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incorrectbatfam · a day ago
Duke: What's your biggest fear?
Tim: Being forgotten.
Duke: Damn that's deep.
Duke: Mine is the Kool-Aid man but I feel kinda stupid about it now.
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pyrokinesis · a day ago
riddler sees purple batgirl and the signal together, and that's it he's having a headache, meanwhile steph and duke are still fighting about deep dish pizza, and they don't even notice riddler until he starts yelling about his foes, his mortal migraine inducers
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arguablysomaya · 2 days ago
Cass: Other people may reject you, but if you lie on the forest floor for long enough, the moss and fungi will always accept you as one of their own.
Duke, who just wanted advice on how to ask out a girl: uh. thanks
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sunsetsintandem · 2 days ago
Once, for Bruce's birthday, very early on his tenure as Robin, Tim gifted him a binder with pictures of Jason as Robin (since those were the only ones he could get his hands on) and Dick. Bruce would deny it if asked, but he cried when he first saw it. Over time, he started including pictures of Tim, Cass, Steph, Damian and Duke. It's one of his most prized possessions.
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queen-of-ice494 · 10 hours ago
practice with graffiti lettering styles turned into a series with the batfam lmao
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(reblogs appreciated! im a whore for attention)
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ragingbookdragon · a day ago
Random clothing that are for the Batfamily. No explanations. Figure it out yourself
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And Ghost-Maker just because:
Tumblr media
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incorrect-waynemanor · a day ago
cass: murder wasn’t on today’s agenda
duke: it’s not on anyone’s
jason: no, it’s on mine. just not until next thursday
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emperor-neo · 23 hours ago
Children pick up different kinds habits from their parents all the time due to their close proximity with each other like Damian picks up Bruce's neck scratching when being nervous and Talia's glamorous posing in WFA, but I argue they also pick up weird habits from their siblings as well.
Dick - I bet Dick got a nasty tongue of profanities from Jason rather than the his usual cutesy no harm no fowl (get it?) puns and insults when he was Robin.
Jason - probably got a "thing" for red heads because of Dick. End of Discussion. Oh as well as constant teasing from Dick.
Cassandra - I would love if Cass got a habit of sliding down the rails of the stairs from Damian despite Alfred's protests, I don't like the idea of Cass being the "Bruce's perfect little princess™" people associate her with. She's human not a damn barbie y'all sickos.
Tim - Tim would've gotten the unhealthy habit of eating unhealthy food and sleepless schedule from Dick and Bruce, as well as crossing his arms when upset from Damian.
Duke - I bet my bottom dollar, Duke has gotten a habit of reading books all the time from Jason.
Damian - I know this is gonna sound stupid but I love it; Damian acquired his signature onomotopeia "tt" from Jason when they were with the league because the only sounds from a braindead Jason was that "tt" sounds.
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nyxthechaosdragon · a day ago
Duke *filming in Wayne Manor*: On today's episode of 'What's Wrong With My Family?', we have our favourite guest, Stephanie Brown
Duke: So Stephanie, what's wrong with my family?
Steph: Oh Duke, what isn't wrong with this family? It's filled with traitorous snakes who show you no remorse
Tim: Is this because I said confetti is better than glitter?
Steph: *mockingly* Is this because I said- yes this is because you said confetti is better than glitter!
Tim: I thought we got over this after you placed a glitter bomb in my room?
Damian, popping in: Oh that was me. It was my show of approval- glitter does indeed suck.
Tim: Well can your approval not hurt as much next time?? I was seeing sparkles for a week!
Steph, attacking Damian: Say glitter is better than confetti! Say it! Say- where'd you get that knife??
Duke: And that's today's episode! Stay tuned for tomorrow's special; a tour of Steph's hospital room!
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ameba-from-space · 2 days ago
I saw you were taking asks for fic Recs and I was hoping you might have some for dick grayson?? Please! Also thanks!!
And were back!!! I'm finally motivated enough to do this so lets kick it off with the goodest boy dick grayson
Cingulomania (Sometimes, Dad Needs a Hug) - I will never ever ever shut up about this fic and yall can't stop me
And the Scene Slips Away (To the Evenness I Fake) - This family really need to sit down and talk about stuff
Manor-Dad lets me drive the Batmobile - Dick reaches a obvious conclusision about his adoptive dad
four brothers, one crush, and absolutely zero brain cells to be found - Honestly the title says it all
deer is a dish best served with a side of tears - dick is a dick to his dad
Watch This - IT'S A BABY
Older Siblings: A Plague on Our Society - Give the man his bike back
collective Judgments - Punch racist
Safe And Sound - The kids call bruce dad
Kidding Around With the Bats - Dick find a bunch of babies, he then finds out they are his dad and siblings
Make an Ass of U and Me - Clark thinks the handsome young man following bruce around is his boyfriend, its not
Breakfast in America - #LetDickGraysonWearABikini2022
Minimum Height Requirement - *edna mode voice* NO CAPES (at least not until youre 18)
When it Rains - People question why it took bruce so long to adopt dick
The Jingle Jangle Morning - dick has a sleepover, it doesnt go well
Catch and Release - KILL BATMAN (with love)
in the dark of the night - Dick and bruce have a complicated relatioship
Ranking Robins - Dick's childhood was more complicated than most people think
Emergency Contacts - Bruce is injured, his kids worry
You Won't Wake Up Alone - Dick wants his dad
I Measure Every Grief I Meet - Someone died in ethiopia, it wasn't jason
what a privilege to love you (to teach you all that i know) - It's beautiful, I've looked at it for five hours
Perils of a Job - Dick calls bruce, Dick gets hurt, Bruce panics
A Touch of Concern - Bruce's kids have all died at least once, he gets to be overprotective, as a treat
The Waynes, Damsels in Distress - The Waynes are bitches and I love them so much
and it comes back around - dick finds out there are more ways to beat bad guys
And this is it, I could probably do more, dick is my second most read character in ao3, you'll never guess who is number one, but I don't want to make a super gigantic post so if you guys would like a part 2 hit me up
Fanfic recs masterpost
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jaydickincorrect · 8 hours ago
Duke: Is Dick always like this when he loses?
Jason: Yeah. You should've been there for the Great Jenga Tantrum of 2015.
Dick: You bumped that table and you know it!
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emilyarmadillo · a day ago
Steph: I'm gonna make a club for people who treat Damian like a normal kid. Duke, you in?
Duke: Sure.
Maya: Hey can I j-
Steph and Duke: Trying to murder him the first time you meet isn't normal.
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incorrectbatfamandpals · 2 days ago
Duke: I feel sorry for everyone who has to interact with us.
Steph: I don't, we add flavour to every conversation.
Dick: Sorry that they're all LOSERS
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings · an hour ago
Bruce: You are all menaces to society.
The batkids collectively: Thanks.
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adoptmebruce · 17 hours ago
living in Gotham is like…
Cons: being killed or kidnapped by any of the twenty villains in my general vicinity at any given moment.
Pros: living near the Wayne family.
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sleepy-papaya · 2 days ago
Reverse Robins AU
New au! A standard reverse au, but spicy. Here's a guide/timeline of all of their arrivals and inductions into the team!
We start with Duke! Duke Thomas, wanting revenge on Joker for driving his parents insane, talks a young Bruce Wayne into letting him join. He does have powers, though. His meta status is the only reason Bruce lets him out in the field. He is jokingly referred to as "The Bat's Signal," as his appearance means that Batman isn't far behind.
Damian is next. Sent by his mother to assassinate the possible competition for his father's inheritance and legacy, ten-year-old Damian attacks a 16-year-old Duke. That doesn't work out so well.
Damian becomes Shadow. Where The Signal heralds Batman's arrival, Shadow follows behind, tying up loose ends.
Following Damian's arrival by three years is Cass. Her story is very similar to what it is in canon, except, she shows up in Wayne Manor as an 8-year-old. She runs straight there, basically.
Cass's brothers adore her. She's probably the only reason Duke visits anymore.
Then Damian dies. And Bruce breaks.
Batman is alone. No Signal, no Shadow.
Then along comes a precocious 13-year-old by the name of Timothy Drake.
Tim forces his way into the Shadow mantle in a desperate attempt to keep Bruce afloat. It works. But Tim doesn't come alone. A girl, who Bruce has fought with before, seems to be a part of the Tim Drake package.
Spoiler joins the team. She and Tim are frighteningly competent, a perfect pair. Bruce jokes that they barely even need him.
(Bruce also wonders when he decided he would allow regular teenagers into this life.)
Stephanie, eager to get out of the shadow her father has held over her, takes on the name of Batgirl. Tim thinks the name is stupid. Bruce absolutely does not cry.
Then Damian returns. He returns from Hell to a house full of laughter and two new siblings.
(He's not entirely mad about it)
He takes the name of Nightwing.
Duke has already claimed Tim, so Damian's favorite sibling is automatically Stephanie. They aren't so different.
He's gone when she's murdered. Blown to bits by the Joker after a bond-tearing fight with Tim pushed her from Gotham. Damian can't make himself attend the funeral, but the Joker doesn't live much longer. He visits her grave only when the blood on his hands has dried.
Tim is wrecked. His best friend is dead and it's his fault. He runs. It isn't the first time. It won't be the last. Duke chases after him.
When they come back, Duke is crippled. He lost one leg at the hip and the other below the knee. Prosthetics can only do so much. He doesn't interact with his family for months.
Until a masked Spoiler-Copy ambushes him in his apartment, demanding to know who killed the Joker.
He says Nightwing did. Now there are three people who know that truth. The fake Spoiler seems incredibly angry.
Duke panics and calls Tim. Damian went dark months ago, but Tim can find anyone at any time. He will know how to alert Damian. But he doesn't. Someone is running around, leaving a trail of blood, tainting Stephanie's memory. He confronts the imposter.
It's not an imposter. It is Stephanie. And she is directing all her Lazarus-Pit-Rage at the person who drove her away in the first place. Tim himself.
Damian comes back to Gotham to try and calm his little sister.
It doesn't work, but at least she isn't trying to kill Tim anymore.
Duke becomes Oracle, unable to completely leave the team behind. They don't know how they survived without him before.
Damian finds a tiny Jason Todd, stealing the tires off the Batmobile. Jason fills the void of The Shadow left by Tim's graduation to Crimson Shade.
Then Bruce dies.
Jason doesn't believe it. The only person who agrees is Tim. They set off to find someone who can help them. That person is Ra's al Ghul.
In anger over the Tim's refusal to become the next Demon's head, Ra's kills him. Jason convinces Talia to help him, and she resurrects him with the pit. Tim returns to life with two goals: protect Jason and retrieve Bruce. Ra's al Ghul is the path to both of those things.
Jason is afraid. As soon as they have enough information to find Bruce in the timestream, he sends a copy to the JLA and deletes the original.
Tim is a little broken. His two objectives clash. He rises up in the League, until he is high-profile enough for Damian to find him.
Damian has been searching for a year. He is Batman. He's adopted a child. An acrobat's son. Steph has passed the mantle of Batgirl on to a 14-year-old Cass.
Damian confronts his mother. She is romantically involved with his 18-year-old brother. That's where Damian draws the line.
Tim, Jason, and Damian return to Gotham. Bruce has been brought back, Dick becoming his Shadow. Damian is furious with Bruce and Duke for letting that happen, he leaves.
He goes to Stephanie. Stephanie exists in the only part of the world the Bats will not touch. If they acknowledge her, they have to acknowledge that she is a criminal, a crime boss, sitting on top of an empire.
Damian joins her. It's a family business. Spoiler and The Prince of Gotham are names whispered in the alleys, criminals who hunt criminals. They use Talia's connections for their own gain. She is a terrible mother, but she is their terrible mother.
Damian balances Steph out, and she calms him down. Their existence is still ignored by the larger family.
Dick is inconsolable after Damian leaves. Bruce sets him up on a playdate with the commissioner's daughter, Barbara. They get along well, despite the three year age gap.
Barbara is smart. She notices things about Dick, and she notices things about the new Shadow.
Cass trains her and passes the name of Batgirl down, as Steph had done before.
Years later, Dick understands the implications of being a Shadow. He becomes Robin. Barbara, painting herself a comedian, counters with her own name of Sparrow.
She doesn't want to admit it, but Batgirl comes with too much baggage of it's own. It's easier to make it a joke.
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m00n-st0n3 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some batfam
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wrenex · 13 hours ago
what do you think movie night at wayne manor is like?
*cracks knuckles*
 so obviously they can't decide on a movie. 
• dick wants to watch something like mama mia
• steph and tim both vote for mean girls
• bruce suggests some old black and white film that they all groan at
• damian wants to watch tangled - a movie that he got hooked on through one of dick’s many disney-movie-binging sessions
• cass and alfred are both indifferent, they just want to spend time as a family
• babs suggests some mob movie (i just feel like she would okay)
• jason was there in the beginning, but got tired of sitting there for an hour an a half as they all battled for the right to pick they movie, and made an abrupt exit (he’ll probably come back later, don't worry)
• duke sits there, remote in hand, surfing through the many streaming platforms, and playing the trailers so everyone has an idea of what they’re getting into. he does this wearing a very very tired expression
• in the end, tim and steph’s idea prevails, and they all settle for mean girls
snacks & beverages
• bruce goes with the classic, buttery, cholesterol raising choice of popcorn. to drink, he grabs an ice cold coke bottle
• dick grabs everything out of the pantry and ends up snacking on some poptarts. to drink, he has a tall glass of chocolate milk. yes, he's prepared for the stomach ache he’ll get afterwards. a small price to pay, really
• damian claims to dislike junk food, but he so obviously has a sweet tooth. (i can just picture it now: a tired talia trying to get damian to eat his veggies. “no dessert until you’ve finished your vegetables, my heart”) so he’ll be over in dick’s corner, snacking on the array of options that dick provided. to drink, he has multiple water bottles at the ready. gotta stay hydrated
• i believe steph to be an indecisive person, so she will also be joining damian and dick. oh and be prepared for her to steal everyone’s snacks while their heads are turned. sharing is caring <3 to drink, she has a can of rootbeer
• tim grabs a bag of potato chips, his coffee, a coke, and sets that as his limit. who knows if he’ll stick to it ? he sure doesn't
• alfred makes his classic cucumber sandwiches per babs’ request. she has a cup of coffee on hand
• while cass tends to nod her head in disapproval at her sibling’s dessert choices, steph got her hooked on a few things. she is particularly fond of pretzels w/ nutella. babs threw her a can of sprite and she’ll stick with that for the night
• duke is much like dick when it comes to junk food, so he’ll float around the room a bit before making a grab for dick, damian, and steph’s buffet area. who can blame him ? i'd do the same. to drink, he begged alfred to get him some 7 up. it took a lot of convincing, but he has pretty great puppy dog eyes
seating arrangement
• like previously mentioned, dick, dami, and steph will be huddled in a blanket fort they made to house their snacks
• cass will alternate between joining those in the blanket fort, listening to duke’s whisper-commentary, and being seated next to barbara
• alfred and bruce sit together. it’s tradition from too many years ago, it must be followed
• tim sits on the floor, directly in front of the TV, and enjoys then fact that he chose the movie for once. him. his pick. everyone else has to deal with it. HA
• earlier in the night, jason sat next to alfred. currently, he waits in the kitchen, and he pretends he went back to his apartment. (he’s too stubborn to come back in, it’s only been 25 minutes)
• alfred, poor alfred, cleaned up the destruction they left in their wake. and at the price of them being together ? he’s okay with cleaning up a hurricane 
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badores · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the result of staring at pinterest boards for like an hour ☀️ 👄 ☀️
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thestickpeople · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just bros chilling 😎
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