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Brew your own magic in your daily coffee ☕️


Crafting Coffee Magic! 🌿☕️✨

  • Place intent into your morning coffee by pondering what the day holds for you as it brews and think about what you want from the day before you. Stir clockwise to invite positivity into your life, and stir counterclockwise to banish negativity. Adding a pinch of cinnamon or salt is also believed to help banish negativity as well.
  • Read coffee grounds from your pour over coffee just like you would tea leaves!
  • Coffee is believed to help heal the mind and spirit. It’s believed to have antidepressant properties, which makes it a great addition to anti anxiety spell-work, and aids in spells for positivity and happiness.
  • Coffee has the power to aid in removing curses and hexes as well as ward off nasty negativity.
  • Brew yourself a cup of black coffee and try coffee scrying. Take your coffee to a dark, quiet room and light candles. Gaze into your coffee and let your mind wander. Consider the darkness of the coffee and think about the dark, rich aspects of your own life. What parts of your life need stimulating? What aspects of the darkness to you enjoy? When you feel the session has been successful, drink your magical brew and relax.
  • Leave a cup of coffee out overnight on a table or the kitchen counter along with a slice of bread to help keep away ghosts or to appease a mischievous spirit.
  • It’s said that using a different coffee mug than your usual one will invite bad luck into your daily activities.
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Just a little introduction from me. I have been practising for 4 years now, and a friend told me that Tumblr has great witch community so I decided to give it a try. I am open to meet new people and I am open to help if I can somehow so text me :) . My practise circles a lot around nature, the elements, the moon, but also divination, candle magic, aura reading etc. I am also an Empath which has it’s ups and downs but I love it! Hope I fit well in this community.

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