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have you consumed ice sauce lately?

Ice sauce?

You mean water?

I actually haven’t drunk pure ice sauce for a while, good idea.

I c e s a u c e.

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Tournament Earth is here! We want YOU to help us choose our best Earth image.


Since 1999, NASA Earth Observatory has published 16,000+ images. To celebrate our 20th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we want you to pick our all-time best image. Each week from March 23 to April 28, you can vote for your favorite images. Readers will narrow the field from 32 nominees down to one champion in a five-round knockout-style tournament.

The nominees are separated into four groups: Past Winners, Home Planet, Land & Ice, and Sea & Sky.

Past Winners


No, that is not an animation of the death star orbiting Earth. It is the winner of Tournament Earth in 2016– the Dark Side and the Bright Side. The image shows the fully illuminated far side of the Moon that is not visible from Earth. Other contenders in this category are a picture of a volcanic eruption plume, sands and seas in the Bahamas, and lightning seen from the Space Station.

Home Planet


This picture of the Twin Blue Marbles is the number one seed in our “Home Planet” category, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to take home the crown. It has stiff competition from the iconic photo of Earth rising to an epic total solar eclipse to our Earth at night.


Land & Ice


Are you a land lover or ice lover? If you don’t know, you might found out by browsing the beautiful imagery in this category. Vote on scenes from the partially frozen North Caspian Sea (above) to lava flowing in Iceland between the Bardarbunga and Askja volcanoes (below).


Sea & Sky


Hurricanes, lightning, and volcanic explosions are just a few of the amazing captures from NASA satellites and astronauts in this category.

The model-based visual above shows an expansive view of the mishmash of particles that dance and swirl through the atmosphere. It shows tropical cyclones, dust storms, and fires spreading tiny particles throughout the atmosphere during one day in August 2018.


Our satellites also capture the fine mixing of particles and churning of tides in our rivers. The image above shows dissolved organic matter from forests and wetlands that stained the water dark brown near Rupert Bay. A similar process darkens tea.

Learn more about Tournament Earth in the video below.

See all of the images and vote now HERE

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Tableaux Automatique: Ornament - 1″:1′-0″ diorama - mixed media - robert matejcek - 2017

“Hello, boys and girls! You know, Christmas is a special time in Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood. It’s a time for giving, and look what Mr. Landlord gave me – it’s an eviction notice. Well, that’s why Mr. Robinson has to wear this Santa Claus suit to sneak in and out of his building. But it just isn’t a disguise, boys and girls. Because, when I add this little pail here, and when I have this little bell, it becomes a small business. Yes, Christmas is a season for giving, and for taking! And with this little operation, I figure I’ll be taking on about $300-400 a day! Oh, why oh why, must Christmas come but once a year?”

- Eddie Murphy - Saturday Night Live


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Tableaux Automatique: Ornament - 1″:1′-0″ diorama - mixed media - robert matejcek - 2017

Clark W. Griswold: “Dad, you taught me everything I know about exterior illumination.”

- Chevy Chase - National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


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Hi everyone, okay so I’m trying something new, I want to write about Descendants. This story is gonna be based off the third movie so bare with me. I came up with this a while back but I felt as if people would hate this so I never released it. I’m trying to be more open and if I wanna write something then I’ll write it and I can only hope that my reader will enjoy it. I’m sorry but this isn’t a x reader story I made up a character for this. Hope you guys like it…maybe and if you don’t, don’t worry I’m still writing AHS and I might start The Walking Dead and IT soon. So don’t worry you’ll have many options with me. Also I kinda changed up the storyline of this first Chapter! Pretend that Mal is already engaged to Ben and they saw Hades already.


Originally posted by arcusxx

*Camila’s POV *

Hi everyone, I’m Camila Oldenburg. I’m the daughter of Elsa Oldenburg, former Queen of Arendelle. My mother believed it’d be best to send me to Auradon Prep instead of staying in the Enchanted Forest with her and the Northuldra people. I do miss my mother, my Aunt Anna, my Uncle Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, but I can’t complain about Auradon. I’ve inherited my mother’s ice magic but she says I inherited my grandmother’s chocolate brown hair. My mother is internally grateful because I’m able to control my powers, she always told me that she didn’t want me to suffer like she did. Anyways, I’m friends with the VK’s and I enjoy the company of each of them. Mal is engaged with Prince Ben, Carlos is with Jane, Evie is with Doug but they haven’t said the ‘L’ word yet, and Jay and Lonnie are pretty close to becoming a  couple. I’m not dating anybody because my Aunt Anna would tell me stories of her ex-fiance/boyfriend. Those stories stuck with me sometimes making me fear my own powers. Apart from that, I’m extremely excited because the VK’s have gone back to the Isle of the Lost to get four more kids and bring them back to Auradon. I decided to stay back and prepare for their arrival. This should be exciting. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at my outfit: 


The outfit- the hair would be brown but let’s pretend :)*

I left my room once I was happy with my appearance, I tend to get insecure about my appearance but if I’m happy then I don’t care what others will say. I walked down the many hall’s of Auradon Prep and I smiled to myself as I reached the garden section. I smiled a bit wider when I saw my close friend, Jane, daughter of the Fairy Godmother, “Hi Jane.” she turned around and smiled brightly, “Camila! Thank the stars that you’re here! I need help with the decorations!” she ran over and hugged me quickly, I smiled as I returned the hug, “I was thinking, maybe if you throw some water around I can freeze them and put them in the bushes or something.” Jane smiled and nodded, “I love that idea! I’ll go get some water right now.” I nodded, “Perfect, I’ll be here waiting.” Jane nodded as she ran off and I began to walk around the garden and enjoy the bright sunlight dancing on my skin but I was torn away from my thoughts when a soft voice sang out, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I turned around and looked up towards the mountains and sky but I only saw birds flying freeing. I shook my head and dismissed the idea of someone calling out to me. I smiled when I saw Jane coming back with two buckets filled with water, “Is this enough?” I nodded with a small smile, “This is excellent. On three throw the water up.” she nodded and prepared to throw the water in the air, “Ready when you are.” I nodded and I rubbed my hands together and I took in a breath, “One…two…three!” Jane threw the water into the blue sky and I extended my arms into the sky and we watched as ice and blue mist shot out of my hands and made contact with the water droplets, freezing them instantly. The droplets fell to the ground and Jane covered her head not wanting to get poked by anything and I did the same. Jane smiled as she saw almost each droplet had fallen onto the bushes, “You don’t think they’ll melt?” I shook my head, “They won’t, but to be safe…” I extended my arms once more and above each bush a small cloud with blue mist appeared over them, shielding each droplet. Jane smiled and clapped, “This is beautiful!” I smiled as I was about to answer but a voice interrupted me, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I turned around and looked around again but I turned back towards Jane, “Did you hear that?” Jane looked at me and raised an eyebrow, “Hear what?” I shook my head and sighed, “Nothing…I must be hearing things.” she nodded but she didn’t believe fully “Are you sure?” I nodded in reassurance, “I promise.” After helping Jane with a few more things I was walking back to my room when someone grasped my shoulder causing me to jump and accidentally freezing part of the wall. I quickly turned towards the person and I saw my friend Lonnie, daughter of Mulan, “Lonnie! You scared me!” she nodded and looked towards the wall, “I can see that…” I looked and sighed, “Oh…what can I help you with?” she smiled, “Everyone is about to show up. Are you coming?” I nodded and smiled, “Of course, I’ll be right there.” she nodded as she turned around and made her way back outside. I groaned softly and looked at the wall again, “I’m sorry.” I began to walk down the hall trying to forget the ice wall and that voice. 


I smiled as I stood next to Lonnie and Jane waiting for the VK’s to show up. I looked at the bushes and sighed softly but Lonnie nudged me, “They look great, Camila.” I smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Lonnie.” we continued to wait for them, someone shouted they arrived and the Fairy Godmother smiled at the limo getting closer. Fairy Godmother thought it’d be best if there wouldn’t be such a large crowd to greet everyone. I smiled widely as the door opened and the Core Four stepped out along with four new faces and Ben. Evie smiled and waved at us and walked over with a girl with glasses, “Everyone, this is Dizzy Tremaine, granddaughter of Lady Tremaine.” Jane smiled at her, “I love your outfit.” Lonnie nodded and smiled in agreement. I smiled at her, “Welcome to Auradon, Dizzy.” she smiled at each of us, “Thanks, I already love it here.” Evie smiled and took her on a tour of the campus. Jane looked at her phone and gasped, “Oh dear, I gotta something is going on with my birthday decorations, Lonnie can you come with me?” she nodded and looked at me, “We’ll catch you later, Camila.” I nodded with a smile, “Bye you guys.” they walked away leaving me alone once more. Jay and Carlos walked up to me and Carlos smiled widely, “Camila, this is Squeaky and Squirmy, the sons of Mr. Smee.” I smiled and looked down at them, “Hi, I’m Camila, daughter of Elsa Oldenburg. It’s very nice to meet you two.” They only looked at me and gave me very small smiles. Jay chuckled, “They get really shy, but they’ll warm up to you.” I smiled and nodded, “You guys are gonna love it here.” Carlos smiled at me and they began their tour of the campus. I began to back away when I bumped into someone, I quickly turned around and saw a girl with curly hair, “Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” she smirked and nodded, “I’m good, don’t worry about you.” I smiled at her, “What’s your name?” she continued to smirk, “I’m Celia Facilier, daughter of Dr. Facilier. Who are you?” I was about to answer but the same voice sang out, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I looked around and I softly called out, “Hello?” I heard no reply from the voice but I heard Celia snapping her fingers, “Hey, hey, you crazy or something? I asked for your name.” I tore my gaze away from the distance and I looked at Celia, “I’m Camila Oldenburg, daughter of Elsa.” she nodded and slightly smiled, “Nice to meet you.” I returned the smile, “It’s nice to meet you too, I’m sorry but I have to go.” she nodded and backed away, “See ya…” I nodded and I walked away towards the hilltops of Auradon. 

There’s the First Chapter! I’m so excited that I get to write this and I hope you guys love it as much as I do! 

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Oh Hi there..😂😂

Credit © 🎬 ✅ @oceanx 🖋

When someone coughs. 👀 #oceanx
#oceanexploration #ocean #sea #adeliepenguin #penguin #antarctic #antarctica #marinelife #ice #cryosphere #marinebio #marinebiology #covid19 #coronavirus #explorers #blueplanet2 #filming #flyingpenguin

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