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#captain america x reader
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The Winter Soldier x Captain America x female reader
Summary: Hydra needs some important information, sending you to get them from their prisoner, the famous Captain America. But the Winter Soldier doesn’t like sharing what’s his.
Words: 3.1k
Warning: explicit smut, minors dni, non-con, fmm-threesome, (kinda) dark!Steve
Notes: this is part of the Hydra Victory AU by @hydravictrix, Steve and Bucky don’t remember each other in this one shot. Read it on ao3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you were chosen for this particular task, you were uncertain at first.
„Try to get as much information out of him as possible.“
Sounds easy… but Pierce had this tone in his voice that made you uncomfortable. His hand rested on your lower back while he explained to you, how exactly he wanted you to get the much needed information.
He’s a super soldier so of course, torturing the Captain America to get something useful out of him would take awfully longer than with anyone else. You had rolled your eyes at the disgusting grin on Alexander Pierce‘s face. What a creep…
But you agreed. Like you had a choice to refuse his commands. Hydra owned you, they owned your body and your free will.
Once actually faced with your target, though, your concern had faded, so fast in fact that you were almost shocked.
He was a little cut up and bruised, stripped of his famous suit and shield, sitting on the bed provided to him. All things considered it wasn't a bad room. And for someone his age he was still in damn good shape. Blonde hair, blue eyes that were surveying you with a mixture of interest and appraisal. He was shirtless, and a reasonably deep cut on his shoulder was bleeding sluggishly.
There was only one person in the entire base fighting and torturing others with knives that could cut so deep... So he had met Bucky, you thought and had to suppress a gleefully smile.
One of the Hydra Agents that bought you to his cell had shoved a medical kit into your hands. From the way the men was looking at you before turning around to leave you to the task, it was very clear he didn't think prisoners should be patched up and taken care of.
You wait for the Agent to close the door and bolt it behind you, wondering if anyone was watching through the two way mirror on the south wall by the door.
"So what's your deal?" The prisoner- the famous captain America - surveyed you with cold eyes. You weren’t completely unfamiliar to him. He’s seen you before, in company with that Winter Soldier guy.
You opened the medical kit and set to work cleaning the gashes on his shoulder.
You wouldn't have spoken to him, had you not been given your instructions.
"I'm not a medic, so if anything is uncomfortable or I’m hurting you, please let me know“, you mumble. Could he even get actually hurt? He didn’t look like he was in pain…
„Why did they send you then?“, the blonde asked, voice calm. You expected him to fight back, try to take you as a hostage to get himself out of this prison…but he didn’t.
"Hydra has favorites."
"And they sent one of their favorites to clean me up, huh?"
"Hydra doesn’t want war with you. They think you would be much more use if we were all on the same side." This much was true, Pierce had told you so himself.
The captain huffed.
"That won’t happen."
You sighed. You had expected that, of course, but it was still disappointing to hear. Hydra had saved you, you owe your life to them. And your powers. You couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to join their cause.
"Nobody said you had to join us. Just... work with us."
"Your friend with the scary mask tries to stab or shoot me whenever we meet and I don't even know your name, girl, and you're trying to convince me to... what? Betray the good people I'm with?"
You weren’t sure if you’re allowed to tell him your name.
"I don't know your name either," you countered, dabbing alcohol along the jagged wound on his shoulder. To his credit, he did not wince.
"Steve. Steve Rogers. Surprised they didn't tell you that one." He was playing with you, there.
"I have a job to do." You frowned, "does it matter what my target is named?"
You did like his name, though. You had a name once, a first name and a last name, before Hydra had chosen a new one. You wondered what would have become of you, had they not found you.
"I suppose not. You just here to clean up the mess, then?"
"Hydra is surprised you haven't cracked yet. They admire your courage. And strength. Not many can keep up with our strongest Soldier." You set the medical kit aside, tilt your head and survey the prisoner. "Hydra wants you to be comfortable. I'm here to help that."
As you finish the sentence, you straddle him, eyeing him curiously.
If Steve is remotely annoyed or uncomfortable, he doesn't show it. He's got enough pent up frustration and tension that honestly, he could go a good fuck to work it all out. As far as he can tell, you're not uncomfortable with the situation. Far from it, in fact.
You haven't been with anyone but the Winter Soldier for so long, you'd almost forgotten what anyone else really feels like. Touching someone else, looking at someone else, it feels foreign but not unpleasant.
He watches you watching him for a moment. If there's one thing Steve loves, it's pissing off his enemies. He has a sneaking suspicion that you and the Soldier, that beat him to his current condition, had something going on. Not necessarily a relationship but there was definitely something between you two.
Only one way to find out.
They must be out of their mind to send such a pretty girl alone to a prisoner without anyone watching out for her.
No amount of sex will make him talk, but he'll take what he can before he eventually gets the hell out of here.
When he kisses you, your first instinct is to pull away. You're used to the Winter Soldier, all bites and growls and demanding. This is different. Entirely. He's still demanding, but there's a different approach in the way he does it, tongue slipping into your mouth with practised ease, coaxing a surprised moan out of you.
He hadn't expected you to be so damn receptive. There's a small part of his brain on high alert, half expecting you to cut his throat while he's distracted or something, but you're so damn helpless… he's pretty sure you aren't a threat.
You let him kiss you for a few moments, mostly because you're too dazed to think straight. It's nice to be kissed like this, still demanding but with none of the aggression you're used to. You can't let yourself get distracted.
Breaking the kiss, you slide off his lap onto your knees between his legs. Now that’s a sight he'll won’t forget. Being Captain America has taken up the vast majority of his time, this and the war against Hydra.
Steve genuinely can't remember the last time he actually got sucked off, and yet here you are, settled comfortably between his legs, fingers skimming across the bulge in his pants, finding the zip...
A low grunt of approval forms in his throat as you lick a lazy stripe from base to tip of his hardening length, sucking lazily on the tip. You've had a lot of practise. Bucky likes making you kneel in front of him, fucking your mouth hard and rough…
Steve is different to Bucky, curved a little differently. Not quite as thick, but that's to be expected. Still, you're more than happy to work with what he's got.
Steve isn't sure what game the Hydra are trying to play, sending you in here.
"What's on your mind, Captain?"
He could feel your warm breath tickling his sensitive skin as you spoke. He knew he was probably taking advantage of you somehow, but he didn't care. He couldn’t care, not with such a pretty face looking up at him.
If you were so valuable to Hydra, to the Soldier…he wouldn't put you at risk, not yet. He wasn’t stupid.
"A little of this, a little of that," absently, his fingers thread into your hair, guiding your mouth back to him. You're more than happy to comply, he's so much gentler with you than Bucky. That feels like heresy to even think, but it's true. Even so, you wish he was here too. It doesn't feel right to be doing this sort of thing without him, even if it was your order to do it.
You have a job to do, and you will not disappoint them.
Steve lets you go for a few minutes, occasionally swearing or moaning softly as your tongue works around him slowly. He doesn't seem to mind you taking your time.
"Get up here."
Following orders? Definitely something you can do. Scrambling to your feet you stand before him, waiting.
"Get undressed." Lust and adrenaline are making him an idiot, a little bit short in words, but he's not exactly thinking with his brain right now. You strip down, leaving him staring at you. You're almost uncomfortable under the intensity of his gaze.
You're beautiful, that's for sure, but it's the marks on your body that make Steve hesitate.
Your hips, your collarbone, just above your breast, bitemark shaped hickeys decorate your skin. Marks of ownership from the Winter Soldier. The Hydra symbol branded onto your hip marks you as one of them.
"What are you looking at?" You almost snap at him. You're proud of your marks and don't expect a men like Steve Rogers to understand, don't want his judgement or pity of all things.
"Nothing. Sorry." He stands, facing you, turns you so your back is to the bed. He knows it’s wrong but god, he's so painfully hard and you're standing right there, wanting and willing... So beautiful.
"Get on your back, pretty girl."
You do as you're told, oddly reassured by the weight of him on top of you. He starts to kiss you again, along your jaw, down your throat, tongue trailing between your breasts lazily, a hand slipping between your legs.
"Jesus," he breathes out. He hadn't been expecting to find you so ready for him.
"Gonna stop fucking around now?" You glare at him, taunting.
If Hydra hadn't needed you to do this... you'd like to convince yourself you'd never let him touch you, but you're not sure that's the truth. He's not what you expected. Oh sure, he's a super soldier just like Bucky, dangerous and clearly an enemy, but there's a deep level of tension between you as he frowns, pins your hands above your head with one hand, using his free hand to guide himself to your entrance.
He drags the aching head of his cock along your wetness, desperately resisting the urge to just slam into you. He knows you can probably take it, but he's not exactly violent when it comes to sex. He likes risks, likes it dirty, but never violent. A good guy through and through.
With that in mind, he takes his time slipping inside you, now free hand gripping your waist, adjusting to a better angle.
You can't help it. You moan. He feels so different to Bucky, and the difference makes it intoxicating. His hand settles into a comfortable grip on your hip as he slowly rocks into you, getting you used to him.
"как мило," a familiar, lazy voice drawls from the doorway. You hadn't even heard Bucky come in. "You'll never get her off like that though."
Steve glares over his shoulder at the so called Winter Soldier, leaning against the wall looking pissed off for touching what’s his.
Steve doesn’t quit know what to say. He isn't fussed about being watched, the Soldier is unarmed, so he sees no point in stopping what he was doing, especially considering how nice and warm you were around him.
Bucky looks at him, walking dangerously slow over to the pair of you.
"I don't share well with others." His flesh hand reaches out to stroke your cheek, "especially not her. And besides, like I said. You're doing it wrong."
Steve huffs.
"I think I know how to fuck someone properly."
Bucky grins at that.
"A truce then. Perhaps we can learn from each other."
"What do you have in mind?"
"Move." The authority in Buckys voice is palpable, enough to make Steve curious, so he pulls out of you and rolls aside slightly.
Familiar mismatched hands grip your waist, flip you onto your front. You're used to this. Buckys metal arm grabs your throat and holds your head up.
"Open your mouth, котенок."
Neither you nor Steve have a complaint about that. You take the blonde into your mouth eagerly, waiting for the reward of Bucky touching you properly.
"You're doing so well, doll." The Soldier purrs into your ear, "let's show our guest how good you can be, hm?"
You make a low hum of agreement around Steve.
"хороший.", Bucky says.
Steves hand finds your hair, petting at it as he fucks your mouth.
Buckys flesh hand strokes his aching cock. How long had he stood there at the window, watching you with the Captain, possessive and jealous until he could bear it no longer, slamming into the room with a vengeance. You were his, dammit, some pretty boy avenger wasn't going to change that.
He's a lot rougher in how he enters you, lining himself up, he holds your thighs apart and slams into you in one movement. You moan, almost choking.
"Bit rough, ain't it?" Steve raises an eyebrow, even in this state he's not sure that was necessary.
Bucky snorts. "She's fine. Move."
Steve pulls out of your mouth, sits back on his knees and watches as Bucky lifts you, pressing your back against his chest, fucking up into you roughly.
He can't help it. Watching, he strokes himself slowly, trying to keep rythym with you and the Winter Soldier.
"Do you want her mouth, or her ass?" Bucky asks almost conversationally, "she's used to both so take your pick."
While this is definitely a strange situation, Steve is happy to just roll with it. There's something about the danger of it all, the fucked upness of doing this with an enemy, it gets him going.
Bucky must have heard the blondes answer over your moans, because he suddenly pulls out of you, turns you around so you're facing him and enters you again in another sharp snap of his hips.
Steve takes his time making sure you're ready for him. He has no interest in hurting you right now, not like this anyway.
Deeming you ready for him, he waits for Bucky to pause, keeping you steady on his lap, lazily circling his hips to keep you wanting.
The two men nod at each other, then enter you in unison, smooth fluid movements. You feel full, almost painfully so, but it's not unpleasant. You're used to Bucky taking his pick of where and how he wants to fuck you, but you've never taken two people at once.
"Hold her." Steve pants, hands gripping your waist as he bucks up into you slowly, finding a rhythm that feels good and doesn't hurt.
The Winter Soldier hums, watching you loll against his chest in eager overstimulation. His flesh hand settles on your back, between you and Steves chest, keeping you steady against him as he, too, starts to move again.
It feels so different, so overwhelming, to have both of them inside you at once. You fast become dazed, only dimly aware of anything beyond the deep ache starting to form inside you that preludes climax, the event itself, and repeat. How many times do you release around them? You aren't sure.
"She's close again," Bucky warns the other men before returning his attention back to you, metal hand reaching for your throat. „You’re squeezing around us so good, doll. So fucking perfect, taking us both. Are you gonna come? You gonna come for us again? Yeees, that’s it princess show us how good we make you feel…“
Meanwhile Steve mutters something obscene too, that you don’t pick up over Buckys filthy words. The blonde sucks hickeys on the soft skin of neck. He enjoying your breathy moans, loving the feeling of the building ache in his cock as he fucks you, hard and deep, holding you in place. You scream out a strangled moan, tightening painfully around them both, your release adding to the delicious wetness enveloping him.
„Fuck, I’m gonna…“ Steve curses, rolling his hips into you as he comes, barely managing to pull out of you before spilling onto your back and the silk sheets.
"Shit." He rolls to the side, breathing heavily, watching you and Bucky with a lustful expression.
Buckys hands grip your ass, holding you in place as he starts to fuck you at a much deeper, rougher pace. You've done so well for him, it's far more likely the blonde will talk now, and god do you look so beautiful right now, covered in bruises, make up running down your face from tears of pleasure and lips swollen from kisses and sucking Steve off.
"So fucking good for me, my perfect girl" he growls into your ear, pressing you down into the bed, hooking your leg around his good arm, bracing himself with the metal arm. "You've done so, so well." He kisses you hungrily, holding you in place.
„Who do you belong to, doll? Tell me.“
„You, fuck, I belong to y-you!“
The Soldier growls again at your whimpers and moans while he slams into you again, again and again until he’s spilling his cum inside you. „Good girl…“
"Heh," Steve is zipping his pants up, sitting on the side of the bed, watching you both. "I still made her scream louder."
Bucky snorts. "Whatever you say, Captain." He pulls out of you, pulling his pants back up and waits for you to shakily dress.
He'll carry you back to his room, let you sleep and shower you in praise. But certain fronts must be kept up in front of the prisoner.
"Can't say that was a bad time, though," Steve grins as you head towards the door.
"Don't get used to it." Bucky warns, "I doubt I'll share her again."
"Wouldn't expect it. Worried I'll steal her away?"
"I keep close tabs on what's mine," Bucky counters, blue eyes cold as he follows you from the room.
Steve smiles to himself. He still won't tell Hydra a damn thing, but well, he's certainly not complaining about how this went. Judging from the Winter Soldiers reaction, he got under his skin too. Good.
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tuiccim · 17 hours ago
Where It Stays (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Nomad Steve x Enhanced Reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Snark, little angst, innuendo (18+, MINORS DNI)
Series Summary: Being on the run after the Avengers’ Civil War isn’t easy and, having had one too many clashes with Captain America, now Nomad, you decide it’s time to strike out on your own. One last op needs your experience and expertise, forcing you to not only stay but team up with Steve. Together, you infiltrate a biker gang to track weapon shipments that are ending up in enemy hands. Can the two of you find common ground in order to accomplish the mission or will your constant headbutting lead to total ruin?
A/N: Not beta read. Divider by the talented @firefly-graphics .
Where It Stays Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The drive back to the safe house was uneventful. Steve slept the entire time and as you pulled the truck behind the house, he didn't stir. You jump out, grab your pack, and head in to find out why Natasha had insisted you hurry back. 
“Nat? Sam?” you call as you come through the door. 
“Kitchen,” Sam looks up at you as you round the corner. He’s making a sandwich and Nat is chewing the bite she just took out of hers. “How’d it go?”
“Fine. Went a little sideways but mission accomplished,” you shrug and grab the sandwich that Sam had just completed. “Thanks, I’m starving. So, what’s going on that we needed to rush back?”
“Why can’t I ever keep my food?” Sam grouses as he pulls more bread out. 
“Because you make great sandwiches,” Natasha snickers. 
“I get a lot of practice since this is the third one I’ve made in the last five minutes!” Sam glares at the two of you. 
“You stole his first sandwich?” you giggle. 
“Yup,” Nat grins before taking a huge bite. 
"It's cause you're such a sweetie, Sam!" You tease. 
"Mmhm," he shakes his head while piling the new sandwich high. 
The back door slams and you all turn to watch as Steve stomps in. He stops to glare at you, “Really? You just left me asleep in the truck?”
You give a shrug and turn your attention back to your sandwich. Steve feels his ire rise as he watches the casual gesture. He turns to watch Sam put the finishing touches on his sandwich and then swoops in to grab it from him. 
“No! Hell no! Give it back! Make your own damn sandwich, Steve!” Sam yells as he tries to snatch the food out of Steve’s hand. 
“Come on, man! I haven’t had anything to eat today and I just got back from a mission,” Steve wards off Sam’s attempts. 
“I’m gonna start charging y’all,” Sam growls while grabbing more bread. “Anyone touches this one and there will be stabbing involved.”
“What’s the deal, Nat?” Steve asks.
“Got the details on another weapons shipment. Route, day, time, and it all looks legit. We can take the truck. Stop the weapons from getting out,” Natasha explains. 
“And we needed to rush back because…?” you raise an eyebrow at her. 
“It’s tonight,” she answers. 
“No rest for the wicked,” you sigh.
"You need some sleep after you eat. You won't be good to anyone dead on your feet," Steve says to you. The silence is deafening as you two stare at each other. You notice Natasha's head swiveling between the two of you out of your peripheral vision. 
"I'm fine," you turn back to your food. 
"You haven't slept more than a few hours in days," Steve continues.
"I got a few hours last night. I'm fine," you say in a quiet but firm voice. 
Steve scoffs as he walks away. Sam and Natasha turn to you and you shrug as you finish the last bite for your sandwich.
"Something happen?" Sam asks. 
"Like what?" 
"What's with the tension?" Natasha pipes in. 
"When is there not tension?" You head for a shower leaving the curious two on their own.
"Something's up. Think they had a fight?" Sam whispers.
"I don't know but her being here is tenuous at best. If they blow up at each other we might lose her," Natasha purses her lips.
"Fine. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Damnit!" Natasha narrows her eyes as Sam holds out scissors to her paper.
Sam grins smugly, "Have a nice talk with Steve. You'll do great. Now, I'm gonna go eat my damn sandwich in peace."
Natasha leans on the door jamb as she gently knocks. 
“Hey,” Steve says. 
“Hey. So, what happened?”
“Nothing happened. What do you mean?” Steve unzips his bag to clean it out. 
“Something's going on. You two don't interact much and the tension right now is palatable.”
“It’s nothing. Just... I don't get her, Nat. I don't understand why she won't open up to me. You seem to know a good bit about her. She's fine with Sam. But with me it's like she can't open up or talk to me. Everything is some snarky comment or a shrug. I can't stand it. She’s supposed to be our teammate. Shouldn’t I know something about her?”
“What do you want to know?” asks Natasha.
“Anything. Something. The only thing I know is what little bit you’ve told me.”
“She's a private person. Her past was different than ours. Guess all of our paths were different. I’ll tell you what would have been in her file. She was basically sold as a teenager to Hydra fracture group for experimentation. She was given her powers and became a super soldier similar to you and Bucky. She could never go back to her old life.”
“What did she do? Before SHIELD?” Steve narrows his eyes. 
“She was an experiment, Steve. And once she figured out what this group was doing with the teenagers they were changing, she got out, found SHIELD, and helped take that group down. She was 17 years old when she became a SHIELD agent. She flew under the radar. I knew very little about her until only 4 or 5 years ago. Our paths rarely crossed. You know I'm here because I have red in my ledger, but her, she's like you.”
“What does that mean? When you say she's like me?”
“She's a white knight. She's one of the good ones. I've never known her to do anything that wasn't what she thought would give the best outcome for everyone.”
“Really. But she doesn't open up easy or often. She had a team once. They went on a mission and it went bad. She was the only survivor. It was rough on her. She was so young when it happened and since then she hasn't gotten close to anyone. She refused to be a part of another team. I’m surprised she’s still here with us. So… please, don’t push her.”
Steve nods. 
“I understand, Nat.” Steve stares her down until she nods and retreats. 
Later that afternoon, you find Sam on the couch working on Redwing. You lean around him and hold up a plate for him. 
“What are these?” Sam grins. 
“Triple chocolate brownies. Your favorite.”
“Are all of these for me?”
“Yes. A ‘thank you’ for letting me steal your food. All of us steal your food,” you giggle. 
“Yum!” Sam grins as he takes a bite of one of the brownies. 
“You might let Steve have one. You know he loves brownies, too,” you elbow Sam. 
“I’ll think about it. Thanks. This was nice of you.”
“You’re welcome,” you surprise Sam with a kiss on the cheek. 
“And a kiss! Steal my sandwiches anytime!”
“Don’t worry. That’s the plan,” you laugh as you go to get ready for the mission. You don’t notice Steve watching from around the corner. 
“What are you wearing?” Steve stares as you emerge from the back of the van. 
“Plan A,” you raise your eyebrow. You had on a pair of jean shorts and a crop top. 
“I thought plan A was getting the truck to stop voluntarily.”
“Exactly. I’ll thumb for a hitch. He stops. We take over,” you shrug. 
Steve closes his eyes for a moment, jealousy and annoyance warring within him, “Fine.”
“Hide,” you say as you take off towards the road. You get to the side of the highway and start walking slowly. The darkness was going to make getting the driver to stop trickier but you were hoping you could get them to talk.The sound of 18 wheels approaches and you turn to face it while sticking out your thumb. You pout a little as you manage to make eye contact with the driver. You hear the brake engage and smile. When the rig managed to come to a stop, you jogged to the door and climbed up. “Hi,” you say breathlessly. 
“Hey, pretty lady. Where’re you headed?” The burly driver grins as he gives you a once over. 
“Wherever you’re willing to take me, handsome.”
“I like that answer. Hop in.”
“Thanks. I was scared I was going to have to walk all night. It’s awful lonesome on the road. What’s your name, baby?” you say in a sultry tone. 
“Mike. What’s yours?” the driver grins as he looks at you again. 
“Dolly.” You glance at the small bed in the back of the cab, “Looks comfy back there.”
“It works. For more than just sleeping, Dolly.”
“Really?” you trail a hand up your leg and watch as his eyes follow it.
“I gotta make a delivery but then I’ll show you. If you can be a good girl for me.”
“I don’t know that I can wait. Might have to go start the party myself,” you slip into the back and sit on the bed. “I’ve been alone so long.”
“Hot little piece, aren’t you?” 
“Wet, too,” you lick your lips. 
“Fuck. I can be a little late,” Mike moves towards you and you kick him squarely in the head. He falls unconscious at your feet. 
“Nice job, ‘Dolly’” Sam’s voice comes over your comm. 
“Men are so easy,” you sass and hear Nat snort. You cuff the driver and find the two guns he had stashed. Jumping down from the cab, you see the team approach and Natasha hands you a bag. “Driver’s restrained and his guns are secured.”
“Set charges in the back of the truck,” Natasha directs. Sam is keeping watch from the van with Redwing and Steve is climbing into the cab.
In the container of the rig, you set the charges quickly and then open a few crates to see if there are any useful items to take. 
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
You look up at Steve as you throw two grenade launchers into your bag with the other guns and ammo you had acquired, “Expanding our inventory.”
“Put it back. We don’t need illegal weapons.”
“You say that now, but when you need a grenade launcher later on, don’t ask to borrow one of mine,” you sass. 
“Damnit, put-”
“Hey guys! Check this out,” Natasha calls. 
“That’s a biker vest. What’s the crew?” you ask, jumping down. 
“Mad Mavericks,” Nat reads.
“Fucking hell,” you say under your breath. 
“Friends of yours?” Steve snarks.
“No, but I heard about them when I was undercover with another gang.”
“What do you know about them?” Nat asks. 
“Nothing good. Intimidation, murder, drug running, and now apparently, gun running. They’re dangerous and very secretive.”
Steve seems to be mulling over what you’re saying and then he turns to you seriously, “Can you get us an in?” 
“I could probably set something up. I know how they work. I was undercover with one for nearly a year.”
“Then I guess we know what our next move is,” Natasha looks at Steve.
“Yeah,” Steve looks at you, “Ready to go back under, ‘Dolly’?”
Tumblr media
Tuiccim’s Masterlist
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This Isn’t You ~ Part 1 (Steve Rogers)
Main Masterlist // MCU Masterlist
This Isn’t You Masterlist
(IFR Masterlist - My other blog (for social media au’s) you might enjoy)
Steve Rogers x Female!Reader
If you would like to be tagged in my work please let me know :) xx
This is a Steve Rogers x Female!Reader fic, Requested by: @kalopsia-flaneur. I have not used any race for Y/N, if you see anything please tell me so I can correct it asap. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy :)
// Next Part
Steve Rogers had always seemed to be a kind man, pre serum or post serum it hadn’t changed. The thing is sometimes “love” can make a person nasty… that’s exactly what happened with Y/N, his wife. While it was a sort of arranged marriage that his mother had asked of him on her death bed – marry Y/N and look after her as she didn’t have anyone left – and he decided that this is what he does best help people. Though the ceremony was rushed, and the newlyweds didn’t even kiss to seal the bond, Y/N still believed they could make this work; unfortunately, she was wrong…
It all went down-hill when Peggy Carter came to town, the beautiful women had men falling to her feet constantly – and she didn’t even seem to notice – one those men was Steve Rogers. Peggy Carter often helped the team and kept them all in order, over the time they worked together Steve and Peggy had gotten closer though they both seemed to look at it differently. The other people in the team, including Y/N, had also seen it – how Steve had started to get irritated at even the sight of his wife especially if she was in the same room as Peggy. Y/N felt rather alone, and it didn’t help that Peggy seemed to be completely oblivious about the tension caused by her friendship with the Captain America. Natasha and Wanda were often by Y/N’s side keeping her safe from her husband’s harsh words, giving him disapproving looks anytime he tried to say anything or looked at Y/N. Though this didn’t deter Y/N from trying to do small things for her husband, like making him food and giving him home made presents – no matter how hard she tried it just wasn’t enough, so one day she stopped. Stopped trying to make him happy, stopped making sure she was at home when he came from a mission, stopped making him dinner, stopped giving him things she thought he might like… and Steve quickly noticed. In all honesty, he was sad that she had stopped, it wasn’t like he was ever in love with her, but he felt a comfort in her presence.
Though it wasn’t until he went out one night with Bucky and Sam that he realised how much he had affected his wife and how much people had picked up on it. Starting with the odd comment on how he was confused by Y/N’s actions which got him a glare from Bucky and a sigh from Sam,
“You know why she’s doing it! You’re horrible to her – which is just not like you… we can’t understand what’s going on with you Steve but it’s not you.” Sam explained, Bucky chuckled,
“The reason he’s doing it is cause he’s in love with a taken woman.” Steve’s head whipped around to his childhood best friend and gave him a questioning glare,
“What do you mean?”
“I mean Carter! She has a partner, and while you’re fawning over her your WIFE is getting comforted by members of the team including us. You need to sort it out, Steve.” Bucky shook his head after speaking showing his heavy disappointment. Steve was silent, thinking about what his friends were saying – yeah, he had been terrible and yeah maybe he was kind of in love with Peggy Carter but it’s not like you had to try with him. While he was thinking he was distracted by Peggy and an unknown man walking into the café sitting down and ordering some drinks all the while their hands were interlocked. Steve sighed at the situation, this wasn’t how he wanted it to go, he always thought he’d be so in love with the person he chose to marry and because Y/N wasn’t who he chose he had decided that he wasn’t in love with her and ultimately, he would never fall in love with her. It all made sense, from how much she tried at the beginning to now where she doesn’t even glance at him, he knew he’d messed up.
“How do I make this ri-“ but before Steve could finish his question their phones chimed with the emergency signal; something had happened...
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whatrambles · a day ago
I'm officially back and am going to start writing again! What do you guys want? An angsty fic or a fluffy? And with Steve or Bucky? Mob au or undercover au?
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Samtember 23 Happy Birthday
Pairing: Sam Wilson x reader with a very small side of Sarah x Bucky Summary: You celebrate Sam’s birthday Warnings: smut, a little bit of spanking Word count: 1129 A/N: This is my entry for day 23 of Samtember 2021, initiated by @samwilsonfest. The prompt for today is "Happy Birthday".
You had treated Sam to a private morning birthday celebration after the boys went off to school. You, Sarah and Bucky had celebrated Sam at home with a cake backed the day before. Keeping Sam from the kitchen had been something close to a nightmare but you had managed.
In the afternoon, all of you, including Sam, had picked up AJ and Cass from school and driven him to the Delacroix community center. It was your typical community center, although the boss of it all, who of course knew Sam, had bought some vacant for years decrepit building next door and transformed the grounds of it into a small community garden with a seating area.
It had been transformed now for a birthday celebration to the now probably most famous son of the city. When afternoon had morphed into early evening and Sarah, Bucky and the boys were back home after dropping you and Sam off at your apartment, you pulled him into the bedroom.
You let him stay in the middle of the rug in front of your bed, him with the back of it. You raised your hands, smoothing down the crinkles on Sam’s forehead from his slight confusion. Featherlight, you smoothed your fingertips over his skin, massaging his face in circles but always stopping short of his beard.
Just when Sam thought to think of saying something about how you neglected his beard, you put pressure on it. However small and neat he trimmed his beard, you loved it. The mix of scratchy and soft under your fingertips, on your cheeks, your lips, on every other part of your body. And he loved you caressing his beard. But now you were also neglecting his lips. And that when your fingertips were so close.
Just as he thought that, you put your thumbs on his lips and stroked. Soft, pillowy, warm, his lips were just perfect. You put your hands around Sam’s neck with one hand stroking his neck and the other tickling his scalp.
Then, you kissed him. You let your lips travel softly over his until he closed his eyes. Only then did you lick his lips. Sam opened his mouth almost immediately to welcome you in. After quite some time, you both had to come up for air and chuckled.
“What did I do to deserve that?” Sam whispered.
“Can’t I indulge my man?” You whispered back.
And continued down his body.
You opened button for button of his shirt and slipped it off with his leather jacket you hadn’t allowed him to put on the coat rack. Maybe you’d steal it later, it was really beautiful.
You were torn between just admiring him in the most private room of your home and kissing every last inch of him until neither he nor you could wait anymore. You decided on something a little different. You nipped and licked everywhere, squeezing his arms and lightly scratching him with your nails. When you had first done that, the moan he had let out made you very glad to not be in public. From then on, you always paid extra special attention to how you did your nails and made sure you or Sam didn’t have anything else on your plate for the rest of the day when you got a professional manicure.
When you came to his happy trail, you became even slower. You shouldn’t enjoy torturing him so much but you also only relented and freed him from his jeans, boxers and socks when he whispered a “Please”.
Wrapping your hands around his hard and leaking shaft, you said: “Open your eyes. Look down.”
He moaned. “Where else would I look? The shelf?”
Sam tried a joke but was interrupted by his own moan again. “All for me?”
You nodded and looked quickly at your nails. They were a deep red, almost a rouge noir with glitter.
“Just for you. Somehow I don’t think Carlos would appreciate them as much” You grinned at him.
“We don’t have to talk or think about Carlos now, do we?” Sam chuckled.
You shock your head, smiling and sank down on your knees. With a smirk, you licked him up and down again before taking him in your mouth and your relaxed throat almost to the base and came up again.
Standing up in front of him, Sam asked: “Can I take of your clothes now? That’s been lowkey killing me…”
“Now you may. But only when you lay on the bed and let me do what I do.”
“Alright, just because it’s you.”
After getting rid of your clothes Sam laid down and waited, outwardly calm, until you knelt over him, your pussy right above his cock and facing away from him. You sank down on him and with a groan from him and a moan from you, you slid home.
Sitting on him, you bent forward over his legs and moved. Sam moved his hands over your calves and kneaded. Up over the outside of your thighs, until his hands were on your butt. You wiggled, only half-jokingly and got the exact reaction you wanted from him.
A light spank that immediately sent sparks to your pussy and let a moan fly from your mouth.
“Like that baby?” Sam asked with an audible grin and continued, getting the same reaction every time until you circled your hips to be as close as possible to his hands.
“Baby… Baby, I need to feel you” Sam groaned after you responded to a particular deep thrust from him with a clench of your pussy.
You got up, slowly sliding him out but holding him in your hand as you turned. Then you sank down again, now chest to chest with him. Pressed together and no one could say where you ended and he began.
Still, Sam thrust slow and deep and stroked your back with his right hand. His left hand went down to your clit and rubbed in circles.
“I love hearing how wet you are” Sam mumbled against your lips before he kissed you.
“Only because it’s you” You laughed quietly when he let you come up for air.
“I’m honored” He smirked. “Now, I want to feel you grip me even tighter as you cum, baby.”
Sam worked your clit, spelling out your name on it with his fingertips and pinching it until that one moment your body squeezed around every part of Sam and then went lax. He held you up and with a few more thrusts, he filled you up and pulled you down to lay on him on the bed.
You reached over to get a blanket and cuddled even closer to him.
“Happy birthday” You whispered and kissed Sam on the forehead.
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sagechanoafterdark · a month ago
How Do You Want Me?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: language, sex, lots of sex, mouthy angry Steve, slight slut-shaming, breeding kink if you squint, cream pies
Word Count: 1,319
Synopsis: Steve hates you, right?
A/N: This is a rewrite of this drunk drabble I wrote for @shotsbyshae forever ago. This was fun to do it’s not edited or beta read so all mistakes are mine. Is it better than the original? Maybe. I think it is that's what counts
Tumblr media
Steve’s hand clamped over your mouth, silencing the high-pitched moan that pierced the night air. Thick digits sliding slowly from your lips, dragging roughly down before wrapping around your throat. Restricting the air you so desperately needed.
Hips pumping. Skin slapping. Steves cock driving into you at a punishing pace, grunting against your ear in time with each thrust. “You’re so god damn loud,” he scolded with a growl. “So fucking hungry for my cock right?”
You nodded, tears leaking from your eyes as he squeezed a little too hard. A groan of pleasure slipped from him as you let out a choked moan. Fucking Steve Rogers was nothing like people imagined it was.
Steve was the golden child.
America’s brightest beacon.
A dancing monkey for the amusement of others.
And Steve hated it all.
He’d begun to despise the spotlight long before he’d showed up in this century and your very arrival to the team, someone who didn’t shy away from the spotlight, grated on his last nerve. You’d become a thorn in his side and it wasn’t just because you were clearly Tony’s favorite, from the first moment he meets you with your fake smile and friendly tone of voice Steve despised everything you were.
It didn’t matter what you did it was always met with bile from Steve. On missions he was short with you, snapping out orders and sneering with a condescending, “Think you can do that?” Pushing you out of the way, yanking you back into a dark corner his grip bruising your arm, Steve was being purposefully harsh for reasons that the rest of the team had no idea about. But you did.
Freedom incarnate had a dark side and you were the one who always managed to bring it out. Seething, writhing darkness he suppressed on a daily basis, let loose whenever he got you alone. Steve wouldn’t hold back. He didn’t have to because he absolutely hated you so there was no reason to be gentile.
Even after the first time, he’d pinned you in the stairwell, fucking you against the concrete wall like a man possessed his fingers left familiar bruises. He’d left you spent, cum dripping from your still spasming pussy on the cement stairs. Knees scuffed and hands raw he sneered down at you before buttoning his fly and returning to the press conference downstairs.
Steves loathing of you didn’t cease after that day.
But the darkness inside of you was awoken by his own. So now when he’d corner you, you’d always look up at him with pouty eyes. His thumb briefly tracing your bottom lip parting them and running the pad against your tongue before you’d ask, “How do you want me?” And he’d knowingly smirk.
To you and the rest of the world, Steve was perfection incarnate. A pouty bottom lip that just begged for your teeth, his eyes shining bright with so much intensity and emotion it was almost blinding. Muscles that stretched and moved like tensile steel beneath flesh hot to the touch and a cock that made you forget your name.
There was violence in his grip. Barely restrained and itching to be let loose as he held you with demanding and desperate touches. Fingers digging into the flesh of your thighs, pulling and twisting your hair around his fist bending and twisting your body into position. His perfect pearl white teeth dragging against the curve of your neck before perfect pouty lips both saccharine sweet and bitter like poison slotted over your own with a growl.
“I fucking hate you,” he’d snarl against your lips.
“Fuck me,” you demanded, a whine escaping as his fingers probed past the pink cotton panties before thrusting into your soaking wet core.
When you were together you were his and his alone.
Steve owned you when that door closed and you gladly gave yourself over. You wanted to feel him. You wanted to take everything he had to offer. You wanted it all and more.
Every fear.
Every worry.
Every desire.
Every evil.
“You’re so fucking soft,” he hummed a touch of admiration in his voice. Pulling away leaving you trembling on the verge of orgasm, his hand fisting his cock covered with your slick and giving a few quick pumps before turning you over and pushing you face down against the bed. The head of his cock pressing against you again and he groaned, “Pussy so wet and hungry for my cock.”
Rocking his hips the head just parting your lips and making the breath shudder from your lungs, desperation coloring your voice in a whine at his teasing. Steve’s hips surged forward, filling you again as his hand tangled in your hair, craning your neck back to look at him with lust-heavy eyes, “Such a hungry slut.”
“Steve,” you whimpered, your own fingers reaching down and circling your clit. He pushed your head down, releasing your hair to grip your hips and start a punishing pace, the slap of skin sharp in the quiet room. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” you chanted as each thrust pushed the air from your lungs.
He pulled you against him then, hands tight against your arms before his knees settled into the soft mattress. Cock fucking up into you with the same rough strokes, bending your back against him your hands reaching back and yanking at the short strands of hair. Steve’s hand slipped around your neck again, teeth grazing the shell of your ear as he panted softly, “I could fucking kill you right now you know. I could do it and you’d never even fight back.”
You cried out, low and needy as your fingers rubbed against your clit harder and faster a choked sob slipping past your lips and you felt Steves smile. Steve could kill you. He could and you’d fucking let him.
“You fucking love it don’t you,” he purred, wet fingers circling your clit a little faster making your eyes roll into the back of your head and your pussy begin to flutter as your orgasm drew closer. “Fuck, squeezing me so tight. Cock drunk slut want’s me to fill her up? Yeah?”
“Please, Steve.”
He hummed against you, voice taking on that familiar desperate edge and hips rolling a little harder and more sloppy than before, “Fucking beg for it. Cum on my cock and beg.”
The last ounce of your dignity left with that moment, in a babble of words you begged for it, “Please Steve. Please. I need it. Need your cum so bad. Fill me up, please, fuck please Steve.”
Steve moaned loud, the sound vibrating through your whole body as a shudder ran through you. You shook as every muscle in your body tightened down, awash in pleasure that had your mouth opening in a soundless cry at the same moment Steve grunted into your hair, “Oh fuck.”
Tumblr media
Early morning light filtered into the windows pulling Steve awake before you. Running a hand through his hair and scrubbing his face he sighed heavily before sitting up and looking down at you. Reaching out and touching your softly, fingertips lightly tracing against your face, the curve of your neck littered with love bites and bruises before leaning down. Impossibly long lashes giving you butterfly kisses against your flesh as he trailed his lips over your cheek, fingers brushing the hair from your eyes.
Steve hated you.
A smile tugged at your lips as he left the bed and you rolled into his vacated warm spot, fingers trailing after him as he picked up his clothes and prepared for his morning run.
Fuck if you didn’t hate him too.
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kyber-crystal · 11 months ago
Y/N: Here's a fun idea: we hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing the person we're caught underneath with, we have to FIGHT them.
Steve: No doll, we're not doing that.
Bucky, nodding: Mistlefoe.
Steve: Buck, DON'T encourage her-
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cockslut-padalecki · 2 months ago
Hmm for the challenge, how about Steve Rogers and returning a wallet.
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N is forever losing things, and when she misplaces her purse one day, it’s down to Steve to return it to her.
Characters: Dark!Steve x Reader.
Words: 867.
Warnings: non-con, dub-con, explicit sexual content, cream pie, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids), forced entry, 18+.
A/N: This is my entry for @syntheticavenger's How It Started/How It's Going challenge. Not beta’ed so all errors, spelling mistakes and general bullshit are entirely mine. However I do have to thank my pre-readers @sweeterthanthis @ozarkthedog and @thesummerpetrichor for their comments and support, you guys are the best. While likes are gold, feedback is golden. My work is my own, therefore I do not give consent for this story to be re-posted or translated to any other site.
How It Started
You’re forever losing things— car keys, cell phone, purse. It’s inherently in your nature to be so lackadaisical, that even as a child, you were constantly misplacing your toys. So when you lose your cute little Ted Baker wallet, you don’t immediately panic when you can’t find it.
Your bank knows you well by now— so well, in fact you’re on first name terms with most of their advisers when you call late on that blisteringly hot Thursday afternoon. They simply chuckle when you tell them the situation, and promising to have your replacement cards with you in two to five days, they wish you a good evening as a knock at your apartment door prompts you to end the call.
You stride over, voice trapping in your throat as you open it, taken aback by the sight of Steve Rogers, and his broad frame filling up your doorway.
“C-Captain Rogers?” you stutter, his presence reeking of omnipotence.
You’ve only encountered brief moments with him back at the compound, your priority and focus on Natasha and her comms equipment. But every time you’ve come into contact with the man, you find yourself stunned into silence. He’s America’s Golden Boy— the image of perfection in the eyes of the country, while you’re just a lowly tech assistant, assigned to one of his comrades.
You’ve never been on the man’s radar— not until today.
“I think you might’ve lost this,” he states, holding out his hand with that kind smile you’ve seen him flash Nat on many occasions. Glancing down, your eyes widen at the sight of your red purse looking almost minuscule in his large palm.
“Oh my god!” you squeal happily, almost snatching it from him. “Where did you find it?”
“Some cafe on Broad Street, I think, I can’t quite remember.”
Of course. You must’ve left it behind after paying for lunch.
“Thank you,” you smile, mindlessly thumbing it open to check the contents. All the cash and cards are still there— not that you have much in the way of savings to offer anyway.
What are you thinking? Captain America would never steal from anyone.
“How’d you know where to find me?” you add, wondering if he’d asked Don down in personnel for your address.
“Oh, your um, Drivers License,” he confirms just as your thumb lands on it, the highly embarrassing photo staring back at you.
“Right, of course,” you laugh, and slap your forehead, instantly regretting it. “Stupid me.”
“You’re not stupid, these things happen,” he returns kindly.
“Thank you Captain.”
“Please, call me Steve.”
How It’s Going
Steve’s hips slap wetly against the backs of your thighs, the obscene sound filling the otherwise silent apartment. His grunts are almost harmonic, perfectly in tune with his thrusts, and it takes every ounce of resolve to swallow down the moan caught in your throat.
He must never know how good he feels inside you. Otherwise he’ll keep up this nightly visitation act he believes he’s claimed the rights to, all because he was the one who found your damn purse.
Pulling out, Steve quickly flips you over onto your front, and re-enters you with a force that never fails to take your breath away.
“Are you going to come again for your Captain?” he jibes in your ear, fingers pressed tight against your clit.
Shaking your head into the pillow below, you can feel his body vibrate behind you as he lets out a raucous laugh.
“Like you have a damn choice anyway.”
With a sharp flick of his wrist and impeccably placed fingertips, you’re coming around his cock whether you like it or not.
And when he finally empties inside you, he rattles off his little goodbye routine like a warning shot.
“Remember our little motto?” he asks and you nod weakly below him, fucked out on endorphins and shame. “Say it with me, doll.”
Opening your mouth, the words barely register a sound as you repeat, “Nobody will ever believe you.”
As Steve clambers out of your bedroom window and out onto the fire escape, he gives you one last cursory glance, smiling softly at the way you’ve fallen asleep, right where he left you. Still tangled up in your bed sheets, his cum dribbling from your abused pussy.
He thinks back to all of the times he’s watched you with Natasha, your sweet and carefree laughter surrounding him like a symphony. He knows he’s made the right choice in picking you. How easy you are to follow to the cafe on Broad Street every damn Thursday as the two of you gossip over your mid-morning iced lattes.
He had almost given up at one point, never finding the right moment to make his move, but his patience finally paid off. Nat had excused herself to go to the bathroom, while you headed to the counter for a sneaky second cruller. Your purse was in perfect view, a simple snatch— almost too simple. It would be easy to pretend like you’d lost it, you were ditsy like that.
And nobody would think to question the All-American good boy for going out of his way to return it to its owner.
TSAMW: @oneoftheprettynerds @rainbowkisses31 @undisputed-bucky​
STEVE: @andreasworlsboring101 @cake-writes @deanwinchesterswitch @fandom-princess-forevermore @hurricanerin @sammykb1994 @smokeandnailz @syrenavenger @syntheticavenger @vicmc624
ALL CE: @chamberofsloths @dreamlessinparis @imanuglywombat @kind-of-crazy-butthatsokay @la-cey @livstilinski @otomefromtheheart @patzammit @stargazingfangirl18 @starlightcrystalline @saiyanprincessswanie @sunwardsss @threeminutesoflife @xoxonotme
Forever: @amandamdiehl @buttercandy16 @crashdevlin @daughterofthenight117 @donnaintx @danneelsmain @dandywinchesterbras @deangirl93 @doozywoozy @downanddirtydean @foxyjwls007 @gayasslookinass @hoewkeye @heyyouwiththeassbutt @hoboal87 @ilovefanfic86 @jewelswrites-ish @joseyrw @letsby @letsdisneythings @mogaruke @notyourtypicalrose @nik2write @obsessivelycapricious @pinkshenanigan @princessmisery666 @rattwritesfics @sea040561 @sweeterthanthis @slutformarvelmen @simpformarvelmenandwoman @stoneyggirl @that-one-gay-girl @warriorqueen1991 @wonder-cole @xoxabs88xox @zooaliaa
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the-iceni-bitch · 3 months ago
For ur wheelie thing (lol I forgot the name)
Kinks: accidental stimulation & exhibitionism
Character: Steve Rogers
Prompt: “I need it”/so ask nicely”
Luv all ur writing!
Oh my god nonnie!! Lemme tell you I squealed a little bit when I got this one. This is gonna be good boy Avengers Steve because I love the idea of domming that virgin.
Again, this is smut, so no minors!!!
Tumblr media
Steve thought he was going to die.
The two of you had been seeing each other for a few months. It had been nice to have something to distract him, and he really had missed being able to spoil a girl.
But you were a whole lot different from the dames he used to take out in the forties.
You never wanted to let him pay for anything, you'd actually rolled your eyes at him on your last date when he'd snatched the check out of your hand. Also, he couldn't remember any woman shoving him against the wall and devouring his mouth until he was a panting, whining mess. And every time you finished a date you were practically pouncing on him, he'd even heard you growl a few times through your apartment door when he'd insisted on cutting things short before they went too far.
All he wanted was to take it further though. And he felt like a damn pervert each time he got home after one of your dates and had to desperately jerk himself off. What was he supposed to do though? Sure, he knew that gals nowadays were freer with their affections, but he wanted to make sure you knew how much he respected you.
That was why he had invited you to the game night Tony was throwing, hoping that introducing you to the team would provide some sort of distraction from how much he wanted to bury himself in between your legs.
It may have been a mistake, though.
"Oh, fuck you, Stark!" You were flipping Tony off from across the table after he bought another one of your properties out from under you in Monopoly.
"I am so sorry that I understand how capitalism works and can use it to my advantage." Tony made a mock wounded gesture and grinned at you before waving his fake money in your face. "Cap, I cannot believe you are dating a girl who swears like a sailor. Has she taught all the bad words?"
Poor Steve was starting to blush. For some reason, hearing you cuss out Tony was just making it even harder for him to not imagine your lips wrapped around his cock. Which was the absolute opposite of the respectful attitude he was trying to take with you.
“Don’t tease him, Tony!” You frowned at the man as you leaned against Steve’s knee. “I don’t care that you’re Iron Man, I’ll slap that smirk right off your face. Do you want another drink, baby?”
“No I’m good.” He swallowed thickly when you stood up and stretched, sighing when you ran your fingers through his hair before moving to the bar.
“Aww, look at you, Cap!” Maria was giving him a knowing grin when he turned back to face the group. “Someone’s got it bad!”
“Guy’s, c’mon.” He usually didn’t mind some good natured ribbing, but with how frustrated he already was it was just making him crankier.
“Yeah, guys, let’s be nice.” Tony looked a little too full of himself for Steve to trust he wasn’t going to be an ass. “She pop your cherry yet, Rogers?”
“What the fuck, Tony?” Steve choked on his beer while the rest of the team cracked up.
“Oh, she did teach you all the bad words!” Tony dodged the pillow Steve lobbed at him with a guffaw.
“What is this cherry popping?” Thor looked slightly confused at the turn the conversation, Earth idioms always seemed to have that effect on him.
“Tony’s asking if Y/N took Steve’s virginity.” Clint explained, laughing lightly when realization dawned on the giant blonde’s face.
“Aha, you’re a virgin Steven?” Thor seemed to be genuinely interested, rather than endlessly amused like everyone else.
“I’m not having this discussion with you assholes.” Steve sank back into the couch and pouted. He wasn’t a virgin, it had just been a while. 
“What were you all talking about while I was gone?” You grinned when the conversation suddenly stopped once you came back into the room, Clint clapping a hand over Thor’s mouth when the god tried to explain what they had been discussing. “Fine, keep your secrets. What’re we playing next?”
“What do we think about Twister?” Everyone cheered at that, and you sank onto Steve’s lap while you waited for Tony to come back.
Well, shit. All the care he had been taking the whole night to not turn into a horny idiot went right out the window when your ass settled into the dip in his lap. And your head leaning against his shoulder meant the scent of your shampoo was filling his nostrils and making it impossible for him to think about anything except burying his face in it while he fucked you from behind.
“You ok, Stevie?” You wriggled a little when you turned to face him and he sucked in a harsh breath. “You seem kind of tense.”
“Yeah, I’m, god, I’m fine.” He was lying, the way you were moving as you chatted with the team was making him hard.
“Honey, are you su... oh.” Your voice dropped to a low purr once you felt his bulge growing underneath you, tilting your head back so you could murmur directly in his ear. “Did you want some help with that, Stevie?”
“Baby, fuck.” He didn’t care any more, he was hard up, and you smelled so good. “I need it.”
“So ask nicely.” You’d been waiting so long for this boy to break, you felt like torturing him a little, rolling your hips against him and grinning at the desperate whine he let out.
“Honey, please.” It was fucking painful, he was cursing himself in his head for holding out for so long.
“I’m gonna go help Steve with something in the kitchen.” You announced, keeping your body in front of his when the two of you stood up to start making your way out of the game room.
“Really prefer if you could help him in almost any other room.” Tony called after you, shaking his head as the two of you scurried away. “Ok, who had ‘Cap breaks at game night’ in the pool?”
As soon as you were out of sight of everyone else you were yanking Steve’s face to yours, winding your fingers through his hair and dragging him down the hall as you tugged at his lips with your teeth. He was moaning and whining desperately against your mouth, opening up and letting you curl his tongue against his while his fingers dug into your waist.
God he was stupid. Why couldn’t he think of any good reason for why he’d been putting this off? You were so soft and warm and he just wanted to get you back to his room and...
“Shit, baby, what are you doing?!” He hadn’t even noticed when you shoved him against the wall, but when you disconnected to kneel in front of him he came back a little bit.
“Can’t make it back to the room.” You mumbled, mouthing at the bulge in the front of his jeans and whipping off his belt. “Already waited too fucking long.”
“Honey, the team could walk through any minute.” Although it was a little hard for him to actually care when you ripped his fly open and nipped at the outline of his cock through his boxer briefs. “Ah, fuck.”
“That’s what makes it so exciting.” You winked at him before drawing his weeping cock out and immediately wrapping your hand around him. “Oh, fuck sweetie.”
“Y/N, oh god.” All of his concentration was going to not coming immediately like a teenager when you squeezed along his length. 
“Just look at this poor thing.” You pouted as you started pressing soft kisses all over his shaft, trying not to act too pleased when he jumped in your hand. “So pretty and needy. Have you not been taking care of him, Stevie?”
“Baby, unngh.” His knees almost buckled when you suckled gently at his swollen head, he had to brace himself against the wall to keep from collapsing. “That feels so good.”
“I know, I’m gonna take such good care of him.” You grinned at the thin keen he let out when you flicked your tongue over his slit to lap up his precum. “Keep him wet and warm all the time like he deserves.”
The column buckled when he thumped his fist into it once you took him fully into your mouth, swallowing him down your throat until your nose was nuzzled against the well trimmed hair at his base. A steady stream of obscenities started falling from his lips when you drew back before shoving your face forward again and massaging the thick vein that ran over the underside of him with your tongue. 
One of your hands trailed under his shirt so you could drag your nails over his chest, your painfully stretched lips quirking at the corners when he wrapped his hand in your hair and let out a low groan. You could tell he was still holding back though, even when you brought your free hand up to fondle his balls he wasn’t fucking your face like you really wanted.
So, you slapped his nipple and trailed your hand up to wrap around his throat, and that did what you wanted.
“Ah, baby, fuck!” His hips bucked into your face and you hummed with satisfaction. “Shit, I’m gonna come.”
Look, you prided yourself on your swallow game. You were firmly planted in the “spitters are quitters” camp. But you were not prepared for the sheer volume of cum that was suddenly shooting down your throat. There was no way you could swallow fast enough, having to pull him out while you coughed and spluttered around the ridiculous amount of cum that was overflowing your mouth, but somehow still coming out of him.
“Honey, are you ok?” Oh god, it had finally stopped. “I’m so sorry, I probably should have mentioned a couple side effects there are from the serum.”
“Stevie, I’m fucking great.” You beamed up at him once you had finally caught your breath, tears leaking down your cheeks and your lips and chin coated in thick ropes of his spend. “I probably should have mentioned that I’m a little bit of a cumslut, so this is gonna work out great for both of us. What other side effects are there?”
“Uh, well...” He was having trouble talking as he watched you scoop the excess cum with your fingers and suck them clean, his gaze flicking down to his cock when he couldn’t form a complete sentence.
“Hmm? Fuck, you’re still hard.” You were fucking giddy, fully expecting that there was no way you were going to be able to walk for a couple days after tonight. “This is very important information, Stevie. We’re gonna take full advantage of this. Let’s go.”
He barely had a chance to tuck himself back into his pants before you were dragging him down the hall. A very small part of him was worried that he may have bitten off more than he could chew with you, but mostly he was just excited for whatever you were going to do to him.
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buckysharmony · 4 months ago
under his touch // s. rogers
pairing /steve rogers x reader
summary / in which you find out what steve’s sleeping habit is [fluff]
warnings /  sugary fluff, sleeping 
a/n / my requests are open, please send in some ideas/prompts <3
Tumblr media
Something that you always struggled with when it came to relationships was sleeping with that person. Not the intimate and sexual side of it, but rather the type of sleeping where you would talk all night and slowly fade off into a dreamless unconsciousness. It was difficult to feel comfortable with someone, that was until you met Steve. 
With Steve, it was a different experience all together. There was no snoring, or sleep talking. There were no spontaneous muscle spasms that jolted you awake. There was no twisting and turning, sighing or whining. With Steve, it was peaceful and easy - something that surprised you. Then one night, everything came to realisation, you had realised what Steve’s sleeping habit was and it made your stomach flutter and heart ache with adoration
It was his constant need to have you under his touch. 
The first night that you noticed Steve’s habit, the air conditioning was broken in your apartment and the temperature felt as if it was 120 degrees in the room. You woke up in the early morning, sweat beading down your forehead and sticking to your back, and it didn’t help that Steve’s arm was circled tightly around your waist. You tried your best to twist out of his grasp, but it was impossible. 
“Steve,” you whispered, twisting in his arms and watching his eyes fluttering  tiredly and briefly.
“Mmm, what’s wrong?” he asked softly, unconsciously tightening his grasp on you and it made a giggle pass your lips. 
“It’s unbearably hot in here, and.. And your cuddles aren’t making it any easier,” your words softened at the sight of a pout contorting on his face, but he slowly unlatched his arm from around you, muttering a “sorry” with his eyes still closed. You sighed in relief at the weight lifted off your hips and kicked the sheet from your body, turning your back to him and getting comfortable again. 
A moment passed in silence before you felt Steve’s fingers trailing on your hips again but instead of wrapping around your figure as usual, he just let his hand rest there on your flesh. It was something that you could live with in this heat and you fell back into a slumber with a smile on your face. 
You thought nothing of that moment as the weeks passed by. The second time you noticed you were finishing a project for work late at night and fell into bed at two in the morning, only noticing that Steve was still awake when he turned on his side and smiled tiredly at you. “What are you doing up so late?” you whispered, not wanting to be too loud so that you wouldn’t disturb him too much. 
“Waiting for you,” Steve replied. 
You turned on your side, facing him and letting your eyes wander over his features, biting softly on your bottom lip. “Couldn’t sleep?” 
“I can sleep just fine, baby, just wanted to see you before I fell asleep,” you blushed at his words, he never failed to make you feel special. He reached across the small space between your bodies, brushing your hair back exposing your bare shoulder and you shuddered as his fingers tickled you softly. He smiled at the shiver, bringing you closer and peppering kisses along your flesh. “Goodnight, beautiful.”
“Goodnight, handsome,” you replied, leaning in and pecking his nose, allowing your eyes to flutter closed. Steve shuffled slightly in the bed before his hand placed itself beneath your jaw, cupping your face, his thumb rubbing up and down your jawline. You thought it’d only last a couple of moments, but you found yourself drifting off to the rhythm of his thumb. You woke up hours later in that same position, neither of you pulling away from the other. 
You started to think about it more, how you could sleep so easily next to Steve without any pet peeves annoying you. Every night that you got ready to go to bed, you anticipated where Steve would linger his touch before falling asleep, and every night he never failed to make you giggle to yourself as he got himself comfortable with his fingers intertwined with yours or his palm resting on your lower back. 
Tonight was no different. You shuffled into bed beside Steve, your eyes and limbs heavy with fatigue. Steve motioned his arms open, before encircling them around you and bringing you close to him. Your back was to his chest, his left arm tucked away underneath your pillow in the crook of your neck. You giggled as his fingers absentmindedly found yours and hooked themselves together.
“What is that?” Steve murmured into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.
“What’s what?” you feigned forgetfulness, closing your eyes and listening to his breathing. 
“Every night you let out this little giggle, and I just wanna know why, darlin’,” you detangled yourself from his grasp and turned to face him, smiling up at his face. His skin never failed to make you envious, with how smooth and clear it always was until he grew out his beard, turning his boyish face into sex god. 
Smiling up at him, you reached to run your fingers just above his overgrown beard, his eyes fluttering closed at the touch. “Lately, I’ve started to notice something and I just think it’s adorable.”
A small red tint danced onto his cheeks, curiosity sneaking into his eyes, “What is it?”
“You always have to have some piece of you touching me while you sleep,” you said, sheepishly looking over his shoulder in case you picked it up completely wrong. 
Steve chuckled, shaking his head slightly against the white pillow, “You’ve noticed that?” 
“You know you do that?” you asked.
“I only started noticing it a couple of months ago, I couldn’t sleep when you weren’t beside me and then I started having this urge just to feel your warmth,” Steve said softly, bringing himself closer to you and leaning down to peck your nose gently, “It’s not a bad thing, is it?” he asked.
You shook your head, your eyes slowly closing before placing your lips against his in a kiss, “not at all,” you whispered against them, “It’s rather cute.” 
“You’re cute,” he replied, capturing your lips again. “Goodnight, beautiful.”
{my requests are open, please send some in}
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sweetsbfreex · 13 days ago
pool day
Summary: the one where steve realizes he’s no longer in the 40′s with the bikini you have on + sam/bucky being a double pain in the ass
Warning: smut and fluff!
Pairings: bf!steve rogers x reader
It’s only eleven o’clock, most likely the latest you have ever stayed in bed with Steve. The curtains are still pulled together, keeping the brightness away. Allowing the room to soak in a serene, light color to flow through the room. With how content you both feel in your slumber, Steve might sleep in more.
You’re both in deep sleep (him on his back, while you’re on your back) and he’s holding you to his chest. One of his arm’s wraps around your torso while his other palm places itself over the back of your head. 
The pair, no doubt, would’ve slept well off into the afternoon. If it wasn’t for the two idiots who thought it was a tremendous idea to walk in with no warning whatsoever. It was clear in that moment neither of them thought this through. 
Sam patters in before Bucky. A Blue mega-phone clutched in his fist, “Up and attem lovebirds, We’re having a pool day!” he shouts.
You squall awake, ripping yourself away from Steve’s tough hold. At the sudden intrusion of noise in your previously quiet environment. Sitting up, eyes closed in shock. 
Steve’s eyes snap open at the sound of your screams and, without a thought, assesses the situation. Taking hold of the shield sat up and between the bed and his nightstand, flinging it towards the door.
Sam's arm extends out at lightning speed. The sound of metal clashing with his ring, rings through the air. 
“Jesus, Steve” Bucky grumbles, taking the shield from Sam’s grip, flinging the shield back.
“You’ve been practicing!” You note to Sam, who smiles back.
“Should’ve hit you both” he mutters, putting it back in it’s spot. “What are you yucks doing in here anyway” he eyes them both annoyedly. 
He turns his head to see you, one hand on your slightly heaving chest. Slinging one arm around your shoulder to bring you in closer to his side. 
“Stark decided to throw a little pool day for us, everyone’s getting ready to head up to the roof. You two were the only ones asleep, so go get ready” Sam informs. 
“Glad to know you couldn’t request F.R.I.D.A.Y. to let us know that” Steve states sarcastically, “We’ll be in up in a few”
He sighs when they finally walk out the door, dropping himself to the mattress. But, not before taking hold of your torso. Bringing you down with him. 
Both of you on your backs until he sits himself on his side, supporting his head up with his fist. Giving him a better view to look down at your face.
“You alright?” he asks fondly, intertwining his freed hand with one of yours. 
“Yeah...Just wasn’t expecting to be woken up like that” you miff out a slight laugh. Raising your hand to rub the rest of the sleep from your eye.
“Sorry about those idiots” he tells, taking a quick glance at the door. 
“It’s all ready for a pool day?” 
The standing mirror is in front of you as you fiddle with the knot of the bathing suit bottom, on your hip. It was a stunning bandeau suit tie dyed teal and purple. A metal heart loop connecting the top together, sat between your breasts. Which were sitting comfortably.
You loved it.
You could see that a certain someone also loved it. Everytime you shifted your eye over in the mirror, you could see Steve eyeing you down with a craving in his eyes. And as he nibbles on his lips, sometimes they go from side to side, you know exactly where this is going. 
He’s sitting with his arms back, feet sitting on the floor. Staring, staring so hard like a teenage boy looking at his first playboy. 
“Steve?” you snap him out of it. 
He whistles when you turn to him, all finished.
“I like this” his voice is husky, and he’s calling you over without saying it. 
“You do?” you smile, trotting over him as you throw your arms over his shoulders. Combining your hands at the back of his neck.
He sits up immediately, letting one hand roam the perimeter of your ass while the other’s finger is playing with the hem of the bathing suit bottom. His finger occasionally poking under the fabric.
“I’m definitely not in the 40s anymore” he smirks, his head angles towards your neck placing soft kisses. “You wanna take it off?” 
“You asking for a strip tease, mister?” you giggle, pulling his head for a kiss. 
“That I am...You gonna give it to me?”
He knows you will, doesn’t even question you when you straddle his lap. The timid smile that overtakes his face and the falter in his breath could kill you right now. 
You stand up, feet on each side of his thighs. Wobbling a bit since you were trying to balance yourself on the soft mattress. So, Stevie reaches his hands to hold behind your thighs as support. 
You shimmy the bottom down your legs, you step out them. Steve becomes face to face with your pussy and he’s trying to not foam at the mouth. 
“Fuck” he grunts. 
“Those aren’t nice words captain,” you joke, straddling him as you were before. 
“Yeah?” he questions, an eyebrow lodged up.
You nod, lips stuck in a closed lip smile. 
Your heart almost drops out of your ass when Steve pulls you to his chest tightly, one hand under your ass. Like a football he’s protecting. As he pins you to the bed, hovering over you closely. He feels something like pride, his ego filled a bit when he watches the shock in your eyes. Your chest rising and falling and your hands clutch onto his biceps.
It was common knowledge how strong the man was, but gosh. 
“You ready for me?”
You nod eagerly.
“Please put it in me, Stevie”
The way the words roll off your tongue makes him groan and Steve’s erection grows stronger. His trunks were all ready off— basic red ones with the words ‘America’s Ass written in white on his bum. A gift from Tony. 
His hands reach up to tear your top off the bandeau top when your hands cover each of his.
“What’s wrong?” He inquired.
“It took me forever to get this top on!” You gripe.
“Are you serious?” he can’t tell if you’re fucking with him or not
“Yes! You watched me struggle with it, didn’t you?”
He did. Watched you take off and on the top, as you tried to get your breasts to sit perfectly. They were definitely perfect, especially with the way you were positioned on your back right now. 
He can see them in his head anyway. His head dips down to your shoulder peppering a line of kisses to your shoulder, up your neck, past your jaw, a few to your cheek, before arriving to your lips. 
It’s nasty and everything you love, open mouthed kisses as his tongue lassos yours. 
At the same time he aligns himself and you gasp audibly into his mouth, at the surprise penetration. 
Steve’s hovering over your body, mounting you as he strikes into you. Causing your body to jostle up and down the sheets. And the smack of his balls against your ass. The pillow behind your headboard is almost giving out from the constant love making. His hands hold onto your thighs, since your feet hooking around his waist. 
You moan incessantly, “fuck Stevie” you break away from the stirring kiss. Your head thrown back, the top of your head hitting the mattress. 
His left hand let’s go of your thigh to grip your chin, tilting your head down at his level. He kisses you hungrily. Ever the romantic, kisses were his favorite thing. 
He loved his morning kisses, goodnight kisses, I miss you kisses, “sorry I said that” kisses, “are we alright now” kisses, “sorry Tony is being a jerk” kisses, the nose kisses at the tip of his nose, cheek kisses when he isn’t up for pda, and the kisses before missions. 
“You feel so good, honey” he breathes against your stressed lips. “Don‘t cum yet”
You hide your face in his shoulder, when he can read your telltale signs that you're close like it’s nothing.
In any other circumstance you’d feel embarrassed about how fast it takes you to almost jump over that metaphorical cliff. But it’s Steve fucking Rogers— who wouldn’t cum in under two minutes with him as their partner. 
“You all right” he asks, his grunts increasing afterwards as you add onto his pleasure sending kisses to the span of his neck, little licks, and blows of cool air. 
“Mhm...need to come. Please” you plead.
He agrees without words, just the fingers that go to your clit. Your head can’t take it and your so close and want Steve to get there too, as ur hand goes to fondle with his testicles. 
“Keep doing that please!” He hums, elevating in the way you squeeze and rub on him. 
He knows you’re almost when the heels of your feet dig into him harder, trying to ground yourself.
“Steve—ohh” you groan, your hand grappling the ends of hair. 
“There we go, there we go, there—“ he repeats at the same time, ramming into you faster than before. His hand takes hold of your jaw, grinding your lips with his while he releases himself into you. 
You feel like you're in a different universe afterwards. Like you're not even in your body, as if a solar system shattered in your belly.
Steve is no longer hovering over you, but instead has his body mass pressed into you, spooned into you. 
“You all right?” Steve asks into your neck. 
“Mhm. That was great” you murmur, pressing a kiss to his head. Your hand rubbing up and down his back and up his neck, raking through his hair. 
When Steve props his chin onto your chest, looking up at you. His cheeks and chest are blemished a subtle pink. You both are stuck in a love spell, eyeing each other down softly. 
Until it all goes down the drain when there’s beating at your door, Bucky's fist.
“Cmon your horny fucks, we have places to be!” Bucky booms through the door, irritated to no other. Steve’s cheeks go bright red. 
You guys were such a couple sometimes.
“Told you man—“ you hear Sam's voice as they walk away from the door. 
Moment. Ruined
You’ve played at least three rounds of chicken fight and two of “laser tag” but with water shooters. The rooftop brings a light breeze, so light you aren’t shivering cold. 
It was fun and you loved spending time with this whimsical group. But, after earlier activities and being pushed into the pull by Natasha and Tony during a game of chicken fight, plus the trash talking. You were tired out.
On that account, now you’re laying on a lounge chair cuddled up into Steve. Him on his back, while you lay on your side, one foot on top of his. 
He’s just whispering something in your ear to make you laugh when the shadows of Bucky and Sam loom over the two of you. Menacing smiles on their faces.
Water shooters in their hands. 
You scream in excitement, cowering into Steve’s side. Who’s arm pulls you in tighter at the water hitting your bodies. 
“Watch.” He whispers
You peek an eye open to see his arm is reached out, palm open. You can hear a force from afar, until you notice the little hammer  whipping through the air until it descends onto the top of the pool. 
Sam and Bucky’s shoulders sag as their back gets splashed by the abundance of water. Frowns of annoyance on their face. 
“Know what? Ever since you got those magical powers, you’ve been a huge ass” Bucky tells him, squinting at the proud smile on Steve’s face. 
“Yeah, you buzzkill” Sam adds, sticking his middle finger up. 
They don’t wait for Steve’s response as their soaked figures plop away from the two of you. 
You look at him, squinting from the sun. 
“That was hot” you smirked, a hand thrown over his shoulder. 
“Yeah?” He searches, throwing the hammer into the air and catching it nonchalantly.
“Mhm. How do you tell it where to go?”
“I actually have no idea…” Steve replies, his voice fades in question. “I should ask Thor about that”
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universitypenguin · 29 days ago
Author’s Note: Hello, my lovely followers! Thanks for all your interaction with this story. I've enjoyed your replies, messages, and re-blogs. The GIF re-blogs always make my day. I went over board on the length for this chapter, but there was a lot to cover.
And we finally get to see Andy!
Word Count: 8,620
Warnings: Erotica level explicit writing. Smut, double penetration, anal sex, overstimulation and sub drop, NSFW, 18+
Previous Chapters:
Restitution - Chapter One
Restitution - Chapter Two
Restitution - Chapter Three
Restitution - Chapter Four*
Restitution - Chapter Five*
Tumblr media
Smut 18+, minors do not interact
Chapter Six
Ari coated your tight ring of muscle with more lube as his fingers continued to explore. Steve flicked his tongue against yours, stroking his hands up and down your sides. He slanted his head and deepened the kiss, taking control. He teased until you were limp. You’d continued to straddle him while kissing, with his thickness still inside of you, even when he went soft. His cock had only gone down for a few seconds. As he kissed you, the organ swelled, stiffening to full size.
Ari’s fingers breached your ass and he groaned.
“That’s it, sweetheart. Let me in. Soon I’m going to make you feel so good that you‘ll wonder why you ever tried to keep me out.”
The bottle uncapped with a click and more gel let him ease in a second finger. Steve nibbled at your lower lip, then licked along the upper one. He thrust his tongue into you and rubbed his hands over your thighs.
“Keep her loose for me,” Ari said. “The plug isn’t very big, honey, you can take it.”
Something hard and rubbery touched your ass and nerves flared. You curled closer to Steve.
“What’s your color?” Steve asked.
Ari pulled away, his hand pressing to the small of your back. He waited.
“Yellow…uh, green.”
Steve smiled. “What’s your color, doll? Only use one.”
“Are you sure?“ Ari asked.
“Yeah, I was just nervous.“
“It shouldn’t hurt. If you feel anything uncomfortable let me know. Steve, why don’t you help her open up?“
Steve grasped your waist, a wicked gleam in his eyes.
“Sure thing.”
He rocked his hips and the head of his cock rubbed exquisitely against the very back of your channel. The feeling of it made you whimper.
“That’s it. Just like that,” Ari praised.
The plug eased its way inside and your hole snapped closed around it.
“Fuck, that’s a good girl,” Ari hissed.
He caressed your lower back and you felt him staring down at the plug nestled in your ass. Ari’s beard tickled when he kissed your shoulder.
“Such a good girl. You did so well.”
Steve groaned and rutted up, his jaw clenched tight. You whined as he grazed your sensitive clit with his pelvis, clenching helplessly.
“Oh…” your eyes squeezed shut as he set a rhythm, moving in and out.
“You’re so tight like this,” Steve said.
“How does it feel?” Ari asked.
“More pressure,” Steve grunted.
He wasn’t moving hard, just steadily, in smooth movements that unleashed slow waves of pleasure up and down your spine.
You clutched Steve’s shoulders as the feelings intensified. Ari tugged on the base of the plug, rotating it. You gasped and moaned, then trembled as Steve jerked, hitting your cervix. A kiss of pain and an intense pleasure made you groan.
“Fuck, I can feel that,” Steve said.
“She’s spread so far out around your girth you’re feeling everything, aren’t you?”
You whimpered as Ari tugged the plug out a bit, opening your hole, then buried it to the hilt. Your pussy clenched.
“She likes it,” Steve said. “Don’t you?”
All you could do was moan.
“We need a bigger plug,” Ari said. “You took that one too easy.”
“Color?” Steve murmured.
“Green… very green.”
Ari chuckled. He freed the plug and spread you open. Something else was pressed into you. Steve thrust and you moved with him, allowing the second plug to slide into place.
“Fuck that’s hot,” Ari said, stroking a hand over your left cheek, then giving it a swat. “You’re a natural, honey.”
You jerked as pleasure rippled through you.
“Give her a spanking, Ari. She’s loving those swats. I feel you, doll. You squeezed the life out of me when he smacked you.”
You made a noise of agreement, lost in pleasure as Ari delivered stinging blows and Steve ground slowly into you. He shifted his hips and then you felt him on your front wall, hitting that deep spot again.
The plug made you feel so full. Ari’s plam cracked down with a harsh sting, then stroked to soothe. The blend of stimulus, both painful and pleasing, awakened every nerve ending. Steve’s cock pushed into your sensitive spot and you fell apart. The orgasm hit you out of the blue like an ambush. Your pleasured daze was ripped away by searing ecstasy.
Your vision went white. Your body clenched, desire exploding, fire racing through your spine, making your muscles go stiff, as you thrashed from the intense climax. It went on and on, as Steve fucked you through it.
When it finished, you were limp in Steve’s arms, struggling to stay alert as aftershocks ripped through you.
“Color?” Ari asked.
“Y-yellow…” you were shivering, gasping for air, your head swimming.
“Talk to me,” Steve said softly, running his hand through your hair.
“Need a second… to catch my breath…”
Your lungs burned with the exertion of the climax and your body felt weak. It was like you’d stumbled over the finish line of a race you hadn’t prepared for.
“I think you’re ready,” Ari said.
His fingers stroked over the curve of your spine, then lower to the plug. He pushed your cheeks apart and gripped your ass.
“Hang on,” Steve said.
He had you in a snug hold, which you were grateful for. Without it, you’d have melted into a puddle on the sofa. Your eyes blinked slowly, each beat they closed lasting a bit too long. It felt like you were about to fall asleep on Steve’s chest.
“It’s better to do it while she’s still fucked out and limp,” Ari said.
He was teasing the plug and it felt nice, but you were so gone your body wouldn’t react.
“Are you ready for this, baby?” Steve sounded worried.
“That’s the spirit, sweetheart,” Ari praised.
You heard his belt unclasp and fall.
“Wait,” Steve said. He cupped your chin. Holding your head up, he frowned. “Are you okay? Do you want to keep going? We’re still on yellow, right?”
“Dude, you’re not going to double penetrate her?! What the fuck! One night with my girlfriend was not permission for a fucking gangbang!”
Steve flashed an irritated look at Jackson. Ari snickered. He bent to your ear.
“What do you think, honey? Ready to have me in your ass?”
Heat flared in your belly.
“Steve, slip out.”
The blond moved and you grabbed at him. He paused.
“What is it? What’s wrong?”
“Stay. I want it like this. Both of you.”
Ari grunted. “Honey, we’re not going to fit. Not on your first time.”
“But you’re still hard,” you said to Steve.
“Seriously, man? Still?”
“They gave me super stamina, what did you expect?”
“I can take it,” you said.
“Not your first time, okay?” Steve was careful as he lifted you up and slid out.
A gush of wetness leaked out, his release oozing as he settled you lower on his thighs. His cock was pressed to your belly as you straddled him.
“Babe, this is so not cool!” Jackson was talking again and the sound was like nails on a chalkboard.
Steve sighed. “I swear, if I have to go shut him up again…”
“You’re treating her like a whore!”
You turned, levering up on Steve’s broad chest and glaring at Jackson.
“You’re just jealous I’m letting Ari take my virginity.”
“You’re insane! This morning you wouldn’t fuck my loan shark and now you’re about to let him rail you in the ass? You fucking whore!”
Steve’s muscles bunched underneath you but flattened your hand on his chest, a warning to keep quiet. He’d defended you before, but you had claws of your own. If you were Jackson’s punishment, you were determined to be a good one.
“Listen, you dipshit…” Ari spoke, but you cut him off.
“A whore gets paid, Jackson. I’m volunteering, which would make me a slut. That’s what you tried to talk me into, isn’t it? Now you’re pissed because I’m enjoying myself? Pick a reaction, buddy, you’re all over the place.”
“You told me no, but he gets your ass? You uptight little cunt!”
“Oh, my cunt isn’t feeling so tight anymore. Steve really worked it loose.”
Ari choked on a laugh. Steve snickered.
You sat up straight, gathering your sweaty hair off your neck. You raised your arms, stretching, making your breasts sway. Jackson’s eyes dropped. You saw the flash of desire and smirked. Then you slid off Steve’s lap and turned to Ari. He grasped your waist and pressed his forehead to yours. His expression was smug, his eyes lit with humor.
“Enjoying yourself?”
“Very much. Now take off your clothes. All of them.”
He blinked. You took advantage of his surprise and opened the buttons of his shirt.
You’d gotten his shirt halfway off before he recovered and shoved out of his pants. He’d kept himself mostly dressed so far, but you wanted to feel his skin. As you explored his body, you realized he had no tan lines. The discovery was impressive and intriguing. You stroked and kissed his chest, enjoying the feeling of his body. Ari was lean compared to Steve, but the swell of muscles in his shoulders and his tight hips were graceful and athletic. You licked at the trail of hair that led down to his abdomen. He groaned when you sucked on his nipple.
“Fuck, honey, that’s good.”
“Mmmhh…” you gave a little purr and looked at Jackson.
He had his arms crossed, scowling. You locked eyes with Jackson and sank to your knees. His glare slipped and his jaw dropped. You grinned, turning your attention to Ari. His sapphire eyes burned with lust. If anyone ever looked at you with this much need again, you’d commit to daily blow jobs. Gently, you licked across the head, steadying his thick erection with your hand around the base. His breath sped up.
“He likes it slow and wet,” Steve said.
“Don’t tell her that, I won’t last.”
“Don’t worry about lasting. We have all night. I just need to get my mouth on you. It’s been too long since I’ve sucked a cock…”
Jackson swore. You let the words wash over you, even when he cursed at you. Ari had your full attention. He was all but drooling in anticipation, and Jackson’s tirade faded into the background like white noise.
Ari’s features twisted as you took him into your mouth, sinking down as far as you could. Then you wrapped one hand around his base, twisting as you sucked. Like Steve suggested, you kept it wet and your pace languid. Ari moaned when you cupped his balls. You felt him twitch and looked up, meeting his gaze and then sank down as far as you could, gagging as he hit the back of your throat.
He swore and pulled back.
“Damn it, I want to come in your mouth, but not right now. Come here.”
Ari took two steps towards Jackson and sat on the edge of the coffee table. The table was a sturdy platform style piece, situated in the center of the room. Ari leaned back, resting his weight on his arms, spreading his thighs.
“Over my lap, sweetheart.”
You went to him and Ari took a hold of your waist, moving you so your chest was pressed against the wood. Your hips were over his knees, lifting your bottom to him. Steve passed him the bottle of lube and shifted over to the middle seat of the sofa for a better view. Ari ran his hand over you.
“So pretty. I’d spank you hard, but getting you open is going to be rough enough for one night.”
He popped the cap, took a dab of gel on his fingers and slipped a finger into your tight hole, pushing past your plug. You wiggled and felt him ease farther into you. He pulled out and removed the plug, sliding it free with no pain. His fingers delved in, two digits this time. Your breath caught. Ari purred.
“Sweet girl, are you ready for me?”
Ari worked his fingers inside of you, creating an incredible sense of fullness you’d never experienced before. You moaned as he probed, pressing harder when you relaxed.
“I can tell you never played with her ass, she's never felt anything so deep before, have you?”
Jackson truly had a front row seat now. He was close enough that if he reached out, he’d be able to touch you. Ari kissed along your spine, over your shoulder, and across your neck. His beard rubbed your skin as he turned to look at your boyfriend.
“She’s going to look at you while I fill her ass for the first time. You hear me, honey? Stare him right in the eye.”
He pressed his lips to your ear, but spoke to Jackson.
“When it starts to feel really good, whimper all sweet and desperate. Those delicate little sounds would give anyone a hard on.”
Ari pushed you flat on your stomach on the table. He swung astride you, settling his weight over your thighs. He spread your cheeks open with his free hand and slid his fingers out. Then he was pressing the tip of his cock against your opening. His fingers had already spread you out, allowing him to push inside. You gasped. It burned as he stretched you. Another gasp, not of pleasure, slipped past your lips as the burning intensified. Gritting your teeth, you steeled yourself for the next thrust. You were trying not to tense up, but the forigen feeling made your muscles clench.
“Easy, honey. Relax for me.”
Ari stroked your back, soothing you. With the tip of his cock spreading you open, he slipped his hand around and sank two fingers into your pussy. It was still pulsing. He teased you with soft curls of his fingers, brushing your g-spot, but leaving you wanting. Then he thrust and you fought to hold still at the painful stretch. The powerful ring of muscle protested his invasion and you cried out.
“Hang on,” Ari murmured. “I’m sorry, it’s okay, it hurts a little at first. I’ve got you.”
He managed to seat himself, pushing the head of his cock all the way inside. Ari held still, his breath ragged. Your pussy trembled around his fingers as he teased. Then he removed his fingers and carefully thrust into your ass. You pushed back, trying to take more.
Ari hissed. “Fuck!”
He gripped your hips, forcing you still. He was panting hard and gasping for breath.
“Give me a second. You need… to adjust… just take a minute.”
You whined. “More, please.”
“Damn it, sweetheart.”
“She’s doing good, Ari. She’s taking it like a champ,” Steve said.
His praise made you tremble. You turned and saw he’d put his boxers back on. The bulge of his erection tented the silk. Fuck, you needed to take care of that for him. The man was an angel for not splitting your pussy in half, he should have a limp dick for his heroism.
“Holy shit,” Ari gasped as you rocked back again.
His fingers flexed and feeling his tight grip, you knew he was hanging on to control by a thread.
“It feels better.”
Steve grinned. He moved off the couch and knelt next to your head. A big hand smoothed over your back. His eyes were hot as he studied your face.
“Does it feel better, doll? Or is it getting good?”
“I can feel everything, it’s so tight.”
Ari shuddered. His hips jerked. Even when he lost control, he was gentle. The flare of pain you’d felt at first was a distant memory as he sank into your ass inch by inch.
You really could feel everything. As he probed his way into your tightest hole, the sensation was mind blowing. You could feel each ridge and vein of his dick. He filled you, provoking a sensation of fullness the likes of which you’d never imagined. There was no extra space. It wasn’t like being jammed full, but an oddly pleasant resistance as he thrust, and then acceptance when your body eased around him before pulling tight to draw him in. By the time you felt his hips settle against your ass, the intensity of the fullness had a wave of fresh tears running down your face.
“Fuck. There it is, honey. You’re such a good girl, takin’ all of me like this.”
“She deserves a treat for being so good, don’t you think?” Steve cooed.
He’d stayed kneeling beside you as Ari had taken your ass. You blinked away tears and met his gaze. The pale blue was lit with a feverish lust. You licked your lips, anticipating his cock in your mouth. Steve took you by surprise when he reached into the drawer of the end table beside Jackson. Your boyfriend’s eyes were dilated, his pants straining over his erection, and his chest heaved. Deliberately, you licked your lips, teasing him.
Jackson groaned and reached down to palm himself.
“Don’t even think about it,” Steve said.
He took a small purple item from the drawer and sent Jackson a vicious look.
“This isn’t a porn show, you don’t get to stroke yourself off. If you put your hand down there again, I’ll castrate you.”
“You can’t be serious! You’re fucking her ass and I’m supposed to, what? Ignore it?”
Ari rolled his hips into you, making you groan at the pressure.
Jackson groaned too. Steve snickered. He held the small purple object out to you, letting you see the egg shaped bulb with a string dangling from it. A vibrator.
“Hands on the arms of the chair, Jack. If you touch your dick it’ll be the last time you have one,” Steve said.
“You’re a sick freak,” Jackson said. “Both of you, fucking psychopaths.”
“Freaks, yet you were happy to take our money. You couldn’t even win it back. I told Ari you’d be a bad customer. And look where we are now.”
Ari chuckled. He thrust deep and held still, letting you adjust. Steve smirked and took out a remote control, palming the vibrator.
“Ari, get on your back and hold her legs open. I wanna give our guest a show. Let’s find out If I can make him give me a reason to do a little surgery.”
Jackson shifted in his seat, moaning. Steve chuckled.
Ari wrapped his arm around you and rolled onto his back. He grasped your knees and pulled them up. With his forearms around your legs, you were wide open and immobilized. Steve, purple egg in one hand and the remote control in the other, knelt between your legs.
“Okay, baby girl. You lie there, nice and still, and keep Ari’s cock warm. Let me treat you real good, alright?”
The playful gleam in his eyes suggested you wouldn’t be able to hold still for long.
Ari’s cock was impossibly thick in your ass. Just the stretch and pressure of him had you quivering. The tightness must have been intense for him as well because he bucked his hips, his hands gripping your legs.
You whimpered.
“Honey, please. Tell me I can move…”
Steve grinned.
“Nope, not yet. Let me give our girl a treat first.”
The instruction fell on deaf ears. Ari pulled back, sliding out. The new sensation sent a wave of pleasure rippling through you. Your head fell back and you moaned, helpless at the intense pleasure. It was like relief, and then when he pushed back in you met his thrust, eager to feel the deep pressure again.
Your voice was gargled with desire, each syllable dripping with need.
“Fuck,” Ari gasped.
His self control was legendary- even at your plea, he didn’t start pounding. Instead, he rocked into you, cautious.
“Steve, lube…” Ari growled.
The blonde sighed, palming the vibrator. He reached for the bottle and smeared cool gel on your ass. Steve’s expression as he watched you sent shivers up your spine. High color painted his cheek bones and his jaw was clenched. Ari thrust again and your eyes shut on a wave of ecstasy. When you opened them, his blue eyes were burning even brighter. You moaned and Steve’s hand clenched around the purple vibrator. Ari thrust and you grabbed Steve’s shoulders as heat scorched your nerve endings. He pulled back, causing that exquisite relief and your nails dug into Steve’s skin.
“Ari, buddy, she’s not going to need a vibrator. Keep going, you’ve got her eyes rolling back.”
“Can I move faster?” Ari asked.
"Please, please…”
The man under you made a raw noise of desire, rutted his hips hard, then withdrew. A wail escaped as he drove back in, spreading you wide, making your eyes roll just like Steve had described. You heard the soldier groan as Ari started fucking you, the pace rough, wilder than you’d imagined you could have handled. High pitched noises fell constantly from your lips. It was as if your capacity to feel had expanded. Each time Ari moved, the powerful ripples of heat intensified. Whimpers turned breathless as you panted, lost in an ocean of pleasure.
“Sweetheart, you’re so good, you feel so good, yes…honey, just like that…”
Ari praised as your body thrashed, gripped by a desire that turned you mindless. You needed to get off, the orgasm building was desperate and you needed it. You needed it so bad.
“More, please, Ari… more!”
“Sweetheart, it’s okay, I’ve got you. Hang on to her, Steve.”
You were trembling, drowning in sensation, unaware of anything else. Steve held you down as you struggled and twisted. Ari tightened his arm around your waist, gripping as tight as he dared.
“Fuck, her pussy is dripping down my balls,” Ari groaned.
Steve looked down and hissed.
“Damn, baby doll. You love Ari fucking your ass, don’t you?”
“Please, please!”
You could only cry out and hope they’d give you more. Your mind was firmly in the grasp of desire and a fog settled in, distorting everything as Ari went from wild to brutal.
The heat, the intense ripples of pleasure through your muscles, that was all you could remember later. Your memory blurred as you sank into a mental place where only pleasure existed. As if he recognized the switch, Ari pounded faster and deeper, creating a whirlwind of pleasure. Tension coiled in your belly, and farther inside of your body too, in your muscles, but no relief came. Your need just kept ratcheting higher until you began to cry. It was incredible, overwhelming, and more passionate than anything you’d ever felt. But it didn’t give you the relief you needed.
“She can’t come like this, rub her clit,” Ari said.
His words broke through the rush of blood in your ears. There was humming noise, the sound of a motorized device. Steve pressed the vibrating egg to your clit and you screamed. It was on the lowest setting, but when everything was so heightened it felt like more.
Steve pushed you flat to Ari’s chest with a firm hand on your sternum.
“Come on, doll. Let that orgasm out for us.”
Ari rocked his hips deep and you began to shake. You felt full, achingly full, almost uncomfortably full, until he pulled out and you craved the feeling again, and again, and again.
Steve rubbed the vibrator, teasing your clit. You felt the rush of wetness, your pussy soaking itself, and sobbed. All the sensations blended together and your body seized. Your lungs burned for air as each thrust left you gasping. The realization of your release was punctuated by the kick of a motor as Steve switched the vibratior to a setting higher. He pushed harder, grinding on the bundle of nerves and you shrieked, your thighs quivering, the muscles clenching so tight you felt like they were tearing apart.
“Cumming…” you whispered, so faintly you weren’t sure either of them heard.
Then you gave a sharp cry as the climax rushed over you. You sobbed, then wailed as Steve rubbed your clit, working the orgasm into a frenzy. Breath was sucked back into your lungs and you screamed, jerking. Ari’s hands gripped your thighs and held your legs open so Steve could torment your vulnerable clit. He bumped up the setting and your body bowed against Ari’s hold. Tears fell as the pinnacle was prolonged, Steve controlling the orgasm, drawing it out. Ari kept your legs open even as they fought to close, and fucked you through it. Light and dark kept flashing behind your eyelids. You wondered if this was death and if it was, why did it feel so good? Then Ari moaned, and you simpered out a pathetic cry as you felt him spill his seed inside of you. Steve took the vibrator away and you trembled with the last wave of your orgasm.
You felt heavy in the aftermath. Your muscles were limp, as was everything else, except for your fluttering pussy. Ari turned onto his slide. He curled around you and kissed your shoulder. You struggled to catch a full breath, still feeling pulses of heat rippling out from your core.
“I bet she’s ready for that double penetration now,” Ari said.
Steve’s eyes flashed. He set the vibrator aside and dipped two fingers into your pussy. You were so wet they slipped in without resistance. At the touch you stiffened, the aftershock of your orgasm flaring into full pleasure. A strangled cry flew from your lips as your body quivered.
“Fuck, you’re right. She’s so turned on her pussy is like a fountain. Do you like that idea? You want both of us?”
The suggestion made you whimper.
“Use your words,” Steve murmured.
“Please. Yes, I want it.”
“Good girl. I’m going to make your pussy full. Ari’s going to get hard again in a little while. It’s going to be so good, having you between us. Roll back more, Ari. Give our guest a good view.”
“You might need lube, she’s going to be tight even when I’m not hard,” Ari said.
He positioned you on your side, leaning against him. The support and warmth of his hold made you relax. Post orgasm bliss kept you languid even as Steve shucked off his boxers and lay down in front of you. He uncapped the lube and rubbed it over his length.
“Are you sure you can take both of us, doll?”
“Please, I want to…”
Ari nuzzled your shoulder. “Backing out, brother? She’s going to be tighter than anything once I get hard. And in the meantime you can have a whole round with her. Use that egg on her clit again. I’ll hold her in place when she loses it.”
You shivered. Steve grinned and set the lube next to the vibrating egg.
“Don’t worry, baby girl. Ari’s a monster. I’m the nice one. We’re going slow and easy while you come back down from the stratosphere.”
Ari levered himself up on his elbow and turned your face to him. “Fuck, are you still coming?”
“Huge aftershocks, though. Her pussy is quivering. You should have seen her face, it was almost like an exorcism.”
“I felt that,” Ari said. He ran his thumb over your cheek and kissed the corner of your mouth. His lips brushed yours, gentle as he stroked his fingers down to cradle your chin.
“You did good, sweetheart. Absolutely perfect. Do you hear me, angel? You’re a fucking goddess.”
Steve shifted closer, and you felt him line up with your entrance. His skin pressed pleasantly against yours and you sighed against the soft brush of Ari’s lips. This felt good, warm and relaxed. It wasn’t how you’d imagined a double penetration - you’d thought filthy lustful emotions would be gripping you. Instead, you felt content, drifting on your post orgasm high like it was a cloud.
When Steve pushed into you, his girth didn’t burn. You were so relaxed that he seated half his length in a single thrust. He groaned.
“Is she tight?” Ari asked.
“She’s wet. Her pussy is practically sucking me in.”
“Damn, honey. Roll your hips and let him get in there.”
Ari took control, moving your right leg over Steve’s hip. You were still boneless. If you’d tried to move, you doubted you could. Your muscles were dead. Steve groaned, pushing forward again, and you felt his hips meet yours. He shut his eyes, his big body shuddering.
“Fuck, baby, I’m so deep, where’d your cervix go? You’re taking me so good. Am I hurting you?”
“No, it’s good! I feel so full.”
“When I get hard again you’ll feel really full,” Ari said.
Steve pumped his hips, groaning.
“Aw, shit, damn it…” a litany of swearing came from Steve as he thrust.
It felt good, pleasant, to have him inside of you. But you were so exhausted from the orgasm, you only shivered lightly as he stroked in and out. It was a much easier fit than your last round with him.
He moaned and the warmth of his release triggered a soft orgasm that washed over your senses. You cooed with pleasure and sprawled back against Ari as Steve gripped your leg, pushing it higher, opening you more. He kept thrusting even through his orgasm, his cock still firm, as if the release did nothing for him.
“You see that, Jackson? See how she takes me all the way now? That’s what foreplay gets you. You’re so fucking tight, baby girl. I love the feel of your pussy quivering. Keep going for me.”
Ari groaned and you felt him stir. Steve grinned. When Ari’s length swelled, you whimpered. Then, against your expectations, Ari’s cock seemed to grow even thicker. Had you forgotten how wide his girth was? Or was it Steve, spreading your pussy, that made Ari feel bigger? It wasn’t unpleasant, just unexpected. You’d felt full, but now it was like being stretched to the maximum. When Steve thrust again, the added pressure from Ari made your breath catch.
Your spine curved, arching as pleasure sizzled through you. Steve moved again, at the same time Ari pulled back. The erotic feeling of anal penetration was every bit as potent as before. With Steve deep inside of you, rolling his hips in a slow, steady rhythm, Ari started to move. You snapped. A minute before, you’d enjoyed a gentle climax, but now a stronger sensation rose. You grabbed Steve’s shoulders, arching and moaning as they found a pace. Everything was intense. Having them lodged inside of you at the same time was indescribable. The push and pull as Steve moved into you while Ari was pulling back, sent shockwaves through you. Soon you were trembling and sobbing, whimpers pouring from your lips.
“That’s a good girl. Steady,” Ari coached as he grasped your hips when you surged, thrashing.
Steve’s left hand was on your waist and the other arm was stretched out, supporting his weight as he lay on his side. The feeling of multiple hands on your body, trapped between the heat of two men, with their thrusts making you cry out at each stroke, was like being caught in a heatwave. You’d move back, and push into Ari, sinking his cock deep. The heat in your belly would knot up as pleasure became so intense you bucked forward. Then Steve surged, slamming into the hypersensitive place he’d claimed for his own. You wailed. Your leg shook violently as Steve held it in the air, out of the way. Ari rocked against you and you cried out, then keened as Steve matched his thrust and triggered another wave of pleasure.
“Fuck,” Ari bit out the word as he surged, quickening the pace.
Steve rutted up, the head of his cock seemingly drawn to a spot that made you groan. It felt as if he’d been made to hit that sweet spot just right so you’d see stars.
Ari growled. “Watch her leg shake, Jackson. You like this, honey? You like us filling you up, spreading your pussy and your ass?”
All you could do was hold on and whine. Your breath came in gasps. They were wicked and ruthless. You couldn’t answer as reality was reduced to the feel of the two men.
Steve slapped your ass and you shrieked at the flash of pain.
“Answer him, doll. Tell your boyfriend how it feels.”
You opened your mouth, trying to form words and Steve thrust hard. Your jaw went slack as Ari rolled his body at the same time and they set off another riptide, making you shake.
You made a sound that wasn’t a moan or a scream, but closer to something an animal would make. Steve brushed his lips over yours.
“Oh yeah, baby girl, tell him all about it.”
They changed rhythm and began to move in tandem. You were being taken apart by each thrust. Steve was hitting the deep spot at the very back and rubbing across your g-spot. When Ari went deep, he put pressure on your g-spot as well, making your muscles clench. You jerked, struggling against the intense pleasure, but Ari held your hips tight. When your torso surged, you collided with Steve, an immobile weight.
“Okay, sweetheart. Let’s make it really good for you.”
Ari’s words carried no meaning while you were lost in sensation, your head thrown back against his shoulder. His words were lost to you as Steve thrust hard. You heard the vibrator switch on and screamed even before Ari pressed it to your clit. The expectation of pleasure triggered your climax before the vibrator found its target. You screamed your release, loud and raw. Your shakes intensified and you wailed as Ari spilled in your ass. Steve was rough in the heat of passion, his hips swirling. His brow furrowed in ecstasy as he groaned, then threw back his head, rooting himself so hard into your pussy that you keened. Steve seemed to continue pulsing inside of you for a full minute, spilling more seed than you’d thought possible for a man. It began to slide out of you the moment he started to soften, dripping down your thigh.
Steve shivered and gasped. “Son of a bitch…”
“That looked like it felt good,” Ari said.
Steve grunted in response. He rubbed his palm over your ribs and blinked. Your own eyes were struggling to focus, even though his face was inches away. He looked as dazed as you felt. If his release was any indication, he’d needed tonight desperately. When he moved to pull out, you squeezed his arm, shaking your head.
“Come here,” Steve murmured, shifting you so he could wrap both arms around you.
You let him move you, too tired to do anything else. Ari slid out and his warmth disappeared, much to your regret. You felt the table shift as he stood up. Then he returned and draped a blanket over you. Steve slid free of your pussy, slow and gentle. He sat up and settled you in his lap. He drew the edges of the blanket closed and pressed his cheek to your hair.
The whirlwind of your orgasm had left you physically weak. You swayed, feeling as if you were in motion, swinging around the curve of a roller coaster at top speed. You trembled and Steve tightened his arms.
“Take her to the master bedroom,” Ari said, his voice low. “She needs a minute to recover.”
Steve’s slurred reply suggested he needed to recover too, but when he slid his arm under your knees and stood, his movements were sure.
You let him lift you without protest, feeling as if you’d been melted. Your body was no longer solid -they’d liquified you. The soldier supported you against his broad chest as he carried you, bridal style, down the hall. Steve sat down and then you were laying flat again, still cradled to his chest.
You sighed. “Mmmhhh… warm.”
“Too warm? If the blanket is too much, we can get under the sheets.”
With great effort, you opened your eyes. The master bedroom was dimly lit with a bedside lamp. You were wrapped in a gray blanket, laying with Steve in a king size bed.
“Doll, are you still with me?”
Steve stroked back a lock of hair that had fallen over your forehead and tilted your chin up. He studied your face, his eyebrows pulling together.
“Talk to me.”
Your tongue was thick and you struggled for words. The connection between thoughts was fuzzy as you tried to formulate a response.
I’m alright, that’s what you needed to say. When you tried to speak, words didn’t come out.
You groaned. It felt like the room was tilting and suddenly your head was throbbing. You pressed a hand to your temple, rubbing at the ache. What was with the head rush? You felt like you were flying, and it wasn’t stopping. It wasn’t stopping. You felt a shiver of alarm and your breathing turned shallow. It was too much, your languid body was out of sync with the whirling in your head. You wanted to move, but your muscles refused. Even as panic crawled up your throat and churned in your gut, your body stayed pliant, refusing to address your brain’s hysterics. Your muscles remained as relaxed as they’d ever been. That was the final straw, the betrayal as your body betrayed you, rejecting your decision, leaving you helpless. Tears spilled down your cheeks and a lump swelled in your throat.
Steve cursed. He cupped your shoulders and drew you closer.
“Hey, it’s okay. I’m right here.”
He tucked your head into his shoulder and tugged the blanket around you so it was as snug as a cocoon.
“How’s that?”
You managed a weak noise of approval as you sobbed. You were scared by your reaction and the lack of control over your own body.
Steve rubbed your back, kissed your hair and massaged your neck. When you continued to cry, he murmured reassurances into your ear.
“It’s okay, baby girl. I’m right here. Come on, doll, please. Tell me what’s wrong. Talk to me, what should I do?”
He was watching, fear written across his features as you slipped farther into hysteria. There was no chance of communicating as the tears filled your throat. The nagging ache in your voice box was painful as you cried into his chest. He pulled a box of Kleenex from the nightstand and you took them gratefully. Ten minutes later your mind was empty and your head was pounding from the aftermath of tears. Steve was rigid with alarm as he held you, trying desperately to soothe you. When you slumped against him and shut your eyes, Steve sighed.
“Are you okay? Did that help?”
“Yes.” The rough sound of your voice made you wince.
Steve kissed your temple and sank into the pillows, turning on his side and rolling you to the middle of the bed. His hands clasped your cheeks.
“Okay, now talk. What are you feeling? Is anything hurting?”
“No, I’m fine. Nothing hurts. I don’t know what just happened. I was dizzy and then over emotional and I felt really weak. Then I was crying and there was no off button.”
He nodded, searching your face. “And now?”
“I’m exhausted.”
And sticky, you realized.
An icky gloss of sweat coated your skin and other places were even stickier. You could feel the lingering wetness between your legs and down your thighs. Your face twisted in disgust.
“What’s wrong?” Steve asked.
“Uh… I’m really filthy.”
You raised your hand and wiped your damp brow.
“Let’s go shower,” Steve said.
He carried you to the bathroom. There were two sinks in a long vanity, and an oval bathtub larger than most hot tubs. Steve took you to the glass shower and set you down on the tiled seat. The ledge was designed like a chaise lounge, curving under your back and swelling under your knees. With the detached shower head, Steve rinsed you off. Then he caressed your skin, taking his time rubbing you down with soap. After he rinsed you, he dipped a hand between your legs to clean your sex. Color rose on his cheeks.
“Can I…?”
You parted your legs and let him wash off the evidence of your coupling.
Steve turned away to wash himself, raising his arms as he reached for his back, his biceps flexing. He could have been a model with his physique. He was huge with thick legs and long straight feet. Every inch of him was beautiful.
“Here,” he returned the shower head to its mount and helped you stand.
Steve had you hold onto his shoulders as he washed your back and neck. When he knelt to rinse your legs, you remembered Ari crouching to kiss your ankles earlier and flushed.
Steve shut off the tap. He handed you a towel and took another for himself. When you’d dried off he took a bottle of dry shampoo from the medicine cabinet. The brand was one you’d preferred in the past. Suspicion flickered but you dismissed it. The brand was popular - you were reading too much into a small detail. Maybe Steve or Ari used dry shampoo? Why were you getting suspicious over a hair product?
Steve shook the can and sprayed the hair at the back of your neck. His fingers sank in, working product into your roots. You groaned.
“That’s amazing. Keep going.”
He did, working your neck and scalp, getting rid of the excess oil.
The cotton nightgown and panties in your size didn’t surprise you after all their previous preparation. Steve dressed you and then slipped on fresh boxers. He guided you back to the bed and opened the covers. You settled and he curled around you, bending so his forehead pressed against yours.
“How are you doing, doll?”
You sealed your lips to his in a brief kiss. He smiled and kissed you back. There was no heat, no bubbling desire, just sweet, almost innocent, happiness.
“You scared me for a minute.”
“Who scared you?” Ari asked. You looked over to see him standing in the doorway. He frowned at the sight of you, immediately noticing the lingering evidence of your tears. Even after the shower, faint red marks stained your cheeks. The whites of your eyes were bloodshot and your irises too bright.
Ari moved like a panther, his body flowing across the room before he climbed onto the bed on top of the covers. He dragged you from Steve’s arms and settled around you as the big spoon. He drew you flush against him and pushed his knees into the backs of yours.
“What happened?” His question was directed at Steve, an edge of accusation in his tone.
“Overstimulation and a bit of a sub drop.“
“Shit. I didn’t realize we’d pushed you that far, honey. Sorry.“
“It's not your fault.”
Ari squeezed you gently. “Yes, it is. Most definitely. Stevie took good care of you, right?”
“Very good care,” you said, smiling up at the worried man.
“She definitely had a hormone rush or something, but it’s passed.”
“Mmmhhh.” Ari pulled you closer. “Tell me about it.”
Before you could answer, Steve was explaining.
“It looked like she had a headache and then the shakes started. She got goosebumps, her words slurred, and her eyes were glazed. Then she started crying and couldn’t stop.”
Ari swore. “I didn’t even realize. It was the blended orgasm, wasn’t it? The vibrator pushed you too far?”
“No, it was amazing I just wasn’t prepared for it to feel that good. I didn’t mean to…”
“Don’t apologize,” Steve said.
“It’s a physical reaction you’re not supposed to control it. No one can but usually sub space is pretty clear when someone goes limp. You did, and I didn’t realize it was more than post orgasm bliss. I should have checked you out before I had Steve take you.”
Ari kissed your temple and rubbed his palm over your stomach.
“You have nothing to apologize for.”
“I take it you didn’t panic,” Ari said. He grinned at Steve and he stroked his hands up your torso, finding the under curves of your breasts and fondling the soft flesh.
“No, I didn’t panic. Stop groping her, she’s overstimulated and needs rest.”
You laughed when Steve grabbed Ari’s hand and shoved it away. The blond pulled you out of his brother’s arms and folded you into his. Your breasts were safely pressed into his chest, away from Ari’s wandering hands.
“You’re a leach, Ari,” Steve said.
“No bra. She needs support.”
“She needs to sleep comfortably.”
“You’re right, you’re right,“ Ari said, chuckling.
The bearded man slid closer and snuggled in, this time keeping his arm at your waist.
“Get your pants, Steve. Our guest is meeting with the boss. He wants you there.”
Your eyes opened and you stirred, pushing back the blanket.
“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Steve asked.
He gently pushed you down. Ari moved underneath the covers and sighed contentedly, leaning back into the pillows.
“Come on, honey. Let’s take a nap.”
“You want me to go to sleep?!”
“Why not?” Steve asked.
“That’s exactly what I want,” Ari said.
He stretched out and shifted you against him. He guided your head to his chest and kissed the crown of your hair.
“You need a break, doll,” Steve said. “And it looks like Ari is going to be taking it with you. I’ll go see the boss.”
“Shouldn’t I go meet him?”
Steve answered. “Nah. He’s giving your boyfriend a scare, he’s busy.”
“What? Why?”
“He wanted to.” Steve’s light reply made your eyes narrow.
Something was up. The clothes at the spa, ordering the right food in the hotel room, the same brand of dry shampoo you’d previously used… Whoever the boss was, you suspected there was some kind of relationship.
Steve grabbed fresh pants from a folded pile on top of the dresser and headed out. You strained to listen but only caught faint murmurs of male voices.
Ari nuzzled you. “Just relax, honey.”
“Who’s your boss?”
He sighed, rubbing his bearded cheek against your shoulder. “You’ll meet him in a little while. I’m sure it will all make sense.”
“Can’t you give me a name?”
“He wouldn’t be thrilled with me if I did. Just meet him after your nap, please. He wants time alone with Jackson. And you need rest.”
Ari began to hum softly in your ear, a soft musical tone. The soothing melody worked. Exhaustion tugged at you and your eyes closed.
“That’s it, sweetheart. Go to sleep.”
The quiet humming continued and you felt your heartbeat slowing. Then you were out like a light.
When you woke up, you were immediately aware that Ari was gone. Your eyes opened and at first all of the room was dark. The green numbers of the bedside clock read seven minutes past midnight. You’d been asleep for about two hours.
A lamp switched on from the corner of the room and your head whirled. Partly hidden in shadow, a man sat in one of the corner armchairs. Between the dim light and your sleep blurred eyes you couldn’t make out the man’s face. You sat up and rubbed your face with a weary groan.
“Still tired? You can go back to sleep, duchess.”
Your blood curdled. Duchess. Only one man had ever called you that.
“Are you okay?”
You’d frozen with your hand covering your eyes. Footsteps echoed and you jolted upright, then gasped at the sight of the man standing at the foot of your bed.
He was older, with a neatly groomed beard, but you’d have known him anywhere. He was the only man you’d ever loved, the one who’d ripped apart your heart so deep it had fractured your soul.
“Yeah. It’s me.”
The beard suited his face. The bastard looked better now than he had at twenty-six when he’d walked out of your life. He’d been nearly finished with law school, mature in comparison to you, an undergraduate.
Your question spilled out, but it was all you could say as your heart hammered in triple time. What were you even asking him? Why had he broken your heart? Or why had he brought you here tonight?
Oh shit. He’d watched you on live stream. He’d seen everything you’d done with Ari and Steve. You felt nauseous. Had this been his plan? To humiliate you with his brothers?
Andy came closer, and sat on the edge of the bed near your feet.
“I wanted a chance to explain. Look at me, duchess,” Andy said, pleading.
You were staring blankly at his chest, unable to meet his eyes. When you met his gaze you saw your anxiety mirrored in him, but it didn’t make you feel any better.
“I don’t understand. Why did you bring me here? Was this some kind of sick game? I didn’t think you had it in you to be that mean. But you’ve surprised me before.”
Andy stiffened. Then he sighed and braced his elbows on his knees, bowing his head.
“I didn’t know you were still in town until last week. Ari and Steve were fighting over a girl, someone they both wanted. I was playing referee, as usual. While trying to settle them down, I figured out who the woman was. It was you, duchess.”
You drew your knees up to your chest, glad for the layers of blankets covering you.
It stung that Andy had planned this out, working you around, forcing you into a corner.
“So put me in the position where I had to listen? Where telling you to go jump in a lake wasn’t an option?”
“I need to explain. Please. You must wonder why I did what I did.”
“You moved out, broke up with me, and dropped off the face of the earth. I found you taking the last of your boxes to your car. Then broke up with me without a word of explanation. Three years together and you walked out like we’d had a weekend affair. I loved you!”
The final statement was thrown at him, dripping with pain.
“Please, let me explain. I won’t force you to stay and I’m not trying to corner you. This was the easiest way to get you in private. Ari and Steve don’t know about our break up, just that we dated in college.”
“They don’t?”
Relief eased the bands of panic around your lungs. You breathed a sigh of relief when Andy shook his head.
“If you want, Ari will take you home. I’m asking you to hear me out. I’m begging. I want to tell you what made me leave like that.”
“Made you?”
His features twisted in pain. You hated the look and hated your reaction to it more. You wanted to reach out and soothe him but your hands stayed clasped in the comforter, gripping fistfuls of material. Your eyes flicked towards the door then back to Andy.
Run? Or stay?
You licked your lips. “Okay. Let’s hear it.”
Andy moved to face you. You clutched the comforter to your chest, kneading the material in your hands.
“First, of all, I’m sorry. If I could have avoided hurting you, I would have.”
“Excuse me, can I interject? You could have avoided hurting me by not leaving me!”
Andy winced and squeezed his eyes shut.
“Duchess, if I hadn’t left, you’d be dead.”
- - - - -
Next - Chapter Seven
- - - - -
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donutloverxo · 4 months ago
His queen
Tumblr media
Please note that my stories are not to be stolen or reposted on any other site. Reblogs are welcome. This blog and this story is 18+. Do not read, follow or interact if you are not 18+.
Note - An anon asked for an au sequel to first night with no stucky but this can be read as a one shot. Thanks to lizzygal(link to ao3) for her advice on this! This is written for @sweetlyscared's 1k angst challenge! Congrats boo! I used the prompt 'Do you love her?' Although this is hardly angsty but it's as angsty as someone as soft as me can get🥺 Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Summary - Married life with Steve was amazing (although with a few bumps in the way) until you discovered a heartbreaking secret.
Warnings - explicit sexual content, painful sex, innocent naive insecure reader, dub con/noncon, soft dark Steve, jealous Steve, ooc villain Sharon, like a little breeding kink, some angst.
Pairing - soft dark king!Steve x reader
Word count - 5.3k
Tumblr media
Steve jolted when your palm hit him across his face, his hand circled around your wrist, ready to fight whatever it was that slapped him off, his grip loosening when he realised it was just you. You wiggled your hand away from his grip, mumbling incoherently before turning away from him, so that he could only see the silhouette of your nude back in the dim light.
Although he had been with a handful of women, he never had to share a bed with one. He didn’t think he’d ever have to, he was born in royalty, raised to be a king. While he liked having your soft warm body in his arms, he maybe could live without your hands slapping him, or both your legs over his thighs and hips.
It was customary for wives to have their own chambers after the honeymoon period was over. And with a heavy heart he had sent you to your own chambers, he made sure you were treated to the best luxuries possible.
But he found himself missing your presence soon enough. Your legs over his, you annoying him for attention whenever he was working, the way you hummed a song in your head, how you often clumsily bumped into things, your sweet beautiful voice, your scent, everything about you.
So he went to your room, told you that you were to live with him in his chambers from then on. You were hesitant at first, but didn’t say no to him.
You could never deny him anything. He loved that about you. How subservient you were despite being so fiery.
He was grateful to have made you move in, in times like these, when his cock was hard and achingly pressed against your thigh, he had you right where he wanted you.
He softly called out your name, he’d rather have you awake for this. He loved listening to the sweet sounds he could pull out of you. When you didn’t so much as stir he decided he would just have to wake you up another way.
Pushing your legs off his, spreading them apart to make room for him as he hovered over you, pressing soft kisses, rubbing his beard against your skin, he made his way down to his destination, he was parched for your nectar.
He kissed your petal, your cunt already oozing with need, your body would always want him even if you weren’t awake. He frowned when you didn’t move at all. He had been a bit too rough with you that night, exhausting you, making you pass out as soon as he was done, but he was growing more and more impatient.
Scraping his teeth over your clit, he bit it ever so lightly as you yelped awake.
“Oh!” you gasped when you looked down to find the king between your legs.
Swallowing a lump, because this was still so very strange to you. Your mother had told you how a man and woman make love before your wedding, but she never mentioned anything like this.
From your knowledge the king putting his mouth there wouldn’t result in you getting pregnant. But it did bring you great pleasure, to the point where it was maddening.
Sometimes it was the only thing on your mind.
It was as if you were addicted to it.
“My king...” you squirmed when you felt him push his fingers inside you, “I’m so tired... I have court tomorrow...” How he managed to do all his duties and still have you at least thrice everyday was beyond you.
“You don’t have to go. You’re the queen, the future mother of my children, you deserve a day off. Besides I do work you a bit too hard, don’t I?” he asked before plunging his tongue into your heat.
“Huh? No... I’m glad to be serving you...” And you had yet to give him any heirs.
It wasn’t long before you released all over his mouth, your cheeks heating up when you saw his beard coated with your slick as he wiped it off with the back of his hand.
“You can stay in bed all day tomorrow. That way you’ll be strong and ready by the time I’m back.” He told you before capturing your lips in a bruising kiss, as you tasted yourself on his mouth.
Tumblr media
Turns out a day off was everything that you had needed. You were born a princess, albeit of a kingdom standing on its last legs, you were the youngest of six sisters, your prospects weren’t all that great.
Your mother told you that you’d be lucky to get a rich lord, let alone a Duke or a prince. A King was out of the question. She taught you how to handle a household, she never could’ve prepared you for court or to be a queen. You always dreamt of marrying for love. Of running away after falling for a stable boy and living far away and being free.
But you married the King of the most prestigious kingdom in the whole world. While you had grown to love Steven, you didn’t love all the responsibilities that were thrusted upon you so suddenly, you didn’t like how you were always under scrutiny. Every move you made was watched and judged by others. You still couldn’t believe your life sometimes.
So it was nice to have a day to yourself. You had slept in till late in the morning, having your breakfast in bed before taking a leisurely bath and then decided to go for a walk in the garden just before the sunset before you’d have to go back up and have dinner with your husband before having to perform your wifely duties.
“Your grace,” you smiled upon hearing the familiar voice, turning around to see Lady Sharon approaching you.
You hadn’t seen her in over a month. She had been so kind to assist you and help you get acclimated to your duties, you’d always be grateful to her.
“I thought you were under the weather,” she frowned. It was the excuse you had given to skip court with your ladies that day. Which wasn’t a complete lie. You were a little sore between your legs. But a warm bath had fixed that.
“I’m feeling quite better,” you said, standing upright, a dignified smile on your face--formal and curt.
Always be formal and curt with everyone. Your instinct was to hug her when you saw her after her month long trip, like you would to any of your sisters or friends, but you must always act like a queen since you were one.
“How was your trip?” you asked her as she hooked her arm in yours so you could both resume walking.
“It went alright. Mama wants to marry me off to the Duke Stark, the trip was some sort of matchmaking ploy,” she snorted.
“What’s wrong with Stark? He seems so charming.” You remember meeting him at your coronation ceremony. Where he had got you beautiful pearls from an exotic country.
“He maybe charming, but at the end of the day - he’s manwhore.”
You gasped incredulously, your hand over your mouth as you looked around to make sure your maids didn’t hear you, “Lady Sharon,” you chastised her, “We can’t use that sort of language.”
“Forgive me, your grace,” she apologized, “I often forget how naive you are.”
“What? Naive?” you huffed. “Not using such filthy language hardly makes me naive.”
“Live a little, all royals are debauched in one way or another. I’m surprised to see just how much of a square you are.”
“Is... is being a square a bad thing?” You wanted to know. You never thought of yourself as a conformist, in fact your mother used to tell you you’ll die an old maid if you didn’t start acting more like a lady and less like a spoilt brat.
“Sometimes it is...” she pondered. “Well, for instance, being a square in bed might be boring for some men.”
“What?” you gasped again. Tightening your grip on her arm and walking at a faster pace to put some distance between you and your maids, “Give us a minute,” you told them.
“Lady Sharon,” you looked into her blue eyes, much like your husbands but a little darker, “Have you ever been with a man?”
“I have,” she shrugged. “Just the one. He was my true love.”
“Bu – but you aren’t married.” You frowned.
“So, how can you make love to anyone if you aren’t married...” Your mother had told you that making love only ever happened between a man and his wife.
“I... you do know what making love entails right? This is what I meant when I said you were too much of a square,” she chuckled.
“Don’t... don’t make fun of me...” you pouted.
“I’m sorry, your grace, it’s just,” she put a hand over her mouth as she cleared her throat, “Really funny. Two people, who aren’t married, can make love. Being married is good but not a requirement.”
“I suppose that makes sense, me and his majesty could do it even if we weren’t married...”
“Is he happy with you?” she wanted to know.
“What do you mean?”
“It’s just, you don’t know much about physical relations, and there needs to be a certain level of knowledge and experience for it to be good at it.”
“Do you think he is unsatisfied with me?”
“I wouldn’t know,” she shrugged. “Does he seem unsatisfied?”
He was always asking for it. Which you preferred, because you’d die of embarrassment if you ever had to initiate it. You couldn’t go for too long without it either. He had went on a hunting trip for just a couple of days and you wanted to jump on him and keep him in your bed as soon as you saw him.
Why would he ask for it again and again if he was satisfied?
“I’m not sure... since you know so much about it would you give me some advice?”
“My, I would’ve thought you’d call me a harlot or a whore instead you’re asking for advice...” she smirked.
“Oh, I would never. That is what my mother would say, probably, but you’re my friend. Besides, I would want to make love to Steve even if we weren’t married, and if he was a stable boy.”
“A stable boy?” she quirked a blonde brow.
“Yes! And I would be me, a princess. It’s just a silly dream I used to have,” you shrugged. “What happened to your love? The one you lost?”
“He got married to someone else,” she stated. And although she was firm and sophisticated as always, you could hear his voice wavering and how much pain she was in.
“Oh my... I am so sorry, Sharon,” you said, engulfing her in a hug to comfort her, now that you do actually love someone, now that you know what loving someone deeply means, how overwhelming it can be, you couldn’t even imagine what losing that love would feel like. “You’ll find someone better.”
“There is no one better, your grace. But I’ll give you some advice,” she pulled away from you, putting some distance between you both, “You have to pay special attention to his balls. Many ladies tend to forget them.”
“Ball...? Like toys? I don’t believe he has any.”
“Your grace,” she rolled her eyes as she snickered, “He does have them. That is where your children will come from.”
“Um... what? Wouldn’t they come from...” you looked down, to the place between your legs. That’s where kids come from. That’s what you had been told.
“Well, yes, that is where they will pop out of. But the balls... the ones right behind his manhood, that’s where his seed comes from.”
“Oh...” you nodded as you realised what she was talking about. “So... what about the... balls?”
“Just pay special attention to them. He would like that. Suck on them, tug on them... but gently!” she chuckled as she realised she would have to talk down to you since you were so inexperienced.
“Oh... alright... anything else I can do?”
“Try to be more... active... instead of just sitting there and taking it you know?”
“Alright. I think I get the gist of it.”
Tumblr media
“You ready for me, petal?” Steven asked as he looked down at you, naked and vulnerable, so beautiful and all his. He nudged his cock against your intimate lips, prodding at your entrance as he awaited your answer. He knew he could be too much for you sometimes, he was trying to do better. So he could make you love him at least half of as much as he loves you.
“Mm-hm... but um...” you trailed off. Not exactly knowing how you would go about asking to suck his balls.
“I was just wondering if... I could... do that...” you fluttered your lashes, that usually got you whatever you wanted from him.
“And what is ‘that’?”
“You know... when you make me put my mouth on you...”
He didn’t usually make you use your mouth.
Most of the times Steven had a strict unofficial schedule he followed when it came to lovemaking. He wasn’t someone who liked or embraced change, he was always strategic, as a king and as your husband.
He’d kiss you till you were out of breath, then your neck, and then your breasts, he’d spend a long amount of time there, maybe because you liked that the most probably. And then he’d use his fingers to work you up, tasting you, eating you out and drinking your nectar.
That drove you mad, till you were on the brink of insanity.
You loved it as much as you hated it. You had never felt so out of control in your entire life. Not even when your parents told you they were going to marry you off to a kingdom far away, to a man you had never even met before.
Steven would complain that you thrashed and moved around too much, although he would encourage you to make all the noise that you wished. He pinned you down by your hips. Sometimes he’d make you make once, twice, thrice, it depended on how desperate he was to get his own release.
And then he’d have you on your back. Whispering the filthiest things to you as he fucked you, filled you up with his seed.
He’d hold you close to him, kissing your hair, kissing your cheeks and touching your ever so intimately. That was when you were the most clingy, you’d hold on so tightly to him. You were more vulnerable than usual. You would tell him about how, even though you love being the queen and his wife, it was so new and overwhelming, how you miss your family and your old life. How things had changed and so drastically. He’d always tell you that it would all be okay. That he would take care of you and never let anything bad ever happen to you.
Then he’d have you on your hands and knees. He told you he liked looking at your behind and spanking it.
After that you’d both fall asleep. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night and nudge you awake to love you some more. But he rarely ever made you suck him off.
“You wanna suck my cock?” he smirked as you meekly nodded. “Go right ahead then, petal. It’s all yours now, you don’t have to ask,” he told you as he sat up on his knees.
You looked at his cock. Hard and standing tall and proud up against his stomach. You now knew that being aroused made him hard and much much bigger. Maybe that’s why it’s often such a tasking job to take him--often leaving your cunt so sore.
Soft dark golden hair, much like that of his beard, and then you noticed them. His twin balls.
You took a deep breath as you took him in your mouth, suckling on his head, following your instincts and what he had taught you.
Your hand coming up and cupping his balls, massaging them gently in your hand. You stopped when you felt him go stiff.
Pulling his cock out of your mouth you looked up at him. “Did I do something wrong?” as you wiped your spittle and his preejaculate off your mouth.
“No,” he shook his head. It wasn’t often that he was stunned. Not ever really. But you, taking that kind of initiative, to touch him without him asking for you to, did shock him just a little.
He held onto the back of your head, bringing his balls just next to your mouth, against your soft lips, “Suck on them,” he told you.
You suckled at one, working the other one with your hand as he pulled at the roots of your head.
“Fuck! Stop!” he heaved, pulling you away, “I have to save it for your beautiful cunt, my queen,” he told you as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead before he pushed you back down on the mattress.
Swiftly entering you, you were still as tight as the night of your wedding, which meant he had to be patient while fucking you, and he tried. He really did. But he was not a patient man. Especially not when you had just put your mouth on him and worked your magic in mere seconds.
He put most of his weight on you as he slowly pushed in and out of you, your face scrunched up in pleasure as you dug your nails into his shoulders.
With your pussy hugging him so well, almost as if it was made for him, as if you were made by the gods just for him.
“What have you done to me?” he rasped, touching his damp forehead to yours. You had weaved some sort of magic on him, making him crazy for you. Now it was hard to tell where he ended and you began.
Tumblr media
You pressed a hand against your mouth to stop from giggling or making any sort of noise. Resting your back against the cool surface of the throne. You chose the back of the throne in the court as your place of hiding. Maybe it wasn’t the most strategic ploy but you were playing against a six year old.
Lila Barton had asked to play hide and seek with you. Only to receive a scolding from her nanny--to not bother the queen with such trivial matters.
It was as if you were reliving your childhood. You always felt you were made to grow up and be a lady too fast. With your mother and sisters telling you how important it was to act mature and be a lady, or you wouldn’t be able to marry well. Or marry at all.
So you jumped at the first opportunity to play with the kid. Making her count to twenty before looking for a place to hide. You had to go get your lessons for sewing so you didn’t have a lot of time, you hoped she would find you soon.
“But you’re not even considering it!”
You perked up when you heard the familiar voice, it was Lady Sharon! You had to thank her for all her advice, things had been going great with Steven ever since you listened to her. He had been opening up to you as well, although he was still as voracious in his love making. If anything... he wanted you even more now. Which you didn’t think could even be possible.
But some part of you absolutely loved it. And you knew you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You peaked out to see her, to maybe call her to join you on the floor, hiding behind the large throne. You frowned when you saw that she was holding onto Steven’s arm, looking up at him with a certain desperation in her eyes.
“There is nothing to consider. I’m a married man. It would be adultery – a crime,” he stated.
“Bu – but you promised, you told me you didn’t love her. You said you didn’t have any other choice. I’m not asking you to leave her for me, I know that’s not possible. I’m not a fucking idiot like her.”
You slapped a hand over your mouth again to keep your sobs in, tears streaming down your face as you watched your husband, and his lover, have a lovers quarrel.
You couldn’t hear any more of it. Couldn’t bear it breaking your heart anymore than it already had. You quickly got up, fleeing out of the room by the back entrance - which the servants often used.
“You watch your mouth when you speak of the queen,” he yanked his arm free of her, putting some distance between himself and her, “I didn’t make any promises like that. I told you I intended to be faithful to her even if I didn’t love her.”
He knew it was a mistake to ever get involved with Sharon. He never wanted to be a womanizer. But he had his needs. He didn’t think she would become so obsessed with him. He had broken off their short fling as soon as he became betrothed to you.
He felt responsible for all the rumours about him and her and her ruined reputation. So he had arranged for her to marry his good friend Stark but she had her mind set on him.
“I like the queen. She’s a good friend of mine. I don’t intend to replace her,” she explained. She had no interest in being a queen and having such tedious and boring responsibilities anyway—the power and the status that came along with it just wasn’t worth the hassle. She pitied you and how you just weren’t made for the job.
“But she can’t satisfy you, she can’t give you what you need-- What I can give you,” Being the Kings mistress would probably be better than being a Duchess and marrying some boring old man.
“Won’t you even think about it?”
“No I won’t. And you are to never speak of this again,” he warned her.
Tumblr media
“Your grace...” Lydia was completely confused. Standing there with your dress in her hands as you frantically stuffed your clothes in a chest.
She had never seen two people as in love as you and the king. When she first met you, it didn’t seem as if you and Steven would make a good couple. She assumed your marriage would be like any other she had seen. Cold and distant.
Steve had never been smitten with a woman, she always felt there maybe something wrong with him. But he had grown so fond of you in such a short time. Even going as far as asking you to live with him in his chambers. Having the king around often made her duties to you challenging. But she was happy for you.
“I don’t understand. What wrong? Why do you want to leave so suddenly.” Does the king approve of your sudden departure? If not would she get in trouble for it?
“He lied to me,” you sobbed. “I thought--” you let out a hiccup.
“Calm down,” she said as she rubbed your forearms. She wasn’t afraid to touch you in such friendly ways, you weren’t as stuck up as most royals.
You took a deep breath as you tried to explain to your handmaiden why you both had to leave as soon as possible. Before Steven gets back. You’ll move all your things to the room you were supposed to live in and just lock him out of your chambers.
“I would’ve been fine living on my own. Just being a wife and a queen. But he made me believe... that we could be more. That he loved me. It’s not true,” you shook your head. “He lied. He has another lover.”
“Oh,” she let out. She was disappointed on your behalf but not surprised. It would be strange if the king didn’t have any other lovers. “I’m sorry, your grace.”
“I’ll be fine,” you sniffled. “This'll be a good lesson for me. My mother always told me I have my head in the clouds and should live in reality. That’ll teach me to dream.”
It was almost funny for her to watch you babble nonsense, stable boys, princesses and backstabbing friends, take a break to cry your heart out and then resume packing and trying to order all the other servants.
“What’s going on here?”
Everyone stopped moving as soon as they heard the kings voice. He of course looked at the Lydia for an explanation.
“The queen wants us to...”
“I’m moving back to my old chambers,” you briskly walked to him, standing right in front of him, looking him in the eye. He was much taller than you, making you crane your neck to actually get a good look at him, but you still tried to look intimidating and confrontational.
“Why?” he frowned. “Put everything back just as it was,” he ordered everyone.
“No!” you stomped your foot, looking very much like an indignant child who had his toy taken away, than a queen, “Don’t! We’re moving!” But of course nobody would listen to you over Steven. Not just because he was their king, but also because he was much more intimidating than you.
“Stop it!” he reprimanded you. “Whatever troubles you may have, we can sort them out together, but you are not moving back. And that’s the end of that.”
“No! I’m leaving! I’d like to see you try to stop me!” You hmphed. Pushing past him and making way for the door. You didn’t need to take your things with you now, you could just send for them later.
You screamed bloody murder when you felt Stevens arm around your stomach, as he threw you over his shoulder in the blink of an eye, “HELP!!” You yelled at the guards and your maids, who didn’t want to get involved, quickly scurrying out of the room.
“Ring the bell if you need anything, your grace,” Lydia said on her way out to you before she closed the door. It didn’t seem as if the king intended to do any real harm to you so she wasn’t that worried about you.
You kept on hitting his back, thrashing around his hold to break free, “Put me down!”
He threw you on your marital bed, his fingers making quick work of ridding him of his clothes so he could show you how he was just never going to let you go.
“Why do you even care? If I leave or not? You can just call for your lover!”
“My lover?” he frowned as he tried to push your skirts up your legs, which was proving to be a difficult task. Maybe he should’ve asked the maids to undress you before making them leave.
“Do you love her?” you asked, looking up at him and stopping your futile resistance for a few moments, your lips wobbly as you felt your vision blue with tears. You were born a princess, living a relatively sheltered life, never knowing pain so unbearable. As if you would never recover from this, you would never be the same.
You would never believe in love again.
“I have no clue what you’re talking about, petal,” he said, getting frustrated with all the buttons and ties on your dress and ripping your skirt apart. Which he regretted, just a little because you started crying again.
“No! I like this dress.”
“I’ll buy you another one. I’ll buy you a hundred more.” He said as he hovered over you, diving in to kiss your beautiful lips and make you stop saying such preposterous things.
You sniffled as you tried to push him away, making him gather your wrists in one hand and pinning them above your head.
“Stop it,” he told you. “When will you understand that you belong to me now? If I say you have to live with me, here, then that’s what you’ll do.”
“I’m not your slave,” you retorted as you tried to wiggle your hands out of his grip.
“Stop listening to rumors! There are plenty going around. I do not have a lover.”
“No. I saw it with my own eyes. You and Lady Sharon. Just this afternoon.”
“What did you see?”
“I... she said she was your lover...?” You tried to think of what exactly had been said between them. But you couldn’t remember. You were blinded by your fury and your sorrow.
“We used to be lovers, before you and I ever met, but not anymore. I could never think of another, I could never love anyone else,” he said softly as he touched your cheek with his other hand, “You want to know why?”
“Why?” you pouted, feeling a little stupid now.
“Because you’ve ruined me, my queen. You’ve made me a lovesick fool. I could never love anyone else the way I love you. Do you want to know how much I love you?” he asked as you meekly nodded.
Pulling his cock out of breaches, he pushed your skirts up, exposing your thighs to him, he rubbed his cock along the slick of your pussy.
“Did fighting with me make you wet, my queen?” he asked, making you avert your gaze.
“I...” it was the way he had simply thrown you around, how he just wouldn’t let you leave, “Maybe...”
“Hm, don’t start picking fights with me for no reason though. My poor heart won’t be able to bear it,” he cooed as he kissed your cheeks, wet from your tears. “You look beautiful when you cry, love, but I only want you crying when I’m fucking you, you understand?”
He pushed inside you, you were tighter than usual, it was difficult to even properly enter you. The pain of it of course made you cry again. You sobbed into the crook of his neck as he shushed you.
“You feel my love, darling,” he asked as he was buried to the hilt inside you, “I’ll give you a child soon enough. Then you’ll have a living breathing proof of it,” he whispered in your ear as he started steadily moving, making sure that he won’t hurt you.
“I wish... I was your one and only... like you are mine,” you sniffled as you held on to him, soon it is wasn’t hurting as much, it was a little uncomfortable but you could bear through it.
“You are my one and only. You’re the only woman I have ever loved. Do you love me, petal?”
He looked down at you, wanting you to say it. He needed you to love him, for you to say it to him, he needed to know you weren’t here just because you were scared of him.
“I love you, Steve,” you sniffled, rubbing your runny nose with the back of your hand.
He smiled at you, his hand trailing down both your bodies as he twisted your pearl between his fingers.
“It’s okay... it’s okay...” He kept telling you as you screamed at the top of your lungs, your climax making your mind and your vision fuzzy.
“I’m going to fill you up, petal,” he told you as he finished inside you, staying inside you for a long while after he was done just to make sure you knew how he belonged to you just as much as you belonged to him.
Tumblr media
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reformedmeanestgirl · 25 days ago
You and Me
Part 1/?
Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Female Avenger!Reader
Summary: Three years since the Blip, Steve Rogers has gone rogue. Are you still his weak spot? Better question is, is he still yours?
Word Count: 4.4K
Warnings: 18+, explicit sexual content (SMUT), strong language (duh), mentions of murder, dark!stevie, enhanced super soldier!stevie, flashbacks, mentions of pregnancy, miscarriage, murdering of children (not detailed), violence, assault, bi wife energy
A/N: All works are my own and 18+ ONLY. I don’t own legal rights to any of the characters aside from the reader (although I wish I owned SGR). As always, mind the warnings, and happy reading!
- Jo 🪐
Tumblr media
divider credits to @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
“Think we could just buy this land?” Steve murmured, carding his fingers through the roots of your hair as you leaned over, pressing a chaste kiss to his cloth covered chest, before resting your chin in the same spot. “Build a nice little house… you and me.”
“Mmm,” you mused, closing your eyes for a moment, the sun warm on your exposed skin, seeping through the fabric of your (Steve’s) t-shirt. “It would be nice.”
He chuckled, the comforting vibrations soothing your always high strung mind. The two of you laid out on a blanket in the middle of a small clearing in the Catskills, surrounded by budding wildflowers and overgrown grass. You stretched an arm out, threading your fingers through the soft blades of grass.
Almost two years had passed since the Snap, and on days like this, you were almost thankful for the silence. You missed your friends. Your family. Everyone was gone.. everyone except Steve. At least that’s how it felt. Even so, that was truly all you needed. He was all you needed.
“I don’t see why it has to be me.” Your forearms leaned against the conference room table as you leaned your head back in an obnoxious exhale.
“Of course it has to be you, give me a break.” Tony rolled his eyes, pushing the rotary phone towards you. “We discussed this, Y/N, you’re the one that has to do it.”
“He’s right.” Natasha placed a hand on your knee with a reassuring, but slightly annoyed smile. “Steve is.. if he’s going to trust anyone, he’ll trust you.”
Your gaze shifted between the Avengers around the table: Natasha, Tony, Bruce, Thor, and, per your request, Pepper. As you toyed with the tarnished ring on your left third finger, you avoided eye contact with them like your life depended on it.
“What if he doesn’t believe me?” Your question was valid, the apprehension was shared between the six of you. “I can’t do it.”
Pepper took her thin bottom lip between her teeth, before whispering something to Tony, giving you a curt nod.
“Why don’t we all leave the room? Give you some privacy.” Tony voiced her suggestion, and when you nodded, Thor leaned over and squeezed your knee and mumbled, “If you need us, we’ll be right outside, okay?”
You nodded, and waited for them to file out of the room, before picking up the receiver. You spun the number scribbled onto the bar napkin, and brought the handset up to your ear.
You swallowed hard.
No, no, no, no, no.
“Hangin’ up now–.”
“Steve?” You whispered, swallowing the thick lump that formed in your throat.
The line was silent for a moment. He must’ve hung up. You went to put the handset down, before you heard him speak once more.
“Well, ain’t this a treat.”
“I’m not here to talk pleasantries,” you spoke sternly, a sense of authority in your voice, a quality that, as the youngest Avenger, you didn’t always have. “I’m asking for a truce.”
“A truce?” He chortled through the phone, and you could almost visualize him pacing with one arm tucked under the other as he held his phone up to his ear. “Put Tony on the phone.”
“Tony isn’t h–.”
“I said put Tony on the phone.” Steve spoke slower this time. His brow was probably furrowed in frustration, jaw ticked as he clenched it tightly.
Swallowing your nerves, you sighed, “Tony. Isn’t. Here. I’m all you’ve got, Rogers, so you’re going to listen to what I have to say.”
The bastard was laughing
No, that was too easy.
“On what conditions?”
“Meet with me. We discuss details in person. You come alone, or you don’t come at all. And don’t try to pull anything, I know all your tricks. No wires, no ear pieces. Just you and me.”
Just you and me.
Of course he’d be bargaining. He wanted to see you. You mulled over the idea for a few beats, and only then did you remember the wall to the hallway was full glass. Your eyes searched for the comforting baby blues of Thor Odinson, who, no doubt, was hearing every word, and if he couldn’t, he could read your lips like his favorite novella.
“It’s okay,” he mouthed with one of his big, cheesy grins.
“Fine,” you spat, teeth clenching as you tried to maintain some form of composure. “Where do you want to meet?”
“Our spot.”
At that moment, it felt like all the air had left your body, and you were just a deflated human balloon in your leather swivel chair. And suddenly, your mind was somewhere else.
The cabin in the Catskills.
It was a Tuesday in November. The air was clear, the wood flooring cold under your fuzzy sock clad feet.
The crisp autumn breeze flowing through the cracked windows as the scent of waffles and bacon wafted throughout your small home. You heard your love exit out of the bedroom, his slippers shuffling across the floor, before stopping just behind you.
“What’d I do to deserve this?” His grumbled morning voice was close to your ear as his arms wrapped around your waist from behind.
You hummed, leaning your head back against his shoulder, trying to hide a smile, “Well, nothing in particular.” Turning your head, you lightly kissed his cheek before picking up the final piece of bacon and placing it on the plate you’d made for Steve with a few other slices and two thick waffles.
“‘s not my birthday.” Steve stepped back a bit so you could turn around and hand him his plate, before you pointed to the small two person table.
“Go sit, I’ll bring you your coffee.” One more light kiss, this time to his lips, had him smiling all the way across the kitchen. “Paper’s there too, baby.”
Steve sat down in the chair, setting his plate down before he picked up the paper to peruse as he waited for you. A small, plastic clattering sound came from behind you, and you smirked as he whispered, “Ah, what’s this?”
“Hm?” You joined him, with his favorite mug filled with steaming hot coffee, and placed it down in front of him.
Your eyes were focused on the dirty blonde holding the pregnancy test you’d taken earlier that morning.
Steve exhaled a puff and looked up at you with wide, glassy blue eyes, “Really?”
“Really.” Nodding quickly, you held back the happy tears while Steve pushed his chair back to stand up, throwing his arms around you.
“Oh, honey.” He chuckled, peppering kisses along the top of your head, down to your cheeks, before cupping your face in his large hands. “A baby?”
“A baby,” you parroted, giggling as he kissed you, over and over, barely letting you breathe from his endless excitement. When he finally pulled away, he lowered himself to his knees, getting level with your tummy, which, if you squinted, just barely protruded more than usual.
Steve placed his hands over your tummy, resting his forehead there for a moment, before mumbling a string of, “hi there” and “I’m your daddy” and “we’re gonna have so much fun.” Part of you completely forgot any anxiety that you had before telling him, remembering how your hands shook as you poured the batter into the waffle maker.
“Now..” he trailed off, catching your eyes with a small smirk. “You might wanna close your eyes, little one, because Daddy is about to do something very inappropriate to Mommy.”
Your hand rested over your stomach with a shaky sigh, eyes closing as you remembered the blood.
The hospital room.
The ‘I’m so sorry, Mrs. Rogers’ and ‘Is your husband coming?’
The clarification that Steve was not your husband, and that you had a friend coming to meet you.
Thor bounding through the emergency room, demanding to see you immediately, before you squeaked out his name and he found you himself.
His large body slotted itself with yours in the small hospital bed as you sobbed, and he stroked your hair with soft, gentle whispers.
“It’s alright.”
“It wasn’t your fault.”
“I promise you, there will be happiness again.”
All of that was ripped from your mind when you heard Steve say, “You still there, pet?”
“Yeah, I’m here,” you seethed. “Fine. Midnight.”
“I’m the one making the r–.”
“I said midnight, Rogers. Don’t make me change my mind.”
His laughter made your blood boil, “Kitten’s got claws. I always did love your sass, sweetheart. See you soon.”
You ripped the cord from the wall and threw the rotary phone across the room, hearing it clatter on the opposite end of the table before Thor came back into the room, followed by Tony and Natasha, respectively.
The three of them stared at you, silently, and you stared back, daring them to speak up.
Tony took the initiative, clearing his throat before asking, “So?”
You leaned your knuckles against the wooden conference table, hanging your head for a moment before lifting it back up, “He wants to meet with me.”
“We can do that,” Tony nodded, crossing his arms over his chest, the reactor glowing bright under his shirt. “I just finished working on this earpiece, it’s really tiny, the size of a pea–.” He stopped himself once he saw the look on your face.
“He wants her alone,” Natasha answered for you, her eyes kept on yours as she addressed Tony. “No bugs, no secret surveillance. Just her.”
“W-we can’t just let her walk into that by herself,” Thor stuttered, his nerves and emotions getting the better of him, as always. “He could have it.. boobietrapped!”
“Of course it’s gonna be boobietrapped, Sylvester,” Tony’s eyes didn’t leave yours once as he spoke. “But she’s fine. Rogers has that soft spot for her. Doesn’t he, Y/L/N?”
Your surname indicated his frustration. He didn’t want you going alone, none of them did. But you didn’t have a choice. Steve was taking out your associates one by one, destroying each safe house he himself had created after the Snap.
Thousands of civilians were dead. Because of him.
You packed your duffle bag in silence, and extra change of clothes, toiletries, a spare box of ammunition and a loaded .22 magnum. Fastening the belt buckle to your jumpsuit, you turned around to face the full length bathroom mirror. You still looked like yourself, though it had been years since you put on the suit. The nylon was smooth, hugging each of your curves, the dips in your hips for dear life.
You were still you.
You were still an Avenger.
Knock, knock, knock.
“Hey, Agent.” Nat poked her head in your room with a small grin. “Brought you something.” Once you nodded, she stepped inside, and handed you the familiar piece of army green fabric.
“Your vest?” You smiled, cocking your head to the side with knitted brows. “Why?”
“Well, if you’re leaving, I guess you should take this.” She held it out, and you took it, holding back a giggle. “I know how much you like it.”
She hadn’t told anyone about the significance of the utility vest that her adopted sister had given her before she rejoined you and Steve all those years ago. Honestly, she really hadn’t told anyone about what happened in between the war between brothers and the days leading up to the Snap.
Anyone except you. You of course knew what the vest meant to her. Which is why you had to fight back a tear as she helped you slip it over your suit.
“There’s a lot of pockets. A lot of room for.. necessities.” She smiled, tilting her head to the side as she zipped it up for you, patting one of your breast pockets. You knew what she meant, of course you knew.
“Thank you, Nat… seriously.” You turned back to face the mirror and adjusted your fingerless gloves.
Now you look even more like yourself.
“You scared?” Natasha sat down on the edge of your bed, spreading her legs as she rested her forearms on her knees. “Steve is…”
“No. I mean, do I want to walk into a dark, abandoned hunting cabin with Captain Nightmare?” Chuckling, you fastened your thigh holster and slipped your handgun into it, snapping it to secure it in place. “No. I don’t. But, this needs to stop, and if I’m the only one who can stop it…” You trailed off, running a hand through your hair. “I have to. Whatever it takes.”
“Keep talking like that you sound a little too much like him,” she teased, messing with the throw blanket at the end of the bed where you and Steve had solidified your love.
“That’s it, sweetheart, fuck, you’re so perfect.” Steve’s breath was hot on your neck as he rocked into you, one hand gripping onto the headboard while the other cupped one of your breasts.
Your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper into you until his tip kissed your cervix, leaving you to choke out an, “Oh, god!” with a babyish whine. “Please, Steve.”
Unaware of what you were begging for, Steve knew. His fingers tweaked your hardened nipple as he bottomed out, before leaning up to grip both of your hips, while you spread your thighs wider for him to hit you at a deeper, more intimate angle.
You’d heard of this before. The coital alignment technique. You remembered trying this with your ex, though he never seemed to hit it just right.
But Steve… every thrust left your breath punched out of you.
It was delicious. It was hot, it was heavy. The air felt thick as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your body vibrated while you reached nirvana. Your throat tightened, jaw slacked, and you just about screamed through your release.
“Fuck, honey.” Steve’s groan pulled you back to reality, and you hadn’t noticed your nails had dug into the flesh of his back until you moved your hands, gasping at the small hints of blood under your nails.
“Shit, Stevie, I’m so sor–.” His hand slapped over your mouth, and he shook his head
“Don’t you fucking apologize, you hear me? I want you to mark me up, honey. Want you to show everyone who I belong to.”
His words had you keening once more, arching your back into his chest while he fucked into you with wicked abandon. You dragged your nails against his back once more, clenching around him at the sound of a hiss leaving his throat.
“G-god, shit, I’m gonna cum,” he panted, sweat beading at his hairline and you pushed his damp overgrown blonde hair from his face. “Can I…”
“Yes,” you exhaled, locking your ankles together to pull him deeper. “Fill me up, Stevie, please.”
With your permission, he snapped his hips one final time, shooting hot ropes of his release into your ruined channel. “That’s my girl, that’s my good girl, taking my cum so fucking well.”
And you did. You graciously accepted his load like a god damned Grammy award.
A blissful silence fell over you two before he slowly kissed along your décolletage, sucking a mark near the column of your throat.
The call of your name had your eyes fluttering back open with a hum, and you looked up at him, grinning lazily. “Yeah?”
“Let’s leave the compound.”
You laughed, your smile faltering once you noticed his serious expression, “Leave?”
“Yeah. I’ve been thinking about it… I’ve… we’ve outgrown this place. Nat’s got a handle on things, she prefers the alone time anyway. Let’s take a road trip. Maybe find a… permanent home base.”
The thought terrified you. The compound was your home, your safe place. It was where you beat Sam and Rhodey at a game of Monopoly. It was where you and Natasha spent countless nights swapping clothes, had girl talks, snuggled up watching movies where Steve would shake his head and threaten her with, ‘You're trying to steal my girl.’ Where the two of you would teasingly kiss each other, erupting a groan of frustration from the blonde.
It was the place you met your love for the first time. You were the only one who was truly able to sweep Captain America off his feet. In more ways than one.
You looked up at Steve, his perfect baby blues searching yours for a reaction.
“Let’s do it. Tonight. Let’s pack the Audi and go.” You nodded, leaning up to kiss his lips.
“So eager.” He teased, groaning while you sucked his bottom lip between your teeth. “Tonight?”
You laughed, and pushed him onto his back, straddling his hips with a smile, “Don’t question me Rogers, or I’ll change my mind.”
Steve’s hands found your hips immediately, holding you steady while pressing his half hard cock up against you. “Yes, ma’am.”
“And in other news, Cameron Diaz has welcomed her second child with husband Benji Madden. It’s a healthy baby boy, who she fittingly named Survi, an ode to her and her husband being survivors of the Blip. Let this be a reminder to us all that we are indeed… survivors.”
The radio host’s voice was soon replaced with the opening notes of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’. 
“What a joke,” you mumbled, but couldn’t help sing along. 
As your car sped through the long winding roads of the Catskills, your heartbeat increased when you got closer and closer to the house you once called home. 
Weren't you the one who tried to break me with goodbye?
The final notes abruptly stopped when you pulled down the dirt road to your old cabin. There were no other cars there, leading you to believe that you had arrived before Steve. 
“Perfect,” you mumbled, exiting your car while keeping your hand on the handle of your pistol that was tucked into your belt holster. 
Ten miles back you turned on the GPS device located in your vest. 
“Just say the phrase, funky town, it’ll send a rapid SOS signal to the mother drive and we’ll be there.” Tony told you as he gave you a small hug before you left. 
Funky town. How the hell could you bring that up without being obvious? Whatever. You’ll find a way. You always do. 
The keys jingled in your hand, the heavy feeling unnatural as you ignored the small keychain that Steve had gifted you. It was an enamel I ❤️ NYC keychain that he’d gotten from a cheesy souvenir shop before your move. Pushing back the memories, you shoved the key into the lock and turned it, the heavy oak door creaking as you pushed it open. 
If you thought the memories leading up to this moment were painful, they hadn’t prepared you for this. A thin layer of dust coated the furniture. A half drank glass of whiskey sat abandoned on the counter. You almost couldn’t bring yourself to walk towards the bedroom, knowing that there was an extra piece of furniture in there that would never be used. 
The door slammed shut, with you on the opposite end of the house. Your reflexes had never been quicker, as you whipped around, gun in hand, cocked straight at the silhouette of none other than Captain Steven Grant Rogers. 
“Put the gun down, Y/N.” His voice commanded through the darkness, and you hesitated for a moment, but lowered your weapon, clicking the safety back on. 
Funny how you could still submit to him after all he’d put you through. 
“Steven,” you spoke up, after a moment of silence surpassed. 
Your name falling from his lips had you shuddering. 
Remember what you’re here for, you reminded yourself. 
“You know…” Steve trailed off, stepping further into the house, his boots heavy on the wood floors. “Once I… left… I really gave into the serum. And… what it could do, what it showed me it could do…” He reached his hand out, fingertips knocking over the crystal glass, shattering it on the floor and leaving a puddle of whiskey with it. 
“Is that so?” You crossed your arms over your chest, tilting your head to the side. “Enlighten me, Rogers. What did it show you?” 
“It showed me…” Steve stalked over to you, and you backed up a step, your back hitting the bathroom door. “That you still don’t know how to follow directions.” He gave you a devilish grin, when he finally reached you. You were nearly an inch apart, and his hand came up to unzip the breast pocket of your vest, plucking the small device from the pocket. 
Your breath hitched in the back of your throat, hearing the metal clatter onto the floor, only to hear it crunch under the heel of his boot.  
“I’m not done,” he warned, shaking his head once. “Are you scared, Y/N?” 
“No.” Your voice begged to differ. 
“Don’t lie to me. I know you. Remember?” 
Unfortunately, he did know you. Which means he knew your body language. He knew that your hand was stealthily moving to wrap around the handle of your pistol, although his eyes remained on yours. He knew that your right foot was positioning itself to retreat to the opposite end of the house. Of course he knew. He’s the one that trained you. 
“I wouldn’t do that.” Steve clicked his tongue, and you immediately stilled your hand. “We’re here to negotiate. Aren’t we? A truce. Shake hands, pop some champagne? I’m sure we’ve still got some brut in here somewhere.” 
“The killing has to stop,” you spoke up, almost pleadingly, and he backed up a step, then two, then three. The distance made you feel safer, although it wasn’t much. It meant you could fully exhale, and not have your utility belt bump buckles with his. 
It also meant that you could really take a good look at him. The darkness wasn’t helpful, but he was still your Steve. His shoulders were broad under the worn out stealth suit. His hair was still long, but he’d kept it at a manageable length. He’d let his beard grow back, after you whined at him for shaving it before Tony’s return. 
“But–.” You were pouting, sat up on the counter in the bathroom as you watched your boyfriend rid himself of your favorite, well, second favorite feature. 
“C’mon, honey, even you have to admit it was getting too long.” Steve cut you off with a sigh, and rinsed off the culprit, setting it on the counter. 
“Well, yeah, that’s the point. Eventually it would’ve been long enough for me to braid. And you would’ve looked like a pretty little scruffy princess.” You teased, pulling him between your legs, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
“You’re killing me. You know that?” Steve sighed, his hands finding your waist without hesitation. 
“And come on, you know how much I love how it feels…” Your pout increased and he whined, burying his freshly shaven face in your neck. “When you just sloooowly drag up my thigh to my–.”
“Honeyyyyy,” he grumbled, pulling you towards the edge of the counter. “Please.”
“Nuh-uh, Captain Rogers.” 
“Yes, Mrs. Rogers.” 
The both of you stilled your actions, and he leaned up to look down at you. 
“Sorry, it.. slipped out.” 
You silenced his next statement with a soft kiss and smiled, “Buy me a ring first, then we’ll talk.” 
“It doesn’t help anyone. It’s destroying what you created, Steve. The safety we, as a team, created. How the hell are people supposed to feel safe now? Knowing they can’t even go to safe houses?” Snapping back to reality, your heart broke for the man you once knew. 
You almost couldn’t believe that America’s golden boy had gone dark. Brutally murdering thousands of civilians with no remorse. 
“I’ve seen the footage. How could you do that?” Disappointment laced your tone, and you could almost swear you saw his features soften. “Steven.”
“What?” He snapped, looking back up to your eyes. “What, Y/N?” 
“I asked you a question.” 
“And I asked you to join me. Back then. I asked you, point blank, to come with me. But no. You were too… good. The righteous woman, yeah?” Steve chortled, his thumbs hooking around his belt buckle. “Or have you forgotten about all the red in your ledger, Agent.” 
“None of that compares to what you’ve done.” You shoved back the memories of your past before the Avengers. 
“Oh, really? President Cetin and his entire family? The children? What were their names?” He taunted you, leaning back against the counter. 
“Esen and Azra. Twins. Four years old. You killed them in their sleep. Snapped their fragile little necks.”
“Stop it!” You yelled, your right fist swinging forward only to collide with the palm of his left hand. Your left lifted, and he stopped you again. The two of you stared at each other for a moment, knowing immediately what was coming next. 
You tried to strike his abdomen with your knee, but he dodged your blow, his arm hooking around your leg to throw you off balance onto the floor. Groaning, you swiped your leg under him, and he fell right down there with you. 
“You bitch!” He snarled, grabbing onto your ankle and yanking you towards him. 
Both thighs clenched around his face, holding him down with your feet, and your ankles locked to keep him in place. 
“Fu–..Y/N!” Steve choked out, his arms reaching for yours to attempt to flip you over his head. 
“Stand. Down.” You barked, tightening your grip around his head. He struggled for a few moments, before letting himself go limp. You loosened your grip around his neck, only for him to flip you back over his head and climb on top of you. 
“You were saying?” He smirked, pinning your wrists down and let his knees dig into your thighs. 
“Fuck you,” you spat, struggling to remove yourself from his grasp. 
“With pleasure.” Steve grunted, pushing himself into you more. 
“Oh, you cannot be getting hard from this!” You shuddered, trying to wiggle away from him. “Get the hell off me, Rogers.” 
“Stand down then.” He parroted your last command and you complied, relaxing your muscles and he nodded assuringly. “Good girl. Now…about that truce.” 
Tumblr media
Part Two
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bestofbucky · 7 months ago
The Man With A Plan. (Stucky x reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Steve x reader, Bucky x reader, Steve x reader x Bucky.
Word Count: 3.2k
Warnings: NSFW 18+ ONLY, smut, threesome, swearing, little bit of sub/dom, praise kink, captain/sergeant kink, some fluffiness at the end.
A/N: This is my first time writing smut so pls be nice! Obviously I had to start with Stucky :) where else would I start? Didn’t expect it to be this long but oh well!
THANK YOU SO MUCH @buckyownsmylife I wouldn’t be posting this without your help! You are incredible and everyone reading this should read her stuff after :)
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
You and Bucky have a prank war that’s been going on pretty much ever since the two of you became friends. They were completely harmless pranks, he put flour in your hairdryer, you filled the floor of his room with cups of water, the usual stuff.
Right now, you’re on holiday with all the Avengers and of course, partners and kids, at Tony’s beach mansion in Italy. You had been here for 5 days now and every night Bucky goes for a late night swim, which you only just found out he does naked. He leaves his clothes and a towel on a sunlounger on the shore.
So of course, when you found out, you decided you would steal his stuff when he was in the water so he would have to walk naked through the house. All the adults were in the lounge, after all the kids had gone to bed. You had already stolen Bucky’s stuff and put it in his room so it was just a waiting game until he walked in.
Right on time, the door bursts open and an angry faced Bucky storms into the room, he is using both hands to conceal himself and shuffling sideways like a crab with his backside to the wall. Everyone is in fits of laughter, especially when he reaches the door which is closed and he has to remove one hand in order to open it.
You are chuckling to yourself but struggling to laugh any more than that. The sight of Bucky’s still wet body was stealing all your focus. You watched intently as a droplet rolled down the middle of his chest, over his abs then disappeared behind his hand. You clenched your thighs, shifting in your seat hoping it covered up your movements.
Bucky finally managed to exit the room and everyone was chuckling among themselves. You couldn’t stop thinking about how incredible Bucky had looked. You tried to push the thoughts of him out of your mind, especially because your boyfriend was sitting right next to you.
“I think we should go to bed.” Speak of the devil. Steve had leaned closer to you, his mouth hovering over your ear.
Fuck, you think. He probably saw how you were looking at Bucky and is now really angry with you. To make sure you don’t make him any angrier, you agree. Saying goodnight to everyone you both head up to your room.
Steve immediately heads into the bathroom without saying a word. You start getting changed thinking of how you could make it up to him but your thoughts are soon interrupted by Steve’s voice.
“I think that was your best one so far.” He chuckles and you join, still nervous he might be upset.
“Yeah, the look on his face was definitely worth it.” You joke back as you get into bed. Steve, now just in his boxers, comes and joins you, pulling you onto his lap so you are straddling him.
“I wasn’t looking at his face,” he whispers, making goosebumps rise across your skin. “And I know for a fact, you weren’t either.” His lips attach to your neck causing you to let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
He pulls away. “Do you ever think about Bucky fucking you?” He asks as his hands make their way underneath your shirt.
“No, of course not. I’m with you.” You say as he starts massaging your boobs.
“I have.” There isn’t a trace of embarrassment in his voice.
“You’ve thought about Bucky fucking me or you?” You tilt your head back as he starts to play with your nipples, rolling them between his fingers.
“Both. I know what it’s like to be with Buck. I want to know what it’s like to be with you both together.” The thought of Steve and Bucky together makes you grind your hips down onto Steve and you feel him grow hard underneath you.
“You like the thought of me and Bucky?” Steve teases as he nibbles at your neck. “Or was it the thought of all three of us?”
You start to imagine what it would be like with them both. Would Bucky want you to call him Sergeant like Steve has you call him Captain? Who would take the lead, or would it be both of them? You think about being sandwiched between them, their skin rubbing against yours as they take you however they want, using your body for their pleasure.
Suddenly Steve stops everything, his hands come out from underneath your shirt and rest on your hips and he leans back against the headboard, no longer kissing your neck. You frown at him and he simply smirks.
You rock your hips to try to get the friction you need but he holds you still.
“Steve please” You say breathlessly.
“Not tonight, angel. Take it as your punishment for practically drooling over Buck.” He lifts you off him.
“But you just-”
You immediately stop talking when you see his eyes. When he looks at you like that you wouldn’t dare disobey him. So instead, you curl yourself into his side and try hard to get the thoughts of Bucky out of your mind so you can drift off to sleep.
Tumblr media
Bucky had a plan to get you back and in his mind it was a good one. Everyone had left for the day to explore Italy but you and Steve told everyone you weren’t feeling up to it and were going to stay at the house. Perfect. Bucky also told everyone he was going to stay behind so now the three of you were lounging around the pool together.
You had started to mumble your words and Bucky could tell you were getting tired. He made sure to stay quiet enough for you to drift off to sleep which you soon did. When you’re breathing evened out he sprung into action.
He went into the kitchen, grabbed a pair of scissors and came back out, he walked over to where you were laying and just as he was about to start cutting he was interrupted by Steve’s voice.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Although he was trying to be intimidating, he was still whispering so he wouldn’t wake you.
“Getting even.” Bucky stated simply and Steve just shrugged allowing him to continue with whatever it is he wanted to do.
Leaning back over your sleeping body Bucky gently cut the two top straps and the middle strap of your triangle bikini, but didn’t move it. He then went to put the scissors back and grabbed a jug, filling it with ice cold water. He couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he knew he was going to get you back so good.
He made his way back outside, Steve sat up on his chair and watched eager to see what was about to happen. Bucky pulls his arm back and aims the water at your face and chest.
A surge of cold suddenly hits your body and you gasp as you instinctively stand up. It takes a few moments for you to come to and understand where you are and what just happened. You finally open your eyes and you see Bucky standing in front of you, an empty jug in his hand and a mischievous smirk on his face. The bastard. He must have thrown the ice cold water on you.
You scowl at him, but his smirk quickly fades as his eyes trail down to your chest. Then you notice that you can feel the breeze on your skin and you look down only to discover you are no longer covered by your bikini top. It is in pieces on the floor in front of you.
Before you can act, Steve is behind you, he places a hand on each boob. You don’t know if he is trying to protect you from Bucky’s eyes, hold you back from lunging at him or just using it as an excuse to feel you up. Probably the third one.
“These are for my eyes only.” Steve growls but your mind goes back to the conversation you had with him last night. Bucky just continues laughing, finding the situation hilarious. You smirk at the idea that comes into your head.
“If you wanted to see what's underneath my top, all you had to do was ask.” You place your hands on top of Steve’s and pull them off your body, exposing yourself to Bucky.
His laughter comes to a halt and he bites his lip as his eyes fixate on your chest. He glances behind you at Steve for confirmation which you assume he got because he starts walking towards you.
He stops right in front of you and lifts his hand up, his eyes never leaving yours. His fingers lightly graze over your nipple and you lean forward into his touch but he pulls his hand away and turns his head to Steve before eventually looking back to you.
“Can I see what’s underneath these?” His fingers fiddle with the ties on either side of your bikini bottoms. You nod, allowing him to continue and he pulls at them, still holding eye contact. It comes undone and he lets it fall to the floor.
He places his hands on your hips and guides you backwards until the back of your legs hit a sunlounger, and then gently pushes you down, spreading your legs apart to dangle on either side. His eyes finally leave yours as they trail down your body, sucking in a breath when he sees your pussy.
He looks over at Steve again and you do too. He is sat to the side watching you both as he palms himself through his swim shorts. The sight turns you on even more. You feel Bucky shift so you return your gaze to him. He starts to place wet kisses up your inner thighs, stopping before he gets to the place you want him most.
“Always wanted to taste you.” He looks up at you as he licks up your slit before swirling his tongue around your clit. He presses a cold metal finger into and you gasp, arching your back off the lounger. He sucks on your clit as he pumps in and out of you, adding another finger and curling them just right, to hit your sweet spot. You moan loudly as the pleasure ripples through your body.
“Fuck, doll. Let me hear all those noises you make.” He continues at a steady pace as you start to feel the coil tighten inside you. Your hands find their way into his hair as he sends you over the edge. You cry out, your thighs squeezing his head as he continues through your orgasm.
He finally pulls away as you start to come down. He smiles at you, lips glistening.
“Steve,” Bucky summons Steve over. He kneels next to you and Bucky brings his fingers up to his lips. Steve happily accepts, opening his mouth and sucking your juices off Bucky’s fingers. The sight alone is almost enough to make you orgasm again, especially when you notice both men straining against their swim shorts.
You reach your hand out and slip it into Steve’s shorts, wrapping it around his length, his moan muffled by Bucky’s fingers. You look at Bucky who is already staring at you, he wraps his spare hand around the back off your neck as he pulls you into a heated kiss.
He is more dominating than Steve is but you enjoy the way he takes control. You continue to move your hand up and down Steve’s length and your other hand palms Bucky through his shorts. He sighs into your mouth and you love the feeling of pleasing both men.
All too soon, Bucky is pulling away and releasing his fingers from Steve’s mouth. He walks over to another sunlounger and takes the cushion off, placing it on the floor next to Steve.
“Can I fuck your mouth?” His tone makes you want to do anything he says, so you quickly nod.
“Lie down,” he commands. You lie on the cushion on your back and he kneels over your face. You go to wrap your hand around him but he catches your wrist, stopping you.
He guides himself to your mouth, tapping gently on your lips. You open wide and he pushes in. He is not as thick as Steve but he is longer and you can feel him deeper in your throat.
“Fuck doll. Your mouth feels so good around me,” he moans when he hits the back of your throat.
“Come here Steve.” He holds his cock down your throat and you remind yourself to breathe through your nose. Steve stands in front of Bucky, his legs either side of your head.
You watch as Steve’s cock disappears down Bucky’s throat and you hum, finding it incredibly hot. Bucky starts gently thrusting into your mouth and Steve does the same for Bucky. You don't know what to focus on: your boyfriend’s delicious noises as he moves in and out of his best friend’s mouth, the sight of Bucky’s lips wrapped around Steve’s cock, or the feeling of Bucky’s cock moving in and out of your mouth.
Your moans send vibrations down Bucky’s cock and you feel him twitch slightly as he starts to increase in speed. The noises coming from both you and Bucky are making Steve weak at the knees.
“You’re taking his cock so well angel.” Steve tells you and you clench around nothing at his praise.“Look so good with your lips around his cock.”
It’s not long before Bucky’s thrusts lose their rhythm and he is releasing down your throat. Steve follows shortly after. You and Bucky make sure to swallow everything you have been given.
You know from experience that super soldiers don't need much time before they can go again, but it still surprises you how quickly they can recover.
You are still lying on your back, a little bit of Bucky’s cum dribbles out your mouth and down your cheek.
“You look so pretty with my cum dripping down your face,” Bucky tells you and again the words go straight to your core. The smirk on his face tells you he knows how you feel about praise. You use your finger to wipe the cum off and then suck it as you hold eye contact with Bucky.
“Such a good girl.” he murmurs.
Steve comes over to you with a glass of water which you happily accept, you take small sips until you have had enough and you pass it back to Steve. He takes a couple of gulps before handing it to Bucky who finishes it off.
“Are you ready for another round, angel?” Steve asks as he gently brushes some hair out of your face. You nod eagerly, excited for what will happen next.
“Yes, Captain.” You correct yourself, knowing Steve likes it when you use your words.
“Fuck.” You expect the expletive to come from Steve as a response to you calling him captain but you are surprised to find out it came from Bucky. You smile knowing exactly what he wants you to call him.
“How do you want me, Sergeant?” It’s like the words flipped a switch in his mind.
“Hands and knees princess,” he tells you and you obey. Bucky takes his place behind you while Steve sits down in front of you, placing a gentle kiss to your lips.
Bucky’s hand comes down on your ass and you gasp in shock. “No kissing unless I tell you to.” You know from this moment on Bucky is in charge and you need to do everything he says and nothing more. The whole situation makes you so wet you can feel it starting to drip down your thigh.
Bucky slides his cold metal fingers through your slick. “Fuck, you’re dripping princess.” His fingers glide over your clit, and you jerk, still a little sensitive. “You like being told what to do? Being used for our pleasure?” He asks as continues to toy with your clit. You nod, too consumed by pleasure to say anything. Bucky’s movements halt and he brings his hand down on your cheek again. You whimper at the contact.
“Use your words.” He growls.
“Yes sergeant.” You see Steve smile at your obedience the same way he always would when training you and your chest swells slightly knowing he is proud of you.
“Good girl.” You feel Bucky guide his tip to your entrance, only pushing himself slightly in, causing your frustrations to grow.
“Please, Sergeant. I need your cock. Please fuck me.” You beg, hoping he will give you the satisfaction you need.
“Since you asked so nicely.” He hisses as he slowly presses all the way in, determined to savour the feeling.
“How does she feel Buck?” Steve asks like you aren’t even there.
“So good, Steve. So hot and wet,” he mumbles and the praise makes you involuntarily clench around him.
“Can I suck your cock, Captain? Please.” You ask and he looks up to Bucky for permission. Seeing Steve second in command is something you never thought you would witness but you are so glad you are.
He rises onto his knees and guides himself into your mouth. The feeling is indescribable, and you become impatient, pushing yourself backwards into Bucky, who simply chuckles. It seems to work though, as they both start to gently thrust in and out, working in tandem with each other.
“Gripping me so tight, doll.”
“Fuck, angel”
“Feel so good”
“Doing so well.”
Their voices start to merge into each other as your body is taken over by pleasure. Their thrusts start to become sloppy and uneven as they each use your body to chase their release. You can feel the pressure building in your stomach as Bucky snakes his hand around and circles your clit with his fingers.
It’s not long till Steve is thrusting one last time deep into your throat, grunting as he releases into your mouth. The noises that fall from his lips send you over the edge and you clench down hard around Bucky as you cum on his cock. Bucky is quick to follow as your pussy milks his cock and soon you feel his release coating your walls.
They both ease out of you and you let your body collapse onto the cushion. You try to catch your breath, your mind still dizzy with arousal.
Steve’s fingers make their way into your hair as he gently massages your scalp while Bucky places kisses, starting on your lower back and traveling up your spine to your shoulder.
“You did so well, doll.” Bucky says.
“I’m so proud of you, angel.” Steve tells you as he shuffles around you. A small smile makes its way onto your lips at their praise.
You feel arms wrap around you and you are lifted into the air, you snuggle your head into their neck and breathe in. You can tell it’s Steve from his scent.
“Where are we going?” You mumble.
“We need to get you cleaned up.” He explains and you open your eyes to see Steve is carrying you towards your room.
“Is Bucky coming too?” You ask softly which warms both Steve and Bucky’s hearts.
“Yeah doll. I’m here.” You hear his voice from behind you and sigh happily as your mind replays what just happened. You know from this moment on it’s no longer just you and Steve, it’s all three of you, together.
Tumblr media
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“O Captain, My Captain ”
Tumblr media
Pairing : Steve Rogers[Captain America] x fem! Reader
Word Count : 3k+ [3367]
Summary : Don't fuck with Captain when he's busy but we don't care, do we?
Warning : MINORS DNI, 18+ Porn without plot, degradation, daddy kink, name calling (sweetheart, doll etc), punishment, Captain kink, Size Kink, Breath play, Face Fucking, Exhibition, Teasing, Fingering, Penetrative Sex, Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it y'all), Dirty Talking, Cum play?, Angry Sex, Avengers Tower Sex, S&M.
A/N : 200 followers? For me? How? Here's this work of. . . Art? for that. I'M STILL WORKING ON THE WARNINGS AND KINKS SO IF I MISSED SOMETHING, DO LET ME KNOW.                                                                     no beta we die like robin. Wrong fandom oops.
If you believe in god or any superior power, you might wanna hit a pause on that till the end of this fuckfest. 
“What the fuck was that?”
You heard him loud and clear as his footsteps approached you. Resting against a secluded fire escape you thought that maybe taunting him in front of the new batch of recruits wasn’t the best idea for his reputation but watching him put on his Captain facade made you clench your thighs. 
His voice was demanding, commanding. Taut like the soldier he was. Shoulders broad and straight. It turned you on to the point where you realized, new kink ? unlocked. 
All you could think of were the flashbacks of nights where Steve pounded into you relentlessly, His upkept body offering stamina to keep going all night long and a pre breakfast treat. Those were the best kind of nights. Your body always ends up being sore and marked up by him. 
“ . . hm?” 
You questioned him with faux innocence, pretending you never heard his question. He could look right through you, his eyes boring into yours. He stepped closer to you, his jaw tensed and eyebrows drawn together. His tall big frame leaning into your personal space.  Oh he was mad and you loved it. 
“Did I upset you, Captain? ” you purred at him, pushing off the wall you were leaning against, stretching your neck up right into his face.  He wasn’t playing around and neither were you. You gasped when you felt his hand around your throat squeezing with enough pressure to make your breath you hitch. Pushing you up against the same wall he leaned in dangerously close to your face, your lips longing for him. If you were turned on before, now you were wet. God, the things this man could do to you. 
“You think this is funny, huh?” his voice dropped down almost like a growl. That was enough to make you moan like a bitch in heat but you were on a mission here. Taking a deep breath against his grip you smirked at him and moved your lips to the corner of his, “Gonna put me in my place Captain?” you spoke against his lips and sealed your question with a peck. That set him off. 
“Fucking brat” 
He pushed you up against the wall and let go of your throat only to tug your head to the other side. His head dipped into your collarbone kissing and nipping at every bit of visible skin. His hands grabbed your ass, pulling and spanking it, marking it as his. You squirmed against him,whined even, wanting more friction. That caused him to pull away slightly and start kissing under your jaw and up to your ear. You felt his hands go down your ass and squeeze roughly, “Shut the fuck up” he growled  His hand trailed down to undo your pants and pulling you out of them. 
“You’re such a brat, always wanting to be stuffed by daddy’s cock, yeah? You have no common sense do you?” You bit your lips trying not to moan at his words. You felt his hand roughly push your legs apart and go straight to your pussy. You both groaned feeling how wet you had gotten by the mere thoughts and words of him. Not wasting another moment, he slipped 2 fingers in        
“ You're dripping like a filthy cum whore, Doll. See how easily my fingers slipped in? Yeah? All you have is hole that needs to be used, don’t you?” His pace increased with every word. You could feel the way your walls cleansed against his fingers every time he thrusted in, you were close, so close to cumming. 
“ . . . Fuck I’m-” His fingers left your dripping pussy as soon as you uttered those words denying you an orgasm. You whined at the loss of contact and tried thrusting your hips at him to feel something. You could see his cock strained against the kevlar suit, dying to break free. Why wasn’t he doing anything? 
He chuckled darkly at your desperation. His eyes flickered from your lips to your collarbone and throat, likely admiring the marks he had left. His hand once again had found your throat, “ You wanted a game, didn’t you? Well guess what Sweetheart,. . “ his hand trailed from your throat to your face, cupping it “. .’m gonna give you a game and maybe then you’ll learn not to play with me again” he finished as he slapped you and dragged his hand into your hair tugging it harshly to bring you down to you knees. 
“Get to work whore”
Your eyes glistened from lack of air supply but your dick controlled mind didn’t give a shit. All you wanted was to be fucked by his cock, oh how you loved his cock. It was massive, bigger than anything you’ve had before. You loved how it never fit in any of your holes, how it felt like to be spilt open every time you had him. As soon as you found some stability on your knees. Your hands moved like they had a mind of their own. Reaching up to unzip his pants and pull them down, you moaned at the sight in front of you. His boxers had a wet spot. You know his tip was already leaking. As you raised your hand to feel his cock, he slapped them away. 
“Not like this” he smirked and grabbed your throat, His strength was more than enough to turn both your bodies into a new position. “ . . just like this”  You realized what he had done. His back was toward the cell door making your naked, swollen ass visible to anyone who walks down the hallway. 
“You’re such a fucking exhibitionist” you groaned ,eyes trained on his cock, not caring as much as you should have. He chuckled lowly at your comment and cupped your face, dragging his thumb down your lips to push your mouth open. Your eyes darted to his face, wanting to hear more of his filthy words.
“And you’re a fucking cock hungry whore but you don’t see me complaining, now do you, sweetheart? ”
 He took advantage of your cockdrunk trance, how could he not? Leaning in slightly he grabbed you by your collar, his hands bunched up with the fabric and in one swift motion he had ripped it off your body. He had ripped kevlar off your body.  Fuck, he was strong. You had felt the straps of your bra snap against your back and there you were completely naked, cunt out and tits out just wanting to be used by him. 
Was it even possible to be as wet as you were at that moment? You wanted, no needed his cock. He had teased you enough, edged you even and all you wanted was to feel his length hit the deeper back of your throat and watch him enjoy messing up your breathing pattern. 
Moving swiftly, you pulled down his boxers and let out a moan as his cock sprung free. There it was, like some holy grail. Tip, swollen and leaking pre cum. The vein popped and pumped. He 
was huge. Usually, you would spend time on his cock, kissing, licking, teasing it but not now. It took you a total of 7 seconds to stop marveling at the sight and start taking him in. There was no way his cock would fit in but fuck it, You’re going to take it all. 
You rolled your eyes as soon as you felt him in your mouth, his pre cum already sliding down your throat.  You could feel the bulging vein against the top of your mouth. You couldn’t help yourself as you swirled your tongue around his tip, moaning at the sensory overload. You wanted to savor the moment, but the Captain had different plans. With his hands in your hair, he pulled you against his cock, making you gag around his length. Your choking sound and tears turned him on to the max. 
“You look so good on your knees, darling maybe I should have you promoted to that position permanently”
His words would have made sense to you if he was not busying fucking your face with his massive cock. Your gag reflex was no match to his speed or size. ALl you could do was be a good cock sucker for him, a warm hole for his cock and you were determined to be that. Regaining your balance, you go to work. Your hands went to his balls, fondling and pulling at them, making Steve let out those pretty pretty grunts. Your hand moved towards the base of his cock, pumping the length that couldn't fit inside your throat, that’s how big he was.
“You know what makes you a whore baby? You struggle to take my cock but won’t back down”
His grunts and snaps were like music to your ears. You would have enjoyed your music if he hadn’t decided to grab your face in his massive hands and thrust his hips against your face, the skin to skin contact was for sure going to leave marks but he didn’t care. Holding your face in place, he went at it. Snapping his hips against your face, wanting a release but only it was that easy. You, on the other hand, were now facing the consequences of low oxygen. Your brain wanted to give out, but your cunt? Oh your cunt wanted to be filled, to be used and you’d do anything to get that.
So you struggled against his grip. Was it useless? Yes. Did it buy you 5 seconds of air? Fuck yes. You sucked in a breath, struggling to gain stability but it was enough for now. You cleansed your throat around his cock, making him let out a moan and throw his head back. You got to work. Holding onto his base, your fingers not long enough to go around his dick, you started moving faster on his cock, the choking and gagging sounds filled up the empty hallway. Bobbing on his dick, you managed to fit most of his length in your throat. Opening and closing around his cock, you felt him twitch inside your mouth. His grunts turned into moans, it was a sign that he was close. HIs cum already dripping down your chin and all over your face. Oh how good his load would feel down your throat. The thought itself made you lose your mind. Your sole focus was to make the supersoldier cum, but he had other intentions. He was not going to let you get the upper hand, no more slip ups. He grabs your hair and tugs harshly, making sure your nose hits his crotch every time his rams inside your mouth. Pushing your head down and thrusting upwards, he lets his cock make a mess on you. You stay there, cockdrunk. Trying to swallow whatever you could. Your hands and face, all covered in his load. 
You were still painting  from being face fucked by a super soldier but that didn’t mean he was done. He gripped your upper arm and pulled you up, not giving you much of a choice. This man was treating you like a ragdoll and you were letting him. The thought itself made you feel dirty, but the Captain had different plans. 
“You thought you could just get away with pulling a stunt like that?”  DO NOT ANSWER. You were at the point where all you could think was how good his wet cock would feel inside you. Your lack of answer had slightly agitated him, he gripped your jaw and pulled your face closer to his “Maybe this will teach you to behave” his eyes went dark for a moment, his face now held a smile. It wasn’t a reassuring one by any means. Sadistic, that what it was. Letting go of your jaw, he eyed your chest for a moment and admired his work. He loved seeing you covered in his cum. HIs eyes traveled back from his chest to meet yours, that sadistic smile still evident on his face. 
“You look like a painted whore, my painted whore” he chuckled, stepping closer to you. You stepped back, element of surprise with Steve often ended up being one hell of an adventure, 
“Captain please - ” your sobs fell deaf on his ears. You squired underneath him, it was a mix of arousal and impatience. You were frustrated not knowing what he was planning 
“You are a piece of art aren't you babygirl? Art like yourself should be put out for the world to see and admire, don’t you think so?” 
It clicked instantly, oh this man was trouble. “ . .. Steve” you gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was his super strength or maybe it was his need to fuck your brains out, he was pushing you back in the hallway and there you were, standing in your naked glory where anyone could see your cum cover tits and swollen ass. 
“Since you like putting on a show so much, you wouldn’t mind this, would you?” he growled in your ear as his hands greedily pulled at your flesh, bending you over in the middle of the hallway. 
He gripped your hand and pinned them behind your back. His hand firm against your own, pushing down on your lower back, making you arch your back. His other hand moved swiftly to smack your ass, making you jolt forward. 
“Fuck. . Steve-” 
Another smack right down your other cheek  , “What did you call me, Sweetheart?” he growled, pulling at your ass. You could feel his shorts nails digging in your skin. You whined at his touch, his hands felt so close to your dripping holes yet he didn’t touch you. All you wanted was his fingers in you, how good they felt filling you up, and oh his big cock, the vein popping, making it look bigger and girthier. The thought of being filled itself was making your thighs squirm. 
“Mhm sweetheart, what do we have here?” he mocked moving his thumb closer to your cunt, merely swiping over your folds “Look at this pretty little thing, doll, all pretty and tight for me to fill huh? You want Captain’s cock Doll? You want Captain till you this whore hole? Mhm? ” His words had you humping air like a dog, you struggled in his grip trying to push back against anything, his hand, his finger but it was useless. 
Without warning he pushed his thumb in your hole, the way you purred made his cock twitch, hitting your inner thigh. You could feel your walls clench around his thumb, taking whatever you can to feel some friction. It wasn’t for your pleasure, no. It was all for him. You were all for him. He thrusted in his thumb in and out at a lightning pace, making sure to not give you the pleasure you wanted. 
“I am gonna fill up this hole now, yeah ? Isn’t that what you want, baby? Captain’s cock?”
You nodded furiously, tears already streaming down your face. “Ple-ase” came out a broken sob out of your fucked out throat and that was all he needed to grip his cock and push in in your clenching hole, only 3 inches in and you were already a mess. 
The way both of you moaned when it slipped in so easily was feral. You threw your head back, feeling how big he was and oh, how good he filled you up. You immediately thrusted back on his cock, wanting all of him. 
“Fuck Doll, your pretty pussy was made for me, wasn’t it?” he moaned, spreading your ass apart and pushing his cock in, he was going to split you in two and you so wanted it. You were a mess, crying and moaning under him, ready to spasm from the edge he had kept you on. 
He grabbed your jaw and pulled you against his broad chest, only then you realized he was fully clothed unlike you, with your naked body that was now littered in hickies and slap marks. He kissed behind your ear, his rough beard against your skin, added to the euphoria. 
“Gonna fuck you till your forget your name, doll”
With that he slammed his cock into you,  the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in the empty hallway. He gripped your hips tightly, enough to leave prints and began to thrust in and out of your sloppy cunt. He moaned out at the sight in front of him. 
“Just like that baby.”
“So good for your captain.”
“Take up my cock like a good little slut”
With every thrust he pushed in all the way, hitting your spot every time. You were a mess. You couldn’t think straight. The only thing on your mind was how big he was and good it made you feel. You didn’t even know how many times you had cum, but you did know that the moment he let you go, your legs would give out. Your moans went straight to his cock and you felt him twitch inside you, ready to shoot his load and fill you up. 
“Gonna fill you up, you want it don’t you? Fucking cumsleeve aren’t ya? “ 
Unable to stop your squirming, you pushed your hips back against his, letting him split you open on his cock. You wish you could look at yourself in a mirror, hands tied tears down your face and your cunt dripping down on the floor.  You were being used as his cumsleve and you fucking loved it. 
“Please Captain, I need you please” you begged for him to fill you up, you sobbed with his dick in your cunt like a little bitch wanting his seed.
Your whinny beginning was the last straw.  He grunted as he pushed you down grabbing your hips and pulling your ass apart, slamming in his cock with his supersoldier strength. He chuckled at how pathetic you were, taking on his cock knowing his strength was much more than that of a common man. Each thrust was him getting closer to his high. Fastening his pace his bottomed out in you, clearly not giving a fuck if it tore you apart. 
Your begging is now turning into screams as the pressure and pain spread all across your body. You could feel your vision go blurry and the only sound you could hear was his grunts above you. 
“TAke it” came out a gruntled scream and you felt hot inside your cunt. Oh he had cum, inside you. Filling you up just like you wanted and just like he had promised You felt his sloppy thrusts inside you, the squelching sound it made inside your pussy. Your head hung down and your blurry vision could make out the cum dripping down your hole but he had to have it his way. He was not slowing down, oh no. One load was not going to wear him down. Just as greedily he fucked his cum back inside your swollen, sensitive hole. 
The world wasn’t making any sense. All that you could make sense of was his cock in you. He could feel you giving out, you weighing down on him. With one last thrust, he let go of your body.. Sudden loss of support made you fall down on your side on the cum covered filthy floor, you knew your conscience was about to give out. 
A figure crouched down in front of your eyes, a big man. It was him, Captain. He fucked you in a hallway like a slut. He brushed the strand of hair that was covering your face and tucked it behind your ear. 
“Come find me when you wake up and I won’t punish you as bad”
A command. 
Even though you were thoroughly fucked and on the brink of unconsciousness, your walls clenched at his words. 
Your vision was going black but your focus was only on the figure walking away from you. 
. . . . had you met god? 
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bluemusickid · 5 months ago
So what if you come home from a night out with your girlfriends and you admit to Chris that you told them some intimate details about your sex life, probably because you were a little buzzed and he feels the need to punish you... or at least remind you who’s boss?! 😝😈
(Ok so wow this is very highly likely to happen w me lol, I'm a SLOPPPPY happy drunk😭😅😂)
Pairing: Mob!Boss Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Warnings: smut, dom-sub dynamics (a lil), rough sex, oral, 18+, MINORS DNI, dubcon (if you squint), language.
A/N: I saw this in my inbox and just KNEW it was meant for Steve. And just in time for @cloudystevie 's 4k mob! AU challenge! Love you, Jasmeen, congrats once again on 4k, sweetie!! I actually wanted to make the reader the mob boss, but oh well. :) Maybe a Mob!Steve AU, AU. Hope you enjoy!
Minors, stay away; YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN MEDIA CONSUMPTION. Not beta'ed, any mistakes made, grammatical or otherwise, are all mine. I post only on Tumblr and AO3, nowhere else. Dividers by the wickedly amazing LOML @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
(Yes shamelessly using my own gif)
Dire Consequences
You stumble back to your booth from the restroom, feeling pleasantly buzzed. The alcohol was kicking in, and you could feel your inhibitions and trepidations melt away. You weren't sure what to expect when your college girl gang had recommended a girls night out, but you knew it would be fun. Goodness knows how long it had been since you'd left the house alone, without a security detail, or with Steve by your side. The dinners he took you on were exquisite; good food, good wine. The people were a little intimidating, but nothing you couldn't handle.
Yeah, he was a great boyfriend, gave you your space, always kept your needs before his. But girls just wanna have fun, y'know? You'd asked him, somewhat irritably, for some time to yourself, to be your "old" self. If he was surprised, he didn't show it. He saw you in your black bodycon dress, the outfit hugging every curve of yours, the heels making your ass curve seem more prominent. He kissed your cheek, told you to have fun, the outfit driving him nuts. There was nothing more he wanted to do than to bend you over his desk and fuck you, just to remind you who you belonged to. But he settled for a deep kiss, the sensations making his pants seem tighter than usual.
Calling his head of security, he made sure to give firm instructions about you and your safety.
You sat at your booth, sipping your tequila sunrise, the booming music diverting your attention. You'd moved to a quieter, more private section of the club. Idly, you thought how Steve would feel in a place like this, with loud music, and people grinding and making out. He'd probably pull you into the bathroom for a quickie, ruining your makeup so that the others would know what the both of you were upto. The thought made you chuckle.
"Uh-oh, are you drunk already?" One of your friends giggled, passing you a shot glass.
"Uh, no, I was just thinking about my boyfriend." You muttered, feeling a bit embarrassed. A chorus of OOOHs and AWWWs went around the table, further elucidating how drunk everyone was. You chuckled, bowing your head in partial embarrassment and shyness.
"So tell us what you were thinking!! Was it a 'I miss my boyfriend' thought, or a 'I really wanna go home and fuck him' kinda thought?" Your friend Melissa drawled, sucking on a wedge of lemon.
"A little bit of both." you admitted.
"You don't get out and party like you used to, hun! Is the sex that good that you don't even want to leave the house?" There were loud cackles at that, the girls drunkenly cheers-ing at that, you included.
"I'm a lady, girls, I don't kiss and tell."
"Damn right, you just fuck him and go radio silent!" Kathy inched closer, "but seriously, your boyfriend's a real hottie, what's sex with him like? He must be good, cuz you've got that glow of great sex on you, baby!"
Sighing deeply, you grin. "It's the best sex I've had in my life. He's even better than my goddamn vibrator." There were loud hoots and WOOHOOs at that. "We need more deets, hun!"
You signalled the waiter, ordering another round of shots. "Buckle in girls, coz it's about to get wild!"
Tumblr media
You stumble into the great manor, cursing the house help for switching off the lights. You should've stuck to wine, but one thing led to another and before you knew it, 2 shots had become 5, and you were now buzzed enough to know that you were sure to earn the ire of your beloved boyfriend.
You silently made your way up into your bedroom, hoping and praying that Steve was deep asleep. You winced as the door creaked a little bit, but other than that, there was no activity. As you were about to enter the bathroom, the room suddenly flooded with light. Oh crap.
Squinting, you noticed Steve standing by the door, wearing his gorgeous deep blue silk robe, looking like a meal. Your insides stirred, the conversations you had in the evening stoking the flame within you ever so slightly. There was no denying it, your man was sexy as hell.
"Hello, doll." he said, his voice menacingly low.
You gulped. Oh this was such a bad sign. You would rather he yelled at you, or even shouted a little, than this outright cold and quiet demeanour.
"Hi, babe! Why are you awake? I thought you said you had to leave early tomorrow!" You grinned nervously, trying not to slur or mispronounce words.
His lips thinned, a tight smile gracing his lips. "Oh, it got cancelled. There were more pressing matters at hand back home.", stressing the words like they were cuss words.
You bristled a little. “If you mean to say that I was the matter, then you shouldn’t have cancelled. I’m a big girl and can easily take care of myself.” Jesus, where was this coming from? Liquid courage was lethal indeed.
His jaw tightening, he took half a step towards you, before stopping himself. “I think you must be a little tired. Go change and come to bed...sweetheart.” he said, a little too sweetly. You frowned. Something was up, he was never this calm and controlled.
Dazed, you walked to the bathroom, still a little buzzed, trying your best to get the makeup off. You could feel Steve’s eyes on you, gauging your level of drunkenness, which was throwing you off even more. Why wasn’t he yelling and getting it over with? It would be easier and much less nerve racking. With a sigh, he took the cotton ball from your hand, gently wiping away the eyeshadow from your eyes and carefully taking off your false lashes. Turning you towards the mirror, his eyes meeting yours, momentarily breaking you from your haze of alcohol-soaked consciousness. His eyes were darkening, as he revealed parts of your body, inch by inch. You gulped, thinking this was it. This is what you wanted. 
To your surprise, and dismay, he started letting your hair out of your intricate updo. “So how was your night out? Did you have fun?”
“Yes, a lot. It had been a long time since we just got together and chilled, y’know? All of us have our lives, our stuff, boyfriends, it was good to leave all that behind and just dance away our worries.”
Steve chuckled, pretty sure that this was the alcohol talking. He pushed the dress off your shoulders, listening to you ramble on about the night.
“-and then we did shots and gossiped like there was no tomorrow, we talked about our partners, work troubles, oh, Melissa has SOOOOO gotten herself into an FWB situation with her boss, it’s so juicy, and-”
Steve smiled till he heard the boyfriend part. Knowing how willingly you were giving up information to him now, only the Lord knows what you would’ve said about him. Clearing his throat, he asked, “partners? What about them?”
Your eyes widened a little, as you averted your gaze. Shit. The word vomit should’ve been controlled better. You knew Steve would catch your bluff in an instant.
“ know...general stuff..” you trailed off, unsure of what to say next. You didn’t need to wonder for long, since he turned you to face him, his gaze unreadable.
“Try again, sweetheart. This time, the truth, please.”
“Just a few things, like stuff...” you mumbled, your earlier bravado forgotten as you heard Steve’s growling order. You looked at him to see his head cocked to one side, eyebrow raised. He wanted more information. Uh-oh.
“I just told them about that time you tied me up, or when you used a clit stimulator and our sex swing. But that’s it, I swear!” you hurriedly add, seeing his nose flare again. 
You were expecting the worst. But he didn’t do anything. Instead, he finished undressing you, dressed you in your sleeping shirt and picked you up bridal style, placing you on the bed. Switching off the lights, he spooned you from behind, his arm circling your waist. Puzzled, you settled in for the night, desperate to ask him what the matter was. You slowly drift off, his arms cocooning you protectively.
Tumblr media
You woke up the next morning, in high spirits. Your thigh atop Steve’s you relished in the feel of him against you, his warmth, his scent the most calming thing in the world. You snuggled into him, your breath ever-so slightly tickling his neck. He grunted, shifting a bit, cracking open an eye.
"Good morning sweetheart." He rasped, his morning voice scratchy. It was kinda hot, you realised, as you slightly rubbed your core against him, hoping to entice him. He groaned, turning to face you, his nose mere inches from you. Oh, this was it. Finally. The anticipation since yesterday night was killing you.
Rubbing his nose against yours, he left a small peck on your lips. You tried to deepen the kiss, but he pulled back, kissing your forehead. You frowned, unable to understand his hands-off approach.
"Gotta go, have some work to complete, doll." He mumbled, making his way to the shower. You contemplated joining him but heard the door lock. What was with him? What had you done??
You got up, pulling on some shorts, ready to confront him when he got out. All guns blazing.
You stopped short when you saw him come out of the bathroom, steam engulfing his form. The towel was hanging loosely from his hips, making you lose your train of thought. You couldn't take it anymore. Lunging at him, you lock your hands behind his neck, attacking your lips with his. He gasped, surprised by your sudden attack, catching you as you wound your legs around him. After a beat, he started kissing you back, his tongue caressing yours, his hands pulling you closer to him, kneading your ass. Walking back, he deposited you on the bed, his towel falling off in the process. He was on you in a beat, kissing you like there was no tomorrow. You hungrily kissed back, running your fingernails across his muscular torso. He groaned, thrusting against your core, the thin barrier of your shorts ignored. You gasped as the action lit up your insides, the coarse material of the shorts adding to the sensations. Your hands made their way to his hips, pulling him closer, wanting more. He panted, mouth slack as he picked up his rhythm, rutting against you. You moaned, cupping his cheeks, warmth flooding through you and coursing through your veins. Kissing down the column of your neck, he buried his nose between your breasts, his hips gaining momentum. You couldn't believe it; here you were, humping like adolescents, and yet, it was firing you up like nothing else. You could feel yourself getting closer to your peak when suddenly, Steve stopped his actions. Sitting up, he gave himself a few strokes before he came on your breasts, his spend trickling down your belly, his growl ringing in your ears. You couldn't believe it. That son of a bitch had left you hanging. This had almost never happened. You sat up indignantly, ready to unleash hellfire.
Your words were cut off by a knock on the door. Pulling on a pair of shorts, Steve opened the door slightly, talking to his head of security, as you silently fumed, murmuring petulantly to yourself. The audacity of this man. Closing the door behind him, he then proceeded to get dressed quickly, like nothing had happened. Not giving you a chance to say anything, he kissed your hand before adding gruffly, "we'll talk about this later." He left you to stew in your irritation and sexual frustration, all the while wondering what exactly is it that you did to have this punishment meted out to you. You took care of your needs in the shower, pissed off that it was your hand at your core and not his tongue or mouth, working their magic.
Tumblr media
With the streaks of orange settling in the sky, it brought with it the promise of "talking later." You'd just gotten back from classes, dressing yourself in an emerald green teddy with matching stockings, hidden underneath your floor length gown. You'd hoped to entice Steve into action with it, the want and need to have him within you unbearable with every passing moment.
Waltzing down the corridor to his study, you knocked a few times before entering. Steve was sitting at his desk, reading some documents. Your mouth watered at the sight in front of you: Steve in a black dress shirt, his sleeves rolled up to his elbow, his black leather chest holster sitting tight against his wall of muscle. You could feel your core tighten, wanting nothing more than for him to throw you to the floor and fuck you in a frenzy. You gulped, suddenly realising that in the battle of seduction, he was probably winning. And he wasn't even trying.
"Sweetheart, you just gonna stand there gawking, or are you gonna say something?" He drawled, raising his eyebrow, mouth quirked up in amusement. You looked down, suddenly a little shy. Control yourself, you have to win this, you reprimanded yourself.
"I was just wondering where you were. We were gonna have a talk, weren't we? I'd hate to be late to an appointment with you, I know how much you hate waiting." you said, your voice silky, going straight to Steve's groin. He clenched his jaw, leaning back in his chair, his mind working a mile a minute. You took the opportunity to saunter towards him, making sure to maintain eye contact with him as you sunk to the floor, eye level with his crotch. His eyes darkened, his thighs tightening around your torso, as he sat back. He was waiting for your next move; the ball was in your court. Running your palms over his thighs, you kissed him through the soft material of his slacks. He really did have amazing legs; well sculpted, strong. Reaching his crotch, you nuzzled him, leaving kisses on the tent which had formed.
Standing up suddenly, he grabbed your hand, hoisting you up to stand, as he took a velvet pouch from the drawer.
"You know what, sweetheart, I think we should continue this in the bedroom. Come." He ordered, his voice thick with emotion. Bewildered, you placed your hand in his as he practically dragged you to your room. Maybe the seduction worked better than you had expected.
Locking the door behind him, he turned to face you. His eyes were a dangerous mixture of lust, love and anger. You didn't know whether to fear it, or to revel in it. All you knew was that you needed him, like the air you breathed; you were a starving woman at a banquet.
"So, you wanted to talk. Talk, princess."
You gulped. "Why have you been keeping your distance from me since yesterday?"
He smirked, his smile evil. This smile. You'd only seen it a handful of times before. When a particularly difficult connection made the mistake of being an informant for the police, Steve had merely smiled at the news. It made your blood run cold. The next day, the connection was found dead in the most gruesome way.
He walked towards you, like a predator stalking his prey. Your back hit the bed as you walked back, legs moving of their own accord. Your heart rate spiked, your words stuck in your throat. Steve stood in front of you, his gaze impassive. Bending down, he hauled you over his shoulder, throwing you onto the bed. You squealed, bouncing on the bed, gawking at Steve. Truth be told you were a little scared, you'd never seen him so unhinged. Sure, he was kinky, but he made sure that he never unleashed his angry mob boss in bed.
And now? Now you found yourself on the bed, your teddy pulled down to your breasts. Steve was laving on them, his tongue a hot brand on your overheated body. You wanted to hold him, to run your hands through his hair, but he'd handcuffed you to the bed. Asshole.
"You see, princess, I'm a private person. And you told your friends about our personal life. That's a little...rude, wouldn't you say?"
"Steve, I swear, it was the alcohol, I didn't mean to tell them OH-!" You broke off, feeling Steve circle your nub, his finger intrepid and curious. He pressed his lips against your open mouth, slipping a finger into your channel. You whined, wanting more. He was doing this to prove a point.
"I'm sorry, Steve, it was a mistake! It was a lapse, I swear!" You wailed, feeling his fingers stop. Sitting up, he grinned as he moved to retrieve the pouch he had gotten earlier. Moving down your body, leaving fleeting kisses as he did.
You jerked as you felt something smooth running along your inner thigh, raising your head. You met his gaze, his grin lascivious as he rasped, "trust me." You gasped as you felt an intrusion, a small rubber disc pushed into you.
"Steve, what-"
"Shhh. Consider this a punishment, sweetheart." He held up a remote, "this controls the level of vibrations of the toy. Let's see how well you take this punishment."
You gulped, wrenching your eyes shut as he switched the damn thing on, the vibrations wreaking havoc on your already sensitive nub. You suddenly felt a jolt, sensing that Steve had increased the intensity.
He caressed your breasts, tweaking your engorged peak. You jerked your neck to the side, unable to handle the stimulation. Your legs shook, groaning aloud as you felt Steve's tongue lick a stripe along your drenched folds.
"Steve, please, please, please!" you could hear yourself pathetically beg, but you didn't care. Your dam was about to burst, when all of a sudden, Steve switched off the toy. You screamed in frustration, wanting nothing more than to strangle Steve, the way you were feeling.
Hoisting himself up on his hands he rubbed his nose against you, chuckling at your expression; practically staring him to death. Running his tip along your folds, he pushed into you in one swift move, with the toy still inside. You looked up at him in bewilderment, eyes widening as you felt the vibrations start again.
With that, Steve unleashed all his pent-up energy since yesterday. He didn't give you a moment to adjust, his rhythm unwavering and unapologetic. Each thrust was aided by the vibrations of the toy, threatening to drive you insane. You felt tears pool in your eyes as the sensations overwhelmed you beyond your capacity. You tugged at the handcuffs, wanting to hold him, to steady his rhythm, but he was lost to the feelings as well.
"Take it, slut. Take it all. I hope you've learnt your lesson now." He grunted, groaning as he felt your walls contract at his filthy words. Tears streamed down your face as you felt yourself steadily approach your peak. This time, he didn't stop, instead doubling his speed, leaving bites along the column of your neck.
You screamed as the belly in your coil unfurled, the dam finally breaking. The tears wouldn't stop as you felt the aftershocks run through your body, like liquid electricity. Your legs felt like they'd just run a marathon, hanging limply from the side of the bed. Steve followed shortly after, shouting as he reached his peak, his spend coating your walls, your core clenching around him as the last aftershocks subsided. He slowly pulled out of you, pulling the toy out gently, mumbling apologies as you hissed.
Opening your eyes, you saw him undo the cuffs, stretching beside you as you gathered your wits. You ran your fingers through his beard, the prickly sensation welcome against your palm. You grinned mischievously as you told him,
"This was definitely a thousand times better than what I told the girls."
Tumblr media
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