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Summer featured plants -Lupines

Lupines are classically a plant associated with the radiant meadows of Trailhead, America or even european cottages and church gardens, but have migrated all over the world reaching as far as cultivars in the medeteranian due to their usefulness as a soybean substitute (please research cultivars before consumption, breads vary) and wild popularity to pollinators.

IDENTIFICATION:Lupines are easily identified by their unconventional profile for example;

Lupin Leaves can be many shades of green but usually with silvery undertones and pale hairs and veins. Leaves are gathered into palms and there can be anywhere from 5 to 28 leaves in each palm!

The flowers of the lupine are found in almost every shade and hue and follow a conical shape tapering to an apex. Each individual flower is described as being pea-like in the sense of there being a horizontal ovening to an enclosed space in the plant holding all of the pollen.

The roots of lupines are tap roots as the plant is primarily a herbaceous perennial.

As aforementioned lupines are a type of bean, but possess the same greyish silver fibers found on leaves.

CARE:The conditions lupines typically require to thrive are;

Preferably full sun but will adapt to partial shade, a well drained medium to low nutrient soil since lupines are legumes (part of the pea and bean family) they will re-introduce nitrogen into the soil they inhabit.

Lupines are particularly susceptible to pests like snails, slugs and aphids so make sure to keep some hedgehogs and ladybirds around. Other natural methods of combating these pests include soapy water, copper wire and scattering eggshell around the base of the plant.

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You arrive at my tiny house community on a sunny but breezy day. I’ve asked you here to sample some new recipes I’m trying. You get out of your car and spot my little witch’s cottage immediately from the other 5 small houses on the property. My door is open and as you get closer, you smell lots of floral scents in the air. You wait at the door for me to invite you in. I walk up to you wearing a cute lavender dress, my hair up in a bun, and an apron around my waist covered in various colors. You see different flowers, bowls, jars, and other utensils on my kitchen counter. I’ve been making syrups to add to drinks. I offer for you to sit in the oh so small “living room” area and wait for me to bring you drinks to sample. We sit together, sipping on my various potions, chatting about what we’ve been up to, happy to be sharing each other’s company.

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