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Bruce: I am Batman.

Dick: I am Nightwing.

Jason: I am Redhood.

Damian: I am Robin.

Tim: I am Red Robin.

Y/N: And a one, and a two and a three.

Bruce, Dick, Jason, Damian and Y/N: *All together* Yummmmmm!

Tim: *Clearly disappointed* I hate you all.

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Dick Grayson in the Cowl

One of the main recognizable factors of how horrible the characterization of Fanon Dick is that the individual who’s a cereal obsessed Himbo with zero brains and always sunshine and rainbows is someone who could NEVER pull off the persona of Batman.

Fanon Dick is the same as a literal doormat. People often forget that Dick can be scary and serious if he needs to be. But he isn’t because he knows it won’t always help the situation at hand. He can EASILY command an air of authority, respect and obedience in seconds if he wants to do so. Which is why he played the role of Titan Leader and Batman so well.

But he doesn’t. He acts less stiffer (i won’t say soft) than Bruce and provides gentleness to those who deserve it. There are a million reasons why he doesn’t want to be Batman but i’m sure that one of them is definitely that he doesn’t want to stay in that constant state of a Commander.

Yes he’s lighthearted but that doesn’t mean he can’t be as scary and serious as Bruce can be.

If any writer ever wants to know how to write them, ask yourself if you can imagine your characterization of Dick in a position of leadership and control, as well as compassion, lightheartedness and flexibility (pun intended) if needed. If both criteria’s don’t meet, that is not Dick Grayson in my opinion.

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I am not dead! Just haven’t been using Tumblr to post work lately. Moving forward, I will probably just be putting full illustrations up on the blog which means updates will be pretty slow. In any case, I wanted to show this piece I did for @bat-famzine! I’m so so late revealing it here, but there ya go. The zine itself came out so beautifully, I’m honored I got to be a part of it :)

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just sitting here thinking about how dick and kory already went up against deathstroke hand to hand and back to back without their suits, and now with their suits who is even ready?????? like, yes, please, okay, let’s go to gotham in season three because even the city of caped crusaders and showboat vigilante athleticism is absolutely unprepared for this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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149. “I just need ten minutes.”

Dick glanced back over his shoulder just after the words left her mouth. 

“Okay, but they’re pretty hungry already. I think Tim’s thirty seconds away from trying to eat the napkins.”

Barbara huffed, blowing her hair out of her eyes. The oven door clacked shut, cutting off the curls of aromatic steam. 

“Well, that’s Bruce’s fault for buying a twenty-five-pound turkey. The thing’s been cooking all day, and it’s half an hour past when we said we’d eat. Damn enormous…I know there are a lot of us, but would it have been so hard to fill up on the sweet potatoes and stuffing instead?”

“Hey.” Dick raised his hands in surrender, eyes crinkled. “We wanted this, remember?”

She took a deep breath, drawing her hands through her hair.

“Yeah. Yeah we did.”

She braced her hands on her pushrims and rolled over to him, gently nudging his side before she took the apron off. 

“Remind me again why we wanted this?”

“Oh, because…” Dick bent, wrapping his arms around her shoulders from behind. “They’re our families?”

“Mm, do better.”

“We love them?”

“Well, usually, yes.”

They both laughed. 

“And it’d be pretty hard to tell them over the coms, or via email, or –”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure if we gave our fathers the news over the phone, they’d never forgive us.”

He sighed contentedly, then kissed her cheek, nuzzling into her.

“I like having the news to tell them, though.”

“I know you do.”

A few minutes passed in quiet. The kitchen air perfumed with spices and roasting meat, heady with steam. His presence at her side, warming her further. 

Then the timer went off, and she pulled away, just long enough to roll to the oven. Their families awaited. 

Edit: AO3 link

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Dick and Bruce’s relationship really makes my heart warm. Like you have this sad man who sees his reflection on this child who just lost his parents, and he (in his twenties!!!) just takes him in and tries his best to make sure he doesn’t follow the path he has taken, that he gets to be happy. And he does!! This child grows into a better man than he is and Bruce knows it, it’s like he knew from the start, since he was the joy on the gloomy mornings, the light on the dark nights… Bruce did the best he could and Dick knew that, he knows, and he has given him so much in return, he is there for him whenever, he is there for the family Bruce has built, he took care of it when Bruce wasn’t there, took care of his mantle -his legacy, the thing he promised to himself when he was a child, Dick carried it on-, he took care of his child -he was for Damian what Bruce was for him-. Dick has given him so much in return, what could he do to the person who picked him up from the rubble of his life and helped him build it up again? He taught him to be a hero, to be the better person Bruce didn’t get to be.

“So he could turn out like you?”

“No, so that he wouldn’t”

And he didn’t.

Inspired by this video:

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A Robins Fan Comic - Part 5
Part 1 - Previous - Next (Coming Next Wednesday!)

It’s never that simple Damian.
Comic Summary- Dick, Jason, and Tim are magically changed into their younger selves.  How will Damian and the rest of the Bat family deal with this twist in their reality?
Updates on Wednesdays and a preview of each update on Monday for Patreon supporters.
Please do not repost
I’m on twitter (Cassarilla_), instagram (CassarillaDraws), deviantart (CassarillaDraws), Patreon (Cassarilla) and ko-fi (Cassarilla)

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