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crisp rat: *supports and attends a church that is homophobic and pro conversion therapy. follows enough right wing shit on social media to concern anyone*

gay kids and every minority in existence: *hurt, traumatized, and dieing because of the shit rat supports*

mcu dumbasses: *defend rat because he’s never been a meanie to them while also remaining mum on the harassment their female and poc costars have been facing for years*

gays and anyone with two functioning braincells: *tell rat and the straight white male cinematic universe to go fuck themselves*

y'all: “I can’t believe the left are full of such hateful, bigoted people”

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Questions like this are annoying but I have to remind myself that some people are just truly not that bright.

I was asked about my PR perspective which is very common on this blog. That means I take the emotion out of the situation and just pay attention to the facts. I explained why I think certain reactions happened from the actors and from the general public. And I looked at it realistically from a career standpoint, saying it won’t actually affect anyone’s job. So to be clear…I never agreed with or condoned anyone involved in this current shitshow.

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Okay, so I need to say something.

Stop villainizing Tony, Steve or any character because you don’t like them.

Unless they really were a bad person, don’t fucking do this.

I see everyone saying Tony is heartless and cold and etc. Tony is human. Tony wasn’t guilted into the Sokovia accords, after a tragic backstory, death hurts him. He doesn’t like losing people after losing his parents. When he found out about a Charlie Spencer he started to realize that no matter how hard they try, there will always be casualties and he doesn’t want that. He signs to Sokovia accords because the government purposely didn’t give enough time to read them all, so you just have to trust it will work out, that’s common in American politics. Tony wasn’t guilted into the endgame time travel. He didn’t want to lose anybody else, after being the reason half of the population died. If he wasn’t a hero, he wouldn’t want to save the world. And while I know that not saying anything sexist isn’t the line of instantly being not sexist, he never actually says or acts like women are below him. He contributes to the big sexist lie that women are just something to stick your dick in, but he fixes that luckily. And side note, he was the damsel in distress in one of his own movies and Pepper had to save him so. Think about that. In conclusion,

Tony Stark is not a bad person.

Steve is a good person. He would not be able to lift Mjolnir and become a super soldier if he wasn’t. Both of those depend on being good. If he wasn’t a good person, he wouldn’t be who he is today. He always knew what the right thing to do was. The issue with the Sokovia Accords, was he knew what the government was playing at. He took time to read the accords. And when Tony was trying to win the battle, he was trying to win the war. Keep in mind that the X men and Avengers exist in the same universe canonically. The MCU likelyhas their own version of the X men, but they’re still there. That’s a whole school of super powered kids who will suffer if the Sokovia accords are signed. Neither of them probably thought about it, but Xavier’s school of literal children exists too. All of Steve’s intentions are always bent on other people’s well being, maybe too much. The only time he broke this pattern was endgame, and we don’t talk about that. In conclusion,

Steve Rogers is not a bad person.

And this goes for any characters! Perceive them however you ant, but if you’re making a good guy bad, you’re twisting everything they stand for for your own plot convenience. Have your opinion all you want, but stop fucking doing this.

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Can someone please explain to me why we have accepted that Chris Pratt is a Trump supporter? Like I am searching and searching for proof of it and I can’t find anything but everyone is so sure.

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You know, I fucking hate celebrities. I don’t care about their lives and this is fucking why. I don’t need to know if Chris fucking Pratt is a goddamned homophobic white supremecist- because now I think he should be fired, not praised. I don’t follow any actors on social media and I barely know anything about my faves, save Benedict cumberbatch (who is ableist btw) not being able to say penguins cause that’s fucking hilarious.

I hate celebrity culture and I hate that actors have the power to ruin the characters we love. I don’t care about Robert Downey jr. I thought he was kinda cool but tbh? I think my life would be the same without knowing anything him. I don’t care about actors because it’s their lives and I don’t want to know all the disgusting bullshit I’m sure every one of them gets up to. People are bad. Why should we be surprised? And honestly? The fact that Mark ruffalo and Robert downy jr are sticking up for Pratt is despicable especially in juxtaposition to what they did for actresses and actors of color. I think that all of them should face consequences for their actions. Big time.

But that doesn’t mean you should let who the actors are ruin the characters who, to some people, are beloved and reassuring. The actors are not the characters. I remember when voltron ended and they made Lance an offensive stereotype but people still loved the character so they kept writing him and kept loving him and putting him in different, better plots. So do the same with the mcu characters you care about. Chris Pratt is disgusting and so are all the others. But they are not the characters you know and love- those characters existed long before they were born and will continue to exist after they have died. Actors are interchangeable- characters are forever.

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I feel like I have to say something about this because I post a lot of RDJ content.

I think posting that picture and defending Chris was not the right thing to do. I think Robert made a mistake and I hope he’ll see that. It does not mean I will stop posting about him, because he still means a lot to me. Yes, that was shitty and he should have stood up for the women of the MCU. However, I think his intentions were merely to defend a friend and I don’t believe he meant harm. He’s human, he makes mistakes. I’m just praying he doesn’t agree with Chris

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Hey mcu fans out there calling the fuck out of robert, mark and crisp ratt as they should even though they are fucking heartbroken rn 🤗🤗

Hope u are taking care of yourselves. Pls take care we need to be strong to take down white supremacy and capitalism 🤫🤪

K lovelies fuck them white men bye🥰🤩💝🌟🥰🤩


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“Incorrectly placed correct quotes by the cast”- (28) 😂🍌🍌😂



(Well,sometimes you just gotta stick it in

- Actually something said by Sebastian ‘you know’ Stan)

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brie larson. anthony mackie. elizabeth olsen. letitia wright. pom klementieff. winston duke. don cheadle. zendaya. chadwick boseman.

these are just a few of the bipoc and female marvel cast members who have faced unbelievable hatred and ridicule online for no reason other than the fact that they are bipoc and women. massive amounts of hate and threats and anger towards them were ignored by their coworkers like robert downey jr. and mark ruffalo. but the hill those two chose to die on is defending the trump supporting, homophobic, animal abusing scumbag known as chris pratt….okay.

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I’m not a marvel fan, never have been one and never will be one. The only film(s) I saw where the first avengers, guardians 2 and Black Panther (Black Panther being the only one I liked/enjoyed)

I have always felt a bit “meh” towards Pratt the Prat and I didn’t know why, so all this information about him being a t*mp supporter and part of an anti-lgbtq+ Church, honestly did not suprise me.

People have a right to be upset with how all these white marvel actors and director (James Gunn) showing “support because of Internet trolls” which is an eye roll in of itself.

Where was this energy towards Tessa Thompson and Zendaya when they got harassed by racist marble incles casted as Valkyrie(sp?) and MJ or the sexist remarks towards Brie Larson and SacrJo??? (I’m not a fan of ScarJo, but the misogyny she had to indure wasn’t it) cause its no problem when your women and black co-stars (Anthony Mackie also getting harassed by racists for becoming the next Captain America) are getting verbally attacked by vile people, but when your cishet white male co-star gets “trolled” because he’s the worst Chris (for obvious reasons) you wanna open your mouth and type on the keyboard??? Get fucked!!

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