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mermaids’ anatomy

—found on pinterest, credit goes to owners

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I feel like 90% of my life is me trying to figure out how to run away from my problems

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i really just want someone with whom i can lay on the couch while we are both reading in comfortable silence, is that too much to ask for?

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Pen Pal Match Up

Hi everybody!!!! I was not expecting so many responses to my pen pal post!!! As much as I would love to be pen pals with all of you, I’m afraid that’s just not reasonable for me. I’d run out of stationary in a day!!!

BUT!!! Because you all seem so excited to find a pen pal, I’ve decided to create a pen pal match up!! All you need to do is DM me with your name, age, and interests, and I’ll match you with someone similar!!! Someone asked me in a message if it would still work if they are not from the US, and the answer is yes!!! There is an international mail service, and in my opinion international pen pals are even more interesting because you get to learn about a different culture!! So don’t be afraid to message me, and I will try to find you a partner as soon as I can!!

@rooseveltkin @demiboydorito @lillac-rabbit @mylauv @a-fools-feels @the-human-dumpsterfire @voyagenotes @academiccottage

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Dear Love,

I’ve said so many wrong things. I wish I could take them back.

Maybe then you would still be here.

But you aren’t and I can’t fathom why.

I wish you would know how much I love you. I wish you would love me as much as I love you.

If this was their fault I would understand. But it’s not. It’s you. And I don’t understand how you don’t want me like I want you. I don’t understand why you don’t want to talk to me. I don’t understand anything anymore.

All I can do is write. I’ve written to you many times. But now I know I just have to write about you. And it’s an awful feeling. I want you to know everything. I want to tell you all of these things. I want to look into your eyes.

But I can’t. And I don’t know if I ever will again.

I hope you know I’m always yours,


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* Trigger warnings: mentions of death, murder and paganist cults. It’s a serious talk about the things that bother me in the DA community and they are in no way nice or worthy of romanticising*

There are a couple of things in the dark academia community that need to be talked about bc seeing ignorant people romanticise them makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Cults: The first one is, how lots of members romanticise cults both ancient and modern and daydream about being part of one of them. I don’t know who managed to watch Midsomar and instantly go HECK YES I wanna be part of murdering people to appease the gods and spirits they worship but the tendency exists. We must bear in mind that cults were considered illegal even during ancient times as they went against the morals of each society back then. The cult of dionysus for example, during times of ecstasy and hysteria even resorted to cannibalism ( eating people alive ) and thus was considered an extremist religious group. The ancient Greeks considered human sacrifices of any kind barbaric and primitive and frowned upon civilisations that committed them. Don’t confuse the mainstream Greek paganist worship of the God Dionysus with his cult. I’m aware that there were a bunch of cults in ancient Rome as well but my field of knowledge doesn’t allow me to give specific examples, if anyone has extensive information about them is free to share them. Obviously, not all cults are this violent but simply go against the worship of the main pantheons but the most well known ones are the ones with a bloody past.
  • Suicide/murder: The second one, is presenting murder and suicide as the only solution to a problem and sth done for the pretentious a e s t h e t i c. Most dark academia movies and works of literature are actually very critical of these situations, presenting them as sth that goes against the human nature, sth that must not in any case be considered ideal, so I’m asking u, why do I keep coming across posts romanticising suicide so casually? Mentions of death in any form can cause serious triggers due to traumas and mental illnesses or issues so I don’t understand how people refer to them shamelessly without a trigger warning. Even the mention of death can cause severe anxiety to me and although i find comfort in many things that this community romanticises ( like studying, the thirst for knowledge, the human body viewed as a form of art ), I’m fairly disappointed in the way a minority of people handle suicides. If u have suicidal thoughts seek for professional help and don’t find comfort in the particular aesthetic.

I hope the community handles my observations and complains as a way of constructive criticism instead of attacking me in the comments protected by the anonymity this site offers. We all go through a lot so I’m asking for respect in case u disagree.

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Champagne at sunset with sweet Erica 🤍

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a paltry snowball in her hands, delightful, strong, hard, caustic, ferocious; as the hoary asphalt straightened under her weight, she walked, she walked, she dreamed up running somewhere there in her mind, she stopped. snowflakes she squeezed, each one, piece by piece, unique, fragile, intertwined; she watched them melt, spilled water between her fingers, prints of her knuckles softening… air is mordacious; cold, resistance of nature, resistance to nature, her red palm, a defier demeanor, a vaguely, fictitious smirk and a disproportionate use of power. with the last flick of her arm she hurls it, the snowball, “never let anybody hold you,” she says, “you never know when they are gonna close their fist.”


elinde küçük bir kartopu sevecen, güçlü, sert, yakıcı, acımasız; ağırlığı beyazlamış asfaltı düzlerken, yürüdü, yürüdü, zihninin bir yerlerinde koşmayı hayal etti, durdu. sıktığı kar taneleri, hepsi parça parça, eşsiz, narin, içiçe; yavaşça erimelerini izledi, parmaklarından akan suyu, eklem izlerinin yumuşamasını; teninin getirdiği sessiz yıkımı, hava iğneliyici; soğuk, doğanın karşı çıkımı, doğaya karşı çıkım, kırmızı avucu, meydan okuyucu bir duruş, belli belirsiz, hayali bir gülümseme ve orantısız güç kullanımı. kolunun son bir hamlesiyle savuruyor, “bir başkasının seni tutmasına asla izin verme,” diyor, “yumruklarını ne zaman kapatacaklarını asla bilemezsin”.

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indeed live my own dark academia story 🤎

cr. “Dark Academia” in fb

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