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#captain america x reader
tuiccim · 2 days ago
Where It Stays (Part 1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Nomad Steve x Enhanced Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Snark, little angst, smut (18+ MINORS DNI)
Series Summary: Being on the run after the Avengers’ Civil War isn’t easy and, having had one too many clashes with Captain America, now Nomad, you decide it’s time to strike out on your own. One last op needs your experience and expertise, forcing you to not only stay but team up with Steve. Together, you infiltrate a biker gang to track weapon shipments that are ending up in enemy hands. Can the two of you find common ground in order to accomplish the mission or will your constant headbutting lead to total ruin?
A/N: Thank you to my lovely beta readers @liebs82 and @danneelsmain . All mistakes are my own. Divider by the talented @firefly-graphics .
Tumblr media
You lay on the motel bed with your legs pulled up to your chest in a stretch and your head hanging off the end of the bed. The rerun of The Dick Van Dyke Show’s Walnut episode had you giggling, it was an excellent way to decompress after the difficult mission you had just completed. You took a deep breath as you heard Steve emerge from the bathroom. 
“What are you doing?” Steve’s snarky tone grating your nerves. 
“Relaxing. Ever heard of it?” 
“Why are you upside down? And what the hell are you watching?” Steve stares at the tv as Laura Petrie slides out of a closet on a wave of walnuts. 
“Why do you care?” You roll to a sitting position.
“Is this an episode of The Twilight Zone?” Steve asks, tilting his head as he watches the antics on the television. 
You snort and roll your eyes, “Dick Van Dyke Show.”
“What the hell is happening?” Steve’s confusion is amusing to watch. 
“His thumbs were stolen by walnut loving aliens who have eyes in the back of their heads.” The bewildered look on his face was comical and you couldn’t resist covertly snapping a picture with your phone. 
“Wait, what?” Steve questions, slightly confused. 
“It’s a dream episode,” you laugh as you turn the picture into a meme to send to Natasha and Sam who are back at your current safe house. Being on the run for the last few months hadn’t been easy for them but you were all wanted criminals now. The nomadic lifestyle didn’t bother you as much as the others, it was how you’d lived most of your adult life. You had undergone experimentation with a fracture group and had come out on the other side with many of the same abilities as Steve. Increased speed, strength, healing, metabolism, and more came at the cost of ever going back to your old life, not that there was much to go back to. When you had discovered the group you were working with had nefarious intentions for their assets,you had become a SHIELD agent. With your insider knowledge, SHIELD was able to take them down. After that, you had flown under the radar as a spy and assassin. That was until the massive data dump Natasha had perpetrated. You were exposed as an enhanced agent and circumstances forced you to seek out the Avengers when talks began for the Sokovian Accords. Steve had always seemed frustrated with your reluctance to join the Avengers in the few run-ins you’d had with the team but had accepted when Clint brought you in to fight on his side of the civil war.
“What the fuck? Really?” Steve grouses holding up his phone. You realize you had accidentally sent his photo to your team group text rather than to the one with just Nat and Sam. 
“Couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” you snort. 
“Erase it.”
“It’s been disseminated. Pretty pointless to delete it,” you shrug.
Steve shakes his head. That fucking shrug and the snark were always your way and it drove him crazy. Your first meeting was just before the fall of SHIELD happened. You literally dropped into the middle of a mission and traded a few blows with Natasha before revealing yourself. Steve had stared at the woman Natasha referred to as Nym, short for your call name, Mnemosyne. You had stood in front of the group in a tac suit and a mask that covered the lower half of your face, similar to the one Bucky had worn as the WInter Soldier. Your eyes had mesmerized him until you opened your mouth. The immediate sass that came out made him feel both intrigued and annoyed, but the annoyance grew with each meeting. You never let your guard down around him. It was always wisecracks and shoulder shrugs. He had tried everything he could think of to get you to open up to him but your walls stayed up and his frustration grew. “Why are you like this?” 
“Oh my God, it’s just a joke. Don’t be such a bitch about it,” You roll your eyes and get up to adjust the thermostat. When you turn around, Steve is in your face.
“Did you just call me a bitch?”
“Sure did, sweetcheeks. Now get out of my way. I’m going to bed.”
“What the hell is with you all the time?” Steve growls.
“I’ve been stuck with your bitchy ass for months,” you sneer.
Steve takes a step forward, bringing you toe to toe. You refuse to give any ground and stare him down until he finally asks the question that has haunted him, “Why?”
“We’re kinda wanted criminals,” you snark. 
“No. Why did you follow me? Why did you fight on my side of this?”
You’re worn down and staring into Steve’s face, you find the truth slipping past your lips, “Because you were right.”
“What?” Steve’s look of disbelief almost hurts but you shake the feeling away.
“You were right. I don’t want another World Security Council. I don’t want the UN making the decisions of what we can and can’t do. Where we go. Who we help. Who we save. Whose lives are worth the most in their skewed view of the world. Having a registry of enhanced individuals is dangerous. I…” you lick your lips and debate admitting the next part but give in to this momentary transparency, “I admired the Avengers. What the team stood for. And-”
“And?” Steve tilts his head as he studies you. 
“I admired you standing up for Wanda and Bucky. For all of us. Your stance kept us from being pawns in political games. And, for once, I wasn’t alone in something.” Your stomach drops as the words leave your mouth. You had admitted more than you ever meant to and looking up at Steve’s stoic demeanor was disconcerting. You couldn’t read him. You opened your mouth to make a smartass remark to break the tension but Steve’s fingers cover your mouth. 
“Don’t,” he says as if he read your mind. “Just this once, don’t.” His hand slides down to gently caress your neck and then he’s kissing you. You’re shocked at first but then it seems as if you both just melt into each other. Months of tension break and you’re tearing off each other’s clothes as fast as you can. 
Your foreheads are pressed together as he enters you. It's been so long that both of you get lost in the pleasure. His thrusts into you are pure bliss and your warmth surrounding him is nothing short of heaven. It was a primal, nearly feral race to orgasm. When you arch into him, crying out as the waves crash over, he gives a hoarse cry and empties himself into you. 
You lay together, unmoving as you recover. When Steve’s hips begin to make slow circles, you realize how hard he still is. You roll him to his back and begin to ride him. Throwing your head back, you run your hands over your body as you revel in the feeling of his thick cock. He grips your hips and thrusts up into you. Your mouth parts letting out sharp exclamations with each one. Steve’s thumb finds your clit and the swift circles he makes sends you over the edge again. Steve sits up, pulling you into a kiss. You wrap your arms around each other, mouths melded together, and just feel each other as your hips continue their slow circles. 
You get lost in it, lost in him. All thoughts faded into the background and you lived for the connection of your bodies. The slow, sensual way he moved against you. The kisses are full of a tenderness you'd never experienced. The pleasure he gave so freely. You immerse yourself in it, forgetting everything else. And so did he. 
Hours later, Steve is sleeping soundly when you silently slip out of the bed. You go to the bathroom, put your clothes back on, and get in the empty bed that was originally where he was supposed to sleep. You had never gotten used to sleeping in the bed with another person. You had never gotten used to being a part of a team. Glancing at his sleeping form one last time, you curl up alone in the cold bed and fall into a fitful sleep. 
“Rogers, wake up! Come on, we gotta go,” you rattle the bed with your foot to emphasize your words. 
“What’s wrong?” Steve asks. 
“I’m not sure. Nat just said we needed to get back. Come on. Grab your stuff and let’s go,” you turn for the door and grab the keys to the battered truck you were driving. You coax the engine to life and Steve tosses his bag in before hefting himself into the seat.
“We gonna talk about it?” He asks as you haul ass out of the motel parking lot. 
“Nothing to talk about. Literally, Nat called and said ‘Get on the road.’ What more do you want?” You shrug. 
“That’s not- nevermind. Are we going to the safe house?”
“Fine, I’m going back to sleep,” Steve crosses his arms and leans against the door of the truck. 
You roll your eyes. It was going to be a long, quiet ride.
Tumblr media
Updates and taglist:  Updates for series will be made weekly. Please follow my sideblog @tuiccimfanfiction and turn on notifications for updates. All series and new stories will be reblogged to it. You will only receive notifications when a new part or story is out! Nothing else will be blogged to the page. I can’t thank you enough for your support!
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cupids-crystals · 2 days ago
Copycat (Sam Wilson)
Word Count: 0.5k
Summary: You surprise Sam by dressing up as your favorite superhero for Halloween 
Notes: no warnings, tooth-rotting fluff. A ghost of a suggestive remark (blink and you miss it). No reader pronouns.
“Okay, keep ‘em closed. No peeking!”
Sam scrunched his eyes shut, fighting against his curious nature to wait for further instruction. 
The two of you were getting ready for a costume party when you sent him to the living room while you finished getting dressed, claiming that you had something special to show him. 
As he waited on the sofa – as patiently as he could manage – you rummaged around your shared bedroom, adding the final touches to your look. 
Sam fidgeted with the sleeve of his costume, restless with anticipation. 
“Remind me again, sweetheart, is this a costume for the party? Or a costume for me?”
You could hear the smirk in his words, and you shook your head at his question.
With a small grin, you replied, “maybe a bit of both.”
You stifled your giggles at the whoops and cheers that sounded through the apartment at your response. Sam made every shared moment entertaining, and today was no different. He was truly something magnificent, and you wanted to show your admiration for him. 
With one last look in the mirror, you crept out of the bedroom, quietly coming to stand in front of him. 
“You can look now.”
Sam’s eyes popped open, instantly focusing on your attire. There you stood, sporting Sam’s Air Force crewneck, his dog tags tucked safely under the fabric. His Falcon goggles sat on top of your head, like shades that were cast aside on a cloudy day. 
“Look, I’m dressed as you!”
His hands found yours while he praised your outfit choice, enraptured by the way you looked in his clothing. The sweater might have been a bit too big, the sleeves covering your palms and the hem much longer than anything you owned, but he had never seen a prettier sight. 
“You look great, sweetheart. I thought you said you were gonna be a superhero, though.”
You nodded in response, “I’m dressed as the coolest hero of all.”
His heart swelled at the sentiment. He knew that you appreciated his hard work – your praise for his courage was practically boundless – but this was proof that he could touch and cherish and remember forever. 
“Thank you, sweetheart. I would’ve let you wear something from the suit if you wanted to.”
You denied his offer with a shake of your head, “the Falcon’s not my favorite hero, you are.” 
In just a few words, all of Sam’s diligence had been rewarded. With just a breath, you had eased any lasting malady. He had never asked to be recompensed for his lionhearted endeavors, but here you were anyway. 
Whatever force had brought you into his life, Sam decided that he would be forever in their debt. The pride gleaming in your eyes was better than any award he had received, and he felt like a paragon of virtue under your gaze. 
Before he had time to commit this moment to memory, you were pulling him to his feet and wrapping your arms around him tightly. With your movement, he could hear the clink of his dog tags muffled by the fabric, a hidden tribute to Sam’s beginnings. 
“C’mon,” you said. “Let’s go show Bucky that two Sams are better than one.”
Tag List: @just-a-smol-spoon @msfandomfreak @slycassini @velvetcloxds @itsmentalillness @616films @alohastitch0626 @wolfyprongs @nottherealslimshady @animprxperworld @eeniemeenienini @eccentricbookwormm @mollysolo @ginnysbabymama @mirclealignr @miraclesoflove @yiamalfoy @uraveragelesbean @natashxromanovfreads
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cafe Crisis
Steve Rogers x Anxious!fem!reader
Warnings - talks and descriptions of anxiety and anxiety attacks, one bad word, some fluff, some maybe angst? Asshole people, and i think that’s it
Description - That’s how she ended up here, crying on a bench with a sweet man crouched in front of her
Y/n ran her own small business, it didn't provide a lot of income, but she loves what she does so to her, it’s worth it. Going to the cafe has always been the way she starts her day, she sits drinks coffee and checks orders. As perfect as it sounds she actually hates the coffee that the cafe uses, but, her anxiety sadly holds her back from trying out other cafes.
So she sits there with her bad coffee, her computer and all the sunlight she could ask for everyday. Most days seemed to go by all the same, but this day was different, she could feel it. She felt better and confident, she told herself that today she would try something different, she didn't want to be held back any longer just because she felt anxious.
So she sits there with her bad coffee, her computer and all the sunlight she could ask for everyday. Most days seemed to go by all the same, but this day was different, she could feel it. She felt better and confident, she told herself that today she would try something different, she didn't want to be held back any longer just because she felt anxious.
That’s how she ended up here, crying on a bench with a sweet man crouched in front of her. She decided to walk to the cafe that was one block over from her regular spot, It was slightly bigger and was a lot more trendy than her regular cafe. When she got inside it felt fuller, like there were more people inside than she was used to, the dreaded heavy feeling in her chest made itself present.
I can do this
As she waited in the line she looked at the signs to see what best represented her regular order. After at least 2 minutes she found that nothing seemed to be similar to her regular order. Frantically looking it over she didn’t notice that she was slowly moving closer to the sign, soon enough she bumped into someone, “Can you watch where you’re going?” A woman, the woman who she had ran into, spat harshly.
Before y/n could answer the woman had walked out of the store, y/n felt heavy, everything felt heavy. Her chest felt like it was an anchor slowly pulling her into the ground. She ended up at the front till, unsure of what to get she stood their and took a deep breath, “What can i get you?” The barista said cheerily, before y/n could get any words out she heard complaints from impatient people behind her, they were right, why was she taking so long? Why couldn’t she just pick?
I can’t do this
She rushed out the front door walking a few steps in front of the cafe and tried to take deep breath’s. Nothing was working, her mind was filled with thoughts, her whole body ached and she felt like she could pass out at any moment if she didn't get her breathing regulated. Before she could get worse she felt a hand on her shoulder, “Hi, its okay, I’m just going to guide you to this bench so you can sit down, okay?” A soft but deep voice spoke, y/n nodded and felt herself being lead to the left.
Before she could tell the person she was fine, or tell him that she was just overreacting she felt her hand being placed on something firm, “Okay lets breathe together” the man was now crouched in front of her, her hand placed on his chest, allowing her to feel him breathing, and his hand softly gripping her wrist holding hers in place.
Y/n copied his breathing as best she could, every once in a while he would let her know that she was doing great and to keep it up. Once her breathing was regulated her mind slowly became less foggy and allowed her to truly notice her surroundings. “Sorry” she mumbled, her hand still on his chest, she could feel his hand relax and finally looked at him, “Hi” he spoke as a relived sigh passed his lips.
“You had me worried there doll” y/n found his voice comforting, she slowly took her hand out of his grasp and began fidgeting with her fingers “I’m sorry” she mumbled, her voice felt strained, like she had just screamed for an hour. “It’s okay, I’m just glad you’re okay” he finally moved from his crouched position and sat on the ground in front of the bench, y/n blushed as his hands found her knees.
“I get them too” the man whispered, his voice so quiet she almost couldn’t hear him, “I could spot your anxiety attack a mile away” he chuckled
“Was I really that obvious?” Y/n spoke, sorrow laced her words. “No, no. I just know the” he pause, trying to find the rights words, before beginning again “the signs I guess.” He gave a comforting rub to her knee and stood up. “I work at the mechanic shop down the road, why don't you join me? I don't want you to be alone, just incase this happens again.” She looked up at him confusion in her eyes, “One time I had an anxiety attack at the grocery store, when i got home I noticed I didn't buy broccoli and spiralled again” he explained and looked down at her. “I just don't want that to happen to you”
“You promise you’re not a murderer?” She mumbled hoping he would find her feeble attempt at a joke funny. She heard him laugh, and then softly sigh “you don't know who I am?” He laughed, y/n was confused, no she didn’t know who this stranger was, why would she? It wasn’t until she took a second look, he removed his hat and stood in a funny pose, a pose resembling a man holding a shield and standing up straight.
Oh for fucks sake
Her face changed from confusion to pure embarrassment, “Ah there you go” he chuckled, “so you’re telling me captain America just helped me through an anxiety attack?” A pure sense of disbelief graced her words and her facial expression. “Yes, well ex captain America” he once again laughed, clearly amused by the situation.
Y/n finally stood up stumbling a little but balancing herself quickly, “Well now I feel a lot better following a stranger to their mechanic shop” she chuckled grabbing her bag from off the ground “Well let me lead the way …” he gestured for her to state her name, “y/n” she stated as she moved to stand beside him.
“Y/n” he repeated, “That’s a pretty name” he said as he started walking, y/n blushed as she tried to keep up with his pace, “Thanks” She mumbled. Y/n hoped that this would lead to something more than just an awkward situation. Little did she know Steve was thinking the exact same thing.
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luna-writes-stuff · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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Fics have a summary in the masterlists. Headcanons do not. * Female Reader (If not specified; GN!Reader)
James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes: - His love languages * - Bucky with an insecure s/o
Xu Shangqi: - Exhaustion * Summary: For days you have been working for extra hours, but the exhaustion of it has finally started to sink in for you. Upon finding you passed out in your bedroom one night, Shang-Chi takes care of you and makes sure you take a break.
Loki Laufeyson: - Loki with the goddess of war as s/o * - Loki with an s/o with a chaotic family - Loki confessing to his s/o * - Locking yourself up with Loki *
Brunnhilde/Valkyrie: - Valkyrie with a s/o that gets scared easily
Steve Rogers: - Domestic life with Steve would include....
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Not again
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: Something happens while Steve reflects on how he fell in love with you
Word count: 929
This is just a silly idea I had the other day when I was bored. It’s the first time I post something I write, so don’t expect too much. Constructive criticism is highly appreciated!
I also collect all my x reader one-shots on AO3 under the pseud “whoputthesticksuptheirbutts” (link in the next post).
Now you may wonder, how is it that the famous Steve Rogers found himself falling in love with you, of all people? Well, Steve himself kept pondering on the question; how did he suddenly become so attached to you, after spending an eternity being in love with the same woman? Deep down, Rogers knew exactly what the answer to his dilemma was, he had known it for a while, but accepting his feelings was never his forte. He just couldn’t admit it; how could he fall for someone like you?
Come on now, there’s no time to get offended! In truth, Steve’s argument made a lot of sense: he loathed how reckless you were every time the team was on the field. Not once did you listen to his orders. Not once did you follow the safety protocol. You always had to do everything your own way, fidgeting between bullets while he shouted directives at you. But then he’d see you give everything in mission, always trying to save one more life, always prioritizing the other over yourself, and his heart would burst a little. Not that he would ever admit that.
Twice. Twice you got hurt for being careless and irresponsible. All in all, it wasn’t an exaggerated amount of times, but the sight of your unconscious and bleeding body in Thor’s arms terrified Steve so much, that he certainly didn’t want to repeat the experience. All he wanted, in those moments, was to take your face in his hands, and yell at you as loud as he could; however he contented himself with sitting beside your bed while you recovered, just to sneak out before you could wake up and realise what he was doing.
Steve hated that you insisted so much on having music on every time you were training. For a good training one needs concentration and dedication, two things you rarely seemed to show; he also couldn’t understand how you always managed to have on the most irreverent songs when he was in the gym too, as if it was a deliberate act to piss him off. But then, your favourite song would come one and you’d start singing along, making up little weird dance steps, and he’d just sit and watch you, because seeing you so carefree was worth all the inconvenience you caused.
He also couldn’t stand that you always joined Tony’s mockery. You two seemed to fuel each other’s creativity, when it came to mean jokes and nicknames, and managed to get them out in the least appropriate of moments, like right before a press conference, or in the middle of Fury’s briefings. Nobody could escape it, not Peter, who was the youngest, not Wanda, who was the sweetest. Nevertheless, Steve couldn’t help but feel that, with all that teasing, also came a great deal of love: it was almost like teasing was as big a part in displaying affection, as hugging and complimenting was.
Now that he was thinking about it, you actually came across as a very affectionate person, always sneaking a hug or two between meetings, always agreeing to give massages, and never once watching a movie without snuggling with the person sitting next to you and a couple of pillows.
You had the power to make people feel special. You had the power to make HIM feel special. It was the little things, like when you would absent-mindedly start ruffling his hair while making conversation, or like the time you spent the whole afternoon explaining him the Cotton Eye Joe steps, because you wanted to line dance at Tony’s party that night. You seem to always notice when someone was down, always so patient when your friends were complaining, always a good listener.
However, Steve thinks that the moment he fell in love with you, was the night you two had that conversation about friendship. He’d felt emotional and overwhelmed all day long, because Tony had been giving him a hard time about Bucky. He couldn’t and he wouldn’t stop thinking about him. How could he? Bucky was his best friend, the best part of him. And when you’d seen him so troubled, you’d just sat there and listened to him. He’d never spelt his guts this way to any other Avenger. Yet, the thing that surprised him the most was listening to your response to his feelings: the way you validated how he felt, the way you understood everything he just said, and the way you felt about your best friend, that was so similar to how he felt about Bucky.
It had only been three days since you had that talk. He hadn’t slept at all that night, feeling so overcome by these new feelings. You seemingly grew closer these last days, or maybe Steve was just paying more attention to you than he’d ever done before.
Now both of you were sitting at the dining table, while Clint and Natasha were bickering about something silly and you where laughing at them for being such children. The elevator door opened, and a tall and lean figure walked out of it. It was a matter of a second, and Steve felt his heart sink a little.
“Honey!” – you squealed.
“Hi sugar, I missed you”
He saw you in another person’s arms, hiding your face in the crook of their neck, kissing their temple, their hands caressing your back. It was all too much of a shock
Steve had already lost the woman he loved once; he would not allow for it to happen again this time.
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mcu1shots · 2 days ago
Coming Out (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Non-Binary!Reader comes out to their boyfriend Steve Rogers.
Notes/Warnings: fluff, absolute fluff and sweetness, gender neutral reader, nonbinary reader
Word Count: 836
Your fingers tapped against your leg as you leaned into the muscular arms that circled your shoulders, basking in the warmth and comfort of Steve. It was Tuesday, meaning date night for the two of you, and you were currently cuddled up on the couch in your apartment watching a movie. You had established the idea of a date night early on in your relationship, knowing Steve could get rather busy with all of his superhero-ing as well as his training of the other Avengers. You couldn’t blame him, of course, but you still wanted to ensure you would get your time with him. There were a couple date nights here and there that he was forced to miss because of time sensitive missions, but it was still better than nothing.
But even though this was your one night that was supposed to be fully about you and Steve, your mind was elsewhere. And Steve noticed. You were barely watching the movie now, your gaze having strayed slightly to the left of the screen as you leaned into your boyfriend’s touch. You felt him squeeze your shoulders a bit, his signal to see if you were okay, but you were too lost in your own thoughts to respond.
You snapped out of it, however, when Steve broke the comfortable position you had found yourself in, leaning forwards and shifting both of you as he grabbed the remote off of the coffee table. As his finger pressed on a button the image on the screen froze and the room was filled with a deafening silence. Steve took the time to set the remote back down and shift a bit to allow you to get comfortable before his voice cut through the silence.
“Something bothering you tonight, Y/N?” He asked, a large hand coming to rub your back, a motion that you always found really comforting, which he knew.
You sighed, raising your head to look up at him as you shifted in your positioning to be able to look up at him, his soft blue eyes filled with concern which only made you feel bad for not saying something earlier. “Just, something on my mind, something I’ve been wanting to tell you.” You admitted with a small, shy smile on your face.
His head tilted to the side slightly, a silent invitation for you to continue and a way to show you that he was listening, which had to be one of the cutest things that he could have done, by the way.
“Um, Steve, I’m nonbinary,” you finally came out with it, trying to sound confident though you were anything but.
There was a silence as your words seemed to register in his head and his eyebrows furrowed just slightly. “Okay, well, I’ll love you no matter what, Y/N, but-” oh god here it comes, you knew you shouldn’t have told him. “I don’t actually know what that means,” he admitted with an awkward smile, the motion of him rubbing your back.
“It’s okay, I understand that you- wait, what?” It took a second for his words to register, you had been expecting Steve to say that he wouldn’t be interested in dating someone nonbinary, and he still might, but it wasn’t what he said.
Steve gave kind of an awkward laugh, it was almost nervous and apologetic as he used his free hand to scratch the back of his neck. “It’s just not a term that I know, could you explain it to me? And tell me how I can support you?” He asked hopefully.
You couldn’t help but smile a bit, sometimes you forgot how old Steve was and that he wasn’t up to date on the new world so you nodded. “Basically, I don’t feel like I’m a man or a woman, so I’m nonbinary, kind of both but at the same time kind of neither… my pronouns are they and them.” You explained, picking at your fingernails and looking down as you waited for him to reply.
Steve nodded as he let your words sink in. “Oh. Alright.” He said, leaning in and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. He was so… nonchalant about it. You were relieved, honestly, you didn’t want him to make a big deal out of it when it wasn’t, it was just… who you were. And you were glad that he accepted you as that.
There was silence for a moment as you both tried to figure out where the conversation was going next before you piped up. “I guess I’m not really your boyfriend or girlfriend then, we should find something else that you can call me by,” you commented as you leaned into him.
He simply smiled and shifted your position again so that he could reach into his pants pocket. With his hand in his pocket he got off of the couch and onto one knee in front of you and pulled out a ring box. “How about... fiancé?”
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sagechanoafterdark · 27 days ago
How Do You Want Me?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: language, sex, lots of sex, mouthy angry Steve, slight slut-shaming, breeding kink if you squint, cream pies
Word Count: 1,319
Synopsis: Steve hates you, right?
A/N: This is a rewrite of this drunk drabble I wrote for @shotsbyshae forever ago. This was fun to do it’s not edited or beta read so all mistakes are mine. Is it better than the original? Maybe. I think it is that's what counts
Tumblr media
Steve’s hand clamped over your mouth, silencing the high-pitched moan that pierced the night air. Thick digits sliding slowly from your lips, dragging roughly down before wrapping around your throat. Restricting the air you so desperately needed.
Hips pumping. Skin slapping. Steves cock driving into you at a punishing pace, grunting against your ear in time with each thrust. “You’re so god damn loud,” he scolded with a growl. “So fucking hungry for my cock right?”
You nodded, tears leaking from your eyes as he squeezed a little too hard. A groan of pleasure slipped from him as you let out a choked moan. Fucking Steve Rogers was nothing like people imagined it was.
Steve was the golden child.
America’s brightest beacon.
A dancing monkey for the amusement of others.
And Steve hated it all.
He’d begun to despise the spotlight long before he’d showed up in this century and your very arrival to the team, someone who didn’t shy away from the spotlight, grated on his last nerve. You’d become a thorn in his side and it wasn’t just because you were clearly Tony’s favorite, from the first moment he meets you with your fake smile and friendly tone of voice Steve despised everything you were.
It didn’t matter what you did it was always met with bile from Steve. On missions he was short with you, snapping out orders and sneering with a condescending, “Think you can do that?” Pushing you out of the way, yanking you back into a dark corner his grip bruising your arm, Steve was being purposefully harsh for reasons that the rest of the team had no idea about. But you did.
Freedom incarnate had a dark side and you were the one who always managed to bring it out. Seething, writhing darkness he suppressed on a daily basis, let loose whenever he got you alone. Steve wouldn’t hold back. He didn’t have to because he absolutely hated you so there was no reason to be gentile.
Even after the first time, he’d pinned you in the stairwell, fucking you against the concrete wall like a man possessed his fingers left familiar bruises. He’d left you spent, cum dripping from your still spasming pussy on the cement stairs. Knees scuffed and hands raw he sneered down at you before buttoning his fly and returning to the press conference downstairs.
Steves loathing of you didn’t cease after that day.
But the darkness inside of you was awoken by his own. So now when he’d corner you, you’d always look up at him with pouty eyes. His thumb briefly tracing your bottom lip parting them and running the pad against your tongue before you’d ask, “How do you want me?” And he’d knowingly smirk.
To you and the rest of the world, Steve was perfection incarnate. A pouty bottom lip that just begged for your teeth, his eyes shining bright with so much intensity and emotion it was almost blinding. Muscles that stretched and moved like tensile steel beneath flesh hot to the touch and a cock that made you forget your name.
There was violence in his grip. Barely restrained and itching to be let loose as he held you with demanding and desperate touches. Fingers digging into the flesh of your thighs, pulling and twisting your hair around his fist bending and twisting your body into position. His perfect pearl white teeth dragging against the curve of your neck before perfect pouty lips both saccharine sweet and bitter like poison slotted over your own with a growl.
“I fucking hate you,” he’d snarl against your lips.
“Fuck me,” you demanded, a whine escaping as his fingers probed past the pink cotton panties before thrusting into your soaking wet core.
When you were together you were his and his alone.
Steve owned you when that door closed and you gladly gave yourself over. You wanted to feel him. You wanted to take everything he had to offer. You wanted it all and more.
Every fear.
Every worry.
Every desire.
Every evil.
“You’re so fucking soft,” he hummed a touch of admiration in his voice. Pulling away leaving you trembling on the verge of orgasm, his hand fisting his cock covered with your slick and giving a few quick pumps before turning you over and pushing you face down against the bed. The head of his cock pressing against you again and he groaned, “Pussy so wet and hungry for my cock.”
Rocking his hips the head just parting your lips and making the breath shudder from your lungs, desperation coloring your voice in a whine at his teasing. Steve’s hips surged forward, filling you again as his hand tangled in your hair, craning your neck back to look at him with lust-heavy eyes, “Such a hungry slut.”
“Steve,” you whimpered, your own fingers reaching down and circling your clit. He pushed your head down, releasing your hair to grip your hips and start a punishing pace, the slap of skin sharp in the quiet room. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” you chanted as each thrust pushed the air from your lungs.
He pulled you against him then, hands tight against your arms before his knees settled into the soft mattress. Cock fucking up into you with the same rough strokes, bending your back against him your hands reaching back and yanking at the short strands of hair. Steve’s hand slipped around your neck again, teeth grazing the shell of your ear as he panted softly, “I could fucking kill you right now you know. I could do it and you’d never even fight back.”
You cried out, low and needy as your fingers rubbed against your clit harder and faster a choked sob slipping past your lips and you felt Steves smile. Steve could kill you. He could and you’d fucking let him.
“You fucking love it don’t you,” he purred, wet fingers circling your clit a little faster making your eyes roll into the back of your head and your pussy begin to flutter as your orgasm drew closer. “Fuck, squeezing me so tight. Cock drunk slut want’s me to fill her up? Yeah?”
“Please, Steve.”
He hummed against you, voice taking on that familiar desperate edge and hips rolling a little harder and more sloppy than before, “Fucking beg for it. Cum on my cock and beg.”
The last ounce of your dignity left with that moment, in a babble of words you begged for it, “Please Steve. Please. I need it. Need your cum so bad. Fill me up, please, fuck please Steve.”
Steve moaned loud, the sound vibrating through your whole body as a shudder ran through you. You shook as every muscle in your body tightened down, awash in pleasure that had your mouth opening in a soundless cry at the same moment Steve grunted into your hair, “Oh fuck.”
Tumblr media
Early morning light filtered into the windows pulling Steve awake before you. Running a hand through his hair and scrubbing his face he sighed heavily before sitting up and looking down at you. Reaching out and touching your softly, fingertips lightly tracing against your face, the curve of your neck littered with love bites and bruises before leaning down. Impossibly long lashes giving you butterfly kisses against your flesh as he trailed his lips over your cheek, fingers brushing the hair from your eyes.
Steve hated you.
A smile tugged at your lips as he left the bed and you rolled into his vacated warm spot, fingers trailing after him as he picked up his clothes and prepared for his morning run.
Fuck if you didn’t hate him too.
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kyber-crystal · 11 months ago
Y/N: Here's a fun idea: we hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing the person we're caught underneath with, we have to FIGHT them.
Steve: No doll, we're not doing that.
Bucky, nodding: Mistlefoe.
Steve: Buck, DON'T encourage her-
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tuiccim · 2 days ago
Where It Stays Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairing: Nomad Steve x Enhanced Reader
Features, Undercover AU, biker game, violence, angst, smut, mutual pining, snark, sass, enemies to lovers (18+ MINORS DNI)
Series Summary: Being on the run after the Avengers' Civil War isn't easy and, having had one too many clashes with Captain America, now Nomad, you decide it's time to strike out on your own. One last op needs your experience and expertise, forcing you to not only stay but team up with Steve. Together, you infiltrate a biker gang to track weapon shipments that are ending up in enemy hands. Can the two of you find common ground in order to accomplish the mission or will your constant headbutting lead to total ruin?
A/N: I am dedicating this series to two awesome people. First, to @dreamlessinparis who sent me an ask that started me on the road to this story. Thank you for being such an amazing and lovely friend! Secondly, to @just-one-ordinary-fangirl who created the @positivity-sleepover to combat anon hate. Without the sleepover, I might not have gotten the ask. Thank you so much for sharing it so we could all spread the love!
Tumblr media
Where It Stays Series Masterlist
Part 1 - September 16, 2021
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Tumblr media
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cockslut-padalecki · a month ago
Hmm for the challenge, how about Steve Rogers and returning a wallet.
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N is forever losing things, and when she misplaces her purse one day, it’s down to Steve to return it to her.
Characters: Dark!Steve x Reader.
Words: 867.
Warnings: non-con, dub-con, explicit sexual content, cream pie, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids), forced entry, 18+.
A/N: This is my entry for @syntheticavenger's How It Started/How It's Going challenge. Not beta’ed so all errors, spelling mistakes and general bullshit are entirely mine. However I do have to thank my pre-readers @sweeterthanthis @ozarkthedog and @thesummerpetrichor for their comments and support, you guys are the best. While likes are gold, feedback is golden. My work is my own, therefore I do not give consent for this story to be re-posted or translated to any other site.
How It Started
You’re forever losing things— car keys, cell phone, purse. It’s inherently in your nature to be so lackadaisical, that even as a child, you were constantly misplacing your toys. So when you lose your cute little Ted Baker wallet, you don’t immediately panic when you can’t find it.
Your bank knows you well by now— so well, in fact you’re on first name terms with most of their advisers when you call late on that blisteringly hot Thursday afternoon. They simply chuckle when you tell them the situation, and promising to have your replacement cards with you in two to five days, they wish you a good evening as a knock at your apartment door prompts you to end the call.
You stride over, voice trapping in your throat as you open it, taken aback by the sight of Steve Rogers, and his broad frame filling up your doorway.
“C-Captain Rogers?” you stutter, his presence reeking of omnipotence.
You’ve only encountered brief moments with him back at the compound, your priority and focus on Natasha and her comms equipment. But every time you’ve come into contact with the man, you find yourself stunned into silence. He’s America’s Golden Boy— the image of perfection in the eyes of the country, while you’re just a lowly tech assistant, assigned to one of his comrades.
You’ve never been on the man’s radar— not until today.
“I think you might’ve lost this,” he states, holding out his hand with that kind smile you’ve seen him flash Nat on many occasions. Glancing down, your eyes widen at the sight of your red purse looking almost minuscule in his large palm.
“Oh my god!” you squeal happily, almost snatching it from him. “Where did you find it?”
“Some cafe on Broad Street, I think, I can’t quite remember.”
Of course. You must’ve left it behind after paying for lunch.
“Thank you,” you smile, mindlessly thumbing it open to check the contents. All the cash and cards are still there— not that you have much in the way of savings to offer anyway.
What are you thinking? Captain America would never steal from anyone.
“How’d you know where to find me?” you add, wondering if he’d asked Don down in personnel for your address.
“Oh, your um, Drivers License,” he confirms just as your thumb lands on it, the highly embarrassing photo staring back at you.
“Right, of course,” you laugh, and slap your forehead, instantly regretting it. “Stupid me.”
“You’re not stupid, these things happen,” he returns kindly.
“Thank you Captain.”
“Please, call me Steve.”
How It’s Going
Steve’s hips slap wetly against the backs of your thighs, the obscene sound filling the otherwise silent apartment. His grunts are almost harmonic, perfectly in tune with his thrusts, and it takes every ounce of resolve to swallow down the moan caught in your throat.
He must never know how good he feels inside you. Otherwise he’ll keep up this nightly visitation act he believes he’s claimed the rights to, all because he was the one who found your damn purse.
Pulling out, Steve quickly flips you over onto your front, and re-enters you with a force that never fails to take your breath away.
“Are you going to come again for your Captain?” he jibes in your ear, fingers pressed tight against your clit.
Shaking your head into the pillow below, you can feel his body vibrate behind you as he lets out a raucous laugh.
“Like you have a damn choice anyway.”
With a sharp flick of his wrist and impeccably placed fingertips, you’re coming around his cock whether you like it or not.
And when he finally empties inside you, he rattles off his little goodbye routine like a warning shot.
“Remember our little motto?” he asks and you nod weakly below him, fucked out on endorphins and shame. “Say it with me, doll.”
Opening your mouth, the words barely register a sound as you repeat, “Nobody will ever believe you.”
As Steve clambers out of your bedroom window and out onto the fire escape, he gives you one last cursory glance, smiling softly at the way you’ve fallen asleep, right where he left you. Still tangled up in your bed sheets, his cum dribbling from your abused pussy.
He thinks back to all of the times he’s watched you with Natasha, your sweet and carefree laughter surrounding him like a symphony. He knows he’s made the right choice in picking you. How easy you are to follow to the cafe on Broad Street every damn Thursday as the two of you gossip over your mid-morning iced lattes.
He had almost given up at one point, never finding the right moment to make his move, but his patience finally paid off. Nat had excused herself to go to the bathroom, while you headed to the counter for a sneaky second cruller. Your purse was in perfect view, a simple snatch— almost too simple. It would be easy to pretend like you’d lost it, you were ditsy like that.
And nobody would think to question the All-American good boy for going out of his way to return it to its owner.
TSAMW: @oneoftheprettynerds @rainbowkisses31 @undisputed-bucky​
STEVE: @andreasworlsboring101 @cake-writes @deanwinchesterswitch @fandom-princess-forevermore @hurricanerin @sammykb1994 @smokeandnailz @syrenavenger @syntheticavenger @vicmc624
ALL CE: @chamberofsloths @dreamlessinparis @imanuglywombat @kind-of-crazy-butthatsokay @la-cey @livstilinski @otomefromtheheart @patzammit @stargazingfangirl18 @starlightcrystalline @saiyanprincessswanie @sunwardsss @threeminutesoflife @xoxonotme
Forever: @amandamdiehl @buttercandy16 @crashdevlin @daughterofthenight117 @donnaintx @danneelsmain @dandywinchesterbras @deangirl93 @doozywoozy @downanddirtydean @foxyjwls007 @gayasslookinass @hoewkeye @heyyouwiththeassbutt @hoboal87 @ilovefanfic86 @jewelswrites-ish @joseyrw @letsby @letsdisneythings @mogaruke @notyourtypicalrose @nik2write @obsessivelycapricious @pinkshenanigan @princessmisery666 @rattwritesfics @sea040561 @sweeterthanthis @slutformarvelmen @simpformarvelmenandwoman @stoneyggirl @that-one-gay-girl @warriorqueen1991 @wonder-cole @xoxabs88xox @zooaliaa
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the-iceni-bitch · 3 months ago
For ur wheelie thing (lol I forgot the name)
Kinks: accidental stimulation & exhibitionism
Character: Steve Rogers
Prompt: “I need it”/so ask nicely”
Luv all ur writing!
Oh my god nonnie!! Lemme tell you I squealed a little bit when I got this one. This is gonna be good boy Avengers Steve because I love the idea of domming that virgin.
Again, this is smut, so no minors!!!
Tumblr media
Steve thought he was going to die.
The two of you had been seeing each other for a few months. It had been nice to have something to distract him, and he really had missed being able to spoil a girl.
But you were a whole lot different from the dames he used to take out in the forties.
You never wanted to let him pay for anything, you'd actually rolled your eyes at him on your last date when he'd snatched the check out of your hand. Also, he couldn't remember any woman shoving him against the wall and devouring his mouth until he was a panting, whining mess. And every time you finished a date you were practically pouncing on him, he'd even heard you growl a few times through your apartment door when he'd insisted on cutting things short before they went too far.
All he wanted was to take it further though. And he felt like a damn pervert each time he got home after one of your dates and had to desperately jerk himself off. What was he supposed to do though? Sure, he knew that gals nowadays were freer with their affections, but he wanted to make sure you knew how much he respected you.
That was why he had invited you to the game night Tony was throwing, hoping that introducing you to the team would provide some sort of distraction from how much he wanted to bury himself in between your legs.
It may have been a mistake, though.
"Oh, fuck you, Stark!" You were flipping Tony off from across the table after he bought another one of your properties out from under you in Monopoly.
"I am so sorry that I understand how capitalism works and can use it to my advantage." Tony made a mock wounded gesture and grinned at you before waving his fake money in your face. "Cap, I cannot believe you are dating a girl who swears like a sailor. Has she taught all the bad words?"
Poor Steve was starting to blush. For some reason, hearing you cuss out Tony was just making it even harder for him to not imagine your lips wrapped around his cock. Which was the absolute opposite of the respectful attitude he was trying to take with you.
“Don’t tease him, Tony!” You frowned at the man as you leaned against Steve’s knee. “I don’t care that you’re Iron Man, I’ll slap that smirk right off your face. Do you want another drink, baby?”
“No I’m good.” He swallowed thickly when you stood up and stretched, sighing when you ran your fingers through his hair before moving to the bar.
“Aww, look at you, Cap!” Maria was giving him a knowing grin when he turned back to face the group. “Someone’s got it bad!”
“Guy’s, c’mon.” He usually didn’t mind some good natured ribbing, but with how frustrated he already was it was just making him crankier.
“Yeah, guys, let’s be nice.” Tony looked a little too full of himself for Steve to trust he wasn’t going to be an ass. “She pop your cherry yet, Rogers?”
“What the fuck, Tony?” Steve choked on his beer while the rest of the team cracked up.
“Oh, she did teach you all the bad words!” Tony dodged the pillow Steve lobbed at him with a guffaw.
“What is this cherry popping?” Thor looked slightly confused at the turn the conversation, Earth idioms always seemed to have that effect on him.
“Tony’s asking if Y/N took Steve’s virginity.” Clint explained, laughing lightly when realization dawned on the giant blonde’s face.
“Aha, you’re a virgin Steven?” Thor seemed to be genuinely interested, rather than endlessly amused like everyone else.
“I’m not having this discussion with you assholes.” Steve sank back into the couch and pouted. He wasn’t a virgin, it had just been a while. 
“What were you all talking about while I was gone?” You grinned when the conversation suddenly stopped once you came back into the room, Clint clapping a hand over Thor’s mouth when the god tried to explain what they had been discussing. “Fine, keep your secrets. What’re we playing next?”
“What do we think about Twister?” Everyone cheered at that, and you sank onto Steve’s lap while you waited for Tony to come back.
Well, shit. All the care he had been taking the whole night to not turn into a horny idiot went right out the window when your ass settled into the dip in his lap. And your head leaning against his shoulder meant the scent of your shampoo was filling his nostrils and making it impossible for him to think about anything except burying his face in it while he fucked you from behind.
“You ok, Stevie?” You wriggled a little when you turned to face him and he sucked in a harsh breath. “You seem kind of tense.”
“Yeah, I’m, god, I’m fine.” He was lying, the way you were moving as you chatted with the team was making him hard.
“Honey, are you su... oh.” Your voice dropped to a low purr once you felt his bulge growing underneath you, tilting your head back so you could murmur directly in his ear. “Did you want some help with that, Stevie?”
“Baby, fuck.” He didn’t care any more, he was hard up, and you smelled so good. “I need it.”
“So ask nicely.” You’d been waiting so long for this boy to break, you felt like torturing him a little, rolling your hips against him and grinning at the desperate whine he let out.
“Honey, please.” It was fucking painful, he was cursing himself in his head for holding out for so long.
“I’m gonna go help Steve with something in the kitchen.” You announced, keeping your body in front of his when the two of you stood up to start making your way out of the game room.
“Really prefer if you could help him in almost any other room.” Tony called after you, shaking his head as the two of you scurried away. “Ok, who had ‘Cap breaks at game night’ in the pool?”
As soon as you were out of sight of everyone else you were yanking Steve’s face to yours, winding your fingers through his hair and dragging him down the hall as you tugged at his lips with your teeth. He was moaning and whining desperately against your mouth, opening up and letting you curl his tongue against his while his fingers dug into your waist.
God he was stupid. Why couldn’t he think of any good reason for why he’d been putting this off? You were so soft and warm and he just wanted to get you back to his room and...
“Shit, baby, what are you doing?!” He hadn’t even noticed when you shoved him against the wall, but when you disconnected to kneel in front of him he came back a little bit.
“Can’t make it back to the room.” You mumbled, mouthing at the bulge in the front of his jeans and whipping off his belt. “Already waited too fucking long.”
“Honey, the team could walk through any minute.” Although it was a little hard for him to actually care when you ripped his fly open and nipped at the outline of his cock through his boxer briefs. “Ah, fuck.”
“That’s what makes it so exciting.” You winked at him before drawing his weeping cock out and immediately wrapping your hand around him. “Oh, fuck sweetie.”
“Y/N, oh god.” All of his concentration was going to not coming immediately like a teenager when you squeezed along his length. 
“Just look at this poor thing.” You pouted as you started pressing soft kisses all over his shaft, trying not to act too pleased when he jumped in your hand. “So pretty and needy. Have you not been taking care of him, Stevie?”
“Baby, unngh.” His knees almost buckled when you suckled gently at his swollen head, he had to brace himself against the wall to keep from collapsing. “That feels so good.”
“I know, I’m gonna take such good care of him.” You grinned at the thin keen he let out when you flicked your tongue over his slit to lap up his precum. “Keep him wet and warm all the time like he deserves.”
The column buckled when he thumped his fist into it once you took him fully into your mouth, swallowing him down your throat until your nose was nuzzled against the well trimmed hair at his base. A steady stream of obscenities started falling from his lips when you drew back before shoving your face forward again and massaging the thick vein that ran over the underside of him with your tongue. 
One of your hands trailed under his shirt so you could drag your nails over his chest, your painfully stretched lips quirking at the corners when he wrapped his hand in your hair and let out a low groan. You could tell he was still holding back though, even when you brought your free hand up to fondle his balls he wasn’t fucking your face like you really wanted.
So, you slapped his nipple and trailed your hand up to wrap around his throat, and that did what you wanted.
“Ah, baby, fuck!” His hips bucked into your face and you hummed with satisfaction. “Shit, I’m gonna come.”
Look, you prided yourself on your swallow game. You were firmly planted in the “spitters are quitters” camp. But you were not prepared for the sheer volume of cum that was suddenly shooting down your throat. There was no way you could swallow fast enough, having to pull him out while you coughed and spluttered around the ridiculous amount of cum that was overflowing your mouth, but somehow still coming out of him.
“Honey, are you ok?” Oh god, it had finally stopped. “I’m so sorry, I probably should have mentioned a couple side effects there are from the serum.”
“Stevie, I’m fucking great.” You beamed up at him once you had finally caught your breath, tears leaking down your cheeks and your lips and chin coated in thick ropes of his spend. “I probably should have mentioned that I’m a little bit of a cumslut, so this is gonna work out great for both of us. What other side effects are there?”
“Uh, well...” He was having trouble talking as he watched you scoop the excess cum with your fingers and suck them clean, his gaze flicking down to his cock when he couldn’t form a complete sentence.
“Hmm? Fuck, you’re still hard.” You were fucking giddy, fully expecting that there was no way you were going to be able to walk for a couple days after tonight. “This is very important information, Stevie. We’re gonna take full advantage of this. Let’s go.”
He barely had a chance to tuck himself back into his pants before you were dragging him down the hall. A very small part of him was worried that he may have bitten off more than he could chew with you, but mostly he was just excited for whatever you were going to do to him.
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buckysharmony · 4 months ago
under his touch // s. rogers
pairing /steve rogers x reader
summary / in which you find out what steve’s sleeping habit is [fluff]
warnings /  sugary fluff, sleeping 
a/n / my requests are open, please send in some ideas/prompts <3
Tumblr media
Something that you always struggled with when it came to relationships was sleeping with that person. Not the intimate and sexual side of it, but rather the type of sleeping where you would talk all night and slowly fade off into a dreamless unconsciousness. It was difficult to feel comfortable with someone, that was until you met Steve. 
With Steve, it was a different experience all together. There was no snoring, or sleep talking. There were no spontaneous muscle spasms that jolted you awake. There was no twisting and turning, sighing or whining. With Steve, it was peaceful and easy - something that surprised you. Then one night, everything came to realisation, you had realised what Steve’s sleeping habit was and it made your stomach flutter and heart ache with adoration
It was his constant need to have you under his touch. 
The first night that you noticed Steve’s habit, the air conditioning was broken in your apartment and the temperature felt as if it was 120 degrees in the room. You woke up in the early morning, sweat beading down your forehead and sticking to your back, and it didn’t help that Steve’s arm was circled tightly around your waist. You tried your best to twist out of his grasp, but it was impossible. 
“Steve,” you whispered, twisting in his arms and watching his eyes fluttering  tiredly and briefly.
“Mmm, what’s wrong?” he asked softly, unconsciously tightening his grasp on you and it made a giggle pass your lips. 
“It’s unbearably hot in here, and.. And your cuddles aren’t making it any easier,” your words softened at the sight of a pout contorting on his face, but he slowly unlatched his arm from around you, muttering a “sorry” with his eyes still closed. You sighed in relief at the weight lifted off your hips and kicked the sheet from your body, turning your back to him and getting comfortable again. 
A moment passed in silence before you felt Steve’s fingers trailing on your hips again but instead of wrapping around your figure as usual, he just let his hand rest there on your flesh. It was something that you could live with in this heat and you fell back into a slumber with a smile on your face. 
You thought nothing of that moment as the weeks passed by. The second time you noticed you were finishing a project for work late at night and fell into bed at two in the morning, only noticing that Steve was still awake when he turned on his side and smiled tiredly at you. “What are you doing up so late?” you whispered, not wanting to be too loud so that you wouldn’t disturb him too much. 
“Waiting for you,” Steve replied. 
You turned on your side, facing him and letting your eyes wander over his features, biting softly on your bottom lip. “Couldn’t sleep?” 
“I can sleep just fine, baby, just wanted to see you before I fell asleep,” you blushed at his words, he never failed to make you feel special. He reached across the small space between your bodies, brushing your hair back exposing your bare shoulder and you shuddered as his fingers tickled you softly. He smiled at the shiver, bringing you closer and peppering kisses along your flesh. “Goodnight, beautiful.”
“Goodnight, handsome,” you replied, leaning in and pecking his nose, allowing your eyes to flutter closed. Steve shuffled slightly in the bed before his hand placed itself beneath your jaw, cupping your face, his thumb rubbing up and down your jawline. You thought it’d only last a couple of moments, but you found yourself drifting off to the rhythm of his thumb. You woke up hours later in that same position, neither of you pulling away from the other. 
You started to think about it more, how you could sleep so easily next to Steve without any pet peeves annoying you. Every night that you got ready to go to bed, you anticipated where Steve would linger his touch before falling asleep, and every night he never failed to make you giggle to yourself as he got himself comfortable with his fingers intertwined with yours or his palm resting on your lower back. 
Tonight was no different. You shuffled into bed beside Steve, your eyes and limbs heavy with fatigue. Steve motioned his arms open, before encircling them around you and bringing you close to him. Your back was to his chest, his left arm tucked away underneath your pillow in the crook of your neck. You giggled as his fingers absentmindedly found yours and hooked themselves together.
“What is that?” Steve murmured into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.
“What’s what?” you feigned forgetfulness, closing your eyes and listening to his breathing. 
“Every night you let out this little giggle, and I just wanna know why, darlin’,” you detangled yourself from his grasp and turned to face him, smiling up at his face. His skin never failed to make you envious, with how smooth and clear it always was until he grew out his beard, turning his boyish face into sex god. 
Smiling up at him, you reached to run your fingers just above his overgrown beard, his eyes fluttering closed at the touch. “Lately, I’ve started to notice something and I just think it’s adorable.”
A small red tint danced onto his cheeks, curiosity sneaking into his eyes, “What is it?”
“You always have to have some piece of you touching me while you sleep,” you said, sheepishly looking over his shoulder in case you picked it up completely wrong. 
Steve chuckled, shaking his head slightly against the white pillow, “You’ve noticed that?” 
“You know you do that?” you asked.
“I only started noticing it a couple of months ago, I couldn’t sleep when you weren’t beside me and then I started having this urge just to feel your warmth,” Steve said softly, bringing himself closer to you and leaning down to peck your nose gently, “It’s not a bad thing, is it?” he asked.
You shook your head, your eyes slowly closing before placing your lips against his in a kiss, “not at all,” you whispered against them, “It’s rather cute.” 
“You’re cute,” he replied, capturing your lips again. “Goodnight, beautiful.”
{my requests are open, please send some in}
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sweetsbfreex · 7 days ago
pool day
Summary: the one where steve realizes he’s no longer in the 40′s with the bikini you have on + sam/bucky being a double pain in the ass
Warning: smut and fluff!
Pairings: bf!steve rogers x reader
It’s only eleven o’clock, most likely the latest you have ever stayed in bed with Steve. The curtains are still pulled together, keeping the brightness away. Allowing the room to soak in a serene, light color to flow through the room. With how content you both feel in your slumber, Steve might sleep in more.
You’re both in deep sleep (him on his back, while you’re on your back) and he’s holding you to his chest. One of his arm’s wraps around your torso while his other palm places itself over the back of your head. 
The pair, no doubt, would’ve slept well off into the afternoon. If it wasn’t for the two idiots who thought it was a tremendous idea to walk in with no warning whatsoever. It was clear in that moment neither of them thought this through. 
Sam patters in before Bucky. A Blue mega-phone clutched in his fist, “Up and attem lovebirds, We’re having a pool day!” he shouts.
You squall awake, ripping yourself away from Steve’s tough hold. At the sudden intrusion of noise in your previously quiet environment. Sitting up, eyes closed in shock. 
Steve’s eyes snap open at the sound of your screams and, without a thought, assesses the situation. Taking hold of the shield sat up and between the bed and his nightstand, flinging it towards the door.
Sam's arm extends out at lightning speed. The sound of metal clashing with his ring, rings through the air. 
“Jesus, Steve” Bucky grumbles, taking the shield from Sam’s grip, flinging the shield back.
“You’ve been practicing!” You note to Sam, who smiles back.
“Should’ve hit you both” he mutters, putting it back in it’s spot. “What are you yucks doing in here anyway” he eyes them both annoyedly. 
He turns his head to see you, one hand on your slightly heaving chest. Slinging one arm around your shoulder to bring you in closer to his side. 
“Stark decided to throw a little pool day for us, everyone’s getting ready to head up to the roof. You two were the only ones asleep, so go get ready” Sam informs. 
“Glad to know you couldn’t request F.R.I.D.A.Y. to let us know that” Steve states sarcastically, “We’ll be in up in a few”
He sighs when they finally walk out the door, dropping himself to the mattress. But, not before taking hold of your torso. Bringing you down with him. 
Both of you on your backs until he sits himself on his side, supporting his head up with his fist. Giving him a better view to look down at your face.
“You alright?” he asks fondly, intertwining his freed hand with one of yours. 
“Yeah...Just wasn’t expecting to be woken up like that” you miff out a slight laugh. Raising your hand to rub the rest of the sleep from your eye.
“Sorry about those idiots” he tells, taking a quick glance at the door. 
“It’s all ready for a pool day?” 
The standing mirror is in front of you as you fiddle with the knot of the bathing suit bottom, on your hip. It was a stunning bandeau suit tie dyed teal and purple. A metal heart loop connecting the top together, sat between your breasts. Which were sitting comfortably.
You loved it.
You could see that a certain someone also loved it. Everytime you shifted your eye over in the mirror, you could see Steve eyeing you down with a craving in his eyes. And as he nibbles on his lips, sometimes they go from side to side, you know exactly where this is going. 
He’s sitting with his arms back, feet sitting on the floor. Staring, staring so hard like a teenage boy looking at his first playboy. 
“Steve?” you snap him out of it. 
He whistles when you turn to him, all finished.
“I like this” his voice is husky, and he’s calling you over without saying it. 
“You do?” you smile, trotting over him as you throw your arms over his shoulders. Combining your hands at the back of his neck.
He sits up immediately, letting one hand roam the perimeter of your ass while the other’s finger is playing with the hem of the bathing suit bottom. His finger occasionally poking under the fabric.
“I’m definitely not in the 40s anymore” he smirks, his head angles towards your neck placing soft kisses. “You wanna take it off?” 
“You asking for a strip tease, mister?” you giggle, pulling his head for a kiss. 
“That I am...You gonna give it to me?”
He knows you will, doesn’t even question you when you straddle his lap. The timid smile that overtakes his face and the falter in his breath could kill you right now. 
You stand up, feet on each side of his thighs. Wobbling a bit since you were trying to balance yourself on the soft mattress. So, Stevie reaches his hands to hold behind your thighs as support. 
You shimmy the bottom down your legs, you step out them. Steve becomes face to face with your pussy and he’s trying to not foam at the mouth. 
“Fuck” he grunts. 
“Those aren’t nice words captain,” you joke, straddling him as you were before. 
“Yeah?” he questions, an eyebrow lodged up.
You nod, lips stuck in a closed lip smile. 
Your heart almost drops out of your ass when Steve pulls you to his chest tightly, one hand under your ass. Like a football he’s protecting. As he pins you to the bed, hovering over you closely. He feels something like pride, his ego filled a bit when he watches the shock in your eyes. Your chest rising and falling and your hands clutch onto his biceps.
It was common knowledge how strong the man was, but gosh. 
“You ready for me?”
You nod eagerly.
“Please put it in me, Stevie”
The way the words roll off your tongue makes him groan and Steve’s erection grows stronger. His trunks were all ready off— basic red ones with the words ‘America’s Ass written in white on his bum. A gift from Tony. 
His hands reach up to tear your top off the bandeau top when your hands cover each of his.
“What’s wrong?” He inquired.
“It took me forever to get this top on!” You gripe.
“Are you serious?” he can’t tell if you’re fucking with him or not
“Yes! You watched me struggle with it, didn’t you?”
He did. Watched you take off and on the top, as you tried to get your breasts to sit perfectly. They were definitely perfect, especially with the way you were positioned on your back right now. 
He can see them in his head anyway. His head dips down to your shoulder peppering a line of kisses to your shoulder, up your neck, past your jaw, a few to your cheek, before arriving to your lips. 
It’s nasty and everything you love, open mouthed kisses as his tongue lassos yours. 
At the same time he aligns himself and you gasp audibly into his mouth, at the surprise penetration. 
Steve’s hovering over your body, mounting you as he strikes into you. Causing your body to jostle up and down the sheets. And the smack of his balls against your ass. The pillow behind your headboard is almost giving out from the constant love making. His hands hold onto your thighs, since your feet hooking around his waist. 
You moan incessantly, “fuck Stevie” you break away from the stirring kiss. Your head thrown back, the top of your head hitting the mattress. 
His left hand let’s go of your thigh to grip your chin, tilting your head down at his level. He kisses you hungrily. Ever the romantic, kisses were his favorite thing. 
He loved his morning kisses, goodnight kisses, I miss you kisses, “sorry I said that” kisses, “are we alright now” kisses, “sorry Tony is being a jerk” kisses, the nose kisses at the tip of his nose, cheek kisses when he isn’t up for pda, and the kisses before missions. 
“You feel so good, honey” he breathes against your stressed lips. “Don‘t cum yet”
You hide your face in his shoulder, when he can read your telltale signs that you're close like it’s nothing.
In any other circumstance you’d feel embarrassed about how fast it takes you to almost jump over that metaphorical cliff. But it’s Steve fucking Rogers— who wouldn’t cum in under two minutes with him as their partner. 
“You all right” he asks, his grunts increasing afterwards as you add onto his pleasure sending kisses to the span of his neck, little licks, and blows of cool air. 
“Mhm...need to come. Please” you plead.
He agrees without words, just the fingers that go to your clit. Your head can’t take it and your so close and want Steve to get there too, as ur hand goes to fondle with his testicles. 
“Keep doing that please!” He hums, elevating in the way you squeeze and rub on him. 
He knows you’re almost when the heels of your feet dig into him harder, trying to ground yourself.
“Steve—ohh” you groan, your hand grappling the ends of hair. 
“There we go, there we go, there—“ he repeats at the same time, ramming into you faster than before. His hand takes hold of your jaw, grinding your lips with his while he releases himself into you. 
You feel like you're in a different universe afterwards. Like you're not even in your body, as if a solar system shattered in your belly.
Steve is no longer hovering over you, but instead has his body mass pressed into you, spooned into you. 
“You all right?” Steve asks into your neck. 
“Mhm. That was great” you murmur, pressing a kiss to his head. Your hand rubbing up and down his back and up his neck, raking through his hair. 
When Steve props his chin onto your chest, looking up at you. His cheeks and chest are blemished a subtle pink. You both are stuck in a love spell, eyeing each other down softly. 
Until it all goes down the drain when there’s beating at your door, Bucky's fist.
“Cmon your horny fucks, we have places to be!” Bucky booms through the door, irritated to no other. Steve’s cheeks go bright red. 
You guys were such a couple sometimes.
“Told you man—“ you hear Sam's voice as they walk away from the door. 
Moment. Ruined
You’ve played at least three rounds of chicken fight and two of “laser tag” but with water shooters. The rooftop brings a light breeze, so light you aren’t shivering cold. 
It was fun and you loved spending time with this whimsical group. But, after earlier activities and being pushed into the pull by Natasha and Tony during a game of chicken fight, plus the trash talking. You were tired out.
On that account, now you’re laying on a lounge chair cuddled up into Steve. Him on his back, while you lay on your side, one foot on top of his. 
He’s just whispering something in your ear to make you laugh when the shadows of Bucky and Sam loom over the two of you. Menacing smiles on their faces.
Water shooters in their hands. 
You scream in excitement, cowering into Steve’s side. Who’s arm pulls you in tighter at the water hitting your bodies. 
“Watch.” He whispers
You peek an eye open to see his arm is reached out, palm open. You can hear a force from afar, until you notice the little hammer  whipping through the air until it descends onto the top of the pool. 
Sam and Bucky’s shoulders sag as their back gets splashed by the abundance of water. Frowns of annoyance on their face. 
“Know what? Ever since you got those magical powers, you’ve been a huge ass” Bucky tells him, squinting at the proud smile on Steve’s face. 
“Yeah, you buzzkill” Sam adds, sticking his middle finger up. 
They don’t wait for Steve’s response as their soaked figures plop away from the two of you. 
You look at him, squinting from the sun. 
“That was hot” you smirked, a hand thrown over his shoulder. 
“Yeah?” He searches, throwing the hammer into the air and catching it nonchalantly.
“Mhm. How do you tell it where to go?”
“I actually have no idea…” Steve replies, his voice fades in question. “I should ask Thor about that”
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donutloverxo · 4 months ago
His queen
Tumblr media
Please note that my stories are not to be stolen or reposted on any other site. Reblogs are welcome. This blog and this story is 18+. Do not read, follow or interact if you are not 18+.
Note - An anon asked for an au sequel to first night with no stucky but this can be read as a one shot. Thanks to lizzygal(link to ao3) for her advice on this! This is written for @sweetlyscared's 1k angst challenge! Congrats boo! I used the prompt 'Do you love her?' Although this is hardly angsty but it's as angsty as someone as soft as me can get🥺 Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Summary - Married life with Steve was amazing (although with a few bumps in the way) until you discovered a heartbreaking secret.
Warnings - explicit sexual content, painful sex, innocent naive insecure reader, dub con/noncon, soft dark Steve, jealous Steve, ooc villain Sharon, like a little breeding kink, some angst.
Pairing - soft dark king!Steve x reader
Word count - 5.3k
Tumblr media
Steve jolted when your palm hit him across his face, his hand circled around your wrist, ready to fight whatever it was that slapped him off, his grip loosening when he realised it was just you. You wiggled your hand away from his grip, mumbling incoherently before turning away from him, so that he could only see the silhouette of your nude back in the dim light.
Although he had been with a handful of women, he never had to share a bed with one. He didn’t think he’d ever have to, he was born in royalty, raised to be a king. While he liked having your soft warm body in his arms, he maybe could live without your hands slapping him, or both your legs over his thighs and hips.
It was customary for wives to have their own chambers after the honeymoon period was over. And with a heavy heart he had sent you to your own chambers, he made sure you were treated to the best luxuries possible.
But he found himself missing your presence soon enough. Your legs over his, you annoying him for attention whenever he was working, the way you hummed a song in your head, how you often clumsily bumped into things, your sweet beautiful voice, your scent, everything about you.
So he went to your room, told you that you were to live with him in his chambers from then on. You were hesitant at first, but didn’t say no to him.
You could never deny him anything. He loved that about you. How subservient you were despite being so fiery.
He was grateful to have made you move in, in times like these, when his cock was hard and achingly pressed against your thigh, he had you right where he wanted you.
He softly called out your name, he’d rather have you awake for this. He loved listening to the sweet sounds he could pull out of you. When you didn’t so much as stir he decided he would just have to wake you up another way.
Pushing your legs off his, spreading them apart to make room for him as he hovered over you, pressing soft kisses, rubbing his beard against your skin, he made his way down to his destination, he was parched for your nectar.
He kissed your petal, your cunt already oozing with need, your body would always want him even if you weren’t awake. He frowned when you didn’t move at all. He had been a bit too rough with you that night, exhausting you, making you pass out as soon as he was done, but he was growing more and more impatient.
Scraping his teeth over your clit, he bit it ever so lightly as you yelped awake.
“Oh!” you gasped when you looked down to find the king between your legs.
Swallowing a lump, because this was still so very strange to you. Your mother had told you how a man and woman make love before your wedding, but she never mentioned anything like this.
From your knowledge the king putting his mouth there wouldn’t result in you getting pregnant. But it did bring you great pleasure, to the point where it was maddening.
Sometimes it was the only thing on your mind.
It was as if you were addicted to it.
“My king...” you squirmed when you felt him push his fingers inside you, “I’m so tired... I have court tomorrow...” How he managed to do all his duties and still have you at least thrice everyday was beyond you.
“You don’t have to go. You’re the queen, the future mother of my children, you deserve a day off. Besides I do work you a bit too hard, don’t I?” he asked before plunging his tongue into your heat.
“Huh? No... I’m glad to be serving you...” And you had yet to give him any heirs.
It wasn’t long before you released all over his mouth, your cheeks heating up when you saw his beard coated with your slick as he wiped it off with the back of his hand.
“You can stay in bed all day tomorrow. That way you’ll be strong and ready by the time I’m back.” He told you before capturing your lips in a bruising kiss, as you tasted yourself on his mouth.
Tumblr media
Turns out a day off was everything that you had needed. You were born a princess, albeit of a kingdom standing on its last legs, you were the youngest of six sisters, your prospects weren’t all that great.
Your mother told you that you’d be lucky to get a rich lord, let alone a Duke or a prince. A King was out of the question. She taught you how to handle a household, she never could’ve prepared you for court or to be a queen. You always dreamt of marrying for love. Of running away after falling for a stable boy and living far away and being free.
But you married the King of the most prestigious kingdom in the whole world. While you had grown to love Steven, you didn’t love all the responsibilities that were thrusted upon you so suddenly, you didn’t like how you were always under scrutiny. Every move you made was watched and judged by others. You still couldn’t believe your life sometimes.
So it was nice to have a day to yourself. You had slept in till late in the morning, having your breakfast in bed before taking a leisurely bath and then decided to go for a walk in the garden just before the sunset before you’d have to go back up and have dinner with your husband before having to perform your wifely duties.
“Your grace,” you smiled upon hearing the familiar voice, turning around to see Lady Sharon approaching you.
You hadn’t seen her in over a month. She had been so kind to assist you and help you get acclimated to your duties, you’d always be grateful to her.
“I thought you were under the weather,” she frowned. It was the excuse you had given to skip court with your ladies that day. Which wasn’t a complete lie. You were a little sore between your legs. But a warm bath had fixed that.
“I’m feeling quite better,” you said, standing upright, a dignified smile on your face--formal and curt.
Always be formal and curt with everyone. Your instinct was to hug her when you saw her after her month long trip, like you would to any of your sisters or friends, but you must always act like a queen since you were one.
“How was your trip?” you asked her as she hooked her arm in yours so you could both resume walking.
“It went alright. Mama wants to marry me off to the Duke Stark, the trip was some sort of matchmaking ploy,” she snorted.
“What’s wrong with Stark? He seems so charming.” You remember meeting him at your coronation ceremony. Where he had got you beautiful pearls from an exotic country.
“He maybe charming, but at the end of the day - he’s manwhore.”
You gasped incredulously, your hand over your mouth as you looked around to make sure your maids didn’t hear you, “Lady Sharon,” you chastised her, “We can’t use that sort of language.”
“Forgive me, your grace,” she apologized, “I often forget how naive you are.”
“What? Naive?” you huffed. “Not using such filthy language hardly makes me naive.”
“Live a little, all royals are debauched in one way or another. I’m surprised to see just how much of a square you are.”
“Is... is being a square a bad thing?” You wanted to know. You never thought of yourself as a conformist, in fact your mother used to tell you you’ll die an old maid if you didn’t start acting more like a lady and less like a spoilt brat.
“Sometimes it is...” she pondered. “Well, for instance, being a square in bed might be boring for some men.”
“What?” you gasped again. Tightening your grip on her arm and walking at a faster pace to put some distance between you and your maids, “Give us a minute,” you told them.
“Lady Sharon,” you looked into her blue eyes, much like your husbands but a little darker, “Have you ever been with a man?”
“I have,” she shrugged. “Just the one. He was my true love.”
“Bu – but you aren’t married.” You frowned.
“So, how can you make love to anyone if you aren’t married...” Your mother had told you that making love only ever happened between a man and his wife.
“I... you do know what making love entails right? This is what I meant when I said you were too much of a square,” she chuckled.
“Don’t... don’t make fun of me...” you pouted.
“I’m sorry, your grace, it’s just,” she put a hand over her mouth as she cleared her throat, “Really funny. Two people, who aren’t married, can make love. Being married is good but not a requirement.”
“I suppose that makes sense, me and his majesty could do it even if we weren’t married...”
“Is he happy with you?” she wanted to know.
“What do you mean?”
“It’s just, you don’t know much about physical relations, and there needs to be a certain level of knowledge and experience for it to be good at it.”
“Do you think he is unsatisfied with me?”
“I wouldn’t know,” she shrugged. “Does he seem unsatisfied?”
He was always asking for it. Which you preferred, because you’d die of embarrassment if you ever had to initiate it. You couldn’t go for too long without it either. He had went on a hunting trip for just a couple of days and you wanted to jump on him and keep him in your bed as soon as you saw him.
Why would he ask for it again and again if he was satisfied?
“I’m not sure... since you know so much about it would you give me some advice?”
“My, I would’ve thought you’d call me a harlot or a whore instead you’re asking for advice...” she smirked.
“Oh, I would never. That is what my mother would say, probably, but you’re my friend. Besides, I would want to make love to Steve even if we weren’t married, and if he was a stable boy.”
“A stable boy?” she quirked a blonde brow.
“Yes! And I would be me, a princess. It’s just a silly dream I used to have,” you shrugged. “What happened to your love? The one you lost?”
“He got married to someone else,” she stated. And although she was firm and sophisticated as always, you could hear his voice wavering and how much pain she was in.
“Oh my... I am so sorry, Sharon,” you said, engulfing her in a hug to comfort her, now that you do actually love someone, now that you know what loving someone deeply means, how overwhelming it can be, you couldn’t even imagine what losing that love would feel like. “You’ll find someone better.”
“There is no one better, your grace. But I’ll give you some advice,” she pulled away from you, putting some distance between you both, “You have to pay special attention to his balls. Many ladies tend to forget them.”
“Ball...? Like toys? I don’t believe he has any.”
“Your grace,” she rolled her eyes as she snickered, “He does have them. That is where your children will come from.”
“Um... what? Wouldn’t they come from...” you looked down, to the place between your legs. That’s where kids come from. That’s what you had been told.
“Well, yes, that is where they will pop out of. But the balls... the ones right behind his manhood, that’s where his seed comes from.”
“Oh...” you nodded as you realised what she was talking about. “So... what about the... balls?”
“Just pay special attention to them. He would like that. Suck on them, tug on them... but gently!” she chuckled as she realised she would have to talk down to you since you were so inexperienced.
“Oh... alright... anything else I can do?”
“Try to be more... active... instead of just sitting there and taking it you know?”
“Alright. I think I get the gist of it.”
Tumblr media
“You ready for me, petal?” Steven asked as he looked down at you, naked and vulnerable, so beautiful and all his. He nudged his cock against your intimate lips, prodding at your entrance as he awaited your answer. He knew he could be too much for you sometimes, he was trying to do better. So he could make you love him at least half of as much as he loves you.
“Mm-hm... but um...” you trailed off. Not exactly knowing how you would go about asking to suck his balls.
“I was just wondering if... I could... do that...” you fluttered your lashes, that usually got you whatever you wanted from him.
“And what is ‘that’?”
“You know... when you make me put my mouth on you...”
He didn’t usually make you use your mouth.
Most of the times Steven had a strict unofficial schedule he followed when it came to lovemaking. He wasn’t someone who liked or embraced change, he was always strategic, as a king and as your husband.
He’d kiss you till you were out of breath, then your neck, and then your breasts, he’d spend a long amount of time there, maybe because you liked that the most probably. And then he’d use his fingers to work you up, tasting you, eating you out and drinking your nectar.
That drove you mad, till you were on the brink of insanity.
You loved it as much as you hated it. You had never felt so out of control in your entire life. Not even when your parents told you they were going to marry you off to a kingdom far away, to a man you had never even met before.
Steven would complain that you thrashed and moved around too much, although he would encourage you to make all the noise that you wished. He pinned you down by your hips. Sometimes he’d make you make once, twice, thrice, it depended on how desperate he was to get his own release.
And then he’d have you on your back. Whispering the filthiest things to you as he fucked you, filled you up with his seed.
He’d hold you close to him, kissing your hair, kissing your cheeks and touching your ever so intimately. That was when you were the most clingy, you’d hold on so tightly to him. You were more vulnerable than usual. You would tell him about how, even though you love being the queen and his wife, it was so new and overwhelming, how you miss your family and your old life. How things had changed and so drastically. He’d always tell you that it would all be okay. That he would take care of you and never let anything bad ever happen to you.
Then he’d have you on your hands and knees. He told you he liked looking at your behind and spanking it.
After that you’d both fall asleep. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night and nudge you awake to love you some more. But he rarely ever made you suck him off.
“You wanna suck my cock?” he smirked as you meekly nodded. “Go right ahead then, petal. It’s all yours now, you don’t have to ask,” he told you as he sat up on his knees.
You looked at his cock. Hard and standing tall and proud up against his stomach. You now knew that being aroused made him hard and much much bigger. Maybe that’s why it’s often such a tasking job to take him--often leaving your cunt so sore.
Soft dark golden hair, much like that of his beard, and then you noticed them. His twin balls.
You took a deep breath as you took him in your mouth, suckling on his head, following your instincts and what he had taught you.
Your hand coming up and cupping his balls, massaging them gently in your hand. You stopped when you felt him go stiff.
Pulling his cock out of your mouth you looked up at him. “Did I do something wrong?” as you wiped your spittle and his preejaculate off your mouth.
“No,” he shook his head. It wasn’t often that he was stunned. Not ever really. But you, taking that kind of initiative, to touch him without him asking for you to, did shock him just a little.
He held onto the back of your head, bringing his balls just next to your mouth, against your soft lips, “Suck on them,” he told you.
You suckled at one, working the other one with your hand as he pulled at the roots of your head.
“Fuck! Stop!” he heaved, pulling you away, “I have to save it for your beautiful cunt, my queen,” he told you as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead before he pushed you back down on the mattress.
Swiftly entering you, you were still as tight as the night of your wedding, which meant he had to be patient while fucking you, and he tried. He really did. But he was not a patient man. Especially not when you had just put your mouth on him and worked your magic in mere seconds.
He put most of his weight on you as he slowly pushed in and out of you, your face scrunched up in pleasure as you dug your nails into his shoulders.
With your pussy hugging him so well, almost as if it was made for him, as if you were made by the gods just for him.
“What have you done to me?” he rasped, touching his damp forehead to yours. You had weaved some sort of magic on him, making him crazy for you. Now it was hard to tell where he ended and you began.
Tumblr media
You pressed a hand against your mouth to stop from giggling or making any sort of noise. Resting your back against the cool surface of the throne. You chose the back of the throne in the court as your place of hiding. Maybe it wasn’t the most strategic ploy but you were playing against a six year old.
Lila Barton had asked to play hide and seek with you. Only to receive a scolding from her nanny--to not bother the queen with such trivial matters.
It was as if you were reliving your childhood. You always felt you were made to grow up and be a lady too fast. With your mother and sisters telling you how important it was to act mature and be a lady, or you wouldn’t be able to marry well. Or marry at all.
So you jumped at the first opportunity to play with the kid. Making her count to twenty before looking for a place to hide. You had to go get your lessons for sewing so you didn’t have a lot of time, you hoped she would find you soon.
“But you’re not even considering it!”
You perked up when you heard the familiar voice, it was Lady Sharon! You had to thank her for all her advice, things had been going great with Steven ever since you listened to her. He had been opening up to you as well, although he was still as voracious in his love making. If anything... he wanted you even more now. Which you didn’t think could even be possible.
But some part of you absolutely loved it. And you knew you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You peaked out to see her, to maybe call her to join you on the floor, hiding behind the large throne. You frowned when you saw that she was holding onto Steven’s arm, looking up at him with a certain desperation in her eyes.
“There is nothing to consider. I’m a married man. It would be adultery – a crime,” he stated.
“Bu – but you promised, you told me you didn’t love her. You said you didn’t have any other choice. I’m not asking you to leave her for me, I know that’s not possible. I’m not a fucking idiot like her.”
You slapped a hand over your mouth again to keep your sobs in, tears streaming down your face as you watched your husband, and his lover, have a lovers quarrel.
You couldn’t hear any more of it. Couldn’t bear it breaking your heart anymore than it already had. You quickly got up, fleeing out of the room by the back entrance - which the servants often used.
“You watch your mouth when you speak of the queen,” he yanked his arm free of her, putting some distance between himself and her, “I didn’t make any promises like that. I told you I intended to be faithful to her even if I didn’t love her.”
He knew it was a mistake to ever get involved with Sharon. He never wanted to be a womanizer. But he had his needs. He didn’t think she would become so obsessed with him. He had broken off their short fling as soon as he became betrothed to you.
He felt responsible for all the rumours about him and her and her ruined reputation. So he had arranged for her to marry his good friend Stark but she had her mind set on him.
“I like the queen. She’s a good friend of mine. I don’t intend to replace her,” she explained. She had no interest in being a queen and having such tedious and boring responsibilities anyway—the power and the status that came along with it just wasn’t worth the hassle. She pitied you and how you just weren’t made for the job.
“But she can’t satisfy you, she can’t give you what you need-- What I can give you,” Being the Kings mistress would probably be better than being a Duchess and marrying some boring old man.
“Won’t you even think about it?”
“No I won’t. And you are to never speak of this again,” he warned her.
Tumblr media
“Your grace...” Lydia was completely confused. Standing there with your dress in her hands as you frantically stuffed your clothes in a chest.
She had never seen two people as in love as you and the king. When she first met you, it didn’t seem as if you and Steven would make a good couple. She assumed your marriage would be like any other she had seen. Cold and distant.
Steve had never been smitten with a woman, she always felt there maybe something wrong with him. But he had grown so fond of you in such a short time. Even going as far as asking you to live with him in his chambers. Having the king around often made her duties to you challenging. But she was happy for you.
“I don’t understand. What wrong? Why do you want to leave so suddenly.” Does the king approve of your sudden departure? If not would she get in trouble for it?
“He lied to me,” you sobbed. “I thought--” you let out a hiccup.
“Calm down,” she said as she rubbed your forearms. She wasn’t afraid to touch you in such friendly ways, you weren’t as stuck up as most royals.
You took a deep breath as you tried to explain to your handmaiden why you both had to leave as soon as possible. Before Steven gets back. You’ll move all your things to the room you were supposed to live in and just lock him out of your chambers.
“I would’ve been fine living on my own. Just being a wife and a queen. But he made me believe... that we could be more. That he loved me. It’s not true,” you shook your head. “He lied. He has another lover.”
“Oh,” she let out. She was disappointed on your behalf but not surprised. It would be strange if the king didn’t have any other lovers. “I’m sorry, your grace.”
“I’ll be fine,” you sniffled. “This'll be a good lesson for me. My mother always told me I have my head in the clouds and should live in reality. That’ll teach me to dream.”
It was almost funny for her to watch you babble nonsense, stable boys, princesses and backstabbing friends, take a break to cry your heart out and then resume packing and trying to order all the other servants.
“What’s going on here?”
Everyone stopped moving as soon as they heard the kings voice. He of course looked at the Lydia for an explanation.
“The queen wants us to...”
“I’m moving back to my old chambers,” you briskly walked to him, standing right in front of him, looking him in the eye. He was much taller than you, making you crane your neck to actually get a good look at him, but you still tried to look intimidating and confrontational.
“Why?” he frowned. “Put everything back just as it was,” he ordered everyone.
“No!” you stomped your foot, looking very much like an indignant child who had his toy taken away, than a queen, “Don’t! We’re moving!” But of course nobody would listen to you over Steven. Not just because he was their king, but also because he was much more intimidating than you.
“Stop it!” he reprimanded you. “Whatever troubles you may have, we can sort them out together, but you are not moving back. And that’s the end of that.”
“No! I’m leaving! I’d like to see you try to stop me!” You hmphed. Pushing past him and making way for the door. You didn’t need to take your things with you now, you could just send for them later.
You screamed bloody murder when you felt Stevens arm around your stomach, as he threw you over his shoulder in the blink of an eye, “HELP!!” You yelled at the guards and your maids, who didn’t want to get involved, quickly scurrying out of the room.
“Ring the bell if you need anything, your grace,” Lydia said on her way out to you before she closed the door. It didn’t seem as if the king intended to do any real harm to you so she wasn’t that worried about you.
You kept on hitting his back, thrashing around his hold to break free, “Put me down!”
He threw you on your marital bed, his fingers making quick work of ridding him of his clothes so he could show you how he was just never going to let you go.
“Why do you even care? If I leave or not? You can just call for your lover!”
“My lover?” he frowned as he tried to push your skirts up your legs, which was proving to be a difficult task. Maybe he should’ve asked the maids to undress you before making them leave.
“Do you love her?” you asked, looking up at him and stopping your futile resistance for a few moments, your lips wobbly as you felt your vision blue with tears. You were born a princess, living a relatively sheltered life, never knowing pain so unbearable. As if you would never recover from this, you would never be the same.
You would never believe in love again.
“I have no clue what you’re talking about, petal,” he said, getting frustrated with all the buttons and ties on your dress and ripping your skirt apart. Which he regretted, just a little because you started crying again.
“No! I like this dress.”
“I’ll buy you another one. I’ll buy you a hundred more.” He said as he hovered over you, diving in to kiss your beautiful lips and make you stop saying such preposterous things.
You sniffled as you tried to push him away, making him gather your wrists in one hand and pinning them above your head.
“Stop it,” he told you. “When will you understand that you belong to me now? If I say you have to live with me, here, then that’s what you’ll do.”
“I’m not your slave,” you retorted as you tried to wiggle your hands out of his grip.
“Stop listening to rumors! There are plenty going around. I do not have a lover.”
“No. I saw it with my own eyes. You and Lady Sharon. Just this afternoon.”
“What did you see?”
“I... she said she was your lover...?” You tried to think of what exactly had been said between them. But you couldn’t remember. You were blinded by your fury and your sorrow.
“We used to be lovers, before you and I ever met, but not anymore. I could never think of another, I could never love anyone else,” he said softly as he touched your cheek with his other hand, “You want to know why?”
“Why?” you pouted, feeling a little stupid now.
“Because you’ve ruined me, my queen. You’ve made me a lovesick fool. I could never love anyone else the way I love you. Do you want to know how much I love you?” he asked as you meekly nodded.
Pulling his cock out of breaches, he pushed your skirts up, exposing your thighs to him, he rubbed his cock along the slick of your pussy.
“Did fighting with me make you wet, my queen?” he asked, making you avert your gaze.
“I...” it was the way he had simply thrown you around, how he just wouldn’t let you leave, “Maybe...”
“Hm, don’t start picking fights with me for no reason though. My poor heart won’t be able to bear it,” he cooed as he kissed your cheeks, wet from your tears. “You look beautiful when you cry, love, but I only want you crying when I’m fucking you, you understand?”
He pushed inside you, you were tighter than usual, it was difficult to even properly enter you. The pain of it of course made you cry again. You sobbed into the crook of his neck as he shushed you.
“You feel my love, darling,” he asked as he was buried to the hilt inside you, “I’ll give you a child soon enough. Then you’ll have a living breathing proof of it,” he whispered in your ear as he started steadily moving, making sure that he won’t hurt you.
“I wish... I was your one and only... like you are mine,” you sniffled as you held on to him, soon it is wasn’t hurting as much, it was a little uncomfortable but you could bear through it.
“You are my one and only. You’re the only woman I have ever loved. Do you love me, petal?”
He looked down at you, wanting you to say it. He needed you to love him, for you to say it to him, he needed to know you weren’t here just because you were scared of him.
“I love you, Steve,” you sniffled, rubbing your runny nose with the back of your hand.
He smiled at you, his hand trailing down both your bodies as he twisted your pearl between his fingers.
“It’s okay... it’s okay...” He kept telling you as you screamed at the top of your lungs, your climax making your mind and your vision fuzzy.
“I’m going to fill you up, petal,” he told you as he finished inside you, staying inside you for a long while after he was done just to make sure you knew how he belonged to you just as much as you belonged to him.
Tumblr media
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reformedmeanestgirl · 20 days ago
You and Me
Part 1/?
Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Female Avenger!Reader
Summary: Three years since the Blip, Steve Rogers has gone rogue. Are you still his weak spot? Better question is, is he still yours?
Word Count: 4.4K
Warnings: 18+, explicit sexual content (SMUT), strong language (duh), mentions of murder, dark!stevie, enhanced super soldier!stevie, flashbacks, mentions of pregnancy, miscarriage, murdering of children (not detailed), violence, assault, bi wife energy
A/N: All works are my own and 18+ ONLY. I don’t own legal rights to any of the characters aside from the reader (although I wish I owned SGR). As always, mind the warnings, and happy reading!
- Jo 🪐
Tumblr media
divider credits to @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
“Think we could just buy this land?” Steve murmured, carding his fingers through the roots of your hair as you leaned over, pressing a chaste kiss to his cloth covered chest, before resting your chin in the same spot. “Build a nice little house… you and me.”
“Mmm,” you mused, closing your eyes for a moment, the sun warm on your exposed skin, seeping through the fabric of your (Steve’s) t-shirt. “It would be nice.”
He chuckled, the comforting vibrations soothing your always high strung mind. The two of you laid out on a blanket in the middle of a small clearing in the Catskills, surrounded by budding wildflowers and overgrown grass. You stretched an arm out, threading your fingers through the soft blades of grass.
Almost two years had passed since the Snap, and on days like this, you were almost thankful for the silence. You missed your friends. Your family. Everyone was gone.. everyone except Steve. At least that’s how it felt. Even so, that was truly all you needed. He was all you needed.
“I don’t see why it has to be me.” Your forearms leaned against the conference room table as you leaned your head back in an obnoxious exhale.
“Of course it has to be you, give me a break.” Tony rolled his eyes, pushing the rotary phone towards you. “We discussed this, Y/N, you’re the one that has to do it.”
“He’s right.” Natasha placed a hand on your knee with a reassuring, but slightly annoyed smile. “Steve is.. if he’s going to trust anyone, he’ll trust you.”
Your gaze shifted between the Avengers around the table: Natasha, Tony, Bruce, Thor, and, per your request, Pepper. As you toyed with the tarnished ring on your left third finger, you avoided eye contact with them like your life depended on it.
“What if he doesn’t believe me?” Your question was valid, the apprehension was shared between the six of you. “I can’t do it.”
Pepper took her thin bottom lip between her teeth, before whispering something to Tony, giving you a curt nod.
“Why don’t we all leave the room? Give you some privacy.” Tony voiced her suggestion, and when you nodded, Thor leaned over and squeezed your knee and mumbled, “If you need us, we’ll be right outside, okay?”
You nodded, and waited for them to file out of the room, before picking up the receiver. You spun the number scribbled onto the bar napkin, and brought the handset up to your ear.
You swallowed hard.
No, no, no, no, no.
“Hangin’ up now–.”
“Steve?” You whispered, swallowing the thick lump that formed in your throat.
The line was silent for a moment. He must’ve hung up. You went to put the handset down, before you heard him speak once more.
“Well, ain’t this a treat.”
“I’m not here to talk pleasantries,” you spoke sternly, a sense of authority in your voice, a quality that, as the youngest Avenger, you didn’t always have. “I’m asking for a truce.”
“A truce?” He chortled through the phone, and you could almost visualize him pacing with one arm tucked under the other as he held his phone up to his ear. “Put Tony on the phone.”
“Tony isn’t h–.”
“I said put Tony on the phone.” Steve spoke slower this time. His brow was probably furrowed in frustration, jaw ticked as he clenched it tightly.
Swallowing your nerves, you sighed, “Tony. Isn’t. Here. I’m all you’ve got, Rogers, so you’re going to listen to what I have to say.”
The bastard was laughing
No, that was too easy.
“On what conditions?”
“Meet with me. We discuss details in person. You come alone, or you don’t come at all. And don’t try to pull anything, I know all your tricks. No wires, no ear pieces. Just you and me.”
Just you and me.
Of course he’d be bargaining. He wanted to see you. You mulled over the idea for a few beats, and only then did you remember the wall to the hallway was full glass. Your eyes searched for the comforting baby blues of Thor Odinson, who, no doubt, was hearing every word, and if he couldn’t, he could read your lips like his favorite novella.
“It’s okay,” he mouthed with one of his big, cheesy grins.
“Fine,” you spat, teeth clenching as you tried to maintain some form of composure. “Where do you want to meet?”
“Our spot.”
At that moment, it felt like all the air had left your body, and you were just a deflated human balloon in your leather swivel chair. And suddenly, your mind was somewhere else.
The cabin in the Catskills.
It was a Tuesday in November. The air was clear, the wood flooring cold under your fuzzy sock clad feet.
The crisp autumn breeze flowing through the cracked windows as the scent of waffles and bacon wafted throughout your small home. You heard your love exit out of the bedroom, his slippers shuffling across the floor, before stopping just behind you.
“What’d I do to deserve this?” His grumbled morning voice was close to your ear as his arms wrapped around your waist from behind.
You hummed, leaning your head back against his shoulder, trying to hide a smile, “Well, nothing in particular.” Turning your head, you lightly kissed his cheek before picking up the final piece of bacon and placing it on the plate you’d made for Steve with a few other slices and two thick waffles.
“‘s not my birthday.” Steve stepped back a bit so you could turn around and hand him his plate, before you pointed to the small two person table.
“Go sit, I’ll bring you your coffee.” One more light kiss, this time to his lips, had him smiling all the way across the kitchen. “Paper’s there too, baby.”
Steve sat down in the chair, setting his plate down before he picked up the paper to peruse as he waited for you. A small, plastic clattering sound came from behind you, and you smirked as he whispered, “Ah, what’s this?”
“Hm?” You joined him, with his favorite mug filled with steaming hot coffee, and placed it down in front of him.
Your eyes were focused on the dirty blonde holding the pregnancy test you’d taken earlier that morning.
Steve exhaled a puff and looked up at you with wide, glassy blue eyes, “Really?”
“Really.” Nodding quickly, you held back the happy tears while Steve pushed his chair back to stand up, throwing his arms around you.
“Oh, honey.” He chuckled, peppering kisses along the top of your head, down to your cheeks, before cupping your face in his large hands. “A baby?”
“A baby,” you parroted, giggling as he kissed you, over and over, barely letting you breathe from his endless excitement. When he finally pulled away, he lowered himself to his knees, getting level with your tummy, which, if you squinted, just barely protruded more than usual.
Steve placed his hands over your tummy, resting his forehead there for a moment, before mumbling a string of, “hi there” and “I’m your daddy” and “we’re gonna have so much fun.” Part of you completely forgot any anxiety that you had before telling him, remembering how your hands shook as you poured the batter into the waffle maker.
“Now..” he trailed off, catching your eyes with a small smirk. “You might wanna close your eyes, little one, because Daddy is about to do something very inappropriate to Mommy.”
Your hand rested over your stomach with a shaky sigh, eyes closing as you remembered the blood.
The hospital room.
The ‘I’m so sorry, Mrs. Rogers’ and ‘Is your husband coming?’
The clarification that Steve was not your husband, and that you had a friend coming to meet you.
Thor bounding through the emergency room, demanding to see you immediately, before you squeaked out his name and he found you himself.
His large body slotted itself with yours in the small hospital bed as you sobbed, and he stroked your hair with soft, gentle whispers.
“It’s alright.”
“It wasn’t your fault.”
“I promise you, there will be happiness again.”
All of that was ripped from your mind when you heard Steve say, “You still there, pet?”
“Yeah, I’m here,” you seethed. “Fine. Midnight.”
“I’m the one making the r–.”
“I said midnight, Rogers. Don’t make me change my mind.”
His laughter made your blood boil, “Kitten’s got claws. I always did love your sass, sweetheart. See you soon.”
You ripped the cord from the wall and threw the rotary phone across the room, hearing it clatter on the opposite end of the table before Thor came back into the room, followed by Tony and Natasha, respectively.
The three of them stared at you, silently, and you stared back, daring them to speak up.
Tony took the initiative, clearing his throat before asking, “So?”
You leaned your knuckles against the wooden conference table, hanging your head for a moment before lifting it back up, “He wants to meet with me.”
“We can do that,” Tony nodded, crossing his arms over his chest, the reactor glowing bright under his shirt. “I just finished working on this earpiece, it’s really tiny, the size of a pea–.” He stopped himself once he saw the look on your face.
“He wants her alone,” Natasha answered for you, her eyes kept on yours as she addressed Tony. “No bugs, no secret surveillance. Just her.”
“W-we can’t just let her walk into that by herself,” Thor stuttered, his nerves and emotions getting the better of him, as always. “He could have it.. boobietrapped!”
“Of course it’s gonna be boobietrapped, Sylvester,” Tony’s eyes didn’t leave yours once as he spoke. “But she’s fine. Rogers has that soft spot for her. Doesn’t he, Y/L/N?”
Your surname indicated his frustration. He didn’t want you going alone, none of them did. But you didn’t have a choice. Steve was taking out your associates one by one, destroying each safe house he himself had created after the Snap.
Thousands of civilians were dead. Because of him.
You packed your duffle bag in silence, and extra change of clothes, toiletries, a spare box of ammunition and a loaded .22 magnum. Fastening the belt buckle to your jumpsuit, you turned around to face the full length bathroom mirror. You still looked like yourself, though it had been years since you put on the suit. The nylon was smooth, hugging each of your curves, the dips in your hips for dear life.
You were still you.
You were still an Avenger.
Knock, knock, knock.
“Hey, Agent.” Nat poked her head in your room with a small grin. “Brought you something.” Once you nodded, she stepped inside, and handed you the familiar piece of army green fabric.
“Your vest?” You smiled, cocking your head to the side with knitted brows. “Why?”
“Well, if you’re leaving, I guess you should take this.” She held it out, and you took it, holding back a giggle. “I know how much you like it.”
She hadn’t told anyone about the significance of the utility vest that her adopted sister had given her before she rejoined you and Steve all those years ago. Honestly, she really hadn’t told anyone about what happened in between the war between brothers and the days leading up to the Snap.
Anyone except you. You of course knew what the vest meant to her. Which is why you had to fight back a tear as she helped you slip it over your suit.
“There’s a lot of pockets. A lot of room for.. necessities.” She smiled, tilting her head to the side as she zipped it up for you, patting one of your breast pockets. You knew what she meant, of course you knew.
“Thank you, Nat… seriously.” You turned back to face the mirror and adjusted your fingerless gloves.
Now you look even more like yourself.
“You scared?” Natasha sat down on the edge of your bed, spreading her legs as she rested her forearms on her knees. “Steve is…”
“No. I mean, do I want to walk into a dark, abandoned hunting cabin with Captain Nightmare?” Chuckling, you fastened your thigh holster and slipped your handgun into it, snapping it to secure it in place. “No. I don’t. But, this needs to stop, and if I’m the only one who can stop it…” You trailed off, running a hand through your hair. “I have to. Whatever it takes.”
“Keep talking like that you sound a little too much like him,” she teased, messing with the throw blanket at the end of the bed where you and Steve had solidified your love.
“That’s it, sweetheart, fuck, you’re so perfect.” Steve’s breath was hot on your neck as he rocked into you, one hand gripping onto the headboard while the other cupped one of your breasts.
Your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper into you until his tip kissed your cervix, leaving you to choke out an, “Oh, god!” with a babyish whine. “Please, Steve.”
Unaware of what you were begging for, Steve knew. His fingers tweaked your hardened nipple as he bottomed out, before leaning up to grip both of your hips, while you spread your thighs wider for him to hit you at a deeper, more intimate angle.
You’d heard of this before. The coital alignment technique. You remembered trying this with your ex, though he never seemed to hit it just right.
But Steve… every thrust left your breath punched out of you.
It was delicious. It was hot, it was heavy. The air felt thick as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your body vibrated while you reached nirvana. Your throat tightened, jaw slacked, and you just about screamed through your release.
“Fuck, honey.” Steve’s groan pulled you back to reality, and you hadn’t noticed your nails had dug into the flesh of his back until you moved your hands, gasping at the small hints of blood under your nails.
“Shit, Stevie, I’m so sor–.” His hand slapped over your mouth, and he shook his head
“Don’t you fucking apologize, you hear me? I want you to mark me up, honey. Want you to show everyone who I belong to.”
His words had you keening once more, arching your back into his chest while he fucked into you with wicked abandon. You dragged your nails against his back once more, clenching around him at the sound of a hiss leaving his throat.
“G-god, shit, I’m gonna cum,” he panted, sweat beading at his hairline and you pushed his damp overgrown blonde hair from his face. “Can I…”
“Yes,” you exhaled, locking your ankles together to pull him deeper. “Fill me up, Stevie, please.”
With your permission, he snapped his hips one final time, shooting hot ropes of his release into your ruined channel. “That’s my girl, that’s my good girl, taking my cum so fucking well.”
And you did. You graciously accepted his load like a god damned Grammy award.
A blissful silence fell over you two before he slowly kissed along your décolletage, sucking a mark near the column of your throat.
The call of your name had your eyes fluttering back open with a hum, and you looked up at him, grinning lazily. “Yeah?”
“Let’s leave the compound.”
You laughed, your smile faltering once you noticed his serious expression, “Leave?”
“Yeah. I’ve been thinking about it… I’ve… we’ve outgrown this place. Nat’s got a handle on things, she prefers the alone time anyway. Let’s take a road trip. Maybe find a… permanent home base.”
The thought terrified you. The compound was your home, your safe place. It was where you beat Sam and Rhodey at a game of Monopoly. It was where you and Natasha spent countless nights swapping clothes, had girl talks, snuggled up watching movies where Steve would shake his head and threaten her with, ‘You're trying to steal my girl.’ Where the two of you would teasingly kiss each other, erupting a groan of frustration from the blonde.
It was the place you met your love for the first time. You were the only one who was truly able to sweep Captain America off his feet. In more ways than one.
You looked up at Steve, his perfect baby blues searching yours for a reaction.
“Let’s do it. Tonight. Let’s pack the Audi and go.” You nodded, leaning up to kiss his lips.
“So eager.” He teased, groaning while you sucked his bottom lip between your teeth. “Tonight?”
You laughed, and pushed him onto his back, straddling his hips with a smile, “Don’t question me Rogers, or I’ll change my mind.”
Steve’s hands found your hips immediately, holding you steady while pressing his half hard cock up against you. “Yes, ma’am.”
“And in other news, Cameron Diaz has welcomed her second child with husband Benji Madden. It’s a healthy baby boy, who she fittingly named Survi, an ode to her and her husband being survivors of the Blip. Let this be a reminder to us all that we are indeed… survivors.”
The radio host’s voice was soon replaced with the opening notes of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’. 
“What a joke,” you mumbled, but couldn’t help sing along. 
As your car sped through the long winding roads of the Catskills, your heartbeat increased when you got closer and closer to the house you once called home. 
Weren't you the one who tried to break me with goodbye?
The final notes abruptly stopped when you pulled down the dirt road to your old cabin. There were no other cars there, leading you to believe that you had arrived before Steve. 
“Perfect,” you mumbled, exiting your car while keeping your hand on the handle of your pistol that was tucked into your belt holster. 
Ten miles back you turned on the GPS device located in your vest. 
“Just say the phrase, funky town, it’ll send a rapid SOS signal to the mother drive and we’ll be there.” Tony told you as he gave you a small hug before you left. 
Funky town. How the hell could you bring that up without being obvious? Whatever. You’ll find a way. You always do. 
The keys jingled in your hand, the heavy feeling unnatural as you ignored the small keychain that Steve had gifted you. It was an enamel I ❤️ NYC keychain that he’d gotten from a cheesy souvenir shop before your move. Pushing back the memories, you shoved the key into the lock and turned it, the heavy oak door creaking as you pushed it open. 
If you thought the memories leading up to this moment were painful, they hadn’t prepared you for this. A thin layer of dust coated the furniture. A half drank glass of whiskey sat abandoned on the counter. You almost couldn’t bring yourself to walk towards the bedroom, knowing that there was an extra piece of furniture in there that would never be used. 
The door slammed shut, with you on the opposite end of the house. Your reflexes had never been quicker, as you whipped around, gun in hand, cocked straight at the silhouette of none other than Captain Steven Grant Rogers. 
“Put the gun down, Y/N.” His voice commanded through the darkness, and you hesitated for a moment, but lowered your weapon, clicking the safety back on. 
Funny how you could still submit to him after all he’d put you through. 
“Steven,” you spoke up, after a moment of silence surpassed. 
Your name falling from his lips had you shuddering. 
Remember what you’re here for, you reminded yourself. 
“You know…” Steve trailed off, stepping further into the house, his boots heavy on the wood floors. “Once I… left… I really gave into the serum. And… what it could do, what it showed me it could do…” He reached his hand out, fingertips knocking over the crystal glass, shattering it on the floor and leaving a puddle of whiskey with it. 
“Is that so?” You crossed your arms over your chest, tilting your head to the side. “Enlighten me, Rogers. What did it show you?” 
“It showed me…” Steve stalked over to you, and you backed up a step, your back hitting the bathroom door. “That you still don’t know how to follow directions.” He gave you a devilish grin, when he finally reached you. You were nearly an inch apart, and his hand came up to unzip the breast pocket of your vest, plucking the small device from the pocket. 
Your breath hitched in the back of your throat, hearing the metal clatter onto the floor, only to hear it crunch under the heel of his boot.  
“I’m not done,” he warned, shaking his head once. “Are you scared, Y/N?” 
“No.” Your voice begged to differ. 
“Don’t lie to me. I know you. Remember?” 
Unfortunately, he did know you. Which means he knew your body language. He knew that your hand was stealthily moving to wrap around the handle of your pistol, although his eyes remained on yours. He knew that your right foot was positioning itself to retreat to the opposite end of the house. Of course he knew. He’s the one that trained you. 
“I wouldn’t do that.” Steve clicked his tongue, and you immediately stilled your hand. “We’re here to negotiate. Aren’t we? A truce. Shake hands, pop some champagne? I’m sure we’ve still got some brut in here somewhere.” 
“The killing has to stop,” you spoke up, almost pleadingly, and he backed up a step, then two, then three. The distance made you feel safer, although it wasn’t much. It meant you could fully exhale, and not have your utility belt bump buckles with his. 
It also meant that you could really take a good look at him. The darkness wasn’t helpful, but he was still your Steve. His shoulders were broad under the worn out stealth suit. His hair was still long, but he’d kept it at a manageable length. He’d let his beard grow back, after you whined at him for shaving it before Tony’s return. 
“But–.” You were pouting, sat up on the counter in the bathroom as you watched your boyfriend rid himself of your favorite, well, second favorite feature. 
“C’mon, honey, even you have to admit it was getting too long.” Steve cut you off with a sigh, and rinsed off the culprit, setting it on the counter. 
“Well, yeah, that’s the point. Eventually it would’ve been long enough for me to braid. And you would’ve looked like a pretty little scruffy princess.” You teased, pulling him between your legs, wrapping your arms around his neck. 
“You’re killing me. You know that?” Steve sighed, his hands finding your waist without hesitation. 
“And come on, you know how much I love how it feels…” Your pout increased and he whined, burying his freshly shaven face in your neck. “When you just sloooowly drag up my thigh to my–.”
“Honeyyyyy,” he grumbled, pulling you towards the edge of the counter. “Please.”
“Nuh-uh, Captain Rogers.” 
“Yes, Mrs. Rogers.” 
The both of you stilled your actions, and he leaned up to look down at you. 
“Sorry, it.. slipped out.” 
You silenced his next statement with a soft kiss and smiled, “Buy me a ring first, then we’ll talk.” 
“It doesn’t help anyone. It’s destroying what you created, Steve. The safety we, as a team, created. How the hell are people supposed to feel safe now? Knowing they can’t even go to safe houses?” Snapping back to reality, your heart broke for the man you once knew. 
You almost couldn’t believe that America’s golden boy had gone dark. Brutally murdering thousands of civilians with no remorse. 
“I’ve seen the footage. How could you do that?” Disappointment laced your tone, and you could almost swear you saw his features soften. “Steven.”
“What?” He snapped, looking back up to your eyes. “What, Y/N?” 
“I asked you a question.” 
“And I asked you to join me. Back then. I asked you, point blank, to come with me. But no. You were too… good. The righteous woman, yeah?” Steve chortled, his thumbs hooking around his belt buckle. “Or have you forgotten about all the red in your ledger, Agent.” 
“None of that compares to what you’ve done.” You shoved back the memories of your past before the Avengers. 
“Oh, really? President Cetin and his entire family? The children? What were their names?” He taunted you, leaning back against the counter. 
“Esen and Azra. Twins. Four years old. You killed them in their sleep. Snapped their fragile little necks.”
“Stop it!” You yelled, your right fist swinging forward only to collide with the palm of his left hand. Your left lifted, and he stopped you again. The two of you stared at each other for a moment, knowing immediately what was coming next. 
You tried to strike his abdomen with your knee, but he dodged your blow, his arm hooking around your leg to throw you off balance onto the floor. Groaning, you swiped your leg under him, and he fell right down there with you. 
“You bitch!” He snarled, grabbing onto your ankle and yanking you towards him. 
Both thighs clenched around his face, holding him down with your feet, and your ankles locked to keep him in place. 
“Fu–..Y/N!” Steve choked out, his arms reaching for yours to attempt to flip you over his head. 
“Stand. Down.” You barked, tightening your grip around his head. He struggled for a few moments, before letting himself go limp. You loosened your grip around his neck, only for him to flip you back over his head and climb on top of you. 
“You were saying?” He smirked, pinning your wrists down and let his knees dig into your thighs. 
“Fuck you,” you spat, struggling to remove yourself from his grasp. 
“With pleasure.” Steve grunted, pushing himself into you more. 
“Oh, you cannot be getting hard from this!” You shuddered, trying to wiggle away from him. “Get the hell off me, Rogers.” 
“Stand down then.” He parroted your last command and you complied, relaxing your muscles and he nodded assuringly. “Good girl. Now…about that truce.” 
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