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Little Bird, Don’t Say A Word


☆ reader-insert drabble, DC Universe

☆ wc: 328

☆ genre: angst

☆ tw: mentions of death, fighting, crying

☆ a/n: alright so i saw this fanart and it gave me this idea and stopped me from working on my series lmao. the next part of the series’ll come out soon hopefully! <3. either way, i’ll be releasing a couple of drabbles through the next few days.


When he desperately looks to them, pleading for any help to stop the onslaught, none of them can look. The sight is far from the worst any of them have seen. Still, Y/N hides Damian away in their cloak, and pulls Dick into a tight hug. Neither complains. They’re superheroes witnessing destruction unlike any other. 

The eldest can’t bear to watch as Jason desperately fights a losing battle. From experience, they see that he isn’t holding back, even as tears fall from his eyes. Jason fights as best as he can, but he has not reached the point where he can defeat his master.

Not many could. Bruce Wayne is a different kind of powerful.

This whole situation was surprising. That was the only word to describe it. Despite the pain of watching their brother being beaten, they wouldn’t intervene. It’s the pain of the betrayal, of his death, that stops them. 

The pain of knowing it had been deliberate

Y/N Wayne watches as their father rips the red bat symbol from her brother’s chest. Jason clutches at the exposed skin, and they know he feels like his heart has been ripped out. There’s a part of his soul that’s filled with pride, knowing he carries the coveted Bat symbol. 

Well, carried. 

The entire family loses parts of themselves that day. Y/N knows that Jason wishes Bruce would kill him. In some ways, the torture of living is worse than the sweet release of death. Even through the sadness and anger, though, Jason is still Bruce’s baby bird and even after what he’s done, Bruce couldn’t bring himself to kill him. 

None of them could. 

They watch as their father cries. They feel tears soak through their suit, and they know their brothers are crying. 

They are too. 

The entirety of Gotham mourns the death of Red Robin.

The entirety of Gotham mourns the death of Red Robin at the hands of the Red Hood.

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Jason: You seem a tad wound up, buddy. And your face is greasy. Real greasy. You been up all night?

Tim: Of course I’ve been up all night! Not because of caffeine, it was insomnia. I couldn’t stop thinking about coffee. I need a nap.

[snores for two seconds]

Tim: [wakes up] Coffee time!

[Jason makes Tim a decaf mocha with melted melatonin chocolate mixed in, he watches Tim drink it and waits.]

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I feel like even though Damian is the baby of the family, Tim is everyone’s baby. Everyone is so protective of Tim. Not only is he small and adorable but he’s vulnerable to many things and that makes them more productive

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Scene: Steph and Jason, hanging ten feet above the floor in a net, having walked right into it because they were so focused on ragging on Tim’s new codename.

Steph: 🎶Is this the Bat-life?

Jason: Or is this just fantasy? 🎶

Steph and Jason: 🎶 Caught in a net trap!

Riddler, joining in and making his voice go deep: 🎶No escape from the enemy!

Tim, standing in the doorway: ….

Tim: You know what? You can have them! *walks away*

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Hey there RedHeads! 

It’s HEEEEERE! JayTimWeek starts tomorrow, Monday, and runs from June 1st to 7th! 

We’re looking forward to everyone sharing their amazing talents and can’t wait to see what you’ve all worked so hard on! 

 To ensure your entries are captured, please use the “JayTimWeek” and/or “JayTimWeek2020” tags. We also respectfully request that you tag works with sensitive or mature content as such, to ensure that everyone has the ability to filter their consumption. Thank you from the mods! <3

Here are the prompts again for those of you curious and considering participating, have fun!

  1. Day 1: College AU  OR  Chef/Baker AU 
  2. Day 2: Fairy Tales/Disney Princesses  OR  Book Inspired AU 
  3. Day 3: First Love  OR  Role/Robin Reversal 
  4. Day 4: FREE DAY 
  5. Day 5: Casefic/Detective Tim or Jason  OR  Office Romance AU 
  6. Day 6: Space  OR  Cyberpunk/Android/Robotic 
  7. Day 7: Pirate/Desert Island  OR  Vikings AU
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Damian: Y/N, what do you fear most?
Y/N: Your face!
Dick: Ohhh!
Jason: Ohhh!
Tim: Ohhh!
Alfred: Ohh!

Somewhere in Smallville

Jon: Oooh!
Clark: What’d you do that for?
Jon: I don’t know, I just suddendly felt it.
Clark: felt what?
Jon: The power of the burn

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Word Count: 3578

Pairing (s): Jason x Reader, Dick x Reader (mentioned), Rose x Jason (mentioned)

Warnings: Swear words, violence, reader gets hurt, angst, cheating

Summary: After Jason cheats on Y/n, they need her help to take down Pyg. Jason doesn’t know how he’ll handle this.

For my return to writing and this blog here is a oneshot to make up for it.


Originally posted by chingsty

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Batman: [glares suspiciously at Nightwing]
Superman: Hi Bruce
Batman: [glares suspiciously at Red Robin walking by]
Superman: So what's with the distrustful brooding? Did your kids do something again?
Batman: [glares suspiciously at Robin when he enters the room] they're always doing something. I might not have noticed them doing anything but they HAVE done something and if I do this they think I'm onto them and then they start slipping up.
Superman: ...that's just a whole new level of paranoia, Bruce. I'm sure they haven't done anything.
Batman: [eyes narrowing as Batgirl leans back in her chair]
Dick: He's definitely on to us
Tim: just chill
Steph: I think he's just constipated
Damian: what is he supposed to be "on to" anyway?
Dick: I broke his office chair last week
Dick: Accidently
Steph: Did you have sex in it? Because I heard you had sex in it
Dick: *accidentally
Steph: How does one have sex accidentally?
Tim: He might have noticed that I changed all his official W.E. avatars to that one picture of him spraying tea out of his nose
Damian: You are all imbeciles.
Steph: Didn't you crash one of his cars on a joyride with Jon last week?
Damian: Father doesn't know about that. Nor will he.
Steph: Are you seriously trying to intimidate me through IM?
Dick: Shit he's back to glaring at ME. He definitely knows about the chair
Tim: He doesn't know ANYTHING he's just freaking us out so we'll slip
Jason: I blew up a League of Shadows hideout yesterday
Jason: but, like, accidentally.
Damian: What?
Jason: chill, no one important was inside
Tim: but then why would he be glaring at US? you're not even here
Jason: oh, I just thought we were sharing
Dick: What do you mean "accidentally"??
Jason: Idk Dickie how do you accidentally have sex?
Superman: I think you're just overreacting. They're good kids.
Nightwing: [loudly and suddenly on the other side of the room] OH MY GOD. I DIDN'T BREAK HIS CHAIR HAVING SEX OKAY?
Batman: [looks at Superman, unimpressed] clearly.
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I’m so tired. I don’t know what colors are. I had so much fun.

Thank you all for following this nonsense!!!! You’ll see it all again, just not on a daily basis cause like HOLY MERMAIDS BATMAN!!!! WHY DID I DO THIS LMAO imma go pass out now bye

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*Tim and Damian playfully hitting eachother with pillows*

Dick: Aww aren’t they most adorable babies ever?

Jason: Yea until they fight and start ripping eachother apart.

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