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Tumblr media
Prompt || Bucky and Y/N are on a motorcycle together. The constant movement and touching is getting them kind of excited... — Requested by @late-to-the-party-81 <3
Pairing || TFATWS!Bucky x Female!Reader
Word Count || Less than 600
Contents & Warnings || Smut — NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, explicit content/language, slight dangerous driving (please drive safe and put on a helmet while riding a motorcycle), grinding and touching, unprotected vaginal sex, mention of bodily fluids.
Random prompt event || Masterlist
Tumblr media
On nights when neither you nor Bucky could sleep, you found yourself driving on his motorcycle through the deserted roads at night. Although the sound of the engine revving in the dark is loud and heavy, it’s still very much calm and peaceful. The wind and speed feel so freeing as you drive fast and reckless on the road—your destination unknown. You and he just drive until you get tired and pull into a motel at the side of the road for the night.
You cling tightly onto him—arms and legs holding on as you rest your cheek against his back. The cold leather of his jacket stings your skin, but you don't mind one bit.
You feel so happy and excited to share this personal and intimate moment with Bucky. This was such an essential part of your relationship—your journey on the road.
The constant movement and slight vibration of the machine as he sped up made you excited for other reasons as well. You couldn't ignore the delicious vibrations from the engine each time he revved it. It hit your core hard and then travelled through the nerves lined in your spine, making you shudder against him.
You couldn't help but act upon the sensation more, so, very slowly, you start to rock back and forth on the leather seat; an orgasm bubbles in your lower stomach as you glide your covered clit on the surface. The soft whimpers you emit get drowned out by the loud sounds of the motorcycle, but Bucky can’t seem to miss them.
“Doll, you alright?” He shouts over the noise.
“I-I’m…” You're left speechless. Too caught up in chasing your orgasm. Your hold on him advances lower and lower, resting your palm on his covered bulge, making his body tense up in your grasp as he groans loudly over the engine's roar.
Your sweet noises and desperate touches give him a clear understanding of what’s happening, making him smirk and speed up, needing to find somewhere on the side of the road so he can take care of his needy girl. The signs pass you by in a flash at the fast speed, and you moan directly in his ear as the vibrations stimulate your clit to perfection.
As he slows down, pulling into the side of a dirt road, your building orgasm fades away, making you whine in dissatisfaction. You’re slightly shaking on the seat as Bucky comes to a complete stop, pulling down the kickstand and getting off.
He gets you off as well and traps you between the bike and him. You can feel his hard bulge against you. He’s gotten just as excited as you by the constant movements and touches on your ride.
“So needy, huh?” He cups your core, making you gasp as you peer up at him with hooded eyes. He licks his lips as he feels the wetness that's seeped through your panties and tights. He turns you around and bends you over the leather seat, pulling down your clothing and undoing his pants.
With his hard cock in hand, he runs the tip through your messy folds, making you mewl sweetly at the sensation. “I don’t think I can wait until we get a motel room.” He groans as he fills your tight pussy with his thick cock, making your eyes cross, and a loud moan escapes you. “I need you just as much as you need me. Right here, right now, doll.” He growls in your ear.
Tumblr media
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Y/N: I don’t think we can gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss our way out of this one.
Yelena: Federal crime it is then.
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Y/N : You're really cute when you're nice.
Wanda : ...what am I when I'm not?
Y/N : hot as fuck.
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Y/N: Why are we laying in the parking lot?
Natasha: You got your ass kicked unconscious
Natasha: So I laid next to you so that everyone would think we were just chilling
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Hey!! Your writing is some of the best I’ve read. 🫶🫶🫶 I have a lil request: A dark!bucky x f reader smut lol. I read one of the smuts you did and It was v good so I was just wondering if you’d make another? I’m not asking for much included, probably just a lot of teasing/humiliation? I’m like rly into that 😅 You can plot it however you’d like. Take your time if you’ll make it!! Thank you! <3
𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐬
synopsis 彡 Your best friend’s dad is dying for a taste.
pairing 彡 dark!bestfriend’s dad!Bucky Barnes x f!reader
Tumblr media
warnings 彡 This story will contain the following content: EXPLICIT/SEXUAL SCENES, DARK THEMES, DUBCON/NONCON, humiliation, oral sex (f receiving), somno, squirting, age gap (reader is of legal age), forced orgasm, breeding kink, pervy!Bucky, infidelity (reader is in established relationship - it’s briefly mentioned), overall filthiness 👍
word count 彡 4.7k
author’s note 彡 Hey friend! Here’s your finished request 🫶 this was so fun to write. I hope this is kind of what you wanted! I wrote a little more than planned but I’m happy with it and I hope you’ll be too, mwah 🤍
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’re hyper-aware of him standing a few meters behind you, his concentrated gaze burning a hole in the back of your hair, the gravity of it inviting you to meet his piercing blue eyes, but you fight the urge to because you don’t want him to know you can feel him, his discomforting stare zeroed in on you. Bucky, your best friend’s dad. The handsome, dark-haired, blue-eyed man intrigues and unnerves you simultaneously, the way he looks at you like he can read your thoughts like an open book. Actually, he doesn’t simply look at you—he analyzes you, studies you, scrutinizes you like he’s assessing you, searching for answers to questions he never asks. And his impish smirk that flickers across his devilish, pink lips only deepens your unease, like he’s privy to all the things you aren’t, to all your darkest, gravest desires. 
Brittany, your best friend, is sitting next to you on the couch, practically draped over you as she chews noisily on popcorn kernels and focuses unblinkingly on the flick that she selected hours prior, like she’s afraid she would miss the entire movie if she closes her eyes even for a fleeting moment—she declared it was her turn to choose a film after reminding you that you picked the last time. You have no idea what’s going on, it’s impossible to focus while her dad is leering at you indiscreetly, like he wants you to catch him basically undressing you with his provocative gaze. Brittany’s sporadic remarks on the film or attempts to make conversation are greeted by curt nods or hums as you pretend to follow, but quite frankly, you don’t have a clue what she’s talking about nor do you care to know.
Your best friend invites you over to her house to spend the night more often than not, but you decline most of the time and offer instead to hang out at your apartment or in a public space, unless Bucky isn’t home. You adore Brittany more than anything, but you can’t stomach her dad’s company. It’s his incessant staring—you absolutely hate it when people stare at you, it makes you wildly nervous. Like they’re pinpointing every visible flaw, every physical imperfection, and silently judging you, criticizing you. Based on what Brittany has confided in you in the past, you know her dad is a stickler for perfection, demands perfection, is perfection. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—Brittany, too, was her own standard of perfection. You can’t help but think you are undeserving of your friendship with the girl because you are just as imperfect as she is perfect, and her dad reminds you without fail each time he simply looks—no, analyzes and studies and scrutinizes you.
But that doesn’t explain the glint of a sinful thing in his seductive blue eyes behind his overly critical gaze, like he is simultaneously demeaning you and tempting you. Like he is repulsed by you and attracted to you all at once.  
And that doesn’t explain the shivers that crawl up the length of your spine every time he holds your gaze, or the terrible aching between your thighs when he smiles, laughs, talks, breathes. 
“Dad!” Brittany calls all of a sudden, rotating her upper body to peek over the couch, “Can you make us some more popcorn?”
Bucky hums, “That was your third serving, and you ate most of it. Does Y/N want more popcorn?”
Two pairs of eyes are suddenly on you, and you resist the urge to cower under the weight of their stares, stammering, “Um, s-sure.”
“You can say no, Y/N,” Mr. Barnes says in a tone that you cannot describe, but it makes your heart jump like you’re in trouble, “Don’t say it simply to humor her.”
Brittany sticks her tongue out playfully at her dad, “She knows she can say no, and she didn’t.”
Bucky chuckles at his daughter’s antics, but he’s still staring at you very intently, wordlessly begging you to meet his penetrative gaze but your resolve is unswerving. You continue to stare at the TV screen, pretending to watch the film. You may fool Brittany, but you can’t fool him—he knows you’re not really watching the movie, that you’re affected by him in many more ways than one. In fact, if you ask him, it’s painfully obvious—how you squirm under his stare and squeeze your legs together at the rich sound of his buttery smooth, deep voice. If you ask him, it’s laughable that you even think for a second that you can fool him. 
He observes you for two seconds longer before he turns away, “More popcorn, as you wish, princess.”
“Thank you, Daddy,” she responds in a sing-song tone, turning back around and resting her head on your lap, focusing again on the film, “Can you grab us a blanket, too?”
You can sense Bucky’s voice rising, his protest, even facing away from him, but he decides against it and obliges.You’re actually glad that Brittany suggested it because you’re freezing cold. He steps away for ten seconds, the suffocating tension following, and for ten seconds, a wave of relief washes over you and you feel like you can relax. But that lasts for only ten seconds, and when he returns with two blankets, the weight on your shoulders and unease a-brewing in your gut also return. 
His long, powerful strides carry him over to the both of you and he drapes one blanket over his daughter, but his slitted eyes are fixed steadily on you,  “Would you like a blanket, Y/N?”
“Y-yes, please,” you reply, avoiding his impenetrable gaze, an alien emotion gripping your body but you desperately ignore it. From your peripheral, you see him arch a brow and the weight of his stare shifts, and you can’t help but feel like he is silently judging like he always does unfailingly. 
“Didn’t you learn your manners?” he suddenly asks, and the question makes you flinch. Swallowing hard, you finally turn your head to look at him, and too many emotions to count overtake you.
“Don’t you know it’s improper to avoid eye contact when you’re talkin’ to people? Look at me when you speak to me,” he orders, his tone oozing authority, dominance, without trying. A feeling akin to guilt or terror swells in your chest and you nod your head furiously, his gaze like a force that propels you into total submission. 
“S-S-Sorry, sir.”
“And lose the stutter,” he tosses the blanket at you, his voice dripping venom, “You’re too old for that, don’t you think?”
You start to tell him you can’t help it, that he makes you nervous and overwhelmingly tense to a fault, but your voice dies on your parched tongue and you can only manage to nod your head again foolishly, willing the fresh tears in your eyes to dry.  Bucky doesn’t immediately leave but casually glimpses at the movie and questions in a bored tone, “What’s this about?”
Brittany jumps to explain the film in full-detail, but Bucky doesn’t bother to even pretend he’s listening to her, staring directly at you, but this time, he can look at your face, at your body, not the back of your head. You can feel him all over you and he isn’t even touching your body—not with his hands, that is. But his eyes are indulging in every inch of you, making you all the more horrified—and excited. Subconsciously, your thighs pinch together, like your brow, and you subtly, almost imperceptibly wiggle your hips. Almost, but Bucky notices and smirks lightly.
“Do you like the movie, Y/N?” he stops Brittany short mid-sentence to ask you, hardened eyes boring a hole into your skull, “What are your thoughts?”
“It’s okay,” you force yourself to look at him, because don’t you know it’s improper to avoid eye contact, “I like it.”
“Okay?” Brittany’s face pinches in what you decide is a combination of concern and incredulity, “Chris Evans is in this movie, the fuck? Nothing he plays in is just okay, Y/N.”
“What do you like about it?” Bucky ignores his daughter, his attention never leaving you.
“All of it,” is your automatic reply, your chest panging with anxiety at his sudden interrogation that is entirely uncalled for. Is he intentionally trying to embarrass you? The wide smirk that dimples his cheeks tells you exactly what you needed to know—that he is, indeed, thriving off of your shame.
“Why don’t you come and help me make the popcorn?” he suggests in a level tone, but you know better than to think there is no ill-intent behind his offer. Brittany lifts her head off your lap to let you up, but you shake your head too quickly, “N-no! I mean, no. That’s okay, Mr. Barnes. I wouldn’t want to miss the movie.”
His eyes sparkle in amusement, “You can still see the TV from the kitchen. Come on, I would really appreciate your help.”
You’re on your feet before you can even think twice about it, your unwarranted submission dragging you with him to the kitchen. He’s not going to do anything, not while Brittany is here, you ball your shaking fists and exhale deeply, reminding yourself, Plus, he’s never tried to hurt you before. It’s true—he excessively stares at you, and he is unbothered by the fact that he excessively humiliates you with his hurtful words, but he has never touched you, and you’re at the very least grateful for that. 
Bucky instructs you to grab a bowl while he heats the paper popcorn bag in the microwave and scavenges the pantry for candy. You’re trembling as you follow his directions, maintaining at least a two-foot distance away from him. 
“What’s wrong, baby?” he asks you, his tone tender, sugary-sweet like the chocolate bar he’s holding, “Did I do somethin’ wrong?”
He does this a lot, too—strings you along a guilt-trip for even daring to feel even an ounce of unease around him, because he didn’t do anything wrong, did he? He’s always so kind to you, isn’t he? Letting you stay at his house overnight and sit on his couch and eat his popcorn that he bought with his money. 
“No, sir,” you reply, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. Managing a wavering smile, you try not to let your nerves take over your expression, but your cheeks color and your body quivers anyway.
“Then why are you avoidin’ me, sweetheart?” his hip leans on the edge of the countertop to support his powerful body, facing you and folding his bulging arms over his broad chest, “Please, be honest with me.”
“I-I’m not.”
“But you are,” he steps closer to you and you instinctively step back equal distance, which answers his suspicions, and confirms you’re anything but honest.
“You see that?” he steps closer again and you anchor your feet to the ground to prove against his point, but you already messed up, “You don’t want me close, do you?”
“I just… like my space,” is your quick response, warmth rising to your cheeks. You despise that goddamn smirk tugging up the corners of his lips, infinitely smug and almost cruel. 
“Your space?” he’s too close, his eyes dancing between different spots on your flushed face, but you still don’t move. You do shrink, an attempt to get away from him without having to walk away, and the smugness slathered across his gorgeous features only heightens.
Your dewy eyes flit over to Brittany, who is still intensely focused on the film as though she is hanging onto every word that spills out of Chris Evans’ mouth, completely unaware of the circumstances. Bucky scoots closer, practically imprisoning you between his bulky figure and the counter.
Your heart leaps in your chest—in fact, all your organs feel like they’re failing as he cages you in his beefy arms and the tip of his nose brushes over the base of your neck, right above your collarbone. The tingles that result in the tips of your fingers, your toes, and in your core are what you imagine heaven feels like. 
“Are you still datin’ that vanilla bastard you brought with you a couple months ago?” he suddenly questions in a hushed tone, dragging his wet lips up the column of your neck to your earlobe. Peter, your long-term boyfriend of two and a half years. The two of you are highschool sweethearts, and you love him more than words can embody. Peter! The reminder that you have a boyfriend dashes you back to earth.
“Y-Y-Yes,” you reply, your voice barely above a whisper. You crane your neck to move your face away from him, but that’s your first mistake—Bucky interprets this as an invitation to pepper light, wet kisses all over the burning skin of your neck.
Your eyelids flutter shut for a nanosecond before you peel them open and press your trembling fists against Bucky’s solid chest, “Wait, wait… what about Brittany—”
“Sh, sh,” Bucky hushes you, “Don’t you like this? I see how you react to me, baby.”
“I… I don’t know what y-you’re talking about,” you say as your thighs conveniently clench together, and Bucky titters breathily against your glistening neck, detecting the irony behind your words.
“Filthy girl,” he drawls, his fingertips skimming over the side of your bare thigh, and you instantly regret wearing little shorts and not opting for sweatpants instead. His nose bumps your jaw and he inhales deeply, breathing in your flowery scent.
“Tell me, Y/N,” he weaves his long, thick fingers in your unkempt hair, “Tell me how he pleasures you. Does he satisfy you? Make you cum? Fuck you senseless until you’re reduced to tears?”
Your heart is hammering against your ribcage at impossible speeds, you fear it will burst out of your chest if Bucky doesn’t let up. Curling your lip, you spit with the little assurance you can muster, “Mr. Barnes, let me go. This isn’t right.”
“What isn’t right?” Mr. Barnes asks in an innocent tone, but the wild smirk on his face is everything but innocent, “It isn’t right that your legs are pinched together? That you’re dripping right now and I haven’t even touched you properly yet?”
“Mr. Barnes,” your tone is desperate with a hint of fear, “Mr. Barnes, please.”
Suddenly, he shoves a large hand into your shorts, over your underwear, and if it wasn’t for his death-grip on you, surely you would’ve collapsed, you’re overwhelmed by too many new sensations. You bite his shoulder to muffle your moan that crawls out of you without warning, clinging onto his bulky biceps for purchase.
The rough pad of his middle digit swipes across your sopping wet slit over the material of your cotton panties and presses up against your small hole teasingly, and you mewl quietly, tears springing in your eyes. A low groan vibrates in his chest.
“I knew it,” he whispers erotically in your ear, “I knew you were a dirty little slut, your little pussy droolin’ for a man who isn’t your boyfriend, who’s double your age, who’s your best friend’s fuckin’ dad.”
You don’t dare open your mouth to speak because if you did, you’d moan. 
“I bet that excites you, isn’t that right, sugar?” he thumbs and pinches your clit, and you whimper softly, bolts of pleasure shooting up your squirming body.
“No?” he chuckles darkly, reinforcing his grip on you and pulling you against his chest forcefully, “Making your best friend’s dad hard doesn’t excite you? Because you make me so fuckin’ hard, baby. All the goddamn time. I’m fuckin’ throbbing right now.”
To prove his statement, he rolls his solid bulge against your bare leg, coaxing a barely-audible moan out of the both of you. 
“P-please,” you whisper desperately, “Mr. Barnes, I—”
“What the hell is taking so long, Daddy?” Brittany calls, beginning to turn around to see what was interfering with the two of you getting her popcorn in a timely manner. Bucky leaps away from you and he’s across the kitchen in two seconds flat, turned away from his daughter and you to hide the noticeable tent in his jeans.
“Just a minute, princess,” he calls back in an even tone as though he wasn’t just groping his daughter’s best friend, grabbing the bowl you found and ripping open the popcorn bag. You’re still frozen in your spot, recollecting your bearings after Bucky broke every single rule in the book. Your knees are weak and your body is numb, you don’t even have the strength to cry, but you badly want to.
“Y/N! Come on!” Brittany beckons you over, pointing at the movie, “This is my favorite part, hurry!”
Your wobbling legs are carrying you over to the couch like your body is in auto-mode. Bucky is looking directly at you with a look that you don’t recognize, that you’re not used to, but you refuse to look back, filled with dread at the very thought of spending the night with him in a ten-foot radius of you.
Tumblr media
Bucky doesn’t bother you and Brittany for the rest of the night, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re on the edge. But Brittany doesn’t comment on your stricken expression. She probably didn’t even notice it, her only concern is her foolish infatuation with the handsome actor on the screen. 
After the movie finished, Brittany offered to go upstairs to her bedroom, and you’re quick to say yes and drag her up the winding stairs. The two of you stay up for another couple hours until Brittany is first to doze off, and you succumb to your own exhaustion a half-hour later, resting beside your best friend on her queen bed.
Shortly after you descend into a state of slumber, Brittany’s door creaks open and a sliver of yellow light from the hallway pours into the otherwise pitch dark room. Soft footsteps approach your unconscious body, your untamed hair, meandering strands fanned out on the soft, stark white pillow, swept away from your relaxed face, your dry lips parted as you steadily inhale and exhale. Then, you’re suddenly cold—the duvet pushed off your practically bare body save for your tiniest pair of cotton shorts and a cropped tee bunched around the base of your ribcage thanks to your unconscious tossing and turning, exposing your supple belly.
Your chest rises and falls as you sleep peacefully, your stiff nipples poking invitingly through the soft fabric of your shirt, Bucky has to resist the urge to pinch them. He carefully sits down on the edge of the bed, the mattress dipping under his weight, watching your face for a minute reaction, a signal that you’re awake but you don’t grant it. He smiles inwardly, knowing that you’re in deep sleep and your petite body is at his disposal. Drifting his gaze over your lithe figure, his cock twitches and stirs as he thinks about all the things he could do to you right now, in your vulnerable state.
He starts with your warm tummy, calloused fingertips softly outlining shapes around your navel. But his hooded gaze is zeroed in on your blank face, searching for any indication that you’re ascending from dreamland to reality. He does recall you saying in the past that you’re a deep sleeper.
Giving a cautionary glance at his daughter sleeping beside you, Bucky removes his jeans and slowly, gently mounts you, admiring your girlish features, how sweet and weak you look like this, he has to stifle a groan. It takes everything in him to not pounce on you, devour you, sink his teeth into your spongy flesh. You shift restlessly under him and he freezes, waiting for you to rise but you never do.
With painstaking focus, Bucky lifts your shirt over your chest, the mounds of flesh spilling out of the material. His mouth waters as he marvels at your exposed chest, your quarter-sized areolas and firm nipples, begging for his tongue to swipe over them, his teeth to bite into them, his fingers to tweak and play with them. And he simply cannot resist, cupping the mounds in his palms and gliding his thumb over the tiny buds.
Again, you stir in your sleep and Bucky withdraws like your skin was on fire and you burned him, certain this time that you’ll wake up. You rock a little before you seem to melt into the mattress, but you’re still deep in your slumber.
More assuredly, he glides his rough hands up-and-down your smooth sides, noticing how your breathing pattern shifts, quickens under his warm touch. He loves how you feel, soft and fragile like you’ll break if he’s too rough with you, like porcelain. You’re not even conscious but your body is reacting to him exactly how it always does, trembling and squirming and writhing. 
“You’re so soft, sugar, just like how I imagined,” Bucky whispers to you, to himself. He can carry on like this, touching you like this forever, he doesn’t even have to fuck you because the feeling of your supple skin under his harsh fingertips alone is simply euphoric, too good, too perfect. 
But he’s still going to fuck you, one day. He’s sure of it. 
His wet tongue is suddenly lapping at your burning skin, above your nipple. He doesn’t even care that Brittany is soundly asleep less than a foot away, his arousal blocking his rationality. He needs to feel you, to commit the feeling of you to his memory—he needs you. 
Bucky parts your delicate legs and wraps them around his waist before delving in, licking and sucking and biting your puckered nipple. His hands are busy grabbing and groping everything in reach. Groaning lightly, his leaking cock swells and throbs in his wet briefs, more than ready for your warm pussy wrapped around it, squeezing the seed out of it. 
His wet lips kiss down your quivering body, making a brief pit-stop at your belly, above your womb, to lap and suck the skin around your button, before dragging lower, below your waist.
Bucky unties the knot on your shorts and folds down the fabric to kiss directly above your hot pussy.
“You’re burning, baby,” he purrs breathlessly, tugging your shorts down to your knees for better access to your dripping cunt. He grabs your shaking thighs and spreads them wider to accommodate his head in between.
There is a pause as Bucky squints in the dark, staring directly at the crotch of your white, cotton panties, the dark patch of slick over your drooling hole. Fuck, you’re gushing. The sight alone can make him bust in his briefs.
He leans in, his nose nudging your swollen clit, breathing in your tangy scent. You smell so fucking delicious, like a full-course meal. 
Swiping his pink tongue over the dainty material, you gasp in your sleep and stir, but Bucky doesn’t care anymore if you catch him—he’s dying for a taste, and you’ll give it to him, asleep or not, like it or not.
Hooking his thumbs under the band of your panties, Bucky pulls off the flimsy thing that was hiding his long-awaited dessert. He groans again, met with the mouth-watering sight of your pretty pussy, puffy and drooling slick. Wetting his lips, his tongue darts out and drags a bold stripe up your glistening cunt, and your spasming thighs subconsciously snap together as you’re catapulted out of your slumber. 
“Mr. Barnes?” you slur sleepily, mustering the little strength you have left to lift your head, “What—”
Bucky prys apart your legs and licks you again, bolder, wetter, sloppier, and you slap a palm over your mouth to silence your loud mewl. 
“Mr. Barnes!” you whimper, reaching down and weaving your nimble fingers through his short hair, “Oh my god!”
“Don’t wake Brittany up,” he warns you in an oddly calm and collected tone despite the circumstances, gliding the flat of his tongue over your sensitive clit. Heat pools under your skin, sinks down into your bones, your little toes curling and your death-grip on his hair tightening. Incoherent syllables slip out your parted lips as Bucky proceeds to lap at your scorching cluster of nerves and fastens his wet lips around your pearl. 
Each swipe of his tongue sends thrills sweeping up your writhing body, your brain going fuzzy as wavelets of head-spinning pleasure engulf you completely. Bucky is unforgiving, suctioning your engorged clit in his wet mouth and pursing his lips around the slippery bud, all the while his thick fingers rub between your drenched folds. 
Throwing your head to the side, you look directly at your best friend’s expressionless face as she lightly snores, and your gut cartwheels as humiliation seeps into your chest alongside the toe-curling sensations.
“You c-can’t,” you whimper, stinging tears pricking your eyelids, “Please, Mr. Barnes. B-Brittany is—”
“Asleep,” he pulls apart your sticky folds, his thumb replacing his tongue and rubbing tight circles around your slick clit, “You best not make a sound, baby, or you’ll wake her.”
The tip of his tongue swirls around your tight hole, “You don’t want her to catch you like this, do you, sweetheart?”
“Mr. Barnes…”
“Shh,” he hums, vibrations crawling up your spine, “Go back to sleep, baby.”
Like a starved man, he sloppily devours your pussy, suckling and lapping and kissing your puffy folds, your wet clit, his slippery tongue slivering up-and-down your dripping cunt, collecting your slick in his greedy mouth. One hand squeezes your thigh, spreading it wider to taste every nook and cranny of your weeping pussy. Your hips buck up and roll uncontrollably, the delicious friction numbing your brain.
“Filthy, filthy little girl,” Bucky mutters against your pussy, spitting on your clit and stroking it feverishly with his calloused fingertips, spreading the stickiness, “You’re dripping onto my tongue, and you taste like fuckin’ heaven. Fuck.”
A lewd, wet, popping noise meets your ears as he sloppily slurps your cunt, flicking his broad tongue up your slit to your little bud to nibble the sensitive pearl. Shockwaves ripple throughout your spasming body as your orgasm builds in your lower gut, your quivering thighs squeezing around his head and subconsciously tugging him closer as you fuck down on his ravenous tongue.
Brittany shifts next to you and your heart lurches, fear and excitement, worry and embarrassment gripping your body at the possibility of her witnessing your climax at the cruel hands of her own dad. 
You try to fight it, but it’s too late—your orgasm conquers your thrashing body and your back curls off the spongy bed as you whine out loud, your overstimulated pussy squirting and clenching and gaping around nothing but air. Bucky licks you relentlessly, your juices pouring into his awaiting mouth and he happily laps it up. 
“Oh my god, oh my god!” you croon, humping uncontrollably against his glistening face, covered in layers of slick and spit. Bucky fills you with his thick fingers and fucks you with them, prolonging your powerful climax.
He lifts his head and smiles at you as you descend from your high, his mouth and cheeks coated in your wet, sticky mess. Mounting you, he caresses your cheek and tells you, “I can’t wait to pound this perfect pussy, fill you up with my fuckin’ babies, right—” he places the palm of his hand over you smooth tummy, where your fertile womb is, “ —here. What do you think your boyfriend would think? Your belly round with another man’s babies?”
“Mr. Barnes…” Your heart trips and guilt pangs in your chest as you realize you haven’t thought about Peter once this entire time. Oh my god… oh my god, you cheated on Peter!
“Would you like that, sugar?” he groans, his eyes glazed over in lust, “Would you like me to knock you up right next to your best friend?”
As if on cue, Brittany stirs and mumbles incoherent nonsense under her breath, her eyelids fluttering. You and Bucky both look at her tensely, fearfully. She relaxes and you both pray that she is still asleep, until her groggy voice rises, quelling the strained silence:
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insomniac-astronomer · 23 hours ago
I don’t know how late your post was posted, (the one where you asked for comfort fics) but can you do an angst/ comfort fic for Wandanat x female reader?. Only if it isn’t a bother. If you do, can you please do one where y/n gets attacked in their house while the team is on a mission and Nat and Wanda get an alert that says y/n is in trouble and they get back in time to save and comfort reader… please
Tumblr media
Wandanat x Reader: Intruder
Hell yeah. I've been wanting to write a Wandanat fic for decades lol. You guys all pulled in on the requests and I failed you. I ended up having two dry sockets and it hurt so bad I couldn't focus to write :/
Description: what it says in the request lol why is it underlined? HELP I CAN'T GET RID OF IT. Everyone is around the same age and dating in this cause there's some weird stuff in this tag lol.
Gender: neutral! no pronouns used!
WARNINGS: violence obvi and pain, shitty ex-boyfriend totally not because I believe mine would've done something like this if he knew where I lived, panic attack if you squint, anxiety, past trauma and stuff
P.S. don't tell anyone you're going with for the first time where you live, you never know how it's gonna go down. Meet them there - Life advice from me. Go out in public if you've never met them before. And for goodness sakes LEAVE if they won't let you get a word in. Good luck out there my loves, be safe.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You hear something from beside you. Almost like a tap on the window, but not quite.
Groggily, you start to pull yourself from your sleep. You blink a few times to get your eyes to focus in the dark.
Suddenly, you hear a thud. Your heart jumps, waking you right up. You look over and see the silhouette of someone standing there. Your hand reaches down beside your bed, searching for the bat you have stored there. The back of your hand makes contact, but knocks the bat to the ground, out of your reach.
"Hello, sunshine. Why are you afraid?"
Oh, shit. You know that voice. It makes your skin want to fold in on itself and burn. Your ex. Though you don't call him that. You call him 'the person you used to date' because you don't want him to be your anything anymore.
You haven't seen him in years, since high school. But there he is, standing right in front of you.
"Why are you here?" You ask, your voice involuntarily shaking.
"You're not happy to see me?" He sounds threatening in a way.
"I . . . I didn't say that."
He shakes his head. "Don't you still love me?"
You are silent, not sure which answer would make this outcome better.
"I still love you," he says. "You're my sunshine, forever."
"We broke up years ago. I haven't seen you since high school." You try to reason.
"I know, such a shame. And now I see you've forgotten me."
"I haven't-"
"Yes you have. You have a new love now. Do you tell her you love her? Do you even think of me anymore?"
You take a deep breath. Something about him always ticks you in the wrong direction, despite the fact that he just broke into your house.
"I think of you all the time." You are being honest.
"Yes. You haunt me everyday. You tried to manipulate me and you stalked me."
He walks up to the bed, towering over your sitting figure despite the fact that you know he's the same height as you.
"You're lying. You spread that rumor to all of our friends. You turned them all against me. I love you. I never manipulated you."
You see the shadow of his raised fist on the wall behind him.
"Agents Romanoff and Maximoff, your house has just received a break-in alert." FRIDAY announces to the team's earpieces.
"What?!" Wanda yells out. She scans the area for any sign of her girlfriend.
"Wanda, you have to be quiet or you're going to blow our cover." Pietro whispers from next to her.
"I don't care! Y/N is in trouble."
"Wanda," Nat's voice comes in. "There's nothing we can do about it until we're out of this base. Just hold it together for ten more minutes."
"Data is uploaded." Tony says, making Wanda sigh in relief.
"Let's stay low on our way back to the jet. Don't make any rash decisions." Steve announces. "Okay, Wanda?"
"Yeah," she responds, sounding distant.
They all take their respective routes back to the separate entrance points they entered on, thankfully without attracting any attention from the swarms of HYDRA agents. Once inside the quinjet, Wanda worriedly sits next to her girlfriend, holding on to her arm.
Tony sets the jet on autopilot, highest speed. "We'll be back in about two hours."
"Two hours?!" Wanda yelps.
"I can't go any faster." Tony looks apologetic.
"Wands, it's okay. Y/N is strong. We left the bat beside the bed and the gun in the living room." Natasha whispers into her ear to calm her down. "It's all going to be okay."
A tear runs down Wanda's face and onto Nat's suit.
You come back into consciousness, barely realizing you are now on your living room couch. A blurry image of the room appears and you don't see he-who-must-not-be-named, or Voldemort, as you and your friends call him for short.
You keep your head down and don't move as to not alert him that you are awake. You can taste blood and feel dried blood on your face.
You only remember him coming into your bedroom and starting to talk. You can't remember anything else.
"Good morning, sunshine."
Ah, shit. Well, you tried. You lift your head, trying to sit up but discover that your wrists are tied to a chair located above your head.
"We should talk." He says, coming into your view. "Now, you turned my friends against me. You made me feel like a horrible human being. You made up lies about me. So, I could kill you."
"I'm sorry!" You blurt out, every single minute of therapy you had just immediately flying out of your brain. "I am! I said I was sorry years ago and I'm still sorry today, okay?"
"Yes. But see, I don't believe that because you fell in love again with someone else."
"I-" you stutter for a second. "I mean, I moved on but I still shouldn't have talked about you to everyone."
"I used to be popular!" He suddenly shouts. "I was going to be captain of the cross country team! You ruined it for me!"
Actually, for the record, people only knew him because they were laughing at him behind his back. He was too blind to see that. Additionally, he was one of the worst runners on the cross country team. So like, no that was just another blatant lie he made up.
You used to feel so bad for him. Back when he was nice to you. People laughed at him and you just wanted to give him a hug. Sure, you never thought he was particularly good-looking, but you're more of an emotional-rather-than-physical lover anyway.
Too nice for your own good. As usual. And you were right all those years ago thinking he might attack you some day. He always seemed so unafraid to say whatever he thought. Now here he is, threatening to kill you.
He takes in a breath. "Now, of course, if you were dead, that would mean my love would be dead. So the other option: I keep you for my own forever. Would you like that?"
You freeze and don't respond. Your inner lie-detector won't let you say yes but you're too scared to say no. Again, too nice for your own good. Dammit.
"Would you?" He asks again.
"Um," you fill the silence to buy some time. "Well, that's a big decision to make. I might need some time to think."
Speaking of time, where the hell were your girlfriends? FRIDAY should've sent the break-in alert hours ago. The sun is just starting to rise now and a little bit of light illuminates the blood stained on your clothes.
"Well, I'm in control now." He makes eye contact with you, making you dart your eyes away. "I make decisions for myself. No one tells me what to do. And I think you hurt me more than you could ever love me."
"I said I'm sorry! Is there anything else I can do?" You feel tears start to sting your eyes. A mixture of feeling his disappointment and the fear of imminent death stabs you like a knife to the stomach.
"Hmmm," he very very slowly and methodically pulls a gun from his pocket. He's a hunter. You know he has good aim. You'll dead for sure. "No, I don't think there is. You sealed your fate."
"Please don't-"
"Put the gun down!" Natasha's voice shouts. You gasp in air, a little weight lifting off your chest. You start thrashing around trying to get free.
"Enough!" You feel the tip of Voldemort's gun press into the side of your head. "Shoot me after, see if I care. Someone else will finally feel my pain."
Suddenly, he freezes and his eyes unfocus. You see them turn a slight shade of red. Natasha runs into the room and rips the gun away from him. Wanda follows her, untying the weak knots and pulling you into a tight hug.
You feel a few tears escape your eyes as your heart pounds. Suddenly, you find it very hard to breathe.
"Hey, hey, hey," Wanda runs her hand through your hair. "Relax, it's okay. We've got you now."
"I- can't-" you barely force out, your lungs constricting your voice.
"Okay, that's okay. Just try to breathe regular with me, yeah?" She takes your hand and holds it up to her chest so you can feel the rising and falling of her breaths. "We're here now. We've got you."
"I'm going to get this moron to Stark. We'll have to wait till he's over the mental trauma before calling the police." Natasha explains, using the rope you were tied up with to tie his hands behind his back.
"Mental trauma?" Wanda cocks her head.
"Yeah," Nat gestures to his confused and scared gaze. "Shit messes you up for awhile."
"Oh," Wanda bites her lip. "Sorry about that one time-"
"Yep, all good." Natasha kisses the top of her head. Finally pulling your body together a bit, you let out a little giggle at their interaction.
Wanda beams at you. "You're smiling! Oh, thank goodness!"
"My face really hurts though," you wince a little as you talk.
"Yeah, that's a bad punch you got there," Nat gently holds your head still as she inspects the area.
"I don't remember when that happened." You look away.
"That's okay," Nat uses a finger to turn your head back to her. "Doesn't matter what you remember. As long as you're okay now."
You nod with a little smile.
Hey sorry that like 25% of this was just me projecting my very specific guy-I-used-to-date problems. True story, couldn't say his name because it physically hurt for some reason so my best friend came up with Voldemort lol.
Don't steal! Thanks for reading! Leave a like if you feel like it! Save me for later!!!
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grogunotfound · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing ╾ college!matt murdock x f!reader
word count ╾ 2.5k
synopsis ╾ the consistent debates between matt murdock and his fellow law classmate escalate into something neither of them can come back from. all in the school’s library.
warnings ╾ angst, make out sesh
a/n ╾ hi i’m kinda back cus i have so many ideas in my drafts.. it just takes me awhile to sit down and write lol; p.s. i do not proofread so i apologize in advance for any and all mistakes!!
— — —
“Professor, may I interject?” You raised your hand steadily and straightened your posture. You glanced over at your opponent, Matt Murdock. He was leaning back in his seat, a sly smirk stamped on his face—as if you couldn’t come up with a better rebuttal for the case.
Your teacher sighed, already knowing that this debate would go on forever between you and your peer. “Go ahead,” he nodded. You grinned and strutted over to the front of the lecture hall.
“Although Mr. Murdock brings up a good point, he forgot to consider the facts of the case in correspondence with the landmark case of…” You grazed over minute details that Matt Murdock seemed to have disregarded—which was unusual given his try-hard reputation. His smirk faltered as your classmates applauded your defense.
“Ms. Y/L/N, you’ve just won your case. Well done,” your professor shook your hand before taking his rightful place at the podium. “Okay, students. That concludes our debate for today. Please review our previous lectures and readings in preparation for an exam at the end of the week.”
Classmates congratulated you as you packed up your belongings and notes. The rivalry between you and Matt has culminated since the beginning of the semester. He was a fantastic rival—smart, prepared, and determined. The two of you countered each other like boxers in a ring. Each jab and block was fuel for the next fight. And this time, you weren’t going down easy.
“Ms. Y/L/N.” Speak of the devil. Matt approached you, “Good job today.”
“Aw, thanks, Matt. That means a lot coming from you,” you sneered sarcastically. You weren’t falling for his charms. No matter how endearing they were.
He let out a breathy laugh, “Well, you surprised me today. Won’t happen again.” He shrugged, “Guess it was your lucky day.”
You rolled your eyes, “It’s not my fault you weren’t prepared. Too busy with all your hookups to do some actual work?”
“Please. I know how to balance my time with work and pleasure. It’s a natural talent of mine.”
“Really? Maybe I’ll see you around the library this week instead of my roommate’s bed.” You once caught Matt with your dorm mate, probably to spite you.
“Again, I have my talents. I’ll see you back in your room. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” He teased, “Want me to pay you a visit?”
“Oh, go fuck yourself, Murdock.” You puffed and strutted away from him.
Matt chuckled to himself before guiding his own way out of the classroom. He got a kick out of making you flustered. It was the one thing he was sure of—it caused a reaction within you. The way heat would flood to your cheeks or how your heartbeat would speed up. Foggy was waiting for him outside the lecture hall, “Jeez. What’d you do to, Y/N.”
“She did that to herself.” Matt shrugged, “She can’t resist me.”
“You mean, she can’t stand you? Give the girl a break,” Foggy shook his head. “You’re gonna give her migraines.” Matt grinned.
You stormed far away from your nemesis, catching your breath as you leaned onto the side of the building. You won today in class, but you can’t help but feel that you still lost something. Your dignity? Your sanity? All of the above? You needed to let off some steam, so you decided to head back to the dorms.
You half-expected to see Matt sitting on your bed, pulling his shirt over his head as your roommate scrambled to put her own clothes on. It was something he would’ve done to fuck with your mind. That couldn’t be legal. It was definitely immoral of him. You came back to an empty room.
But, you couldn’t shake off the feeling that you were missing something. You spent the next couple of hours trying to be productive, but your room slowly closed in on you. You needed to get out. You were suffocating yourself, trying to figure out what was wrong. You kept opening up your phone to text messages, or to check your calendar. All of these mindless tasks to fill the void of God-knows-what. You had to get out.
You packed your backpack to do some late night studying. Better now than later or never. You crossed campus to the library. It was a quiet walk, with only the chittering of crickets and the gentle howl of the wind accompanying you.
As you walked up a few flights of stairs to the study area of the library, your breath hitched in your throat. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Across the room was the one and only. Matt Murdock. Usually the library was empty this late at night.
He was tracing a couple of books with his fingers, his mind was racing a million miles per second as he processed the information. You could’ve just ignored him, he probably had no clue you were there. But, it felt wrong to not say anything.
“Murdock, fancy seeing you here.” You spoke up, ambling towards him.
“Wish I could say likewise,” he laughed heartily, his fingers paused on a passage. “Y/N, what brings you to the library at this hour?”
“Studying. And you?”
“Same here. Please, sit. I don’t mind the company.” He gestured to the empty chairs surrounding him.
“Of course you don’t.” You commented under your breath before taking the seat across from him. You pulled out your textbooks and a notebook to begin studying. You glanced over at Matt, who was already preoccupied in his own readings.
The two of you were playing a cautious game of cat and mouse—you were both trying to find the right moment to pounce. You knew that these cordial manners would disappear the moment the other showed any sort of vulnerability, and you weren’t ready to submit to his devilish tricks.
Professionalism was a mutual respect for both of you. They say to keep your friends close but your enemies closer. You studied Matt’s mannerisms, the way his head cocked slightly as he concentrated, his furrowed brows intently absorbing whatever he was scanning. Everything about him felt familiar—as if you’ve known him your entire life. The majority of your college career has been centered around being the best, and Matt Murdock was the one obstacle in your way. He was the competition. But, of course, the two of you always kept things professional. Aside from the snarky remarks in class and the sarcastic comments on each other’s works, you could coexist with him…as long as you weren’t the one losing.
Matt once beat you to a very prestigious internship with your current media law professor. It frustrated you how you were so close to securing your dream experience only to have Matt Murdock charm his way into the professor’s heart. He didn’t even want to be a media lawyer, he was more interesting in criminal defense. You were sure that he just wanted to one-up you. Despite losing that opportunity, you still found success with another media law firm, specializing in entertainment law—which was extremely profound in NYC. You were sure you had a job lined up after graduation anyway, so why do you care?
Because Matt Murdock angered you. He constantly undermined your efforts, despite working just as hard to be accepted into Columbia Law. He claimed to barely recognize you on campus, going as far as to not even politely say “hi” or acknowledge you as he flirted up with your friends. Plus, your friends ate that shit up. The way he seemed to consume everything your friends would tell him—it drove you crazy. Were you not worthy enough of his attention span to be treated so poorly? As if you were lower than him? At this point, everything you did felt like it was out of spite for Matt Murdock—because he’s gotten everything he’s ever wanted.
Matt enjoyed stirring the pot between the two of you. It was like a game to him, it made his college experience much more entertaining. It’s true, he did every infuriating thing to spite you, but he did it out of admiration. It was unjustifiably expressed, but what fun would it be without a little friendly competition? He knew you were calculated and determined, and he knew you were hot-tempered. The amount of times you’ve cussed him out underneath your breath always brought a sly smile to his face. He was your motivator, and you were his ambition.
It was no use denying Matt’s attractiveness. His dark brown hair, his athletic physique, his cocky smile. Your bicker battles always through you into a loop, elevating your heartbeat and internal temperature. He sensed when your sneaky glances in class lasted a little too long. He could feel the way you squirmed in your seat whenever he said anything daring. Matt wanted to see how far he could push your denial before you eventually exhausted yourself and gave in to him. He desired you as much as he detested you and your smarts and your wittiness. You loathed him as much as you wanted to grab him by his stupid tie and kiss him fervently to let out your pent up fantasies.
At this point, you weren’t even bothered with studying. You were bothered that even faced with one-on-one attention, Matt Murdock didn’t seem to care about you at all. You groaned, getting lost in your own thoughts and slammed your textbook shut. You forgot you were with company, but Matt didn’t seem to flinch at your sudden movement.
“Too hard to understand? Do you need help? You know, you could always ask me.” Matt sat back in his chair.
“Did I say I needed help?” You spat out unexpectedly. You were fuming underneath the fluorescent lights of the library. Luckily, it was just the two of you.
He let out a fake gasp, “Looks like the little kitty does have claws.”
“Go to hell, Murdock.” You scoffed and began packing up your belongings. You can’t believe you dragged yourself into this mess. You didn’t have to sit there with him. You could’ve just left the library without a word, he wouldn’t have noticed. Why did you stay? Why did you stay and put yourself into this situation knowing only one of you was going to make it out with your pride?
Matt stayed silent this time. He opened his mouth to say something but promptly closed it. You finished packing up your stuff and turned to face him. He was still sat in the same position, looking as if he were caught red-handed.
“What? Don’t have anything nice to say?” You said. “You know, I work harder than everyone in this entire place. I don’t have time for any of your little games anymore. So, let’s just go back to never speaking to each other ever again. Okay?”
No response.
“Okay?” You reiterated. You paused, seeing that he wasn’t going to respond anyway. You claimed this as a victory of your final battle and started to head for the exit.
“Y/N, don’t leave.” He finally spoke up. You stopped abruptly in your tracks. You didn’t turn to face him but knew he was making his way towards you.
You gripped tightly onto the straps of your backpack. What else could he possibly be want to say that hasn’t already destroyed you? You felt his hand lightly touch your upper arm. You flinched underneath his touch, but you didn’t pull away. Why didn’t you pull away?
Matt motioned for you to turn around and face him. So you did. He dropped his hand and ran it through his once-perfectly combed hair. He took a deep breath before repeating himself, “Don’t leave.”
You gulped, wondering what kind of restitution Matt, your full-time enemy, could be offering. “What’s the matter with you?”
He shook his head, stepping closer to you, “I could ask you the same thing.”
You frowned before straightening your posture, “You. You’re what’s the matter.”
Matt started to say something, you were hoping for some sort of apology, but he stopped and leaned in closer to you. Your faces were inches away from each other. You could feel his hot breath on your lips, his breathing started to deepen as if he were preparing himself for something. Matt spoke in a low voice, “You drive me crazy, Y/N. But I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t pretend anymore.”
“What do you mean—“ you asked breathlessly. Your eyes searched your own reflection in his thick, black glasses. Your heartbeat quickened and sweat began to form on your forehead.
He took a step back and grunted, “Y/N, stop lying to yourself.”
You furrowed your brows, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You knew exactly what he was talking about. This game of cat and mouse that consumed both of your every waking moments. Why else did either of you entertain these hellish debates? You were trying to prove to yourself that you didn’t care about each other when deep down that wasn’t the truth. The truth was that you cared a lot about Matt. You just weren’t ready to face it. You summoned up courage to close the distance between the two of you, “Matt Murdock. I—“
Matt pulled you towards him with a gravitational force so strong you couldn’t help but collide bodies with him. He kissed you, hard, and then you were kissing him back. Your eyes fluttered closed as you brought your hands up to cup his face and his onto your waist. It was passionate, desperate, as if you were his lifeline. In that moment, nothing else mattered. Not your internships, not your textbooks, not even the approaching exam. It was just the two of you in the quiet, empty library.
When you pulled away for air, you felt dazed. Matt wiped his mouth, breathing heavily. “Y/N,” he said in a low whisper. “Do you still—“ Hate him. Think about him. Want him.
“Yes.” You gulped. “Yes,” you pulled him back to kiss him again. He backed you up onto the closest bookshelf, the wood crackling underneath the pressure. No matter how badly you wanted to destroy Matt Murdock, you wanted to rip his clothes off simultaneously. He snaked his arms under your blouse, far enough for you to feel his warm hands on your skin. He lightly grazed your torso with his fingers, running them up and down to feel you shiver underneath him.
He pulled away to place his forehead on top of yours. He breathed heavily, “it’s hard to hate you when you’re under me like this, submissive and breathless. Gorgeous, really.” He leaned in towards you once more, pushing up against you as if he couldn’t stand being away from you, which was a complete 180 from all your previous interactions. Your lips collided urgently.
“Murdock,” you whispered in between kisses. He hummed in response, a smirk crept onto his lips as he sensed your heartbeat speeding up once more. “I think I win this time.”
“Just this time,” he chuckled and placed a gentle hand on your cheek before pulling you in to deepen the kiss.
Let’s just say not a lot of studying got done that night as you familiarized yourself in Matt’s dorm room.
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Being Franks Daughter in Hawkins pt 11
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gif Caption: Top Gif: Frank Castle from Marvel's Punisher Bottom Gif: Steve Harrington from Netflix's Stranger Things
✧▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬✧
Reader: female | 17-18
Characters Mentioned: Frank Castle (MCU), Matt Murdock (MCU), Steven Grant/Marc Spector (MCU), Steve Harrington (ST), Billy Hargrove (ST), Jim Hopper (ST), Mike Wheeler (ST), Nancy Wheeler (ST), Dustin (ST), Lucas Sinclair (ST), Max Mayfeild (ST), Will Byers (ST), Joyce Byers (ST) Jonathan Byers (ST)
A/n: wow. This one wow.
Warnings: blood, injury, violence, guns, weapons
✧▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬✧
You were carefully as you walked through the main lobby, pulling your hatchets out as she looked around the lobby? A mess, littered with bullet casings.
Picking one up you scanned over the case.
Its Franks
Not because of the type, but because you were the dumbass that tended to carve little things into his bullets.
Frank was here, and he was unloading bullets
Meaning those dogs were here.
Not to mention a red baton was stuck in the wall as well.
Matts here too, and most likely as Daredevil
You had to be careful
You rushed through the halls, looking for the group, or any sign of life.
So far your finding dead bodies and dead flower dogs
Blood coating the walls and floor.
You turned a corner
"Fuck-" Frank sighed.
"God damn-" y/n complained.
Both had been scared by the other.
"What are you doing here?" Y/n argued quitely.
"Me?" Frank argued, "i think you're out. Fuckin some guy and you're out pullin some New York shit."
"In my defense." Y/n argued, "I came sfter you."
"Yeah well we don't have much time." Matt spoke up, dressed fully in his daredevil suit.
"Daredevil. What are you doing here?"
"You're father here went through your contacts I suppose, got worried for you." He spoke, "I told you to stay out of trouble."
Y/n shrugged, "trouble finds me-"
"Can we go!?" Hopper argued.
Fair enough.
So you all started to leave, making it to the exit all in one piece.
You made sure the kids and adults got out first
Joyce wouldn't leave though, her friend was still coming along.
But it was too late, as soon as he got into view he was attacked by following dogs causing her to scream.
You had pushed her out the way of another attack the thing latching onto your lower calf.
"Get her out of here!" Y/n shouted Matt pulling Joyce away as Y/n turned around, it biting into her side.
She cursed in pain as it's now bloddied face came up to hers, ready to finish the job.
Y/n gritted her teeth, holding its mouth open the best she could till Frank came in.
Shooting the thing off her, and picking Y/n up, they both hobbling out the main lobby together and slammming the door closed behind them causing it to lock.
"Shit...shit." y/n complained, squeezing her eyes shut in pain, she getting up despite the pain and pushed on.
"Curt? Madani?" Y/n asked her dad, "Peter? Karen?"
"There with Marc."
"Oh thank god..." Y/n spoke getting towards the pick up truck they'd all have to squeeze in. They putting her in the back of the truck.
Frank and Matt both sat with you in the back as the eletronic gate opened cheering from the kids went into shock when everyone had to start climbing in as ordered.
"Holy shit!" Steve shouted, getting besides her, she covered in more blood than she went in with.
"Hey Pretty boy..." Y/n answered with a heavy pant holding her side.
Steve was completely speechless as he looked her over.
"Guys this...fuck...this is daredevil. Guys, Daredevil." Y/n introduced pointing the shocked kids to the Supehero in red.
"Stay still." Frank ordered opening the medkit.
"I didn't refill that." Y/n answered then groaned, "my bad."
"Fuckin' hell kid..." Frank grumbled.
"Its not that bad anyway..."
"Not that bad?! Look at yourself." Steve argued
"Most of it's the blood from my enemies." Y/n answered, "Think it might be ketchup really. Or just a really bad period day-ow..."
How are you making jokes at such a time where you're litterally dieing.
You all make it to Joyce's house.
Your dad tries to patch you up but your fine, or so you say.
Its a Lie, but still Joyce just lost one of her good friends and you tell him you should be there for her.
"Yeah. Yeah...I get how she feels." Frank spoke, "but your my kid. You're just a bit more important."
Y/n nodded, "yeah okay..."
"Bathrooms down the hall. There's some medkits in there." Jonathan tells the two, Frank nodding as he helps her along.
He sits her on the toliet to rest, she pulling off her shirt as she leans back.
"Fuck..." Y/n groaned.
"Got you pretty good." Frank spoke finding the large medkit.
"Mhm..." Y/n hummed in agreement, Frank starting his work.
She had been bitten in a few places, her hand, which still was covered in duck tape, and her calf, along with her stomach off to the side which he was cleaning now.
She held in a whine of pain as he pulled some teeth that had come loose from the dogs.
"This ones a big one-" Frank told her.
She sucked in her breathe, but couldn't help but cry out in pain as he pulled the largest one get from her adoment.
"Fuck! Fuck!" Y/n cried behind closed door.
"I know...I know." Frank spoke, it most likely a nail of the creature instead of a tooth.
"Is it out! Fuck!" Y/n cried.
"Almost almost."
Steve was in the kitchen, the whole house hearing the muffled shouts from the closed bathroom door.
"Fuck..." Steve spoke rubbing through his hair, "I should've never let her hop that fence."
"She'll be okay." Daredevil told him a hand on Steve's shoulder, "she's a strong one. Pulled me out of a building once or twice-"
Yet another cry of pain came from her.
"I can't just stand here." Steve spoke, walking away, going towards the bathroom.
Making it he opened it, Y/n now on the floor, violently coughing over the toliet as Frank patched up her back.
"Get out of here Harrington." Frank ordered wipping bloodied hands on his black jeans, standing up and leaning over Y/n with a hair band in his teeth.
"Did you...pull those from her?" Steve asked, looking at the three claws that sat on the floor with a pile of teeth, most of them broken off during the fight.
"She'll be okay." Frank told, pulling Y/n's hair back into a ponytail, "Claws get in deep. Her pain tolerance is high, this just went above that."
Y/n slowly started to calm down, breathing heavily. If Y/n had eaten anything lately she might have thrown up.
She pulled back leaning against the bathub leaning her head back.
"Fuck is it over." Y/n complained.
"I haven't even looked at you calf yet or you're hand." Frank told her as she groaned.
"I can help." Steve tried to persuade.
Frank looking back at him, "Go back kid. Now."
Steve though recluctant, left, closing the door behind him.
"Didn't have to be so mean." Y/n protested, "or are you jealous that this is our only daughter father time."
He rolled his eyes, "hurry up take off the jeans before I let you bleed out."
Y/n pouted, but did as asked, the injury worse than Frank thought.
"Mad that I found flower heads before you?" Y/n protested.
"Joyce knows." Frank spoke up.
"I...I know." Y/n answered, "That...thing that has Will...knows about us. Did the flower heads go after-"
"The rest of the group? Yeah." Frank informed, "there staked out at our place."
Y/n nodded, "Everyone's okay?"
"Last time I was there. Yeah." Frank responded, quickly pulling a tooth from her leg as she groaned, the pain annoying at this point.
It was silent for a moment, "Im sending you off after all this."
"What?" Y/n questioned, "where?"
Frank was silent sewing up the cut.
"Where are you sending me!?"
"Back." He responded.
"Back where!?" Y/n argued, "dad!"
"Back to New York!" He shouted.
"What!? No!" Y/n defended, "Im needed here-"
"No!" He shouted, silencing her, he sighed, wrapping her leg up.
It was silent, "I. Just need you to be safe kid." Frank argued.
"The Midnight Sons-"
"Fuck the Midnight Sons." Y/n snapped.
"Look. Each one can train you-"
"Train me? Oh please. I could beat them half to shit."
"When you're angry." Frank defended, "Kid."
She still looked off to the side in anger, "Y/n."
He cupped her face, hand full of blood, "Y/n please."
Her eyes flickered towards him, he sighing, "You wanna stay here?"
Y/n nodded
"You've got to get expirence beneath you're belt." Frank ordered, "The Midnight Sons. They'll help you."
Y/n was quiet, "I just...need you to have some experience. Not me teachin ya' how to shoot a gun and be angry. That isnt gonna help you in any of this."
Y/n was silent still, as he sighed, getting up, "I'll go get you something to wear.
You just watched as he left to go ask for some chlothes.
He was able to get you some chlothes from Jonathan
Which you put on, covering up your fresh bandages.
You come out, to join the group, a cleaned cut here and there on your face.
Everyones staring at you, but it doesn't last long with all the kids coming to hug you
"You should of seen your self!" Mike spoke enthusiastically, "You were like, You're not biting me! And held his mouth open like a total badass!"
"She was like that at the bus too!" Dustin cheered.
"Though get this" Lucas cheered, "She ripped It in half. Like the Hulk!"
"Oh it was so cool!" Dustin cheered.
"You okay?" Max asked Y/n nodding.
"I'll be good."
"Daredevil needs a sidekick anyway. You should totally roll with him!" Mike cheered then leaned into Y/n's ear, "ya know because you're dads retired."
Y/n smiled at the boys, "Maybe. For now. Let's figure out everything here. What do we know? What do we not? Whats are plan of attack?"
"We stay here and wait for help." Hopper deamnded.
"Help? Help!?' Will argued, "Not with those things running loose! We have help!"
Mike gestured towards Daredevil who was leaning against the wall then gestured towards her.
"They're both basically superheros!"
"Listen." Daredevil spoke up, "Im no hero, not the kind that takes on this."
"We stay put! And we wait for help!" Hopper argued walking off causing the kids to sit back down.
"This is total bullshit!" Mike argued taking his seat.
"What do you want us to do Mike!?" Dustin argued, "The Cheif's right! We're no match for those Demo-Dogs."
"Demodogs?" Max asked as Y/n leaned on the back of Max's chair.
"Demogorgin dogs." Dustin told, "Demodogs. It's like a compound, you know like cannot. Compond-"
"Okay. Okay." Y/n spoke stopping the curly haired kid, "So. We have. Demodogs. Little ass holes. whatever right. We had Dart. Now we have what? 30? 40? Darts."
"An army." Lucas spoke, "His Army."
"His?" Y/n asked, "So. Dart's the leader then?"
"No." Mike spoke, "That would be the shadow monster-"
"Okay this Shadow Monster essentially rules this upside down. He can just send more the more we kill." Daredevil explained, "So killing these things don't matter."
"Wait." Mike spoke up, "If the upisde down gets hurt, Will get's hurt. Not essentially, but he feels pain."
"Classic Hivemind." Daredevil spoke looking in Y/n's direction.
"Im sorry?" Steve asked, "Hivemind?"
"A super organism, it leads all." Dustin added.
"It's like a top guy in a drug organization." Y/n infromed, "The-"
"Brains of the operation." Mike quickly added.
"And all of this is connected to these tunnels?" Max asked.
"It connects to everything the upside down, the monsters, the tunnels-"
"Like the Mind Flayer."
"Okay Okay." Y/n stopped them, "You've fought a Mind Flayer before? Thats some Dr.Strange shit."
"No- just- Get everyone!"
Everyone collected in the dinning room.
"The Mind Flayer." Dustin spoke.
"Im sorry?" Frank questioned, "the what?"
"It's a being from another dimeson with super pyhcic abilities." Dustin explains.
"This is a kids game." Hopper argued.
"This is the best metaphor we have of this thing! So if you known something we dont!-"
"Analogy." Lucas defended.
"Analogy?! That's what your worried about!?"
"Hey!" Y/n shouted stopping the two.
"Okay Okay! So this thing. Everyone listening?" Y/n asked everyone nodding: she was scary when angry, "This thing. The- Mind Flayer." Analogy or Metaphor! Whatever the fuck it is! It's here but why"
"It believes it's the master race, and views other race, us, as inferior." Dustin explained, "It'll enslave our race to take others over."
"So we kill the Mind Flamer-" Nancy started
"Mind Flayer." Dustin spoke up, "Its the Mind Flayer."
Nancy sighed, "We kill the Mind Flayer, then what?"
"We kill everything its connected too. It's like what y/n said. A drug house operation."
Frank smacked her in the back of the head, "I thought I told you before stop comparing things to drug houses."
"Its a good Metaphor!"
"If someone says Analogy instead I swear-" Y/n argued it going quiet.
"Okay. So how do we kill it?" Hopper asked, "Fireballs? Lasers!?"
"Oh see what you do is you summon and Undead army." Dustin started to explain, "you...know Zombies...and no brains-"
"Dustin." Daredevil stopped him.
"Yeah okay."
"God damn it." Hopper spoke in anger.
Y/n sighing, "We've gotta kill this thing."
"I agree." Joyce spoke, "I want to kill it."
Frank walked over to her, "Go. Sit and rest-"
"It needs to die."
"Will's connected to it right?" Y/n spoke up, "Should he know how to kill it?"
Mike nodded, "he would. But-"
"He'll know where we are. Like he did at the Lab. We need a place he wont recongize."
"What Bout an emptied room?" Daredevil spoke up.
"No. No. It wouldn't work. Too recognizeable by the layout. Wall color." Y/n told.
"What about a covered shed?" Frank spoke up, "we cover the walls in tarp, all the windows."
"Like the shed outback." Jonathan added, "We could just empty it."
So thats what you all got to doing, emptying out the back shed, covering up every square inch in newspaper, tarp, anything to block out anything that someone could remember.
It took a good hour and a half.
When you stopped joyce towards the end.
"If...you allow me." Y/n started, "If this thing is scared of me. Of my people. I'd like to put him in a...situation. I won't let this thing get him."
Joyce looked up, "You think it could help?"
Y/n nodded, "Im gonna have to put on something that may scare you though. I won't hurt anyone."
She nodded, "I. I know. Im just so worried."
"I get it. I do." Y/n responded "But I will help in any way I can."
She agreed to it at the end of the conversation
You then went to Frank asking him, this was a life or death situation and revealing identities to everyone was worth it
So with heavy hearts you both in on it
Then you picked up the phone.
"Thank the gods your alright."
"Hey Steven." Y/n smiled, "Look. I need you to go to the house. My house, grab me and my dad's vest. Im gonna need all the help I can get with this one."
"Give us Ten love."
"Thanks Steven."
So you waited the ten mintues as everyone finished up, pacing in the front room.
Steve has seen you from the window worriedly.
"Steve." Nancy spoke, "I just-"
Turning her head she watched Steve walk away and towards the house.
He walked in stopping by a door frame watching her pace: "Hey."
She looked over, nerves racking her body.
Steve smiled smally, "You bit the bullet a bit, didnt you? Or. Did the bullet bite you?"
Y/n chuckled, "The demodog did apparently."
Steve chuckled followed her's as he walked forward, hand grabbing hers in reassurance.
"Hey. It's okay." He told, "You don't gotta explain anything to me. Trust me I barely know whats going on here anymore-"
"I'm breaking up with you."
Steve went silent, he in shock. "I. I'm gonna need you to explain that one."
He even laughed, this. This was unexpected, uncoming. This didnt make sense what so ever.
"Steve-" y/n started pulling away but he caught her face in a caress.
"Y/n. I don't-"
"I know. I know you don't understand."
"No..no I don't get it!" Steve started in anger, "I love you!"
Y/n grabbed the wrist of his hand that rested on her cheek in a comforting motion.
"I don't get it. I love you!" Steve spoke, anger turning to heart break, "Did I do something-"
"No I did-"
"What? What did you do!? Cheat? Steal? Punch? Get pregnant!?"
"Steve your being dramatic-"
"Oh am i now!? Not one time have you told me you love me. And I cant stop saying it! I love you! I say it when I see you I say it in my dreams to you! Im saying it even know in my head as I argue to you!"
"Steve you don't love me!"
"But I do! I love you!"
"What do you know about me!" Y/n shouted, "Truly!?"
"That I love you!" Steve shouted back, "And I've been in love with you since I seen you! And I can't help it! I can't help that every time that I fucking see you! I do this thing! This thing where all I have to do is just look at you, either it be in the the eyes or just your hair! Where I fall in love! All over again!"
Y/n lookrd st hum as his breathe had become heavy, Y/n grabbing his arms keeping him still.
"Steve." Y/n stopped him.
"Just. Please. Tell me. That you love me." Steve pleaded, "You can tell me...please. please just....just tell me that you love me."
"Steve...I can't."
"Why?" Steve questioned, "why can't you."
"Because last time. Last time I. Last time I...said..." Y/n tried to confess, "Steve...last time I looked at someone the way I look at you. He died. In my arms...I can't have you become Pietro..."
Steve looked at her as she held his face: "I won't let you become Pietro. So. I've got to let you go."
Y/n pressed a kiss to his cheek, "and I plead...that you don't fear me when I walk out that back door..."
"I could never be scared of you." Steve told her.
Y/n looked up at him, "You have no idea what your about to see then..."
Steve left her there, she sighing as she took a seat.
"That was a strong thing you did." Matt spoke, Y/n turning her head, his mask off now that no one was in the house.
She sat on the floor leaning her back against the wall.
"I...I wanted to be so normal." Y/n explained the tears she had held back for so long finally coming down, "and Look where I am now."
He sat next to her, "you know."
She looked over at him, "i can't see. Im blind."
"No shit Sherlock."
"But somehow. I know you're there before you even speak. Other people I can't. Sometimes I can get Karen Mixed up with Madani. Your father Mixed up with Curt. But I never get Foggy mixed up with no one."
"And?" Y/n questioned.
"Well I spend so much damn time with the guy, his' normal is who he really is. His really is is werid to others. He either cares to much or. Does that weridly. Or that." Matt explained, "he's left such an imprint in my mind I know who he is no matter who walks in the room."
"Wooo the blind man can recongize people. You gonna fight the bad guys next?" Y/n asked.
"Ooo ouch that one hurt." Matt spoke, "The one that can see gonna fine can't see whats infront of her."
"And whats that? Since you can see it?" Y/n asked.
"That you're not ment to save the world like you keep trying." Matt told, "You're allowed to be happy, allowed to cry, and allowed to feel."
"And you know this? How?" Y/n asked.
"I've been through it Im still going through it, your dads going through it." Matt responded, "you're in this thing called the denial phase. Best part. You know before you get your ass kicked, fall in love again- go off and on, then almost die, and come back and everyones really fuckin mad at you and you're on the verge of getting to alcholoic status on facebook and-"
"Oddly specfic there bud." Y/n responded.
"Point is." Matt started, "its okay, to be afraid and still walk the tightrope."
The talk was intruppted by a knock at the door and Y/n getting up.
It was Marc with everything in hand.
"Yeah Im sorry bout that one."
So Marc seen the demodogs...
Yeah you should like summoned Khonshu or some shit to pass the message
Matt get's Frank and you all suit up.
Frank and Marc argue along with Matt
"She said more people ya dumbass!" Frank argued.
"Well let me just woop woop portal these mother fuckers here." Marc spoke in defense.
"Fuck wheres Hannie when ya need him..." Y/n sighed, slipping on vest, spray painted with a rib cage in casing flowers, one blue.
"Skull and Bones! Back in action!" Steven cheered, "Oh how exciting this is!"
"Skull and what?" Frank asked.
"Oh here we go." Matt spoke up.
"You and your daughter. Skull and Bones." Steven spoke, "ya know doesnt exactly sound good with Skull and Ribcage with flowers."
"Steven. Darlin." Y/n spoke, "not now?"
"Not now! Right!" Steven spoke, "Later?"
Y/n sighed, "Sure. Once Im dead and in the ground and go to haunt the upside down."
It was silent for a moment.
"Great! So suit?" Steven asked.
"That would be so so super great my tea lovin friend!"
Joyce walked in just in time, after Matt put back his helmet back on and Steven suited up.
"Hey." Joyce spoke up, Frank turning to her and walking towards her.
"Wow." Joyce aspirated, fist bumping Frank's chest playfully, "Thats...uh...your own handy work?"
Frank chuckled grabbing her hand in reassurance.
"You okay?"
Joyce nodded, "worried...about Will...and about you...is. is this good to go back to. To put this thing on?"
"I can't help who I am." Frank told her, bringing her hand up to kiss it.
"I. I know. Im just."
"Worried." Frank spoke cupping her cheek, "Nothin to be worried bout."
She smiled and nodded, the two leaning in for a kiss.
"Is that?" Steven asked.
"She looks like a really nice lady."
"She is."
Frank looked back at the two, "could you not?"
"Yep my bad." Y/n spoke.
"Great to finally meet you Mrs.Byers. Lovely haircut you have."
"Oh. Well thank you...nice...hero mask
"Alright alright. Im going im going."
So you wait till your called.
It's what? Ten more mintues lately but you feeling like its hours.
You catch up with Steven a bit. His accent and bubbly attuide about just anything could make you smile easily.
Also. Laying across Matt and him like there your personal therapy couch.
"I broke up with him..." Y/n spoke.
"Harrington? Or Hargrove." Steven asked.
"Both technically." Y/n responded, "Dead to Hargrove, broke Harrington's heart. Heart shit hurts."
"It does indeed." Matt explained patting her legs, "come on we're up soon."
Steve was pacing outside, they all waiting for you to come out the building.
It was tense in the air, and not just because he was heartbroken and making him see you would just rip his heart out
You said he should be scared? But of who? You?
Playfully? Maybe. Reality wise? Absolutely not
"Guys." Dustin spoke up, no one paying attention, "Guys! Look!"
They all looked in the direction which the group was walking...oh....oh no...
It was like a cheesey slow motion clip from a movie, an explosion ment to happen in the background. Or hearts around the one attractive girl.
Maybe both.
Y/n walked front and center, her dad off to her right side, The Punisher off to the side of her. Mr.Moonknight on her left. Daredevil behind them.
"Holy shit..." Jonathan spoke, flabbergasted by what he was seeing, "Is that..."
"The Punsiher..Mr.Moonknight....Daredevil!" Lucas tried to silently fanboy.
"I thought Bones was a boy!" Dustin whispered to Lucas.
"Explains how she's so strong." Lucas answered, "Y/n. The Y/n! Is the Punisher's daughter!"
Hopper walked out from tying Will up in the shed, "Holy Fuck..." he choked out.
Nancy had a hard stare on Y/n the whole time. Meanwhile Steve's look was confused. Uncertain.
He had heard about everyone walking with her, backstreet heros. Mostly pieces of information came back to him and Skull snd Bones. Thats what they called the daughter father duo. Yet the Punisher still stuck to her dad like fresh gum on someones shoe.
"Don't. Freak out." Y/n told everyone.
"Dont Freak out?" Dustin argued, "Don't freak out!? You're god damn Bones! Thats fuckin amazing!"
"You're like super powerful!" Lucas cheered, "are you part of the Midnight sons!? You are right!?-"
"Later." Y/n responded the two boys nodding.
Y/n went to walk in first, but Nancy stopped her blocking the path.
"No?" Y/n complained, "Nancy move out the way."
"No." Nancy argued, "You guys cant be serious- Shes a murderer!"
"Yeah and you're a whore!" Y/n defended getting in Nancy's face, "So move, and if you don't I'll move you myself. Whore."
"Oh Im the Whore?" Nancy argued, "Rather be a whore than a physco who kills people for no reason. People that can make a diffrenence-"
"Oh you're being oddly specific ya know that, go ahead spit it out." Y/n threatened.
"Let's back up." Hopper spoke getting between the two.
"Arthur Walsh ring a bell." Nancy egged on.
Y/n laughed, "Oh. Whore you have no idea. I didn't just kill the man. I tortured the man. Packed him in a little box and mailed it to the DA's office. So remember that when you try and steal someone else's boyfriend you petty peice of shit."
"I said Back up!" Hopper argued pushing them both apart.
"Not worth it." Mr.Moonknight told her, "Love keep it in your pants. Have more terestrone than the three of us guys combined. Right now."
"Good thing he's your Ex now." Nancy just kept pushing her buttons.
"Move out my way. So i can go help my brother." Y/n defended Hopper dragging her aside letting the group of four in.
You woke Will up.
The sudden awaking startling him but, sighed in relief as you were infront of him.
"Y/n?" Will asked.
"Hey bud." Y/n smiled.
"W. Whats happening?" He asked, "who are they!? Why are you dressed like that? It doesn't want you here! Get out of here!"
It was alot easier to agitate this Mind Flayer than Y/n orginally thought.
"Get out! Get out you piece of shit!" Will shouted, it was quiet obvious from the tone and lanuage that this wasn't Will.
"Get out of Will!"
"Die you piece of shit!"
A Mind Flayed Will than spat on her right in the face.
"Alright. We're gonna do this the hard way then."
They gave you 15 mintues with him before the lot of you walked out.
15 mintues really felt like 15 hours to the group, screaming inable to make out just about thd whole time they were in there
Jonathan was waiting for you, outside on the steps.
"What did you find out?"
"That the Mind Flayers a dumb fuck." Y/n told, "and that Will knows morse code and so does pops. I need you to stay with Will for now okay? I'll fill you in later."
Jonathan nodded and carefully went inside the shed.
They walked in the house, everyone waiting.
"There's a gate." Y/n spoke up, "and Me and Hopper know where it is."
"A gate?" Joyce asked.
"A gate to where?" Steve asked.
"The Upside down."
"The lab." Hopper spoke.
"Exactly. We've gotta close that." Y/n explained, "we close that and it's done."
"Yet rule of thumb." Steven spoke, "its clearly been around a lot longer than we all know. If you've never closed if before it's stronger now. Never cut off it's food source in a sense."
"Okay. So. We close the gate and this all goes away?" Nancy asked.
Steven laughed, but Nancy raised an Eyebrow at him, "Oh your being serious?"
"We'd have to get the Mind Flayer out of Will before closing the gate." Y/n explained.
"So it's like a vortex to suck the Mind Flayer back in," Dustin added.
"Exactly, Will ways him down. Like his gravity. In a sense. Take away will."
"Hello other dimensional vaccum." Lucas told.
Y/n nodded: "only question is-"
The phone intruppted all of them.
"Shit! Shit!" Dustin shouted running over to stop it.
Just for it to start again, Nancy ripping it out the wall.
"Did he hear that?" Steve asked.
"Dont take any chances- Go Get will!" Y/n ordered
Everyone was in quick disaray,
Will had indeed found out where they were.
You had taken off your vest. Forcing Joyce to come with you ss Frank went to get Will.
"I need you to wear this!"
"What!? No way!" Joyce shouted.
"Joyce! Look at me!" Y/n argued, "you're going to be around Will the most and need the most protection, my dad won't leave your side but I need you to be safe okay! Having his back back get a little rough at times!"
"You need that-"
"No Joyce I don't!" Y/n defended, "I can handle myself alright?"
You help Joyce put the vest on and tighten it to fit snug against her body.
And then you're up and at em, pulling the kids away from the window's pushing them towards the walls.
Everyones lined up ready to protect the kids,
"They're dogs they're circle and attack." Matt informed, "Watch your back."
There was growling from every direction, your all on your toes, looking every which way for an attack.
Just for one to come flying through the Window
The door unlocked by itself, it opening slowly.
And there's a badass little girl standing there.
Its a happy renunion for most
Dustin's more than happy to introduce you and your group to Eleven.
"El this is Y/n. Shes a badass. Like you." Dustin introduced.
She looked up at Y/n, and walked past her.
"Takes a moment for her to warm up." Lucas told.
"Remind you of any one?" Matt asked.
"Haha." Y/n rolled her eyes.
"Ooo did you hear that?" Matt questioned.
Turns out this girl Eleven can help you close the gate
The main problem is. How do you get in.
With the demodogs quiet litterally multiplying and growing every other hour
Not to mention Will, if woken up could easily find out where you are
Problem is. How do you get the Mind Flayer out of Will.
"If it likes it cold." Jonathan spoke.
"We have to burn it out of him." Joyce responded.
"Still." Y/n argued, "Where'd you even be able to burn it out of him. You'd need a place where he wouldnt find any of us."
"I've got a place." Hopper told.
So you're all on the move once again, Hopper taking Will to the car, Frank going with Jonathan, Nancy and Joyce.
You're arguing with him, saying your coming but your told to stay put
So you argue thag your going with Hopper but he benches you too, your two other friends also going with him
"Your benched!" Frank deamanded.
"Benched!? No!"
"Yes! Now Stay here!"
"Stay! Here! And I make you a pie after all this shit is done."
Y/n groaned watching both cars go off quickly.
Baby sitting yaya.
Atleast you'd get a pie
You sat at the dinning room table rubbing over your head everything starting to ache again.
"Mind if I?" Steve asked.
Y/n looked over, he has a med kit in hand, and a pair of sisscors.
"...yeah...whatever you want." Y/n spoke, Steve taking a seat and scooting closer to her.
He held his hand out, she letting her ducktaped hand into his own.
He was careful with the sisscors cutting the ducktape down the middle, the skin had turned purple and dark red, filled with deep cuts.
"How are the others?"
"Fine." Y/n responded.
Steve was silent after that, cleaning the wounds thoroughly. He didnt know what the say. To thank her? To question her?
"Kids...think your pretty badass you know." Steve started, "Yeah...starting to think they like you more than me..."
Y/n glanced at him shortly, "they...shouldn't...Im not..."
"A hero?" Steve asked with a soft smile, "yeah Im not much one either...try and impress the kids ya know. I try and make one hell of a baby sitter."
"I don't ever remember my baby sitter takin me to to a diffrent dimension for a playdate." Y/n told.
Steve chuckled, "Yeah. Extra pay for that."
Y/n smiled softly, "how much?"
"Ten bucks per kid. For two days."
"Ooo. Nice deal." Y/n complimented.
Steve smiled, "ah. Yeah. Lets me get supplies ya know? Bats with nails and sling shots."
Y/n couldnt shake the smile from her face, even if it was a soft small one. It was still full of love for the blonde.
"I. Wanna apologize." Y/n told him.
"No. No." Steve spoke, "I...uh get it. Yeah...being Bones and everything."
"Don't tell me you follow me on the news." Y/n teased.
Steve shrugged, "New York. It's on my bucket list. Gotta know a bit about its people, I would've realized it was you but you-"
"Wear a mask?" Y/n chuckled, "not really, just good at avoiding cameras I suppose. Plus. Me and dad been silent lately. I was busy ya know. In this town called Hawkins. Cute little place. "
"Yeah?" Steve asked, "what were you doin there?"
Y/n smiled and hummed, "I found a best friend... then fell in love...still in love..."
Steve stopped cleaning the cuts for just a moment, "sounds like you're still in love..."
"I am...but I got scared..." Y/n told him softly,"Scared of myself. Scared that if I tell him how I feel....something bad will happen it always does."
Steve took in a deep breathe, "how do you feel? You know. About him?"
"I broke his heart when I could of just...told him the truth, but not everyone takes the Punisher's daughter as such a hottie title." Y/n told, "then again. Dad's sending me away for some training. So why not let it die out right?"
Y/n looked up at him, Steve feeling the gaze on him as he met hers. He pulled out the bandage wrap.
"And if he's still in love with you?" Steve spoke, "even after all that time your gone, and when he's worried about you and this training?"
Y/n watched him wrap her hand, "I'd tell him to not to worry so much. That Im a big girl and can handle myself."
Steve finished wrapping her hand with a solemn smile, he holding her hand.
"You'd still be my penpal...no matter what?"
Y/n looked at him, "no matter what."
Now its just a waiting game.
Sitting around, despite not wanting too.
"Hey! Love birds!" Dustin called, "or ex...love birds i dont know- Help me."
Y/n got up and walked over, "Its a demodog, and?"
"Well. Put it in the freezer!"
So you spent your time. Stuffing a demodog.
In the freezer
Dustin dragged Steve off and you heard some arguing.
But your determined to get this damn thing in the freezer instead.
Finally getting in the freeze you look at the thing.
"Rough day too?" Y/n asked looking at the pratically folded thing, "yeah...you too."
The arguing contuined and Y/n finally slammed the door shut, "yeah. You too..."
Y/n walked over to the group, "what are we arguing about now-"
A reveing engine stopped the lot of them.
"Max! Max I know your fucking in there!"
"It's Billy!" Max told.
Y/n looked towards the door. "Go hide behind the couch. I got this." Y/n responded, everyone running to hide.
"Steve. Stay here-"
"You're hurt- I'm not letting you-"
"Just. stay here!"
Y/n carefully got up, everyone working there way over to the couch. She opened the door, closing it behind her.
"Is that you Castiglione?"
"Yeah. Its me dont cream your pants Hargrove."
He took another puff of his cigratte, Y/n walking down the steps.
"What do you want?" Y/n asked, "Im clearly dead to you. Dont tell me you come to actually dig my grave now."
"Dad's back home." He spoke flicking some ash away, "Two weeks my ass."
"He touch you?" Y/n asked.
"Why would you care?"
"Because Im dead to you. I never said you were dead to me."
Billy was silent, Y/n putting her hands in the back of her pockets.
"Yeah Well Max snuck out and I need her back." He ordered, "Thought she ran off to your place. But here I am."
"Haven't seen her." Y/n explained, "give you a call when I do."
"Then who's in the window?" Y/n turned her head, seen the kids in the window before they ducked away.
"Oh...come on..." Billy pushed past Y/n and ran into the house. She following him quickly.
"Billy you need to leave-"
"Shut up Max!"
"Hey!" Y/n argued grabbing Billy by the shoulder as he turned around in Anger.
He turning around and swinging at her, knocking her to the ground.
"Fuck..." y/n complained rubbing the side of her face. Steve keeping the kids back behind him, he knew Y/n when she was angery.
"Billy!" Max shouted at him.
"What the hell man!" Steve argued walking towards him.
"Stay back!" Y/n shouted at Steve.
He stopping at her authoritive tone. She got up, as Billy watched. It was terrifying to anyone in the room. Steve ending in e pushing the kids back more as she climbed to her feet, her form seemingly growing to loom over Billy in a dark shadow. She unclipped her belt, if this was going to be a fist fight weapons weren't needed. Billy swung, and she ducked when his swing hit nothing but air she was quick to spring back up and punch him across the face.
"YEAH!" Dustin cheered. Billy looking back up at Y/n with a bloody nose.
"Its gonna be like that now? Is it?! You Finally got some real fucking fight in you Castiglione!" Billy shouted, coming at her.
He had the speed and the strength. Y/n may have been more blocky, with her speed, but could take a hit, she could fight and had the strength. The main diffrenence was she had a switch.
Killing verus Fighting.
Often that line blurred in the heat of the moment. Billy pushed her against the wall, this fight was more than just lieing about Max being around. This was deeper.
"I said stay the fuck back Steve!" Y/n shouted at him.
Elbowing Billy in the crevess of his neck causing him to drop her as she pushed him into the small wooden cabinet that was in the Byers front room. He doubled over, face bloodied along with hers. He on his knees, forehead pressed to the floor then looked up at her. They cheering her on in the background Y/n would've grabbed his head, slamming his head into the cabinet, most likely causing brain damage as she's done to people before. But she grabbed him by the throat, lifting him closer to her, his hands latching onto her wrist.
"C...city...bird..." he choked out eyes starting to roll back as his grip started to loosen, "I'm...sorry.."
Y/n froze, what was she doing? She dropped him, "No. No- I. I didn-"
"That was amazing!" The kids surrounded her.
"You were like! Pow! Wow! And knocked him out!" Dustin cheered.
"And Knocked him on his ass super easy!" Mike spoke
"Screw being Daredevils Sidekick! He should be yours!" Lucas told.
✧▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ▬✧
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marvelsdc22 · a day ago
Ghost In Westview
Intro: Heyyyyyy, its been a while, it's been a crazy past month or two for me, but I'm back for the time being, enjoy my latest obsession~
Note: TW Abuse and Murder
Summary: You live in Westview, a small town with an even smaller populace, you have a gift, what's that gift? You see spirits, what happens when the Maximoff family moves into town and brings their own spirit?
Word Count: 4203
Tumblr media
You had lived in Westview for a few years now, you owned your own little bookstore and cafe called Iris Book Cafe , you ran it with your best friend Monica, the two of you having met when you just opened the store shortly after you moved here to start a new life after your aunt died, sure your parents live in Westview but you were never close, they never really understood your gift like your aunt did, Monica knew of your gift too and she supported you and was very open-minded about it, what was your gift you may ask? Well, ever since you could remember you could see ghosts.
When you first found out, you were of course scared, you were only seven at the time and you didn’t understand, your aunt helped you through it, she had the same ability and she was able to help you understand and teach you how to use your gift for good and to help families find relief in their loved ones passing, you had lost count of how many earthbound spirits you helped cross over, but every time you did you felt really good about what you did, it felt good to watch a spirit cross over with the look of peace on their face, to see the families relief to know that their loved one is going in peace and is finally happy, it was all worth it to you.
Of course there were some sour ones that you try to help, but they don’t want your help until it’s too late, the one thing keeping them there was either gone or no longer accessible or the person they needed to speak to was gone and crossed over already, those cases weren’t the most easiest since you would have to spend hours doing research with Monica to try and find a way to get the spirit to cross over to the light where they belonged, but those were worth it in the end too.
Coming into your little shop, you were expecting to be alone like you usually were on Wednesday mornings, but when were ghosts ever timely? As you headed into the back room, you saw someone standing there, bullets riddled along his torso, his blonde hair sticky with blood and his face and clothes covered in dirt and blood “You need to help me” he uttered, staring straight at you “What do you need? What’s your name?” You asked him, hoping his energy would keep him there long enough for you to get some answers from him as you set your bag down on the desk, keeping your eyes on him “Help her” he said before there was a flash of light and what sounded like gunshots before he vanished, leaving you to struggle to breathe for a moment after the flash of a vision you saw from him.
You were running, you weren’t sure what from or who towards, you glanced back but you saw nothing but darkness, when you looked forward you saw a small child, he was too far away for you to reach in time, but you still pushed yourself to surge forward, then you heard the bang and saw the flash before you saw nothing.
You weren’t sure what happened to this ghost, nor who he meant by ‘her’ but you weren’t able to dwell on it long before you heard the chime of the front door opening and the sound of four voices, coming out of the back room with a friendly smile on your face, you saw a man and a woman with what looked to be twin sons “Welcome, is there anything I can get you guys?” You asked with a smile, watching as the boys went to browse the books with who you were assuming was their father, leaving you with who you assumed was the mother.
She smiled as she approached the counter which you had walked behind. “Can I get something with enough energy to keep up with those two?” She laughed, pointing to the small boys “Well, I might have something for you, but are you ready for the crash afterwards?” You teased, going to grab her a menu since you had yet to re-write it on your chalkboard that was hung up behind the counter, you had changed a lot of the menu and you had forgotten to do it yesterday before you left, that would be a task for later, right now you had other priorities, like this lovely woman in front of you.
After she ordered, you set to work on her coffee “Haven’t seen you around here before, how long have you been here?” You asked as you worked, the town was fairly small so everyone knew everyone and new faces were a rare sight to see “We just moved here a few days ago, we decided to try the small town life rather than New York City life” she said, watching as you worked, glancing back when she heard one of her kids begging for a book “That’s quite the change, but this town has a lot to offer, especially families” you smiled, going and handing her the coffee, watching as she took a sip and sighed contently.
“That is honestly the best coffee I’ve had, you’ve definitely earned yourself a customer… I’m Wanda by the way, that’s my husband Vision and our boys Billy and Tommy” Wanda introduced, holding her hand out which you took “Y/N, if you ever need anything just let me know, I’m sure I can find someone to assist you” you said, knowing that you knew everyone so you could get her help on practically anything “I might have to take you up on that” Wanda smiled, going over to the register to pay just as Billy ran up with a book in his hand.
“Mommy, can I pleaseeeeeeee get this book? Please please please?” Billy begged, giving her puppy eyes as you chuckled “Consider both the book and coffee on the house, a welcome gift” You said, smiling and it turning into a grin when you saw the pure joy on his face “Thank you thank you thank you!” He squealed, going and hugging you before running back over to his brother to show him his newly acquired book ‘Thank you’ Wanda mouthed to you, offering you a smile before she led her family out of your shop, Billy trying to read his book while Tommy ran around his parents.
A few weeks later, you and Monica were walking through the square on your lunch break when you saw Wanda sitting on a park bench, watching her boys run around, but that’s not what stopped you in your tracks, it was the ghost that was standing near Wanda, the same one you had seen before, the same one you’ve been having dreams and visions about, he caught your eye when he looked over before appearing in front of you “You have to help” he said, looking the same as you saw him before “What’s your name?” You asked, glancing at Monica who took the queue and faced you so it would seem like you were talking to her.
“Pietro, now please, you have to help me talk to my sister” Pietro asked, glancing over at Wanda who had seemed to notice you with her smile and small wave which made your heart skip a beat, you knew it was wrong to fall for a married woman, but you couldn’t help it, not like you would act upon it “What do you need to talk to her about?” You asked, glancing at him after you returned her wave “It’s about her husband-” Pietro started, only to vanish when Wanda approached, leaving you even more confused, what was Wanda’s husband doing that she didn’t know about?
Shaking the thought out of your head, you smiled at Wanda when she got to you guys “Hey Wanda, spending the day outside?” you asked, cringing at the question since you know that was one of the dumbest things you could ask “Yeah, figured since it was the last day of the boys summer we could spend time out and about” She smiled, making your heart flutter once more “Haven’t seen you around the shop lately” Monica commented, knowing that for a while she had been coming in daily, watching as Wanda scratched the back of her neck and nodded “Yeah, life got busy” she said, it obviously being a lie but you weren’t going to press the issue “Well, we gotta go get some lunch before we have to open up again, we’ll see you later” you said, waving to her before pulling Monica away.
Once the two of you were seated at the small restaurant you two always went to, you gave Monica the rundown of the ghost you had been seeing and that today you realized he was attached to Wanda “But, what could Vision have done? He seems so nice” Monica said, looking at you and you sighed, giving a small shrug “I don’t know, but we can’t assume it’s a bad thing, it could be good and he wants his sister to know” you tried, rolling your eyes when Monica gave you a look “I don’t know, I have to wait for him to come back to tell me more, his energy seems to be low so he’s struggling to stay in one place for long”
“So, what you’re saying is we need to research this” Monica said, looking at you and smiling some when you nodded “I have just the person who can assist us with this, he’s obviously been here a while, there’s this new history professor at the school, I think she’d be a lot of help with this” Monica said, leaning forward with a smile while you stared at her “Monica, I can’t have more people know about me” you said, you knew that people would think you were crazy if you ever tried to tell them about how you can see spirits “She wouldn’t have to know, we could just tell her we’re doing some research for Wanda” she suggested, giving you puppy eyes and cheering when you finally relented, listening as she explained how this professor could help you guys.
A few days passed before the two of you were able to speak with the professor, when you came in you saw a black-haired woman looking through her bookshelf on the wall across the room “Ms. Agatha?” Monica asked, knocking on the doorframe of the office, causing the woman in question to jump and turn to look at the two of you since she had not been expecting visitors outside of her office hours “Yes? What can I do for you? You two are obviously not students” she commented, approaching her desk and gesturing for the two of you to sit down in the seats on the opposite side of her desk.
“No we’re not… We need some help… A friend of ours is trying to look into her brother” You lied, knowing that you would sound rather crazy for telling the truth “Well, you do realize I’m a history professor-” “We know, but we figured you might have some advice on where to look… He was in the Army and was likely killed in action, we aren’t sure where to start” you interjected, looking at her and watching as she looked you two over curiously before she sighed and turned to her laptop, typing away at it for a moment before pushing it over to you “Don’t tell anyone that I showed you this” she said, you smiling some as you looked at the site, it obviously being heavily secured, how she had the access you weren’t sure, but you weren’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth “While you search, you should probably tell me the real reason you’re here” she said, causing you to freeze as you looked at her, having figured she was going to be hard to fool.
After a few moments, you decided that the best course of action was to give her the full truth while Monica did the research “So, you’re telling me that you can see… Spirits?” Agatha asked, raising a brow as you nodded “Yes, I’ve been able to see them since I was a child…” You admitted, looking at her and wincing slightly at her laugh of disbelief “Now Mx. Y/L/N, you do know that’s hard to believe, correct?” She asked, her logically just not able to believe what you were telling her “I know, I’ve dealt with this my whole life, I don’t expect everyone to believe what I do is real, but it is, I help spirits cross over, just like the one that I’m trying to help now, but I need more information on him… Believe me or not, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I get the answers I need” you said, stunning her before she smirked and sat forward in her chair “I like you already”.
After spending a few hours at Agatha’s office, you and Monica walked out with more information about Pietro than you had before, discussing with her until you hear your phone ping, digging it out of your pocket and seeing it was Wanda, her having been messaging you more often over the past few days “Wanda wants to come to the store, you go ahead and head out for the day, I’ll finish up there” you told Monica, who argued before you promised her you’d rest tomorrow and have her take over for the day before you two split ways.
When you got to the store, Wanda was already waiting there, looking like she had been crying “Wanda? Is everything alright?” You asked, rushing over to her and ushering her into the store after you unlocked it, leading her into the back room, giving her time to process as you made the two of you tea, giving her a small smile when she thanked you before sitting down next to her on the small couch “I feel like my marriage is falling apart… Vision’s been working late more than he’s home and every time he has a day off, he opts to spend time with friends rather than his family” she admitted, brushing her tears away with the back of her hand.
You sat there and listened to her, reaching out and resting a hand on her leg as she spoke, not even realizing you did it until you felt her hand cover yours and give it a squeeze “Maybe he’s trying to earn more money to do something for you guys” you suggested, knowing it was a dumb suggestion, but you didn’t want to flat out accuse Vision of cheating or something, you hardly knew the man, but you knew you didn’t like him either way, but you wouldn’t accuse him of that just because of your feelings for him or even Wanda for that matter.
“I just don’t know what to do” Wanda whispered, taking a small sip of her tea before looking at you as if you were the one who would have all the answers, glancing over her shoulder when you saw Pietro appear, looking like he was angry but also a hint of sadness “He’s cheating on her you know… Has been since before I was deployed… We were deployed… He left me there” Pietro said, looking at you as he said it “Tell her” he said, anger flashing in his eyes “I can’t” you said, knowing she couldn’t handle it in her state “What?” Wanda asked, looking at you with confusion on her face “I wish I could tell you what to do, but I can’t” you said quickly, looking at her and hearing Pietro let out a shout of anger before he vanished again.
You shook your head at him before you focused on Wanda “Why don’t we go get some food and take your mind off it, we can get something for the boys so they don’t feel left out” you offered, giving her a small smile as you stood up and offered your hand to her, your smile growing when she took it and you helped her to her feet “You’re spoiling us” she laughed, smiling at you and before you could answer her, she pulled you into a hug, making you freeze before you returned it “Thank you” she muttered, resting her head on your shoulder “Of course”.
A few days later, you were finishing getting ready for work, pulling your shirt on over your head and letting out a scream when Pietro was standing right in front of you as your head went through the headhole “DON’T DO THAT!” you shouted, taking a moment to catch your breath before you realized he was chuckling “Oh you find that funny? Giving me a heart attack? What do you want, Pietro” you said, looking at him and crossing your arms as he sobered up some and looked at you “You need to help my sister” he said, that much you knew since that was all he would really tell you “I need to know your story first… What happened to you?” You asked, looking at him and gasping when he pulled you into a vision, a vision of his death.
Pietro was walking down a road with his patrol, Vision being apart of that group, you heard him talking about some woman that he had been with the night before, making your blood boil since you couldn’t believe the audacity he had to say that in front of you, this not being the first time “Guys, someone’s up ahead” one of the other guys pointed out, causing you all to focus forward, seeing a group of men and a child amongst them “We have to do something” Pietro said, starting to move forward “Are you crazy?” Vision asked, grabbing his arm “What if that was Billy or Tommy?” Pietro asked him, pushing him off him before he headed towards the group.
One thing led to another and Pietro was on the ground, blood rushing from his shoulder from a gunshot, the small child, now dead on the ground “Vision, we gotta get out of here” he said when he approached, holding his hand out for assistance “I’ll tell Wanda you died a stupid hero” Vision said before several gunshots rang out and everything went black.
Coming back to the present, you touched your chest to make sure there were no bullet holes and took several deep breaths “Why?” You asked, looking at Pietro who stared at you for a long moment before speaking “I knew his secret… He took the opportunity, save my sister from that man” he said before vanishing once more, you taking a seat on the edge of your bed to regain your bearings, how the hell were you going to tell Wand that her husband killed her brother?
Later that night, you had asked Wanda to meet you outside the shop, shifting foot to foot as you waited for her, you two had gotten a lot closer over the past few days, to the point you were sure that she had tried to kiss you the other day, but you pushed that out of your head, knowing that right now you had to be there and tell her probably the worst news you could tell someone, jumping and looking towards her when she said your name.
“Hey, come inside with me?” You asked, leading her inside and taking a deep breath “Wanda, I know this is going to sound crazy… But, I need you to have an open mind as I tell you this… I see spirits, I talk to them and cross them over, I’m telling you this because you have a ghost… Your brother, Pietro… He wants to tell you something” You said, looking at her and watching at least five different emotions cross her face before she shook her head.
“No, you’re lying to me, I don’t know what scam you’re running here but I don’t believe it” Wanda said, pushing past you to leave “Tell her about the sitcoms we used to watch… How I watched them because they made her happy… Especially Dick Van Dyke” Pietro said, watching his sister and looking like he did before he died, you repeated what he told you and watched as she froze with her hand on the door “He’s really here?” She asked softly, turning to look at you with tears in her eyes “He is, he’s been stuck as an earthbound spirit for a while, he needs to tell you something… About how he died” you explained, leading her to the back room and sitting down on the couch with her.
After you explained what all you saw with Pietro’s vision, you watched as Wanda struggled to decide what she wanted to do, cry, get mad? She didn’t know… “He killed my brother?” Wanda finally whispered, her hands clinching into fists as she thought about it “How could-he knew-” she tried, flinching away from you when you tried to reach for her “Wanda!” You called when she stormed out “Leave her… I’ll keep an eye on her, let you know if something happens… I can’t cross over until I know she and the boys are safe” Pietro said before he vanished as well, feeling your heart sink at what will potentially happen next.
About a week passed before you heard anything, you had been half asleep when Pietro appeared in your room “He’s going to hurt her, hurry” he said, causing you to jump out of bed and call 911 as you quickly grabbed your jacket and pulled on some shoes, not even bothering locking your door as you shut it behind you, more worried about what could happen to Wanda if you didn’t get there soon.
“Wanda!” You shouted, pounding on the door when you got to their house “Wanda, answer me!” You shouted, pounding some more until the door opened to a sleepy Tommy “Mx. Y/N?” He asked sleepily, looking up at you with half closed eyes “Hey buddy, where’s your mom and dad?” You asked him gently, heading out back when he pointed to the back door.
When you got out there, you saw Vision and Wanda in each other’s face, but before you could get over to them, Vision grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the ground “Hey!” You shouted, going and grabbing Vision, roughly throwing him to the side, getting nailed in the nose by his elbow as he fell over, ignoring the pain that flared as you straddled him and started punching him, only stopping when Wanda pulled you off of him, blood running down his face and your nose and knuckles bloody, but you ignored all of that as you cupped her face “Are you okay?” You asked, not getting a response as she buried her face in your chest, the tears staining your shirt but you could care less, she was okay and she was in your arms now.
The next day, you were in your house with Wanda and the boys, the three of them staying with you for the time being, Wanda having told the police everything, Vision killing her brother and about how he attacked her after she confronted him about it, currently you had them all together to say their final goodbyes to Pietro so he could finally cross over.
“Tell the boys that they’ve grown a lot and that I’m so proud of them” Pietro said, grinning at the boys and watching as tears ran down their faces as you repeated his words “Tell them that I’ll always be with them… That I’ll be waiting for them on the other side” he said, going and resting his hands on the boys heads before gently caressing Wanda’s cheek, all three of them reacting to the touches “Tell the boys to listen to their mom and to eat their vegetables… Tell them I love them and… That the light isn’t so scary…” He said before he vanished for the final time “He’s gone” you said softly, brushing tears from your eyes as Wanda hugged her boys, feeling a sense of pride in yourself for being able to help them.
As time went on, you of course ran into more ghosts, helping the ones that you could cross over into the light and be at peace, one thing that didn’t change was Wanda’s presence in your life, the two of you started dating about two months after the whole Vision situation, then a year later the two of you got married, her and the boys helped you with ghosts every chance they got, especially Tommy, he always believed in that stuff and you confirming it made it even more true for him, you loved being able to have them at your side, you knew that more adventures were to come and with Wanda and the twins at your side, anything was possible.
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takenbypeter · a day ago
Tumblr media
Steven Grant x reader
Words: 318
Steven was not used to any displays of public affection really. So you can be sure that anytime you got affectionate he would become a flustered mess. You thought it was cute. The way he’d become a big ole, wreck, rambling anytime you showed him any form of affection. It was quite funny yet adorable. It was amusing to you, because even the simplest touch of hand holding, had a clear effect on him. 
Sometimes you forget the effect you had on the man. Only remembering once he’s already reacting. 
Steven was lively, going on about his favorite topic. You loved when he got like this, the light sparkling in his eye, the words coming so passionately out of his mouth. Maybe that’s why you found yourself taking closer steps towards the man while you two walked along the sidewalk. Or maybe that’s why you found yourself reaching for his hand. As soon as your skin touched his, his words stopped and his eyes shifted towards you brain malfunctioning for a moment. His words were suddenly choked in his throat as his mouth ran dry. You tilted your head, eyebrows forming a line of worry but he quickly scrambled to return to his line of thought.
He continued with bits and pieces, sort of rambling in circles. Until finally mid fact he said, “bloody, I’m talking in nonsense aren’t I?”
You brought the other hand up holding two fingers close to each other, “just a little bit.”
“Sorry, I still haven’t gotten used to it," he said sheepishly, eyes gazing down at your interlocked palms. You grinned at him before tugging on his hand a little, causing his attention to return to your face, “go on with your story." 
“I’ll try, but to be honest I don’t know if I can keep my focus,” he says and you giggle as he clears his throat before attempting to continue. 
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johnmurphyisqueer · a day ago
Promise of Cuddles | Bucky Barnes
bucky barnes x reader
Tumblr media
requested by anon: Bucky hurting himself accidentally a little (like a paper cut ) and he would be a whiny pouty baby so that the reader cuddles him and takes care of him? So like pouty!bucky x Reader? 🥺
Summary: Bucky hurts his finger and just wants cuddles.
A/N: AH ANOTHER BUCKY FIC FOR YOU ALL!! also im learning im horrible at titles
Warnings: a tiny bit of blood, and i think thats it but let me know if theres more.
Words: 320
“I hurt my finger.”
Bucky says, a small pout on his lips. There’s a small drip of blood on the cut but not much else. You gently grab his hand and look at it. You shake your head, amused, and pull him towards the sink where you take a clean cloth and wipe very softly at it. 
“This is what you’re pouting about?” You tease, “You’ve been through so much pain and this little cut is what gets to you?”
“It hurts, Y/N,” He whines, still pouting, “I need you to cuddle me to make me feel better.”
You know what he’s doing. He’s not sneaky or subtle. You laugh softly and grab a bandaid from the cupboard and put it over the small cut, not wanting to hurt him any more than needed.
“Alright, Buck, let’s cuddle-”
Suddenly, Bucky is pulling you up into his arms, holding you in a bridal carry. You cry out and wrap your arms around Bucky’s neck.
“Your finger must not hurt that badly, huh?” You joke, and he laughs as he throws you on the couch. You yell out in surprise and land safely. 
“What can I say? The promise of cuddles made the pain more bearable!” Bucky says dramatically, moving you and lying under you. He pulls you into him, his arms wrapped around your waist and his head on your neck. He kisses your neck softly and squeezes you. 
“You know you can just ask when you want to cuddle, right?” You tease, letting your hands rest on his. He nods against your neck and you laugh softly. 
“Okay, now shhhh,” He says, trying to pull you closer as if he’s trying to merge you both into one, “Sleep.”
“Sleep? It’s not just cuddles, now?” You say, laughing, and all he does is nod. 
You lean back on him and let him relax with you. He deserves it after everything.
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nowayhomerry · 2 days ago
marc spector rec list
Tumblr media
THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH MARC FICS OUT THERE. i hope all my marc lovers enjoy this list!
| fic rec masterlist |
she's my collar (18+) - @takenbyheartstrings
categories: smut
word count: 4.5k
summary: you and marc are in an argument, when things get a little too heated
moon struck | series - @softlybarnes
this is kinda both marc and steven but it's amazing so
part 1 part 2
categories: fluff, a bit of angst
word count: 16.6k (in total)
summary: steven asks you out, marc falls in love
deserve (18+) - @softlybarnes
categories: kinda sorta smut, fluff
word count: 4k
summary: marc never stays with you after he fucks you. you are better left in the hands of steven. this time he doesn't leave you
it's worth it, it's divine | series (18+) - @the-archxr
part 1 part 2
categories: SMUT
word count: 6.2k
summary: when hathor said she'd help give you a push, you weren't expecting to have marc, khonshu's avatar, moaning underneath you bybtue end of the night. but you certainly aren't complaining
sting (18+) - @laters-gators
categories: smut, fluff
word count: 3.5k
summary: marc relies on your amateur skills to patch him up following a brutal fight
softcore (18+) - @reysteve
categories: smut, fluff
word count: 3.5k
summary: marc is apparently having a breakdown in the middle of egypt, the good thing is that you're right there with him, the person he seems to hate the most in the world... or quite the opposite of that
cairo sunshine (18+) - @laters-gators
categories: smut
word count: 2.3k
summary: after arriving in egypt, you and marc sit in your underwear to ease the searing heat
all for love (18+) - @dont-feel-so-good-peter
categories: smut, hurt/comfort
word count: 12k
summary: marc spector was never good with his emotions. his trauma overtook a lot of his emotions at times. an argument breaks out and the moon boys hurt your feeling. and marc makes it up in various ways
what you want (18+) - @babyboibucky
categories: smut
word count: 2.8k
summary: marc doesn't like the idea of sharing you. not even with steven
a future without you - @mkfluffluv
categories: angst, hurt/comfort
word count: 3.2k
summary: marc lost you to the snap and after 5 years of dealing with his grief by maiming people, he finally gets you back
the first time (18+) - @youvebeenlivingfictional
categories: smut
word count: 3.1k
summary: the first time you and marc catch one another Ina tight spot, you both make it out by skin of your teeth. you're both wounded; you're both riled up as all hell
need you (18+) - @soonknight
categories: smut
word count: 1.3k
summary: you comfort marc post mission
across the stars - @jake-g-lockley
categories: fluff
word count: 1.5k
summary: how tf did you end up stargazing with marc spector?
unlikely - @arsonhotchner
categories: fluff
word count: 1.4k
summary: a look into how marc and you met
first - @bit-dodgy-innit
categories: fluff, little bit of angst
word count: 4.3k
summary: you fell in love first marc. it didn't mean you loved him more than his other alters, but when you notice he's hesitant to front after your daughter is born, you gently confront him about it and assure him
breakfast (18+) - @arsonhotchner
categories: fluff, smut
word count: 1.6k
summary: marc interrupts you when you're trying to make breakfast. and steven finishes up
how do i ask? (18+) - @howaboutcastiel
categories: smut
word count: 5.4k
summary: marc is usually the one to initiate sex. at this point, the reader downt even no how to seduce him (it usually doesn't require any effort) when the reader wants a change of pace from him, though, she must deal with the conundrum of being the one to make the first move
fix it - @ninebluehearts
categories: fluff
word count: 1k
summary: of course normal household appliances break while marc is away in cairo. now you're gonna have to fix them yourself
i like it when you say my name - @marc-spectorr
categories: fluff
word count: 1.3k
summary: you and marc try to come up with some baby names
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ghostofskywalker · 4 hours ago
Kiss Interrupted
Wanda Maximoff/Reader
Words: 1,291
Summary: After a small misunderstanding about your newly budding relationship, all you want to do is kiss your girlfriend. But unfortunately the fact that you live in the compound with the rest of the team means that your moments together aren’t always private.
this fic is a gift for @saiyanprincessswanie​, as a pick me up while you recover from surgery :) missy i’m sending positive vibes your way and i hope you enjoy it!
Wanda Maximoff Masterlist • Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
As the rest of the team laughed outside and enjoyed the nice weather and the newly installed pool, you were on a mission. The snacks from earlier had been brought inside and left unattended so the summer heat wouldn’t affect them too badly, and you really wanted another cookie. Or two.
Tony was fiercely protective of his baked goods, and despite the fact that you were the one who had made the cookies, you had only managed to snag one of them for yourself when everyone was eating earlier. The team’s “pool party” had been all but mandatory, and when you shared a living space with super soldiers and gods, sometimes it was best to hide things for yourself at the back of the cabinet. You were especially glad you did just that when you looked at the dessert tray as it was being brought inside, nothing but crumbs left on it.
The glass door closed behind you as you glanced back at the rest of the team, making sure no one had watched you go inside. The last thing you needed was Thor following you inside and then having to share your secret bounty with him (along with the fact that he towered over you, he had a pair of puppy eyes like you wouldn’t believe). The pantry door creaked slightly as you opened it, and you could see the corner of the plastic bag you used poking out from behind a box of crackers. When you reached in and retrieved your snack, you couldn’t help the smile that crossed your face. Six perfect cookies stared back at you, and there was no one to steal them from you.
Right as you finished the first cookie and were about to get started on the second, the door leading outside opened, and you watched as Wanda stepped inside. Thinking quickly, you moved the bag so that you were holding it behind your back and smiled at her. “What’s up?” you asked, trying to seem casual.
At first, she seemed slightly put off by the stilted way you spoke as you tried to hide your snacks. “Is everything okay?” she asked, a slightly worried expression on her face.
“Everything’s fine!” If she had been in any way convinced before, the way your voice jumped an octave probably didn’t help your case.
“Really?” she asked, inching closer to you. “Because I care about you, and if something is wrong you can tell me. Especially if we’re moving too fast.”
At that moment, it dawned on you that she had jumped to a (very reasonable) conclusion that was not the fact that you were trying to enjoy secret baked goods you had hidden for yourself while away from the rest of the team. “No, it’s not that,” you assured her. You didn’t really know how to describe your relationship with her, but it was a hell of a lot more than “just friends,” so she probably thought you wanted to get away from her in particular. The rest of the team didn’t know anything yet, so it wouldn’t be that hard to pull away from her if that’s what you wanted. It wasn’t what you wanted though, and you were going to make sure she knew that, even if it meant sharing some of your sweets.
“Are you sure?” she asked, stepping closer to you. “I understand if-”
“Wanda,” you cut her off gently, quickly placing the bag of cookies back in the cupboard before reaching out to take her hands in yours. “I don’t want to end what we have, I was just trying to eat the cookies I stashed aside for myself because I didn’t get any of them earlier.”
You could see the relief wash over her face, and she let out a small breath. “Of course,” she said softly. “I shouldn’t have assumed anything.”
“I would have done the same thing,” you assured her. “It’s completely fine.”
But right as you leaned in to kiss her, you heard the door slide open, and the two of you jumped apart. Clint stepped into the kitchen with an empty glass and nodded in your direction, humming quietly to himself. If he thought anything was off about the situation he had found you in, he didn’t say anything, instead choosing to head over to the fridge and take out a pitcher of water to fill his glass.
Good, you thought. He’ll be back outside in a few moments.
However, you soon realized that you were very wrong about that, because after he filled up his glass, he raised it up to his lips and took a few sips. That in itself wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if he hadn’t decided to then top off the glass once more.
You and Wanda were standing there, not sure what to do as Clint took his sweet time refilling his glass, taking a few sips, and then refilling it again. Eventually, you realized that he had to be doing this on purpose, there was no other reason he would stay here like this. “Anything wrong, Clint?” you asked quietly, and the archer turned to look at you.
“Not really, why do you ask?” he said, but you knew that he was well aware of what he had been doing.
You raised your eyebrows at him. “Don’t you think you’ve had enough then, water boy?”
“Why, so you can make out in the middle of the kitchen without anyone noticing?” At his words, Wanda’s cheeks flushed slightly, and you had to fight to keep a guilty expression off your face. “I know about you two,” Clint continued. “And I’m surprised I’m the only one, given the way you can’t seem to take your eyes off each other in any given situation.”
“No one else knows?” Your voice was one of both shock and relief.
Clint shook his head. “Nope. Not even Natasha, although she does have her suspicions about the two of you.”
You really didn’t want him going back outside and saying anything about what he had walked in on the two of you doing (even though you hadn’t actually been kissing when he stepped inside), so you sighed before you spoke again. “If I give you a cookie will you keep what you saw in here to yourself?”
He nodded earnestly, his eyes lighting up, and you pulled one of the cookies from your secret bag and handed it over to him. “I didn’t see anything,” he said as he took a bite of it and started to head back outside with his full glass of water.
As the door closed behind him, you looked out the window for any other team members that might be coming inside any time soon before turning back to Wanda. “I guess the moment is kind of ruined huh?”
She shook her head as she stepped closer to you, taking your hands in hers once more as she leaned in. “Nonsense,” she whispered right before she closed the last few inches between you.
The kiss was perfect, and you were both panting slightly by the time you had to pull away for air. But right as you were going to lean in for another one, you saw Sam and Bucky approached the door, and thankfully you were able to move back to the pantry to better hide your remaining cookies without looking suspicious. “Come to my room later?” you asked softly.
This was an established routine between the two of you at this point, as you often watched movies and fell asleep in each others’ beds. Wanda just smiled and nodded before turning back to head outside to the rest of your friends, you not far behind her.
- the end -
This is my sideblog. i reply to direct comments on this post from my main blog @fandomsandxfiles​​
I no longer have a taglist! If you're interested in being notified when I post, you can follow my library blog @ghostofskywalker-library​​ and turn on notifications!
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warenai · 20 hours ago
Steve: So, Nat how did you tell y/n that you liked them?
y/n: *confused*
Nat: Well...
Steve: because I really like Bucky but I don't know how to break the news to him
Nat: Yes, y/n, I really do like you
y/n: *blushes *
Steve: OH OH NO NO NO I'm sorry thought you guys were together because you guys always hang out I'm really sorry dude
Bucky, who is behind Steve: So you like me?
Steve: No wait
Bucky: No?
Steve: I mean yes!
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fbfh · 2 days ago
Okay but Tony would be such a good dad???? No matter how you're feeling or whats wrong he has this way of talking you through what's upsetting you and figuring out the right way to fix your problems. Especially if you have people pleasing tendencies or struggle to set boundaries, he will 100% back you up and make sure you're taking care of yourself. You just spent 10 minutes telling him what's got you so upset, you've tried everything you could think of, and he gently wipes your tears away and tells you in a loving firm voice (the kind where you know he's speaking in your defense, not at you) "I don't care about Lauren from chemistry class, I care about you." And god if that doesn't make you tear up again. He pulls you into a tight hug and rubs and pats your back and he even smells like such a dad it's just so comforting. "I love you, kid." He states, and you know it's true. You choke out that you love him too, and he tells you he knows. He holds you like that until you feel better, and when you finally pull away and he gets ready to make whatever calls he needs to to make life a little easier for you, he tells you with that element of humor and sarcasm that's usually present in his voice, "now go drink a big full glass of cold water, none of that child sized plastic bottle bullshit." He says, drawing a small laugh out of you. "You know, I could really go for a bagel right now. Why don't you order us a couple bagels from that place we went to last week, and one of those giant cookies with the m&ms." You laugh and agree and by the time your food gets there you can eat in peace, knowing your dad has this all under control.
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iamthecabbage · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⇀ the reason this is being posted so early is so that i have plenty of time to write and you have plenty of time to request. my kinktober event is request based, meaning you can send in a theme/plot for the event and i will write a drabble (...something that is less than 2k words...) that will be posted. this takes place during the entire month of october. though a kinktober event is typically incredibly nsfw focused you do not have to send in a kinky request's. it could be something halloween related, supernatural-esc, fall themed...i am well aware that i have some followers who are completely uninterested in sex and nsfw related fics and i want all of you to be included as well. so as long as it's somewhat follows a similar theme than it's totally fine. ↼
Tumblr media
⇀ since there are only thirty - one days in october i am only taking the first thirty - one requests that i get - if you send in a request and it doesn't get put into the event i will always communicate that with you and some sort of compromise and be worked out (...like it can be included into my regular request schedule...) so don't be afraid to ask about the event or to send anything in ↼
⇀ obviously a lot of these requests are going to be nsfw, i ask that you don't get very out there with the request nothing incredibly taboo please, i still consider myself to be a pretty new nsfw writer and i am using this event to get more comfortable with it. if you send in a request that i am uncomfortable writing i will communicate that with you and a compromise can be made. the easiest way to make sure that your request will be written is to look at the regular list of rules on my pinned post or to just ask me directly if i am comfortable with something ↼
⇀ this event is open to all the fandoms i write for, so you can look at my masterlist for specifics. most characters that are a part of those fandoms are open for requests even if they are not on the list, that just means i haven't thought about writing for them yet ↼
⇀ i will only write for a character twice in this event. this is because i know that certain characters i write for are more popular, and i don't want to write thirty - one days of the same character lol. an example of what i mean is; kyojuro rengoku can only have two requests written in this event. this will be communicated with requesters and i will put on THIS post who you can no longer request for. so check back here before you send something in. you can send in a multiple requests but please don't request the same person twice so other people have a chance ↼
⇀ when you send a request in please specify that it is for this event or else it won't be part of the event and will instead be seen as a regular request and therefore won't be posted in october ↼
Tumblr media
⇀ kyojuro rengoku | NO spots open ↼
⇀ tengen uzui | NO spots open ↼
⇀ giyuu tomioka | one spot open ↼
⇀ shinjuro rengoku | one spot open ↼
⇀ sanemi shinazugawa | one spot open ↼
⇀ akaza | two spots open ↼
⇀ doma | two spots open ↼
⇀ eren yeager | one spot open ↼
⇀ jean kirstein | one spot open ↼
⇀ aaron hotchner | one spot open ↼
⇀ ben hargreeves | one spot open ↼
⇀ bucky barnes | one spot open ↼
⇀ kento nanami | one spot open ↼
⇀ sukuna | NO spots open ↼
Tumblr media
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novanitee · a day ago
Doctor Strange x reader
Another time
Tumblr media
Two beings stood in the middle of an empty field. A man and a woman, the woman's long brunette hair blowing behind her, the boys short black hair askew from the powerful wind. He looked down at the shorter woman and gazed into her ocean blue eyes, she gazed back into his green ones.
This was the end, the end of their story. They both knew it. She could feel the magic of the portal behind her trying to drag her in, she couldn't hold on for much longer. This was the only way to save everything and everyone, if she went to whole other universe this one would be safe without her. She had to leave him here, it was the only way. He looked into her eyes and teared up, finally realising he would never see her again. He would never see his love's face, never feel her touch and never kiss her again.
"I can't let you go." She whispered as tears streamed down her pale face.
"I'll never..." She took in a deep breath and let more tears fall before she continued.
"I'll never see you again." She sobbed out as he held onto her hands. The powerful magic creating a strong wind around them.
"This is the end my love, our story had to end at some point. You knew this day would come. Please, you need to be strong. You need to let go." He whispered barely getting his words out. She realised that this moment was all they had, she realised how quickly it would end and how soon it would just become a distant memory. The last chapter, the last word of the story.
"I love you." She whispered as he wiped away her tears.
"I love you too, forever." He replied making her cry even more. She knew she had to let go, she didn't want to, with all her heart and soul she didn't want to. But she had to. It was time, time to close the book and end their story.
"You have to let go now." He muttered, she nodded and looked into his eyes for the last time.
"Goodbye, my love." She managed to whisper the last words as their hands began to let go. Everything they had gone through, the love they had shared, the battles fought and the darkness they had conquered. It was over, it was in the past, those times were chapters away lost in words and pages. Soon this moment would be the same, just a distant heartache.
She cast one last glance at her love and let go of his hands.
And that was it, the moment was over, the story had ended. She drifted away from him to another land where a new story would begin, a story without him.
Looking back on it, she wishes she could pause that moment. Just be with him for eternity in that last page. But like any story, you read it, finish it, think about it for some time and then it slowly fades from your mind. This story would to fade from her mind, the character she loved so dearly would fade along with it in time.
So many years since she was in that last moment, as much as she hated it even his face was starting to fade. She used to be able to map out every freckle, every scar on his face. But now, she could barely remember his eyes or his voice. She convinced herself for so long that it wasn't forever, that one day she would see him again, hold him again. He warned her of this, warned her not to torture herself with memories of someone that didn't even exist anymore. Someone that has been written out of the story so long ago.
It's ok to let go now, it's ok to move on. He may fade from her mind, but that feeling in her heart would never falter. Their story may have ended and their book burnt to ash. But part of that girl still remained in this new character, that love he gave her remained and would forever remain.
It's time to close the book, let the words fade with time, let the pages turn to dust and let those characters you loved so much, let them fade from your mind.
It had been so long since that time. The girl didn't remember any of it now, just small flashbacks and nightmares of that past life. She looked a lot different now, more scars on her body and her hair now black. She thought she was just a simple human living her life, working and living in the city. Just another cog in the machine of life, but behind that she was so much more; an ancient warrior from another universe, a slave, a princess, an angel, a demon and so much more than just a human. But still she awoke everyday, dressed and went to work like any other human. Because she simply didn't remember that past, perhaps it was a positive thing. That life brought a lot of pain and heartache for her, in this life she isn't tortured or afraid, she can just live without those painful memories.
"Morning Y/N." Her coworker greeted her as she smiled. Such a simple human name, Y/N. A lot different then her real name, Astraea. Such beauty and power contained within one word, I suppose Y/N suited her now. Astraea was a warrior name, definitely not suited to the simple human she was now. (Sorry to roast you so hard)
She worked in a cafe in the middle of the city, she enjoyed the atmosphere, her regulars and watching the people go off to their own lives.
She was attending to her usual duties when she heard the ding of the bell over the door.
"Oh sorry, we're not open just yet." She muttered as she looked up to see a young man entering. She paused for a moment when she saw him, something in her heart ached. His eyes drew her in. His dark hair and green eyes stirred something within her.
"Oh I'm so sorry." He apologised as she snapped back to reality.
"I feel like we've met before, but it seems to have slipped from my mind." Y/N whispered as she chuckled lightly. He just smiled at her kindly.
"Perhaps we met in a dream once, I'm afraid I live miles from this city so I've never been here." He replied making her blush lightly. There was something about him.
"Anyway, I best be going. Maybe we will meet again another time." The young man said before making his leave. Suddenly an imaged flashed through her mind, it was her, she was covered in blood and wounds, screaming and crying. She gasped and brought herself back to reality as her coworker Kate looked at her with worry.
"Are you ok?" Kate muttered, Y/N nodded and took in a deep breath.
"Yeah, sorry." She mumbled before going back to her tasks.
After a while they opened up the small cafe as a few people made their way inside.
"She was a warrior, look at her now. Pathetic." The lady in front her said as she looked at her in shock.
"What did you just say?" Y/N asked, the old lady just smiled.
"I said one coffee with no cream." The lady replied as Y/N shook off the strange comment. Y/N went back to serving customers, she was focus on the orders she needed to make when she suddenly looked up to see a familiar man. Another image flashed through her mind.
It was the same from before, her bloodied and wounded but now she looked up and that man was there holding a sword in front of her. Y/N gasped and quickly excused herself. She hid in the back of the cafe as she took in deep breaths.
"It's not real." She muttered to herself. She couldn't stop her hands from shaking, she kept convincing herself that it was just her mind playing tricks. Deep down she knew it was more than that.
"Trying to figure out where you know me from?" She heard a voice say as she looked beside her to see the man, she was about to scream when he covered her mouth.
"Now, I wouldn't do that if I were you dear. It took me a long time to find you, he hid you very well." The man said as Y/N shook with fear. She managed to push him off of her and went to run away when suddenly the cafe changed, she looked around to see herself in a dull abandoned warehouse.
"Please, I don't think I'm the right person you're looking for. I don't understand anything you're saying." Y/N pleaded as the man chuckled.
"Stephen made you forget as well, how sweet." He said while he chuckled a little.
"You really don't remember me Astraea? You're mine, you loved me very much and I loved you very much." He continued as she looked at him in fear.
Somehow this trickster had found her, he was lying. She never loved this monster and she never would, but now that she had no memory he saw the opportunity to make her love him. He had fought Stephen for a long time, fought for her love. But his idea of love was a lot different than Stephen's, it was manipulative and forceful.
"Loki." Y/N heard another man say as she looked up to see the same young man from the coffee shop.
"Please you have to help me!" Y/N shouted as she tried to run at the man but Loki stopped her and kept her in his strong grip.
"You shouldn't be here Loki." The young man growled making Loki laugh.
"Neither should you Stephen but here we are." Loki growled.
"We don't belong in this universe, leave her and return to your home. She doesn't remember her past and that's what she deserves, she deserves to live a normal happy life." Stephen said as Y/N looked at him in confusion, so many questions ran throughout her mind.
"No! She deserves to remember and belong to me!" Loki shouted, Y/N managed to break free and ran for Stephen as he quickly placed her behind him.
"Last chance Loki, leave. If you truly love her you will see that this is what is best." Stephen replied, Y/N looked over at Loki in fear.
"She won't ever remember again, she is happy here. Happy without those memories, let her be Loki." Stephen tried to bargain with the man. Loki seemed to think for a moment, perhaps there was some part of his darkened soul that wanted the best for her.
"Fine, but we aren't done Stephen. I'll leave her be for now." He growled before disappearing into thin air. Y/N was pale and shaking as Stephen looked down at her.
"It's ok, you're safe now. I'm sorry Astraea." He whispered running his thumb over her cheek. He had missed his love so much since that day, he just came back to make sure she was happy and living a good life. He hadn't meant for Loki to follow him, but now he had to leave her again. Truly leave for good this time.
"Is there any part of you that wants to remember again?" He whispered, Y/N looked up into his brown eyes and shook her head.
"No, if it's anything like my nightmares and visions. I never want to remember that time again, I am free here and happy." Y/N replied making him smile, it made him sad but also happy. He knew their story had ended long ago, and it was time for her to continue her new one.
"I'll let you be Y/N, I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours. Goodbye." Stephen whispered before snapping his fingers, suddenly she was back in the cafe serving another customer. Stephen erased her memory of the day, he made sure she would have no more nightmares or visions of that place. Made sure she would stay happy. And with that he was gone from her universe and she was happy again, happy living a normal human life.
But that's the thing about their story, it was never meant to end. Yes, the first book was finished and done with, but now.
Well now, they were just starting the second book together. Neither had a clue of what was about to happen.
Her world would soon crumble before her and she would begin a whole new chapter, she would shed the normal human life she had and be a warrior once again. Perhaps Stephen would return to save his love, and once again their fates would be intertwined.
But that's for another book isn't it.
Another time.
Another page.
Another story.
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