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#kurt wagner
sappysunflovver · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
the many hairstyles of kurt
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ranaraeuchle · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Just feeling sketchy today
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wwprice1 · a day ago
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Nightcrawler by Pepe Larraz! So good!
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su-whisterfield · 2 days ago
His good lad.
Tumblr media
He giggles. Grown men don’t giggle, do they?
He has the solemn dignity of a cat, as well as the fur and the tail.
Except when he don’t.
My good lad.
This ain’t no cosmic love affair. It don’t move mountains or shake the universe at it’s roots.
He makes me smile. I make him giggle.
It’s enough. More than enough, more than enough for us.
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jadoue1999 · 16 hours ago
Unraveling the Maximoffs
This little oneshot is an idea that popped into my head and I decided to just see where it would take me. This is my first oneshot to be entirely focused on Peter and his twin, Wendy. There is no crossover this time.
Please let me know if you liked it!
Warnings: None! A bit of angst, but with a happy ending.
Words: 4058
Tumblr media
Being an X-Man was an unpredictable job. It wasn’t all the time that they’d face a world threatening danger, it was unfortunately mutants that lost control that comprised most of their missions. Some were easy to deal with, just a scared child that didn’t understand what was happening to them and a simple talk down was enough. When it was, most of the time, discovered that the mutant had nowhere to go, they were offered a place at Charles’ school and offered guidance. But then, there were the really sad missions, where they hadn’t arrived in time and the government had taken the matter into their own hands. Those were always hard on the team’s morals.
Thankfully, it wasn’t always bad. Sometimes, they spent weeks without missions. So, they spent their time training and teaching their classes. As for himself, Peter was appointed to teach both music and P.E. classes. He already loved playing guitar and had taught the basics to his sisters, doing the same to his students wasn’t all that complicated. The speedster was patient and could adapt to any situation easily. So, he was able to react quickly to a student getting frustrated and lashing out. He then made it his mission to turn his P.E. class into a way for them to blow off some steam. It was a private school for God’s sake, it’s not like they had to go through the same boring strict classes he had to go through. Peter organized games and little ‘missions’ where he would, most of the time, be the bad guy and the students had to find a way to stop him from capturing whoever had been decided to be the victims. Obviously, he went easy on them. Peter might not be the most logical person, but he wasn’t stupid.
After another full day of teaching and training, the speedster returned to his room, ready to just bury himself in his blankets and sleep. As he changed into his pyjamas, his eyes wandered to his dresser, where many pictures were displayed. He brushed his fingers over one showing him, his mom and sisters and sighed.
“Hey, Wends,” he mentally called out to his sister. “Today was a nice day, the kids were a little crazy, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Jean joined us today, she’s the super awesome telepath I told you about. Vivian got so excited to have her around, she practically grew a jungle in seconds,” he chuckled to himself before pausing to see if his sister would answer. “She’s… uh, she’s the girl that can make plants grow.” He cleared his throat when his rambling was met with silence. “I miss you, sis. It’s been so long, it’s weird not having you around.” Still no answer, as usual. Peter sighed. “Our birthday’s coming up soon, it’s the big thirty, will you visit?” The bond stayed as silent as ever, and Peter decided that it was enough suffering for one night. “Or maybe I could? Just… just tell me if you change your mind.”
The speedster laid in his bed and closed his eyes, letting sleep take over him.
“I sensed another one,” said Charles, one day, draining the nice atmosphere of an otherwise perfectly peaceful afternoon.
“Young?” asked Scott.
The professor shook his head. “A woman, late twenties, or early thirties. I couldn’t reach her mind, but I was able to sense the chaos she’s causing.”
Peter perked his head up at that remark but stayed silent. He hoped it wasn’t what he thought, anything but that. He had woken up this morning to a dull aching in his chest, but he had marked it up as some sort of bad sleep thing. Of course, he hadn’t been that lucky.
“Is it far?” asked Jean.
“Europe,” answered Charles. “Romania to be more precise.”
His blood froze in his veins at the mention of his homeland, and the aching in his chest only grew bigger. Charles ordered them to suit up and meet back at the jet. He gave them fifteen minutes, but Peter was ready in less than one. He spent the rest of the time worriedly biting his nails at the fact that they would be going home. A home he hadn’t told anyone about.
“Romania, uh?” remarked Scott as he arrived in the room and sat next to him. “Never had any mutants in need of help there before.”
“Uh-uh,” Peter answered, anxiously fidgeting as Hank started the jet.
They rode for hours, and Peter didn’t miss the worried glances both Jean and the professor sent him, but he ignored them. They had probably sensed his distress, but he was thankful that they couldn’t read his mind. He wasn’t ready to tell them about his past and about Wendy; but depending on how everything would go, he might not have a choice. As the ground neared, Peter could feel his sister, he could feel her pain. He couldn’t believe he let her get this bad, how did he not feel it before?
The jet landed quietly, next to the village Peter hadn’t visited in so long. On their twenty-fifth birthday, he’d come to see if his sister wanted to spend the day together, but he’d never been able to even find her. So, he didn’t bother the next year, but he always told her that she only had to reach out.
“Are you alright, Jean?” came Ororo’s worried voice.
Peter turned to see the redhead clutching her forehead and squeezing her eyes in pain. She proceeded to shake her head at the question. “There’s this strange energy here. It’s the woman, there’s no doubt about it.”
The speedster breathed deeply and continued forward, the more they advanced in the very familiar path, the more things seemed… unreal. The ground slumped and buildings started to fall apart. So far, they hadn’t seen anyone in the village, which only enhanced the feeling of uneasiness inside him. Everyone had fled, but it still felt weird to see these usually busy streets empty. As they were passing a pile of rubble that must have been a home at some point, Peter heard a sniffle. The speedster froze in his tracks and sped to the ruins. There was a little boy, barely five, he had brown hair and brown eyes with a small mole under his left eyes.
The moment he spotted them; his eyes widened. “Unde e mama mea? Îmi doresc mama!”
The child ran to him, continuing to ask for his mother. Peter knelt at his level and listened to him. At that stage, there was nothing he could do, he just had to wait for him to calm down so he could get a word in.
“What is he saying?” asked Scott.
“I do not know,” replied Kurt. “I do not speak Romanian.”
Peter bit his lips and kept his eyes on the child. “I do. He’s asking about his mother.”
Even though he couldn’t see their reaction, he could only imagine how perplexed they were.
“You do?” questioned Charles. “Since when?”
The speedster ignored the telepath, since the little boy had finally calmed down. It was only logical that he hadn’t learned English yet, so with a sigh, Peter decided to start unveiling his past he had wanted to keep to himself so much. “Numele meu este Pietro. Cum te numești?” My name is Pietro. What is your name?
The boy seemed surprised that he spoke Romanian, but he answered, nonetheless. “Matei.”
“Buna, Matei,” he smiled. “Îți voi găsi familia.” I’ll find your family
He took the child in his arms and sped off without a second thought. The village was situated next to Wundagore mountain, and he had a feeling that the villagers had taken refuge there. It was the safe spot he had been told about years ago. Sure enough, there was a big group of people gathered at the north side of the mountain. Peter put the child on the ground and made sure he was alright just as a couple gasped.
The parents took their son in their arms and thanked him. Peter looked at the people surrounding him. They seemed unsure about him, and he couldn’t blame them; it’s not like mutants had the best reputation after all.
“Pietro,” he heard someone calling his name.
The speedster turned around to see Mrs. Gilca, she had taken care of him and Wendy before they immigrated to the US. She was in her late sixties and still recognized him when he had visited five years ago. She had actually been the one to confirm that his sister was in the village and that she seemed alright if not a little lonely.
“Bună dnă Gilca,” he greeted. Hi Mrs. Gilca
The old woman gave him a relieved, but scared smile. “Sora ta-” Your sister
“Știu.” I know
Peter ran back to his team, who seemed clueless about the next move. Which was strange, Scott usually knew what to do, and if not, someone else would speak their mind.
“What do we do now?” he asked after a few seconds of silence.
“Dude, seriously?” scoffed Scott. “You reveal that you speak a whole other language, and you expect us to just let it go like that?”
 He was about to answer, but a wave of red made the ground shake. The speedster turned to the place the power surge had come from.
“We have to hurry; it’ll only get worse.”
“How do you know this?” questioned Charles. Though his tone let him know that perhaps the telepath had an idea of what was happening.
“I… I used to live here,” he replied reluctantly. He hadn’t wanted to talk about his past, he didn’t want them to know about Wendy and she didn’t want people to know about her either, especially Erik. So, he had respected her wishes. But right now, he had to be honest, because if his connection with her was right, she was losing control.
“So, you know who we’ll find then?” Jean had to know, even if she wasn’t sure.
Peter nodded. “My sister. She ran away five years ago, and- and her powers have always been unstable- linked to her emotions. And I don’t know what triggered her loss of control, but I have to help her. She’ll destroy herself if she doesn’t calm down.”
Leaving no time for questions, especially from a wide eyed Ororo, he walked forward. Wendy’s location wasn’t that far, he knew that, but the distance meant nothing when reality was falling apart. They passed the orphanage three times, and the little fountain he remembered playing tag with Wanda before they moved showed up twice. His teammates were confused, but he was all too focused on getting to his twin to explain. He could always explain later.
The closer they got, the more the town he had known disappeared to make way for glitching buildings and empty lots where there definitely had been houses before. Funnily enough, the street of his childhood home was the most normal looking. He stopped in front of the small cabin and closed his eyes, trying to contact Wendy. She was aware of his presence, but perhaps not enough to answer.
A shout pulled him out of his thoughts, and he turned to see Charles’ wheelchair stuck in the ground. Scott went to help him, but his leg sank in the ground up to the knee.
“Don’t move,” he warned, familiar with his sister’s powers. “Right now, the ground is nothing more than quicksand. Kurt, teleport them away from there please.”
As the mutant got the professor and Scott out of their predicament, Peter turned in time to see Jean opening the door to his old house. He barely had the time to shout a warning before the redhead disappeared, only to reappear exiting a house to his far left.
Peter ran at her side. “Are you okay?”
The girl nodded, a little shaken. “It was… weird, I’ve never felt anything similar. It was like…”
“Like you were being erased and rewritten at the same time?”
Jean seemed confused. “Yes… How’d you know?”
He raised an eyebrow at her. “She’s my sister, it’s not my first rodeo.”
Peter helped his teammate to her feet and walked back to the rest of the X-Men. As they started talking about strategies that would never work since all of them involved reaching Wendy, he stared at the wooden door. He took a step forward, only to be blocked by his teammates.
The speedster squared up his shoulders. “Let me through,” he said dryly.
“Peter, you can’t, whatever’s happening-” started Scott but the speedster shook his head.
“I know what’s happening,” his voice was getting thicker, his buried accent showing itself after so many years of being gone. “Let me through.”
Peter had always been great at adapting, he learned faster, reacted faster. That applied to when they had arrived in America at barely four years old and had to learn English as quickly as possible so as to not get discriminated against. Wendy had always kept a little of their original accent, despite her best efforts, yet another thing that caused her to feel let out and eventually run away and back to their childhood home. The X-Men parted, and he didn’t miss their worried eyes on him. However, he didn’t let that stop him, he had a job to do.
He had to save his sister.
Chaos was strong in the air, the signature presence of his twin he’d always been able to feel, no matter where she was. The deceptively simple wood door of their childhood home stayed closed when he tried turning the knob. Peter shot a look at his team before sighing, there truly was no going back now.
“Wanda?” he told the door, knowing his sister would hear him. He decided to use their real names because that’s why she was here. She was tired of the pretending. “Este Pietro, fratele tău. Mă puteți auzi?” It’s Pietro, your brother. Can you hear me?
He could feel her suffering, how reality was slipping through her fingers, but he could also feel how relieved she was at hearing his voice. Peter smiled at that and closed his eyes.
“Deschide ușa, Wanda. Nu te voi rani.” Open the door, Wanda. I will not hurt you. Despite his promise, his sister didn’t let him through. She seemed to fear whatever would happen to her if she lost focus for even a second. “Te rog, soră.” Please, sister.
Peter could feel his twin deciding to open the door, but of course, her powers did anything but that. Instead, the doors quite literally disintegrated, leaving him to see Wendy in the middle of their old living room. The brunette wasn’t even touching the floor, scarlet tears were running down her cheeks and waves of red emanated from her body.
It wasn’t the first time that he’d seen Wendy in such a state, there was a few years before she ran away where nightmares were a daily occurrence. Their mom had tried to console her, but most of the time, she would try exiting her room only to find herself back in her room. No one could reach Wendy, nobody except him. It would sometimes take hours to climb the staircase that separated their bedrooms, her panic making it impossible to take one step forward without suddenly being two steps backwards. Sometimes, the door to her room would be gone, sometimes it would lead outside. Where anyone would have given up, Peter persevered until he reached his sister. The state in which he found her depended on the day, sometimes he’d be able to wake her up in minutes and come out of it undamaged, sometimes it would take hours and he’d be sent into a spiral of his worst fears. Nevertheless, he still stayed until the fabric of reality settled down and Wendy would finally wake up. She’d apologize over and over again despite him telling her that it was alright, that he would do this every time she’d need him. Wendy continued to have those nightmares, and her distress and fear of hurting people only grew with time. And then one day, she just left. She didn’t answer neither his calls nor his mental messages; their bond was still there, but it was muted.
He’d worried about her, every day. Peter didn’t like the thought of his sister being alone, so he’d talked to her every day. For nearly five years, he told her his day, of students that reminded him of her, anything that could possibly make her feel loved and make her understand that he would accept her no matter what. The speedster never got an answer, but right now, he could feel Wendy and her pain. He could feel her self doubts and suffering she had kept buried for years, it was blowing up and destroying everything around them.
He approached slowly, “Wanda.”
The brunette’s breath hitched, and she turned her head toward him. “Pietro,” she sobbed. “I can’t control it, don’t come any closer.”
“No,” Peter argued. “I’m here to help you, and I’m not leaving until you’re safe.”
He walked closer to his sister and grabbed her outstretched hand without hesitation. Touching Wendy during one of her episodes, like everything else with her powers, was always a risk. In the past, he’d been thrown back, burned, and stuck in place for hours, but his sister had been asleep. Perhaps that was why he felt no pain when he pulled her into his arms.
“Let go,” he murmured in her ear. “Please, let go.”
“I can’t,” she sobbed. Her hands were clawing at his shirt in blind panic. “It’s too strong, I can’t- I can’t stop it. I- I don’t, I don’t want to hurt you. It hurts, it hurts so much.”
“Shhh, it’s okay,” reassured Peter, running his fingers in her curly hair. The speedster looked around them, trying to find something to distract his sister. Their living room was in shambles from being a victim to Wendy’s powers. But he could still see the old radio they listened to a hundred times when they were young. “Why here?”
He knew why, of course, but it was important for Wendy to think about anything else than the destruction she couldn’t control. The brunette tried to settle her breathing and squeezed her eyes shut before answering. “It wasn’t that bad, at first. But it’s only getting worse, I keep being haunted by our life here, the food mama used to cook and how we did those stupid dances to any songs that played on the radio and- and-”
Wendy broke into tears and buried her face in his chest. Peter could hear the roof starting to creak and the walls cracking; there wasn’t much time left. He had to act now. The speedster pulled his sister away from him and looked at her in the eyes with a smile on his lips. “Dance with me.”
“What?” she choked out between two sobs.
“Dance with me,” he repeated. “A proper waltz this time. Sure, it might be stupid, but wasn’t that silly dance exactly what you were looking for?”
He took a step back and bowed, imitating the princes and princesses’ courtship they had seen in movies. Peter quickly glanced at his team, who seemed too taken aback to do anything but stare in bewilderment. Wendy dried her tears and gave him a soft smile as she bowed as well. They each took a step forward and linked hands. His twin’s magic responded to her emotions and soft music started playing. Their dancing wasn’t the most elegant, but that wasn’t the goal; his goal was only to stop Wendy’s mind from racing.
Thankfully, it seemed to work. The more his sister focused on her dancing and on following the beat of the music, the less destruction happened around them. The walls slowly reappeared, as did their numerous decorations she had probably conjured during her stay. Peter twirled her, which made the brunette giggle. Her eyes went back to the deep brown he was used to, and she slowly lowered back onto the floor. At last, he tipped her down and kissed her on the forehead. With a laugh, everything settled back to what it was, and the music stopped. An unfortunate side effect of dealing with fixing the fabric of reality was that it was exhausting, literally. That was why the moment their dance ended, both him and Wendy collapsed to the ground, out of breath and drained of their energy.
Peter squeezed his sister’s hand affectionately. “Welcome back, Wends.”
He and his sister rested their backs against the wall, and he held her as she started sobbing. “I hurt so many people. I can’t be trusted; I could have killed you-”
“It’s okay,” he reassured her, holding her tightly in his arms. “I’ll always be there for you, that’s the deal, isn’t it? That’s my job as the eldest.”
“You’re barely 10 minutes older,” protested Wendy.
The speedster chuckled. “Still older than you.” He looked around their childhood house and looked back at his twin. “Come back to the mansion with me?”
Wendy stared at him for a second, their bond showing her fear and reluctance. “Peter...”
“You could stay in your room all day,” he interrupted, anxiety shooting through him. “Or in mine, I got place for a second bed. Erik drops in once in a while, but he doesn’t know about us yet and I don’t mind keeping it that way. You don’t have to join the X-Men- but you’re totally free to join if you want to! There’s no pressure, but I think it might be better if we stick together. Not that I don’t trust you, of course, but it’s always easier to have people around-”
Wendy smiled softly at his rambling before interrupting. “Okay.”
His heart flipped in excitement in his chest at her answer. “Really?”
She nodded. “Yeah, really.”
Peter pulled her into a hug just as the front door opened and revealed the worried faces of his team. They pooled around them, all with varying degrees of uncertainty on their faces. Peter decided to try to lighten the mood with some humor.
“Hey guys, meet my twin sister; Wendy.”
“You’re a twin?” exclaimed Ororo in surprise. Peter could see the rest of her thinking, how she realized that it meant that Wendy was Erik’s child as well.
“Oh my god,” said Charles. “Two of you.”
The speedster chuckled at his comment before slowly getting to his feet. His body was sore and protested his every move, begging for sleep but he didn’t let that stop him. He offered his hand to his sister and pulled her to her feet as well. Wendy was even more exhausted than he was, he doubted she would be able to walk back to the jet. He also knew from experience that his speed would be unreliable for the next few hours. But hey, at least Wendy was safe.
The team was good enough to help them get back to the jet, where Hank was waiting for them. The scientist seemed confused by their newest member, but Peter was just too damn tired to explain. He sat Wendy next to his usual seat and he held her as the others got in the plane as well. The ride back to the mansion was silent, and Peter could see his sister starting to fall asleep, but she did her best to fight it off.
He rubbed her shoulder affectionately. “It’s okay, Wends. You can sleep, I’ll watch over you.”
The moment he finished his sentence, his sister was already asleep. He smiled softly, happy to have her back at his side after so long. The X-Men were all staring at them, particularly Charles and Ororo. Peter put a finger over his lips, telling them that their questions would be answered later. He looked back at his sister, promising himself that she would fit in and feel safe. He knew that she could be happy, with his help and the rest of the X-Men.
A few weeks later, he and Wendy happily celebrated their thirtieth birthday together.
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spnfanficlove · a day ago
Does kurt know that his mother is raven in the movie's because all i want is erik and raven to have a good relationship with there kids because it just makes me sad
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myimaginationplain · a day ago
in my mind kurt & kitty are each other's mutual second-best friends. logan & illyana occupy the respective number one spots. this understanding is very important to their relationship
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strawberrypincushion · 7 months ago
I am not immune to the trope of "character overextends themselves in a bout of god-like power and immediately passes out afterwards".
Bonus points if they do a superhero landing and / or crack a one liner before collapsing.
Double bonus points if right before they collapse into a puddle the last thing they see is their friends / love interest sprinting towards them at high velocity.
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kevinwada · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here have exactly two Nightcrawlers today.
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neottia-orchids · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Homegirl missed her twin so much she shattered the wall between universes to bring another version of him across the multiverse to her doorstep.
Or somebody else kidnapped him for her, to keep her busy and distracted.
I mean she was crying, it’s like she almost realized it was not her Pietro, but she still embraced him. And Peter when he hears her call his name, he seems almost unsure? It feels like he too got caught up in something similar to Monica, and has to play along, but he went for it nonetheless. It’s like they both know the other is the wrong sibling, but there is still an unspoken bond nonetheless, something that transcends universes.
I swear Disney, if you’re playing this for gags, if Even Peters is not Peter and this is not the seed of X-Men being planted in MCU, instead it is  Mephisto or some bullshit entity or just another ploy to break Wanda, I'm gonna cry so hard.
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michaeldimotta · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
My Nightcrawler training look, I gave him a knee-brace like I used to wear in gymnastics 🤓🤸🏻‍♂️. Another draw over on one of @kevinwada ‘s amazing paper doll x-men! Check out @kevinwada paperdolls and draw your own x-men looks. #paperxmen #kevinwada #gymnastics #nightcrawler #paperdoll #xmen #kurtwagner #gymnast #bamf #michaeldimotta
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valentinemichaelsmith · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
in the garden
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angelasodinsdottir · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That's me—the silver–tongued, blue–furred devil.
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pencilscratchins · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
more rogue and kurt sibling content when? more rogue and kurt sibling NOW! [ID: Kurt Wagner has his chin on Rogue’s shoulder from behind, as she crosses her arms and twists to look at him. The colors are simple and they’re against a plain white background. He’s smirking like an annoying sibling as he says, “Often, I consider speaking exclusively German to you, Schwesterherz.” Rogue responds dryly, “You ever consider shuttin’ the hell up?” Kurt says, “Never once, no.” /END ID]
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why-i-love-comics · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
X-Men Unlimited: Infinity Comic #4 (2021)
written by Jonathan Hickman art by Declan Shalvey
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