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Aragon: *draped across the couch* If only there were less injustices in the world; so that I, a simple person, could be happy-

Jane: Catherine-

Aragon: Maybe my heart would hurt less if not for my mind’s unrest-

Jane: Catherine, I’ll get you another one-

Aragon: That doesn’t change the fact that you ate my fucking skittles.

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Clary: Why does Raphael love you so much?

Simon: ‘Cause of my sweet moves. Check this out.

Simon [to Raphael]: I’m coming in for a hug!

Raphael: I’m not in the mood to be touched right now.

Simon: No problem! [Backs off]

Simon [to Clary]: That move is called “Listening and Respecting.”

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Ven, mátame con tus filosas hojas, que liberan palabras jocosas, hazme llorar con tu edor nauseabundo y culpame por tus flores marchitas. Soy yo quien te permitió vivir en mi alcoba, pensando que eras solo una maceta que necesitaba ayuda, cuando en realidad eras de esas personas que venían a endulzarce con mi brillo para luego desecharme su mierda encima.

~Macetas rotas~


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