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drew some sapphics in some shirts
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So, I know this might sound super awkward, or maybe not, but can you please write a platonic yandere Alastor and reader. The reader could be a very close friend or even someone Alastor views as his child (and no they don't have to be related). I'm not super picky about this if you do write it. Thank you for reading this.
One-Shots and Headcanons Masterlist
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Ever since you were a child, you used to play with the boy next doors 
He was well behaved yet meek and seemed almost fragile 
He always sported new bruises and cuts whenever you saw him but you never gave it too much thought, you were only 8 at the time after all 
Your mothers, just like you, became very good friends so sleep overs was a monthly must, not that you complained 
Alastor was always fun to hang out with  
After the mysterious death of Alastor's father, the young lad started slowly emerging from his shell 
He was more confident, daring and ready to take on the world 
When both your and his parents passed, you decided to move together 
It was easier that way and you could emotionally support the other when needed, not to mention you could talk to each other whenever you wanted 
You soon became close and comfortable with each other enough, to consider the other family 
You even started calling Alastor your big brother 
It wasn’t long after your new living arrangements were agreed upon that you started noticing little unexplainable details 
How he went out at outrageous hours during the night 
How you never saw him come back 
How he was often injured (though thankfully it was never anything serious) 
How you suddenly had piles upon piles of meat which you never saw him buy 
How he never allowed you into the basement, having secured it with three different locks to prevent you from going in 
And so, one night you decided to secretly observe what he was up to  
It was a mistake that cost you your life 
When an armed man who was supposed to be Alastors next victim pointed his weapon at him, your body moved on its own to shield him  
The next thing you knew, you woke up in a place with blood red sky 
It took you several weeks, maybe even months to get accustomed to your new way of life 
It wasn’t too bad 
You found work at the Happy Hotel ran by the Princess of Hell as a receptionist  
Charlie was a very friendly and kind soul 
So was Vaggie, once she stopped being suspicious of you and accepting that you had no bad intentions  
And Angel Dust, well he was a bundle of energy, always up and around  
But something was not right, and it left you feeling hollow every night when you went to bed, missing your home and missing your brother 
“Hey Vaggie!” 
Charlie exclaimed, running from the front door towards me, Angel and Vaggs as we were sitting on a couch in the hall.  
“The Radio demon is at the door!” 
She motioned with her hands and made an overly stretched smile appear on her face. One could tell simply from her eyes that she was nervous as all Hell. Whoever this Radio demon was, he must have been a frightening character. 
“Well, don’t let him in!” 
Charlie went back as her girlfriend explained to me and Angel who exactly they were talking, how he got the nickname and why he was so feared down here. Scary stuff, I tell you. It made me want to run up the stairs towards my room when I saw an outline of an unfamiliar demon walk inside. Vaggie quickly took her spear and decided to go help with whatever was happening. I decided to try distracting myself with talking to Angel who was slouching next to me, his head resting on my thighs. That is, until a strange shadowy figure pulled him down.  
“(Y/N) my dearest, I finally found you!”  
I turned around only to come face to face with a deer demon dressed all in red with cute little antlers on his head. His voice was staticky, yet strangely familiar despite the fact I was more than sure I’ve never seen him before.  
“Uhm... Do I know you sir?”  
The shadow disappeared along with the strange (satanic?) symbols that were floating around.  
“My oh my, do you not recognise your beloved older brother?” 
He inquired, bending forward so that he would be on the same eye level.  
“I’m sorry for being so late, little dove. Finding the person who killed you and torturing him ever so slowly for hurting my precious little sister took much longer than I anticipated, but rest easy. I avenged you accordingly and now, with my power, I will protect you no matter what.”  
I was embraced by the man, closing my eyes and letting tears of happiness for reuniting with Alastor trinkle down my cheeks.  
“Big brother...” 
You finally found the missing piece, or more so it found you. All you knew was that you were finally home.  
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Death Becomes Her
Yknow, I always say that Boogie is the scariest member of the Coven, but I never really...show that she is the one you should fear the most.
Boogie takes a looong time to reach bloodlust but when she does...you know you fucked up. There is no mercy nor salvation. You wasted every opportunity to be saved.
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It’s time to be Asexy! <3 (a piece for acealastorweek)
My Twitter. My DeviantArt. :D
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angelltheninth · 18 hours ago
Radio Silence
Pairing: Human!Alastor x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, late night cuddles, planning to have a kid, forehead kisses
Word count: 0.4k
A/N: I love writing soft Alastor. I really think he'd be quite a gentleman no? The prompt for this one was 'late nights' with Human Alastor. If you want more fics from my 5k event you can go to the wholesome list or to the darker one if that's more your taste.
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You don't hear him come in but you hear the familiar hum, the rustling of clothes, humming getting closer and finally you feel the bed dip, the covers being lifted off you and the warmth of them replaced by Alastor's arms.
He pulls you close, "Did I wake you up darling?"
"Yeah." You turn in his arms, a sleep smile on your face, "But I don't mind. How was work?" You nestle close to his chest, his chin resting on the top of your head.
Alastor hums, "More fun than usual actually. I may or may not be getting my own show some time in the near future."
Suddenly you were no longer sleepy. You almost tackled him, making him groan as you straddled his hips, took your face in your hands and kissing him rapidly.
"Al! That's amazing! Were you gonna wait until tomorrow to tell me?"
"Well I simply didn't want to wake you up sweetheart." Alastor places his hands over yours, his smile splitting his face, "Since you've found out, perhaps tomorrow I can take you out to dinner to celebrate."
You lay your body over his, thinking briefly about the offer, "That sounds nice, but actually I'd like it if we stayed inside and made something together."
"Ah, I understand. Do you want to go shopping tomorrow then?" His hands fall on your back, massaging your muscles, lulling you to an almost sleep.
"Anything is good. But I was referring to... well... I was wondering what you thought about adding another little member to our family?" His hands stopped, his breathing stopped, only for a moment, followed by a deep exhale.
"Darling, are you saying that you're-"
"No, no! Not yet. Or at all if you don't want to. But I just thought it might be nice to think about it. We don't have to decide by tomorrow. God, I kind of sprung this on you huh?" You turn his face into his chest, hiding your blush despite it being dark in the room.
He chuckles, "Not at all. I'm willing to think about it." His hands start moving again, melting your worries away, "I would love to add a new member to our family." You couldn't hold back a gasp, almost a choked sob as you felt Alastor press a kiss to your forehead, "Sleep now, I've already taken some of your precious rest. We can talk more in the morning."
Just like that you felt light, happy beyond compare, almost floating, only held back by Alastor's arms around you as you sank back into that dreamy void.
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Tim Burton style practice since it's been almost a year since I last draw in Tim Burton Style, so I'm rusty af lol
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(Day 6… Birthday/Party)
Little Octavia!
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Another drip request from twitter!, this one gotta be one of my favorite
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Hazbin Character Playlists 2.0
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Yeah, basically I just decided to make new playlists for the Hazbin characters lol happy listening!
🌈 Charlie’s Mix
🤍 Vaggie’s Mix
🕷 Angel’s Mix
📻 Alastor’s Mix
♦️ Husk’s Mix
🧹 Niffty’s Mix
💣 Cherri’s Mix
And some bonus self indulgent playlists lol:
🦇 Stella’s Mix
🦇❤️🕷 The Stangel Mix
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writer-of-hj-7 · a day ago
As asked by my twitter followers here's my Angel print mockup!
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halianfromplanetzork · 2 days ago
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Velvet: "How do these work?" Vox: "UNHAND ME AT ONCE!" D:<
My Twitter. My DeviantArt . <3 <3 <3 <3 :D
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