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365 DC Comics Paper Cut-Out Villains - One Villain, Every Day, All Year…

June 4th - Amanda Waller

Perhaps not technically a super villain, Amanda ‘The Wall’ Waller nonetheless puts mosts villains to shame with the various diabolical operations she has orchestrated as the founder and leader of the modern iteration of The Suicide Squad.  Waller grew up in Chicago where she endured a tumultuous young adulthood in which she lost her husband and two children to gang violence.  Waller utilized her great acumen for political science to secure a position as a congressional aide.   She discovered the existence of the Task Force X Project from World War II.  She then successfully navigated the creation of a new task force utilizing incarcerated super-powered villains; hence the creation of the new Suicide Squad.  Under Waller’s shrewd and ruthless guidance, the Squad was successful in numerous highly classified missions, using these villains to conduct operations that couldn’t be traced back to the government.  The squad’s successes notwithstanding, Waller’s methods left her at odds not only with factions of the government but Batman and the Justice League as well.  Waller was charged and imprisoned following an unsanctioned mission in which she led the team to slaughter a drug cartel in Louisiana; yet she was later pardoned and put back in charge of Task Force X.  Sometime thereafter, Waller was tapped to act as the Secretary of Metahuman Affairs during Lex Luthor’s brief term as President of The United States. While she has mostly operated behind the scenes, Waller has not been shy to get her hands dirty and has proven a highly capable combatant.  Versions of Amanda Waller have featured in a number of movies and television shows.  Her character was portrayed by actress Pam Grier in the television series, Smallville; actress Angela Bassett played her in the movie Green Lantern; Cynthia Addai-Robinson portrayed Waller in the show Arrow; and actress Viola Davis has portrayed her in the first and second Suicide Squad movies.  Amanda Waller first appeared in the pages of Legends #1 (1986).  

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Repost • @moyoafrika Baby Girl had the Energy of 1000 Ancestors, She shouldn’t have to be out here screaming “No justice, no peace”. She understands with every fiber of her young being what she is chanting for ! Tired of generations of our babies growing up with this as a norm…It has to stop. They are the reason we must all rise up, speak out and fight. Her future must be bright!!! 🖤✊🏿




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Dick Grayson x reader

Okay so my first OC was this royal assassin that basically was like Heimdall from Marvel where she protected the core of the planet which was the house and generator of all known magic and when her father, the already kind of deteriorating king found out about it he went power hungry and tried to kill her to gain the power when she was coming back from a mission. So basically her spirit guide from the power (much like a guardian angel of sorts) told her to go to Earth and when she came, the power surge made Batman go investigate in Chicago and then she went to the manor and lived there. So now that you have some explanation lol, the mood board is just in reader’s perspective.

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