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Peter: If you do this, I will kill everyone you ever loved and burn you alive along side them. I will leave no evidence behind and no one will ever know what happened to you. Don’t test me.

Ned, throwing away the +4 card out of sheer terror:

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the best part of ultron absorbing all of the internet is that he absolutely got a huge amount of fanfiction written by horny thirteen year old fangirls shipping different members of the avengers together. and they had no idea how sex worked but wrote a ridiculous amount of weird ass kink anyway, and he had to deal with all of that right before meeting them for the first time.

no wonder he wanted them extinct.

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Comfort. [Natasha Romanoff x reader]


Originally posted by dawnsedits

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A/N: Natasha is one of my comfort characters and I haven’t shown her enough appreciation on this blog, so expect to see a lot more of her <3

Warnings: slight mentions of anxiety

Another night filled with anxiety. Another night of no sleep. Every time you tried to relax, your brain reminded you of every bad thing that you have ever done. The things that you regret more than anything. Things so bad and embarrassing, you didn’t even want to tell anybody about them. And no matter how much you tried to forgive yourself, it never worked. Every time, you convinced yourself that you wasn’t worth it.

Tonight was particularly bad. Because you were also reminded of every single thing that you hated about yourself. Every insecurity. You felt disgusted with yourself. Why couldn’t you be happy with yourself?

And that was how you ended up like this. Almost in tears and unable to sleep. The worst part? Nobody was around to comfort you. To help distract you from the voice inside your head. To help you forget. 

That was when you decided to leave your room. Where you were going, you didn’t know, but you found yourself wandering around the compound alone. Part of you wanted to call for a fellow Avenger, but you knew it was unfair to wake them at this hour. 

 What you didn’t expect, though, was for Natasha to also be awake. It appeared as if she was coming back from the kitchen for some water, judging from the glass in her hand.

“(y/n), aren’t you supposed to be asleep?” She asks, concern laced in her voice.

“I could ask you the same thing,” you smile, trying to hide your anxieties. 

“(y/n), I’m a former Russian spy, I know something’s wrong,” Natasha responds.

     And that was how you ended up crying in Natasha’s arms in her room at 3am. 

“I just regret everything so much, I hate myself for it so much,” you sob, as her heart breaks at your broken form.

“(y/n), my love, whatever it was that you did, it’s been done. And you know that it was wrong, and that is all that matters. You mean so much to me and the team, it breaks my heart seeing you like this.”

You knew that it was hurting her seeing you in such a state. But that didn’t stop the sobs from leaving your mouth.

“And in terms of your insecurities, I think you’re beautiful, smart, funny, strong. You’re everything I have ever wanted to be,” she tells you and her words warm your heart. Her comforting words and the way she was holding onto you soon calmed you down, and you were able to control the sobs and the tears.

“Thank you, Nat, I don’t know what I would do without you,” you confess, wiping your eyes and smiling at her.

“Sleep with me tonight, so you’re not alone,” she suggests, to which your heart flutters and you smile widely as you gladly accept.

You couldn’t thank this woman enough for the comfort she brought you.

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Who’s ready for the last AoS episode EVER because I sure am not????

I hope we get an Agents of SWORD spinoff, which is possible considering the ending to Spider-Man FFH, Daisy’s clear reluctance to give up the Spy Life™️, and the confirmation that these characters could potentially be utilized in the future, but I’m not gonna hold my breath

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Groot: I am Groot? <But like how did you know you’re not straight?>

Peter: I had crushes on both genders I guess.

Gamora: Yeah for me it was really a logical thing, like if I was dating someone and one day I woke up and everything was the same but their gender was different it wouldn’t change anything for me ya know?

Peter: Yeah.

Nebula: Ugh… not me… men just kind of repulse me.

Gamora: Yeah ok, valid.

Peter: Hey!

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Despite the fact that Peter is glad that someone his age has appeared in the Avengers, he feels a little annoyed that you are really good not only at missions, but also at games


(gif isn’t mine)

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Peter: You know, I wake up in the morning and I’m disappointed. I don’t choke on my food at lunch, I’m disappointed. I make it to dinner, I’m disappointed.

Tony, calling the therapist again: Hi, I’d like to schedule another appointment.

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