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220 days until The Eternals

318 days until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

399 days until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

474 days until Spider-Man 3

584 days until Thor: Love and Thunder

738 days until Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

766 days until Black Panther 2

New Mutants currently delayed

Black Widow currently delayed

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Journey into X-Men Day 812

I have class in the morning and my sleep schedule is crazy. I slept in until 1 today and now I have to keep up tomorrow at around 9ish. So I’m attempting to be good and going to bed earlier. But because of it I didn’t get to read any X-Books tonight.


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More potential character interactions I’d like to see if we get a Marvel DC crossover.

Especially the whole resurrection process and Moira… Imagine that talk with Hawkman or Hawkgirl.

Me personally I don’t need a fight. Maybe heroes vs villains. But other than that I just want them all to interact.

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so im super bored in self isolation so i've been rewatching all the xmen movies and i forgot how good they are. remember when marvel was like, jewish?? incredible

i hardly remember i was like. a Baby basically. but yeah. there is one (1) goy who can play magneto and that is the iconic sir ian murray mckellen

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June 7-13 is X-Men Femslash Week 2020!!

We will be reblogging art, edits, writing, aesthetics, headcanons, or anything you can think of!! To enter, use the hashtag #xmenfemslashweek or just tag us @xmenfemslashweek !! You can create for a different pairing every day, or do the same one multiple times, whatever you choose!

We will not accept content portraying incest, pedophilia, abuse, etc. Blogs with that content will be blocked.

The (optional) prompts are as follows:

June 7 (Day One) - Create / Your Choice

June 8 (Day Two) - Clothes / Your Choice

June 9 (Day Three) - Party / Your Choice

June 10 (Day Four) - Dessert / Your Choice

June 11 (Day Five) - Hobby / Your Choice

June 12 (Day Six) - Adventure / Your Choice

June 13 (Day Seven) - Home / Your Choice

Please note that the prompts are not strict or even mandatory. You can pretty much do whatever you want, they’re just there to give you some ideas!!

Late entries will still be accepted!

Do not hesitate to send an ask or a message if you have any more questions!

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I love Magneto being like I will kill Jean Grey for killing Raven even though I’ve barely talked to her in thirty years and I had a good go at killing her myself twenty years ago.

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You receive the combined powers of four mutants, which four do you choose and why?

After much deliberation (of the best question I’ve ever been asked), I’ve decided to go with:

Raven Darkholme aka Mystique: so I can shapeshift and make myself look however I want and I could give myself all the tattoos I want and give myself muscles and fix my hair and my lips and my ass and finally be attractive for once.

Monet St Croix aka M: who’s super powers have been summarized as “being perfect” so I could have super human strength, agility, reflexes, etc to go with the muscles I shapeshift myself into having. Additionally super human intelligence so I’d basically be a genius. And flight. And telepathy.

Douglas Ramsey aka Cypher: so I can speak any and all languages to help with my shapeshifting cover if I’m trying to blend in, but also so I can communicate with anyone and bridge the gaps between our societies and countries.

Alisa Tager aka Cipher: so I can turn invisible and intangible and be completely and utterly undetectable. Which is like. My dream power. I could be a super villain and no one will ever know.

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