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#steve x bucky

I’m going to be drawing some Christmas stucky themed requests over the next few days!! So if anyone has idea please submit it :)

Please reblog so people see this 😃🎄 I’ll try my best to draw all the prompts I receive ❤️💚

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Title: Baby Steps
Creator(s): AriaGrill
Card number: 018
Square filled: 

@mcukinkbingo G4 - frottage
@buckybarnesbingo - U1 Bathing
@kinky-things-happen B1 - Mirror Sex
@stuckybingo2020 B4 - Skinny Steve
@stb-bingo B1 - Bathing

Ship: Stucky

Rating: E
Archive warnings: none
Major tags: Smut, first time, fluff, aftercare

Steve and Bucky had been dating for a while, and they’d been wanting to ‘get together’ for just as long. Every time they got the chance, Steve stopped everything dead in it’s tracts.
One day, Bucky brings this up him, and the answer wasn’t exactly what he was expecting, so Bucky made it his mission to prove to Steve just how much he loved him and his body.
Word count: 3795

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Christmas drawing requests are so much fun! Thank you for the idea :) I hope you like it

I used a picture of my cap snowman figure for this one, i wanted to play with the idea of combining photos and art.

As usual feel free to reblog! I’m still accepting art requests!!

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I’ve been meaning to post this for about… two weeks now.  It’s just been one of those fortnights/months/years.  

The insanely talented @hundredthousands-art​ blew me away with this gorgeous picture of Alpine in all her snide glory, complete with the infamous Christmas hat, mug and ribbon (that found a deliciously hot second purpose in life…)  Just like fic!Bucky, I don’t know how to feel.  Part of my wants to snuggle the cute cat, and another part of me is just endlessly distrusting of her. 


For anyone who hasn’t read it, you can check the series out here on Ao3.  

Part 1:

My fuckbuddy is nice to my cat, and other serious problems (that Bucky has at 1 in the morning)

“Hey, girl,” Steve said, crouching down low to scratch Alpine behind the ears. “How’s it going?” Alpine was a fluffy mess under Steve’s hands, rubbing and pressing and meowing like she was the one with a hard-on trapped in jeans that were already far too tight.

Bucky watched with a combination of amusement and mild displeasure at being ignored.


When his frequent booty call is nice to his insufferable cat, Bucky starts to worry that his blood is rushing back up to his head.

& Part 2:

My fuckbuddy is Captain America and other reality-shattering revelations (that keep Bucky awake at night)

“Late night infomercial Cap performer?” Bucky asked in one last, ditch-all effort to force this insanity to make sense. “Documentary reenactor?”

Steve didn’t look amused, so Bucky took that as a no.


When Bucky’s fuckbuddy (who is inexplicably nice to Bucky’s asshole of a cat) wants to attach strings to their relationship, a whole world of secrets trickle into the light of day. Including, but not limited to, Bucky’s love of vodka.

Be sure to check them out, and send HT all the love for the amazing art. 

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“You used to complain about being cold all the time — back in Brooklyn. In our apartment. Even in summer. And you’d make me scratch your back because you couldn’t sleep otherwise. Am I remembering that right?”

That coaxed a smile from Steve. Yes, he had been small and anemic, and it was hard to keep himself warm. But that wasn’t the only reason. He stroked a knuckles across Bucky’s cheek, then pressed his thumb softly against the dimple in his chin. “ Was cold. Truthfully, though,” Steve whispered back, “I liked havin’ you in my bed.”

Skin tingling at the admission, Bucky’s cheeks flushed, pretty and bashful. He went to cover his face, but Steve pulled his hand away gently, wanting to see him.

“And I’m pretty sure you offered me back scratches.” Steve was suspecting now that Bucky had been finding ways to be close to him.

“I thought about it, too. Back then.” While they were confessing, Bucky figured he should say so. “Thought about it all the time.”

Steve wanted to scoff a laugh. All that time? Even when he was just skin and bones? Surely not. Surely Bucky couldn’t have found him that attractive. Surely Bucky had higher standards. But Bucky’s eyes looked so lovely and dark and honest.

Bucky had told Steve before — many times — that he’d always been worth something; that he had never seen him differently. But that had always been a hard pill for Steve to swallow. “You could’ve had anyone you wanted, Buck. You know that.”

“Didn’t want anyone. Wanted you. Always been so beautiful, Steve. Don’t look at me like that. Don’t argue,” Bucky rolled his eyes, but more seriously added, “I mean it.”

Palm square between his shoulder blades, drawing Steve closer, he continued, regretting that he hadn’t adequately elaborated all this before. Forthrightness — like plunging into the deep end. “Felt like I was protectin’ you when you were small. Know you didn’t need me to — you were Hell-bent on provin’ yourself. The sweetest eyes. The freckles on your shoulders. The way you laugh with your whole body.”

Steve’s eyes crinkled at the corners in the darkness. When he chuckled, his breath tickled Bucky’s skin.

“D’ya know how much I fuckin’ love ya?” Bucky asked, swallowing. Vulnerability had always scared the shit out of him.

Steve nodded. “I know. And I love you.”

Read more here

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