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Incorrect Batfam Quotes

Damian: Alright, Drake, I must know. Since Father not Grayson will tell me, or allow me to sample for myself, what, pray tell me, does coffee taste like?

Tim: *is sleep deprived

Tim: Not as good as it smells.

Damian: Ah, I see. Like shampoo.


Dick: uh…

Jason: WTF kid?


Tim: I’m sorry, eXCUSE ME??!!?

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oh, ive never seen a name like soireé before and i love it! Extremely fitting for a night/rain so props. Mirage is an ‘illusion in the desert caused by heat’. Given how nightwings are, that as much as a rain hybrid would. Both nice names!

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Yes we can!!!!!

  • Mar’i grew up hearing about Gay, straight, bi, the typical things you’d hear around her family. 
  • None of them ever really fit her. 
  • She has crushes sure, but doesn’t really talk about it all that much.
  • Hearing her family talk about sex, usually joking, but occasionally she just walks in at the wrong moment, she doesn’t really…get it? 
  • Dick is openly bisexual and when he gave her ‘the talk’ said that no matter who she loves, he’s gonna love her forever. 
  • When she and Jon start dating, she just shrugs her sexuality as straight
  • Then, when she’s about 15/16, their team is talking at dinner about LGBTQ stuff. Colin mentions how a friend of his recently realized they were demisexual.
  • Mar’i had never heard of that term and asked about it. 
  • Demisexuals form a sexual attraction to someone after establishing an emotional relationship. 
  • Mar’i literally goes “OHHHHHHHH, that’s what I am!”
  • Team looks at her and when she explains that the only person she’s really been sexually attracted to is Jon (after years of them being friends, connecting about being half-alien/half-human, and seeing each other literally at their emotionally vulnerable), they go, “Sounds about right.”
  • Coming out to her dad was basically 
  • “How was your weekend, Starshine?”
  • “Good, found out I’m demisexual.”
  • “Good for you. How does pizza sound for dinner?”
  • When they go to pride that year, Mar’i wears a Demiflag shirt. Dick’s wearing a shirt advertising free dad hugs (Y’all better believe he gave out a shit ton of hugs) and the bi flag painted on his cheeks. He gives her an extra big hug at the end of the day, saying he saved the best for last
  • Jon wears a shirt that says “My girlfriend is a Demi-Goddess.” She thinks it’s cheesy but loves him for trying
  • GUYS SHE’S THROWS ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION FROM HER HANDS, THIS ISN’T A BIG DEAL -Dick to someone who mentions they ‘heard about Mar’i.’ (Dick loves his baby girl and supports her unconditionally.
  • Literally anyone who says she’s not demisexual, because she’s mentioned someone’s hot or whatever, she tells them, “I am, but even if I wasn’t, still wouldn’t sleep with you.”
  • Years and years later, when her kids are older, Charlie mentions to Mar’i that she feels different than the other girls. That she doesn’t like boys or girls or anyone, but she thinks she likes her best friend Nicole. “Mar’i smiles and says, “Baby girl, let me tell you about demisexuality”

The last one is irrefutable proof that she’s Dick Grayson’s daughter XD 

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In between desperately trying to figure out where protests are being held that I can physically get to and arguing with people on instagram, I’ve been reading fanfiction and thought I’d let y’all in on my choices. Read them and we can talk about it together :)

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I am personally, an Asian American. Although I do experience racism nearly once every week either from the internet or real life, I understand that the racism I experience, will never be on the same scale as an African American faces. Brothers and sisters, I stand in arms next to you and I support your cause. It is unjust that groups of minorities STILL need to fight for their lives despite how “woke” we are in 2020. So here I am, supporting Yellow Peril Supports Black Lives Matter and BLM in general. I decided that since I can’t go outside and protest, I will stay inside and voice my outrage and opinions on the internet. PLEASE stay safe when protesting and scream your statements and frustration to show the world that your/their lives matter too.


Moreover, I know that Cass is half white/Asian and raised by two white men. BUT, she was designed to look like an Asian, meaning that when people look at her, they don’t treat her like a white person but an Asian. (Also halfies live a pretty hard life too, some don’t feel like they fit in either of their heritages because they feel “less” than their culture, if you understand).

Either way, whether a superhero is black, white or not, they all stand together and vow to protect the people they serve, despite a criminal/victim’s race. So line up and protest for our own superheroes, ones that indiscriminately bring justice to our world today.

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Jason: Fuck you and your ugly face, Replacement!

Tim: At least my hair doesn’t look like a damn skunk!!!

Damian: That would be an insult to the skunk.

Dick: please stop fighting……

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