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#hazbin hotel

Hi everyone admin here I have a very big question for all my followers and that is do you guys like this blog because if you do that is great but if you guys don’t well maybe I should just delete this blog tell me what you guys think because I am having a hard time thinking about if I should stay or go

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              WITH  A  GENTLE  TOUCH  ,  he  cleans  the  blood  from  her  wounds  with  a  smile  dressed  up  in  a  faux  sense  of  kindness  .  hues  glisten  a  rainbow  kaleidoscope  of  what  appears  to  be  genuine  concern  but  contain  trails  of  emptiness  –  void  of  any  true  empathy  .      ❛      don ’ t  worry  about  it  one  bit  ,      ❜      his  voice  is  carefree  &  playful  .      ❛      i ’ m  happy  to  help  .      ❜      happy  in  the  thought  of  gaining  something  in  return  down  the  line  for  this  little  act  .  even  something  small  would  suffice  .      ❛      how  rude  of  them  to  hurt  you  like  that  .      


              @littledemondarling​   continued  from  :  x

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The most poetic side their relationship will be like Icarus flying out from his prison and toward the sun, but ascending to heaven on solar winds of hope in lieu of falling to his doom. Resting in the clouds beside something that he initially expected to be so unearthly and foreign, high and untouchable. But it’s distance from life was about as great as his tower was from the ground. And all it ever hoped for was someone who knew how to build wings, and spend her time with on ground.

On the other hand, a moth frantically and repeatedly colliding face first into a light bulb with extreme frustration and confusion will probably very accurately describe their day-to-day domestic friction :)

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Hahahfhjwjshd, these are beautiful. 😂

1. “Sober Up” by AJR, but especially the first 10 seconds. Please just listen to the first 10 seconds and remember that scene in your mind.

2. For unreasonably serious takes on a generally cracky concept - “Poison” by Jayn/LittleJaneyCakes and “Begging to Bleed” by 8 Graves. Because the concept of the Egg Bois is pretty fucked up when you think about them too long. Which I did.

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Say hello to my only other fandom, Hazbin Hotel!

The character in question is from the fic The Masked Man’s Puppet Show, and this is the main character.

“Check The Mirror.
Are You Still You?”

“Finnegan F. Swan, The Missouri Massacirist, a killer whose age is unknown. He had killed exactly 1440 men and women over the period of 1949 to 1982. Every single one of his kills were cut up and put back together, held up by steel beams and metal wires, posed to represent different famous paintings and / or tales.

Lucifer Morningstar’s fall into hell, Cinderella’s stepsisters’ feet being burnt to a crisp whilst dancing on hot coals, the execution of the French royal families during the French revolution. And many others.

All of them were found in a small wooded area in between Missouri and Arkansas, right along the two states border. Every single victim was confirmed to have been monsters themselves. Rapists, murderers, and the general scum of the earth.

His last recorded kill was his 1440th kill, and the victim was Henry Ragno, a American Italian mob boss who had done deals with drugs, human trafficking, and an unprecedented amount of murderers.

After his death, Swan killed himself via self-immolation. It is not known why he did this.

Finnegan F. Swan.
Born, Unknown
Died, 1982.
May he burn eternally in Hell.”

-A small college blurb on infamous murderers in Missouri history.

Fun fact, I know how to draw and color.

Fun fact, just because I know, does not mean I can.

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Can’t believe I made a kin list

Here we go characters I kin

.Matt (Eddsworld)


.Rainbowdash (Mlp)

.Jesper (Klaus)

.Dean (SpN this one hurts now)

.Wort (over the garden wall)

.GUNDHAM TANKA (Danganronpa)

.Mangle (Fnaf)

.Will Graham (Hannibal)

.Sherlock( BBC Sherlock)

.Daffy duck( Especially inthe Looney Toon Show)

.Angel Dust

.Zim (invader zim)

.N (Pokémon)

.Gregg( night in the woods)

.Rich (BMC)

.Donnie(Ninja turtle)

. Flowey(undertale)

.Amythest (Steven Universe)

.Yurio (Yuri on ice)

.Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)

.Dr Habit (Smile for Me)

Josh- until dawn.



Purple- high

Orange- medium

Red- lower kin

Im bored so send me assumptions about me based of this list.

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