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Don’t think about how every season a woman of color on this show is abused and this time beaten by a whiter-than-white blonder-than-blonde Viking-looking chick.  

And because Murphy and Emori questioned the ethics of her decision (it had to be done), and because it shows her being manipulative in order to get the vital, life-saving work done, we’re basically told that Raven’s beating was rightful. 

And, of course, there are no obvious consequences to anyone but Raven.

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A very quick session today, just enough time to get in a chapter.

Nannerl’s distrust of Hyacinth has grown and she has refused to help him get across the river. At the same time, her fear and mistrust of Hyacinth has led her to have a big confrontation with Woferl and he is now angry with her. I think from this point on the story will be all about distancing and anger growing between the two siblings and maybe some big plot with Hyacinth being awful.

I know how the real history plays out, so it is interesting to see how The Kingdom of Back portrays it within this story.

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HMmmmm … I’m not quite sure if you’re asking about in HD proper, but I think that’s how it sounds?

There are some major perspective changes at certain points – while we don’t get a lot of insight into Iri’s thoughts during some key moments in the MC’s life previously, during the present day when major things happen we’ll get scenes with the rest of the cast to kind of like  … I dunno, establish where that leaves everyone?


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