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watching Zack Snyder JL trailer makes me want to cry. I remember all the hype in the DC universe back in 2017, watching Joss tice league was so disappointing and knowing how bad the movie did and thinking how tht was going to be Affleck’s last time playing the bat and Cavills last time being superman, tht shit hurted it really felt as if DC didn’t have a future after JL specially with the way it ended with Deathstroke and Lex Luthor. and being told repetitively tht the cut didn’t exist and being mocked. DC universe really did tht we fucking did tht, thts history for the books right there. not to mention Leto’s Joker is finally gonna have the opportunity to show his full potential because the writing for suicide squad really didn’t give him justice, great actor but horrible writing.

Fr tho I’m so happy we made this happen 17 year old me would be doing flips rn. and it’s so brave of Zack and Deborah to step back into a project tht has a horrible situation attached to it for them personally they are both very strong and their doing it just to entertain fans, I’m very thankful to them both.

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so i watched rebecca this morning and i thought it was fine (never seen the original or read the book, but i feel like i should now), i love the time period that it’s set in and i’m also very much in love with the fashion. love me a good gothic period, creepy little film.

but like, the whole time i was watching, i also kept thinking that armie hammer would also have been a fantastic choice to play nick dunne in gone girl. ben affleck was PERFECT CASTING, but like, if he wasn’t available? i feel like armie hammer could’ve killed that role too.

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