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#nature photography

|| Chasing the Shot ||

This is another composition I had been chasing for quite some time (the last year and a half or so). I’ve found myself fortunate enough to have made my way up into the Eastern Sierra for a couple days here to polish off the week.

Making my way to this location, I wasn’t 100% sure it was the spot I was looking for (you’re never really sure until you are there and looking out at the composition with your own eyes), but I was super pleased to find out it was.

I bracket this shot with my Nikon full-frame because I was shooting into the sun (more or less), but this image is just a quick single frame grab off my M 4/3 Lumix compact platform that I gave a quick edit to in LightRoom mobile.

Let’s go exploring, and tick off bucket list photos while we’re at it.

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