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As people continued to volunteer, Rusty just stayed silent. He didn’t need to point out the obvious, anyone could see that he used a walking aid, and that was (partially) why he wasn’t volunteering. Nezumi did too, and while he thought he should be the one punished, personally, he also understood why. And again, as he personally wasn’t volunteering, he didn’t think he had the authority to make that kind of call.

“Coming forward like this takes courage. Whoever gets chosen… I’ll help. Whether we’re close or not. No one should have to put themself up like this… none of us are… worth less.“ Mina, Elliott, Evren, Sol… He was losing track of everyone volunteering, actually. He wasn’t sure what he was able to do, but he wanted to be able to help. He wasn’t going to go on some long-winded speech, just expressing that he wanted to help whoever was ready to take the hit for everyone else. It looked like there wouldn’t be many others stepping forward. But still, he wasn’t ready to make that call yet. Hangyu’s advice to abstain… that didn’t seem like a real option. Rusty was already cowarding out by not volunteering, he felt. He didn’t want to again.

The president had been a source of great contention since the election. It was a lot of responsibility to put on someone on top of whatever punishment they were being chosen for here, as the others “I don’t think we should make the president call now - one vote at a time.” He frowned. “We don’t know what people will be thinking come that election, and have nothing but anyone’s word that they’ll stay true to their vote. It’s unreliable, and committing to that now only for people to choose someone else, or come forward themself later, will make things more chaotic down the line.” Just his thoughts.

“Mitsu’s reasoning is strong too, the punishment itself may encourage us to change our votes later.”  He shrugged. “But when you open up that avenue, it’s even harder to guarantee that most people will vote the same. If most of you do elect whoever we choose here though, I’ll be with you on that. But right now, it’s too shaky a foundation.” Hangyu’s suggestion made sense. Something to keep in mind, rather than to commit to too early. Especially when they still didn’t know what the coming punishment was. Grumble. “I can understand why Menai is volunteering, but it’s a bad idea to set a precedent that ‘those who voted wrong should be punished.’ We want someone who can handle it, obviously, but the trial votes should not factor into this decision.”  He wanted to think there would be no ill-will here, but after the whole president thing? Yeah, he wasn’t going to trick himself into believing that again, even if people were coming forward.

He turned to face Sol. “Hrm. We haven’t spoken much, but if you’re chosen, I’ll do what I can to make things easier for you. As a roommate.” That went for everyone, but given that his roommate seemed one of the surest picks right now, he figured he should address him specifically. Hrm. Sounded stupid though. He shrugged. “If you’re sure you want this.” He didn’t doubt he was. 

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this was too good of an image not to draw
I just changed a few design details to better match with my three other anons (or three and a half… i guess? idk what Tyr counts as)
~magical girl anon
This is so cute!!!!!!!!

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Once it was said, I couldn’t unsee the skew on the new MCs face. So like any normal, rational person, I actually screen capped and dropped some lines with the ruler, then measured the distances between right and left. Weirdly, other than the eyes being like half a millimeter off, everything was pretty symmetrical. That center line was as close as I could get to center of forehead and chin though it looks like it might be a hair to the left? I think it’s mostly that the chin isn’t perfect? Not that it makes a huge difference since no one has a perfectly symmetrical face… 

For anyone wondering, it was 6mm to the sides of the face, 3mm for the lips, 4.5 for the outer eye corners (each eye was 3mm)


The fact that you’ve done this is kind of adorable! - Mod Viv

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TITLE: Pride and Prejudice


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki was raised on Jotunheim as Laufey’s son after the war, but an agreement was then made that he would wed Odin’s daughter so Odin could secure the alliance of Jotunheim through the marriage. Loki, in turn, was raised to be king of Jotunheim, but how he views Asgard is far different from how Odin’s daughter is raised leading to a clash of cultures as well as uncertainty between the pair of betrothed youths.    

RATING: Mature  

NOTES/WARNINGS: Forced Marriage, not all fun and games. My first real step back into the Loki scene in over a year.

Tags - @skulliebythesea@asimovethroughthisworld@blackcherry26-blog@we-shadowhunter2901

As expected, no sooner was it announced that Laufey would not die as king, there was a multitude of reactions, not all positive. Many saw it as merely making official what had been occurring for some time. Loki had been the one to deal with the majority of court matters, so it made sense for him to simply rise to the task officially. Others felt it went against tradition, and that was not something they could accept. Ella heard the word tradition so many times, it stopped being more than sounds after a while. She commented into Loki’s ear something that made him chuckle causing the room to focus on him.

“Does something amuse you, Prince Loki?” Igor was a cantankerous old Jotunn at the best of times but the flaunting of such a tradition irked him all the more.

“Yes, actually it does. My mate made a funny comment on this matter.” He answered honestly.

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found this celery sephiroth abbaccio drawing i made literally 4 yrs ago on an old abandoned jjba art blog i had and i thought you shoul dhave it. goodbye.

thank you AJ I’m gonna cherish this now

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Sea Hawk: Arr, it be me, a pirate! Here to tell ye the world not be flat!

Sea Hawk: If it was, what would ye do anyway? Yer bills would still be due tomorrow.

Sea Hawk: The government would still be taxing yer hard earned funds! Yarrr!

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Can I request no.43 from the kissing prompt for Nozel?


43. “A kiss pressed to the top of the head” + Nozel

Being a magic knight wasn’t always fun. Bad times like these were few and far between, but now was definitely one of those times. You sat down on the edge of a ruined wall of a village near the border with the Spade Kingdom, a village which had just been attacked and ransacked. If only we were a few minutes earlier… if only I were stronger… you thought to yourself, tears pricking your eyes. Maybe we could have saved them…

Are you seriously about to despair right now?”

You looked up at the familiar voice to see your captain standing there, looking surprisingly apathetic. But you knew him too well… Nozel Silva opted to hide his true emotions for fear of being weak. “There’s work to be done… we can still save many of these people if we hurry.”

Of course, he’s right. You nod with a “yes sir” and quickly jump to your feet, moving to walk past him. However, you’re halted as he holds out his arm and catches you on the way. “…I know this is hard,” he whispers, his tone softening. “…but we’re in this together as a squad. I promise that you’re strong enough to get through this.”

With that, he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head, spreading warmth through your cheeks. Before you could respond, he turned and strode off into the town, purpose in his steps. You were quick to follow.

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Here are some of my baby pedes! They’re all very tiny and nowhere near fully grown yet but I love them!


Ohhhh I love them! I’m getting pedes soon too so I cherish these deeply. Please tell them all I say hello and that they’re doing amazing. 🖤

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A “‘chair”’ is a piece of furniture with a raised surface, commonly used to seat a single person. Chairs are supported most often by four legs and have a back; however, a chair can have three legs or can have a different shape. Chairs are made of a wide variety of materials, ranging from wood to metal to synthetic material (e.g., plastic), and they may be padded or Upholstery upholstered in various colors and fabrics, either just on the seat (as with some dining room chairs) or on the entire chair. Chairs are used in a number of rooms in homes (e.g., in living rooms, dining rooms and dens), in schools and offices (with desks), and in various other workplaces.


how did you get in my house.

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Okay, so first off, Happy Birthday to your cat!  I hope he got lots of his favorite treats.  Glad to hear that today went as well as can be hoped for you.  And overall today wasn’t too bad here.  We got several big truck deliveries, but when I deal with those I tend to deal less with customers, so it sort of balances itself out.  We’ve been told that we’ll be closing early all week because of the protests, so that’s been ramping the anxiety, but the internet has provided a number of pleasant distractions on my breaks.

Secondly, I would pick Noah for the one that has the second set of twins, for mainly two random reasons; 1) because last time it went Chris, then Noah, so it feels like it should do the same this time, and Chris already had Ben, 2) because it keeps the number of kids per family more balanced- 4 & 3 rather than 2 & 5.  Idk, my brain just gets weird about symmetry and balance in things and I’ve never figured out if it’s an ADD related thing or just a me thing.  Also, the idea of him trying to do his job while pregnant, with Chris and ESPECIALLY Peter trying to be super protective at the same time is just amusing to me.

And actually, thinking about that and the preview for the next chapter made me think of a couple things that didn’t make it into my reviews.  When/how/from whom did Chris learn about the fire? Did Gerard or Kate tell him in a gloating sort of way and kind of tip him off that something was hinky about it, or was it through other hunter contacts, so the thought of outside involvement came later?  

Was he still pregnant with Ben, or was it later on?  Did he contact anyone in Beacon Hills about it for further info at any point before he showed back up in town?  Because I was trying to think about some of the things that could turn up later for angst (why I was doing that to myself is anyone’s guess, but here we are…) and it occurred to me that if Noah was going to have any lingering upset over Chris leaving it would most likely (to me) be from the time right after the fire.  

He’s just lost Claudia, and went off the rails from it, but at least he had Peter, and Laura, and the other Hales.  Now Peter is in a coma, Laura’s left town, and the rest of his adopted/found family is dead.  He has no idea where Chris is, or if he’s safe from whoever did this (does he know about what happened between Chris and Peter before Chris left again?, and he’s dealing a set of even more heavily traumatized twins right now.  I feel like even the most understanding person is gonna have some stuff to work through there.  (Also, Jesus, poor Melissa [possibly for multiple reasons])

Uhhh…sorry to send things into a drama tailspin there for a moment.  Allow me to try and brighten things back up with the original impetus for me to make this a submission and not an ask; because you mentioned X-Men Halloween costumes and I have Thoughts.  *takes super deep breath*  Because omg, yes, so very many options.  

Side note - I would be so happy if someone dressed as Nightcrawler.  He is my precious fuzzy elfin bb, and I love him to bits and get so tired of him getting left out of things (looking at you Funko.)  I feel like Stiles or Peter have the best attitude match (maybe, MAYBE Jackson), but don’t know if anyone would want to deal with the amount of makeup involved.  But, anyway, just, the possibilities.  

Stiles telling Malia she can’t just take the easy way out by going as Wolfsbane, so she takes one of her old white A New Hope Leia dresses and cuts it down into an old school Mystique costume. 

 Peter pulling rank and telling Derek he’s the Alpha so he gets to be Wolverine (this even works better height-wise [I didn’t realize you didn’t know their approximate heights.  I’d looked them up before for…reasons.  Having seen them standing next to each other repeatedly, I’m pretty sure any actual height advantage Ian has comes strictly from his hair], although when Stiles points this out he earns himself a hell of a glare.)  

Naturally that means Chris has to be Cyclops, because, well, calm and serious.  Noah realizes this means they expect him to be Jean Grey.  (N: “Why can’t I ever be a character that wears normal pants?!” C: “Well I have to be the boring one all the time” P: “I mean, you are the closest to a telepath of the three of us.  Don’t you want us mock fighting over you?” N: “…if we do this I get my pick of the Phoenix costumes.”)  

Stiles and Noah trying to fight over getting to be Gambit so they can do exploding playing cards, but getting told they can’t be Gambit unless they can do the accent correctly (Gambit isn’t Gambit if he’s not Cajun, that’s just how it is, I don’t make the rules.)  While part of me thinks it’d be funny to see Jackson as Nightcrawler because of the tail thing, I think Stiles would be more entertaining.  

He’d make little smoke bomb things to fake the sulfur and brimstone effect of his teleporting.  All the family members with enhanced senses would HATE him because they STANK something fierce, and it LINGERED.  But anytime one of them tried to tackle him to get them away, he’d yell “BAMF!” throw on to the floor and run like hell.  

Jackson would be Iceman so he could make it a crossover costume with the character from Top Gun so he could wear aviators and a leather bomber with his outfit.  Allison could dress like Shadowcat from the early Excalibur run, and she could see if Ben would dress up as Lockheed with her (because that would be adorable).  

Derek would decide that if he can’t be Wolverine and glare angrily at people the whole time, he’ll be Colossus so he can just stare with silent disappointment the whole time.  Scott would decide he wants to be Cable (because “…he just looks so cool…”), so Melissa and Chris would dig through their old hunter gear to help him make his costume.  

Melissa could be Jubilee, and rig up little flash bangs to fake the plasma bursts (unlike Noah she has absolutely no qualms about proving that she can still rock a pair of short shorts.)  Lydia would either be Rogue to show off that SHE at least can manage a believable accent, or Emma Frost for the looks that costume would gain her from Allison.  

Alternatively; both sets of twins argue over who gets to be Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, so they decide that one pair will do the classic comic version, and one will do either the Evolution cartoon version or the MCU version (though they are allowed to switch out the Quicksilver for the other film version if they choose).  

Lydia claims Mystique instead (it’s tempting to make her Banshee, but that seems a bit TOO on the nose), or maybe one of the other Phoenix looks (when I say Phoenix looks I mean Jean’s Phoenix or Dark Phoenix suit from the comics, because I LOVE that outfit), and Ben dresses as Beast (because that would also be adorable).  *finally stops to take another breath*  …umm…so anyway, yeah, as a perennial X-men fan I think it’s safe to say I love this idea, and am so grateful for you putting it in my head…  …sorry about the wall of text, I may have got a little carried away…  …again…

I loved every single sentence of this wall of text, so never apologize. (Although I did break it up a little before posting because that makes it easier to read for other people.

I think all of my ideas for the middle of this fic where either based on questions you, or @artemisa97​ asked me in reviews. So honestly, keep them coming if you want to ask them. They help me determine where the problem areas are, what kind of kinks I need to work out, so honestly, even the sad ones are a great help.

And yeah, I hadn’t looked up their heights yet, I just assumed Peter and Chris were a bit bigger than Noah, but I was delightfully wrong!

I do have one more gem to share, a height comparison of some of the boys and to show you just how tiny Ben is compared to the others.


Blue - Noah (182 cm / 6 ft)

Purple - Chris (177 cm / 5′10)

Red - Peter (178 cm / 5′10)

Yellow - Derek (183 cm / 6 ft)

Green - Ben (111 cm / 3′8)

Turquoise - Jackson (170 cm / 5′7)

Ben’s height is about average for someone between the age of 5 & 6, Jackson’s height is a little on the short side, but I’d imagine that he’d still grow a little until he’s like 20 and end up being around 175/176 cm.

I’d imagine Stiles to be a little taller around 172 cm, Allison is a little shorter at 165 cm and Malia is around 168 cm. (They will all still grow a bit, averaging between 173 (Allison) and 178 (Stiles) )

And the one thing I will say about whether or not Noah gets the twins, without getting too spoilery, or maybe it is, I’m sorry if it is but I can’t help not share.

Is that eventually both Noah and Chris have the same amount of kids from Peter. And one of them has twins. I’m still debating on names, in the deleted scene I named them Mikhail and Adeline, I currently have different names picked out. 

And I think the balance thing is ADD related, because I had the same issue with planning the story XD. So yeah, Peter gets to have a lot of kids, and adopt a lot more into the pack, because Season 2 is kinda canon in this universe, in the sense that Isaac, Erica, and Boyd are still turned. Kira comes along, and of course Lydia. Considering what I have planned for Danny and Mack, I might add them to the pack as well.

And omg I LIVE for those X-men costume ideas <3 Omg. I love it. Considering Stiles’ abilities he would definitely be Nightcrawler and would probably use a quick spell or two to get the makeup in place. (A druid invented this fantastic spell to always get eyeliner on fucking point and shared it in their spellbook. Spoiler alert; said druid was Noah in his teenage punk years. Turns out, it works for other makeup too.)

And I’m in fucking love with all of these ideas actually, I can’t really say which I like more.

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