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#steve x bucky
wintervvidow · 51 minutes ago
chapter three of apricity sneak peak:
Florence bolted up in the cheap hotel bed, Bucky’s screams reverbing in her brain. HYDRA always made her watch when Bucky was reprogrammed, a way to keep Florence in line and remind her who she was; just a puppet.
The last mission was always a common nightmare in the rotation of dreams Florence had, continuously taunting her. She disappeared only two weeks after it, abandoning everything she had grown accustomed to and the only person she had ever loved.
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queenrose730 · an hour ago
Untitled Bucky fic in-progress
I’ll follow you wherever.
Now that meant sitting on the back of run down bug, uncomfortably close to the man you had been trying to track for two years.
You knew Steve would call you the moment you saw the new that the UN was bombed and the Winter Solider was suspect number one. It honestly had taken longer than you thought for that call to come in. You already had a bag packed and were pacing by the phone.
“Yn I need your help.” Steve already sounded exhausted.
“Sure as shit do Steve. What the hell is going on? Why all the sudden is the Soldier bombing the UN?”
“Bucky did not bomb the UN.” He emphasized Bucky hard. You knew he hate when you called him that.
“Fine.” You huffed. “If it wasn’t Barnes then who was it?”
“I’m not sure yet. Just get to Germany.”
“On my way. Don’t do anything to stupid or reckless until I get there.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it sweetheart. That’s your job.” He hung up and set coordinates to your phone.
 “Can you move your seat up? “
“No. “
“Ah so he does speak!” Barnes hadn’t said anything to you since you showed up in the warehouse in the same bug you were now stuffed into. Sam let out a chuckle at your comment but Barnes just kept his eye focused on Steve and Sharon.
Their conversation was ending when you saw them kiss.
“When the hell did that happen Sam?” You slapped him across the shoulder. “And why didn’t you tell me!”
“Damn girl.” He was rubbing the front of his shoulder where you hit him. “As far as I know that’s the first time.” Steve was walking back the car and placed his and Sam’s gear in the trunk.
“I got to make one more call before we leave.” He said dipping down to get in the car.
“So what was that all about Steve?” You couldn’t hide the teasing grin on your face.
“Yn.” He warned. You through your hands up in defense
“Alright alright. “
Steve drove to an empty warehouse not far from the airport.
“We will set up here for the night.” All the men got out of the car and busied themselves with setting up a makeshift table and some sleeping areas.
“I’ll go scrounge up some food for us. I’m sure y’all are hungry.” You picked up a baseball cap that was laying in the trunk. Putting it on then pulling your hood up.
“Is that a good idea?”
“Nobody knows I’m even here Steve. As far as their concerned I’m still in Poland. So no eyes are looking for me. I can’t have you two, at least, running on empty.” You pointed between Sam and Steve. “And I guess you too Barnes.”
“Yn, just don’t – “
“Do anything stupid or reckless.” You cut him off. “Yea yea. I know.” You dipped out of the building before anyone could protest further. gently check that you gun was secure under your coat before heading down the road.
All the boys were happy that you managed to bring back Chinese food. You were sure that they thought you would be just coming back with gas station garbage. Steve had gone over the plan with everyone before you found a quiet corner to sit and clean what weapons you had with you. He assured you that more were coming. You hadn’t expected to need this much fire power, two guns and a couple knives weren’t going to cut it against Tony or whatever or whoever was waiting in Siberia. You were also acutely aware that Barnes was staring at you.
“Can I help you with something sir stares a lot?” You didn’t look up from the gun.
“Umm n-no. Just watching you.” You sighed setting the gun down to meet his eyes.
“Obviously. But why? “
Barnes looked down at his hands then back to you.  
“You were the one tacking me down weren’t you? “
“I was. “
“Your good.” He gave you a quick smile.
“Clearly not good enough. Lost your trail in Poland and was stuck there for the last nine months.” He grimaced when you mentioned Poland. “Exactly my point. So where did you run off to? The most I figured you were still somewhere in Central Europe?  “
“Romania.” He had almost a proud smile on his face
“You sneaky fuck. Not many people can slip past me. Good job.” He dropped his head again.
“So why are you here? Why were you tracking me for Steve? “
“Because,” you started packing your weapons away. “I promised that dumb sack of muscle that I’d follow him no matter what.”  You adjusted you coat and got comfortable as you could against the wall. “So now here I am in some shit hole in Germany.” You shrugged and closed your eyes. “Now I’m going to try and get some rest.” You peaked at him with one eye. “You just keep on doing whatever that it.” You waved him off and tucked your arms around yourself.
Something bumped your foot. Before you could even think instincts took over. your right hand grabbed the gun at your side and pointed. Your eyes finally caught up only to see Sam with his hands up and a surprised look on his face.
“Told you to be careful waking her up.” Steve was laughing from somewhere behind Sam.
“Then why did you do it?” Sam’s eyes were still on the gun pointed at him. All Steve could do was laugh.
Your brain finally catches up and lowers the gun.
“Sorry Sam. I get a little jumpy on the job.” You reached your hand out to him so he could help you up.
“No shit.” As he pulled you to your feet, you holstered you gun. “We are getting ready to leave.”
“Right. I’m going to do a perimeter check before we go. No since in getting caught before we even start.” You grab the baseball hat you wore the night before and pulled your gun back from the holster.
“Yn….” You cut Steve off with your hand.
“Don’t start.” He went to say something back to you but you just glared at him. Daring him to test you. When he didn’t you walked to the door and placed your gun in the pocket of your coat with your hand still on it.
“You can’t be serious Steve.” Sam stepped forward. Steve didn’t move but you turned back to face Sam. Giving him the same look you just have Steve.
“Fine.” He huffed out raising his hands. You nodded your head to were Barnes was standing.
“Anything from the peanut gallery there Barnes? “
“No ma’am “
“Good.” You turn back to the door and left.
You were only gone fifteen minutes. You wanted to make a good perimeter and check the way to the interstate. Everything looked fine. Light traffic on the surface streets and the interstate was packed. A good and easy way to blend it.
“We should be good at least to the interstate.” You let the door shut behind you as you walk to the three men standing around the car.
“You walked all the way to the interstate?” Barnes seem surprised
“No dummy. Just far enough to get a look at traffic. It’s busy so we should be able to blend in with out issue.” You turned to Steve who nodded his head.
“Then let’s go.” Barnes was the first in the car. Sam shoved the seat back a little too hard and you heard Barnes mumble something under his breath. You paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath. There was no going back. Steve walked up behind you and placed a hand on the small of you back.
“Everything ok sweetheart?” You nodded and let out your breath.
“A lot of shit is going to change today Steve. “
“You can still leave yn.” You scoffed.
“And let you three have all the fun. I think not Rogers!” You patted the roof of the car and slid in next to Barnes.
The ride to the airport was quite. Everyone had their eyes trained on a different part of the road. The airport itself was busy. Cars and people just about everywhere. That’s what made the parking garage even more eerie. It was empty. Not a single car. Steve drove up a few levels before parking allowing everyone to get out and stretch.
“I’m going to do a per- “
“Yn. There is nobody here. We didn’t pass a single car.” Steve had his hand on your shoulder. He was relaxed somehow. So you mimicked his composer and leaned against the car. You tensed again when you heard a vehicle approaching. Pushing off from the car a reaching for your gun. But again Steve was calm.
“It’s irritating how relaxed you are right now.” You snarled at him. He just smiled and walked forward as the white van pulled into a spot a few down from where you were.
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twordytings · 2 hours ago
Hello:) So an idea for a fic/drabble; I saw a "prank" on TikTok where someone puts a broomstick or similar through another persons shirt, so that they can't pull their arms down, and then they tickle them. Maybe you have seen it? If not, I hope you understand what I mean😅 Anyways, maybe the reader would try to pull the prank on Steve and/or Bucky, but forgets that they are literal super soldiers and therefore he/they quickly snap the broomstick in two and absolutely wrecks the reader? Don't know if this is a good idea or not, but here u go😅
Sunday Pranks
(Bucky and Steve x Reader)
Summary: You’re bored at the compound, so you decide pranking Bucky and Steve will keep you occupied. It did... sort of.
A/N: Yes I’ve seen the TikTok! It put me in such a lee mood when I first saw it lol but I hope this does your prompt justice!! :)
Tumblr media
It was the most boring Sunday ever. Usually you’ll be in the mood to watch a movie, bake something new, draw, etc.; today though, you weren’t in the mood for anything in particular. You were doing your absolute best to come up with something to do in the compound, but nothing came to mind. You began trudging around, opening every door there was, in an attempt to find something to do. In doing so, you came across what looked like a random supply closet - one you’ve never noticed before. You opened the door to reveal a bunch of random cleaning appliances. Brooms, a vacuum, and other miscellaneous items. You huffed at the disappointing encounter as you closed the door, but paused in your tracks when you came up with a plan to ease your boredom.
The brooms; perfect. You’d remembered that Steve and Bucky were in the living area, and so your mischievous scheme began.
Your plan was to prank the two, asking them to stand up with their arms in a T formation so you could weave a broom through the arm holes of their shirts, rendering their arms useless to your attack. Specifically, your tickle attack. You thought it’d be fun since usually, you were the one on the losing end of tickle fights around the compound; them being super soldiers and all gave them the upper hand when it came to tickling the daylights out of you. It was gonna be different this time... or so you thought.
You grabbed two brooms from the closet and made your way downstairs, greeting both Bucky and Steve.
“Hey guys!”
“Hey y/n,” they said in unison. Steve was busy reading the newspaper and Bucky was watching T.V. on the couch.
“Can you guys c’mere for a sec’?” you asked from the middle of the living room, a big grin plastered on your face. You were too excited.
“Well I guess, since you’re blocking the screen,” Bucky said with a groan as he stood up.
“Cool. Steve?” you asked innocently. He looked up abruptly from his newspaper.
“Uh yeah sure,” as he stood up and started walking over.
“Okay. So what I want you guys to do is put your arms up like a T. Like this.” You began demonstrating, and they followed soon after, confused expressions lingering on their faces. You then grabbed each broomstick and put it through their sleeves.
“Okay now what?” Bucky asked as they both looked at you expectingly.
“This!” you exclaimed, trying to tickle the two, but you immediately stopped in your tracks when you heard two big snaps. They had both broken the broomsticks in half, just by bending their arms in one fell swoop.
“Betcha didn’t think that was gonna happen did you?” Steve quipped with a chuckle.
“So silly y/n,” Bucky chimed as the two were amused by your complete confusion, as to how in the hell they managed to do that.
“Now I think it’s only fair that we get payback for such a mean prank, don’t ya think Buck?”
“Uh, duh! I think little y/n/n here needs a taste of her own medicine...,” he said, the two of them towering over you like skyscrapers. Before you could even blink, Steve picked you up, setting you down on the couch so you were laying down, and then gently sat on your legs, rendering you immobile.
“I’ll get her arms!” Bucky yelled excitedly as he ran over, grabbing both your arms with his cold metal arm. “I think you know what happens next bub...” Bucky whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. Curse your terrible pranking skills.
Without hesitation, the two went to town; Bucky was scratching at your armpits while Steve was shaking his fingers into your belly. It was torture, and you couldn’t move at all.
“WAHAHAHAIT GUYS I CAHAHAHANT BREEHEHEHEHEATHE!” you screamed, trying to make an excuse to be freed. Neither of them bought it.
“Well ya should’ve thought about that when you decided to prank us. I mean, what were you thinking?” Steve teased, which wasn’t helping.
“Oh c’mon it’s just a little tickling. And besides, you basically asked for this to happen.” Bucky said, which told you that there was absolutely no way out of this.
“IM SOHOHOHORREEEEEEE!” you screeched as Steve used one hand to switch to your neck, wriggling his digits as you tried to inch your shoulder up to your head to try and make the agonizing feeling go away. It didn’t work, considering his hand was now trapped there. His other hand was still roughly clawing at your stomach, and your laughter went silent, giving them a cue to stop their torture.
You greedily heaved for air, taking in every bit you could. “That... was not... fair...,”you said between breaths.
“Awww did we tucker you out?” Bucky sang with a fake pout as he poked at your belly from behind you, eliciting light giggles from you. And as if nothing had even happened, the two went back to what they were doing prior to your shenanigans, leaving you to recover from their brutal attack. You couldn’t say you’d be pranking either of them any time soon, let alone both of them.
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fandomdorlyf · 2 hours ago
Bucky : I can't sleep
Y/N : have you tried counting sheep?
Bucky : I don't want sheep *disgust looks*
Y/N : no, it's just something people try when they can't go to sleep they count sheep
Bucky : well I hate sheep can't I count cats instead?
Y/N : whatever makes you sleep I don't care anymore
Bucky : one cat... two cat... three cat... nine cat...
Y/N : ...wait four came after three
Bucky : yeah but you see the last cat is pregnant with five kittens
Y/N : ...
Bucky : this isn't working maybe I could-
Y/N : *hits Bucky with Steve's shield* that works better
Steve : hey Y/N have you se- WHAT HAPPENED?
Y/N : I help Bucky go to sleep c:
Tumblr media
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syiano · 2 hours ago
Okay so I'm not sure if I even did this request right??
Avengers x Male!Reader
Marvel Preferences: You're Cute When You're Mad
Tumblr media
Steve feels a little bad as soon you call him out for chuckling. He does crack a few jokes here and there, but for the most part, he does take you seriously. You kind of remind him of himself because he used to be smaller and angry, and determined just like you, and he also finds it adorable. He doesn't know if he should be embarrassed or glad, because everyone is now teasing him because someone as adorable and small like you is sticking up for him, Captain America.
Tumblr media
For the most part, Bucky takes you pretty seriously ('cause he's Bucky), and sometimes he thinks you're just so adorable, but does tease you sometimes. Everyone thinks it's cute how you're the smaller one defending him while he just looks all intimidating, but then everyone changes their mind when he would send glares their way if they try making fun of you.
Tumblr media
PFFT, Tony? Good luck ever having him listen to you because you're going to be met with a snarky remark each time. He has a bunch of nicknames for you, and  tells you to stop 'whining' as you would demand him to take you seriously.
Tumblr media
Sam will start laughing when he first sees you angry, and only laughs harder when you would yell at him for it. He make jokes about how cute you are, but he does listen to you (but not without teasing you a little).
Tumblr media
Scott completely ignores what you're saying and says you're just so adorable and proceeds to pat your hand and pinch your cheeks (only to be shocked when you hit him for it). Now, he tries to pay attention to you without commenting on how cute you are, but you can still notice how he has dreamy eyes when he's looking at you and you can tell he's not really listening to you, though.
Tumblr media
Peter is confused at first because he can't tell if you're being serious or not. That's until you tell him that you're actually serious, and he doesn't understand but he doesn't tease or make fun of you. He doesn't admit it to you but he finds himself getting lost whenever you speak because he's so surprised on how adorable you sound.
He defends you when people would make fun of you, only to get quiet when they ask him does he think you're cute this way...
Tumblr media
Bruce is also confused at first, especially since his anger turns him into the Hulk while you're just...cute. He does end up chuckling about it only for you to become even more angry, so he does stop with the jokes because he knows you're being serious. Bruce doesn't bring it up very often, but he does smile to himself with his back face towards you, working while he's listening to you.
Tumblr media
Loki is a complete asshole tease; he's constantly picking on you (and your height) just to hear how cute you are when you would get even more angry. "You're going to have to speak louder than that, little one."
When you would get more angry, you would be caught by surprise as he will suddenly pin you down, and playfully warn you to watch your temper, loving how easily you lose your breathe as you realise how easily he can overpower you.
Tumblr media
Thor has a difficult time taking you seriously (no hard feelings). He instead laughs and picks you up, talking about how adorable you are despite your yells and protests for him to put you down. Thor smiles and hugs you whenever you would rant (which is what he calls a 'cute temper tantrum'). "You really are the cutest one, Y/N."
Tumblr media
Pietro also likes to pick on you alot just to say something like, "wait, are you mad? 'Cause I have a hard time telling if you are!"
He would hang things over your head only to dodge when you would jump up and try to get whatever he's holding. When you would jump for the final time, he catches you and (gently) spins you around before kissing you while holding you.
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wintersoldier1989 · 2 hours ago
Let’s be real. If either Bucky or Steve were a woman, no one would question the ship, everyone would believe in their love, Marvel/Russos would have them end up together and wouldn’t be doing any backtracking by throwing other 'love interests' into the mix. It wouldn’t be 'open to interpretation/ambiguous'.
Yeah the way Bucky legitimately plays the role of damsel in distress for three films, really makes you wonder what the higher ups at Marvel were smoking when they decided to officially discredit Bucky and Steve’s relationship.
As with many business decisions, I have no doubts that it ultimately came down to money. That certain markets would not support a same sex pairing, and that it would negatively impact the box office. What bums me out the most is that they couldn’t even give us more of the subtext crumbs that we’d been getting. I suspect that a lot of SteveBucky content from Civil War is still laying on the cutting room floor and they couldn’t even be bothered when it came to Infinity War and Endgame.
A sad reality that the mere possibility of a pairing being read as queer, is so threatening to the bottom line that it’s enough for them to remove it completely.
They’re the ones that made it gay, it’s not our fault that we have eyes! 😤
Tumblr media
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wintersoldier1989 · 2 hours ago
Bucky would have rather died in a burning building than leave Steve behind to die. Steve would have rather died by Bucky’s hands than harm him. And Marvel expected people to be like 'it’s just a bro thing, nothing to see here’. They created a monster, fed the monster and then got scared of the monster.
LOL RIGHT? Like they’re about to die, willing to sacrifice themselves for each other and Bucky’s over hear with full-on gay brain with his stellar problem solving skills.
Tumblr media
And Steve’s all “Don’t worry about lil ‘ol me, I’ll be fine.” It’s just so fucking funny to me. 😂
Tumblr media
As for feeding the monster, that’s our job now. Stucky is our baby and we will love them and take care of them until the end of the line.
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tara-learns-to-write · 2 hours ago
Part 2 of “if we had 5 more minutes”, Goodbye texts from the Avengers
Hey besties 👋 I made myself cry writing the first part so here’s to doing it again writing this 🥳😌😎 I am gonna have to do another part of this so stay tuned for that 💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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How You Spend Mothers Day (Avengers Men)
Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I have a separate one for the XMEN (Men) so go see that one too!
Taglist (Line through means unable to tag)
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Requests are OPEN (click here for guidelines and here to request)
Peter Parker Masterlist Loki Masterlist Steve Rogers Masterlist Bucky Barnes Masterlist Tony Stark Masterlist Thor Masterlist Pietro Maximoff Masterlist Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Peter Parker
Before you were a mom
You would spend the day with Aunt May and the night with your mom. Usually you would get breakfast with May and dinner with your mom. But, no matter what you did, would always make sure there was enough time so you two could stop by the cemetery and he could drop flowers off to his mother. 
“Thank you for letting me come here today.” “Of course love.”
After you were a mom
Really nothing changed to the most part. Really all that did was that he and your child(ren) would make breakfast. So instead of getting breakfast with Aunt May, you got lunch. Usually you would leave your child(ren) at your moms or Aunt May so Peter could stop by the cemetery (they went when they were older and understood). Then after everything, you both would tell stories of Peter’s mom, Aunt May, and your mom, but when you would leave, Peter would tell stories of you, even if they were already asleep.
“So, if you should learn anything from what I’ve said about her. Learn this, your mom is always gonna be there for you. No matter what. She loves you so much and would do anything to keep you safe.”
Tumblr media
Loki Friggason
Before you were a mom
Loki didn’t understand Mothers Day originally but once you explained it, man, he loved it. He loved the fact that Midgardians had a day to celebrate mothers. He’s a major mommas boy. Usually the two of you would spend the day talking about his mother and your mother (but that wasn’t as often)
"My mother was really the only person who supported me throughout everything...I’m so sorry you should talk about your mother.” “No, please, continue to talk about yours.”
After you were a mom
You guys would rarely leave your house. Usually you were just playing music and dancing because that’s just what you did. 
*Chaotic singing and dancing*
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
Before you were a mom
You and Steve grew up differently. Of course, he did have Mother’s day and even after his mother died, he still celebrated it as Bucky’s mother was alive, but now he had no clue. So, when you told him what you were gonna do, he was confused. Usually they would just give their mothers flowers or cards or something small. But you, you were cooking for her or taking her out. Either way, it was different for him, but he still loved it because it was still the best he thought someone could do for their mother.
“I--I like how you guys do Mother’s day.”
After you were a mom
Steve did something similar as you did for your mom. He and your kid would refuse to let you leave the bed until they made and gave you your food. After that, your kid would give you a card/random thing that made in school (and you’d cherish it)
“They spent a whole week making it.” “Thank you sweety.”
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Before you were a mom
Like Steve, it was different for him, but he easily learned how things were. You guys actually did what you and Peter did, visit his mothers (and Steve's moms) grave. You let him have his time alone and you would place a few flowers on it (definitely confusing people when he would say ‘mom’ and she died so long ago and he looks so young)
“I just...I miss her so much.” “And that’s okay.”
After you were a mom
Also like Steve he and your kid would make breakfast (however you would need to help because they would burn everything)
“Are you trying to burn the house down?” “Y/N, doll, you’re not supposed to be up! We were supposed to surprise you.”
Tumblr media
Tony Stark
Before you were a mom
Your first Mothers day together he didn’t really think about it until you gave him a small photo album. It was actually one his mother made years ago for his birthday. You found it whilst cleaning an old room that you were pretty sure had never been used in decades. You could’ve swore he cried as you handed him it (no not swore, he did)
“Thank you for finding this.”
After you were a mom
He wouldn’t let you do anything that you didn’t want to do. You and usually take your child(ren) and go to the park. Then once you’d get back he’d attempt to cook dinner (you just got take out)
“No, do not do that! Let’s just get take out if you don’t want me to do anything bad!”
Tumblr media
Thor Odinson
Before you were a mom
Like Loki, he didn’t quite understand the concept at first, but afterwards, he loved it too. Actually what usually happened would be, you two would do different things that his mom liked to do. He cried once (definitely more than once)
“My mother always loved to--what are you doing?” “You said your mother liked to do this. Let’s do it!”
After you were a mom
He and your child(ren) would spend the week before making cards and gifts for you. They let you sleep in and they actually do chores/things you tended to do. When you woke up, they would give you what they made. You would spend the rest of the day watching Disney films.
“We made this for you! Daddy helped!”
Tumblr media
Pietro Maximoff
Before you were a mom
You guys actually didn’t really do anything. Usually Wanda reminded you two which made him upset because he missed his mom. You would just call your mom and wish her a happy mothers day. But yeah, other than that, you didn’t do much.
“I just wish you could have met her, y’know?” “I know Pietro. I know.”
After you were a mom
He every year. Once you child(ren) was/were older, they would run in there and ask for his help (that’s how he remembered). You tended to wake up in the middle of them cooking because he would be cursing in Sokovian, but you didn’t do anything and let them surprise you still.
“Happy Mothers day! We made you breakfast!”
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marvelmusing · 3 hours ago
Cover Stars and Stripes
A Stucky x Fem!Reader Series
Part 4
Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4
Tumblr media
The next morning you wake to the sun peeking through your curtains, the morning light streaking across your ceiling. You smile to yourself, remembering last night.
After an embarrassing beginning of the day, you’d managed to smoothen things out with Steve and Bucky. This led you to spending most of the evening helping them finish their work, after which they dropped you off back home.
You check the time. It’s much earlier than when you usually get up on a morning, but Darcy and Jimmy asked for you to join them for breakfast at Pietro’s new cafe. Wanda was so excited when she first told you about the cafe. You get dressed and head out to meet up with Darcy and Jimmy. It doesn’t take you long to walk to the cafe, Jimmy’s stood outside waiting for you.
“Hi.” You call out to him. He looks up from his phone.
“Where’s Darcy?”
“She had to drop something off at Jane’s place. Says she’s about five minutes away. Do you want to head in?” You nod in agreement, and you both enter the cafe. Despite how early it is, there’s already a few tables occupied. The cafe is bright and cosy, Wanda told you she helped her brother pick out the colours and the furniture, they did a good job of it. You and Jimmy sit down at a table by the window. It isn’t long before Darcy joins you. You place your orders and after a short wait Pietro brings you your food and drinks. You chat with Pietro for a while, complimenting the cafe and asking after Wanda. He leaves you to enjoy your food, which you tuck into. It tastes really good. You smile as you eat, the good mood from last night helping you through the morning. Darcy soon picks up on your smile,
“You look like a morning person. What happened?”
“The sun’s shining, I’ve got some good food, what more do I need?”
“Hm, I don’t buy it, what happened?” You sigh,
“Okay, so I stayed at work late last night-“
“Yeah, I know. You emailed me at like nearly midnight.” Darcy complains.
“So you did read my email?”
“No, I ignored your email.”
“So you stayed late?” Jimmy asks, trying to reign in the conversation.
“Yeah, then James texts me.”
“James Barnes?”
“Yeah. He asked if I could get him and Steve a coffee.”
“Did you tell him you’re not a coffee girl?” Darcy comments.
“No, I got them coffee and muffins.”
“Because I’m a nice person?!”
“Because she’s in love with them.” Jimmy corrects. You sigh,
“And then I helped them with some of their work and when we finished that they gave me a lift home.” Darcy and Jimmy exchange looks. “But they were just being nice. It means nothing.” You remind them, though you’re mostly reminding yourself.
“I don’t know [Y/N].” Jimmy argues. “I don’t want to get your hopes up. But honestly? They both seem pretty interested in you.” Darcy nods,
“Barnes looked pretty smitten when he came to your office the other day.” You sigh,
“I don’t want to get my hopes up either. I just… They’re both so nice to me.”
“I think it’s best to just wait and see. They’ll either just carry on being nice, because that’s just how they are with people. Or, they’ll give you a sign that they’re interested in dating.” Jimmy reasons. You nod. He’s right. You just need to wait this out.
“That’s what I’ll do then. Thanks guys.” They acknowledge your thanks, before Darcy changes the subject, telling you about Jane’s new boyfriend. You hang around in the cafe for a little longer, until you’re insisting that you need to get to work. The three of you buy some sandwiches for your lunch, and with a wave to Pietro you’re on your way to work.
When the elevator stops at your floor, Jimmy heads off to the printer, and Darcy goes to chase up on the writers. You make your way to your office. You can hear their bickering long before you reach your office.
“Thanks for the coffee? Is that the best you’ve got Stevie?”
“I’m thinking, okay? What do you want me to say?” You lean on your doorframe, looking in at them both as they huddle around your desk.
“What’s all this?” You ask with a smirk. They both whip their heads around, guilty expressions adorning each of their faces. James grins sheepishly,
“Special delivery for [Y/N]?” You frown playfully,
“Funny, I don’t remember ordering anything.” Steve clears his throat,
“Well, we just wanted to thank you for helping us out last night and just for being a genuine sweetheart.”
“We thought you’d already be here and we’d just give them to you. But then you weren’t so we planned on leaving a note.” James adds, moving away from your desk, revealing a large bouquet of flowers. Your mouth opens slightly in surprise. The colours are beautiful; blush pinks, soft creams, and beautiful blues which remind you of their eyes. There’s a mixture of roses, peonies, daisies, and others you don’t recognise. When you look back at them both your smile is bright, but you insist,
“You didn’t need to.”
“And you didn’t need to reply to my SOS message last night.” James replies, smiling back at you.
“And you certainly didn’t need to stay late with us.” Steve adds.
“Well I had fun.” You say quietly.
“See? I told you she’s as bad as you with work!” James tells Steve, shoving his shoulder playfully. You watch the two of them with a small smile on your face, enjoying this little moment with them both. Then you hear Jimmy calling your name,
“Hey [Y/N], those photos came out really weird... Oh sorry!” He looks at the three of you in your office, and grins at you. “Am I interrupting something?”
“No,” you answer hurriedly. James laughs quietly at you. Steve turns to face you,
“I guess we’ll let you get on with your day then.” You nod,
“Thank you both, for the flowers.”
“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”
“See you ‘round, doll.”
“Bye.” You watch as they both head down the corridor, before turning to Jimmy whose face is shining in excitement. You sigh and head to Darcy’s desk, her expression mirrors Jimmy’s. As the elevator doors close behind them, Darcy calls out,
“Come again soon.” You attempt to hit her with the bundle of paper.
“I will fire both of you,” you hiss at your two giggling co-workers.
“I don’t think you can actually do that,” Jimmy argues.
“She could ask her boyfriends to?” Darcy offers. You’re too busy threatening them both to notice the two men in the elevator exchanging smirks.
You spend the rest of the day making sure the pages are perfect before you send them off to Steve and James for review.
The next morning, you give the pages to their assistant but they must have heard you talking to her because Steve is calling out your name as you make your way to the elevator. You turn back to face him, confused. James is trailing behind him. Steve stops in front of you and asks,
“Are you free tonight?” You stand still, looking at them both. What?
“I, um, yeah I am. Why?”
“We’ve got a reservation at Shield tonight, Sam was supposed to be going with us but he’s had to go visit his sister.” You nod, not quite getting what he’s saying. James decides to elaborate,
“Would you like to have dinner with us, doll?” Your mouth opens in surprise, but you close it quickly, frowning a little.
“You two? Want to have dinner with me?”
“That’s what we’re asking.” He smirks a little. Dinner with them both. In theory that sounds like a perfect evening. But it’s also an evening of you watching the two of them be a perfect couple while you’re just there.
“Are you sure?” You ask.
“Hundred percent, sweetheart.” Steve tells you. You let out a breath,
“Okay. Yes, I’d like to have dinner with you both.” At least if it’s terrible you might get over your crush on them both. They both smile, their excitement is infectious and you quickly smile back.
“Would you like us to pick you up tonight?” Steve asks you. You shake your head.
“Shield isn’t too far from my apartment, I think I’ll be fine thanks.”
“Okay, the reservation’s at seven, we’ll meet you outside?”
“Yeah, that’s good with me. I’ll see you then?” You step into the elevator, looking back at them both.
“Looking forward to it, sweetheart.” The elevator doors close and you’re taken down back to your floor. With shaky hands, you unlock your phone and dial Darcy’s number,
“Darcy, are you at work yet?”
“No, only crazy people come in at this time of the morning.”
“Come quick, we have an emergency.”
“What’s happened? Did the photos come out weird again?”
“This isn’t about work. Barnes and Rogers just asked me out for dinner.”
“Holy- I’m on my way.”
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If We Had 5 More Minutes
Hey Besties, I just want to say that there will be talk of death, grief and a brief mention of alcohol being used to cope and as always me not proofreading. Anyway, this kind of sucks but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Hold on besties! I’m so proud of all of you
A mission goes wrong and you die. How would they react? Let’s find out 
The mission was supposed to be a quick one
Get in, take what you needed and get out 
But it wasn’t 
Before you even got there the vibe on the jet was weird 
Bucky and A few others claiming they had a bad feeling about the mission
“All I’m saying is we should be extra careful, I have been doing this long enough to be able to tell when somethings wrong” Bucky said to Steve obviously frustrated with the way the Captain wasn’t listening. “Buck you just need to take a breath, if you aren’t ready and can’t put your superstitions to one side then I will take you off of this mission and leave you in the jet” the blond replied using his captain voice. You were watching this all from your seat knowing that it was best not to get involved and get so emotional before a mission. You did have to admit that something felt strange but you had put it down to the adrenaline pumping through your veins as it always did before a mission. “I’m sure we’ll be fine, we’re a team remember. We go in together and come out together no matter how we are feeling” you said trying to lighten the mood. Whether it lightened the mood or not the men decided to drop the subject and carry on the prep.
If only
When you all made your way to the designated start point the air was still filled with something you couldn’t decipher, whatever it was you could cut it with a knife it was so prominent
Still you and the rest of the team got ready for Caps orders 
“Ready guys?” Steve's’ voice crackled over the comms
“What? Ready to kick some bad guys ass? When are we not” Tony joked. He always had a joke to make or a way to lighten the mood “Hell yeah Stark” you giggled. “Alright, on my count” Steve said, you could tell even just by his voice that he was smiling “1. 2. 3. GO GO GO”
And with that you were off like a flash. 
Zooming straight to the North Corner with Sam just like you were told
It all went wrong so quickly that if someone were to ask you what happened you wouldn’t know where to start
There were more guards than you had previously anticipated meaning you all had to work twice as hard to try and find the USB with the information on 
“Uhhhh Steve, we might need some help up here” Sam called through the comms as he fought off 2 agents at once. Mean while you were struggling to hold off 3. Left hook. Duck. Kick. Slash. Slash. Right hook. Just as you had been trained to do, whether it was the fact there was 3 of them or the fact that they were practically a wall of muscle, you were finding it hard to dodge their attacks. You already had a black eye, a slash on your arm and at least a fractured or bruised rib. “Steve Hurry up, unlike you I don’t think I can do this all day” you joked trying Tony’s tactic to pretend you didn’t feel like there was an elephant pressing on your chest.
Steve got there shortly after
Having taken down all the agents on his side 
However 1 shield and 4 more agents with guns wasn’t exactly the most reassuring situation
Bang. A scream.Falling to the ground, a scream tore from your throat. When had the guy aimed at you? Why did it feel like you were falling in slow motion? Your body hit the floor with a thud “Y/N’S DOWN GET OUT TO THE JET NOW” you could here Caps voice but it sounded like you were underwater. As you drifted in and out of consciousness you could feel your body being lifted up by a pair of arms and carried out of the building. Opening your eyes all you could here was the dull sound of cried from your team mates “it’s going to be okay” you coughed, blood spilling out your mouth. That wasn't a good sign. “We’re a team remember?” you said, smiling as best you could as your black dots started to cloud your vision. “Don’t you dare die on us doll!” Bucky choked from somewhere on the jet, “Bucky's right, we’re a team just like you said” Bruce cried. Where was everyone's voice coming from? “You can’t leave us” Natasha sobbed, you tried your best to open your eyes but they just felt so heavy. “I’m not leaving you” you said breathy “I’m always gonna be here” struggling to speak you said the only thing you had the strength to and the only thing you could think of “I love you all, I’m sorry” tears rolled down your cheek as you looked into Steve’s eyes. “It’s okay princess, you have” his sentence was interrupted by a cry “nothing to be sorry about” and with that you closed your eyes.
Dying. It didn’t feel like how the movies said it would. It wasn’t like being embraced in a blanket, it wasn't soft or calm it was harsh and rushed. You had been ripped from your families world in a flurry of tears and blood and broken promises. That’s the thing about death. The people who describe it as greeting an old friend or surrendering to the unknown in a blissful and unaware state, fail to account for the people we leave behind. The broken, griefing and shattered people. That’s all the Avengers were without you. Broken people. Bruce no longer looked forward to leaving the lab to see you standing there with a coffee in your hand and a knowing smile on your face. Tony no longer joked, opting to wallow in his pain at the bottom of a bottle. Steve no longer found joy in drawing, you were always his inspiration and now you were gone. Bucky no longer talked, what was the point if the people listening weren’t you? Clint was no longer a shoulder to cry on for others, spending more time at home with his own family. Vision no longer used the door to the bedroom you had once occupied, in fact he refused to go in at all. Thor no longer laughed. Loki no longer took pride in his magic, it’s not like it saved you? Wanda no longer baked, you used to do that with her. Pietro no longer raced around, it was normal to see him slowly walking through the corridors remembering how your laugh used to bounce of the walls. Natasha no longer had someone to mother or even talk to. Peter no longer smiled.
That’s the funny thing about losing someone you love. You often find yourself remembering the times you had, asking yourself all the what if’s and the why not me. It leaves a person shattered and more often than not the only person who could mend that was the person that was no longer there. Without you, they were no longer a team. I mean how could they be when you were the glue holding them together?
Yes the world kept turning and the sun still rose.
But without you around to light up their lives like the star you were 
The world didn’t seem the same.
So how did they  react? How did they cope?
They didn’t.
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Tumblr media
This is a Steve Rogers x Reader fic. Smut is coming. You are forced to come back to Brooklyn after 80 years to say the last goodbye to your best friend. But you didn’t plan on meeting him again. You will have to face reality when Steve Rogers finds you again.
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A Bad Day
Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky (Stucky x Reader)
Summary: It seems like everything is going wrong today for Y/N and Steve and Bucky just want to make it all better
Warnings: Maybe a bit depressive, because it was such a bad day
Words: 1,439
A/N: This was requested by an anon! Hope this was okay :)
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Tumblr media
It was just one of those day, one where it seemed like everything was going wrong and it would never be right again.
You had woken in a cold and empty bed, left to greet the morning alone. Normally you awoke with at least one of your partners besides you, but this morning was different. When you had pulled yourself from the bed and went to the kitchen, you realised you were home alone. You were used to being alone in the house when your partners were on missions, but you knew both of them were ‘off duty’ for the next two weeks.
You loved waking up next to your loves, using one of their chests as a pillow while the other one partially covered your back, like a human blanket. You loved lying with your eyes closed, listen as they spoke in low tones, or while they exchanged kisses above your head with warm affirmations of love.
The kitchen led to further disappointment than just being absent of your boyfriends. There was no bread left for toast, the milk had gone bad, and you were out of your favourite coffee. How could that be? How could all three things, basic things for you breakfast, have gone wrong?
There was nothing to have for breakfast, and you weren’t a fan of Bucky and Steve’s coffee. You had huffed, leaving the kitchen in a grump and heading to get dressed for work.
As you were pulling you trousers on, you stepped onto the leg, throwing yourself off balance. You squealed, landing roughly on your bottom and giving yourself a fright. After taking a moment to calm yourself from the small shock, you got back to your feet.
When you reached down to pull your trousers up, you saw the rip. You groaned, your head rolling back and your eyes closing. For God’s sake, could this morning get any worse?!
It could.
At work, your computer froze and then shut down in the middle of an important assignment. It struggled to turn on again, shutting down during the reboot sequence twice. There was no way to recover the file, a half-day’s work down the drain… and your boss was sure to berate you for it.
Then, on your way home, a man bumped into you because he wasn’t looking where he was going, too focused on his phone. Dark coffee spilt down the front of your shirt, the hot liquid making you shriek as the shirt sticks to your chest.
“Ugh, watch where you’re going!” the man snapped, glaring at you. “I think you owe me a new coffee.”
“What?” you asked, shaking your head in disbelief. Surely you heard him wrong.
“You owe me another coffee” he repeated, shaking his now empty cup at you.
“You walked into me; you were looking at your phone” you argued.
“Don’t try getting clever with me, kid” he poked at your chest, making you lean back slightly. “You owe my five dollars.”
“No,” you shook your head with a scoff.
“Excuse me?” his head tilted to the side, eyebrows raising in disbelief of you standing against him.
“I said no. Next time, look where you’re going” you tell him.
By the time you had gotten home, it had begun to lightly rain. You shook of the droplets, hurrying into lift and pushing the button for your floor. You just wanted to get home and have a nice plate of paprika chicken and rice, while curling up with your boys and watching trashy TV.
You dropped your keys in the small dish besides the door, hanging your coat up. You head fell back on your shoulders, the tense muscles of your back heaving a sigh of relief from the day being over.
“Sweetheart?” a voice rang throughout the apartment.
“Yeah, Stevie, it’s me” you called back, moving down the hall and towards the kitchen.
As you through the hall, you tripped. You don’t know how it happened, there was nothing in your way or anything, it was like you tripped over air. You managed to hold your hands out to prevent smacking your face, but your knees hit the ground hard, and you tilted to your side, settling on your hip.
You didn’t bother to stand up, instead just letting yourself fall to lay on your side. You curled yourself into a ball, your eyes squeezing shut as you try to withhold the tears. The tears fell anyway. Why was everything going wrong? One or two things, okay, but so many things going wrong? It was like the universe was out to get you.
You were tired of it, tired of the whole damn day.
A pair of hands grasped your arms, pulling you up and leaning you against a solid chest. You cuddled into the chest, your nose rubbing into their shirt as they hugged you closer. A third hand rested on your thigh, rubbing smoothing patterns onto your leg while the fourth hand stroked your hair.
“Oh, doll,” Bucky murmured, his lips pressed to your hairline.
“Everything’s going wrong, Bucky” you cried into his chest. “Neither of you were home this morning, there was nothing for breakfast and the milk was nasty, my coffee was finished. Then my computer deleted all my work, and my boss was so horrible. And then some guy spilt coffee on me and now I’ve fallen over.”
“I’m sorry, sweetheart” Steve leaned forward to kiss your cheek. “Sometimes things don’t go right, we have to have these bad days because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t recognise the goods days. However, you’re home now and with us. Your day may have been bad, but we can make your evening better. We can get some dinner, watch a movie, take a bath… cuddle….”
You gave a sniffle before turning your head so you could see Steve. He gave you a comforting smile, his eyes flickering to Bucky before resting on you again. You nodded, giving him a small, watery smile.
“Now, what do you want for dinner?” Steve asked.
“Paprika chicken with rice” you tell him, your eyes pleading.
“Okay, doll, why don’t we move some blanket to the couch and get a movie ready while Stevie cooks dinner?” Bucky suggests, pulling you to stand up.
“No,” your nose wrinkled, shaking your head. “Steve’s a terrible cook.”
Bucky burst into laughter, squeezing you tightly to his chest as he looked at Steve, “She’s got you there, honey.”
“And here I am, trying to be nice” Steve shook his head with a small smile. He reached for you, pulling you into his arms as Bucky started to make his way towards the kitchen. “I offer to make you dinner and what do you do? You turn your nose up.” “But babe,” you chuckled as Steve picked you up, carrying you towards the front room. “You know your cooking skills only work for roast dinners. We still love you though.”
“Speak for yourself, doll, I want my man to cook me a killer breakfast every once in a while” Bucky joked, his head around the kitchen door frame.
The rest of the evening is spent exactly how Steve suggested.
While Bucky cooked dinner, you and Steve collected blankets from your bed and from the hallway closet. Steve pushed the two couches together and you set the blankets down. You arranged the pillows so you could all lean back on them, facing the TV.
Curled up between your boyfriends, you ate your dinner while watching your favourite movie. When you had eaten all of the food, you leaned back against Steve while Bucky cuddled into your chest, Steve’s arms wrapping around both of you.
After your film had finished, the three of you shared a bath. You moaned in pleasure when Bucky washed your hair, rubbing your scalp just how you liked it. You relaxed in the water afterwards, watching the boy’s wash each other’s hairs, and have a small water fight.
You went to sleep that night cuddled between your boyfriends, both of them pressing kisses to any piece of skin they could reach. Soft whispers were spoken and as you listened to their soothing voices, talking about everything and nothing, you fell asleep with a smile on your face.
Warmth and comfort coursed through you and the stress of the day eased away. This is what you needed to turn your day around. As long as you had Steve and Bucky, your day would end on a good note, they would make sure of it. You loved them for many reasons, and this was just one of them.
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aswinter · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Promise - Steve Rogers x Reader
summary: After 80 years of denying your past, you were forced to come back to Brooklyn to say the last goodbye to your best friend. You didn’t realize you were going to meet him again.
Your memories of the period of time you spent between the rows of hydra were painfully vivid. You were not like the other ones. After bombarding the camp where you were looking for your friends you lost your consciousness, and woke up in the middle of a cold, white, empty room. Tied up in an old stretcher whose handcuffs were almost tearing your limbs apart. You did nothing. Paralyzed by the thought od your friends being possibly dead. You did not care at all about where and why you were in that horrific place. Your thoughts were about them. The seconds looked like days while you were staring at the yellowish ceiling above you. There was mold. It was leaking water. You had to be underground, you thought. You focused on the jingle of the falling drops in order to keep you sane. The silent sound of the drops was overpowered by a creepy sound of footsteps, and you were capable of hearing just one person. Then, a tall and slender man, covered in a white uniform, started looking at you. He did not seem to want to be there, too.
“I’m sorry young lady”. There was an expression of sorrow in his face. You turned around just a little, enough to see a drip next to your bed. A weird, blue liquid was being injected into your right arm, directly in your veins. It was almost finished. “How long have I been here?”, you asked, incredulous.
“5” his voice was quiet, tired.
“Five hours?”, you argued, trying to release you form the tight laces.
“Weeks, lady. Weeks”. You could not utter a word. Five weeks. You had been in this catatonic state for over a month. Everybody will have thought me dead. My mom and dad will have cried me. Steve and Bucky. Were they alive? Was Steve alive? You turned to see this man’s face and looked at him, trying to meet his eyes. A whisper was the only thing that came from your mouth: “Help me, please”. He tried to hide it, but the sadness in his pupil betrayed him. While a single tear wiped his face. He told you that he could not see another person destroyed by his work. He was a scientist, not a murdered, he told you. His voice was low, but it felts like desperate screams to you. His anger was palpable. He quickly you, his steps were terrified, his legs shaking while you both ran towards a tiny little brownish door in the back of the room. You surpassed many corridors before finding an exit. You were still in shock by what he told you, and you could hear your heart pump the blood into your veins extremely hard. Something never happened before. Your steps were quicker, you felt lighter, your arms stronger. “Listen to me lady. There is a forest not far away from here. I cannot give you any car, otherwise you could be too visible. You need to hide and run away. Run as fast as you can, you will surprise yourself about how fast you can now go. Trust me. I am sorry. If it were not for me all of this would not have happened. The Germans.”, you nodded your head, trying to process all of that information all in once. He then continued: “They were recruiting people to experiment a serum. To improve their chances of victory they wanted to create a mortal army of super soldiers. I told them that the serum was still uncompleted. We have no time left, they said. There was other 23 people like you. They all died withing the first two days. The unlucky ones lasted a week. Then there was you, the only women. And another young man. He woke up yesterday. I could not think of another person being tortured and used that way. I had a daughter. I could not see them making those things to you. Run little one. Run. Never mention this to anyone. Traitors are among us always. Fly away”. These were his last words. And you ran, You did run indeed. For miles and miles, without getting ever tired. Instead, your body felt like he was set on fire. Your ribs were burning, and your feet were now moving unconsciously. You remembered each day of that escape. That is how you ended up in Italy. You never came back to America, you let the picturesque landscapes of the Italian countryside heal you. And now you were here in America again.
For Sarah, you told yourself again.
The church where the funeral took place was very familiar to you. You used to go there with your families every Sunday, along with Steve and Bucky. But now was very different. Extremely different. You sad at the very corner of the building. Trying to avoid any attention, trying to avoid looking at the white coffin in the middle of the aisle. It was decorated with bright red roses. Her favourites. A little smile appeared on your face when Sarah’s niece mentioned how she was during her youth. She was like those scarlet roses, bright, passionate but she would also sting you if you could not know how to take her. Your beautiful red rose. After the first person stopped talking everybody came out f the church, slow and weeping steps. You waited until everybody was out to go say her goodbye. Tears began to fill your face as you walked at her candid casket. Pure as she was. Caressing the flowers in front of you, a tear touched the cold wood while you whispered: “We will see each other again, my best friend. I’m sorry”. You took a deep breath and gently turned around, decided to go back to drown in your own loneliness.
The moment you looked up your eyes met pupils so blue that they were unforgettable. The blue colour of the sea, of the sky, the blue with which artists paint freedom.
“Is that you?” a deep voice thundered.
You froze. Your lungs tried to catch as much air as they could to fill them while your chest was getting up and down quickly, desperate for breath.
“Steven”. This was the only word that you could pronounce. You stared at each other for a long moment: he was taller than the last time you saw him. He was much, much taller than you. His muscles were big and defined, the black, expensive suit he was wearing fit him perfectly. His face was changed, too. He went through a lot. But his eyes always remained the same. That was the only thing that made you recognize him.
He was in shock. He came for greeting for the last time his best friend and found you here. “Y-You were dead”. His voice was broken. He thought that you were changed, too. He scanned you. He thought you weren’t aged a minute. You looked gorgeous as always. He remembered you like a child, but he was now standing in front of a woman. The tight midi black dress you were wearing was holding your curves tight, the black, pointed heels elongated your silhouette. Your long brunette hair covered your shoulders.
“Steven I-I”. All you could do was nothing. nothing but standing straight, unable to move. You tried to open your mouth, a second later you felt crushed under his high body. You wrapped your arms on Steve’s neck so tight, as he was hugging your tiny waist. This moment seemed like an eternity. For this single moment you found peace. Steven. Your Stevie was back with you. Again. For this single moment you forgot your loneliness. You brushed your cheek on his shoulder and mumbled “I missed you”. You felt his face detach rom yours. He said nothing, stayed silent. But his glossy eyes shouted, they told a completely different story.
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wintersoldier1989 · 5 hours ago
The you’re my mission scene where Bucky is straddling Steve is all the proof I need that stucky is canon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If I wasn’t already gay, this scene would’ve done the trick. Just sayin’. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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marvelsmylife · 5 hours ago
Prompt list
Send in requests for anyone I have in my tags
#1 - “Why are you looking at me like that?”
#2 - “Let me help you with that.”
#3 - “Just tell me to stay and I will.”
#4 - “I know I’m not even close to Irish but you could still kiss me.”
#5 - “That’s why I never told you!”
#6 - “How do you expect me to do that?”
#7 - “Get lost.”
#8 - “What kind of..dream?”
#9 - “Come say that to my face.”
#10 - “I have a proposition for you.”
#11 - “What’s the big deal?! Everyone’s seen a dick.”
#12 - “How about we settle this over a mattress?”
#13 - “Something tells me you’re not gonna give in.”
#14 - “Only on one condition. We get plastered first.”
#15 - “You’ll be my dirty little secret.”
#16 - “Well, you don’t see that every day.”
#17 - “Tell me that’s not what I think it is.”
#18 - “Why did you bring me here?”
#19 - “Just come here and love me.”
#20 - “The number one cure for sadness is an outrageously tight hug.”
#21 - “What was that noise?”
#22 - “I fail to see how this is a good idea.”
#23 - “That’s not what you said last night.”
#24 - “Do you wanna lose that hand?”
#25 - “If that’s the only reason you came here, just go home.”
#26 - “Just one more. Please?”
#27 - “Don’t your hands ever get tired?”
#28 - “Because that worked so well the last time.”
#29 - “Actions speak louder than words.”
#30 - “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”
#31 - “There’s nothing wrong with relieving stress.”
#32 - “If you don’t wanna kiss me I’ll find someone who does.”
#33 - “Don’t be nervous, it’ll be fine.”
#34 - “Tempting offer, but I’ll pass.”
#35 - “I could really use your help not your attitude.”
#36 - “Were you talking about me?”
#37 - “All I ever wanted was this.”
#38 - “That’s the thing, nothing else matters but you.”
#39 - “There’s nothing you could say or do that will change my mind.”
#40 - “No, no, no. I don’t dance.. At least not sober.”
#41 - “Ow! What was that for?!”
#42 - “I didn’t hear a ‘please’ anywhere there.”
#43 - “Why are you YELLING?”
#44 - “My eyes are over here.”
#45 - “Don’t act so innocent.”
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kj-1130 · 5 hours ago
Chapter 7
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Karima downed another gulp of the vodka as her head pounded. The voices were loud and they wouldn’t be quiet no matter how much she begged and pleaded.
It felt as if there were a bunch of people in her head, banging on her brain, trying to force their way out. And with each forceful knock, the noise got louder and the pain radiated more.
Each voice was arguing with each other, one trying to be louder than the next. The voices wanted to be heard. They all screamed as if there was some sort of rave going on in her head that Karima didn’t know about.
As she drained the last sip, another voice yelled and it echoed through and through. She threw the bottle at the wall, ignoring the crash and broken glass, and gripped her head in her hands.
“Shut up. Please, please, please, shut up!”
The teen flopped down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She felt numb but at the same time, felt every tingle that went through her body.
The noise in her head decreased to dull thuds. Each thud was followed by another. Then another. Then another. The cycle continued.
The thuds eventually pulled her to sleep.
Karima’s eyes fluttered open. Her surroundings were blurry. There was something standing in front of her.
As she continued to blink, the image got clearer. The figure walked slowly closer. Karima wondered where she was.
Everything was quiet. There were no voices. There were no footsteps from whoever was walking. It was just complete silence; something Karima hadn’t experienced in a while.
Next thing she knew, the person was in front of her. Her eyes widened when she realized who it was.
“Zhenya,” she breathed out.
Her eyes watered as she stared into those familiar honey-brown orbs that she missed so dearly.
“You have to stop.”
Karima furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Zhenya confused.
“This is destroying you,” the girl paused and lifted her hands to her friend’s cheeks. “You need to stop looking for me.”
“N-no,” the teen’s voice broke. “Why would I do that?”
Zhenya let out a sigh and leaned forward to press a kiss to Karima’s temple.
“I love you,” she whispered.
Everything faded to white.
Karima sat up with a gasp. Reaching a hand up to her head, she still felt the lingering kiss she left.
The voices were quiet and she let a tear fall down a cheek.
Karima and Zhenya were sitting in front of each other. They had both just gotten finished with a brutal training session. They were tired but they wanted to bask in each other’s presence a little longer.
“I promise-”
“You know I hate that word,” Zhenya interrupted playfully with a small smirk despite the cut on her lip. Karima knew it hurt. “No one keeps their promises.”
“Fine then,” Karima stated, rolling her eyes. She sat up a little straighter. “I, Karima Foster, pledge to get us out of this hellhole and any other we encounter, and make sure all these people who made us suffer get sent to the deep depths of hell.”
The girl across from her chuckled and nodded her head.
“Yeah, well lemme know when you start,” she whispers, holding out her hand.
Karima takes it with no hesitation and squeezes it tight.
To them, there was no comfort like the other.
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