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kazbrekkersfedora · 6 minutes ago
Ep 3. Thoughts
Interesting how Nina's plotline intertwines
"I'll get the goat"
Darkling eye-contact hmmm
Leigh in the purple Kefta
I forgot how yucky Zoya is to Alina in the beginning
Kaz with the goat
The boat scene
Nina riling up Matthias
“16 pounds of alabaster coal”
Alina punching zoya was low-key funny
Eww Apparat "I think you will suffer more"
What is the goat for
For Jesper to HUG??
I did not see that coming
Side note: loving the costumes. The embroidery on the keftas is beautiful
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squashedpenguin · 8 minutes ago
Noooo they did my girl Zoya dirty 😭😭😭
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mithriel-of-mithlond · 9 minutes ago
The dialogue about crows.. I couldn't handle it. My Kanej heart just melted.
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squashedpenguin · 10 minutes ago
I don't need a fulfilling life, I need an entire episode where Kaz has to carry a goat while still trying to be edgy. I will be wartching those five minutes on repeat but they simply aren't enough
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kazbrekkersfedora · 13 minutes ago
Ep 2. Thoughts
The parallel to when Mal and Alina were kids
Zoya is iconic
I'm so interested how they develop kanej.
The tension is *chefs kiss*
"I know her better than anyone"
Okay anyone else think that the sleeve thing was hella sexual
Baby kaz
Hells yeah whack with the cane
Ugh tante heleen
I love that they showed Inej removing every knife
"of course, love"
Omg the cut!
"explosives expert" yes, hmm, wonder who that could be
Welp already started with that darkling/kirigan manipulation
Alina advocating for herself, as we like it
General ‘does-not-respect-personal-space’ kirigan
There's quite a few cast members from musketeers, which I like!
Kaz: I love her
Kaz: Bet the crow club on Inej and don't tell her
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mithriel-of-mithlond · 14 minutes ago
Ok but David throwing a book at Jesper? And Kaz whacking him with the cane?
I screamed
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squashedpenguin · 16 minutes ago
I have decided that I also need an emotional support goat now
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emeraldspiral · 17 minutes ago
Falcon and Winter Soldier really didn’t go the way I thought it would. Like, the last two episodes seemed like a slow build to John Walker going absolutely batshit crazy and becoming the main baddie who’d try to kill Karli even after she repents because her conscience is more guilty than she wants to admit. But it was actually kinda the opposite.
Walker’s redemption arc was kind of abrupt. Like, one minute he’s out for blood and the next he’s completely got his chill back. I don’t feel like just because he chose to save the hostages instead of pursuing Karli that means he was over his best friend being murdered by her and her friends, especially when they only reinforced how merciless and unsympathetic they could be by actively trying to stop him from saving those people. It kinda feels like there was a scene missing between him letting Karli go to save the hostages and him peacefully arresting the Flag Smashers. Like, he should’ve had another opportunity to brutally murder someone again, but then Bucky talks him out of it or something. IDK, I know they had to do a lot of reshoots because of COVID and I’m guessing that included about 90% of the final episode, so maybe they didn’t have the time or money to rewrite and film a more polished version of Walker’s resolution.
As for Karli, they do ultimately portray her as a misguided martyr and they do make her last words “I’m sorry”. But up until then, she was pretty much just as relentlessly stubborn as Thanos. Every time there was an opportunity to show her conflicted and hesitant, she only became more ruthless and fanatical. She was utterly apathetic to Walker’s face about what she did to his best friend and ordered the deaths of her hostages as a plan B as casual as if she were talking about seeing a different movie if the one she wanted to see was sold out. They also didn’t have her ultimately lower her weapon, unable to go through with killing Sam, or telegraph that she was going to before Sharon shot her.
It kinda rubs me the wrong way a bit. Like, Walker’s redemption arc was a pleasant surprise, but it feels undercut by the cynicism of Karli’s end. The overall story is actually a lot like Black Panther, where the driving force is a radicalized villain who dies unrepentant as a tragic cautionary tale that inspires civil change meant to ensure that it won’t happen again. But IDK, I think Captain America stories, whether they’re about Steve Rogers or Sam Wilson, should be more optimistic. It feels especially inappropriate given that in CA:TWS, Sam was the one who kept telling Steve that Bucky was too far gone to save, and was ultimately proven wrong. And then they made a big deal in Civil War and the show about how it was hard to get Bucky deprogrammed and in recovery, but ultimately the effort paid off. And like, they went out of their way to reestablish that Sam is a therapist and had him believing in Karli’s inner goodness and fighting for her just as hard as Steve fought for Bucky, but then she ends up being beyond salvation. No deradicalization or reform for Karli, she’s just another cautionary tale.
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kazbrekkersfedora · 17 minutes ago
Ep 1. Thoughts
Holy hell the chemistry between mal and alina is another level. Guess I'm a malina shipper now?
Omg are they setting up the long game with Pekka rollins already???
The set is FANTASTIC
Lol why do I also love alexei
Yooo the music is one of my favourite things. It makes the show.
Wait alexei jumps off???
Alexei survives?!
Lol Jesper has me cracking up
Alexei does not survive
"bring me alina starkov"
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kazbrekkersfedora · 20 minutes ago
Milo the Main Character: a chronological retelling
Milo the goat!
Kaz holding the goat
Are they gonna throw the goat at the volcra?
Nope, nope, they bought the goat so that Jesper could hug it
Moving goodbye™ with the emotional-support-goat
Goat with bullet saves Mal
Jesper wishes he brought Milo
Inej does not remember who Milo is, much to Jesper's disgust
Milo is named a "true friend"
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