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#jason todd

today on i think about jason todd:

does this boy pay taxes. how off the grid is he. if hes been brought back in canon as jason todd legally, and owns property and runs a business, hes gotta be paying some sort of tax. or do the gotham income tax offices just look the other way cause they dont want to handle the paperwork for someone who was legally dead for atleast a decade

infact, what taxes are the rogues paying.

oh to be a government worker in gotham just trying to do their job.

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New design(?) of Clark and Bruce in RWBY x JL makes me craving for some fantasy AU….


Prince Clark puts out the reward to fight the Bat Devil and Red Hood the mercenary goes on the quest…

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DC Comics: We see you went to a very nice art school. Just one question though, can you draw muscular characters with dark hair and blue eyes?

Illustrator at an interview: Um yes?

DC Comics: Great! You’re hired!

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jason, singing: comin outta my grave and i’ve been doing just fine-

dick: you demonstrably haven’t

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Tim: we all got bags.

Tim: dad has emotional baggage

Tim: Dick has been gifted emotional baggage but keeps “losing it” to pretend he is a normal happy-go-lucky person who isn’t dying from the inside.

Tim: Jason has rage bought baggage.

Tim: I have bags under my eyes and unhealthy habit baggage.

Tim: and the gremlin got identity baggage.

Tim: pretty fucked if you ask me.

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Dick to young Jason: Omg smol! Come here and let your big bro give you a hug 💕

Jason: Eww get away!

[10 years later]

Dick to current Jason: Omg smol! Come here and let your big bro give you a hug 💕

Jason: Wtf bro! I’m taller than you!

Dick: Doesn’t change the fact that you’re my little brother, now COME HERE–

Jason: NOOO–

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Of course darling! I just started working on the update last week and changed starting perspectives three times 😂 so there isn’t as much but I expect to have it finished relatively soonish. It’s one of those that once I get going, the words just kind of start flowing.

And I’m really excited to get the next part 😏

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Artbreeder DC Cómics

This is how I personally imagine Jason Todd, aka Red Hood.

(I had to re-edit his eyes for them to look more greenish, cuz I thought it looks good on him)

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imagine simping this much for not only curran walters but more specifically jason todd OOP

follow my insta @_artbycat_

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...You ass is grass and I'm gonna mow it.
Leave me alone!
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Jason: (holding Alfred the cat) Stinky kitty

Damian: (tearing up) NO-

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My friend Ivy made me with Jason Todd and I love it so much


Her Twitter is @ivy__mess so go give her a follow!

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Jason(about the Batfam, to a villain)
Don't underestimate us. Our family motto is, "Maybe we'll get lucky this time..."
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I just got HBO max and does anyone know if you can choose the options in Death in The Family on the app or what does anyone know? I don’t know how else I’d be able to watch it so I might just have to watch it there even if it doesn’t have the choices🤷🏼

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