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When we make love

The world reveals itself as

A mask,

How we see it,

Trickled down

In what the Christians did to Norse Paganism,


The Christians came from

The realm of Nihilism,

They stamped out

All of the other worlds symbols, practices


That this mask of Nihilism

Could coil a sickness around us,

Which cannot be analyzed


Irrationally delt with either,

So we must make love

To coil

In that our twists

Bring us into


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I need this job to pay for my therapy.

[Image description:

A 4-panel comic in a square layout with a black background and neon orange borders.

Panel 1: a storefront drawn in neon green. The sign says “Work-Store”. The panel text says, “Most days I go to work. Sometimes its fine.”

Panel 2: an image of a customer pointing angrily at an employee. The customer is drawn in neon red, and the employee is drawn in neon blue and green. The panel text says. “Sometimes its not. Sometimes customers can be very mean for no real reason.”

Panel 3: an image of a crying face drawn in neon blue with a cloud floating above the eyes. The panel text is inside the cloud, and it says, “My boss told me its not okay to cry in front of customers.”

Panel 4: a neon blue figure is curled up on a pink chair. The panel texts says, “The funny thing is I need this job to pay for my therapy.”

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i! present! a girl!

i’ve always imagined angelie to sound like kimya dawson and i Finally put together a little animatic to see if it would fit?? this is from her “what’s in my bag” interview, and i wasn’t sure if i wanted to draw angelie’s “canon” design or dream!angelie, so i just uh. made it ambiguous.

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Another day, another drawing I bought three cheap canvases the other day and I want to use them for anime characters, the first one is Itachi ❤️ Hope you like it!

P.S: I’ll post more study related posts from tomorrow 📔

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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I did it! I participated in @cheritzteams new event! Yay!!
My idea for this piece was, that Luciel finally implemented a video chat feature to the messenger during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus regular group video chat sessions ensued.
Personally, I found the idea quite fitting because I started playing in the beginning of May - in the middle of quarantine so to say. How long have you been a fan of Mystic Messenger?

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@peaceonwheels said:

          Expression Meme How’s 2B with Stephen Church?

I can’t tell if he’s on the verge of tears or very VERY angry… either way, doesn’t he look BETRAYED? Anyway, thanks for the request, Friendo! <3 Always a pleasure to draw my golden-haired asshole :3c

Expression Meme

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