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Batman: Dick, not you too.

Dick: tears run down his face I’m sorry, Bruce, but you lied to me. You lied to all of us. You took us from our famillies, and raised us to be savage warriors. He hurt each other, we hurt ourselves, and now we going to hurt you.

Jason: It’s only natural for us to serve justice our own way. Me, I make sure the criminals are taken out for good.

Tim: I help them rebuild their city.

Dick: I make sure they are protected.

Bat: Listen, I don’t care what you do, just bring me my son back, please.

Tim: snickers You’ll never going to see him again.

Daiman: No, no, NO! screams

The phone hangs up

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“You good to go?”

Jon double-checked his backpack and the gift bag holding all twenty-five Valentine’s cards. He gave a thumbs-up.

“Good,” said the man. “And don’t forget to zip your jacket; it’s cold out. Love you, kiddo.”

“Love you too, Dad!”

Jon zipped his jacket and hopped out of the car. The chill nipped his ears like birds at a feeder. Like the many yesterdays before, he joined the sea of children trickling into the stout brick building. He smiled at a pair of kindergarteners half his size sprinting by, hand-in-hand, their wet boots making little pitter-patters on the pavement. 

And like always, Jon located his locker—Kent, Locker Number 2015—and inputted his combination. Valentine’s cards wouldn’t be exchanged until later, so he hung the bag by its strings next to his coat.

Plopping his things onto his desk, the first thing Jon noticed was a spiky-haired boy talking to the teacher. The second thing he noticed was that the boy looked like the people Jon’s parents worked with—a black turtleneck sweater with beige pants and a coffee cup in one hand. Jon knew everyone else in his homeroom, so this boy must be new.

The teacher pointed in Jon’s direction. It took him a second to realize that they were looking at the empty desk across from him. Jon flashed his brightest smile and waved.

“Hiya!” he chirped. “What’s your name?”

“Damian,” the boy answered flatly, opening the desk and unloading the brand-new supplies from his backpack.

Jon rested his chin in his hands, legs swinging underneath the desk. “Nice to meet you, Damian! I’m Jon. So, where are you from?” 

Damian scoffed as he stacked his notebooks. “Why do you want to know?”

“Just ‘cause,” said Jon. 


“Ooh, I’ve heard of Gotham!” Jon replied. “My dad went there once to interview some people from the Wayne Foundation. What’s it like?”


“What was your old school like?”

“Must you ask so many questions?” Damian snapped. “Just be quiet and let me fulfill this godawful obligation in peace.”

That was enough to silence Jon… for about thirty seconds. Then he asked, “What does ‘obligation’ mean?”

Damian raised his hand. “Miss, I request a seating change.”

The teacher looked at him apologetically. “I’m sorry, Damian, but that’s the only spot we have left.”



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Batman: looks at Jason and Dick from afar

Batman: cries at the sight at Damian struggling to live

Batman: Why? Why did this to your own brother, Tim? You two had agruements, but never like this. Is it because I took you from your mother? You were gogin to die away from the condidtions. I just wanted to give you home. A better life. You’re smart and talented, one of the best robins I ever had. Now, sighs It’s like i dont even know you anymore.

Batman: Dick, Stephanie, call in please.

Dick: Come in, Bruce.

Batman: Where’s Stephanie?



Dick: She’s dead, appears in front of Dick and Jason We’ve killed her…

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(I’ve definitely done this before and I would highly suggest checking character tags on my blog in the future)

  • She and Jason collect refrigerator boxes and they’re in the process of constructing the ultimate cardboard castle (modeled after the Elizabethan era of course)
  • Harper once made a family meal out of edible starch packing peanuts and nobody noticed
  • On her eighteenth birthday, she got a tattoo on her ankle which simply says: “I got this because I can”
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue, which makes her (and Dick) the prime targets during summer
  • Her pranks largely consist of removing appliances and hooking them back up somewhere else (i.e. putting the stove in Damian’s bedroom)
  • Harper’s most frequently asked question is: “When did I get this bruise?”
  • She puts barbecue sauce on everything
  • Her go-to Monopoly piece is the airplane
  • Carrie once asked Harper to build a confetti bazooka—and of course, Harper obliged
  • Harper can balance a ball on her nose
  • Surprisingly, Harper gets seasick
  • Her favorite cake is German chocolate and when she’s having a bad day, the family members who can cook (Alfred, Damian, Duke, and Jason) will pitch in and surprise her
  • She owns several pairs of loaded dice, and for a while, she got away with it on family game night and everyone thought she was either really skilled or really lucky. It was Duke who caught her swapping them out from under her sleeve because of the light signature left behind
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So this is largely a comic phenomenon when we see the batfam together. Dick will often step up to the big brother/mentor role and balance out folks like Jason and Damian.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I think Dick Grayson is one of those characters whose personality and portrayal are heavily context-dependent. In most of the animations, we see Dick either working alongside Bruce or with the Teen Titans, where he steps up as this serious, methodical vigilante—because that’s what the situation calls for. If we ever get a less-action, lower-stakes piece of media with him and his siblings, then (assuming the creators do their jobs) we’ll likely see that older sibling side of him.

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  • Damian can cook, but he can’t reach the tall shelves for all the ingredients. Tim will grab said ingredients… and move them to a higher shelf
  • The first photo Tim took was of Damian playing with Titus in the backyard. Damian caught him and for a split second, Tim thought he was gonna die. Instead, Damian told Tim to crop him out of the photo and just leave Titus. That’s how they wound up with a new pastime: pet photoshoots
  • On rainy patrols, Tim lets Damian under his cape to keep dry
  • One time Kon pissed Tim off so Tim commissioned Damian to draw Kon bald, which was then photocopied three hundred times and mailed to Kent farm
  • Damian is surprisingly good at hiding when he’s sick or tired… most of the time. His only tell is that he calls Tim “Tim” instead of “Drake”
  • Whenever one person’s watching the TV, the other will walk in, change the channel, and walk right out
  • On the rare occasion that Tim goes to sleep, Damian will silence all the devices and stand guard outside the door like a gargoyle to keep out any interruptions
  • Bruce and Dick don’t like Damian having too much coffee. So instead, Damian will silently sneak into Tim’s room and steal sips when Tim’s not looking. Tim, confused as to why his coffee is running out so quickly, will refill it. The cycle continues until someone else catches them
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jason todd: I'll either die being assassinated or being a dumbass. Those are the only two ways I'll go out, or I refuse to die.
dick grayson: How about dying of old age and surrounded by family and people you love?
jason todd: No. I want my death to be on Buzzfeed Unsolved.
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  • Tried to shoot a bottle from three feet away and missed
  • Harper convinced him that “snake crocodiles” were a thing living in Gotham Harbor
  • He spilled mustard on his only clean uniform and had to go an entire patrol with a yellow streak down his chest
  • Damian caught Jason swaddling Alfred the cat in a blanket and calling him a “cutie patootie pie”
  • Jason played both Romeo and Juliet in a one-man production
  • Recently, Jason gained a new scar just below his right eye. When asked about it, he’ll say that it was from taking on Black Mask’s cronies. In reality, it was from messing with Roy’s bow
  • Tim has photographic evidence of Jason stuffing his face with chocolate cake in the middle of the night
  • It’s an open secret that Jason still uses Wonder Woman band-aids
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WIP I want this one with a comic more chill style let’s see let’s see. Dick you look like prince Erick from the little Mermaid we need to change that, you are supposed to look like the older brother

Low key Dami and Timmy sleeping like brothers they are.

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WIP I want this one with a comic more chill style let’s see let’s see. Dick you look like prince Erick from the little Mermaid we need to change that, you are supposed to look like the older brother

Low key Dami and Timmy sleeping like brothers they are.

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Tim and Jason are taking a break from tortuing Daiman, for a while and talk about their experiences as Robins.

Jason: I was basically left for dead by Batman, who just watched me burned to death. I was the angry one of the family, but I didn’t deserve to die like that. I was a kid, rebellious one at that, but still a kid. I was doing justice to people of Gotham. I was taking out the criminials, not letting become worse.

Tim: I was taken from my mother at young age. I still have the memories, blurry, all of them were in slow motion, but I do see her face. She had brown eyes. That’s what I last remembered.

Jason: drinks some beer My mom had brown eyes. She was really pretty.

Tim: nods What you think Bruce and the others are doing?

Jason: looks at Daiman We’ll find out soon enough.

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