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This is some art I did a while ago for this au and I still love it to pieces, here’s some information about the au and its current progress.

We’re working through the editing process right now and it’s proving to be rather tedious, so I’d estimate that we’ve still got a few months before the first chapter is released. We’ll be setting a bi-weekly upload schedule, the chapters being rather long ones (about 6-7 pages.) Thank you for your time! We’re really looking forward to posting it :D

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Here are the three of them, stratos entering their adulthood, and growing a mustache, Arimette who will already enter university and betrayus being a puberty with hormones that are agitating him.


This is where Elli is born, Toru was absent at that time he was in his country while Arimette gave birth, Stratos and Betrayus had to take her to the hospital themselves, the funny thing was that Betrayus had to drive while his brother reassured his  sister, and in addition they caused some incidents, she went and in the middle of the road in the hospital, betrayus got permanent red paint on her head to which she would explain her hair, a stratos had to take her to the room, she also had some blows from her  , a few hours later she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy girl, betrayus and stratos were shocked by the tenderness of their sister, but neither of them were saved by being arrested xD

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Meadows and Moonlight <3
Smol Gift For @moomoomeadows of her precious babs Charolette And Butterscotch!! .///////.
I love these two so much,they’re too adorable for this world confound it <3
This be also a smol thank you for your kind words and comments and just- you deserve so much loove!!
truly bless you so much it brightens meh day-!
If you haven’t already i highly suggest you go and support this talented m’lady!! Trust me you shall not regret such,their art be most bloomin adorable sight! And their babs be juuust as brilliant!!q///q

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