youronebraincell · 2 days ago
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nightcereusss · a day ago
merlin: *trying to steal a statue of a dog* do you have a wheelbarrow?
gwen, who has absolutely no idea what merlin is going to do with the statue: i got you 
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ascandalincamelot · 2 days ago
Fictional gays be like "I know a spot" and then take their husbands
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Then offer dinner, tea or drinking poison willingly so the other one lives. Sometimes some crime solving, satanic gossip or world domination plans are involved.
So adorable. Highest peak of hopeless romanticism if you ask me. *chef's kiss*
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camelots-daffodil · a day ago
The LEAST the Merlin writers could have given us was literally just Arthur’s voice asking ‘Merlin?’ In the scene by the lake in the modern age. I DIDNT NEED TO SEE HIM I JUST NEEDED CLOSURE
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theedorksinlove · 2 days ago
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- adeline by john robert
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h-l-w · 2 days ago
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merlin-gifs · a day ago
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bbc merlin 5.03 - teen wolf 3.02 requested by @forever-eat-sleep-manatee
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dragonjadearts · 20 hours ago
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soldier, poet… kings?
if you like it PLEASE REBLOG
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spwarkles · a day ago
I know that Arthur didn’t actually know about Merlin’s magic, because his reaction to finding out in the final episodes makes it clear that it caught him off guard.
But then there are scenes like the “there can be no place for magic in camelot” scene, where you just have to think… he knows. At least on some level, maybe even subconsciously, Arthur knows. Because he looks at Merlin, looks him dead in the eye while Merlin is saying that magic is evil, and he says “maybe my father was wrong, maybe the old ways aren’t as evil as we thought.” And Merlin is crying, and he’s trying to hide it but it’s still obvious and Arthur is just watching him, waiting for an answer.
And then, in what is a defining moment for Merlin and Arthur’s relationship, whether you view it as romantic or platonic or what, he asks “what should we do?” Not “what should I do?”
What should we do?
He’s putting himself on equal footing with Merlin; or, really, putting Merlin on equal footing with himself. He’s no longer simply asking for Merlin’s advice. He is trusting Merlin to make a decision.
And you can tell what he thinks Merlin will say. “Magic will reign in Camelot once more. Is that what you want?” Because throughout the show, Merlin has been a staunch defender of magic. He has openly sympathized with druids, played a hand in saving sorcerers from the pyre, and argued with Arthur about how not all magic could possibly be evil. So Arthur, of course, thinks that Merlin will tell him to legalize magic, save Mordred.
And instead, Arthur watches Merlin cry and say “there can be no place for magic in Camelot.” And the way that Arthur looks at him, it’s so clear, that he knows.
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onceandfuturewarlqck · a day ago
some of you really believe that arthur truly thinks of merlin as a fool and it shows.
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repmet · 6 hours ago
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Thank you for saving my life.
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sunachilles · 2 days ago
maybe I’m just a selfish weirdo but if a talking dragon told me that it’s my destiny to make some annoying entitled prince live to become the greatest king of all time I would actually ignore him and not actively put my life in danger for said annoying entitled prince. so idk what typa lovesick idiot shit merlin was on.
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inthecrystalofadream · 2 days ago
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a dark fantasy
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ascandalincamelot · 2 days ago
Lancelot: *tries to woo Gwen*
Arthur: I think the fuck not
Lancelot: *tries to woo Merlin*
Arthur: I think the fuck not
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justa-pjo-donut · 19 hours ago
Does anyone else while looking for a fanfic just
Sees a good one, bookmarks it, and carries on looking
Then like a week later you remember it and start reading it and it's actually pretty good, then u grt mad at yourself for not reading straight away and waisting time
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illhaveyouforbreakfast · 2 days ago
arthur returns but it just so happens that merlin is currently employed as an exotic dancer/stripper and he has to explain the entire concept then deal with the fact that arthur is determined to see his show
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poemsonmars · 2 days ago
"i'm no king." he says.
i smile and tell him, "you will be."
he shakes his head and turns away
and i have to fight the urge
to pull him back into me.
i have to swallow back the words
crawling up my throat.
"you always were.
to me, you always were."
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nothing better than an oh moment in a fic like gimme that shit i can't get enough
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just--alex · 2 days ago
Okay, so this is my fic idea
Arthur faking his death to figure out who the betrayer /Agravaine/ is. But somehow he manages to leave Merlin, still a servant, to rule kingdom (maybe with his mother sigil? let's just say that it makes Merlin Arthur's consort, but Merlin didn't knew about it until Arthur's "death")
So, a lot of pining and some angst, magic reveal and happy end :)
I'd like to read ANY fake Arthur's death fanfictions , so if you have anything to rec 😉
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gomerthur · 2 days ago
Brolin kiss! ❤️
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