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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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watch this *vents through gothic lit characters for the hundredth time* *vents through gothic lit characters for the hundredth time* *vents through gothic lit chara

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(date: 12/23/2019)

(here in my humble room at night,
i often wonder what goes on out there,
what makes them runs so scared!
i often stare at the people passing by,
but they can’t see me through my window shades
just like I’m not even there!)

sorta-kinda kid pix vent art with lyrics from private life by oingo boingo. mostly i just wanted to do wacky art tho

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A little bit of an update;

So, lately i’ve been struggling rather heavily financially, which is partially my fault for giving away money to those who really needed it, such as donating, making sure my friends and people in general could eat and so on and so forth. However i do not regret helping those in need and would 11/10 do it all over again if i had the money to do so.

With the whole Corona situation still being heavily present in my country, i can’t find a job no matter how hard i try. It’s a bit sad because i risk getting kicked out of the current house i’m staying in, as well as not being able to properly take care of my animals.

I absolutely hate doing this and i’ve never really done this before atleast not properly cause i don’t have a clue how this works but if anyone would like to have an edit or whacky glitchcore video made for them, feel free to hit me up in the dms, so we can arrange stuff. I charge 5 euros/dollars for any sort of edit. Thank you :”o)

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