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Imagine one year Jason managed to convince Alfred to help the Wonderfam (bc Jason’s hero come on please Alfie) for the cook off with him, the batfam did the worst that year bc both people in the fam that can cook (Jason and Alfred) and helping the opposing team

The bats lost by a huge margin to the speedsters. The speedsters

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Sorry to bother you, do you have any thoughts on what Joey and Dick would be like as a couple.

No bother at all! I’m bored out of my skin in quarantine. Ask away!

So since Joey is canonically bisexual, and Dick is only coded as such, I headcanon that Joey is Dick’s bi-awakening. In the live-action Titans, Dick stands stunned after Jericho hugs him, and moves his fingers as if they’re still tingling with feelings. Later, Adeline accuses Dick of “seducing” her son, and the Bruce-skinned voice in Dick’s head says that both Slade and Dick loved Jericho. 

In the comics they’re never together romantically, but they have one of the strongest bromances I’ve ever seen. I can’t remember if they throw love bombs around or not, but they’re awfully friendly. 

I think at first Dick would run and hide from his feelings–deny them as much as possible, and avoid Joey just as much. It would take someone else on the team talking sense into Dick for him to own up to said feelings. Joey would probably be surprised when Dick finally admits to it–he’s probably written Dick off as straight at this point. He’d probably need lots of reassurance early on. But Dick keeps making gestures–getting more fluent in ASL, buying Joey paints he knows he likes and records that he’s missing in his collection. Joey’s the one to get physical first–all of this is so new for Dick, so they take things slow. They don’t due much PDA, at first, but both realize they’re big cuddlers and so they get more and more affectionate as time goes on. 

Bruce already knew for years, so he’s obnoxiously not shocked when Dick brings Joey home. And Joey could care less what his dad thinks, but he’s nervous to spill the news to Adeline–not because she doesn’t accept his sexuality, because she’s his biggest supporter, but because he knows his mothers is insanely protective. Rose is all “ABOUT TIME YOU FUCKING IDIOTS” and she goes back to punching a bag. She also teases them relentlessly about wedding ideas even though they just started dating. 

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What kind of cooking competitions do you think that the Justice League families( Bat, Super, Wonder, Flash, Aqua, Arrow, Lantern, etc) chili? Ribs? Pie? and who would win?

Whatever the type, the bats win all of them because they have Alfred. Diana could have the literal Greek gods of cooking beside her and still lose

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If you want to see how truly cruel Jonathan Crane can be, you should read the story Masters of Fear. In this story he murderers two people before even becoming the renowned Scarecrow.

First it was Sherry Squires, and next it was Professor Bramowitz. He learned the unsuspecting man into the chemistry lab, and once there he jumped out and surprised him with his newest concoction, fear gas!

The smoke surrounded Bramowitz, and quickly enough he was overcome with fear. Water was gushing around him and he couldn’t escape. Jonathan lead the frightened man up to the rooftop in an effort to save themselves from the rising waters. Crane knew exactly what he was doing in these moments.

Using his own fear against him, Crane forced Bramowitz to jump from the roof, killing him instantly. There was no water obviously, this was murder. To add insult to injury, Jonathan actually applied for the professor’s job! And he got it too! How sinister!

Batman Annual #19 || Scanned at 300dpi

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