You mumbled between chuckles. The moment you felt Loki’s arms around you suddenly in front of everyone in “Tony’s small gathering”, you knew it wasn’t just a bit. “Is everything alright?” You asked him as you leaned against his chest.
“Why would it be different?”
“I don’t know. Just checking.”
“I’m feeling perfectly fine right now.” Loki declared leaving a caring kiss to the top of your head. “Maybe more than fine.”
“Good to hear it.” You smiled, hands finding his that circled your waist.
Nat, who was near you at the bar, was having a lot of fun observing the unusual scene. Turning in his arms to look at his face, you touched his cheek lightly and Loki leaned into your hand so easily it made your heart do a weird flip.
“Oh, I love you so much, my love.” The giggle escaped your lips at the messy declaration — the type Loki rarely would let slip — was stronger than you. “I don’t know why you laugh at it. I love you.”
“I underestimated the whole asgardian alcohol thing going on.” You joked, but he didn’t see it as such.
“There is absolutely nothing to do with ‘the whole asgardian alcohol thing going on’ you mention.” Loki warned you, index finger bopping your nose. “You’re an incredible little midgardian. I love you too much.”
He smashed you against his chest before you had a chance to reply, his strong grip keeping you in place but it was also so comfortable and… safe.
“I love you too.” You told him with your voice muffled against his chest, smiling so much your cheeks hurt.
Tumblr media
ps: I really think Loki would be extra affectionate in that moment when he had a little too much but still not truly drunk 🙃
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auroracalisto · a day ago
if only they knew
Tumblr media
summary: the reader is in love with steve, who seems to only have eyes for peggy carter.  little do they know that everything they believed was a lie. word count: 2.4k words warnings: peggy is a manipulator, peggy is a bitch in this in general, gn!reader, mentions of bucky’s death, emotionally abusive relationship (peggy x steve), major character death, insinuates reader suicide, suicide note, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression?, just a general warning that this isn’t really a happy fic.  no happy ending.  steve has survivor’s guilt in a way?  idk how to say it. a/n: this is my submission for @elijahs-wife​’s 1k writing challenge!  i hope this is good <33 part two
“secrets i have held in my heart are harder to hide than i thought / maybe i just wanna be yours” — i wanna be yours, arctic monkeys
Tumblr media
You knew him.
Oh, you knew him far before Peggy ever set her cold, calculating eyes on his beautiful face.  You knew him before she ever placed her perfectly manicured hands on his bare chest.  You knew him before she got mad and shot at his vibranium shield because she caught him kissing some flirtatious girl.  
You knew him.
And you knew him well enough to know that some things you were itching to confess were better left unsaid.  Some things were better left stuck in the back of your throat like a dry biscuit, threatening to crumble with every haphazard touch – with every flawless smile Peggy cast his way.  
The secrets you wished to spill would forever be mulled over again and again in the back of your head, much like the math equations you studied during school.  They would never leave you, regardless of how much you tried to get rid of them.  They would haunt your dreams like the words of past bullies, forever taunting your every waking moment.
He liked Peggy.  That much you could tell.
She was beautiful, confident, and courageous.  But you saw through that shield – there was something within that pretty face that brought forth a sense of insecurity.  Peggy was possessive of the things around her; Peggy was possessive of Steve.  
Despite all of that, you knew he liked Peggy.  Her soft skin, her long legs, her beautiful, brunette hair.  She was every man’s dream.  And as much as you wanted Steve to be happy with such an indulgent woman, it broke you on the inside.  Peggy only liked him now, in his super-soldier glow.  She never even cast him a second glance when Steve was his normal, scrawny self.  No matter what happened, you knew that you would have always looked at Steve.  
Your heart ached for the super-soldier.  Your tired eyes wept for the super-soldier.  And you knew that the super-soldier would never care about you in that way.  You just knew it.
You thought you knew that, anyway.  
Your brain screamed at you, telling you exactly how the super-soldier felt.  But you didn’t.
When Bucky fell off the train into the endless abyss below, you were there to comfort Steve once he returned back to the military base.  Peggy was there to comfort him, but not in the same way that you were there for your friend.  You were the same kid he knew back in Brooklyn.  You were the one who had always comforted Steve while Bucky dealt with the delinquent kids who Steve often picked fights with.  While Bucky roughed them up a little bit, you stood by with Steve, hugging him and wiping up whatever blood might have been spilt.  
You knew Bucky in the same way Bucky knew Steve.  The three of you were as thick as thieves.  You never had one without the other.  You were just that close... and yet, you were living ignorant to the man standing right in front of you.  
You knew Steve liked Peggy.  But Peggy knew he liked you.
Oh, it made her see red.  She seethed with jealousy at the fact that Steve liked someone like you – exactly what she wasn’t.  Exactly what she wished she could be like, despite how confident she seemed to be.  Because clearly, it wasn’t enough to make Steve fall for her in an instant.  It wasn’t enough to influence Steve with just her looks alone.  So she chose to use her words.  She had always been good at manipulating... so she used it on the very person she needed it to work the most.  
She tried hard to influence his choice – but it was you.  It was always you.  Any conversation Steve had with Peggy went straight to you.  You were the topic that just couldn’t leave the tip of his tongue, no matter how much Peggy tried to pressure him.  Nevertheless, you were blind to all of this – and Peggy had figured that out. 
Her conniving words convinced Steve that you could never feel the same way. 
“They’re just not good enough for you, Steve.  You need someone strong, worthy of the shield.”
“They’re never going to support you for what you do.  Isn’t it not obvious?” 
“They tried to stop you from becoming Captain America.  They tried to stop you from saving Bucky.”
And her sweet, honey-like words laced with venom worked.  By the God that Steve believed in, they worked.  
Even if it was a lie, Steve couldn’t tell.  He was too intoxicated by the beautiful woman who wanted nothing more than to have him in her clutch.  
Steve strayed from conversation with you.  He continued to seek out the comfort of Peggy, who’s words stuck to his heart like a bee to sugar water, unbeknownst to you.  Despite the fact that you had always been there.  Despite the fact that anyone besides Steve could see how much Peggy was manipulating him into believing that she was the only one good enough for him.  Peggy manipulated him into only seeing her.  Peggy knew she was good at that – the way Steve kissed her was proof alone for the brunette woman.
Tumblr media
You stood beside of Peggy, your heart threatening to beat out of your aching chest.  You watched as Peggy spoke to Steve over the receiver about their dance – about how Steve would need to take a raincheck on that offer.  
“No, no, no, Peggy, tell him not to do it,” you quickly said, your voice laced with each anxiety that poured from your lips.  Your eyes were wide.  “We can figure something out.  Tell him to try and turn the plane around.”
Peggy glared back at you, rage overtaking her soft features.  “You do not get to tell me what to do.  You have done enough, [Your name].”
You watched her in disbelief, your hands clenched in fists by your side.  There was nothing more you could say to her – you knew she wouldn’t bother to listen to anything you had to say, anyway.
Peggy turned her attention back onto the microphone, her finger pressing the button again.  “Steve?” she asked, the other end of the line dead.  “Steve?” she repeated, angry tears forming in her eyes.  She turned to face you, an accusatory finger pointed in your direction.  
“Had you not opened your damned mouth, I would have been able to say more!” she exclaimed.  “Get the bloody hell out.  That is an order, [Last name].  Now.” 
You took a slight step back, watching the woman through your clouded vision.  Tears had overtaken your sight.  But you did as you were told, knowing that Peggy would wreak further havoc on your life if you didn’t listen.
Tumblr media
It was far past midnight as you paced around in your little hotel room.  The moon and stars were nowhere to be found – rain clouds scattered across the night sky, soft droplets falling against the window just across from where you stood.  It was fitting, you thought.  How the rain matched exactly how you were feeling.  You downed the rest of your water, clearing your throat uncomfortably.  
And then, your eyes landed on the stack of paper lying where you had placed them only moments earlier.
You sat on the edge of the hotel bed, grabbing the papers.  You stared down at them.  At the letters you had written to Steve throughout the years – some of the letters he wrote back were mixed into the bunch.  And your own letter, the one to whoever would find you in this room, sat just on top of them all.
I’m sorry.  I’m sorry if you find me here.  But I couldn’t take it anymore.  Not when I have nothing left.  I’m hoping whatever is out there will forgive me.  It’s not like I’ll ever be able to forgive myself.
The secrets I have held in my heart are far harder to hide than what I initially thought.  I’m sorry for not saying this sooner, Steven Rogers.  I just want to be yours.
I love you.  I hope that one day, I will see you once more.  That scrawny, little Brooklyn kid who never gave up.  I’m sorry that I gave up on trying to tell you.  I’m sorry that I gave up.
[Your name]
It was short.  It would only be read by a handful of people, if even that many.  And even then, the letter wasn’t for anyone but yourself, and the man you knew you loved.
The man you knew your heart had always ached for.  The man you knew you lived for.  The man that was now gone.
How could you have been so naive to think he would ever feel the same way?  His kind words were just that.  Kind.  There was not some ulterior motive – he never would have chosen to love you.  It just wasn’t in him.  As a friend, perhaps.  But never as a lover.  He was your friend.  Nothing more.  Your childhood should have been hint enough at that.  Steve never once looked your way.  Never.
He loved Peggy.  His love for her was unmistakable.  
You knew that.  Oh, you knew that.  But then why did it hurt so bad to have that revelation cross your mind so many times?  Why did it hurt so bad to know that no matter what you would have done, Steve never would have cared about you the way that you had cared for him?  
The secrets you held in your heart for all that time broke you.  It ripped your beating heart straight from your chest, and crushed it in a bloody, iron fist – it wasn’t gone, but it sure as hell felt as if it should have been.  
Your heart sank to the bottom of that icy ocean just like Steve’s plane.  Just like him.  Just like Steve.  
You let the letters drop to the floor, the empty pill bottle not too far away from where they fell.  You pressed your hands against your face, allowing yourself to fall back on the bed.  Your heart throbbed loudly in your eardrums, the rush of your blood soon being the only thing that you could actually hear until a perpetual darkness washed over you, taking you and your longing heart until the end of time.
Tumblr media
Two years.
Two years had passed since Steve woke up from the ice.  
Two years had passed since Steve realized you had overdosed on an absurd amount of pills after you had thought Steve had died.  
He almost couldn’t live with himself when he received the news.  He lost Bucky, and then he lost you because of Peggy.  
He was manipulated.  And yet, you were still gone.  He couldn’t ever explain that to you.
You killed yourself because of him.  Because he cast you aside.  Because he believed that you would never love him like he loved you.  When in every reality possible, that was never the case.  Your letter was proof enough.  All of your letters.
Had Peggy never been in the picture, perhaps you would have died after a long and happy life.  Perhaps you would have been able to have children, and he would have been able to meet your grandchildren.  But you died, not even a year after he went under the ice.
Your suicide note was now showcased to the world – you had your own little exhibit, just like Bucky did in the museum.  You were the “other lover,” even though Steve wanted to scream that it wasn’t true.  They were wrong – dead wrong.  You were the only lover, even if he was never able to admit it to you.  He knew it in his heart that you were the one.
Steve let out a soft sigh, annoyed with the radio station that Tony had chosen.  While their meeting was over, the two of them had yet to leave.  Tony fiddled with some equipment off to the side while Steve sat at the table, his hands folded in front of him as he remained deep in thought.
But then a song caught him off guard.  It was odd... but the lyrics.  The lyrics reminded him of your words.  Something you had written in your last letter to the world: The secrets I have held in my heart are far harder to hide than what I initially thought.  I’m sorry for not saying this sooner, Steven Rogers.  I just want to be yours.  
And while the song wasn’t exactly the same, he couldn’t understand how it was so similar.  Did they steal your suicide note?  Did they take it and say, “Wow, this could be something good!”
Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought / maybe I just wanna be yours.
Something within him cracked at that very moment in time.  The cold exterior he had tried to keep up was melting away – his tears started before he realized he was actually crying. 
Tony only realized Steve was crying after Steve rushed to turn the radio off.  Tony watched, a look of concern washing over him.  He hesitantly walked over to the man, patting his back. 
“You okay, Cap?” 
Steve shrugged him off, a hand pressing to his mouth as he allowed himself to break down in front of Tony Stark.  But Tony said nothing, standing there in silent support of the normally emotionally stunted man.  
Steve knew that he loved you.
Steve knew that Peggy lied to him.  Manipulated him.
Steve knew that he killed you.
He knew.
The realization alone was enough to kill whatever hope he had resting inside of his heart – he was the reason for your death.  And for that, he would never forgive himself.  
If only there had been a time when Steve wasn’t afraid of admitting his feelings to you.  And if only there had been a time when your secrets weren’t caught in the back of your throat, begging to be released.  
Neither of you would ever know.  It was far too late to reverse the clock – it was far too late to erase what had been done.
And just like you, he wished he could succumb to the darkness that had once indulged him for so long.  If he could do that, then maybe, just maybe, he would be able to feel your love once more.  
Tumblr media
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A Cruel Summer (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader)
Tumblr media
Hi, hello! Hope you all enjoy the story!
Summary: Pietro Maximoff has been your best friend from the very first day of college. 3 years later and he's only asked one thing of you... To not pursue his twin, Wanda. The promise turns out to be easier said than done.
Warnings: slight language, mentions of drinking
Every hour leading up to the party made you all the more reluctant to go.
Sure, you always enjoyed going out and seeing your friends but currently all you wanted to do was wallow in the misery of your creation. Stay locked away in your room and try to come up with a logical solution that wouldn’t end with your best friend hating you for the rest of his life. A fear you never thought you would have to worry about.
Not until your stupid heart got involved at least.
Though when Wanda made her way into your room and crawled into your bed, her head nuzzled comfortably against your neck you felt as if you had been grounded again, remembering why you had even gotten into this situation in the first place. Why it was worth the turmoil.
Wanda represented comfort for you and your heart had never felt more at peace than when she was by your side. Being wrapped up in her was more than thrill, it was warmth. It was depth of emotion you didn’t know you were capable of feeling.
The hours flew by with her wrapped in your arms, your bed your own sacred oasis. Being here with her, talking about anything and everything other than the elephant in the room gave you a sliver of hope that maybe everything wasn’t as doomed as you previously felt it was.
And when Wanda cutely asked if you would be her date to Steve’s party, you knew there was nothing under the sun that you wouldn’t do for her. Even if going to the party was the last thing you wanted, you agreed just to see that smile light up her beautiful emerald eyes.
She was your weakness and even through your guilt, your heart refused to turn her away.
The guilt in your heart took a back seat for a moment because it was hard to feel anything other than pure adoration when her lips were on yours or when the sweet sound of your name fell from her lips.
Eventually, the sun had faded below the horizon, enveloping you both in the pale light provided by the moon. Reminiscent to the familiar lighting that you had spent the entire summer getting lost in.
The ease that you spoke with Wanda never faded, her delicate fingers continuously tracing the same pattern over and over again along the exposed skin of your hip. Though she eventually pushed herself up on her elbows, her eyes glimmering in that same way they did that always fascinated you, like they held a secret she had yet to tell you. You just hoped one day you’d know.
“We should probably start getting ready.” She mumbled, her fingers trailing a path up your body until they reached your face, and she gently brushed your hair out of your eyes.
You caught her hand and intertwined your fingers. “Do we have to?”
Wanda watched intently as you raised your intertwined fingers, softly resting your pouted lips against the back of her hand. “No.” You perked up hopefully. “But I’d like to. I want to kiss you when the lights go out. Dance when they’re all distracted because I know next time, we won’t have to hide anything.”
You deflated slightly yet couldn’t help the flutter in your chest that came from Wanda’s words. The hopeful smile on her face enchanted you again, rendering you useless.
“Okay.” You conceded. “Okay, but you know that the chances of any of that happening are low. If we cross that line then we risk Pietro finding out from someone else.”
“For you I would cross any line.” Wanda replied with a shrug and a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Besides, we’d have to get caught for him to find out.”
You shook your head, an amused smile spreading across your lips. “You’re insane.”
“I’m insane, but I’m your baby.” She declared cheekily, planting a teasing kiss on your cheek before she got to her feet.
“That you are…” You admitted with a yearning sigh. You tried your best to appear unaffected, but you were certain Wanda saw right through it. “I’ll kiss you as the lights go out.” You eventually added, referring to her earlier wishes.
The drug that was Wanda Maximoff was coursing through your veins, dissolving any rationality in your body in its wake.
In response Wanda leaned down and pressed a lingering kiss to her lips, the promise of more to come charging the air between you both. After a moment she made her way over to the entryway of your room, pausing before she made her way out. “There’s nothing in the world that could stop us.” She declared hopefully, her words soft and your breath caught in your throat.
She left the room before you could formulate a response, almost as if she didn’t really want to know what you would say in response.
There was one thing that came to mind that could stop you both. Easily. Your stomach turned once again as you forced yourself to your feet to begin getting ready for the night. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but you had a bad feeling.
Almost as soon as you both entered the party, the obnoxious sound of your friends drunkenly singing along to a song that was blaring through the speakers filled your ears. You winced and looked over at Wanda who was already covering her own ears.
“I’m too sober for this.” She shouted over the music, leaning in so you could hear her.
You nodded eagerly. “I’ll go get us some drinks.” You shouted back.
Wanda slid her hand into the back pocket of your jeans, and you jumped slightly at the unexpected action, your eyes quickly scanned the room to see if anyone had seen. “I’ll come with you.” She added teasingly, lightly pinching before returning her hand to her side and walking off towards the table filled with red plastic cups and alcohol as if nothing had happened.
You stared after her in a daze for a moment before quickly following her. Wanda mixed you a drink and handed you the cup, her fingertips trailing teasingly down your arm before she took her own drink.
The dim fairly lights strung all over your friend’s apartment made Wanda looked like an image out of a dream and all you could think about was how much you wanted to hold her, to slow dance with her when Steve got emotional and started drunkenly playing love songs. To kiss her when the lights went out like she wanted to.
It was like everything you wanted was behind a wall and you were the only one capable of tearing it down. Though the wall was fortified by your fears of losing your best friend.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Wanda questioned, her lips curled up in amusement and her head tilted cutely.
You smiled adoringly back at her. “I just think you’re beautiful.” You replied.
Even in the dim light you could see the pink hue spread across Wanda’s cheeks as she ducked her head. “Aren’t you quite the charmer?”
“No, not at all.” You gently tilted her chin up and melted when her eyes met yours. “You’re just the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
Adoration shone brightly in her eyes but just as she opened her mouth to reply another voice took the place of her own. “Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt. Well… I suppose I do, but I'm going to steal you away for a moment.”
The moment you saw who had interrupted the moment, your jaw clenched. “Jarvis, what the hell are you doing here?”
The blonde man turned to face you with a faux innocent expression plastered across his face. “Steve invited me. And please, it’s Vision.” You rolled your eyes. “Now, do you mind? I’d like to have a conversation with the gorgeous Miss. Maximoff here.”
Wanda looked back at you sympathetically. “Will you be okay?” She questioned; her attention focused on you, diminishing the annoyance you felt for Vision.
You nodded, “I’ll be fine. Go ahead, I’ll go find Yelena or maybe Bucky to talk to.”
Wanda seemed reluctant but allowed Vision to lead her away. Your grip around your cup tightened when you saw how low his hand fell on Wanda’s hip.
When you scanned the party in search of your other friends you winced when you saw Steve and Bucky in an aggressive make-out session and quickly diverted your attention. To your surprise you found Yelena, laughing in the corner with a woman you didn’t recognize. If you were surprised to see her laughing, then you were definitely more surprised to see her flirting.
It seems that your attention didn’t go unnoticed as your blonde friend excused herself and was soon making her way over to you. “Don’t look at me like that, Y/ln. You have a girl at home.” Yelena said as soon as she was in front of you, not even bothering with formalities.
You sputtered. “What? What are you talking about, Belova? You must be more drunk than I thought you were. How many fingers am I holding up?” You held up two fingers in front of her face.
Yelena narrowed her eyes at you. “Cut it out, dumbass. I will not hesitate to break your fingers.” You quickly dropped your hand, knowing that Yelena wasn’t one to joke about such things. The concussion she gave you your freshman year was a perfect testament to that. “I’m talking about little Maximoff-”
“She’s taller than you.”
“Thin ice!” Yelena shouted and you held up your hands in defeat, feeling your nerves spike at the topic. “As I was saying… Little Maximoff. You’re clearly in love with her. I image you two have been sneaking around since the beginning of summer. Neither of you are very subtle, by the way.”
You clenched your jaw, shaking your head. “There’s nothing going on between Wanda and I.” You insisted, hoping she’d drop the topic.
Yelena analyzed you for a moment before placing a comforting hand on your arm, her tone softening. “Look, I can see why you two are keeping it a secret, but you can talk to me. I assure you no one else is as observant as me.” You couldn’t even find it within yourself to meet her eyes. “You’re my best friend. I promise your secret is safe here.”
For a moment you allowed her words to wash over you as you debated what to do next. “It’s true. We have been seeing each other.” You admitted quietly, your gaze still locked on the cup in your hands and Yelena squeezed your arm in comfort. “I don’t know what to do, Lena. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before… but betraying Pietro is killing me.”
Having the secret out in the open eased some of the pressure that was constantly pressing against your chest even if it was temporary and even if the secret was only out to Yelena.
“I mean, I’m sure you felt pretty close with me.” Yelena teased and you couldn’t be more thankful of her trying to lighten the tension. Your lips quirked up slightly and she smiled. “There it is.”
“What should I do?” You asked, hoping for some advice.
Yelena seemed to ponder your question before replying. “Well, for starters, you need to tell Pietro. You need to tell him, or you need to end it. Those are your only options.” You nodded slightly, already knowing this. “Keeping secrets from him is something you’ve never done. Don’t start now. You idiots share everything. Even things I wish you wouldn’t tell him.”
Again, you couldn’t help but laugh though it was short lived. “You don’t think he’ll hate me?”
Yelena nudged you slightly. “Of course not, I’ve never seen two people more platonically in love than you two idiots. Pietro loves you, Y/n. Just be honest with him.”
For the first time since everything had begun with Wanda, you felt hopeful as resolve settled in your chest. “Thank you, Lena, really.” You pulled her into a tight hug. “I love you.”
The other woman pushed at your shoulder until you released her, her expression contorted in disgust. “Don’t get all mushy on me now, Y/ln.” Again, you sputtered in disbelief, and she smirked at your reaction. “Anyway, what are you going to do about Mr. Robot flirting with your girl?”
You gaze traveled to Wanda and Vision in the corner of the room, taking in the way he was obviously doing his best to flirt with her. It was clear she was uninterested though and that made you smirk in satisfaction. “I can’t believe Steve even invited that dipshit.” You mumbled against the rim of the cup in your hands.
“You know the old man is always trying to befriend everybody. Even the creeps.” Yelena grumbled, leaning against the bar that you were stood against “If it helps, I heard a rumor his accent isn’t even real. If you’re going to fake an accent at least pick something badass. Like Russian.”
You rolled your eyes. “You barely even have an accent anymore, Lena. You’re officially Americanized.” Yelena gasped and smacked your shoulder in protest. You laughed.
“Whatever. Go get your girl. I have better people to talk to.” Yelena replied, shoving you in the direction of Wanda.
To make it more difficult you planted your feet firmly into the floor and turned to look at her, wiggling your eyebrows teasingly. “Speaking of, we’ll have to have a discussion about that new girl in your life.”
Yelena began pushing even harder. “Go!” She shouted, but you caught the light pink hue that spread over her cheeks and allowed her to push you further into the room.
Feeling more at ease, you made your way over to Wanda and Vision, coughing pointedly. “If you don’t mind… Wanda, would you like to go get another drink with me?”
Wanda smiled at you but before she could manage a reply Vision interjected. “She’s not interested. We were in the middle of a conversation.”
The way he spoke for her immediately got under your skin. “I’m sorry, is your name Wanda?” You turned to look at her again and offered your hand. “Don’t worry, no douchebags by the drinks table.”
Vision smacked your hand away and you immediately clenched your jaw. “Oh, fuck off.” He said with a sneer. “Can’t you see she’s not interested? No wonder the only ones that can tolerate you are the losers.”
Talking poorly about you was one thing but talking about your friends was another and you could feel your temper rising. “Watch your mouth, Jarvis.” You warned, clenching your hands at your side.
Wanda frowned. “Vis, what are you-”
Vision raised a hand to stop Wanda and your blood boiled when he interrupted her again. “Don’t worry, dear. I’ve got this under control.” He turned back to you. “What? Can’t handle the truth?” He laughed.
“My friends are twice the people you’ll ever be.” You muttered angrily.
Vision shrugged. “Yeah, real superstars you all are. Let’s go down the list of your inner circle, shall we? Let’s start with the three musketeers. Up first we have Belova, the antisocial reject stuck in her sister’s shadow.”
“Shut your mouth.” You cautioned sharply, using every ounce of willpower you had to not punch him in the face.
He continued as if he hadn’t heard you. “Then we have Pietro, proving that humans really can exist without a single brain cell and that dumb does not always mean lovable." He laughed, though the sound was hollow. "Then we have his partner in crime, the worse of the two… You. The most vile, stuck-up, little bitc-”
Vision’s words were sharply cut off and you weren’t sure what happened for a moment until you looked over at Wanda, her eyes practically glowing. You’d never seen her so furious.
“Don’t you ever talk about my brother, Y/n, or Yelena like that ever again.” She warned darkly.
You were still so stunned about the fact that she slapped him that you were rendered speechless and essentially useless in the situation.
Vision rubbed his cheek. “I’m doing you a favor, darling. Your brother and this loser are scum. Useless scum.”
Again, before you had time to even react, Wanda’s closed fist had connected with Vision’s cheek and you would have been proud, but the moment you heard a crunch you knew something had gone terribly wrong. You quickly shoved Vision out of the way, not even stopping to admire the red welt appearing on his cheek.
Wanda hunched over, cradling her hand, tears welling in her eyes. “Are you okay?” You questioned urgently, barely registering Steve who had rushed over to see what was going on. “Get Vision the hell out of here!” You shouted at him, your hand on Wanda’s cheek.
Wanda grimaced and leaned into your touch, seeking comfort. You were relieved when Steve didn’t ask any questions and grabbed Vision tightly by the nape of his neck, roughly dragging him away.
“His face is a lot harder than you’d think.” Wanda muttered through a pained laugh.
You gingerly took her hand and frowned when you saw the red already lining her knuckles and the obvious swelling. “You definitely broke it.” You said, the worry you felt making it impossible to acknowledge her attempts to lighten the mood. “We have to get you to the hospital.”
All Wanda managed was a weak nod as you led her out of the party and into your car, quickly dodging any of the questions that were coming your way.
There were many ways this night could have gone wrong, though you never would have expected it would end as horribly as this.
Thankfully the trip to the hospital was a short one and Wanda was able to be seen almost immediately, making it a bit easier to breathe, knowing that she was being cared for. As you were waiting for Wanda to get her x-rays and any potential treatment, you decided it was best that you call Pietro and let him know what was happening. You wouldn't want him to find out from anyone else.
On the very last ring, Pietro's voice drifted over the line, his tone upbeat and just happy. “Hey, don’t wait up for me I’m still on the date. We drove to this-”
“Piet.” You interrupted, hating the brightness inn his voice because you knew you were about to ruin it. “Something happened tonight and I’m at the hospital with Wanda."
There was a tense moment of silence before Pietro spoke again. “What do you mean you’re at the hospital with Wanda? If this is a joke, Y/n, it’s not funny.”
You sighed, beginning to pace the waiting room with your nerves. “It’s not a joke. Vision said something stupid, and she punched him which led to her breaking her hand.”
Shuffling filled the line as Pietro was clearly beginning to get frustrated. “Vision? What the hell, Y/n? I told you to take care of her.”
Your steps faltered slightly and you felt your heart begin to race with nerves. “I know, Piet, I know. I'm sorry. It all happened so fast, and I would have stepped in sooner if I knew this would happen.”
“No, that’s not good enough!” Pietro shouted down the line, and you jumped in surprise. You had never heard him this upset. “You know how Vision is and you let him get to her. You’re supposed to be the person I trust most, and I can’t even trust you to take care of my little sister!”
Tears began welling in your eyes, your chest clenching at the thought that you let down your best friend. “Piet, I’m sorry, I really-”
“Save it, Y/n. I’ll be home in an hour.” He paused for a moment. “I thought your word meant something.”
Before you could reply the dial tone filled your ears and the pressure in your chest multiplied, constricting and suffocating you.
Pietro’s words began looping in your mind. “I thought your word meant something.” Played over and over like an endless mantra, the disappointment in his voice making you want to be sick with the shame you felt overcome your system.
In a desperate bid to ground yourself you made your way over to the vending machine, needing water, anything to feel stable again. Instead, you leaned your head against the machine, feeling the constricting in your chest tighten even more with each passing second as a resolve settled in your mind.
You weren’t sure how long you were there when suddenly Wanda appeared, her hand now wrapped in a cast. A stark reminder of your failure.
“What’s wrong?” Wanda questioned, her eyes already analyzing your state, a pleasant smile on her face. You just stared back at her for a moment, the emotions running rampant in your mind making it difficult to respond. “Why do you look so serious? I’m not dying.” She joked lightly.
“I’ve screwed everything up.” You mumbled; hanging your head low since you couldn’t find it within yourself to meet her eyes anymore.
The smile that was on Wanda’s face moments before melted away. “What?” Wanda moved closer. “Y/n, you didn’t do anything. I chose to punch Vision. He was saying those horrible things about you, about Pietro!”
You shook your head, “It doesn’t matter, Wanda. I know how he is. I should have protected you like I told Pietro I would.”
Wanda recoiled slightly. “So, this is about Pietro? He’ll get over it. He’s just protective. You know how he is." She insisted, her words tinged with an edge of nerves. "It’s really not a big deal.”
Suddenly, the pressure felt like too much and you knew there was only one way to protect everyone involved. To keep your word. “We’re just going to screw this... All of this up.” You gestured broadly between you both, trying to find the will to do what needed to be done.
“What are you trying to say?” Wanda questioned; her brows furrowed as she tried her best to meet your eyes.
Still, you couldn’t find it within yourself to meet her concerned stare. “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” You whispered quietly, the words bitter on your tongue as you felt the tears begin to teeter precariously on your eyelids. You willed them away and forced yourself to continue. “These are trying times-”
“We’re not trying!” Wanda interrupted, advancing slightly, and trying to take your hand which you immediately pulled away, knowing that you would be too weak to maintain your decision with her hands on you. “Y/n don’t end this. We’re good. We're so good." Her words began to shake and tears began falling from the beautiful eyes that had been so bright just moments before. "You’ve been the best part of my summer; I want you around for all the seasons after.”
Everything within you screamed to take back everything you said, to run away with her and never look back, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t hurt anyone else anymore because of your weak heart. “I’m sorry, Wanda. It’s a cruel summer.”
And that is all, folks! I'm aiming to tie everything up in the next part. How do you feel about how everything played out in this chapter? Thoughts on Vision, Yelena or Pietro?
Anyway, as always, I sincerely hope you all enjoyed! Thoughts and comments always welcome!
Previous part: "Kept Secrets"
Masterlist: "Cruel Summer"
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venomous--fics · a day ago
Anon Requested: i haven’t had a panic attack in months and i just had a really bad panic attack, i was wondering if you could do an imagine where eddie and venom do there best to help the reader through a panic attack? with lots of fluff or some funny remarks?
Day 16!
A/n: I'm so sorry to hear that!! I know how bad those can be!! I hope you are doing well, anon! And I hope this fic helps you feel better!! <3
It seemed like a million things were going through your mind as the world spun out of control. You needed to sit, were you sitting? Oh good, you were sitting. Breathe. In and out. Oh God, was something choking you? Why can't you-
"Hey." Eddie rushed over, "It's alright. You're okay, we're right here."
It's like all the words got sucked out and tossed into a void. You couldn't talk.
"We should get the brown paper bag. Like what you see on tv."
"We don't have any."
"Back to square one then."
"We haven't left square one."
That wasn't helping you, and the worry that flashed across your face made them realize that.
"Sorry, sorry." Eddie said, "Just, copy what I do. Can you try to do that?"
You nodded, trying hopelessly to just calm yourself.
Eddie began doing the breathing exercises that he had learned ages ago. You followed along, in and out.
"You thinking calming thoughts?" Venom asked.
Come to think of it now, your head was empty.
Venom's calm thoughts and any normal humans calm thoughts were vastly different so this was going to take him a moment or two.
"Don't people like those mini dogs?" Venom seemed perplexed, "I don't get it, but if that's what works...Oh, flowers- Humans like those."
Eddie gently took your hands, making sure you were okay with it. They were still shaky, and he knew how that made you feel, so maybe some security would do you some good.
After a few more deep breaths, you steadied yourself in your seat, "Thank you.."
The world felt so normal again. It's like you just came back from some far away place. A bizarre feeling, but a welcome one.
"It's no problem." Venom replied, "What worked the best though? Was is the small dogs?"
"All of it." You said, giving him a thankful pat on the head.
He seemed proud of himself for getting better at this aspect of helping. He wasn't used to it, so he was never sure if he'd ever get it right. It's good to know that he's doing something right.
Eddie quickly got up, "Stay here. I'll get you some water."
"I'll keep watch. Just in case." Venom said, staring directly into your soul.
You stared back at him, not too sure where else you'd look.
"Come here often?"
"Pardon?" You snickered, "I live here."
"So I'll take that as a yes."
"Do you come here often?"
"I live here too."
"So that must be a yes as well." You slouched a little on the couch, trying to relax, "Thank you for helping me. I appreciate it."
"Thank you for letting us help."
Eddie returned with a cup of water, as promised, and a blanket, just in case. They swore to not leave you side for the rest of the day.
"You sure you're okay?" Eddie asked.
"I'm great. Could use a nap to be honest with you."
"Just to be clear." Venom chimed in, "Would a brown bag have actually done anything?"
"That's a good question." You said, "I've never tried, so..Maybe?"
"Good to know." Venom replied, "I'll put them on the grocery list."
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bisexual-chupacabra · a day ago
Nat: What was the one thing I told you not to do? Y/N: Burn down the house Nat: And what did you do? Y/N: Made you dinner :) Nat: Y/N: Nat: Y/N: And burnt down the house...
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wyldstallyns4ever · a day ago
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
Summary- Bucky gets anxiety and holds your hand a little to tight.
Bucky and you sat in the waiting room patiently. You looked at the TV playing sometimes or twiddle your thumbs as for Bucky his leg was bouncing up and down constantly or his hands were.
You felt his cold metal hand touch yours and intertwined his fingers to help him calm down. You leaned your head against his shoulder he tenses up at first but got used to it.
You sat like that for a while when you felt his hand squeezing harder starting to hurt you a bit. He noticed you shifted and looked down at your hand when he realized he was squeezing too hard.
He frantically let go of your hand feeling so guilty he hurt you "I am so sorry y/n I didn't mean to doll!" He started to breathe heavier, you smiled slightly and rubbed his back "it's okay Bucky I know you didn't mean to I'm fine though I promise!" You spoke softly to him trying to calm him down.
"It's not okay though I hurt you because I have anxiety about talking to a therapist. I'm so pathetic!" He yelled a little louder and you shook your head "you're not pathetic Bucky listen to me it's perfectly normal to have anxiety even if it's to talk to a therapist it's okay!" You reassured him.
He smiled at you softly and held your hand again "I love you y/n you really are the best!" He chuckled a bit and you laughed slightly with him "I love you James Buchanan Barnes too!"
After you said that the therapist came out and called for him he got up and looked at you and you gave him a reassuring nod he winked at you and walked with the therapist.
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moonlit-imagines · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings: guns
requested by anon 🌵
You nonchalantly sat in the seat you were restrained in, having full confidence in Eddie and Venom to save you with little to no problems. Your captors were quite confident in their plan, too, until they notice your calmness. “Hey,” one of them kicked the back of your chair, “must really suck to be you right now.”
“How so?” You acted completely clueless with a chilling smirk and heard a pretty loud crash from outside, knowing you were just about saved. “Oh, you mean because I’m tied up? Dude, you’re gonna be asking yourself that exact same question in like, fifteen seconds. You better pray to your God he doesn’t eat you.”
“Wha—?!” Your comment caught him off guard. “No one said shit about this guy being a cannibal!” The goon shouted to his coworkers and they all peered at each other. Before they could get into any more detail, Venom burst through the wall and scanned the room for you.
“Y/N! You are okay!” His deep voice boomed and scared the absolute hell out of your captors. Just as they pulled out their guns, Venom jumped in front of you to shield you and render their weapons useless.
“You know what? I’m out of here.” One of them dropped their gun and the others decided he’s got the right idea. “Thought kidnapping a kid would be easy, lure this asshole over here. Didn’t know it was a goddamn MONSTER!” The guys began to run away and just before Venom could pursue, you stopped him.
“Not worth it, guys! Yeah, they’re bad for kidnapping, but more than anything, they’re just stupid.” You let them know and Venom let Eddie back in control to untie you.
“Kid, I’m glad you’re okay.” He undid your binds and gave you a big hug. “Let’s never do this again, okay?”
“I don’t know, it was kind of fun.” You giggled. “Maybe one more time. I really scared them just by not caring. I knew you’d come for me, so I just kept making fun of them.”
“Are you sure you aren’t my actual kid?” Eddie high fived you and wrapped his arm over your shoulder. “I think we should go get some food. What do you say, y/n? Burgers?”
taglist: @ravenmoore14 // @summersimmerus //
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bucks-bunny · 2 days ago
𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐫 - 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Synopsis: After a long trip, you finally come home to him. And he's not gonna let go.
Word Count: 1.3k ish
Warnings: fluff, tiny bit of angst, bad internet connection.
A/N: aaa hii it's good to be back! this fic was inspired by "little wanderer" by death cab for cute. hope you like it!
Not beta'd, all mistakes are my own. I wrote this at like 3 am on my phone, I'll fix any mistakes asap
Tumblr media
"Plane A-456 ready for departure. Last call for plane A-456"
"Shit!" you cursed. Checking the gate number one last time, you picked up the pace. You couldn't afford missing this plane. 
Luckily, you only carried a small backpack with you, so you didn't have to worry about dropping off any luggages. Your job had trained you to always travel light, which was extremely convenient, on rare occasions. 
Six months. Six long months you had to be away from home. Away from Bucky.
It wasn't that you didn't like you occupation, but sometimes shooting documentaries in god-forgotten places took longer than planned. And cherry on top, your flight was delayed for another two days due to bad weather. 
You quickly shoot a text to your boyfriend to let him know you were finally leaving, finger crossed, you were gonna see him in less than six hours, unless Thor decided to strike you or airplane down with a lighting. 
"boarding now. can't wait to see you" 
"have a safe flight. love you." His response reached you just as you accommodated in your seat on the plane. 
With a tap, you turned off your phone and shoved it in the front pocket of your backpack. 
You had always liked travelling and everytime you got on an airplane you were always excited, you'd spend the entire trip daydreaming about the place you were visiting. But this time it was different. You were even more excited, because this time, you were going back home, back to Bucky. 
God, you had missed him so much. Of course, this wasn't the first time you had been separated for a long time, considering your job and his, being an Avenger busy saving the world on a daily basis. 
Most of the time, one of you was home while the other was God-knows-where. But you made it work. 
Technology has gotten pretty good these days, and you'd manage to work around time zones, enduring nights up late waiting for the other to wake up just to steal five minutes of time without distractions, just for each other. 
Oh, and if you were lucky enough to find a good time to talk, the network wouldn't cooperate, so you'd resort to plain-ol' texting. 
You were far, but never apart. 
Also, you were pretty sure that Bucky had started using your t-shirts as pillowcases, you had caught a glimpse during one of your calls one night. But you didn't say anything because you were guilty too. Before leaving you'd always steal one of his t-shirts, too. That way, you'd both have a piece of home to comfort each other.
Bucky's dogtags were dangling from your fingers, the cool metal soothing your digits, as you recalled one of your recent conversations. 
"...and then the monkey stole my protein bar!" your laugh echoed in Bucky's room and lightened his heart a bit. 
Talking to you was the best part of his days, on the rare occasions in which you two managed to talk. 
"I wish you could have seen it Buck, you'd love it here" you stated. 
You sounded sad and he absolutely hated it, that he couldn't do anything to reach you because unfortunately, he was on a stake out in Prague. 
"I know honey, but you're coming back soon, no?" he asked, hopeful. "Just a week, seven sleeps, and then you can have all of my protein bars, if you want" he joked, hoping to cheer you up a bit. 
Apparently today luck wasn't on his side because the connection started acting up, causing the audio crackle so much he couldn't make out what you were saying on the other side of the world. 
He started moving around the kitchen of the stake-out house, searching for the spot with the best connection. Nothing was gonna get in the way of him speaking with his girl, not even if he had to keep his laptop in the air. 
He had never been good with technology, but he had learned whatever possible, because this was the only way he could see you. 
"Act--lly.."you started "we might ha--to delay our return another coup-- weeks. we had a problems --- the cameras and have to wait for the repl---ments. I'm --rry" your distant voice made his heart freeze.
"oh." his shoulders slumped,  "well, it's okay sugar, we can always talk on the phone" he put up a fake smile, he didn't want to make it worse, knowing pretty well that you were in his exact same position. 
"Speaking of which, "you paused looking over your shoulder, "I have to go. we have a night shooting today" you sighed, 
"But we just started talking!" he whined, he'd never get used to this.
"I know honey, I'm sorry." Somebody was shouting your name, telling you to get ready. "Coming! I gotta go baby, I'll call you later, I promise" you swore, holding your pinky in front of you. 
"Okay doll, be safe. I love you". He put the pinky in front of his camera. 
Bucky waited for your answer, but the network froze again. Luck wasn't definitely on his side.
Defeated, he stared at your smiling image still lingering on the screen. With a beep, it was replaced by a black screen with  "Connection lost" written all over it. 
He really hoped he could get to see you soon, in person. With a sigh, he closed his laptop and started getting ready for the day, as the sun was already rising up over his city. 
Lost in your thoughts, you didn't notice that your plane had landed, and that everyone was now leaving the plane. 
Time couldn't move slower while you were waiting in line for customs, but as soon as you were done, you basically launched yourself out of the gate
Thank God you only had a backpack.
You got lost in the sea of people outside the airport, too busy reuniting with their families to notice that you couldn't find Bucky anywhere.
Standing on your tiptoes, you tried to make out his features amongst the crowd, when you felt someone tapping on your shoulder. 
And there he was, as soon as he laid his eyes on you, his face lit up and he flashed a smile at you. 
"Bucky!" you jumped into his arms, letting your backpack slide off your shoulder, and clinging to him with everything you had.
"Umph" he chuckled,  "Hi, doll". 
He smelled like aftershave and leather and a bit like the cologne you had gifted him for Christmas. 
To you, he smelled like home.
"Hey baby" he hugged you a bit tighter, you missed his hugs so much.
You weren't gonna lie, you were grateful for the progress of technology that let you keep contact with people all over the world, but no phone or camera could replicate the feeling of having Bucky in your arms. Never.
"I've missed you so much" you said, your voice cracking, failing to swallow down the lump in your throat.
He broke the hug, putting you down and taking your face between his hands to exhaling you, drinking you in. 
Bucky was holding back tears, too. 
"We are so never gonna do that again for a long time" he joked, "I can't stay without you".
That was true, he supported you and rooted for your career, but now he was going to take you home and he wasn't planning on sharing you with the world for a while. 
"Honey, don't worry. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere" you sniffled, tucking a strand of his hair behind his ears.
"Yeah, I got promoted and now I have to follow the documentary from here." you smiled, oh how he missed you. "You're stuck with me for a while, Barnes" you chuckled.
Bucky couldn't believe it. His girl. Home. For more than a month. 
He picked you up again, peppering your face with small kisses. 
"I wouldn't want it any other way, doll" he said, before grasping your lips with his in a passionate kiss.
Yes, he definitely wasn't going to let you go anywhere for at least a month. 
Thank you for reading! Comments and reblogs are appreciated :)
@amelia-song-pond @millennial-teenybopper @natlovesu @brooke-supernatural16  
Everthing Bucky:
@bbl32 @brooke-supernatural16 @justreadingficsdontmindme @leyannrae @iwannabekilledtwice @onyourgoddamnleft @itsthemaree
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yelennas-belovvas · 2 days ago
omg okay so for your 1k blurb celebration: sugarmommy!nat having to deal with bratty r bc nat is busy so she can’t give her attention so nat just holds out her hand and r knows that she’s asking for her credit card and she’s just like “i’ll deal with you later” ugh 😩😩
“natasha romanoff, i swear to god if you don’t pay attention to me right now, i will buy all of manhattan!”
without a single glance in your direction, your wife cocked a brow, and with chilling impassivity, held out her hand in your general direction.
“how’re going to buy ‘all of manhattan’ without your card, princess?”
you smirked, realizing exactly how you could win this.
“oh this card?” you pressed as you pulled it out of your wallet. “if you want it back you’re just gonna have to come get it.”
this time, she turned to look at you. her glare cold and stern. exactly what you wanted.
“oh, honey, i promise you. you don’t want me to do that.”
“and if i do?”
“you. don’t.”
you sighed and gave her the card, knowing that she was probably right.
“good girl. come here.” you dropped to your knees to the left of her exorbitant desk chair. “now, i have about three hours left of work and then i’m done for the rest of the week. i want you to kneel here and—silently—keep me company until i’m done. then i’ll figure out exactly what i’m going to do with you. understood?”
you nodded your head and began to think of ways you could annoy your wife without getting into too much trouble.
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lesbian-deadpool · 18 hours ago
Y/N: *Rings doorbell*
Wade, from inside: I HAVE A GUN!
Y/N, sighs: No, Wade, it’s Y/N!
Wade, opening the door, cheerfully: Hello, Y/N!
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hiraethnotions · a day ago
Loki x Reader: Punishments
You've been teasing the God of Mischief for far too long, especially when he's being too linient. Maybe, he'll teach you how to behave this time.
Warnings: Dom! Loki x Sub! reader, clit spanking, degradation, hints of dacryphillia, nipple play, a little bit of fluff
Tumblr media
Your bare back collided against the wall of Loki's suite with a thud, making you gasp out for air. Your legs neatly wrapped around his smaller torso and breasts pressed by his broad, clothed chest. "Fuck— did I rile you up that bad? Your highness?" You panted, smirking at the animalistic glint in his eyes that your sentence brought. You were pushing him off the edge more & more. You loved every second of it, all the control you had, all the willingness to surrender you had, and over all, all the love you had for him. It was reciprocated in the best way.
It took you a long time to trust him, and furthermore, it took Loki a long time to trust you. Something you think of as quite a feat. It wasn't easy, letting your heart being broken thrice, getting abandoned in the worst ways possible. You would've given up if not for the innocence that hid beneath the strong, unbreakable facade. Your broken sobs, choked breaths of pain in the intensity of your heart breaking echoed in his ears always, making him surrender one day. Kneeling in front of you and giving his heart to you. Literally, the man of theatrics smiled softly at you, creating a realistic beating heart with his magic and presenting it to you with a bow. Like a proud knight to serve his queen, his goddess.
The unexpected sensation of his semi grinding against your needy pussy snapped you out of your thoughts. A feeling you can't explain even if you had all the words in the world. A whine broke free from you, earning you the glorious sight of his smirk. "Indeed you have, riled me up quite a bit. Naughty enough to tease me in front of all the Asgardians darling?" His smirk faded into an intense scowl, animalistic and preying onto your body.
You tried to mask the aching of your core, the way your stomach curled up at his stare by looking away. A rough hold on your jaw with his hand forced you to look back at him. "Feeling too shy now are we? How pathetic, I thought you were an attention hungry whore with your actions tonight" Your lips were squeezed, puckering just the right amount for him to bite. Fuck you were in for it today.
With the snap of a finger, your body was flashed naked in front of him, your supple skin greeting his hungry eyes. "Such a sight to behold, isn't it love? Too bad all the Asgardians aren't able to see it." He smirked, making you stand on your feet, loving how they wobbled. "Can't stand properly? I haven't even begun yet slut" His feet fell backwards, fixated on your throbbing pussy and your perked nipples from the sudden cold.
"You know, I'm about to punish you, right?" He scanned your eyes, speaking every word softly. You blushed at the sudden tenderness, it reminded you of how much he truly loved you. Something you will need to hold onto later.
You nodded, gulping and looking at him. He made you feel like a shy virgin all over again. The Alpha male energy too much for you to handle at this point. "Good girl, come on then darling. Show me how annoyingly needy you were. On your knees."
Your whole core ached with the need for his cock, dropping onto your knees for him, looking at him with puppy eyes. Too bad you knew it won't work on him. "Spread those knees for me, I want you to spread enough so there's space for you to play with yourself. You're going to give me a filth show after all." He scoffed, leaning against a chair that created out of nowhere, just in front of you.
You nodded, feeling even more submissive than ever before, gently gliding your hand around your wet folds and pinching your clit gently. Fuck you wanted him to do that so bad, wanted his fingers to fill you up, curl in just the right manner and his hand to spank your clit mercilessly. He could read your mind like an open book, you weren't good at hiding the lewd thoughts anyway, it showed on your face clearly. "Imagining if it was me instead of you? If it were my long fingers instead of your tiny ones hmm? Maybe you would've got the privilege to get off on my hands if you were obidient." He rolled his eyes, mocking your miserable and needy state. Somehow the slight degradation only made you yearn for more.
"Loki, please—"
"Ah ah ah, it's your highness to you. My little sex slave."
"Your highness, please! Please touch me, I want to come so desperately." You whined, no matter how fast you went, you just couldn't replace the skill of a millennia old god.
"Please, please touch me—" Loki imitated you, bursting into a chuckle. "How pathetic."
You were disappointed, you needed him too bad. You were exactly where he wanted you to be. Disappointed at yourself, utterly devastatingly needy for him and writhing in lust. "I wonder if I would fall asleep watching the boring show you're giving me pet." You heard his lacy voice, feeling him closer as his forefinger and thumb pinched your nipples mercilessly. You moaned out in pure estscy, feeling your clit pulse. You were about to come undone, just by his torment on your sensitive nipples.
"Look at that, so perky, so very hard for me to taste." He leaned on his knees, pulling you closer by the waist & almost making you lose balance. His hot breath fanning over your areolas and his tongue swiped along your nipples, rolling them circularly and nibbling with his teeth. Your moans echoed in the hall, the subtle nibbling on your nipples caused you to whine.
"You're whining a lot darling, might confuse you for a bitch if you were to behave like that." Loki leaned away, staring at you sternly. He was not kidding, atleast not tonight. "I have just the right punishment for this exertion. Spread your needy cunt lips for me." He ordered, and the fingers of both of your palms worked accordingly, spreading you wide open, showing your puffy clit throbbing in need.
A chaste kiss took you by surprise, making you breathless as you felt the sudden jolt of pain and pleasure surging through you. A muffled whine caused him to slide his tongue inside you. Your bare clit was spanked right on the spot. It almost made you tear up. Before you could break the kiss to breathe and take in the pain, another one followed... You screamed this time, glossy eyes squeezing shut and a stray tear sliding down your cheek. "Should I gag you? It works with that stupid loud shrieks of yours." He scoffed, eyes darting to your swollen, red clit. "How adorable—" a pinch on your clit between his forefinger and middle finger followed just afterwards, making you scream out.
"Aww, does it hurt darling? Probably does but you are dripping now. Don't tell me you like it." You sniffled, nodding softly. His actions were slipping you into your subspace. Pulling your hazy thoughts into a more prominent fog that made you lose your mind.
"Now then, I won't fuck you. That is your punishment." Loki shrugged, picking you up bridal style and laying you down the comfortable bed. You whined, pouting and squirming at the decision. "Please, please Lo— Your Highness! Please! I'll be good for you, I promise." You babbled, sniffling and spreading your legs invitingly, hopefully looking at him, expecting him to change his decision.
All in vain, because it earned you another slap on your clit, making your back arch up in the painful pleasure coursing through your body. "Needy, filthy, cunt of a needy, filthy, slut." He amusingly smirked, finally letting his thumb rub slow, teasing circles on your puffy, red clit.
"Your clit is swollen, it's almost coming out of your pussy lips. How lewd, is it as attention hungry as you? Looks like it." He chuckled, increasing the pace into faster, more prominent circles.
Your mind was hazy, you were mindless and floating. The knot on your stomach tightening, your toes curling and your back arching. Fuck you were so close, another swipe and you'd just come—
"Oh, maybe I forgot to mention. You're not allowed to come either, love." Loki shrugged, dragging his fingers away from you teasingly slow, enjoying your failed attempt to grind against them by moving your pelvis.
"Hope it'll teach you a lesson, my queen."
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lovinghiddleston · 2 days ago
Hi- may I ask for a cute scenario for either Loki or Tom Hiddleston x reader: they are sitting or laying next to each other cuddling, when she suddenly grabs their hand to put on her belly so he may feel his child kick for the first time...
Kicks and kisses; Tom Hiddleston
Tumblr media
Gif's not mine. I don't know who made it, so credits to the owner.
Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x pregnant!reader.
Warnings: None, but if u feel uncomfortable with pregnancy, don't read.
A/N: I'M SO HAPPY WITH THIS, It's my first time ever writing about Tom and he is one of my biggest crush (Why didn’t I write about him before?) @scorpionchild81 thank you for your request, hope you like it<3
Tumblr media
You were on the coach, the tv was turned on and Tom was sitting with you and his arms made you feel warm. The comfortable silence was filled by the sound of the movie you were watching, some romantic comedy that easily made you bored. Isn't like you were up late at night just to watch movies, you only wanted to eat until death and you turned on the tv because the silence in your apartment was pretty scary. The clock showed it was 2 o'clock, and your boyfriend woke up a couple of minutes ago. You already ate all the chocolate in the kitchen and the sugar in your veins made the baby move.
You smiled, the baby was always kicking but Tom was never there to feel it too. In some mysterious and chaotic way, every time you wanted Tom to feel his child, the precious unborn stayed still. Then, you kept in silence, your hand moved into Tom's hand and his gaze met yours. His pretty blue eyes looked at you and you thought about how lucky you were.
Still quiet, you put Tom's hand in your belly and the baby moved again just in time to his daddy felt it. "It's the chocolate, the baby loves chocolate."
Tom's eyes were full of tears when he smiled at your belly. "I love you, mommy and daddy loves you."
And the baby must have felt the same thing for you both because he kicked again against his hand.
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velvetcloxds · 2 days ago
Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!stark!reader
Warnings: other than me trying to flirt- it's just fluff. Lots of dialogue, as always
Word count: 1.6k
Summary: Despite your brother forbidding you from doing so, you cannot possibly be expected not to act on your feelings for Steve.
Author's note: Fic inspired by Gorgeous by Taylor Swift, lyrics or variants of the lyrics are in italics- this is my first attempt at a song-fic and I'm really excited about it
There were few words to describe your relationship with Steve Rogers. None more fitting than the one that spun through your head like a mantra of submission; forbidden. Steve Rogers and every inch of his godlike beauty was forbidden, off-limits, unobtainable. You could have any one of your brother’s friends, except for one which only made you want him more because there was nothing you hated more than what you couldn’t have.
“You could be a little more subtle with that,” Bucky noted as he pulled up a barstool to take a seat next to you at the bar, lips mimicking the smirk that danced on yours.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you mused in return, eyes lingering on the super-soldier as he took a slow sip from the drink in his hand, muscles flexing under the restraint of his dress shirt, your breath falling short at the addictive sight.
“Hmm,” Bucky hummed, ordering a drink of his own with a silent hand gesture as you spared him a glance.
“I didn’t think it was possible,” you began, shaking your head when he scoffed at your mesmerized state. “I’ve met handsome men before, hell, I’ve even dated a few, but it’s criminal for one man to look like that and even more so that my brother has deemed him unfit for my pursuits.”
“And you comply to Tony’s commands now?” he scoffed, nodding to thank the bartender as he placed his drink in front of him.
“I should,” you smiled, allowing your eyes to drift back to their favourite focus point. “But I can hardly be expected to fight the way he makes me feel, can I?” you mused, and Bucky shook his head. “He’s so gorgeous, it actually hurts.”
“This isn’t a conversation I thought I would be having, but alright,” he began and tugged at your stool to turn you around to face him, a small gasp sifting through your lips as you looked up at him in surprise. “Whiskey and ice,” he offered as if you’d know exactly what he meant, your furrowed brows telling him that you didn’t. “Steve’s glass is empty, why not change that,” he explained, and you scoffed.
“I have no intention of going over to him, Buck,” you informed him with a shake of your head. “I talk a big game, but you know damn well that I won’t be able to even look him in the face if I were in front of him.”
“You cannot keep ogling over him from the other side of the room, Y/n, it’s sad,” he stated and pulled you from your seat so that the both of you were standing, one hand helping you steady yourself as the other placed his untouched drink in your hand. “You and I both know that Steve is just as taken with you as you are with him, but if neither of you works up the nerve to do something about it, you’ll be pining from a distance forever.”
“Bucky-“ you gasped as he went a step further by gently pushing you forward, smirking as he nodded towards Steve who was just ending a conversation with Tony, excusing himself to head towards the bar.
“Be brave, hmm, get your man,” Bucky commanded from beside you before dismissing himself, patting Steve’s shoulder in the passing.
“Y/n,” Steve beamed as he stilled in front of you, your attention too lost in the oceans of blue that crashed in his eyes to notice his own nervous behaviour. “You look lovely,” he noted, shifting his gaze over your body in a less than subtle attempt to take it all in, respectfully averting his focus back to your face when he caught himself.
“Thank you,” you breathed, swallowing slowly as you held your hand out to offer him the drink. “Whiskey and ice,” you explained unprompted, cringing as he nodded, mistaking his smile for discomfort. “What I meant to say was, I have an extra drink if you’d want it.”
“I was just about to come to get another, it’s like you were sent to me,” he mused, gentle hand brushing against yours in a moment that could’ve lasted forever as an electric-like spark tickled through your nerves at the feeling of his skin against yours. You felt your cheeks warm up when your eyes locked, a sort of unspoken conversation being had as you wondered if that slight, almost nonexistent touch set his body ablaze too.
“I should go,” you sighed, hurriedly looking away as you noticed Tony stumbling towards you.
“You sure? Haven’t gotten to talk to you all night, it’s almost like you’re avoiding me,” he offered and though you’d have picked on it sooner, had you not been trying to escape, you completely missed the shy smirk that adorned his lips. “Like you’ve been talking to everyone else but me,” he added and this time you would’ve had to be deprived of any senses to not realize how his tone had dropped.
“I’m not,” you defended, shaking your head as Tony draped an arm around you from the side, your focus shifting as he remained laughing from the conversation he just left.
“Are you having them pour you out the whole bar, Cap,” he mused, and Steve scoffed, making sure your gaze was still on him as he moved his hand into his pants' pocket.
“Got a little distracted, is all,” he replied far too calmly, and Tony watched with intense interest as his friend brought the Whiskey glass to his lips, not looking away for even a second as the liquid flowed into his mouth, burning his throat as you mimicked his slow swallow.
“I was just leaving.”
“Everything alright?” Tony asked as if he was completely clueless to the obvious tension between the two of you.
“Perfectly fine, just a little hot in here,” you lied, and Tony nodded, suspiciously watching you make a quick exit out of the living room and though you didn't see it, Bucky was already shifting to follow you, pausing only when he saw Steve doing the exact same, placing his glass down on his way out.
You were halfway to your room when you noticed someone's steps behind you, assuming them to be those of your friend, you continued your staggered path, pulling at your clothes in the process as you did in fact feel your body burn from both embarrassment and misplaced emotion you couldn't act on, a notion that the super-soldier shared.
Tony's reasoning, though always unwanted, was never wrong. Steve was like family, all of the Avengers were and it would be selfish to jeopardize that or to ruin the entire dynamic of the team. However, what Tony and his logic failed to consider was that the feelings you had for Steve, no matter how ill-advised, were utterly and completely illogical.
Steve paused at your open door, wanting to consider the consequences of going in, of talking to you. He always had to, but something about the way you were acting tonight, about the way you were watching him, he knew as well as you did that any further attempts to hide your mutual infatuation would be completely futile.
His knuckles scraped the door lightly, the party from downstairs almost drowning the sound out completely, but you heard it somehow, turning away from the window which you had settled to stare out of, heart jumping when you realized who was looking back at you.
"You followed me?" you breathed, Steve offering you a little nod as a reply. "You must think me such a fool, I have surely been acting like one," you scoffed, arms folding over your chest as he walked into the room.
"I've not exactly been acting any better," he admitted and the soft laugh rushing past his lips prompted a shiver to run down your spine.
"It's infuriating, the way I feel when I'm around you," you nearly whispered, not sure if you wanted him to truly hear the words, the raise of his brow indicating that he did. "I feel like I might sink and drown and die."
"A feeling that I'm remarkably familiar with," his steps were slow, minuscule, but they led him closer to you nonetheless, a sparkle in his eyes as he came face to face with you. "I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that Tony told you the same thing that he told me?" he asked and you nodded, almost rolling your eyes at the revelation of Tony's actions. "I believe myself to be quite smitten with you, Y/n, and though I might regret it in the future, I find myself about ready to throw caution to the wind any second now and kiss you. Would you want that?"
"You've no idea, how badly," your voice was small, the closeness of his body to yours being almost suffocating. Steve took a final step towards you, soft fingers brushing stray strands of hair behind your ear before ever so gently falling to the nape of your neck, your hands on his chest as your breaths mingled. Heat spread through your body as your noses brushed, a small smirk lacing his lips as he looked at you.
"You are gorgeous, Y/n," he whispered against your lips and the comment faded into space as he kissed you; nimbly, heavenly, addictively.
Tumblr media
General Marvel taglist: @cupids-crystals @mirclealignr @natashxromanovf @bentleywolf29 @mysticsblog112 @ferretboysupremacy @saintlike78
Steve Rogers taglist: @sarahisslytherin
Join my taglist here
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venomous--fics · 20 hours ago
Summary: Your husband, Eddie Brock, loses his job after he intentionally (or unintentionally) ruins a meeting with Carlton Drake. Now, after what seemed like a complete mental break and some shady deals, he won't answer the phone.
Pairing: Eddie Brock x Wife!Reader
A/N: Day 17! Hope you enjoy! This was something that I brought out of the drafts. I've had it written for awhile, I just forgot to post it. What better time to do that then now?
You paced around the living room. Your phone was on speaker, left on the coffee table, and all it would do is ring. You kept trying to call, but nobody would answer. This wasn't like Eddie at all. He always, no matter what, picked up. Was he mad at you? Was he okay? You began to rethink the disagreement you two had earlier.
"So, just like that, you're going?" You asked dryly.
"Yes." His tone was as equally flat, "Why wouldn't I?"
"Eddie, you don't know this woman. She could be lying to you."
"What if she's not?" He snatched his jacket off the back of the chair, "This is my one chance to get my job back."
"There are other jobs." You replied, worry evident in your voice, "How do you know that this woman isn't tricking you. Eddie, don't you know what happens to people like you? Who know too much?"
"I'm well aware." He seemed unphased, almost like he was hoping it would pan out that way.
"Is your job really worth all that bullshit? What about me?"
"What about you? You weren't the one who got humiliated and fired."
Eddie opened the door and that's when your body moved before you could think. You grabbed his arm, "Eddie, just, take a walk and think about this, okay? Something just doesn't feel right about it all..."
"What is there to think about?"
He pulled away from you and shut the door behind him. That's when you noticed that he didn't even bother to grab his set of keys.
You should've ran after him, or Hell, even gone with him. At least if Eddie was dead, you'd go right with him, right? God, why isn't he picking up.
Voicemail. Again.
You hung up and sat on the couch, putting your face into your hands, "Oh, Eddie. What am I going to do-"
Your phone began ringing, and you answered it with absolutely no hesitation, "Eddie- Oh. Hey, Anne."
"Have you seen Eddie? Dan and I have been trying to call him, and he won't answer." Anne seemed frustrated at the situation, "We were trying to talk to him about the hospital earlier and he just left-"
Oh my god. Your brain was whirling. Eddie got hurt, and now he's hobbling around San Francisco, probably bleeding out somewhere. You should go look for him.
"Hi, hello." Dan cut in, quite politely, "Dan here. I assure you that Eddie will be fine if we get him back to the hospital."
"I-I," You stood up, looking around frantically for your own jacket, "I can go look for him around here. Maybe he's hiding out at Mrs. Chen's shop."
"Call us if you find him." Anne said, promptly hanging up.
Screw the jacket, you thought. You just needed to find Eddie. You nearly tripped on the rug on your way over to the door.
Had you not tripped, then you would've been hit square in the face as the door fell open, and quickly slammed shut.
You stood up straight, looking in disbelief, "Eddie?"
Eddie looked like an absolute train wreck. Sweaty, holes in his favorite hoodie. His face really emphasized the fact that he was ill. He just looked drained.
"Eddie, are you okay... Where have you been?" You tone was gentle as you took a step towards him, "I've been trying to call you for the last hour."
He seemed shaky, shushing someone or something.
What a tasty snack we have here.
"No!" Eddie screamed, practically slamming his fist down on the island, making you jump. "She is my wife and you will not touch her! Do I make myself clear!"
You took several steps back, bumping into the back of the couch. Eddie's never gotten mad like that before. And who the hell was he yelling at? There was nobody else here.
"We should go to the hospital." Is all you could think to say, "You need help."
Eddie violently shook his head, putting his hands over his ears. He almost looked like he was in pain. Putting your fear aside, you rushed over to him, "Eddie, please! You're really sick, let's just go."
"I can't do that." He said, lowering his voice to a whisper, "He doesn't like that."
Again, he made a loud shushing noise. He seemed more upset by the sounds of it.
You really needed him to calm down if you two were going to be able to get anything accomplished. Eddie seemed so frazzled by whatever happened, and you wanted to know exactly what that was.
And sometimes, you wish you'd stop asking questions, because most of the time you don't like the answer.
You watched in horror as a black, slimey substance enveloped Eddie, against his wishes. Knowing how most horror movies you'd watched play out, you rushed back. The creature that stood before you had to slouch forward a little as to not go through the ceiling. Slightly considerate, but made him all the more terrifying.
"Eddie?" You asked, voice shaking.
Tendrils shot out and wrapped around your arms, pulling your forward. You did your best to pull back, but whatever this was was way stronger than you. It was like playing tug of war with a dog that you knew was too strong for you.
"Eddie's not here anymore."
You were not going to stop. You had to get this thing off of you, but no matter how or where you pulled, he pulled back ten times harder. Was it going to eat you? Well, no shit, but was it going to hurt- Ah, again, no shit, probably.
"Let me go!" You yelled, tripping as you tugged again.
More tendrils took over on your legs and before you could put up an unfair fight, you were whipped up into the air, upside down. You were dangling right in front of this creatures face. You stared into his eyes, watching the drool ooze out of his mouth.
His toothy grin was going to haunt you if he didn't actually eat you. You didn't want to die this way. You watched in horror as his tongue slithered out of his mouth, sickly grin growing wider.
"I hope it puts you at ease knowing you're the prettiest snack I've had tonight."
It didn't put you at ease. In fact, you wanted to throw up. Your heart was pounding of your chest, sounding more like a ticking timebomb instead of an organ. The blood rushing to your head wasn't helping any of this either.
This was the end, you were sure of it. You shut your eyes and just prayed that this would be over quickly.
And it was, because the next thing you felt was the hardwood floor connecting with the back of your head. You groaned as you forced yourself to roll over, just in case you had to push yourself up and get away.
"Oh my god, oh my god!" Eddie kept repeating as he crawled to your side, "Are you okay?"
You couldn't answer. You had no strength left. Hitting the floor knocked the wind out of you.
Eddie carefully rolled you over and held you in his arms, "Hey, it's okay. I am so sorry- I- I'm sorry. I don't know why this is happening."
You forced your eyes open, everything looking like it was out of focus, "Eddie?"
"Yes, baby, it's me. I'm here." He kept blubbering, "I'm so sorry. I don't know why that- I don't- I'm sorry."
Everything processed in your head as you stared at him blankly. Did you just hallucinate or was that actually a giant ass alien? Why does this stuff always happen to you?
"What was that?"
"I don't know- I don't think I want to know." He sputtered out, "Please tell me your okay."
"Fine. Head just hurts." You groaned once you thought about how hard you hit it, "And I got the dickens scared out of me."
"I'll," He looked around, "I'm going to put you on the couch and get an icepack, okay?"
"Was that thing really going to eat me?"
As Eddie was about to answer, he heard footsteps come through the door. Men with their weapons drawn, aimed and him and you.
"Mr. Brock, I believe you have some of our property."
Eddie slowly looked over his shoulder, holding you even closer.
"Let me take care of this."
Eddie looked up slightly and whispered, "What- What do you mean. What does that mean."
"It means, Eddie, let me do my job."
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asgardwinter · 17 hours ago
fictober day 17 | “I’m with you, you know that.”
Tumblr media
summary | Loki was always joking about you being one silly mortal until one day he wasn’t.
fandom | Marvel
pairing | Loki x Reader
warnings | angst (first time during fictober, that’s a victory), a tiny bit of fluff in the end, talk about death
word count | 864 (here we go again…)
author’s note | I had no idea if I’d be able to finish it today (I also found out that I'm always insecure when I do this emotional blurbs). sorry about this one if it makes it better I was sad writing it 😔
🍁 fictober 2021 masterlist 🍁 Loki Laufeyson masterlist 🍁
Tumblr media
At first Loki thought he was provoking you by calling you a silly mortal. In a very few weeks he found out you didn’t really care about what he was saying, that you had no problem with your “midgardian condition” as he thought you’d have. Who wouldn’t after all?
As time went by it started to grow more affectionate than he meant it, feelings were so much stronger than him. Loki would just shake his head and say “silly mortal” with a hint of a smile on his face. A true and honest smile, not his usual smirks — even if you appreciated them as well.
And then it was months later and you got in some type of relationship. You both haven't put a label on it yet and it was not like you needed one if it was just flowing perfectly.
It was right after you first let an “I love you” slip that you noticed the usual pet name had disappeared completely from your life. Loki never called you his silly mortal again. Never.
So you decided to tease him, because you missed it. Those two simple words meant so much after all the time you both took to get together you wouldn't let it fall into the depths of your memories. If you just had thought of simply talking first.
“Darling, I can’t believe this.” Loki was almost at a loss of words to look at the mess in your shared room.
You decided to reorganize the bookshelf he kept by alphabetical order since Loki was always mumbling about it being a mess. Taking advantage of the situation you cleaned all of the dust in it, starting the task of organizing it.
All was well until you noticed the books in a language you had no idea. Asgardian.
What’s the Asgardian alphabet? You had no idea. And that was just in time for Loki to get into the room and look at the huge mess.
“Well, ain’t I your silly mortal?” You laughed.
It didn’t have the intended effect on him, but it sure did catch Loki off guard. His face dropped the moment your words were hanging in the air and he sat at the edge of the bed with a lost gaze.
You stood up and got to him faster than you thought you could kneeling between his tights just to be closer.
“Hey you, what happened?” You asked with so much worry, hands going to lay on his cheeks.
“You won’t be here.” It was the only answer you got.
“ I’m here with you, you know that.” You said softly brushing your thumb against his skin. “Always.”
“Not always.” Loki’s voice broke as he corrected your words. “You’re not going to be right here forever.”
“What do you mean, love?”
“You are not going to be here with me forever. Nature won’t allow it.”
“You’re mortal!” He said in a sharper tone than he intended, your eyes widening at the sudden burst of anger. No, it wasn’t anger, it was something more like frustration. “I’ll still be here when you’re gone! In the end I’ll still be alone because it seems like nothing I find is perfect.”
This was the time for you to push Loki tightly against your chest, he was hiding in the crook of your neck. You could feel the tears through the shirt but it didn’t matter, you only wanted to make him feel better now.
The realization wasn’t a lie even if you wanted it to be.
“You stopped calling me that because it makes you remember it.” It wasn’t a question, you knew you were right even before he nodded against your neck. “Loki, listen to me.” Your pleading voice made him hold you tighter. “If you want to find someone else…”
“No.” He didn’t leave time for you to go on. “You’re the love of my life. My whole life. I want nothing to do with someone else.”
“So we’ll live in the present.” You tried to be hopeful, but there was a clear drop of sadness in your tone. “I’m not going to lie and say that we can stay like this forever, no matter how much I wish it was true. I’m sure we’ll find our way back to each other one day but now is all we have. I’m well aware that I’ll be here for only a small fraction of your whole existence but I want to make it a good fraction. Let’s just… try to forget the future.”
The tears stopped, making you sigh in relief but both of you stayed there, clutching to each other in the silence that was far from the comfortable one you’ve grown accustomed to.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered as you ran your fingers through his long hair.
“Sorry for what?”
“For the world not being more kind to us.”
“I don’t really see how that’d be your fault, my dear.” The smallest amount of humor was present in his voice. It made it all better just to notice it. “You’re right about forgetting the future for now. I want a full life by your side without that shadow.”
You smiled kissing the top of his head. “I want that too.”
Tumblr media
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where-is-francis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Request: No
Prompt: “Progress isn’t linear.”
Pronouns: None/Not Specified
A/N: My requests for Bucky have been closed until I can watch the series, but I felt like something short wouldn’t hurt to fill up the masterlist. Somewhat cliche, but I liked the idea. Oddly enough, this helped me a bit when working through my own stuff. Funny how life works, huh? Also yes this is short as hell nobody talk about it.
TW: Bucky being distant, mentions of him struggling with PTSD, half-angst half-fluff. Cute ending tho :,)
Tumblr media
Waking up in the middle of the night to a cold apartment, and colder bed, wasn’t all that new to you. The city that never slept had grown quieter as the skies began to shift into darker hues. Normally, your king sized bed would’ve been just the right size for you and your boyfriend, but as your closed-eye searches revealed, he was nowhere to be found; no sleeping form tangled in the sheets next to you.
Unfortunately, it had become a routine for the two of you. Though Bucky loved you very much, and vice versa, there were some things that you couldn’t fix for him. As painful as it was, it was the truth that you’d grown to accept.
Your shared apartment always seemed a bit more dull and unwelcoming on nights like this. A cold chill wracked your body as it was pulled into an upright position, bringing along the plush comforter on your journey. However, nights like this you were glad you didn’t live in some sort of penthouse. Your new home was smaller, and still kind of bland, but it was safe. And it was home. That’s all you cared about.
The memories of your first encounter with the place replayed in your mind like they were just yesterday; yours and Bucky’s hands meeting on the windowsill in the dining room. It reminded him that no matter what, no matter how bad, he was being given a fresh start. Something new with the person he loved dearly.
Hardwood floors groaned under your weight, similar to your sleeping partner on the floor. He laid restlessly, fluffy brows furrowed together, tossing and turning with an all-too-small throw on the cold floor. The nightmares came in waves, lasting weeks at a time, and forcing him to a point like this. City lights casted across his face, the one you kissed so often when he was in a better frame of mind.
He gave you no response, instead curling up tighter. James Barnes wasn’t afraid of many things in the world, but one of his greatest fears was the thought of hurting you in his sleep as the nightmares persisted. Too many nights were spent like this, in the living room, all by himself. You knew you couldn’t change it, but maybe you could help. The navy blue comforter sank down with you as you ran your fingers through his hair. A glance across the room to the bathroom reminded you of when he asked you to cut it for him, reassuring you that it would look great.
And it did. He always looked great.
It didn’t take long after you laid down beside him to find two strong arms coiling around your form. The difference in temperature was enough to make you shudder slightly. One arm warm, flesh and blood — the other cold, smooth and metallic. His grip wasn’t strong enough to hurt you, more like a request that you stayed with him for a while.
“The noise woke you up again, didn’t it?” His eyes seemed more tired than usual.
“Nah, just missed you. How long have you been out here?”
The two of you settled together closely, finally starting to warm up under the duvet. The brunette groaned, opting instead to play with a loose few (strands/coils/braids/twists) at the side of your face. He never wanted to talk about the nightmares with you, which was okay, but it seemed it had been too long since he talked about them at all. Everything had begun to cloud his thoughts, awake or asleep, and create a bit of a gap between you two. It wasn’t a good coping mechanism, and he knew it, but that’s all he had at the time.
You thought it would be better to change the subject. “Well, we can go out for breakfast in the morning if you want. Fresh air and coffee sound good?”
“Mhm… I hope you’re not planning on staying out here tonight, though. I’ll be fine.” The way he said it was almost convincing, but you knew better.
“Nope, not happening.”
“You don’t need your back messed up like mine. Just go lay down, I’ll be alright.”
The dim light granted you a glance at his face. He was exhausted, haunted, and too tired to debate you at the moment. His normal stubble had grown out more, turning into the same beard he had when you’d met him. Back when he was still The Winter Soldier. After everything he’d seen in the past few years, a lot of things remained the same. Like the way he’d always give you a quick kiss on the neck before setting his head there, hoping to get some rest.
“It’s just, like, I’ll be doing really well. And everything is great for a while. And then something comes in and messes it all up. And we end up back here.” He sighed, his breath warm on your collarbone. “You don’t deserve that kind of life.”
You rested your forehead against his, fingers trailing up his bare chest to play with the dog tags he never took off.
“It’s normal to feel discouraged, but progress isn’t linear. And, honestly, it would be more concerning if it didn’t get to you anymore.”
He shuddered a bit, eyes watering and clouding those gray hues you loved so much. Bucky wanted so badly to leave things in the past, to move forward, and become the strong super soldier you always saw him as. The past was an unbearable track marathon and he’d been running for too long.
Your (pale/medium/dark) hands rested on his chest to calm him down. Even while exhausted, his body was tense.
“I think that maybe trying therapy wouldn’t be too bad,”
As soon as the words left his mouth, he seemed to have a weight lifted off his shoulders. You gave him a reassuring smile, a quick kiss, and began to settle in for the rest of the night. In the morning you’d spend your time talking it over with one-too-many cups of coffee, and calling offices to schedule appointments. In the midst of getting a second chance with you, he got a second one with himself. And that’s all he could ask for.
Tumblr media
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