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A Roger stimboard because I have no self control!

cat boy cat boy cat boy.

2 notes

Finding gifs for this one was hard so theres not alot of variation,,

Percival belongs to @knerzig
Art by @/saisaixchan

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Another phone stimboard! This time one of Harry for my wife once more!!

Grass good. :O)

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A Jake stimboard for my lovely lovely gal. :D

I love you clown wife. :O)

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x xΒ x - x - x - x x x

Red and gold Foxy stimboard with food and shiny stims for anon; I hope this is good!

6 notes

No problem Anon, though I don’t know much on udg it was a stimboard so it was pretty easy to do. If you have any specific stims or a color I can go ahead and change it for you. You’ll be able to find your request right 🌸here🌸

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Anonymous requested,Β β€œHi! Could I request a stimboard for a phantom thief Mishima Yuuki from Persona 5, with moon and wolf stims if possible? Thank you!”

x . x . x / x . x / x . x . x

No problem Mishima. Please let me know if you need anything changed.

-Mod Ark (Albaire Shift)

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