julesplease · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The conflict in season 23's final episode in a nutshell.
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miroheyskanen · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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batshitferalquotes · 2 days ago
Steph: How dare you run a check on me?! How would you feel if I interfered in YOUR personal life?
Tim: I'd hate it and that's why I CLEVERLY, have no personal life.
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locuas642 · a day ago
While Alador has flaws of his own that caused him to neglect his children. This episode we learn that Odalia's treatment of Alador probably helped it get as bad as it got. She forced her husband to work five years without break, and fired his own team when he was not looking (probably because they wanted to unionize), and whenever he was even slightly confrontational, she pushed the kid's card.
We also see that all it took for Alador to realize his own shortcomings was having one sincere conversation with his children, which in turn made him stop in his tracks and re-consider his priorities. To wish to improve. Because he is able to identify that his children's feelings are valid.
Meanwhile, Odalia's reaction to anything and everything her family confronts her on is her acting as the offended party, that everyone else should be grateful for what she did for them, whatever that is that she is done. Because she cant seemingly consider her own family as her equals.
She could not even tell her husband (whom she cant even seem capable of calling him even that) about the day of unity simply because she was annotyed by how he would react. Because in her eyes, it is her decision (not his or even the family's) the one that matters, so it is irrelevant to even fill them in on anything.
Alador is a neglectful parent. WHile Odalia is an abusive one
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jubi-liana · 2 days ago
Rewatching the fight in the factory just to see how many times they gave Luz Hunter's facial expression and vice-versa.
Like this one:
Tumblr media
They did have fun with this one, haven't they?
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violetbumblebea · a day ago
I'm as much of a fan of Brucie Wayne as the next person but I do love me some competent, Tired Dad™ businessman Bruce Wayne. No one thinks he's Batman, not because he's an idiot but because he's running a multi-billion dollar company, starting social projects for Gotham, and going to school events for like 7.5 kids.
Conspiracy theorists, at most, figure that Bruce is a meta capable of being multiple places at once or time dilation. No one is crazy enough to think he has time to also be a crime fighting furry
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doks-aux · 15 hours ago
Tim: Bruce, I know this must seem strange, but Steph, Bernard, and I all care about each other very much, and we want to be together. And it would mean so much if--
Bruce: Ah, like my parents and Alfred.
Tim: ...What?
Bruce: You don’t need to worry, son. I understand.
Tim: Wait--
Bruce: I’m so happy for all of you, and you have my complete--
Tim: Please back up.
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annah-kitathryne · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 6 Batfam Social Media AU
First / Previous / Next
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dear-mrs-otome · 2 days ago
Silvio Ricci - Smexy Butler Teim - Another Terrible Summary
Tumblr media
(Silvio: "Do something that makes me want to serve you.")
Here is my irreverent, only nominally-guaranteed accurate rendition of Silvio's butler story.
Tumblr media
One day, when Rio’s called away from the castle on business for one reason or another, Emma is woken up by Silvio of all people kicking in her door bright and early. He saunters in, gloating about how he’s heard Rio is gone and ordering her imperiously to accompany him as he goes out today.
Emma, of course, is less than thrilled by this idea and turns him down flat, much to his irritation. He insists that she doesn’t have grounds to refuse a guest’s request, and scrambling to come up with an excuse that will fit with her ‘noblewoman’ cover story she tells him that it’s her day of leisure and her father forbids her from going anywhere without a butler in attendance. No Rio, no butler, no outing - aw shucks.
But Silvio just looks all shrewd at that.  “So if there was a butler, there wouldn’t be any problem?”
Tumblr media
She hastily adds that Rio’s the only butler that’ll do for her, but Silvio dismisses that as her just being self-centered. She has a very very bad feeling as he leans over to say something she can’t hear to one of the servants, who looks baffled but leaves to do whatever he’s asked - and then he tells her she’d best meet him in the drawing room in a half an hour. If she tries to weasel out of it, he’ll have her brought there even if they have to make her, he threatens.
Furious at how goddamned IMPOSSIBLE this man is, she’s nonetheless resigned to having to comply…and thirty minutes later she’s outside the drawing room, bracing herself for whatever may come. Only to open the door and nearly keel over in shock at the sight that greets her - of Silvio, lounging on the top of a table dressed in a butler’s uniform.
Tumblr media
“So, you’ve got nothing to complain about this, do you Mistress?” Silvio points out all triumphant. “Now there’s no reason for you to refuse to go out.”
She’s still trying to wrap her brain around this whole thing, just abject denial NOPE NO NU-UH. Silvio as her butler?? It does not compute, especially given that his rude, lackadaisical attitude just proves that he doesn’t have any REAL intentions of serving her. She asks if he really wanted her to go out with him that badly, and he agrees that’s part of it - but the bigger part is how delightful it’s gonna be to stick it to that ‘damn dog’ Rio when he finds out that Silvio was Emma’s butler.
She tells him his attitude is shit for a butler, and he says that’s because he hasn’t accepted her as his mistress. And any lady who can’t control her butler is simply incompetent.
She’s bristling at that, firing back that she wouldn’t want a butler like him anyways, but that only seems to amuse him.
“Oh? Don’t get cocky. If I tell you I’m going to be your butler, you’re just going to have to go out with me,” he insists. “But mainly…if you want me to act like a proper butler - do something that makes me want to serve you. That’s the beautiful thing about dogs, isn’t it?”
Tumblr media
She’s trying and failing to ignore how her heart does an unsettling flipflop when he sticks his tongue out all provocatively at her with that.
Resigned, realizing he’s not going to give this up, she reluctantly agrees to the whole debacle, much to Silvio’s evil delight.
Much later, she’s back in her room utterly exhausted from taking him around Rhodolite all day. He’d wanted to sightsee apparently and she’d been his impromptu tour guide - but he’d never lose the rude boy attitude and she was drained from trying to hold onto his reins all day. Especially given that he hadn’t listened to a single thing she’d said.
Still…she supposes there’s some saving grace in how he had seemed to thoroughly enjoy every moment of today.
Now dressed back in his normal clothes, Silvio returns to her room and haughtily says she proved a more useful guide than he’d expected. She’s mainly just…did you still need something? And he proclaims he thought he’d give her a reward for her hard work today.
She’s freaking out as he pulls her in with his arms around her waist, spluttering about what he’s doing.
“What’s the use in getting upset over something like this? You’re my mistress, aren’t you?” he tosses back on a smirk.
Tumblr media
She’s still NOPE NOPE, trying to protest when he cuts her off by stroking a hand at her hip, as if chastising her for talking back, and she’s gotta snap her mouth shut on the noise that’s trying to escape her at that (you can practically hear Emma furiously just telling her brain NOT HOT NOT NOW hahaha)
He’s gloating about how she suddenly quieted down, and then his stupidly ridiculously handsome face (her words even not mine, the tsun is strong with this girl) is drawing near and she closes her eyes - only to feel his warm fingers and something cool at her ears, and she realizes when she reaches up to check and looks in the nearby mirror that he’s hung exquisite pink jeweled earrings from her ears.
He says that if she’s a lady she should be wearing splendid things like this - she’s too drab and a noblewoman’s gotta keep up appearances. Before he breaks out in a smirk. “Well…unless you are a commoner, right?”
She’s scrambling to cover for that, only making it worse when she tries to say she can’t accept something so expensive and he calls her out on the fact that a lady wouldn’t consider these all THAT expensive. And all haughty he says she can’t try and measure his standards by hers. With an arrogant laugh, Silvio suddenly turns his attention back to her ears, all mirth slipping away. “Be sure to keep them on in front of that damned dog.”
Tumblr media
She’s thinking OHHH so that’s what this is all about, but she’s certain he wouldn’t take them back even if she insists so she’s left with nothing to do but thank him for the gift. He finally lets her go and makes to leave, in all sorts of a good mood, when she notices he’s got some flower petals caught in the fur ruff of his cape. She calls out for him to wait, reaching out to pluck them free…
When he just yeets himself away from her like she’s scalded him, leaping far out of reach.
Tumblr media
He’s scowling and blushing and demanding to know what she’s doing, and she tries to explain about the flower petals.
He’s still scowling, even harder now maybe, but his face is still flaming she notes as they just stare at each other for a long long loooong silence.
Tumblr media
“...Your face looks red -” she starts to point out.
“You’re imagining things,” he interjects. “I don’t care if there are petals, don’t come near me.”
Suspicion finally dawns on her then, the inkling of an idea, and she literally starts hunting him down, prowling across the room until she’s close enough to reach him again, but before she can touch him he’s grabbed her hand and he’s scolding her that she can’t just do whatever she wants because she’s his mistress.
Tumblr media
Then he starts mussing up her hair and she’s squawking indignantly, demanding to know what he’s doing - they devolve into bickering where he tells her he doesn’t have all day to waste on her and she counters he seemed pretty dang free all day today!
“That was observation, stupid,” he scoffs, and after another brief stroke of her hair, he leaves the room as if running away.
Poor Emma is just left standing there, rooted to the spot, her hair still a rat’s nest as she’s trying to process what just happened. How it’s apparently alright for him to touch her…but not for HER to touch HIM??
But it hits her then that she may have just stumbled across his weak spot, and she thinks how if she learned anything from him today it was to suss out your opponents weakness and use it to make them obey you.
His words from earlier come back to her. “But mainly…if you want me to act like a proper butler - do something that makes me want to serve you.”
And thinking ahead to the next time Silvio says he’s going to be her butler, she laughs to herself - suddenly looking forward to the prospect.
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panphilosopher · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The image doesn't do it justice how fluid and emotional it was.
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wot-tidbits · a day ago
Tumblr media
Her invincibility stretches further than her babes.
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glorious-mourning · a day ago
Tumblr media
MAN ™ :((
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locuas642 · a day ago
Lore Olympus 195
So now what I think will happen is that Hades is in the same ocndition as Hera and he is deep in a slumber. which means the Underworld is in chaos because he is not there to rule it.
and so Persephone will have no choice but to eat the pomegranate so she can rule it in his place.
which will make Zeus furious when he finds out, but wont be able to punish her because the rules of the underworld override his authority
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justa-poor-boy · 6 hours ago
I wish Tim’s God-given, bat-avoiding, super-stalker stealth was actually put to use in any of the Tim Drake media. Maybe it was used some, but where is my silent and terrifying Tim?
Tim that creeps behind Batman and pops out to scare the shit out of bank robbers despite his blinding primary colors?
Tim that waits for Batman to engage with the gangs before sneaking around and hacking into the gangs database to throughly destroy them from within and bug their systems with stupid viruses he created himself?
Tim that uses Batman’s antics with the Rogues as cover to sabotage all of their traps and equipment and also plant really weird shit like tiny little plastic babies and fake mushrooms in Rogues bases.
Like, it gets to the point where criminals know the difference between Robins. Cause when the first one gets you, he’ll annoy the hell out of you before backflipping off your face to knock you out; when the second one gets you, you’ll get cussed out and given bruises on bruises. But when the third one got you, he ruined your whole operation and your sanity.
Your money? Gone. Your men? Charged with multiple crimes, none of which they can plead insanity for, and put away in an actual jail. Your tech? Compromised to high heaven. Your main base of operation? Riddler had orbeez pouring from his pipes for months. Crane had to abandon four bases because of the amount of sewer rats just hanging around and eating his chemicals. Penguin had Barbie Girl playing at top possible volume on repeat from the Ice Berg Lounge until he scrapped his entire sound system and every piece of tech in a mile radius. The less said about the slime in Amusement Mile, the better. Every criminal in Gotham is beyond relieved that the third Robin seemed to have moved on and now the blonde fourth Robin who just hates the Riddler and Cluemaster specifically is here. All in all, she’s much less mean than the third Robin and doesn’t hit them in tender areas with a metal stick while ruining their lives.
Then. The return.
Oh, how they wept. Oh, how they lamented. Tim, the little shit, went even harder than before, practically mocking the criminals for their complacency.
The fifth Robin, for all his snarling pompousness and his sword, is one thousand times better. What’s better is that the third Robin has once again skipped town, leaving only a rude child who may cut them but also leaves their dignity and sanity intact.
And then. Red Robin.
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jubi-liana · 2 days ago
So the most important question now is: who is the traitor in CATs?
My bet is on Terra actually doing something to Raine. She is capable witch after all and the little exchange between Raine and Luz seems a little forshadowy.
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violetbumblebea · 14 hours ago
I've seen people say "What if Dick thinks Bruce is a vampire instead of Batman" but no one asks the most important question.
What if Dick assumes Bruce is just Batman and, years later, through some shenanigans of sort it is revealed he is also a vampire
Bruce is confused about why all of his kids are freaking out.
Bruce: I literally don't go outside unless it's night or very overcast?
Dick: I assumed you were a white man who hadn't discovered sunscreen.
Bruce: I don't sleep?
Barbara: You're a workaholic
Bruce: I literally don't eat or drink.
Jason: idk, neither does Tim
Bruce: I regularly drink packs of blood???
Tim: We thought you liked Kool-Aid Jammers like a normal person
Bruce: I strictly wear black and capes?
Steph: You listen to MCR, I thought you were emo
Bruce: You call Damian demon brat?? Surely, a callback to the fact I, his father, am a creature of darkness and hell?
Damian, also a vampire: Were you not calling me a slur due to my demonic nature?
Alfred, amused
(Duke, who accidentally burned him with his light, and Cass, who is Cass, knew already)
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incorrectbatfamandpals · 2 days ago
Steph: Cass, you're gay.
Cass: Yes
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phoenixstartedthefire · 8 hours ago
Video game headcannons about the batkids
Damian and Cass play animal crossing together. They both hate pietro and will not tell anyone why
Tim and Damian play minecraft. Damian spends all his time collecting pets and Tim spends his time trying to sabatoge the base that Damian spent hours on
Dick only plays shitty mobile games
Babs loves crushing teenage boys at call of duty while steph wears the headset and destroys them verbally
Duke loves torturing his sims. Everytime the welcome wagon comes, he traps and drowns them in the pool. He hates Nancy Langraab with a passion. He has a soft spot for eliza pancakes.
Damian loves rhythm games too
Jason loves crushing his family at mario kart any opportunity he gets
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plumdonutsv · a day ago
“titan, help us” “i’ll do my best” 🥺
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jasontoddsguns · 7 hours ago
See, I like batfam but I also LOVE people calling out Bruce being a shitty ass dad in comics... (I have issues I know) so 🥺😢💙.... please take these pictures of Jason and Stephanie slapping him as my gift to your service---
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Sorry if the quality is bad)
Steph slapping Batman was amazing. Remember the fact he brought her on as robin to manipulate Tim- god he’s such a bitch,
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