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#red robin
homosnapeiens · 3 days ago
*batfam is on vacation in australia*
tim: -and once a year a bunch of spiders rain down from the sky! the sky bruce! they say it looks like snow!
bruce: *sighs* tim you have been freaking out since we got of the plane you need to calm down.
tim: it’s terrifying bruce! even the small and cute animals are vicious killers!
bruce: tim i’m sure you are overreacting-
*screaming is heard from behind them as magpies swarm jason and dick*
jason: *desperately shielding his face* I TOLD YOU NOT TO PISS OFF THE BIRDS DICK!
tim: see bruce even the birds are evil!
bruce: tim you are being- wait where’s damian?
damian: *walking over with a kangaroo on a leash* father this is bat kangaroo-
bruce: no more pets damian!
damian: but father you haven’t heard the best part.
*a joey pops out of bat kangaroos pouch*
damian: kangarobin.
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tamdrry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tim: Superboy. Put me in the ground.
Kon: Not until you take back what you said.
Tim:... Your jacket is tacky
Kon: *gasp*
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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #9 - "Crush II" (2021)
written by CRC Payne art by Starbite, Maria Li, & Lan Ma
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incorrectbatfam · a day ago
Damian, whose first language isn’t English: Hello! I’m sorry if my English isn’t very good.
Tim, Stephanie, and Duke, whose first language is English: Hte fuckign.
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kindaangelic · a day ago
Robin Musings, as per Krypto
Ph.D. (tummy rubs), M.A. (The Art of The Good Boi)
Robin I
A puppy!
Oh boy Clark finally made me a grandpup!
How well my grandpup fights!
And how well he flies!
Oh no
The chickens are trying to adopt him
Quick, bark at the chickens
Robin II
New pup!
Angry pup?
Let me lick your woes away
Oh I know all about sibling rivalry
See how the horses prance around and look all majestic
But I know that Clark loves both of us equally
Ah I have imparted wisdom
Robin III
The pup is skinny!!
Feed the pup-!
I can't lactate :/
Quick, let's go to Bessie
Woman has like, six calves, she can spare some milk
Robin IV
Girl pup!
Brush me as you would brush your glorious hair
Now for the finale
We shall shed on Bruce's favorite chair :)
Robin III again
Skinny pup is dating Kon-pup!
Glorious, I will have great-grandpups now
That is, if Bruce doesn't keep yelling
Ruins the mood :/
How will my dynasty continue at this rate
Robin V
Angry pup!
Quick! Snuffle the anger away!
Oops I squished him
It's ok :)
What's this
The pup is kidnapping me!
Someone save me- oh wait
You're rich
Tell Clark I said bye :)
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hintofelation99 · a day ago
The Waynes Carve Pumpkins Pt 2.
Dick, putting newspaper and pumpkins on the table: Okay, now that we’ve learned the dangers of paint brushes we can move on to actually carving pumpkins!
Dick starts laying out carving knives.
Bruce: This is a bad idea.
Dick glaring at Bruce: We are all trained vigilante’s B, it’ll be fine. Now let’s get started!
Everyone sits down in front of a pumpkin, they stare at their pumpkins.
Dick: So, uh, let’s start carving?
Damian: How do we begin?
Jason, rolling his eyes: It’s easy, we just… uh, um, we… What do we do Dickface?
Dick: Um, I, I don’t know? Tim?
Tim, looking shocked: Why are you asking me?! Ask Steph she had parents!
Steph: My mom was always busy at the hospital and my dad was a villain, we didn’t really carve pumpkins? And Tim, you had parents! You should know!
Tim: My parents were horribly neglectful, we didn’t carve pumpkins. Dick? You had loving parents.
Dick: We traveled a lot and didn’t really have a great place to keep a carved pumpkin. Actually, we, uh, we painted ours…
Bruce: I thought you said painting was pumpkins was lame?!
Dick: It’s lame that you don’t trust you children with knives. Now shush, and teach us how to carve pumpkins.
Bruce: I didn’t carve pumpkins as a child.
Dick: …of course you didn’t. Does anyone know how to carve a pumpkin?
Jason: Abusive dad, addict mom, then homeless.
Damian: I was raised by assassins.
Cass, signing: *no childhood, also raised by assassins*
Tim: What about Babs, or Duke? They both had good childhoods. Well Babs had a good childhood and Duke had a decent childhood, until the whole parents driven insane thing.
Dick: Good idea Tim! Babs?
Babs: I am not teaching you guys to carve pumpkins. Also I don’t like touching the inside part. It’s slimy.
Dick, shrugs: Fine, Duke? Wait, where’s Duke?
Bruce: Spending the day with his uncle. We shouldn’t interrupt their bonding for something as menial as pumpkin carving, we…
Bruce looks at his disappointed kids, and sighs.
Bruce: I’ll text him.
<- Part 1 |
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Tim, on the *good stuff* post injury: And… and… Bruce is a DUMB FACE.
Tim: *giggles*
Steph: This is the best day of my life.
Jason: Honestly, same.
Jason: Please tell me someone is recording this.
Cass, phone in hand: Duh.
Tim: And Jason is the best and the smartest and I love him.
Steph & Cass: Awwww.
Tim, oblivious to the world around him: And he has a helmet and that makes him the smartest and Alfred said so too.
Steph: Hey Tim? Who’s your favorite?
Tim: I like cats…
Tim: Sometimes I think Damian is a cat.
Tim: Do you think Ra’s knows if Damian is a cat?
Tim: Hang on, I need to text him.
Jason: Oh, I got this Timbo. *smiles with unholy glee*
Steph: Does Bruce know you two text the leader of the League of Assassins on a regular basis?
Jason: *shrugs*
Tim: Ra’s doesn’t like it when Jason texts him so I keep giving Jason his number.
Tim: Jason is the best.
Cass, amused: So you’ve said.
Tim: I think all of my friends have died.
Steph: Let’s think happy thi-
Tim: Do you think if I tell Ra’s he’s my friend he’ll die too?
Steph: Okay never mind. Continue.
Tim: Steph, you and Jason should date.
Jason: *blanking out*
Steph: Wha-
Tim: I have a PowerPoint all ready to go.
Tim, giggling: But don’t tell them because it’s a secret.
Two hours later:
Steph: Well, at least he’s finally asleep?
Jason: He would have been sooner if you’d’ve just let me-
Cass, flicking Jason’s ear: No drugging our brother.
Jason: But he’s already drugged, I don’t see-
Dick: Hey guys, how’s Tim doing?
Jason & Steph: mild deer in the headlights look
Cass, grinning: Fantastic.
Dick: I can’t believe you made it through the entire thing.
Tim: Oh ye of little faith.
Dick: Too bad they deleted the video. I would have loved watching their reactions to the whole thing.
Cass, pulling up a backup copy of the video footage: Oh ye of little faith.
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gotham-gargoyle · 15 hours ago
Could we get a Tim Drake/Red Robin in your style? 🥺
Tumblr media
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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #9 - "Crush II" (2021)
written by CRC Payne art by Starbite, Maria Li, & Lan Ma
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lily-s-world · 2 days ago
The person that brainstormed the idea of a webtoon based only on the Batfamily shenanigans, deserves a raise, a promotion and being the director of the DC-Webtoon content.
Same go for the writers and artists of the webtoon.
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homosnapeiens · 19 hours ago
i was watching Titans S3 E13 and started thinking about what would happen if MY canon batboys met there Titans counterparts! so enjoy!
bruce: why are you so old?
T!bruce: why do you have so many kids?!
bruce: oh come on it’s not that many! you haven’t even met damian, cass, and duke!
T!bruce: so you just adopted 6 orphans?!
bruce: *visibly uncomfortable* well they aren’t ALL orphans.
T!bruce: you need serious psychological help.
bruce: you tried to kill yourself!
dick: died?
T!dick: yep.
dick: and came back...via lazarus pit?
T!dick: that is correct.
dick: and you STILL thought it was a good idea to use it to bring back the dead citizens?!?
T!dick: it was a solid plan!
dick: *exasperated* what about pit madness?!?
T!dick: *shrugs* doesn’t exist.
dick: what?!
jason: *wheezes* you’re so small!
T!jason: i am an average height!!
jason: you’re shorter than tim! and tim is tiny!
T!jason: can we just change the subject?!
jason: right right sorry. so you came back the same way as me right? the pit?
T!jason: yup. did crane employ you as his personal bodyguard too?
jason: *confused* johnathan crane? the scarecrow? as in the villain who wears a bag on his head? that one.
T!jason: he’s a criminal mastermind!!
jason: he’s a psychiatrist with poor coping mechanisms.
T!jason: just forget about it!
jason: alright alright sorry! hey i never asked. how are you doing with the whole yknow death thing?
T!jason: it was hard at first...but now that i know bruce killed the joker for me i’m doing better.
jason: bruce WHAT?!?!
tim: yknow by the time i was your age i was in turkey trying to pull bruce from the time stream.
T!tim: i’m sorry?
tim: *chuckles* that part was fine. it was losing my spleen that stung.
T!tim: you don’t have a spleen?!?
tim: *shrugs*
T!tim: okay. anyways. how is your family?
tim: *confused* well they are all here...
T!tim: no like your actual family! your parents?
tim: ooooh yeah they are dead.
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sleepyssnail · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I liked the cute little panels Steph and Damian got so I made one for Tim. Just cause.
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