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#duke thomas

After a horrendous blizzard falls over Gotham, Tim undergoes a sharp change in character before disappearing. Upon discovering what has become of him, Stephanie sets off on a solo journey in a magic realm to bring him home, meeting some faces who seem awfully familiar along the way. 

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Cassandra could be just as obsessive as her brothers. She may have been a little quieter about it, but an instance where her best friend and closest brother had gone missing two months ago had lent itself very neatly to her sitting by Kane bridge all day every day, watching, waiting for them to arrive back home. Sometimes Duke would join her, when he didn’t have school or some daytime mission to attend to, and the pair would sit in silence, watching the water. The storm and its heavy snowfall had long since gone, nothing more than an interesting memory for most of the residents of the city.

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quick PSA for anyone that is still confused (because I see it every couple weeks):


in simple broadstrokes, as simply and fundamentally I can break it down, Duke Thomas has the power to absorb and redistribute light and/or shadow for a variety of effects.

he typically absorbs light through the eyes and uses it to perform different visual abilities (precognition, recognition, telescopic vision, x-ray vision, etc)….


conversely, he absorbs shadow with his body and uses it to cloak his allies, augment his melee, defend himself, or to terrify and disorient his opponents.


Duke also has a couple important passive abilities that are not fully confirmed or understood. his biological father is an Immortal named Gnomon, who implied that Duke may have similar immortality, and we also know that Duke makes other metahumans more powerful in his presence.

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one of the walls in Wayne Manor is completely covered in chalk paint, with a plethora of chalk markers, sidewalk chalk, and naturally, the fine point chalk from the live laugh love section of walmart. it is the only notes section of Wayne Manor that is completely devoid of vigilante stuff, and everyone has their own color of chalk. Jason claimed red using the excuse using GUILT TRIPPING and Duke claimed yellow when Tim was gone, so Tim just uses all the colors. 

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Oh my god, she goes to Wayne Manor to visit both Duke and Flavia and Selina answers the door and she’s just really silent for a bit.

   Duke: “Oh, Tessa! You’re here- You okay?”

   Contessa: *wildly gesturing to Selina because she’s too excited to sign or speak because she’s meeting her hero IRL*

    Flavia: “Yeah, she’s good.”

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     Do you know what would be funny?

     If Contessa and Duke Thomas were a couple.

     The reason why is they’d have a BatCat relationship for sure but since Flavia sees Duke as a brother and Contessa is her cousin, it’d just be so weird for her, and as much as both of them love Flavi, they can’t help but tease her a little.

    “So, uh, does Contessa have a boyfriend or something?”

    “EW! Duke, that’s my cousin!”

    “I know, that’s why I asked you.

    Plus, I think Duke totally wouldn’t mind the fact she was deaf. Maybe he’d have a few misconceptions but she’ll right them. Also, Amico gets super excited when Duke is around and you just see this huge Cane Corso just tackle poor Duke to the ground whenever he visits.

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(@redhoodiejt)  Here is the full list of the ships and main characters of the poly mess! I am happy to clarify and answer any questions that may arise from the list. This list will be added to as this AU expands. Many of the children seen on the list are children who are had later in the timeline, but their parent’s relationships listed are according to present timeline.

(Small Key: multiple characters listed in one partner line means that all characters in that line are in a relationship. “A.” is short for adopted. Character relations are put in parenthesis.)

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I rewatched the Static Shock cartoon back in September. Since that was right after DukeWeek2020, I was naturally having a lot of Duke related thoughts.

It started like this:

  • Vigil’s heroics take place during the day quite a bit. Duke is training to be Gotham’s day time daytime defender. Bruce makes this connection and trusting Virgil as a capable hero - even when he doesn’t want to say it out loud - he requests that the two teens spend some time together.

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duke thomas: Shut up, shut up, and shut up okay?! Who are you people to give me advice about anything?! All you do is just bitch all day long!
duke thomas: [to barbara gordon] And you know what, glare all you want, okay? [mimicking] “Oh no! Jason’s back and he won’t pay any attention to me!” That must be so hard!
duke thomas: [to dick grayson and damian wayne] And you two? What, you’re arguing since Dick got back? Wow, you’re probably the first people that’ve ever had a falling out, ever.
duke thomas: [to tim drake] And you! You know what, let’s just — let’s just forget for one second, that two months ago you were hell bent on not keeping secrets anymore, because, for me, it’s like watching a train wreck seeing you becoming some Batman wannabe, it really is.
duke thomas: [to everyone] Honestly, the only thing that gives me comfort, you guys, is that at the end of the day, when I’m staring at the ceiling, just wishing that I had someone to talk to, is knowing that none of you idiots realize how lucky you are!
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cuz im such a sucker for healthy coping mechanisms my biggest comfort hc is that bruce BAKES!

  • the first time he attempts a cake its 4am and he makes an absolute disaster of things. im talking eggshells cracked in the batter, too much flour and not enough butter. he doesnt know where the measuring cups are, or the baking pans, or the baking sheets.
  • it ends up coming out as a messy, lumpy, much-too-dense thing which sticks to the pan and crumbles when he tries to turn it out.
  • but what he realises, as he sits down on the island counter and realises how hes got an hour to clean things up before alfred finds out, is that he’s just irreversibly fucked something up and everything is okay
  • hes so used to the notion of perfection, having to maintain a almost obsessive notion of control because if something fucks up in any of his lines of work it is on him. he is responsible for the fall out.
  • and as batman, he does not get to make mistakes that are victimless.
  • but here he is, standing infront of something he’s undeniably fucked up, and everything is okay. his children are fine, his friends are fine, he is fine.
  • and so then everytime hes awake in the middle of the night, after a hard night of patrol or seeing nightmares everytime he closes his eyes. he’ll go into the kitchen, find a recipe he’s been wanting to try, put on some classical music (or maybe some of the music stephanie likes to listen to in the batmobile) and let his mind be calmed by the repetitive motions of whisking and mixing.


  • the justice league have yet to figure out who keeps leaving baked goods in their cafeteria
  • bruce had taken over baking all birthday cakes and cupcakes
  • some days alfred will cook dinner and bruce will do dessert. both are happy to be spending time with each other 🥺
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