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I got tagged by @annecumberbatch to: list 10 songs you’ve been listening to recently and tag 10 people. I’m not gonna tag anyone- do it if you want to! Thank you for the tag, lovely!

  1. April - Beach Bunny
  2. Boys Will Be Bugs - Cavetown
  3. High Definition - Waterparks
  4. Girl - The Luka State
  5. Dying In A Hot Tub - Palaye Royale 
  6. Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows
  7. Misguided Ghosts - Paramore
  8. Loner - Yungblud
  9. Missing You - All Time Low
  10. Sleep - My Chemical Romance
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Anyway y'all are beautiful and I hope everyone is staying safe as best they can

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Sometimes i feel like nobody is listening when i speak

Sometimes i feel like everyone is

It’s difficult, growing up in a place where no one is religious, yet christianity tints the glasses that we drink from, the windows we see through

It’s more difficult growing up and being beckoned

Beckoned to something different




He did not speak in words, instead let me hear his presence, the rustling of the leaves


I stayed up all night, too excited, too anxious, too present to sleep, and He was there when i woke, birds calling outside, sun-sweet kisses raining down on my cheeks, my body, my every part that was seen by the sky

They both said their hellos in different ways that week

When i apologized for not wearing sunscreen, that i had none with me, the next day i stumbled across two bottles, placed on a table that said “free”

When i was confused if i actually heard anything at all, if it was all just in my head, i woke up to find a bottle with his symbol on it, two snakes curved around the staff and my heart as well

They gave to me, called to me, beckoned me, and so i lept

I lept into the world anew, tears streaming down my face as i sat outside and listened, truly listened, and loved

I felt whole

I felt welcomed


What was i hearing? Was it truly what i thought? How can i ever be sure?

The thing is, i’ll never be truly sure

But when




Happens, you begin to think that maybe they weren’t coincidences.

So i will always have my doubt, my what ifs,

But i will also always have Them

Innumerable and Amazing

And so, i think to myself,

I am happy

Who cares if nobody is listening

Who cares if everyone is

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Freud: People have unconscious processes that bias their interactions and control how they interpret things and it is important to learn and embrace these unconscious processes as to be best in control of ourselves with full understanding and to not inaccurately generalize our beliefs and unconscious processes to the normal public
Also Freud: Everyone secretly wants to kill their dad and fuck their mom.
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Después de dos mugrosos días y ni siento que se vea bn >:(


-Su nombre es Aunguía(señal del cielo) pro le apodan Angy 👌(oh bueno solo su hermano y su amiga)

-Hermana menor de Athan

-Ella vive en el reino aéra (aire)

-Solo puede ver a su hermano una vez al año pues ella defendio a los humanos y eso esta mal visto en los spichiris por lo tanto es muy jusgada y vigilada

-acude a sus estudios en la academia de magía de su elemento en su reino

-vive en las nubes(literal mente)

-Su elemento es el aire

- en su cinturon tiene el simbolo de su elemento pero en el dibujo ksi no se nota 👌👌👌

-Se maquilla las marcas de sus ojos pues es facíl que reconoscan a su hermano por su culpa(¿

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considering all the posts you made about him post dttm i'm going to guess marius (lyf is a great choice btw. i wouldn't have thought about him)


yeah you got me I love that incredibly confusing violin man. wish i knew just. ANYTHING about him lore wise. waiting for that solo album Soon. 

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so a whole shelf collapsed at my store today and the pictures my manager took straight up look like a Renaissance painting like


I’m pretty sure they took a picture of another screen but the warping….the lighting….da Vinci who…..

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what’s a good vpn i tried nord and it fucking sucked and i can’t even uninstall it

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So today I was supposed to be in Disney World. I’d been planning the trip for a few months with my sister because my work and grad school spring breaks were magically the same week.

Specifically today I was supposed to go to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Those of you that follow my humble blog know I have a particular love of A Galaxy Far Far Away. I have been a Star Wars fan all my life and only dreamed about a full on Star Wars theme park as a kid. Needless to say I was excited.

I’m sad now about the whole thing but I know in perspective that I’m very blessed with safety at this time and there are people right now who don’t have the benefit of safety and security right now.

So today I may be a little sad but that pales in comparison to the True Heroes of this pandemic.

I’m sending out prayers to all the healthcare workers and essential workers out there right now who are fighting to end this pandemic. God bless you and keep you safe.


Originally posted by alyoverlays

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this is haunted but at least five looks like a spud still

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