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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Seteth: You're under arrest for trying to carry three people on a motorcycle.
Sylvain: Ah, damn it - wait, did you say three!?
Seteth: Yes?
Ingrid: Oh, Gods!
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Comment transcription:

im honestly floored by how much you manage to make second person work without it being, like a choose your own adventure book. And like, between this and Paper Moon I am just in love with your writing. You really have a way of dragging me into your worlds. Most fics when i read them are like “oh cool scenario” but then I move on with my day and i dont necessarily live in the world im reading, bit with YOUR FICS my brain settles down in a nice and cozy nest of worldbuilding and i am utterly invested and engaged with the AU. like i never even liked FNAF or payed it much attention even when it was popular but somehow when you write this AU i’m INTO IT. I love your characters and their dynamics, I REALLY like how youve been including those snippets of shouting’s and presumably hanazawa (so we as the reader only need two more names) its so heartbreaking to see shouting’s thinking about wanting to see his family and friends again and wanting to simply be able to leave the restaurant (also I’m pretty sure he wants to kill reigen because he and the other kids see the night guard uniform and assume reigen is the guy that killed them.) ugh I just love your stories and am really eager to see how this and Paper Moon play out. Keep up the good work!

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The Guide is essentially a walking Calming Potion. Enemies typically don’t bother the area when he’s around, with the exception of events such as Blood Moons or Solar Eclipses, in which enemies become much stronger.

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What if we just… vibe?

we were playing a campaign that entailed capturing a giant, mutant spider to bring back to the person we met at the beginning of the campaign.

we found ourselves approaching a cave. as we went farther in, we saw that the spiders were dancing around this glowing heart stone.

this battle was supposed to be the big mini boss part, but then, i said “what if we just… vibe?”

after explaining to the DM what i meant, i ended up helping the party totally avoid a huge battle by dancing along with the spiders.

✨next time you’re in a battle, try vibing✨

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“You are the cutest Sherlock Holmes I’ve ever seen. Like no one can look better than you, no one. And you can pull it off well— I might be whipped but I think you look the best in your costume.”


“You see, I actually put thought into this costume. I didn’t want the typical costume to go with yours. That’d be too cliche of me. But if I’m Sherlock Holmes and someone asks me why I’d be a detective while you’re Harley Quinn, I could be like “because I’ll be inspecting that booty”, and then I could laugh because I’m hilarious. But now that I think of it, it sounds like a really bad plot to a really bad porno—“



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I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for support the community. Thank you for taking time out of your day to provide a safe environment for your peers. it’s not expected and yet you rise to the occasion every day.

You’re welcome! 

I’m very curt with my replies to thanks given to me cause I amn’t sure how to respond. 

In my head, its just a normal thing to do.. so when people give me overwhelming feedback, I dunno how to respond?

Regardless, I’m happy I am able to help folks in any way I can.

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Not long after seeing those Facebook screencaps that were submitted to you, I went to Facebook and saw this in my own news feed. Predictably the comments were full of “comp het” talk, other political “lesbians” telling their own stories about being with men for years or decades before deciding that they’re lesbians, and vague “you can call yourself whatever you feel comfortable with!” platitudes. The few people who were critical of the OP and the political “lesbian” sentiments in the comments were of course yelled at and demonized. I’m so tired of this, and your blog is always a breath of fresh air away from this bullshit!


“i’m not physically attracted to men, but i slept with a bunch?” how does that even make sense? why sleep with a bunch of men if you fundamentally have no attraction to them? this is clearly a bisexual going through a shift in her bi-cycle. i suppose with the support of all the comments from political lesbians telling her all those men were just comphet, she’s probably going to start identifying as a lesbian even though she’s obviously not.

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Hooray! Your Among Us palettes are open :D these are so fun, thank you for doing them ♡




HD Dice Blueink

HD Dice Ancient Cobalt

HD Dice Blue Pearl

Chessex Gemini Black/ Starlight

Chessex Dark Blue Nebula

CozyGamer Gambit

Udixi Monochrome Shimmer White

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