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#the boys

Hey I’m gonna need my peeps who also love the found family trope to check out X Company because I NEED to share it I love it so much

It’s basically The Boys if the boys were 80% more stable and wholesome, and also spies for the allied forces during world war II

I’ll put more detail in the notes if anyones more interested

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every ship i ship: hughie campbell & annie january (the boys)
“There’s this kid and he’s climbing up a bridge and he’s gonna kill himself, but then Billy Joel steps out with his harmonica and tells him, ‘Stop. You just have to wait for your second wind.’ And now I feel like I’m that kid and I’m gonna drown. And thank God I found my second wind because it’s you. You’re my second wind.”

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Why you should watch doom patrol, a thread.

Meet the team:

Cliff Steele: only knows how to say wtf, robot dad, will make you sandwhiches triangle cut, zoom zoom, played by Brendan Fraser.

Larry Trainor: plant dad™️sweater weather, pilot, cool jacket, soft pure sad boi, MATT BOMER PLAYS HIM OMG✨

Crazy Jane: cooler than u, icon, style queen, has 64 personalities each with a different superpower. Attitude for days. Comfort character. Great painter. Pretends not to care but does.

Rita Farr: basically elastagirl from incredible was based off her. Vintage aesthetic ™️ amazing character development. Imposter syndrome. Dramatic as I aspire to be.

Cyborg: innocent. Booyah. Thinks his worst ideas are the best ideas ever. Dad issues.

Mr. Nobody: narrator. Icon. 10/10 commentary. Convinces a cockroach it’s god.

Gerard Way wrote the later comics. Yes Umbrella Academy was probably influenced by this.

They suck at being superheroes.

Diversity and representation for days.

I could go on and on. Just go watch it pls.

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No shade on The Boys or Eric Kripke or anything, but this is Starlight and Hughie

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Just finished my “the boys” binge and to say I’m excited to see Jensen as soldier boy is an understatement

like holy shit I’m stoked

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(My comment on a reblog post i just wanted to share it individually)

There is no reason to be spreading hate! If you really want to stop supporting him just simply unfollow him and don’t watch his show, it is that simple. I’m not going to watch his new show because that is my personal decision. What am i not going to do is send him hate and wish him that his show fails. Stop the hate! Its disgusting seeing all those toxic comments under his posts and on Jensen’s post where he is supporting his friend who is like a brother to him! Oh and wtf is wrong with y'all sending bad wishes towards misha’s hip surgery over a misguided comment , he already apologized over his comment and people are still saying horrible things like wtf!

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| Plotted starter for @rpwithjayn |

Sarah despised her costume with a passion. It was mixed of golden and dark green colors, inspired by Cleopatra according to Vought’s team. To Sarah it seemed just a more expensive version of something a cheep stripper in Vegas would wear. She walked down the stairs followed by a publicist and a couple of make up artist trying to touch up her already too elaborate make up, “Okay, you’re out in ten,” The man holding the tablet was speaking, “Remember you are not selling the good girl imagine, you’re a hero obviously, but you’re also aware that you are sexy and powerful. You know: Girls get things done!” Sarah rolled her eyes at him, openly. She will be fine, she just needed to remind herself why she was here in the first place. 

Another team, looking exactly like her own came down from the other direction, following another girl in costume. Sarah hadn’t seen her before among the Seven or otherwise, so she assumed she was also new. The fixers started chatting with urgency and Sarah rolled her eyes again, but she offered the other girl a smile, “You’re getting announced today too, huh?” She asked, politely. There was something oddly normal about the other girl’s vibe, so she felt making an attempt to speak to someone at least might be smart, considering their future teammates, “They are really ridding this girls thing.” 

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Jamie: I’m Pansexual! Although to be honest, I was older when I figured it out. I was…twenty-threeish, if I’m remembering right? At the time it didn’t change much in my life, as I was still with my ex-wife - but the realization that I could find anyone attractive was just sort of subtle. Once I realized and found a name to put to it, it just made a lot of things suddenly make sense.

Addison: Gay - and even before I had a name for it, I can remember getting my hands on a friend’s Ken doll so I could have two. I thought having two Ken’s living together and fighting together and all that was way more fun than a Ken and a Barbie. *He pauses and looks thoughtful* And then…whatever this is, I suppose. As Trep projects his human self as male, that’s plenty gay enough for me - but when you start getting into the details, everything’s just too alien to really label it.

Skitch: ✋As I mentioned before, Impostor sexuality is more of a spectrum of asexual to allosexual - we don’t truly have gender in our society. We have some internal biological differences through which people are categorized, but when you can do and be anything you want externally - those differences really don’t matter except specifically for reproduction. So, all that to say - and Jamie helped me with this terminology - I’m demisexual. I don’t really care for intimacy - unless I’m especially bonded to someone. Like Jamie. 🤲

Trep: I haven’t really sought out labels and, to be honest, I don’t much care to. I don’t often seek out intimacy - but I have in the past, and generally enjoyed it. It’s just not a concern - I don’t think of it much, and as it involves people, well…at this point you all know how I feel about people. Of course, when it comes to Addison, I find myself very interested. Things are just different with him. I don’t read much into it.

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I love murder mysteries.
Butcher, trying to impress him
I've been a lead suspect for over THIRTY murder cases.
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honestly why waste your time with W*lker when you can watch The Boys and look forward to Jensen joining the awesome? 

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The Boys Fandom.

Quick question.

Is it the psychopaths who are considered as ‘the boys ’

or the sociopaths + canary ?

(Never watched the show, genuinely curious .)

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repost/fav if you use or save

✨give credit ✨

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