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hintofelation99a day ago
Damian trying to focus on his zoom lecture while in the manor library.
Teacher: Okay class take out- Damian! What on earth is going on there?!
Steph is on Jason's back pouring glitter glue on his head while Cass follows behing with Duke on her back. Duke is wearing a pirates hat. Damian doesn't even bother looking.
Damian: Todd is reenacting Hamlet.
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incorrectbatfam2 days ago
Duke: I am a god.
Damian: You yelled "shut up" at a thunderstorm and it happened to dissipate. It was purely coincidence. You have no power.
Cassandra: Shut it. He's a god.
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impulsivelybart2 days ago
the bats meeting the supers, wonders, arrows, lanterns and speedsters for the first time
bruce, dick, tim, jason, steph, barbara, kate kane: just realized something very important about myself. I'm gonna repress it for a few years but, good to know
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arguablysomaya2 days ago
Duke: You know, I鈥檝e always kinda wanted to be in a horror movie.
Jason: Is this family not enough for you?
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arabian-batboy8 hours ago
How good do DC writers handle the Batfamily鈥檚 characterizations based on who is their favorite member:
Great writers, will do all the characters justice equally: Cassandra鈥檚 stans, Duke鈥檚 stans & Stephanie鈥檚 stans.
Decent writers, will not do anything groundbreaking with all of them, but will not butcher any of them either: Jason鈥檚 stans, Damian鈥檚 stans & Barbara鈥檚 stans.
Don鈥檛 give them a pen, they have a tunnel-vision and they will fuck up all other characters except for their fav (and sometimes their fav too): Bruce鈥檚 stans, Dick鈥檚 stans & TIM鈥檚 STANS.
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evermoore580a day ago
Fictional character
Tim: How do you connect with a fictional character?
Jason: What?
Dick: What?
Duke: What?
Y/N: *pulls up a 500 slide presentation* I'm glad you asked.
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fantastic-nonsense16 hours ago
So You Want To Start Reading Batman Comics But Have No Idea Where To Start
So: you're new to the DC Comics fandom and are interested in Batman and his family. Maybe you already know a bit about them and are just looking to figure out where to start reading actual comics. Maybe you know nothing. Maybe you know a whole lot about one character but want to start reading more about another one.
Whichever it is, I'm here to help! There's a wide range of Batman/Batfamily comics (for all ages, moods, and types of people), and I'm happy to meet people where they are and help people dive into comics. On that note, brace yourselves, because this is going to be a long post. Recs start under the cut.
Superhero comics are traditionally written in what鈥檚 known as runs; an author gets to have an extended period on an ongoing (or limited) title where they (traditionally) write in 4-8 issue story arcs; think of these arcs as chapters in a potentially never-ending book. These individual issues are colloquially known as floppies. So when I talk about 鈥淭om Taylor鈥檚 run鈥 on the Nightwing title, for example, I鈥檓 talking about the (as of now) current writer, who鈥檚 been the main author on the Nightwing title since March 2021 and whose story arcs begin with Nightwing #78. Every so often, titles end, the principal author on the titles switch up, or they鈥檒l have 鈥済uest/interim authors鈥 come in to do single issues or a single story arc.
These story arcs are then collected in what are known as 鈥榯rade paperbacks鈥 (generally referred to as trades, occasionally TPBs), which collects the entire story arc in a single paperback/hardback book. Trades are super useful if you want to read an entire story at one time, want to be economical about your comics spending, and/or want to read things in order. Occasionally, if a writer has a particularly long run on a title or a big company event happens, you get published omnibuses that collect an entire event or run (or part of it, if the event is big enough); omnis are very expensive up-front, but ultimately they tend to be good deals and are often curated well. These collections are all generally also released digitally. Frankly, unless you鈥檙e into comics collecting, want individual issues for their pretty covers, or are supporting a currently ongoing run, I would default to buying trades/omnibuses where possible. It鈥檚 simply cheaper and easier for reading.
Now, when you鈥檙e looking for comics to read, there are generally two ways to do it: one, pick a specific character that interests you, figure out good starter comics starring them, then work your way along their personal timeline. Two, you can attempt to work your way chronologically through the comics timeline聽(which is necessary for some comics, but wholly unnecessary for others) and just enjoy whichever characters happen to star in the comic you鈥檝e picked. I find this a waste of time, since not all comics are good or worth reading (much less all the way through). I use the 鈥榗haracter鈥 way and then focus on their chronological timeline; it鈥檚 much easier that way.
For these lists, you should note that there鈥檚 a lot of overlap and many comics contain multiple Batfam members due to the ridiculous number of crossover events and the solid integration of the Batfamily as a whole into each others鈥 books in the post-90s era.
List Notes: Each character list is sorted vaguely chronologically according to a combination of IRL publication dates and the character鈥檚 personal timeline. Big caveat that these are not all-inclusive reading lists; I鈥檓 just trying to hit major character highlights.聽Comic rec tl;drs are given at the end of each character鈥檚 list.聽Most of the links will take you to Amazon or Comixology, but I also talk about various ways to access and read comics at the bottom of this post.
Secondary Note:聽In 2011, DC completely rebooted their universe following the 鈥楩lashpoint鈥 event. This new universe (interchangably called the New 52 universe, post-Flashpoint universe, or Prime Earth) drastically changed many characters鈥 histories, personalities, and relationships with each other (sometimes for the better, most of the time for the worst). Additionally, The New 52, especially the early New 52, is an absolute incoherent mess continuity-wise; DC鈥檚 been trying to sort it all out over the past few years with the Rebirth/Infinite Frontier events (with varying degrees of success), and there are definitely some bright bits and pieces, but it is not my favored universe (though I will certainly recommend it where needed or when it鈥檚 good).聽
Now: let鈥檚 get started, shall we? Lists below the cut (please view on blog instead of on dashboard for easy readability and formatting purposes):
If you鈥檙e new to Batman and would like a bit of an accessible halfway point to familiarize yourself with the characters before trying to pick up the ridiculously vast world that is comics, I suggest the following three shows to get yourself generally acquainted with some of the franchise's basic character cast:
Batman: The Animated Series & The New Batman Adventures (BTAS Season 4, show was renamed): B:TAS is considered the quintessential Batman series, and the one that kickstarted the DC Animated Universe. It has probably the best depiction of Batman outside of comics itself, besides being a very good introduction to a few members of the core Batfamily and the universe as a whole. I will note that while Tim Drake as Robin appears in its final season, largely speaking he鈥檚 actually Jason Todd with Tim鈥檚 name slapped on.
Relevant DCAU movies to watch connected to this universe: Mask of the Phantasm and Mystery of the Batwoman
Young Justice: YJ is pretty good at getting many of the core members of the Batfam into the show (Bruce, Dick Grayson鈥攖he original Robin, Barbara Gordon鈥攖he first Batgirl, and Tim Drake鈥攖he third Robin鈥攁ll have fairly major roles)
The Batman (2004)
Other Newbie-Friendly DC media starring Bat characters:
Teen Titans (2003), which doesn't focus on the Batfamily but stars Dick as Robin
Under the Red Hood (2010): this movie serves as a solid introduction to Jason Todd, the second Robin
Batman Beyond: Set in the DCAU, this show explores a futuristic Gotham (now called Neo-Gotham) and the exploits of Gotham鈥檚 new Batman, Terry McGinnis, who is mentored by an aging Bruce Wayne.
Batman: Year One: a movie adaptation of the comic, detailing Bruce鈥檚 first year as Batman
Batman: Soul of the Dragon: an Elseworlds (AU) original story not based on any comic, set in the 1970s. Bruce, while training with several other students under a master sensei, encounters a deadly threat and has to team up with several world-renowned martial artists (including Richard Dragon, Ben Turner, and Lady Shiva) to save the day.
First, I鈥檓 going to start by recommending some solid Batman Family Crossover/鈥渨hole Batfamily鈥 comics that are both good stories and effectively showcase the family鈥檚 relationships to each other. As a note, not all of these are necessarily new reader-friendly.聽
Batman: Contagion聽(1996):聽deals with the emergence of a deadly plague that strikes Gotham
No Man鈥檚 Land (1999-2000) was a super expansive crossover story arc detailing the aftermath of a major earthquake hitting Gotham City, resulting in the US government officially evacuating Gotham and then abandoning and isolating those who chose to remain. NML covered the time of this isolation until Gotham鈥檚 re-opening and the beginning of the rebuilding, took around a year and a half to publish from beginning to end, included the entire Batfamily, and basically set the stage for every Bat comic post-1999. You can get it in several collected volumes or digitally. Also introduced Cassandra Cain, the second Batgirl.
Direct story progression is Batman: Cataclysm->Road to No Man鈥檚 Land (Vols. 1 and 2)->No Man鈥檚 Land (Vols. 1-4).聽NML is fairly easy to understand even without that background reading, but I鈥檓 including the full event for posterity.
You can also read the novelization by Greg Rucka, if you prefer; it鈥檚 excellent.
Batman: Officer Down (2001):聽Takes place in the immediate aftermath of the No Man鈥檚 Land saga. tl;dr plot is聽鈥淐ommissioner Gordon is shot, and the Batfamily must investigate his attempted assassination.鈥
Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Bruce Wayne: Fugitive聽(2002-2003): Bruce gets accused of murdering his ex, gets arrested, and then goes on the run, foreswearing his identity as Bruce Wayne entirely and operating solely as Batman. The Batfamily, left behind, tries to sort everything out, find the real murderer, and clear his name. Fantastic all-Batfamily arc with great characterization of basically everyone involved.
Batman: Hush聽(2003), a story about a mysterious stalker named Hush who seems dedicated to destroying Bruce鈥檚 life, both as Bruce and Batman. This is often called the聽鈥榞o-to鈥 Batman story of the early 2000s, as it features nearly every member of Bruce鈥檚 family and Rogues Gallery (with two exceptions: Bane and Cassandra Cain/Batgirl). Personally, while it鈥檚 a great story, I don鈥檛 recommend starting yourself out on this, as it relies on at least cursory knowledge of several Batfamily members and Rogues.
Resurrection of Ra鈥檚 Al Ghul聽(2006), which is also an important Damian Wayne comic, was a story where the White Ghost tried to use Damian鈥檚 body to bring Ra鈥檚 al Ghul, one of Batman鈥檚 most notorious villains, back from the dead.
Gates of Gotham聽(2011): an all-Batfamily comic in the Batman Reborn era, starring Dick Grayson as Batman. A super fun and interesting look at the history of Gotham and the legacies of the families that built it.
Post-Flashpoint/Reboot Recommendations:
Death of the Family Saga (2013): After slicing off his face and leaving town, the Joker returns to Gotham City after a year to go after Batman鈥檚 loved ones, including Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin, and Batgirl. Main comic+tie-ins.
Batman and Robin Eternal (2016):聽Serves as a follow-up to Batman Eternal. tl;dr plot is 鈥淲hen an assassin begins targeting all of Batman鈥檚 past partners, the former Robins must join forces to untangle a mystery that stretches back to the early days of the Dark Knight鈥檚 career, to an encounter with a human trafficker known only as Mother.鈥
I am deeply ambivalent about this comic for a lot of reasons, including its extraordinarily poor handling of Cassandra and its odd characterization in some of the tie-in comics, but overall it鈥檚 a decent enough comic in terms of plot and narrative, and it has some fun interactions worth reading.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽BRUCE WAYNE: BATMAN
For the man himself, you probably want to go with the following comics:
Batman: Year One:聽god knows I am not a Frank Miller fan, but Year One is actually pretty good. It details Bruce鈥檚 origins and his first year as Batman.
The Man Who Laughs: Bruce鈥檚 first encounter with the Joker
The Long Halloween and Dark Victory: two connected comics introducing some of the big-time crime families in Gotham and some of Bruce鈥檚 early adventures. Also features Dick Grayson鈥檚 introduction as Robin
Batman: Ego:聽by Darwyn Cooke
The Killing Joke:聽originally conceived of as a one-off graphic novel detailing the possible origins of the Joker, this comic has become one of the most famous comics of all time. The writing is sound and the plot is decent, but there are a lot of questionable elements that ultimately make this a very lukewarm personal recommendation from me despite its status as essential Batman reading
Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightsend:聽a ridiculously long storyline detailing Bruce鈥檚 defeat at the hands of Bane and his recovery after Bane broke his back
Cataclysm, Road to No Man鈥檚 Land, and No Man鈥檚 Land
Batman: Turning Points (2001):聽Explores the history of Batman's relationship with Commissioner James Gordon as they work together to fight crime in Gotham. Each issue takes place after a different major聽鈥榯urning point鈥 in Bruce and Gordon鈥檚 relationship.
Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive
The JLA (1997-2006) series, while varying in quality depending on the writer, is usually pretty good. The Tower of Babel arc is infamous. Collected in the聽JLA by Grant Morrison聽omnibus or separate volumes.
Superman/Batman is a really fun comic for all of your Bruce and Clark shenanigans
Birth of the Demon (TPB):聽collects the 鈥淩a鈥檚 al Ghul trilogy,鈥 composed of聽Son of the Demon,聽Bride of the Demon, and Birth of the Demon. This is a trio of stories exploring the origins/motivations of Ra鈥檚 al Ghul as well as the original storyline detailing Bruce & Talia鈥檚 relationship and the conception of the character who would later be named Damian Wayne. Serves as an effective prologue to Batman and Son
Batman and Son:聽this story features the introduction of Damian Wayne, Bruce鈥檚 son, and kicks off Grant Morrison鈥檚 nearly seven year run as the principal writer of the main Batman comic line
Current BaS trade also includes聽The Black Glove:聽Batman and a group of heroes from around the globe go to a mysterious island to face a killer; while there, Bruce relives and revisits his hunt for his parents鈥 killer as a child.
Resurrection of Ra鈥檚 Al Ghul takes place somewhere in this general timeframe
Heart of Hush:聽Hush returns to target those close to Batman, particularly Selina Kyle/Catwoman.聽In addition to being a good stand-alone story with beautiful art, it also serves as both a prelude and tie-in to the RIP event.
Batman R.I.P.: Batman fights against The Black Glove organization as they try to destroy everything he stands for.
Final Crisis: whole company crossover event, not necessary to read. Only thing you need to know out of this is that Bruce gets killed by Darkseid.
Return of Bruce Wayne:聽in which Bruce wasn鈥檛 really dead but instead got dropped into the past and spends the entire time trying to get back to his proper time. This story should be read in between the second and third volumes of Batman Reborn: Batman & Robin (described below in Dick鈥檚 section)
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, which basically continues on immediately from the events of Return of Bruce Wayne
(pre-reboot) Batman Incorporated: after he returns, Bruce decides to 鈥榝ranchise鈥 crime fighting by enlisting the assistance of a global team of heroes. Bruce leaves Dick as Gotham鈥檚 Batman, publicly announces that he is the financial backer of Batman, goes globetrotting to establish a worldwide franchise of Batmen (and women) in various cities worldwide.
Note:聽For the love of all that is holy, stay away from All-Star Batman and Robin (by Frank Miller). You just do not want to do it. I promise you it is not worth it.
For the post-Flashpoint universe, keeping my recs super basic for now:
Court of Owls and City of Owls by Scott Snyder
Batman: Zero Year
Batman and Robin (2011), by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Batman: Eternal聽(also collected in聽the Batman: Eternal omni)
Of the Rebirth-era comics:
James Tynion鈥檚聽Detective Comics Rebirth run聽(Detective Comics (2016), Vols. 1-7)
Batman: Night of the Monster Men
Brian Hill鈥檚 Batman and the Outsiders聽(2018-2020)
A few relevant omnibus collections:聽Batman by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale (includes The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, and When in Rome), the two-volume Superman/Batman omnibus (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2), & Batman by Paul Dini.
Please note that I鈥檓 leaving a ton of Bruce and Bruce-centric comics, many of them fantastic, off this list because he鈥檚 been in so many things, but I鈥檓 just trying to hit his big highlights. If you鈥檙e interested in more Bruce comics, DM me and I鈥檇 be happy to rec some more.
Reading tl;dr: Read Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Batman: Ego, Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive, and Court of Owls. Continue on to JLA, Superman/Batman, No Man鈥檚 Land, and Hush. Work your way out from there.
AKA: our favorite circus brat turned vigilante, aka 鈥淭he Heart of the DC Universe鈥:
Comics-wise, Dick鈥檚 the Batfam character that鈥檚 sort of all over the place, because he鈥檚 been around the longest (since 1940). However, there鈥檚 a loose chronological line up until about the late 70s, and then it gets more solid. Anyway, necessary (and quality) comics for understanding the Original Boy Wonder:
Batman: Year Three (Batman #436鈥439) is a great exploration of Dick鈥檚 origin story and initial interactions with Bruce. While it鈥檚 a technical sequel of sorts to Batman: Year One and Batman: Year Two, you can read these issues independently of both arcs. Necessary background knowledge: while the actual meat of the story is retracing Dick鈥檚 origins, the arc鈥檚 framed story takes place in the period between Jason鈥檚 death and Tim鈥檚 introduction.
Batman: Dark Victory also tells Dick鈥檚 origin story and how he came to live with Bruce. It鈥檚 a great and very beginner accessible comic (though, as previously stated, it鈥檚 technically the sequel to The Long Halloween and it might be helpful to read that first, even though you can read DV without it)
Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet: Dick鈥檚聽鈥渇inal exam鈥 before he鈥檚 allowed to go on patrol with Batman as Robin. His task? To evade Batman on the streets of Gotham from sundown to sunrise without being caught.
Robin: Year One: after being brutally beaten by Two-Face and permanently benched as Robin, Dick runs away from the Manor and gets involved in taking down a Junior League of Assassins training cell.
Year One: Batman/Scarecrow
Teen Titans: Year One
The 1980s聽New Teen Titans run, which is a pre-Crisis universe title whose events survived Crisis on Infinite Earths 95% intact
The whole run is generally great, if dated, but I specifically recommend getting Vol. 1 and then reading the Terra Incognito and The Judas Contract arcs, Who is Donna Troy?, and Terror of Trigon. It鈥檚 in the middle of this series that Dick originally leaves the Robin mantle behind and becomes Nightwing聽
Batman: Prodigal: Prodigal is the first time that Dick dons the cowl and takes over for Bruce as Batman (with Tim as his Robin). Takes place in the aftermath of the massive Knightfall arc
Nightwing: Year One is technically Nightwing #101-106 but occurs chronologically before the events of the proper Nightwing run
Dick鈥檚 original Nightwing run (1996-2009), which runs parallel to all other comics listed until Final Crisis:
Issues #1-70 are Chuck Dixon鈥檚 run on the title, which runs from the start of the solo through No Man鈥檚 Land and its aftermath
Issues #71-100 & #107-117 is the entirety of Devin Grayson鈥檚 run, which runs roughly from 2002 through War Games and all the way up to Infinite Crisis
Issues #118-139聽were written b a collection of filler writers
Nightwing By Peter Tomasi collects Tomasi鈥檚 entire run on the title, Issues #140-153
My general warning is that once Devin Grayson takes over the book, the quality and characterization takes a sharp nosedive and just stays there until Tomasi takes over for the final 20 or so issues. Dixon鈥檚 run was foundational (if a bit odd at times) and Tomasi鈥檚 run was fantastic; everything else is middling to actively terrible in quality
Please stay away from Nightwing Annual #2. Basically, it is the most ridiculous retcon in existence, made Dick completely out of character, and is rather infamous in the comics community.
Note: there are two single issues in his run that may or may not be included in any trades you鈥檙e able to pick up: #25 (鈥漈he Boys鈥), which is a cute one-shot of Dick and Tim hanging out, and Birds of Prey #8 (鈥漁n Wings鈥), where he takes Barbara out on a date
JLA/Titans (1998): a fun miniseries聽where the Justice League and the Titans have to work together to defeat a massive interstellar threat
Titans聽Vol. 1 (1999-2003)
At various points somewhere in this timeframe, No Man鈥檚 Land and Hush happen
Outsiders: Written聽by Judd Winick, this is another team book where Dick is the leader. Includes two crossover arcs with Tim鈥檚 Teen Titans book (Teen Titans/Outsiders: Insiders and Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy).
JLA: Obsidian Age, featuring Dick running the Justice League
You can read Batman and Son and Resurrection of Ra鈥檚 Al Ghul (both of which feature Dick prominently) at any point after reading/wiki-ing Infinite Crisis (2005); they鈥檙e all mid-2000s comics and generally occur within the same timeframe
Titans Vol. 2 (2008)
Batman: Long Shadows聽and the events of Battle for the Cowl, neither of which you need to read, take place in the聽immediate aftermath of Bruce鈥檚 death in Final Crisis. BftC also isn鈥檛 a particularly great story, so you can read it if you want, but otherwise鈥ust Wiki it and move on. Really all you need to know is that after a massive crime wave in the wake of Batman鈥檚 disappearance (due to Bruce鈥檚 death) and a lot of in-fighting between various Batfamily members, Dick takes up the mantle and becomes Batman.
Batman Reborn: Batman & Robin聽(2009-2011) comes next, staring Dick as Batman and Damian Wayne as his Robin. Highly recommended reading.
Other required 鈥楧ick as Batman鈥 reading, all of which are A++:
The Black Mirror
Streets of Gotham
Gates of Gotham聽
Of the post-reboot comics:
New 52 Nightwing聽(2011-2014) by Kyle Higgins, which is frankly the only N52-era Dick comic worth reading...and even this is a hit-or-miss run. The whole run鈥檚 also collected in the Nightwing: Prince of Gotham omni.
Titans: Hunt聽(2015):聽featuring the restoration of the original聽鈥淔ab Five鈥+Lilith Clay Titans lineup鈥檚 pre-reboot history
Titans Rebirth聽(2016-2019):聽After regaining their memories during Titans: Hunt and DC Rebirth, the Titans reunite & face several enemies, including the interdimensional demon who broke them apart in the first place
You need to read or at least wiki DC Rebirth first, otherwise pieces of this comic (particularly those surrounding Wally West) won鈥檛 make sense. The first two volumes are god-tier comics tbh. 10/10, no notes. The rest of the comic was a victim of the rest of the DCU鈥檚 ongoing bullshit & I feel truly sorry for Dan Abnett, who had to constantly try and write around everything else going on.
Otherwise, Dick generally wasn鈥檛 written well between the Forever Evil event (2014) and late 2020, and genuinely the most tragic part of being a Dick stan is that DC seemed to actively hate him.
Tom Taylor鈥檚 currently ongoing run on Nightwing is good, however, so you can just wiki the Grayson comics (bad), Seeley鈥檚 Nightwing Rebirth run (solidly mediocre; readable, but not worth wasting money on), and the Ric Grayson arc (just鈥..don鈥檛. the only good thing about it is Bea Bennet), and then actually start reading at Nightwing #78 (2021)
TBH there鈥檚 loads and loads of comics with Dick in them and you kinda just have to read the 鈥榠mportant鈥 comics and then go hunt down all of the various comics that he鈥檚 been in.
Reading tl;dr: Read either Batman: Year Three or Dark Victory, then read the following:
For Dick as Robin, read Robin: Year One, Batman: The Gauntlet, and The 80s New Teen Titans run.
For Dick as Nightwing, read Nightwing: Year One, Dick鈥檚 original Nightwing run (#1-70, which was Dixon鈥檚 run, and then #140-153, which was Tomasi鈥檚 run), Batman: Hush, Titans (1999-2003 and 2008), and Outsiders. If you prefer to read in the post-Flashpoint universe, read Titans: Hunt, the first two volumes of Titans Rebirth, and Tom Taylor鈥檚 current run on Nightwing (starting at Issue #78).
For Dick as Batman, read Batman: Prodigal, Batman: The Black Mirror, Morrison鈥檚 Batman & Robin run, and Streets of Gotham.
Work your way out from there.
AKA: the street kid taken in by Bruce who gets murdered by the Joker and comes back as a gun-wielding anti-hero:
Jason鈥檚 Robin days in the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths universe are mostly contained in Detective Comics #524-#567 (1983-1986) and Batman #357-#399. Unfortunately, they haven鈥檛 been collected in trade form, so you鈥檒l have to read them as individual issues.
I鈥檓 particularly fond of his relationship with Natalia Knight/Nocturna and the Bruce-Natalia custody battle arc (Batman #363, 376-381, 384, and 389-391+Detective Comics #529-530, 543-547, 556-558, and 566)
For post-Crisis (modern) Jason, you start with his introduction and tenure as Robin (mostly collected in Batman: Second Chances and Batman: The Cult)
Then you move to his time with the Titans in New Teen Titans #18鈥#31 (1986-1987)
Nightwing Year One (2005), where he and Dick team up to save Alfred
His death in A Death in the Family
Batman: Hush
Then read聽Under the (Red) Hood (and watch the movie)
Continue on to Red Hood: The Lost Days
Then have fun trying to find quality Jason stories for the remainder of your existence because they are few and far between
Teen Titans: Life and Death and Green Arrow: Seeing Red are both decent, as is the time he popped up as a murderous Nightwing impersonator in Nightwing: Brothers in Blood (minus certain bits and pieces). All are more-or-less direct follow-ups to Under the Red Hood.
Another story that exists but is鈥ot good is Revenge of the Red Hood (part of Dick and Damian鈥檚 Batman and Robin run)
I would like to clarify that there are good Jason stories written after Lost Days. I鈥檓 sure that there are some good New 52 Jason stories; I just haven鈥檛 read any because I wasn鈥檛 reading Snyder鈥檚 Batman for awhile and I dipped out of the first Red Hood and the Outlaws run after Lobdell鈥檚 outrageous treatment of Starfire. Anything written by Judd Winick is a solid bet; everyone else is a toss-up.
Post-Flashpoint Universe (specifically Rebirth era):
The first four volumes (Issues #1-25) of the Rebirth Red Hood and the Outlaws run (with the Artemis and Bizarro lineup, not the Kory and Roy lineup) is absolutely solid reading (for all that Lobdell wrote most of it). You can stop there, because it just gets bad afterwards.
Batman: Urban Legends (Post-Infinite Frontier, 2021-current) has a 6-part Jason-centric story called 鈥淐heer鈥 that鈥檚 fantastic and absolutely worth reading; it also includes some fantastic flashbacks to Jason鈥檚 time as Robin
Tbh I can鈥檛 really recommend much more than that at this time
Here鈥檚 a good Jason Todd masterpost, though this is also a good one that details reading order a bit more in-depth.
Reading tl;dr: read Batman: Second Chances then read Batman: The Cult, New Teen Titans #18-31, and A Death in the Family. After that, pick up Under the Red Hood, Red Hood: The Lost Days, Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1-25, and the 鈥淐heer鈥 arc from Batman: Urban Legends.聽
AKA: the rich geeky kid who looked Bruce Wayne in the eye and said 鈥淏atman needs a Robin. Let me be your Robin鈥:
His first appearance was in A Lonely Place for Dying
After that, just pick up his Robin solo series (1993-2009), which runs parallel to all of the other comics listed below until Final Crisis
Issues #1-60 are the beginning of his solo to the beginning of the events of No Man鈥檚 Land
Issues #60-100 are No Man鈥檚 Land through the end of Young Justice (1998)
Issues #101-125 happen between the end of Young Justice and War Games
Issues #139-148 are post-War Games through Infinite Crisis
Issues #149-156: One Year Later arc (overlaps with the Evil Cass arc, which you should not read)
Issues #158-#183: post-OYL to end of Robin solo
Note Nightwing Vol. 2 #25, the aforementioned oneshot about Dick and Tim hanging out
Another good, basic entry point for Tim are the two Robin miniseries that were published the same year his Robin solo started, The Joker鈥檚 Wild (chronicling his first encounter with the Joker) and Cry of the Huntress (Tim and Helena鈥檚 first meeting). Both stories are collected in the Vol. 2 reprint of Tim鈥檚 solo run (Robin: Triumphant).
Batman: Contagion (1996) has quite a bit of good Tim content
Young Justice (1998-2003) is also a great Tim starter comic tbh. It ends with Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day (2003) and then spins off into Tim鈥檚 Teen Titans run (2003-2011), which keeps going throughout the rest of the events on Tim鈥檚 list.These are the two team books that Tim co-leads and stars in, co-starring other teen heroes including Conner Kent/Superboy, Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl, and Bart Allen/Impulse
Standout story arcs in Young Justice: World Without Grownups and Sins of Youth, but honestly all five volumes are a delight
Standout story arcs in Teen Titans: The Future is Now/Titans of Tomorrow, Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders, Life and Death, and The Death and Return of Donna Troy. After you hit Infinite Crisis, the book is still decent but gets...really depressing, so forewarning there
Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive happens somewhere vaguely around the time that Young Justice ends and Teen Titans begins
War Games (2004)聽is something that I have to mention here, simply because it was so impactful, but don鈥檛 pick it up (more on this under Steph鈥檚 recommendations). Just Wiki it.
Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood, which comes immediately after War Games (and is a crossover story arc with Tim as Robin and Cass as Batgirl)
Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis: whole company crossover events. Not required reading. All you need to know is that Jack Drake, Tim鈥檚 dad, was murdered during those arcs and so was his best friend, Conner Kent/Superboy, which along with War Games leads to Tim being in the state he is in Resurrection of Ra鈥檚 Al Ghul.
Resurrection of Ra鈥檚 Al Ghul, while more focused on Bruce and Damian, has a fantastic and heartbreaking subplot focused on Tim
Then you鈥檝e got Batman RIP, Final Crisis and Battle for the Cowl. As stated before, you don鈥檛 need to read Crisis and BftC is pretty mediocre. Either grin and bear it or Wiki it.
Red Robin (2009-2011), however, is about as close as you can get to achieving the holy trinity of impeccable writing, good characterization, and gorgeous art
However, I would caution that Tim is in a pretty dark place during this run and while his characterization makes sense for what he鈥檚 gone through, 1) it鈥檚 not how he would normally act, and 2) reading this run requires some basic background knowledge of all the shit he鈥檚 been through since before War Games happened.
Gates of Gotham
Of the post-Flashpoint Universe comics:
The New 52:鈥h, generally, I wouldn鈥檛. Some Tim fans call the New 52聽The 鈥淣ot-Tim era,鈥 as聽explained by this post. He was literally a different guy for a bit, which lasted until the Rebirth event in 2016, when his history was reset and he was once again Tim Drake. Tim definitely got the short end of the stick of the post-2011!Batfamily until that point.
Post-Rebirth era:
Read Tynion鈥檚 Detective Comics Rebirth聽run (Detective Comics (2016), Vols. 1-7), particularly A Lonely Place of Living
Michael Brian Bendis鈥 Young Justice (2019-2020) is also passably decent, but hardly incredible. YJ 2019 is basically an聽exercise in tasting the potential for what the run could have been if it had been written by a competent writer who actually cared about the characters they were writing.聽I would take a bullet for each and every one of the characters in the 2019 run, but they鈥檙e stuck in a story with cool af concepts and mediocre-at-best execution.
His guest appearances in Nightwing聽(2021), starting at Issue #80, are solid
Go read Tim鈥檚 3-part miniseries in the Batman: Urban Legends anthology book (Issues #4-6)! Contain鈥檚 Tim鈥檚 coming-out story where he was confirmed as bisexual.
See here for a decent Tim reading masterpost and here for a 鈥渋ntro to No Man鈥檚 Land era鈥 trade collection masterpost.
Reading tl;dr: read A Lonely Place for Dying and then pick up Young Justice (1998) and either one of the first two volumes of Tim鈥檚 Robin solo series. After that, the highlights are Prodigal, Contagion, No Man鈥檚 Land, Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive, Johns鈥 2003 Teen Titans run, Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood, Resurrection of Ra鈥檚 Al Ghul, and Red Robin. Then run around picking up whichever arcs you feel like reading. Of the reboot comics featuring Tim, imo only Tynion鈥檚 Detective Comics Rebirth run and Urban Legends are genuinely worth spending the money on, but YJ 2019 is passable.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽DAMIAN WAYNE: ROBIN V
AKA: Bruce鈥檚 biological child with Talia al Ghul; raised in the League of Assassins, trying to be better.
Damian probably has the most straightforward pre-reboot comics progression of all the Batfam. It goes as follows:
Birth of the Demon (TPB):聽Son of the Demon, collected in this trade,聽is the original interpretation of Bruce & Talia鈥檚 relationship and the conception of the character who would later be named Damian Wayne. Originally deemed a non-canon Elseworlds story and subject to various retcons over the years, it is now fully canon in both the pre-reboot and post-reboot universes. Serves as an effective prologue to Batman and Son
Batman and Son: Damian鈥檚 introduction.聽Note: Includes some very unfortunate retcons re: Bruce & Talia鈥檚 relationship that make Damian the product of rape on Talia鈥檚 part. Thankfully, this was later re-retconned.
The Resurrection of Ra鈥檚 Al Ghul
Battle for the Cowl
Batman Reborn: Batman and Robin聽(2009-2011) and Streets of Gotham: these titles run largely parallel to each other and both star Damian as Robin to Dick Grayson鈥檚 Batman
Gates of Gotham
+Major guest appearances in Red Robin (#11-15), Batgirl Vol. 3 (#5-7, 17, and 24), and Teen Titans Vol. 3 (#89-92)
All are genuinely worth reading except for Battle for the Cowl. Also would like to take a moment to highlight his guest appearances in Steph鈥檚 Batgirl run, which was probably his most important interpersonal relationship outside of Dick Grayson at the time.
For the reboot/post-Flashpoint universe:
New 52 Batman and Robin: I鈥檒l be honest: while I鈥檓 not crazy about the editorial decisions that went into the creation of the series it鈥檚 extremely well done, at least while Tomasi and Gleason are writing. It鈥檚 under Tomasi and Gleason that Damian undergoes some of his most important character development. For clarity鈥檚 sake:
B&R Volumes 1-3 (Born to Kill, Pearl, Death of the Family) happen prior to Damian鈥檚 death
Unfortunate but required reading: Batman Inc. #8 (Damian鈥檚 death) happens here. Read this issue before proceeding to B&R Volume 4.
B&R Volume 4 (Requiem for Damian) is the immediate aftermath of his death.
B&R Volume 5 (The Big Burn) is a filler volume
B&R Volumes 6-7 (The Hunt for Robin, Robin Rises) are the arcs chronicling Damian鈥檚 resurrection and its aftermath, featuring Damian dealing with temporarily gaining superpowers as a result of his resurrection and a few more assorted adventures
This run in its entirety is also collected in the聽Batman & Robin by Tomasi and Gleason聽omnibus
Then read Robin: Son of Batman, which I recommend to everyone reading comics. It is a beautifully written comic detailing a globetrotting journey Damian takes to 鈥榓tone鈥 for actions he undertook while growing up in the League of Assassins. Like Tim鈥檚 Red Robin run, it achieves the holy trinity of impeccable writing, good characterization, and gorgeous artwork.
The Super Sons Saga (also by Tomasi) is also super cute. It stars Damian and Jon Kent, Clark and Lois鈥 son, on their various adventures.
Run progression is Super Sons-->Adventures of the Super Sons-->Challenge of the Super Sons. The entirety of聽SS/AotSS is also collected in the聽Super Sons Omnibus Expanded Edition.
Just wiki Damian鈥檚 Teen Titans Rebirth run and the events of Batman #77. It鈥檚 just鈥ot worth it. Don鈥檛 read them.
Damian is currently starring in his own Robin solo series, written by Josh Williamson. It鈥檚 pretty good so far.
Basically, when looking at New 52!Damian, you want anything written by Tomasi and/or Gleason, and stuff written by Tom Taylor. Morrison鈥檚 arc (Damian鈥檚 murder) is an unfortunate (and badly written) but necessary part of Damian鈥檚 history. Teen Titans Rebirth is trash as far as its portrayal of Damian is concerned.
Reading tl;dr: Start with聽Batman and Son, then move on to Resurrection of Ra鈥檚 Al Ghul, Batman & Robin (2009), Streets of Gotham, Gates of Gotham, and Batman & Robin (2011). Continue on with Robin: Son of Batman, the Super Sons saga, and Robin (2021).
AKA: Commissioner Gordon鈥檚 librarian daughter, inspired by Batman to become Batgirl. Shot and paralyzed by the Joker after retiring, became even more badass afterward:
Batgirl: Year One, detailing Babs鈥 first year as Batgirl
Batgirl: The Bronze Age Volumes 1 & 2: collects most of Barbara鈥檚 pre-Crisis adventures as Batgirl
The Killing Joke: the comic where Babs gets shot and paralyzed by The Joker. Warning: Barbara is not focused on at all in this comic and is fridged to advance the Batman v. Joker dynamic and create manpain for Commissioner Gordon and Bruce. Frankly, while this is technically 鈥渞equired reading,鈥 unless you鈥檙e a completionist or want to read 鈥渢he classics,鈥 I wouldn鈥檛 bother. TKJ鈥檚 events are mentioned and explained enough in later comics that it鈥檚 ultimately unecessary to read.
Batman Chronicles #5, which includes the story of Barbara鈥檚 recovery and transformation into Oracle in聽Oracle: Year One
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1): aka, the series where Ostrander and Yale took a fridged character and brought her back from the depths. Babs appears as the unnamed Oracle in several issues and is eventually shown to be Barbara Gordon. Special mention for the Out of Control arc, the initial reveal of Barbara as Oracle.
Cataclysm,聽Road to No Man鈥檚 Land, and No Man鈥檚 Land (again, all are all-Batfam comics and so include a nice dose of Babs)
Birds of Prey (Vol. 1, 1999-2009): This book features Babs as Oracle leading the all-female superhero team, the Birds of Prey. It was written first by Chuck Dixon and then Gail Simone. Some of it has aged poorly, but overall it鈥檚 still a fantastic set of stories that truly allows Barbara to shine as an independent disabled character who gets to be a well-rounded team leader, hero, mentor, lover, and friend. Probably the most important Babs comic of the last twenty or thirty years. Usually really quality.
Chuck Dixon鈥檚 run:聽Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3
Gail Simone鈥檚 run comprises twelve collected volumes (BOP Vol. 1 #56-127 and BOP Vol. 2 #1-15), and the reading order can be found here.
Dixon Oracle-centric storylines: all of Dixon鈥檚 run centers around Black Canary and Oracle, with The Hunt for Oracle being a notable Oracle-centric storyline
Simone Oracle-centric arcs: Between Dark and Dawn, her recurring run-ins with the hacker supervillain named 鈥楾he Calculator,鈥 and her confrontation with the Joker in BOP #124
Babs is in many issues of Batgirl (Vol. 1), where she becomes the mentor and surrogate mother for the second Batgirl, Cassandra Cain. It鈥檚 one of the most important interpersonal relationships for both women at that time. Issues run concurrently with her time running the BoP, so you can really pick them up whenever
She鈥檚 also a recurring character in Steph鈥檚 Batgirl (Vol. 3) run (2009-2011) as she grudgingly becomes Steph鈥檚 mentor.
Her appearances in Steph鈥檚 Batgirl run generally parallel with Birds of Prey (Vol. 2, 2010-2011), including the 鈥楧eath of Oracle鈥 arc and the Oracle: The Cure miniseries
Basically anything written by Gail Simone containing Babs is probably at least pretty good if not quality Barbara Gordon material (when not having to deal with editorial interference)
You might need to wiki the event to understand the broader context of what鈥檚 going on, but Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle has some absolutely fantastic and badass Barbara moments
Basically,聽here鈥檚 a decent masterpost for Babs that goes up to about mid-2010 (the link also tells exactly which issues of Suicide Squad Babs is in).
Of the reboot comics:
Honestly, only Gail Simone鈥檚 New 52聽Batgirl聽run is really worth mentioning, as to this day it remains the only post-2011 Babs-centric comic to treat Babs being dramatically de-aged, given back the use of her legs, and re-taking the Batgirl cowl with any kind of genuine respect and dignity. Simone鈥檚 run is also collected in the Batgirl Returns omnibus.
The Batgirl of Burnside arcs (written by Stewart and Fletcher) are cute and well-written, and you may enjoy reading them in isolation, but they may as well feature a completely different character with Barbara Gordon鈥檚 name for all the similarities Burnside!Babs shares with previous depictions of the character.聽Lukewarm personal rec for being perfectly fine comics on their own but being terrible Barbara Gordon comics.
The entire Burnside arc is collected in the Batgirl of Burnside omnibus or in three separate volumes (Batgirl of Burnside, Family Business, and Mindfields).
Her recent appearances in Tom Taylor鈥檚 Nightwing run聽have been relatively decent.
You should also look at The Oracle Code, a self-contained YA graphic novel about Barbara solving a mystery while in recovery and learning how to be an independent wheelchair user (here鈥檚 an interview with the author that I think people might find really interesting), and Shadow of the Batgirl, a one-off YA graphic novel about Cassandra Cain that features wheelchair-using!Barbara in a prominent role. Neither book requires any prior reading or knowledge of the DC universe, so they鈥檙e good for new readers.
Reading tl;dr:聽Start with Batgirl: Year One, Batman Chronicles #5, and Chuck Dixon鈥檚 Birds of Prey run. Continue reading with Cataclysm and No Man鈥檚 Land, Gail Simone鈥檚 Birds of Prey run, Batgirl Vol. 1聽(2000), Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive, Batgirl Vol. 3 (2009), and Oracle: The Cure. For reboot comics, read Gail Simone鈥檚 Batgirl run and her guest appearances in both Tom Taylor鈥檚 Nightwing run and Batman: Urban Legends. For one-off, self-contained stories unconnected to the main comics universe, go read The Oracle Code and Shadow of the Batgirl.
AKA: the girl raised as an assassin trying to make restitution for her past, learning how to operate in the real world, and gaining a family in the process:
No Man鈥檚 Land (described above): Cass is introduced about halfway through this story as the daughter of David Cain, an assassin who has shown up to try and assassinate Gordon (reminder that while No Man鈥檚 Land is a long and complicated story arc, it鈥檚 totally worth it just for Cass鈥檚 intro)
Batgirl聽Vol. 1 (2000-2006): This was Cass鈥檚 Batgirl solo series and runs parallel to all of the events listed below until the One Year Later event in 2006; you鈥檒l also get quite a large dose of Stephanie Brown as Spoiler in this series, since Cass and Steph are best friends.
The 鈥淪ounds鈥 short in the DC Asian Superhero Celebration anthology is really lovely. It came out in May 2021, but chronologically takes place in the pre-reboot universe early in Cass鈥檚 tenure as Batgirl
Azrael: Agent of the Bat Issues #56-61
Batman: Officer Down (2001)
Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive (2003-2004): described above, but reiterating that it鈥檚聽a great all-Batfam story with some great Cass moments
Justice League Elite (2004), starring an undercover Cass as 鈥楰asumi鈥
War Games (2004) is a super awful storyline basically written for the sole purpose of killing Stephanie Brown off, so don鈥檛 read it, but you should at least wiki it because it had a huge impact on Cass
Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood: happens in the aftermath of War Games. A fun crossover story arc starring Tim as Robin and Cass as Batgirl in Bludhaven taking down Penguin.
Whatever you do, stay away from the timeframe comic readers call the 鈥淐assandra Cain character assassination鈥 period. It鈥檚 a period of time where DC thought turning Cass evil was a good idea and vaguely runs from about late 2005 to late 2008, from the entire One Year Later storyline all the way through the 2008 Batgirl miniseries. More about that here.
If you鈥檙e ever genuinely curious about the Evil Cass arc, that story largely plays out in the pages of Robin: Wanted and Teen Titans: Titans East, with Cass鈥檚 aforementioned redemption quest and adoption happening in Batman and the Outsiders (2007) and Batgirl Vol. 2 (2008)
So after reading Fresh Blood, you can proceed straight to Gates of Gotham: It鈥檚 a fabulous book, as mentioned above, with an engaging storyline that is only made better by the fact Cass is a part of it.
She also features in both Tim Drake鈥檚 Red Robin run (#17 & 23-25) and in a couple of issues of Batman Inc. Both are worth reading.
If you鈥檇 like a more accessible and updated origin story for Cass, Shadow of the Batgirl is A++, 10/10 would recommend
In the post-Flashpoint universe:
Cass鈥檚 first post-reboot appearances in Batman and Robin Eternal聽(where she is first introduced as 鈥淥rphan鈥) leave a sour taste in my mouth, so I鈥檓 going to casually point towards Tynion鈥檚 Detective Comics Rebirth聽run (Detective Comics (2016), Vols. 1-7) as my first reboot era rec for Cass.
Batman: Night of the Monster Men
Brian Hill鈥檚 Batman and the Outsiders聽(2018-2020) is fantastic
Here鈥檚 a good masterpost for Cass鈥檚 storylines, and here鈥檚 another one.
Reading tl;dr: Read No Man鈥檚 Land, Cass鈥檚 Batgirl solo series, and Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive. Work your way out from there. Highlights include Justice League Elite, Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood, and Gates of Gotham. If you鈥檙e interested in reading reboot!Cass, read Tynion鈥檚 Detective Comics Rebirth run, Batman: Night of the Monster Men, and Batman and the Outsiders (2019). For a one-off origin story that still retains her personality and important relationships, read Shadow of the Batgirl.
AKA: daughter of a c-list villain who decided to become a hero to take her father out, continued to be badass afterward:
Her first appearances were in Tim Drake鈥檚 Robin run. She features prominently in Tim鈥檚 run, first as Spoiler, and later as Tim鈥檚 girlfriend in addition to her Spoiler identity.
Notable appearances in Robin: Issues #3-5 (her introduction), #15-16, #25-26, #35-45, #54-60 and #62-65聽(teen pregnancy arc, warning for Chuck Dixon鈥檚 weird pro-life political stances), #80-84, #92-100, #102-113
She shows up several times in Cass鈥檚 Batgirl run, as she basically functions as Cassandra鈥檚 best friend. So if you read Cass鈥檚 Batgirl run, you鈥檙e also going to get a large dose of Steph.
Huntress/Spoiler: Blunt Trauma is a fun Helena-Steph team-up oneshot
She has some nice moments in Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive
She also appears in Joker: Last Laugh
Her very short-lived stint as Robin (Detective Comics #647, Batgirl #53, and Robin #126-128, plus her Robin story in the Robin 80th Anniversary Special)
Please avoid War Games. It鈥檚 horribly written, out of character, and was basically used as an excuse to kill Stephanie off. Unfortunately, it鈥檚 one of those comics that鈥檚 needed to understand later events. I鈥檇 recommend Wikipedia-ing it.
Gotham Underground: Stephanie鈥檚 鈥渞esurrection鈥
After that, there鈥檚 very little to read of Steph until聽Batgirl Vol. 3, where she stars as Batgirl. Steph鈥檚 Batgirl run is critically acclaimed and is known for its character work. She also guest-stars in Red Robin occasionally (also a very good book, as mentioned above)
For post-reboot recs:
Steph was re-introduced in Batman Eternal.聽her portrayal in this series isn鈥檛 fantastic, but it鈥檚 generally solid all things considered
In the Rebirth era, her most substantive appearances have been in Tynion鈥檚 Detective Comics Rebirth聽run. However, she鈥檚 written pretty badly (:/), so that鈥檚 the caveat that comes with this entry
She also occasionally shows pops up in Young Justice (2019), though she鈥檚 largely there to be 鈥淭im鈥檚 girlfriend鈥 rather than Stephanie Brown
Reading tl;dr: read Tim鈥檚 Robin run and Cass鈥檚 Batgirl run, Huntress/Spoiler: Blunt Trauma, Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive, and Batgirl Vol. 3 (2009). For post-Flashpoint universe comics, read Batman Eternal and Detective Comics Rebirth (2016).
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽DUKE THOMAS: SIGNAL
AKA:聽the newest addition to the family, the only meta in the family, and also the only major daytime operator in Gotham.
Here鈥檚 a good masterpost for Duke鈥檚 comics, but if you just want to hit the highlights:
Basically, read his initial introduction in Batman: Zero Year
Read聽Batman:聽Endgame (which also serves as the conclusion to Scott Snyder鈥檚 run on Batman, by the way, so be mindful when you pick it up)
Read We Are Robin and Robin War (both are mediocre comics at best, but they provide solid foundations for Duke鈥檚 character, his friend group, and why he becomes involved with the Batfamily in the first place)
Then comes the first arc of Tom King鈥檚 Batman: Rebirth run, where Duke first receives his suit and is a major supporting character (the rest of the run is irrelevant; Duke really only shows up in that first arc)
All-Star Batman: part of Duke鈥檚 early days training and operating as Signal.
Batman: Night of the Monster Men: takes place in between Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of All-Star Batman
Batman & The Signal: a cute miniseries focusing on Bruce training Duke and them going out as Batman and Signal
Batman & The Outsiders (2018-2020): Baby鈥檚 first team-up! Also features tons of Cass and a lot of fun Duke-Cass ineractions.
Reading tl;dr: read everything on the list.
AKA: the sole survivor聽of a mafia family, seeking vengeance and justice after an assassin murdered them all.
Honestly I鈥檓 just going to link to this post because it lays out everything concerning Helena you鈥檇 ever need to know, including tv episodes to watch, comics to read, and in what order you should read/watch them.
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 SELINA KYLE: CATWOMAN
AKA:聽our favorite anti-heroic cat burglar with a heart of gold and Bruce鈥檚 most prominent on/off love interest:
Catwoman: Her Sister鈥檚 Keeper: A spin-off miniseries of Batman: Year One, this was actually Selina鈥檚 first solo series and tells Year One from her POV (she鈥檚 also in Year One, btw). A really good, solid introduction to Selina and her backstory.
Catwoman: When in Rome: six-issue miniseries featuring Selina being fabulous and working with the Riddler in Rome to try and uncover what鈥檚 going on with the Falcone family. The series runs largely parallel to the events in The Long Halloween/Dark Victory.
Catwoman: Selina鈥檚 Big Score by Darwyn Cooke is a fun hiest romp all around. 10/10, would recommend. Takes place JUST before the start of Selina鈥檚 ongoing solo
Catwoman (2002-2008) by Ed Brubaker: Brubaker鈥檚 Catwoman run (paired with the late great Darwyn Cooke鈥檚 art) is legendary for a reason.
Within this run is The Replacements arc: during the One Year Later storyline in the aftermath of Infinite Crisis, Selina takes time off from being Catwoman to care for her new infant (Helena Kyle) and temporarily passes the Catwoman mantle on to Holly Robinson.
Hush (which co-stars Selina and focuses on her relationship with Bruce quite a bit) chronologically slots in a little after her 2002 solo run starts Heart of Hush (2008), the 鈥榮equel鈥 to the Hush arc, chronologically happens after Selina鈥檚 solo ends but before Bruce dies in Final Crisis
Gotham City Sirens: Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy team-up. Batman Reborn-era (2009-2011, Dick鈥檚 Batman)
Post-reboot recs:
Catwoman聽by Genevieve Valentine (Volumes 6 and 7 of her New 52 solo series). Basically the lone bright spot for Selina as a character between 2011 and 2016.
Batman #37 (2017), a 鈥渄ouble date鈥 single issue with Bruce/Selina and Clark/Lois
*sigh* The Bruce/Selina engagement and failed wedding arc (mostly in Batman and Selina鈥檚 Catwoman solo) chronologically happens here. If you can stand Tom King鈥檚 writing and insistence on demonizing Bruce and Selina鈥檚 other love interests, it鈥檚 worth a read for Joelle Jones鈥 art alone. Otherwise, wiki it, marvel at the art, and then hate DC editorial forever for not allowing Selina to wear that gorgeous dress at her wedding.
The current Catwoman run (2018-present), first by Joelle Jones and then by Ram V, has been absolutely fantastic, especially the Alleytown arc.
Reading tl;dr: read Her Sister鈥檚 Keeper, When in Rome, Selina鈥檚 Big Score, Catwoman Vol. 3 (2002), Batman: Hush, Heart of Hush, and Gotham City Sirens. Work your way out from there.
[currently unavailable due to a combination of timeline sorting issues and lack of actually having read character-relevant comics in several years and needing to re-read before recommending. A few recs are currently recommended below while these sections are under construction]
Gotham Central: the life and times of the Gotham City Police Department members as they go about their daily lives trying to actually get work done
Batwoman: Elegy: part of the Batman: Reborn era, this volume collects the majority of Kate Kane/Batwoman鈥檚 pre-reboot solo adventures as Batwoman.
Batwoman: Hydrology: the first volume of Kate Kane鈥檚 New 52 Batwoman solo run (the first four volumes of this run, all by JH Williams, are great; the final two volumes are 鈥榯ake it or leave it鈥 story arcs). Williams鈥 entire run is collected in the聽Batwoman Omnibus.
Mad Love and Other Stories: Harley Quinn鈥檚 original backstory and the initial depiction of her relationship with the Joker (B:TAS-verse)
Harley Quinn (2000-2004): Harley Quinn鈥檚 original solo series
Kate Spencer鈥檚 Manhunter series
Gotham Academy: semi-normal teenagers try to survive and live a normal life in Gotham. It鈥檚 every high school fic you ever wanted wrapped up in gorgeous art and Scooby Doo-level hijinks. Here鈥檚 a masterpost. Batfamily members cameo from time to time, but mostly completely focused on the original characters, especially Olive Silverlock and Maps Mizoguchi. No real knowledge of the Bat-universe required.
Trinity, a look at the first meeting of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (affectionately named DC鈥檚 Trinity by fans and official sources)
Batman Chronicles #8: an interesting short story exploring Talia鈥檚 relationship with her father and Bruce/Talia after their relationship has ended...also featuring the only time we have ever gotten a comic told from Talia鈥檚 POV
Here鈥檚 a couple of masterposts for various miscellaneous Batfamily members (Batwing, Batwoman). Masterposts for other periphery Batfam characters will be linked as they are found.
Li鈥檒 Gotham:聽a fun all-ages comic centered around the entire Batfamily. Every issue is focused on a different holiday. The series is super cute and has art by Dustin Nguyen (watercolors that are to die for, basically)
Wayne Family Adventures: an official DC-Webtoons collaboration, this is a cute, all-ages, slice-of-life digital comic focuses on the Batfamily. Has the benefit and bonus of being free to read and easily accessible.
DC Bombshells: a reality where female superheroes guard the homefront during World War II. Co-stars Kate Kane as Batwoman and includes many Bat characters. Incredible comic, 10/10 would recommend.
Gotham By Gaslight:聽you like Batman? You like steampunk? Then this is the comic for you, because this Elseworlds comic is a what-if of Batman in the Victorian era hunting down Jack the Ripper.
Batman: Earth One: a modernized re-imagining of Bruce鈥檚 origin story
The DCeased Universe:聽Tom Taylor got to write a post-apocalyptic zombie AU comic and decided to singlehandedly save the Batfamily from DC Editorial鈥檚 bad characterizations and decision-making. Bless him forever. General focus on Damian, but you also get nice bits of everyone else. Includes the main comic, DCeased, plus DCeased: Unkillables, DCeased: Hope at World鈥檚 End, and DCeased: Dead Planet
Kingdom Come: Mostly a 鈥楧CU as a whole鈥 title, but Batman/the Batfam features quite a bit
Batman: In Darkest Knight: a oneshot Elseworlds story showcasing a world where Bruce receives the Green Lantern ring instead of Hal Jordan, causing Bruce to become Earth鈥檚 Green Lantern
Titans: Titans Together:聽a really cute DC Digital First miniseries about the Titans chilling out and investigating Raven鈥檚 missing college professor.聽As long as you have a basic grasp of who the characters involved are, no other real background knowledge is necessary,聽
You鈥檒l notice that The Dark Knight Returns hasn鈥檛 been mentioned once yet despite quite possibly being the most iconic Batman story of all time. That was on purpose, because it fits in this section. DKR is a dark alternate future AU in a world where Bruce hung up the cowl and stopped being Batman after Jason鈥檚 death. Plot...generally revolves around Bruce deciding to return to the cowl after ten years of retirement. Also features Carrie Kelley鈥檚 sole appearances as Robin outside of event specials. I personally think it鈥檚 an extremely mediocre comic with a meandering plot, ridiculously OOC characterization from multiple characters, and bad art. However, given that it鈥檚 one of the most iconic comics of all time, I can鈥檛 exactly leave it off a Batman comic recs list in good faith. So I鈥檓 putting it here with those caveats.
Physical Issues and Trades:
Local Comic Shops:聽these are locally operated brick & mortar stores that primarily sell comics, graphic novels, manga, and general fandom merchandise. I don鈥檛 usually buy floppies, but when I do, I normally get it from them; these stores also often run fantastic sales on trades. LCS鈥檚 are unfortunately dwindling in number, but if you have one in your area, I highly recommend supporting them!
Chain bookstores and Used bookstores: You can also get comics from chain bookstores like Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, etc. and used bookstores that focus more on 'fun' reading material.
Amazon and Ebay are super convenient and awesome places to buy trades; I鈥檝e bought the majority of the comics I own via this route, tbh.
Special Mention: r/comicswap on Reddit, a subreddit dedicated to people buying, selling, and swapping comics with each other
Digital comics:
Comixology: Comixology is the largest digital comic book and manga sales site in existence with a selection of over 100,000 stories.
You can also get a monthly subscription to DC Universe Infinite, DC鈥檚聽online comic repository (basically, it's like Netflix for comics), or Comixology Unlimited (same thing, except run by Comixology). Generally, there鈥檚 a six month gap between when comics are released and when they鈥檙e uploaded to these services, so they鈥檙e not great ways to keep up-to-date with comics but are fantastic ways to read older arcs.
Sidenote: Marvel Unlimited is Marvel鈥檚 version of DC Universe Infinite.
And if you鈥檙e dirt poor and can鈥檛 afford anything, is a safe site where you can download comics for free and you can read them for free at, but please try go out and buy them if you like what you read. Comics quite literally live and die on both month-to-month sales numbers and the success of trades (both physically and digitally), so if you want to see more content with your favorite character or favorite authors, you need to support that work financially.聽
Note: This list is kept semi-updated. The last edit was made in September 2021.
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dailydccomics2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you know your Brand鈩笍
Batman and the Outsiders vol 3 #17
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Tumblr media
Idk if anyone has done this, but I was tired of living in a world where I didn't have all of them in one screenshot, since it was JUST too long to fit everyone.
Duke's feet look a lil weird up close and there is a line over the break in the original, but it's not super obvious so just... don't look too close-
Anyway feel free to download (or let me know if anyone else has made a more seamless version)
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batfamincorrecta day ago
jason todd: duke? it鈥檚 4am why are you baking a cake? and what鈥檚 with the party decorations and sweets?
duke thomas: I鈥檓 celebrating the death of my sleep schedule and sanity. want a cookie?
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batfamcrazea day ago
Please don鈥檛 upload pages of fast pass episodes of 鈥淏atman: Wayne Family Adentures鈥 that haven鈥檛 been officially released yet for free!
It鈥檚 illegal and it contains spoilers!
Thank you and if you can please take them down!
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impulsivelybart2 days ago
when damian was born
duke: ew.
cass: that baby deserves the death penalty.
bruce, shocked: cassandra
dick: he has done nothing鈥
jason: yet
dick: SHUT UP JASON鈥 leave him alone!
tim: electric chair
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starlight-16a day ago
Daminette Quotes
Chilling with the Waynes
Marinette: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?
Jason, sipping a slurpee: Simple, punch him in the stomach, when he doubles over, kiss him.
Duke: Tackle him.
Plagg: Dump him.
Tim, half-dead: What the cat said.
Cass: Kick him in the shin?
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anolty2 days ago
A couple things about the timeline B:WFA takes place in (pulled from the newest episode #7 vigilante bingo)
鈥 Both Jason and Damian have died and come back to life
鈥 Time went by 鈥楧rake鈥 at one point as a vigilante but is now Red Robin (again I think?)
鈥 Cassandra was Batgirl and Black Bat before being Orphan
鈥 Dick was part of the crime syndicate
鈥 Dick, Jason, and Damian have all started their own teams (confirms Outlaws basically)
鈥 Dick has maybe?? trained with Deathstroke (it鈥檚 alluded but unclear)
Sorry if some of these seem like dumb/obvious things, but I unlocked the newest episode and thought there was a lot of interesting info in it people might be curious about. I don鈥檛 want to talk about the actual story of the episode or post screenshots because I want people to still read it directly through WEBTOONS when it鈥檚 released for free!!
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tiredpunkgremlina day ago
Hey freaks,
Here are my random batfam head cannons. I do take constructive criticism but only if it鈥檚 really good so tread lightly
- dick records TikToks on patrol and he gets steph to join him
- damien dies of cringe every time, Tim flip flops on being embarrassed and joining in
- Jason pretends to be embarrassed by all this but he secretly records them at home, both as red hood (to taunt the police obviously), and as himself
- Alfred has a popular TikTok account
- Bruce doesn鈥檛 know what TikTok is no matter how many times it鈥檚 explained to him, he鈥檚 still stuck on vine
- Jason started the 鈥渨hy do good girls like bad guys鈥 audio as a joke and now nobody lets him live it down
- Bruce and Jason still have their own MySpace accounts that they actually use
- Jason has the funniest Twitter account
- Cass once walked in on Bruce and selena doing the do and she almost burned the manor down
-duke loves himself some sea shanties
- jason has Dolly Parton and MCR on the same playlist
- Tim runs a Taylor swift stan account that nobody knows about, Jason follow it which nobody knows about, dick follows it on his main account
- dick LOVES doja cat
- Damien is autistic (don鈥檛 fight me on this one fuckers)
- Tim loves minecraft and has at least a few hyper pop songs on his playlist
- Alfred released a jazz album sometime in the 80鈥檚
- Jason won鈥檛 get tattoos because he doesn鈥檛 like needles but he caved once when he was drunk and got a quote from an Olivia Rodrigo song (u decide which one)
- dick loves ABBA (how else do u explain his fucking disco outfit)
- cass beat Jason in an arm wrestle once and won鈥檛 let him forget it
- tim has a poster of Kon in his room, it started as a joke but now he won鈥檛 take it down
- duke and cass have movie nights
- steph knows every TikTok dance and she鈥檚 good at them too
- Alfred loves heavy metal, when the kids hear that shit BLASTING they know it鈥檚 cleaning day
- whenever Tim doesn鈥檛 drink coffee in the morning he experiences withdrawal
- cass and steph go to Taylor swift concerts together every time she goes on tour and sometimes they drag Bruce with them
- Alfred has never watched a movie all the way through, something always comes up, he鈥檚 never able to finish one all the way
- cass didn鈥檛 know she wasn鈥檛 supposed to know Tim was bi, cass knew the second she laid eyes on him
- steph has a bunch of stuffed toys and sleeps with a different one every night
Ok that鈥檚 all for tonight. I love these bastards and also credit to my friend kabeer ( @making-itwayne ) for like half of the TikTok head cannons and also being my batfam expert
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