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100 Days of Productivity ~ 7 + 8

This week has been significantly more productive than the last!

  • ⭐ Read half of Me
  • ⭐ Made a new playlist (so I don’t spend time queuing or scrolling)
  • ⭐ Reviewed some more notes
  • ⭐ Organized my work space
  • ⭐ Went for a walk
  • ⭐ Attempted to understand the SIX Gaelic definitive articles!

These might not look especially productive, but the little things add up! I’m in a significantly better place than I was a year ago.

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“Asphodel: My Regrets Will Follow You to the Grave”. 🥀

Thought it’d be fun to redraw an old thing I never finished with a color palette I haven’t used before. It’s crazy to think that the difference between these two pieces is just 10 months(!!!!).

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