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napstachill · 23 hours ago
hey everyone. due to illustration commissions not being enough to pay my rent, i've decided to become the Orb Pondering Vtuber
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chismosite · 2 days ago
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cupcakeshakesnake · a day ago
Idk lol I used a piano sheet for reference
Edit: It’s an electric violin. The one in the drawing, that is. Not the one I’m playing.
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rongzhi · a day ago
A street interview on a university campus in China asking the question: "If you were surrounded by 100 members of the opposite sex, what 5 words would you say?"
English translation added by me. :)
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jung-koook · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
I saw this response and wanted to share an old video of a cat communicating with its owner in what appears to me to be ASL. This cat is waving to and tapping their owner, both appropriate ways to get a deaf person's attention, and mimicking the sign for food (tapping the mouth with a closed hand)
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guineapiggies · 2 days ago
Via guineas_pigs_love
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therebloggerbird · 2 months ago
I’m sorry I just can’t get over this seal I found on tiktok. Why does it look like that???
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rongzhi · 9 days ago
winter in northern china
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i-am-fert · 2 months ago
Tube 2: Hypertube
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mevil · 2 months ago
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tiktoksthataregood-ish · 23 hours ago
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