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Be A Rainbow Print / Every Day Spirit / Inspirational Wall Art / Dorm Decor / Encouraging Quote / Uplifting Wall Art / Maya Angelou

Be A Rainbow Print / Every Day Spirit / Inspirational Wall Art / Dorm Decor / Encouraging Quote / Uplifting Wall Art / Maya Angelou


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a diptypical counterpointe to “color rain” by @protobacillus​:

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Hi I am Digtzy, an autistic and LGBT+ small business owner, I have an Etsy store and if you could help to support me in any way, please I have a coupon right now for 20% off code VALENTINES2021

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On This Day (January 27)…Rainbow Come Down to Cambrai

On This Day (January 27)…Rainbow Come Down to Cambrai

Rainbow performed on this day in 1980 at the Palais Des Grottes in Cambrai, France.

Ad for the show and all other French concerts on this tour. Retrieved from here.

Rainbow were at this time on their Down to Earth Tour, undertaken to support the album of the same name. The group had now been on the road with the European leg of the tour for ten days; they would continue performing in…


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For Holiday Time 2020, I challenged myself to make polymer clay gifts for my friends. I’ve got a bad track record for finishing these types of things (and I’m not gonna lie, I did want to give up with the self-soothing thought that I hadn’t *told* anyone I was making something for everyone), but I saw this one through to the end.

Two of my four sculptures are for two women who have taught me a great deal about myself. They are my rainbow sisters, through and through, and I tried to honor that sentiment in their gifts, which I will be archiving to this blog today (day 5) and Friday (day seven).

This first sculpture is for my Morningstar, who told me her favorite mythical creature was Pegasus. The thought downright intimidated me lol I didn’t know HOW I was going to make something of such majesty that would do our friendship justice. But, I looked for references and figured out a basic shape to get going, and decided that a simpler sculpture that conveyed her spirit (gold dust and rainbows) would be my best bet of success. I did get stuck on the wings. I had my rainbow canes ready to go, and I looked up tutorials. I noticed a lot of artists either sculpted full wings out of much firmer clay than I was using/on much larger projects that would later be painted, or they used a mold. I looked up the molds, ready to support an artist on etsy….however, a great deal of them looked suspiciously like some earrings I bought at hot topic long long ago. I don’t have silicone mold making supplies, but have seen some polymer clay artists make simple molds made out of polymer clay itself (obligatory clay-ception joke). So I dug out those earrings that my hoarder-at-heart self kept for over a decade, and created a clay mold. I used silver mica powder as a replacement to corn starch mold release, and it did the trick beautifully. If I could go back, I would have used a thicker piece of clay to make the mold so I could have pressed the earrings further for a more robust mold. Otherwise, the final product turned out better than I was expecting. I also didn’t have any plain black beads that I could find in my main storage area - until I located some nearly-black hematite beads from a bracelet that I broke (again, years ago, but I don’t think I have ever let go of something I thought I could use in art, and sometimes my packrat-at-heart self comes in handy). I guess Morningstar will learn that the eyes are magnetic if she ever sees this post ;)

To summarize, this golden rainbow goddess with just a hint of attitude perfectly captures my dear friend’s self, and I am exceedingly proud to have brought it into existence for her as a token of my friendship.

To many more sculptures in many more years of friendship for us all :)


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