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ninalinovna2 days ago
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happy bi visibility day! 馃挆馃挏馃挋
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dimaiv-nov2 days ago
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tumblr!!!! please enjoy my take on Explodikid鈥檚 butch Harley Quinn design!
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rootbeergoddessa day ago
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superwoman-samdanvers2 days ago
More scenes from the life of the BatFamily following Tim Drake being canonically queer. (Part 1 here)
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dcmultiverse2 days ago
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鈥 Will you come back? 鈥 I don鈥檛 know. It鈥檚 not just up to me anymore. But I hope so.
Larry Trainor & Rita Farr in DOOM PATROL 3.01聽鈥楶ossibilities Patrol鈥
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incorrectbatfam2 days ago
Bruce: These children fill my heart with some sort of new emotion I've never felt before. They make me feel warm and want to smile!
Alfred: Master Bruce, I think that's happiness.
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fantastic-nonsensea day ago
A friendly reminder for those of you who either don't know or have forgotten that Barbara Gordon voluntarily retired as Batgirl before the events of The Killing Joke:
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"There're others out there now who can do this as well or better than me, with less pain. I'll help them, maybe without letting them know. But I'm done going out there myself." -Batgirl Special #1 (1988)
She had also retired the mantle at least once before, back when she decided that she could do more good as Congresswoman and lawyer Barbara Gordon than Batgirl:
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I even the police commissioner's daughter! What good does it do for Batgirl to toss them into jail...and Babs Gordon to parole them out? "No use masquerading any longer...And it's the only way I can really fight crime--prevent it--through prison reform!" -Detective Comics #422 (1972)
Part of the tragedy of TKJ's fridging of Babs is that she was retired and living a normal civilian life when she was shot; she was targeted purely because she was still living with her father, not because of any activities she was doing.
She's also expressed on multiple occasions that she has moved on from her time as Batgirl and is more than happy to pass the mantle on (in certain circumstances, to certain people):
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"I've put my life as Batgirl behind much as possible. It helps that I've passed the name onto Cassandra. It gives me some...distance." -Harley Quinn Vol. 1, #10 (2001)
Tumblr media
"Ooh! What's that?" "Something you've earned the right to wear." -Batgirl Vol. 3, #3 (2009)
When people say that Babs should go back to being Batgirl after being Oracle, or that she should be "both" Batgirl and Oracle at the same time, it removes something fundamental from Barbara as a character. It's a reader that won't let Barbara grow up, move on, and permanently develop past her Batgirl days the way all of the male Bat characters are allowed to do.
Tim asked Dick to return to Bruce's side as Robin after Jason's death in his introductory story, and Dick had the perfect response to that:
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"I don't believe this. That man raised me. I've gone through hell with him and because of him. Don't lecture me about him until you've cared for him and loved him as long as I have. And the first thing he taught me was how to be a man--not how to become a kid all over again." -A Lonely Place of Dying, Part 3 (1989)
That statement applies to Barbara as much as it does Dick. No one would ever suggest that Dick should return to being Robin after being Nightwing for 30+ years. No one would ever say that "Dick can be Robin and Nightwing at the same time, he doesn't need to give up Robin. Let him keep being Robin and he can be Nightwing half-time." It's the same argument. It makes no sense, and it denies Babs the same agency and permanent character growth every other (male) Batfamily member is allowed to have. And it's been called out not once, but twice:
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"Y'know, a lot of the time it's like you Batguys want me to hold onto the past because you can't get over it. Understand--I have." -Birds of Prey Vol. 1, #8 (1999)
Take a lesson from Marv Wolfman's and Chuck Dixon's dialogue, y'all: let your heroes grow. Let them change. Let them move on to new roles and become mentors to those they pass their mantles to. And let them keep that growth and stop forcing them back into roles they outgrew long ago because you can't move on or accept change.
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justiceleague2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Donna Troy in TITANS 3.09聽鈥楽ouls鈥
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superhero--imaginesa day ago
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A/N: I am purely doing this for the serotonin
* The simp gets all warm and fuzzy, a wobbly smile curling onto his mouth
* He feels very special
* Because you could have gone to anyone for a hug but you came to him
* You think he might actually cry
* But he just smiles and holds his arms out wide
* 鈥淚鈥檓 always going to come to you for a hug stupid鈥
* He gets concerned
* What鈥檚 wrong?
* Did something happen?
* Did someone say anything
* All sorts of worries enter his mind, the kind that are only soothed when you nestle your head into his chest
* His arms wrapping around your frame
* 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, I鈥檒l protect you鈥
* Gives the best hugs ngl
* Doesn鈥檛 ask you about it but still gives you all of his attention
* Just holds out his arms and invites you in
* You鈥檙e nestled against his chest, and he鈥檚 rocking his both back and forth slightly
* 鈥淔eeling better?鈥
* 鈥淎 little鈥
* Does not look up from what he鈥檚 doing
* He鈥檚 still typing away furiously on his laptop
* You figure that maybe he鈥檚 so focused on the task that he doesn鈥檛 hear you
* You鈥檙e about to walk away when he thrusts one arm out
* 鈥淚 can cuddle with one side鈥
* He鈥檚 a god damn mess dude
* He looks like he鈥檚 about to overheat, eyes averted
* His mouth is pulled into a straight line and you鈥檙e genuinely concerned about whether he鈥檚 going to combust
* 鈥淒ami are you-鈥
* 鈥淪hut up! Just鈥 just come here鈥
* He almost tentatively holds his arms out, gaze still averted
* You smile and leap right in
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mataurina day ago
harlivy + your favourite number prompt that you haven't done yet!!!!!!!! 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズi love ur art so much!!
#18- surprised kiss
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scifi-fantasy-horror6 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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by聽 Nico Lee Lazarus
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incorrectbatfama day ago
Damian: Sorry about my last message. Father assures me that whining is a family trait and that I should be over it by the time I鈥檓 thirty.
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sophieleeart2 days ago
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elseworld sisters
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