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I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far, thank you guys so much for sticking around and supporting me!! Love all of y'all 💙 I hope you guys stay around for more content!! There’s a lot coming in the following week, including a new au :)

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Inktober Star Wars species - list by @ryuuri

Day 20: Trandoshan

Vesk decided to take a break from trophy hunting and became a clerk at a customer service center, thinking he could use the opportunity to develop his people skills. He is deeply regretting his decision, and is impatient for his contract to be up.

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Here she is!!

Name: Lucia

Age: 14

Species: Diamondback Terrapin Turtle

It was an interesting challenge making a turtle design that was visually identifiable as female without completely ruining the basic turtle-y body line. I figured that since the boy’s plastron are made to look roughly like a male chest I could use hers to give a vague (and I mean VAGUE) indication of a female chest. That and larger thighs to give the illusion of wider hips and I think…I succeeded?

I have a very definite story in mind for her that I want to write but I’ll most likely be putting it elsewhere. I’ll link chapters on this blog of anyone is interested in reading it💜

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