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just caught up on a class now im going to read the song of achilles in the park for half an hour yay im in a groove

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Autumn leaves falling on me, as I stroll through the forest path. It gets dark quickly in the woods, before Halloween season. Everything is covered with red and yellow, only the roots peeking out.

While I walk, I listen to the silence, and it scares me a little. But if I look up, I see the bright blue sky and orange leaves. The forest is not a vile place. It is a place of wonder and deep secrets. It will not do you any harm if you thread through it with respect and an appretiation for magic.

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Originally posted by thegifsshop

Writer’s either write or think about writing. And daydreaming about your story counts-and is an important part-of the writing process.

But, at some point this can be unhealthy and could be one of the reasons of having writer’s block.

Because writer’s write, read and brainstorm so much we could subconsciously start to get tired of it, which might be why our imaginary friends stop talking to us. Even if we have the motivation to write, our brain might not be willing because it’s been working too much.

Writers, I know how much you love writing and how much you hate not writing. But breaks are important. 

Yes, this post is attacking you. I’m attacking myself because I can never take breaks even if I want to. If I have a story idea, I have to write it down and execute it otherwise I’ll go mad.

I wasn’t supposed to write anything until 2021 but I couldn’t even wait a few months. 

Breaks are important because you’ve got to give your imagination and creativity to cool off and refresh. So when you come back to it, you’ve got new ideas. Taking a break can be an advantage too: if you missed doing something and you come back to it after a while, you’ve got all these ideas that you won’t be able to stop once you’ve started.

Take breaks, remember to drink water and breath. You’ll figure it out. Break time is just as important as work time, in any case.


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I love psychology so much,truly.I adore the subject so much and it is something I genuinely want to go ahead with and yes it has its flaws i get it but the potential i see in it is so fricking exciting to me! :) It used to make me so sad to hear people tell me that its one of the most useless degrees and i dont know man ‘useless’ is subjective :) so fuck you if you’re someone who bashes psych major students on their choice of learning.

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