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#marvel x reader

My bi ass 😍 (it was so hard to find a gif of Peter and MJ wtf) (also this might just be the first part bc it was getting super long)


Originally posted by spidey-chelles

  • Peter and MJ weren’t technically mates
  • Maybe in another lifetime, where Peter was an Omega, but not here, not now
  • They were just friends, Alphas friends with Betas
  • Their school didn’t have many Omegas, most of them were in Omega homes
  • But Tony Stark wouldn’t let his only daughter go to one of those homes
  • So, he sent her to the school his little prodigy was at
  • The moment Y/N Stark walked through the doors, Peter and MJ both dropped their shit
  • The most amazing smell filled their nostrils, their mouths watering
  • Frantically, they searched around for the source of the smell, but locked eyes instead
  • “You smell it too”
  • They both nodded
  • Equal growls were pulled from their throats
  • “Mine!” Both Alphas roared
  • They growled at each other and readied themselves for a fight when the girl with the sweet smell walked past
  • Both Alphas stopped to sniff
  • “Omega!” They both growled
  • Y/N stopped walking
  • Her back went stiff and she remained frozen in place
  • Sensing the Omegas distress, MJ surged forward and placed her hand on her shoulder
  • Y/N melted against her touch
  • “Alpha,” she whispered and turned around, moving her body closer to MJ
  • “It’s okay, Omega. I’m here”
  • Peter growled
  • “Alpha”
  • Those words sent a shock through him
  • Y/N was his mate, he could feel it in his soul
  • His mate was holding another Alpha
  • “Alpha,” she said again and looked up from MJ’s shoulder
  • Her eyes locked with Peter and he shuddered
  • “Alpha,” he moved towards her and took her into his arms
  • Peter rubbed his nose against her scent gland, “Omega,” he whispered, “I can’t believe I’ve finally found you”
  • “I-” she pushed him away
  • “I have two mates”
  • She backed away from the two of them, her hand settling on the plush strap of her backpack
  • “It shouldn’t be possible, I can’t have two mates”
  • And then she ran
  • The two Alphas spent the day looking for her while trying to go about things normally
  • If anybody knew she was an Omega, she would be screwed, they had to keep their cool 
  • They growled at each other as they moved from class to class
  • Eventually MJ cornered him
  • “Stop growling at me for five minutes and listen”
  • Peter, the lower Alpha of the two, stopped his growl and averted his eyes to the floor
  • “Good. We need to work together to find the Omega. She could be anywhere by now, alone and scared”
  • And so, the Alphas teamed up
  • They worked together, followed their noses, searched every crevice until they finally found the Omega
  • She was behind the school, hidden away in a dark corner. Her knees were pulled up to her chest and her eyes were puffy
  • Both Alphas stopped and just observed her
  • She was terrified, her body still shaking
  • “What’re you doing out here, little one?” MJ asked softly. She sat down beside the Omega and reached for her trembling hand
  • The Omega flinched away
  • “Hey,” Peters voice was barely above a whisper. “We’re not here to hurt you, Omega”
  • “Alpha,” Y/N whispered through a fresh set of tears
  • She looked at her mates and opened her arms
  • Both Alphas threw themselves against her, caging her against their arms. They nuzzled into her neck and tightened their arms around her
  • “I’m sorry I ran,” she whispered and they finally looked up at her. “I just got scared over the impossibility of this. How is it biologically possible for me to have two mates? Are you each other’s mate as well?”
  • The Alphas looked at each other. They hadn’t been growling since they first found her
  • “I’m Peter,” he said, his arms securely around her
  • “My names MJ,” her head was in Y/N’s neck
  • “I’m Y/N,” she squeeked and shut her eyes, basking in her Alpha’s attention. “So, how is this gonna work?” Her eyes were wide, cheeks dusted with pink
  • Both Alphas looked at each other. “I don’t know,” he said and kissed the top of her head. “But we’re gonna work it out ‘Mega”
  • “We’re gonna work it all out”
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1 - “I love you.” “Tell me that when you’re sober.
7 - “Is that blood?” “Yes but that doesn’t matter right now, what does is-” “You are literally bleeding.
47 -“I wasn’t lying when I told you that I loved you.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 953

* * * * * *

Everything is spinning. Or at least that’s what it feels like. 

Opening your eyes to the bright white light, your head lulls to the side, seemingly heavier than usual. Trying to push yourself up barely works but you feel your fingers twitch when you move them, almost like they’re coming awake as well. 

When a pressure increases around your hand, you look over, eyes finding a familiar redhead. Her head rests on your leg, hand wrapped around yours. 

With her face pressed against your leg, her cheeks are mushed and in rare form, the ex-assassin looks incredibly adorable. 

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∘◦ ☆ ◦∘Warnings: Mature themes, language, fluff-ish. (Smut later in the story)

∘◦ ☆ ◦∘Masterlist

∘◦ ☆ ◦∘Summary: After Peter graduates high school, he is set to attend the Science and Technology Division of S.H.E.I.L.D Academy, and there, he finds one of the most brilliant girls he’s ever met, and he starts to fall head over heels.

∘◦ ☆ ◦∘A/N: We need a smart girl for a smart boy. :)


Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

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Originally posted by softtroublemaker

Summary: This is why Bruce doesn’t go to parties…or date. Or maybe it’s the reason he should?

Rating/Warnings: All (some reference to alcohol abuse)

Challenge:  "25 days of Christmas" Challenge by Sweet-n-Chaotic on Lunaescence Archives.


Bruce Banner, as a rule, never attended parties. The Other Guy didn’t like all the noise or the crowding or the drinking. Better to keep a low profile than go green in the middle of the festivities, Bruce figured. He had spent the previous week trying to convince his best friend (and landlord) to let him sit the Avengers Christmas party out to no avail. Maybe he would have been granted a reprieve, too, if Bruce’s girlfriend hadn’t decided to get on the party bandwagon.

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A Reason To Stay Part 2- Hela X Female! Reader


requested by @nyx-aira

warning: just fluff, hela x female! enhanced reader:) (it’s kinda short, sorry)

summary: hela decided to stay and she’s actually having a good time

word count: 218


Hela has only been in midgard for a month, but it has already been a task.

She had to meet the avengers, most of your friends and many others. As well, she gave up her life in asgard.


She was walking out of her room that she shared with you in the compound. You were on a mission with bucky and natasha.

Of course she was worried about you but she would never tell you. I mean, you were 3 months pregnant. If it was up to hela, you wouldn’t be anything.


She was reading in your room when you walked in the door. She looked up at you and flipped the page. “How was the mission?” You smiled. “It went well. I didnt get hurt so that’s a plus.” She rolled her eyes. “Look, if it helps, i don’t have any more for the rest of the month.” She scoffed. “You shouldn’t have any at all.” You smiled and cuddled into her. “Thank you for caring.” She smiled softly. “Why wouldn’t i?”

tag list:

@marvels-writings @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @marvelettez-1 @emmaloo21 @ssebstann @masevein @peggycarter-steverogers

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I know I’ve mentioned this once upon a time, but for my stories that have tag lists, please tell me if I forgot to add you in any future updates. I didn’t remove you for any reason, I promise, I (like mentioned above) just forgot to add you or I overlooked you when putting together the tag list.

So… yeah just let me know please.


Originally posted by sassy-beluga

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I just need to say that it’s sad and actual bullshit that there isn’t more plus size!reader fan fiction on this website or other fan fiction websites. And there isn’t much POC either. It sucks and it’s hurtful and it’s like being sat on the sideline while the starter players get all the glory. I still love the Winchesters, Marvel characters, Star Wars characters, etc. just as much as any thinner person does. We deserve to feel seen and heard and wanted in these fanfics just as much as any other person. I’ve read hundreds of fanfics, and while they’re all brilliantly made and written, I would say total I’ve read about 10 plus size ones. I recently have been reading Poe Dameron fics. A lot. And I’ve seen 3, 3!!!, plus size fics total. That is so unacceptable and total bullshit.

And the ones I have read have all been about how the reader or ‘y/n’ is self-conscious about her body or others talk about her body negatively. And that’s not much better. Although it’s awesome that the love interest comforts them and let’s them know they’re loved, that isn’t what it’s like to be a plus size woman every day. We aren’t self-conscious bubbles that are afraid to pop. We’re fucking kick-ass women as well. Write a fan fiction where the reader is confident as shit and knows, all though she has imperfections and not the most amazing body, that her body is still kick ass and she’s proud of the body she has. And depending on the fandom, she may even be able to use it to her advantage. Give me fan fiction where there isn’t any self-loathing but instead a plus size reader telling a thinner/skinnier girl that her body is amazing too. It doesn’t always have to be a skinny person comforting a bigger person. I am on the heavier side of plus size, I am an on the bigger end of the spectrum. And I’m not saying to dismiss mid-size plus size people. They still count as plus size. But you write about them is if they’re the only type of plus size body. And when you write about them, you talk about their accentuated curves and body as it is a gift. Which it is. Love the body you’re in! But you can’t then write about a true plus plus size girl as if she’s any less. I don’t want to sit and imagine a plus size body or skinny body that I know I don’t have. Move past the beginner plus size body and talk about the bigger ones as well.

And if you don’t know how to write for plus size people but want to try, don’t be afraid to ask questions. I can’t tell you how many people on this site would be willing to just explain what it’s like to be a plus size person on an average day. Send out asks, make posts asking for plus size advice and or confirmation of things. Fuck I mean just send me a message or an ask and I will gladly tell you. Don’t be afraid to grow your writing and your base with new material and new body sizes. It’s important because then it makes everyone feel included and seen and you’re reaching an even bigger base! You want to know what it’s like for me to see my curves and sometimes hate them but then the next day fucking adore them because I can rock a dress others can’t? I’ll tell you. You wanna know what it’s like to wear a bikini and know that even though I look different, I still look just as good? I got you. Are you interested in how I do my hair and makeup so that it accentuates my good features that I love while taking away from the pudge or double chin I so clearly know I have? I’ll write an essay. Interested in how sometimes I don’t like my gut but my thighs make the perfect plate and computer resting place and is a great pillow for animals and heads a like? Bro have I got you. I’ll tell you anything you need to know, comfortable or uncomfortable. It’s so gotdamn important, especially in today’s society, to include everyone.

In conclusion: Write More Plus Size Fanfiction!!!!

Feel free to share, like, and reblog!

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∘◦ ☆ ◦∘Warnings: Slight nudity (no smut), language, a hurt Peter

∘◦ ☆ ◦∘Masterlist

∘◦ ☆ ◦∘Summary: Peter wins a fight, but is badly wounded, and goes to your apartment for help.

∘◦ ☆ ◦∘A/N: I hate seeing Peter take a hit. So if I can help him fictionally, this makes me feel better. Welcome to my coping mechanism. 


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A/N: sorry, I almost forgot about this one! it was sent last week and got buried under the votes for Repercussions lmao. thanks for the request! (Sad Song 4)

warnings: alcohol use, implied cheating


The sheets felt cold without the heat radiating from your body beside her. Maybe she’d be so lucky as to have you spend the night if she hadn’t gone too far with the shots of vodka and touched Wanda so intimately. Maybe then, you’d want to be around her.

Her stomach turned and she couldn’t close her eyes for longer than the length of a blink. She was exhausted, but terrified to fall asleep and see something worse than your disappointed gaze seared into her memory. So she waited for the sunrise instead, and tried not to think about how angelic your bare skin would appear in the golden light that washed over the bed.

After a couple days of taking some time to cool off, you agreed to meet her in a public setting, wanting to pick the least romantic place and somehow forgetting that Natasha could be enamored with you anywhere.

“I missed you too,” you told her just over the chattering crowd when her watery eyes met yours over the table. She stopped herself from reaching out to grab your hand when you put down your coffee mug, and the two of you sat in an awkward silence.

Somehow in the unspoken words, Natasha found out exactly what you were thinking. You’d been pushed too close to the edge by her reckless behavior and decided to step away, leaving her to fall over into the mess she created and hate herself for letting it get this far.

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Originally posted by bruce-stanners

Headcannons for dating Bruce Banner

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Warnings: Lots of fluff, one (1) f-word, mentions of sex, overall pretty tame tho


-Watching science documentaries together

-Bruce likes space ones

-You likes nature ones

-Who am I kidding, you both like either type

-You always end up watching both

-Cuddling in one recliner because what’s the point in taking the couch when your gonna end up in each others arms anyway?

-Having a bowl of popcorn sit right where your laps meet so you both can get to it


-Really cozy pjs tbh

-You don’t feel the need to buy fancy pjs or lacey things because Bruce is so fucking hooked

-Playing with his curls cuz who wouldn’t?

-Watching Mythbusters when you wanna laugh

-You both randomly turn your heads at any moment, surprising the other with a peck on the cheek and a grin

-“Bill Nye the science guy” being an inside joke

-It’ll be dead silent and one of you will whisper it and burst out laughing

-Tony poking fun at y’all for being so touchy for a couple that doesn’t have sex

-Reader poking right back at Tony.

-“Cuddling is for after sex, not all the time.”

-“Says the guy who fights with his girlfriend every other week”

-Bruce trying not to laugh cuz Tony may be his science bro but *you’re not wrong*


Please consider liking or reblogging if you liked this! Thought I’d try something new, so tell me what you thought.

Send in requests if you have them, please! I don’t bite 💗

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Originally posted by justapeiceofshit

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) Masterlist

Summary: All you wanted was for her to look at you the same way she looked at him. But even that you couldn’t have. 

Word Count: 857

A/N: Brain barf, enjoy it!

It hurt, watching them act so comfortable with each other, knowing they would never be more. But she still kept trying to be enough for him. The touches, the smiles, the way she was looking at him, it was all killing you.

She left you in the middle of a story you were telling just because he looked a little bit confused about where to be. You were almost tempted to leave, but she glanced towards you, wanting you to stay. Sighing, you leaned back on the couch.

Wanda fawned over him, her arm trailing down his forearm gently, almost as if she could break him. He smiled down at her nervously, almost inching away before she pulled him into a hug. Her hands came up to his neck, hugging him tightly.

Vision’s arms wrapped around her waist, reassuring her awkwardly. His eyes darted everywhere else, not wanting to be there. Wanting to be anywhere else but there, while all Wanda wanted was to be with him. He pushed her away lightly with a smile, assuring her softly.

She smiled at him as if he had given her the world. The world was what you were willing to give her, but she didn’t want it. She still chose him, after everything. Even after he proved that he didn’t want her, didn’t want a relationship as a whole, she still kept on trying.

You couldn’t blame her, it was what you were doing, after all, holding out hope for someone who wouldn’t be yours.

A month had passed since she asked him out, you thought he would say yes, it’s what you would have done. But he said no, wanting to be friends instead. She still went after him, wanting to change his mind, or clinging onto what she could make out of it, you didn’t know.

Wanda turned away from him towards you, you bit your lip tightly as you held in sarcastic comments as she came back over to you. She asked you what you had been saying before, but you waved her off silently, choosing to enjoy what you could make of this instead.

But she asked again, with a soft smile you couldn’t resist. Letting yourself play the fool again, you began telling the story. Carelessly, you added in small parts to make it a little funnier, a little better, a little more enjoyable just to see her laugh.

Joking about it, tears began to fall from her eyes at the story you wove together. It was what you were best at, weaving together stories that no one knew were real or not. For all they knew, it was a lie you made up on the spot. More often than not, it was.

Every lie was worth it if it could make her laugh this hard. Her face red, tears forming in her eyes as a result.

‘He could never do this’ ran through your head as you laughed. A string ran through your chest as you remembered that this didn’t matter. Ignoring it, you chuckled and leaned back into the couch. Your entire body tensed when you felt her hand resting on top of yours.

Her fingers laced through yours gently, finding comfort in holding your hand. You let her, treasuring the contact more than you thought. Every time, you kept telling yourself to move away, to avoid this, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t bring yourself to, instead killing a small part of yourself just to make her happy.

Conversation flowed smoothly between the two of you, just like it always did. Heart pounding in your chest, you thought of asking her out. The way she looked at you made it all the more tempting. What if she said no? What if you lost what you were trying to cling onto?

You stayed quiet, scared of breaking the moment. Biting your lip tightly, you almost let the words slip from your lips when he came again.

Wanda turned to him instantly, excited as her hand left yours to face him. 

You let out a soft breath, clenching your fingers into a fist as you tried to look away. Your eyes strayed to both of them on the couch, watching the same, shy smile play on her lips as her eyes shone with something you didn’t want to see.

Licking your lips, you clenched your jaw tightly. All you wanted was for her to look at you the same way she looked at him. Fingernails dug into your palms as you tried not to focus on it, the pain becoming a small distraction from it.

Funny how all of the lies you spun together, everything you did, none of it mattered when she set eyes on him. You chuckled, an almost broken chuckle, unable to hold it back from leaving you. Somehow, you managed to find this funny.

This whole, messed-up state, you found it funny. And in some broken sense, it was, to see the only person you want to look at someone else like they were the world. Nothing you did could change it, you could just make the best of it.

A/N: this was all the emotion i felt on friday dumped into a blender and perfected over two days, tell me what you think!!

Tag List: @capcarolsdanver, @versdan​, @lesbian-girls-wayhaught​, @lovebotlarson, @dhengkt​, @hstoria​, @natasha-danvers​, @veryfunnyal​, @xxxtwilightaxelxxx , @ophelias-heart​  , @never-didbefore​ , @justarandomhumanhere, @the-most-unicorn-of-them-all , @thatssocamryn​ , @lesbian-x-blackwidow , @marvelbbyx​ , @wlw-imaginesss​ , @hcartbyheart​ , @summergeezburr , @imnotasuperhero​  , @a-stressedstudent​ , @aaron-despair​ , @rooskaya-yelena , @dynnealberto , @thewitchandtheassassin​ , @wannabe-fic-reader , @izalesbean, @higherfurther-romanova    let me know if you’d like to be in any of my tag lists!

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A/N: thanks for the request! (Sad Song 4)

warnings: sex and alcohol use mentions


Working under someone like Fury, love was never something that crossed her mind, at least not in a way that was permanent. On her rare days off, she suffocated the fires of need in her heart under a lover’s sheets, one night at a time. Then she met you.

She treated you like nothing to avoid you becoming everything, and she realized it backfired when she found herself unable to put out the flames you lit. Sex meant nothing with the person under her if it wasn’t you, and it was never you, so she went home a lot of nights to finish herself off.

The longer she denied the way you’d infiltrated her life, the more she noticed the happiness of others that gave into their feelings. Every intimate moment she stumbled across in public stirred a loneliness inside of her she’d never expected. It wasn’t until she had a talk with Natasha one night over drinks that she admitted to herself she wanted all of you, all the time. Something permanent.

Something that she waited too long to chase after.

“Does that scare you?”

She looked over the redhead’s shoulder to see you, gazing at Carol like she hung the stars and the moon just to bring you joy.

“I don’t want to be alone.”

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  1. Making hot chocolate after playing in the snow 
  2. Making snow angels 
  3. Buying a Christmas tree 
  4. Ringing up the Christmas lights 
  5. Buying presents 
  6. Watching Christmas movies 
  7. Going to a Christmas party 
  8. Cuddling next the fire 
  9. Dancing to Christmas music in the middle of the living room 
  10. Putting the tree up 
  11. Hang the garland up 
  12. Hang the stockings up 
  13. Hang a wreath up 
  14. Wrapping Christmas presents 
  15. Going to look at Christmas lights 
  16. Singing Christmas songs 
  17. Stand under the mistletoe 
  18. Make and decorate a gingerbread house 
  19. Make Christmas cards 
  20. Going Ice Skating 
  21. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater 
  22. Decorate sugar cookies 
  23. Go sledding 
  24. Build a snowman 
  25. Open up Christmas presents
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A/N: yessss I love this song! thank you for this. (Sad Song 4)


Perhaps there was something wretched about sitting on a patio at midnight and going through a photo album that your ex-girlfriend made as an anniversary gift, but you didn’t care. It was all you had left of your relationship, and you’d hold onto it as long as your heart could stand.

The first picture that caught your eye was your first date. Wanda had never been to a carnival, so you dragged her there after keeping it a secret for a week, which is hard to do around a mind reader. It was all worth it, seeing her eyes brighten in a way that had nothing to do with the flashing lights, and you swore to yourself that you’d find the courage one day to kiss her.

Luckily for you, she heard this promise and beat you to it.

Snapshots from other dates followed that one, with a few pictures of the two of you in bed mixed in, both safe for work and not. You tried not to linger on the more intimate ones, not feeling great about gazing at a body you no longer had access to.

You were nearing the end of the album when you heard a laugh, her laugh, one that used to only come out around you. Turning your head to peer through the glass door, you caught a glimpse of Wanda stumbling in with her new love, and you blinked to clear the image of the last time you’d come home holding her hand. Closing the book in your lap, you brought your attention to the night sky above you and sighed.

One day you’ll be coping as well as she seems to be. Until then, you have your photographs.

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A/N: hi! I’m going with Natasha since someone requested this song before you for her. thanks to both of you for the request! this really made me want to write a full comfort fic (Sad Song 4)

warnings: mention of deceased parent, grieving reader


A quiet curse from the kitchen caused Natasha to look up from her phone curiously, and a few more brought her to her feet to go investigate. The sight of you furiously stirring at whatever was inside the pot was humorous, until she focused a bit more and noticed the shakiness of your hands.

“You know, we can just order something in.”

“It’s fine, I’ll fix it,” you grumbled as you stirred faster.

“Okay, at least let Wanda help y—”

“I said I’ll fix it!” You turned as the spoon flung out of your grasp and into the nearest wall, tears building in your eyes and spilling down your cheeks. “Wanda can’t do anything because she wasn’t there! She didn’t know my m—she doesn’t know the recipe.”

You were on your knees sobbing faster than Natasha could react but quickly pulled into her hold when she did get to you, a heavy sigh leaving her lips when she realized what today was. Exactly a year ago, you lost your mother, and everyone thought it was strange that you didn’t fall apart over someone you loved so dearly. It was now, as she reached over to turn off the stove with the arm that wasn’t anchoring your shuddering form to her chest, that she realized you were forcing yourself to hold it together.

“You don’t have to hide your feelings, baby. Not with me,” she mumbled as she left a kiss on your forehead.

She knew you couldn’t hear her, and that even if you did, you wouldn’t listen. So she held you until your tears ran out, wiped them away, and prayed that you’d trust her with them more often.

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A/N: hi! sorry you (and everyone else) had to wait so long, but I hope you still like it! ended up going with Natasha. (Sad Song 4)


Your eyes were glued to the horizon, watching the sun make its appearance for the day from the rooftop of the compound. The chilly air forced its way even through the thick fleece jacket covering you, and yet you had to imagine it was colder in your room.

“You’ve been here all night?”

A statement phrased as a question, a clever way to get you to respond to her. You stayed silent, informing her without a single word that you refused to take part in her games.

“Baby, please.” Her steps were silent, but her sigh indicated that she’d drawn closer. “Talk to me, even if it’s yelling.”

“You know that closing statement that lawyers give in court to juries? The one that can help determine whether or not the ruling is guilty or not guilty? That’s what I need from you.”

Your eyes found hers as you stood up and turned around, coming close enough for her to touch you and standing rigid enough to discourage her from doing so.

“Because right now, you’re guilty of absolutely shattering my heart, and I need one hell of a statement to convince me that you won’t do it again.” You cut her off before she could speak. “Not yet. Right now, I need some sleep. Alone.”

Her gaze followed you as you went inside, blurring with tears she’d been holding in since the moment she realized she hurt you. And what a mistake that was.

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