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What about Boris with a s/o that rescues and takes care to foster kittens until they're up for adoption? s/o is very soft and loving towards the kittens and sometimes he sees s/o cuddling with them and when s/o notice him they say "look kitty's it's your dad!" and ask him if he wants to join them for cuddle time.

“Boris why is your coat meowing?”

🦷 Habit with a S/O that fosters cats 🦷

🦷- So when you asked if you could foster some kittens he was like “sure” bc he was expecting like,, 4 kittens at most

🦷- 10. You got 10.

🦷- So at first he’s panicky because he’s like “oh my gosh how are we going to take care of all of them??” And you basically have to reassure him you got this and that you’ve already got some supplies

🦷- once the panic subsides and he understands that you both have the means to take care of all of them he relaxes and starts asking you about them.

🦷- Boris is definitely the type to be like “I won’t get attached” then gets attached don’t @ me

🦷- He helps out with half and let’s you take the other half.

🦷- He’s really gentle with the kittens and lowkey almost cries because of how they can fit right in his hand.

🦷- He lets the kittens climb all over him and cuddles all of them at once when he’s relaxing on the couch or something

🦷- When you give the kittens up for adoption he really doesn’t like watching them go but he knows that with each one that leaves a new one comes in

🦷- You have to explain to Debra why your 7 ft tall boyfriends coat is meowing.

🦷- He puts the kittens in his coat often, like in the pockets and stuff so he can carry them around.

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It is time once again to shoutout my new Instagram, where I have been posting kitten pictures intensively for the past month. I post pics on Tumblr sometimes, but this is my first project where I’ve tried using photos to tell the stories of my foster kittens, from the time I get them to the time they go to their new homes. So many pictures! So far I have finished stories for Latte, who came to me sick to the point of dying and grew into a healthy, playful kitty, and Mork and Mindy, abandoned and cold at two days old, who grew up to have a very merry Christmas in a new home. Check it out if you need some cuteness in your life. 

TheKittenHours on Instagram

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