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petitpotato9 days ago
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Sleepy babies! (Croki gets a drinking straw too)
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bitterbloodrose5 days ago
old avengers fics were all thor loves pop tarts, tony Literally Never Sleeps, bucky used to be a fisherman or worked at the docks and now lives with steve, coulson loves SuperNanny and idolized Jo, the only degree bruce uses is his M.D, the kitchen is never used for cooking purposes, and clint travels exclusively through the vents
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The second-generation MCU heroes are asked who is their favorite Avenger:
Sam Wilson: Well, Steve Rogers of course.
Kate Bishop: Clint! Put some respect on the Hawkeye name!
Peter Parker: Mr. Stark, come on now. Did you have to ask?
Kamala Khan: Carol. Danvers. She's the reason why y'all are even called Avengers!
Yelena Belova: (takes a swig of vodka) Uh...the Ant-Man guy.
Sam, Kate, Peter, Kamala: ...
Yelena Belova: Why that look? He did magic trick where he made cards come out mouth, very entertaining. Natasha would understand.
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