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Hello! It may be bold of me to submit something, I’m sorry - let me just write a little thing or two, yeah ?

sweetheart, I don’t know you well, nor do I know well your blog in fact ! I will be honest; I’m not a long fan of yours, I didn’t know your work before this morning and thus, I never had the chance to cheer for you before your last post. Even though , I read it. I binge-read everything, every single post that you wrote and posted on this blog. I liked every word, every tag, every single thing that you did and accepted to show us and so, I came to like you as well.

You did great, dearie. Everything you’ve done so far, we thank you for this - for writing, for sticking with us even though you had some personal struggles, for publishing your works, for accepting to let us know you. Thank you. For sharing your feelings, for opening up to us - for having the courage to stop this and letting us now. It’s not quite easy, right ?

But you’re so much more important than you think, more important than your works - that’s harsh, I’m sorry but I won’t lie, your well-being and happiness are much more important -. I’m sure you‘ve already saw or heard this ; even silent, people enjoy your works, you are the reason people smile without even knowing it, your readers and followers, even if they are way more discreet than you’d like, love you. Your words were here for us - you will never know the extent of your value.

And because you are way too important, I can’t help but feel kind of happy, proud even ( is that strange ? ) that you had the courage to change things, stop something that no longer makes you as happy as before. I hope that this submission will make you a little happier too, I have some difficulties in English. Your blog is great and it will be greater, knowing that you will do things that you enjoy without pressuring yourself. Because it’s important. You’re important. And so, I will cheer for you.

Tu ne fais que tourner une page; moi, je serais là pour voir et t’encourager dans ce nouveau chapitre.


Wow. I am. Wow.

How do I even begin to reply to this? I don’t know, I really don’t. Nothing I say, no amount of thank you would be enough. 

I think I’m a little bit in shock, too. 

I want to do what I always do and write paragraph after paragraph and really show you how much this truly means to me but I am lost for words completely right now. 

This kind message has left an incredible impact on me, trust me. I genuinely didn’t believe someone cared. I’m sorry if it comes off as self-centred or obnoxious or whiny or anything else. At the end of the day, I am still a very insecure as a person, in every aspect. 

Just, allow me to say a big and honest thank you. And I am certain I will never forget this, and moving forward, I will believe in myself thanks to this and thanks to you. 

Your words are so kind and so meaningful, and truly truly magical. Again, I will never forget this. 

And once again, thank you.

PS: hehe I have actually studied French for a little (I have p much forgotten everything tho) and I can understand that last sentence haha and I am CRYING! I really did cry reading this btw, there’s actually one more submission like this one haha can you imagine?? Not one but two?? I can’t believe this I literally can’t stop crying right now 

There are real tears

I truly wish I will come back with something new. If I end up not writing again, please know that I want to make you guys smile. That will never change. Don’t hesitate to hop into my askbox or in my DMs. I may not be writing anymore for the time being, but I’m not going anywhere. I am always here for you all!!!

Thank you!

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(Riuscire a dare un nome alle proprie emozioni è considerata una delle competenze fondamentali per saper gestire stress e situazioni difficili).

Con che emozione/i ti sei svegliato stamattina?

La fame è un'emozione?

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Plaz the bootlicker

Party breaks into a wizards house, triggers a trap and burns it down. They tell the baroness what happened and goes as followed.

B: “Give me one good reason why i shouldnt arrest you where you stand.”

Plazorus our obitu ranger picked up a diary that has incriminating evidence against said wizard. The baroness gives them a pardon if they give her the diary……

So the summoner gives her an ultimatum of “Give us money and the pardon or you dont get it.”

B: “You either give me the fuckin diary or i’ll arrest you right now.”

P: “Ok we dont want any trouble we’ll give you the diary.”

The obitu gives the diary up to the baroness and after said action everyone refers to him as a bootlicker. They also now follow a sewer rat as the party leader since they were following P.

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Hi Finn! My name is Oberyn, today is my 4th Birthday.

Finn/RS: oh my GODDDDDDDJFJGJJV. OBERYN!!! What an outstanding picture. The verve, the movement, the character exposition in one frame!!! Oberyn you absolute lad, look at that scrunched face! The ear! The suspicious eyeball! Finn would go for a round of pints at the pub with this fellow and probably get drank under the table and then follow him around forever out of hero worship. RS adores solid lil grey kitties so this is a delightful treat. 🎂🎂🎂🎂 /🎂🎂🎂🎂 happiest of birthdays and may there be many many more.

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Hi RS and Finn! I’m Zoey!

RS/Finn: oh my gosh, an Elegant Void. Fur so soft and shiny. Regal duchess by day, cat burglar stealing jewelry to pay off her family’s debts by night. Those pale mint green eyes! The shapely ears! The casual yet elegant lounge! And is that a teensy tiny patch of white on the chest?! Mr Finn is deeply intimidated.

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(I think I know a way… not sure when tho 👀)

She pouted softly but grinned again shortly after. “Good. Very good. Better now”, she hummed. “I forgot to tell you, when my professor wanted to talk to me he actually offered that I could do extra work for him. It would look good on my resume and he’s quite young so I don’t think it’d be that boring.” One of her fingers moved over his shoulder in small lines.

- 🦊

[does this way to make him mad include Yoongi?😂]

Jungkook nods as he listens along to your words, holding back the look of disgust he wanted to show. He had heard the rumors of what Professor Min likes to do with his female students, but keeps that to himself for now. “That’s great news,” Jungkook says, “as long as it won’t take up much time that you could be spending with me.”

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Taehyung: it’s true, these guys tried to kidnap Jimin one time and he knocked all of them out cold

Jimin: classes are important!

JK: Damn, hyung, you’re cool!

TH: Yup!

Namjoon: have you thought about maybe extending the house?

SJ: Not possible…. You see I need all the space I have in the garden! I grow flowers to sell, and vegetables and fruits for us to eat, we can’t financially afford to take space away from the garden. But I’m sure I’ll figure something out! *smiles*

NJ: *walks back in, carrying Hoseok piggyback style, answering Seokjin before he could ask* His blood sugar level dropped.

HS: *pale and seemingly weak* I’m fine tho…

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