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Just Jason Todd high as fuck at Disney Land about to fight a human sized mouse

Jason : *sitting on a bench with Dick looking grumpy*

Mickey : *waves cheerily at Jay*

Jason : yo, why’s he lookin at me like that. whats up lil bud, got a staring problem pal ??

Dick : like, what, babe. he’s just waving at you. its Mickey Mouse

Jason : just look at his face…

Mickey : *waves bigger*

Jason : …dumb little face

Dick : stop.

Mickey : *blows Jay a kiss*

Jason : *jumps up* YO, DICK, GET YOUR BOY DAWG

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Another standout scene is a flashback showing a younger Dick washing dishes for Alfred. This effortlessly conveys the complexities of Alfred and Dick’s relationship while also establishing that Dick never sees himself as above anyone.

- Nightwing, the issue with the puppy, spoiler from ScreenRant

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Jason Todd rating his batfam members

Dick Grayson: 7/10 “Nailed the whole older bro thing but needs to stop breaking into my apartment to restock shelves, honestly creepy”

Barbra Gordan: 10/10 “Is cool, honestly kinda scary, we made out once it was gross”

Tim Drake: 9/10 “The best of us, -1 point for his inability to sleep”

Demon Brat: 0/10 “It bites, still my lil bro tho hurt him and you die”

Cassandra Cain: 10/10 “Coolest to hang with, awesome sister”

Stephanie Brown: 8/10 “not bad, good pranks, needs to stop sucking face with Timbo it’s weird“

Bruce Wayne: -99/10 “horrible, very bad, let me die, didn’t avenge me, created the hell spawn..+1 point for trying his best at fatherhood”

Alfred Pennyworth: 1000/10 “best grandfather ever, pro guns, fun tea parties, good taste in books, cookies.”

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March 16th,Nightwing. Husband and wife keep dog daily🧐

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I am low-key shipping Jace Fox and Dick Grayson.

Full disclosure I only read Future State Nightwing and have no interest nor desire to read the other Gotham books but fuck it.

Who cares!?

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18. “If anything explodes, I’m leaving.”

“If anything explodes, I’m leaving,” you warned.

“Sweetheart, we’re going to watch fireworks,” Dick responded. “We’re literally going there to watch explosions.”

He didn’t need to look over to see you roll your eyes. A small smirk started tugging at your lips as you gently shook your head.

“Those explosions I can handle. They are planned for and every precaution is taken to make sure everything is safe,” you reasoned.  “What I can’t handle is I’m pretty sure Jason mentioned something about ‘Roy’s flamethrower and firecrackers’ when the two of you were arguing on the phone yesterday, and I am not prepared to be made a widow before our own wedding next month or into a human shield.”

He took his hand off the steering wheel to give your knee a comforting squeeze.  When he didn’t bring his hand back to the wheel, you took his hand into yours.

“Jason wouldn’t do that to you, he likes you too much,” he assured you.  “He says having you around is what makes me almost tolerable.”

You were both laughing at Dick’s retelling of Jason’s assessment of you as you pulled up to the front of the manor.  You were happy to see Jason was not sporting a flamethrower to greet you both, but as soon as you spotted the water gun you turned to Dick with your scolding finger ready. “I’m still not going to be your human shield.”

2k Follower Celebration

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Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie and Damian as The Muses from Hercules. That’s it. Thank you for coming to my Tedtalk.

“But then along came Bruce,

He hurled his thunderbolt (he zap)

And locked those suckers in a vault (they’re trap)

And on his own stopped chaos in its track

And that’s the gospel truth

The guy was too type A to just relax”

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Some comics I’ve read recently (February 25th, 2021), part 2 of 4

Let Them Live! #2

Suicide Squad #49

Young Heroes In Love #2-3

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