gears2gnomes · 2 days ago
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SGDQ 2022 - Monster Hunter Rise
"Hunting time with my buddies!"
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vikingmera · 17 hours ago
If you're still taking TOH requests, would you draw Darius, maybe bonding with either Hunter or Eber? He's one of my absolute favorite characters too!
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*cries on the floor and never recovers*
I NEED MORE DARIUS!!!! I get the feeling we might've gotten more of his backstory had we not been robbed of season 3.... Like, why he and Amity's dad fell out of friendship, his relationship with the old golden guard. There's so much mystery left to explore!!!!! TAT!! And with those kind of themes being played out on the kid main characters too, I could totally see an episode meant to happen where the show deals with an adult having to come to terms with old burned bridges. Like how Willow and Amity became friends again. But imagine it between adults, y'know? That has held these feelings for so much longer. The drama. It is so... juicy!!!!
Adult characters that is like "lmao I hate everyone and these children annoy me" and then wind up being their designated best parent is... ... one of my fave tropes...
I am.. weak... for this character type.
I love him. TTATT!!! Dariiuusss!!!!
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tennzai · 15 hours ago
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“there’s people out there that won’t make you feel worthless, you just gotta let yourself find them”
And he did
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verymerrymart · a day ago
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moonrosesworld · 2 days ago
I've been loving the new art that Dana posted earlier today.
Tumblr media
Sad to see no interaction between these two. Honestly, any idea of what could have happened would be hilarious and I can't wait to see the fanart and little interaction HCs people will come up with from this. It's also nice to see some new fanart of Hunter in his wolf tshirt (awoo!)
Though the more I thought about it, the more fitting it is to associate Hunter with wolves. I think of him as more of a dog person anyway cuz I doubt he'd want Flapjack around cats, aside from Ghost.
But also if you look more into the symbolism of the wolf and characteristics associated with them it goes a bit deeper than we think.
They are famous for their intelligence, loyalty, being leaders and protectors of their pack, ferocious hunters and fighters, and the inspiration of what one wants in a soulmate. They are one of the many majestic creatures that symbolize the untameable wild and freedom of nature.
Now look at Hunter and what he does naturally...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He immediately goes into protective mode for those he cares about and has shown many times he's a capable fighter.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ever since he's met Luz, Flapjack, Amity, Willow and Gus, as well as being part of the Emerald Entrails, Hexside, and being part of the CATTS rebellion he has been getting to understand how a team, a family, or a pack, is supposed to be.
Tumblr media
Wolves are also very intelligent. Even though Hunter leans more towards book smarts, he is capable of being observant and instinctual in fights, and as his journey continues in the show he's going to have to learn to expand his own intuition and trusting his instincts more. Wolves communicate with a wide display of expressions and body language, and we know Hunter does the same when he uses his hands, gestures, eyes and different tones of voice.
And saving the best bits for last:
Wolves are one of the most famous creatures that come to mind when we think of warriors, soulmates...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And the most iconic when it comes to legends of the full moon (remember Hooty's Moving Hassle? And that willow trees are tied to lunar magic as well? )
But most importantly, they are an animal, along with cardinals, that is associated with the season of...
(mic drop) Thank you and goodnight 😁
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rulersreachf4n · 2 days ago
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puuureshka-blog · a day ago
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In my opinion Gus feels a little bit lonely then other friends and i think he miss Mattholomule so much
P.S Yeah, I redesigned the photo from "Labyrinth Runners"
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iska48s · 2 days ago
:DD ✨
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arosebyanyothername9678 · 20 hours ago
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More Hunter fan art. I’m continuing to practice how to draw him as well as the others. He’s definitely become my favourite character in the series along side Willow, Luz, Eda and Raine, and I’m determined to do more art of him. Hope you guys like it. Also small reference to the abridged series by Tomotasauce 😊
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pabuthefirecat · 2 days ago
Oh, Canada
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Where we are FREE to do DOM things!
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paperback-rascal · 17 hours ago
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I drew this piece after @kalm5 and I had a discussion about how we think each member of Clone Force 99′s tans and we agreed to the following:
Wrecker and Hunter tan just beautifully. To quote The Stranglers: “Golden brown, texture like sun“. However the difference is that Hunter has no tan lines as he prefers to be in his... decanting suit while on the beach while Wrecker is more of a basic swim-trunks and plenty of exercise type of tan (swimming, hauling logs/stones, burying Crosshair in sand...  or whatever he wants to do at the time).
Crosshair gets a sunburn just by thinking of the sun and despite using heavy-duty sunscreen, he gets skin-peeling-red most of the time and almost immediately after exposure to the element.
Tech’s “the vampire” of the group and intends to stay this way. He prefers cooling system provided by his armor, so he is mostly geared up in hot weather.
... and you can be sure, Tech had The Talk with the whole squad about civilian summer clothing etiquette akin to this ice-cream commercial:
STAR WARS: The Clone Wars/The Bad Batch © George Lucas/ Dave Filoni/ LucasFilm/ Disney
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thevastnessof · 2 days ago
Hunter is just a golden retriever puppy in hell
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vikingmera · 2 days ago
omg could you draw hunter??
Tumblr media
Plus a Gus! Because I love their friendship so much and I feel robbed that it probably wont get more screen-time for season three! TTDTT!!!!
To no-ones surprise..... These two (plus Darius and Eda) are my favourite characters TDT!!!
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zoeykallus · 2 days ago
can you do how the bad batch (+ rex) would propose?
Oh yes I can and I will :D Thanks for this very lovely ask!
The Bad Batch (+ Rex) x GN Reader "Proposal"
Tumblr media
How would the guys propose? Interesting question! Let's take a closer look…
Hope you don't mind I went with "the ring thing"
Fluff ahead! And Crosshair's part is 18 + sorry guys, not sorry
Tumblr media
Is probably about the most down to earth and responsible of the guys, aside from Echo. He needs some time. He may be head over heels in love with you, but a real commitment in the form of marriage is something he takes his time with, so it could be a few years of your relationship before you can count on it.
Hunter is an outdoorsman and not the flamboyant sort. However, once he decides to pop the big question, he wants you to really see how serious he is and how important you are to him. He takes his time, plans a little ahead. He knows you, knows your preferences and favorite things. The ring he chooses in advance has something about it that clearly shows how well he knows you, the stone will have your favorite color, a pattern that suits you very much, maybe even be in the shape of your favorite flower.
Fancy restaurant? Probably not. Hunter is more likely to prepare an outdoor picnic with the help of Echo and/or Tech, in a nice secluded spot, with your favorite snacks, romantic torch lighting in the evening, and most importantly, he'll bring a lot of time. He will only propose on a day when he really has plenty of time to spend with you all day and night.
You will notice his nervousness a little bit, but maybe you won't be able to assign it directly. He will give you the ring in a fancy little box, he doesn't want the frills of hiding the ring in the food, he is way too worried that you might accidentally swallow it or even choke on it.
He will give a little speech telling you how much you mean to him, that he knows he doesn't want to be a day without you, you are an important part of his life and can't and won't imagine life without you.
Hunter holds the box out to you with a smile, opens it and asks you very solemnly, "Will you be my wife (husband/life partner)?"
If you say yes, you will see the brightest smile on his face you have ever seen. You've just made him the happiest man in the universe and that's exactly what he tells you before he puts the ring on you and kisses you deeply.
Tumblr media
Just like Hunter, he needs time, no matter how much he loves you, this serious commitment step, he goes only after quite a while. But this is also due to a certain fear that plagues him. No matter how close you are, subliminally Echo is always afraid of not being enough and being rejected.
Since the Citadel, he is no longer who he once was and is quite painfully aware of it. Even though he is doing well with you and his brothers, he has never really let go of this feeling of not being complete.
Most of the preparation he has to do is mental, setting himself up for any possible response and reaction from you, just in case.
He will surprise you with a candlelight dinner, in a not luxurious but dreamy, gorgeous little place, a place where he feels comfortable with you.
Echo is showering you with sincere compliments, he is full of affection for you and today it is just bubbling out of him.
He wants to ask you after dinner, over one of your favorite cocktails (with or without alcohol, as you prefer), and you'll see his fingers drumming nervously on the table and him bobbing his artificial leg as he gathers himself and gathers his courage.
You'll put a hand over his, which is shaking nervously, and ask, "Echo, honey, are you all right?"
He blurts out, "Marry me!" almost in a panic.
"What?" you ask, startled of his outbreak, perplexed.
Echo clears his throat, he blushes, pulls out the ring box, opens it and says, "Actually, that was supposed to sound more romantic, sorry."
The appearance of the ring, reflects how well he knows you, namely better than anyone else.
Old fashioned, he drops to one knee in front of you, takes your hand in his and asks, "Will you marry me?"
Careful; if you say yes, he might melt away and disappear under the table. But seriously, he will be so joyfully nervous that he will forget for a moment how to get back on his feet.
Tumblr media
is a spur of the moment guy! He loves you, deeply and you love him, he knows that, it doesn't take him long to know that he wants to spend his life with you. He can't imagine ever being with anyone else and he doesn't want to.
It is very likely that he will pop the question on impulse even before he has a ring.
If you say yes, he will spin you around and tell everyone, and I mean ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, that he is going to marry the most beautiful and wonderful person. He will almost burst with pride and immediately introduce you to everyone you meet as his future spouse.
You will choose the ring together, you can take as much time as you want, even though Wrecker is not usually the patient type, he wants you to find your perfect ring. This is something special and the ring should show that, he thinks, so don't get the idea to pick something totally simple, even if you like it, Wrecker wants to show you around proudly beaming with love.
When you finally have the ring, he carries you over the threshold at the jeweler's.
Laughing, you say, "That's too soon."
Wrecker calmly replies, "It's never too early to be carrying the love of your life on your hands!"
Tumblr media
wants to plan everything meticulously, down to the last detail. He has even already planned Gonky as a ring bearer. Fancy restaurants and all that stuff is too mundane for him, in his opinion that just doesn't express what he wants to say, namely how much he absolutely wants to have you in his life forever.
Tech goes through a lot of ideas, tinkering and crafting, often being busy for hours and not letting you come into his work corner. Something secret, a surprise, he keeps saying when you ask why. You have no idea what he is cooking up, but you have learned to be patient, Tech often has projects that take him over, he often needs that to sort out his very active mind that sometimes gives him sleepless nights.
The matter is something very personal and Tech takes it very seriously. Among other things, he will make the engagement ring himself, from the finest material and it will be beautiful, reflecting what he feels and showing that he knows exactly what makes your heart beat faster.
He will take you to a secluded place, a place that is beautiful, with a perceptible romantic symmetry, because Tech has a weakness for neat things. He will explain in his typically matter-of-fact way how much he values your relationship, that you complement him, are the part of himself that he has always lacked to be complete. That you have added a wonderful emotional layer to his life, which until your arrival was purely logical, that he no longer wants to miss.
He took his time and perfectly symmetrically grew your favorite flowers in a lettering:
Will you marry me?
In the background Gonky comes wobbling, on his square body the ring box with the homemade ring.
If you say yes, Tech will put the ring on you and promise to always be by your side and he will keep this promise.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
18+ Sorry guys
Is a very physical type, he prefers to show his affection in an intimate physical manner and in his strong protective instinct.
Well, he is not really a romantic, not in the usual sense, he is very attentive, but not a guy who appreciates or applies fancy frills to show his affection. In fact, it never occurred to him to get married someday.
Not even immediately when you were together. But after a while, he actually starts thinking about it, but doesn't talk about it, to anyone, including you.
The question will come very unexpectedly. After a fierce mission that almost cost him his life, you are in bed together, you are under him, he has full control, that's what he likes the most. His cock is deep inside you and he's been keeping you on edge for quite a while, bringing you close to climax and making you squirm, for so long that you're already whimpering under him and begging him to let you cum.
Of course you have a safeword.
He can hardly keep it up himself, but he loves to hear you beg when he knows that only he can release you.
"Please... Crosshair"
"Do you want to marry me?"
You blink and can't quite grasp what he just asked.
"Do you want to marry me, say yes and I'll let you cum" he says with a smirk.
When you say yes, he keeps his promise, your climax more intense than ever, because there's so much more to it. You cling to him dig your fingernails into his back and hear him groan, he loves it when you do that. Shortly after, his throbbing cock releases inside you.
Barely catching his breath again, he pulls the ring box out from under the mattress. As I said, fancy is not his thing, the ring is very simple, but there is something engraved on it, a date, the date when he first confessed his love to you. Crosshair is attentive as mentioned before, he remembers such things.
He puts the ring on you and kisses you intimately, intensely, his hand clasped around your chin demanding.
"Another round?" he finally asks with a cheeky smirk.
Tumblr media
is a cavalier of the old school. Romantic candlelight, a fancy restaurant, he dances with you, slowly and tightly embraced, has flowers for you, holds the door open for you, pushes your chair to the table, takes your jacket off etc. etc....
Rex is always very attentive, but today everything is a touch more romantic and attentive, almost solemn. You already suspect a little what might come, but you are not sure. He spoils you the whole evening and adores you, you can hardly believe your luck.
He looks so handsome in his chic civi clothes, you can hardly tear your gaze away from him.
He often holds your hand between courses at dinner while you talk, his fingers gently glide over yours while he looks deep into your eyes and you can't help but get lost in them. Rex is so warm and heartfelt, so genuine that it can leave you speechless. He radiates so much strength and devotion, many a person throws him admiring glances, but he doesn't notice that at all, his interest is only in you, from the bottom of his heart.
Rex does not bond quickly, but when he does, it is in depth. A serious commitment is important for him, with him you always have an absolutely reliable partner at your side.
You are not really surprised when he gets down on one knee and holds out the ring box to you, but your heart beats so high that you almost take off. The ring is elegant but simple, a small stone in your favorite color adorns the center. Engraved are the words "In Eternal Love - Your Rex".
If you say yes, he puts the ring on you, beams at you, promises to always love you and that's exactly what he will do.
Tumblr media
@chxpsi @andyoufollowyourheart @clone-whore-99 @brynhildrmimi @kaliel2310 @moonstrider9904 @rexandechosandwich
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tiny-badbatcher · a day ago
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Hunter being Omega’s Dad in Cornered (1x4)
I understand that some people disagree with me about their relationship and that is completely okay, however I would appreciate it if you only put nice things on this post that will not put anyone down or end up in an argument.
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joyjababanoid · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tmnt and Bad Batch
They fit so well together!! They have similar dynamics!!! I couldn’t help myself!!!! Click the pics to see comments!!!!
(Also, I used my own versions of the TMNT, sorry if that’s confusing)
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mentalmeles · 17 hours ago
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Some quick Wittebro Whiteboard doodles
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imovyn · a day ago
Tumblr media
i can’t keep working on this it’s driving me insane so have the messy lineart here you go
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flapjack-hunter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Borrower Hunter but he's been caught (by Gus I guess)
I've been drawing a lot more G/t recently so I'm hoping to start posting semi-regularly on this blog. Super down for requests too :)
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seyfertgalaxy · a day ago
an entire collector analysis. somewhat
in a previous analysis post about the Collector, i said that their "bad" intentions weren't entirely their fault in almost any case. i acknowledge that they definitely had some things that were conscious decisions of their own accord, but most of what WE see, is.. ehehdh. yknow?
especially with Belos. aka Philip.
this is a child, so they're obviously gonna be gullible and easily influenced. even negatively influenced. they have no way of knowing whats wrong and whats right, and I doubt their morals are in check, so the only adult figure in their life doesn't help with that. at all. he's an evil jackass who clearly abuses the Collector, mainly emotionally. not to mention that he literally lied to them for hundreds of years, and kept them trapped under a false promise. (pinkie promise at that)
he had never intended on freeing them. and when he did have them in his possession, it seemed like he encouraged lots of bad shit. my main point to this is how he kinda played along with them, and smiles at their silly "accusations"(hint hint: grimwalkers). he also clearly fucking uses them. for the magic, spells, and its also implied that they helped with the grimwalkers. "we can make another grimwalker" is a main line of indication.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i saw a few people say that, with them being a child and Belos the only adult around, they wanted to "impress" him and make him proud. like how most kids might do. and i agree with this, i would even consider it canon! and based off of my own personal experience, its probably true either way. i used to do stupid stuff all the time as a child, just to make the adults in my life laugh or smile. sure, the outcome wasnt always good, but its what kids do anyways.
also Collector has been around for thousands of years and I doubt they ever had a positive role model, parental figure, or any good adult in their life. and with no consequences to their actions(disregarding entrapment), it makes sense.
also their lack of empathy and understanding of others' safety makes sense as well. being alone with little to no social interaction for hundreds of years can do that to somebody. especially someone so young(mentally).
they're just immature, gullible, easily influenced, quick to trust(like with King and Philip), and more. overall, a child with too much power. i do think they understand this power(in contrast to what others think), since they have loads of powerful knowledge on magic and spells. so its only logical if they understood their own abilities, at least to varied degrees.
Tumblr media
and they're far from a villain, at least an intentional one. at the most, they're just an antagonist(so far). they're also literally described as morally grey/chaotic NEUTRAL. and morally grey basically means: "The simple definition is that morally grey characters are those who are not completely good or completely evil. It's the characters who wobble in the “grey” area between hero and villain."
as to say, they don't really have their "own" morals put into place. in a way, they usually just go with whatever is asked of them as long as theres some form of game involved. once again, a childish trait.(or a pinkie swear, usually used a "deal". another childish thing)
and on the topic of pinkie swears/promises, Collector views these things as sacred. to them, you *cant* break a pinkie swear. its the ultimate bond, the best type of deal, you CANNOT break it no matter what. until someone does break it, their world just. shatters. hint HINT: Belos.
thennn cut to them being thrown off of a bridge into a pit of dead children after trying to "reason" with Belos. and so many people have pointed this out before but the collector was probably crying before King found them. their eyes indicate some type of puffiness, (to me)their voice sounds like its cracking/breaking, and the sorrow in their voice at "leave me alone". crying or not, theyre still very obviously saddened by the betrayal. and its understandable as to why theyre upset. someone who they thought they could trust for hundreds of years just turns around and backstabs them, out of greedy selfishness. and others have said Belos was in the right for not freeing them, since they're so dangerous. and yeah, they're dangerous, but what Belos did wasnt okay. especially since he promised that he would set them free after the day of unity for YEARS. and when the day finally came.. nope. it didnt happen, and they were literally thrown away. Belos still abused them, lied to them, used them, took advantage of their trust and gullibility, and probably more.
Tumblr media
"you can trust me", "we have to wait until after the draining spell/day of unity", "your patience will be rewarded".
then, when King set them free after finding them, Belos STILL attempts to gaslight them. even when he's terrified. "Collector? you're free. just as promised."
and luckily, Collector catches on this time because now they KNOW better. "as promised? i remember someone throwing me off a bridge." then they ask if Belos wants to play tag, and then.. SPLAT! they boop him to death(literally. and while Belos may not be *dead*, thats for a different post). and honestly, good on them!
and this is the thing I really wanted to talk about. i can't rephrase my own words any better so I'll copy and paste them from a different analysis of mine. its from this clip if anyone wants better context:
Tumblr media
not like this matters or anything, but i think it could have been a 50/50 thing. i say this because the Collector's eyes were still glowing and the line: "you guys look slow, too" probably indicates some malicious intent(and we know the Collector's eyes only glow whenever they use their power/magic, or at least something similar). but he's still a kid, he still enjoys games;;legitimate games. i remember him saying to King: "do you like hide and seek? I'll hide first" which just tells me that they genuinely like playing traditional, childish games. however, their way of playing games can definitely be considered dangerous,,unsafe. that can be for several reasons, but its probably just because they don't consider that they are actually hurting people. well, either that(or something similar)OR they just don't care. which makes some sense in Collector's POV, they're a young child mentally. and most children don't actually think about their actions or the consequences that follow. and for the Collector, there probably isn't any consequences(disregarding entrapment). so i do believe that they wanted to actually play tag, or something, with the other kids. but the game probably would have ended up being dangerous for the others, without the collector fully realising that(or caring, like i said previously). also yeah, their eyes do stop glowing whenever King shows up("King!" and their arms are spread wide in a welcoming manner), which probably was indication of the "game" ending before it even started. maybe their eyes glow whenever they're playing? it would make sense, in some context at least.
and yes, i do agree that the Collector was trapped for a reason! probably more than once given some clues. they're dangerous and their way of playing is straight up unsafe(given that they wanted to play with King whenever he hadn't even hatched yet.)
but so young(mentally), being trapped was obviously traumatic for them and probably terrifying. whether they "deserved" it or not.
they also MIGHT be linked to the wailing star, but my only evidence for this is because the cries sound similar to the Collector's voice. hopefully we get some insight on this in a twitter post, or even better: season three.
also, whenever Belos picks up Collector's disc, i SWEAR they said "stop". maybe im hearing incorrectly but i just wanted to say it here.
and if that is true, then.. hdgdgdh /neg ueghb
and if there is more than one collector, i hope we get some type of backstory. maybe its like an "extinct species" situation. like with the grimwalkers and titans. specifically the titans since they're clearly linked.
also copying and pasting this from another post.of mine: " isnt it so fucked up that Belos had intended on killing the Collector when he threw them down. he probably expected the disc to just shatter, but luckily it was caught on some bones instead. also throwing them into a "pit of failures" whenever all they had done was help him is kinda messed up.. like dude, that kid helped you for HUNDREDS OF YEARS and only wanted freedom in return. like how selfish do you have to be to consider that a "failure" or something similar.. this is just from Belos' and Collector's POV, but man. what the Fuck" and its true. i dont think they would have actually died, based on context clues we are shown, but the INTENT is still there. and thats what makes it so messed up.
i also dont think that the Collector understands the gravity of their actions. they reconstructed the titans skull, and possibly the rest of the boiling isles. or even the entire demon realm itself. we dont know yet. and they did it for a *game*, and i dont think they understood how harmful that was. they also clearly don't see how upset King is to leave his friends behind just to play with them. but in all fairness, King seemed to want to leave the Collector after promising them he would set them free and play with them. so their small rage fit and "you pinkie swore!" was somewhat justified. but all in all, King just wanted to save his friends, family, and everybody else. he didnt want *this*, but Collector doesnt know that. all they know is that the baby titan who they wanted to play with for years is here, alive, and promising to play with them. and that is what theyve been wanting. and waiting for.
i would also like some more information on that dream sequence! yknow, Collector's first appearance like a year ago or so. they seemed to have trapped the owl beast, aka Eda's curse. and from what i can tell, that beast didnt always use to be a curse. the Collector seems to have trapped it inside of a scroll. some have speculated it to be related to their *collection*, given their name, but im not too sure. theyre a god in relation to Titans of all beings. surely theyd have a more valuable collection than some curses and/or random beasts. but who knows? theres probably more to that event than we know, since this curse has shown to take a big toll on Eda(and Lilith, later on). "don't bother, beast. you can't run away anymore. its over." so maybe they had a chase that lasted a while? considering, in the dream, Collector is being remembered as much more menacing than they actually are. which is a common theme with memory in TOH. like with Luz remembering her mom, the collector, Hunter exclaiming how Belos probably remembered events incorrectly, and King recalling Luz saying something that she didnt actually say. or maybe theres separate collectors, like i said. and there is evidence for that, but theres also evidence that goes against that theory as well. at this point, its really just a 50/50 shot. but the appearance was still wicked /pos
okay! i will add onto this post later
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