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Isn’t This a Lovely Day (To Be Caught in the Rain)? by Irving Berlin

Al Blackstone

From Al Blackstone: “I partnered with Concord Theatricals, CLI Studios and The Irving Berlin Music Company to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Irving Berlin’s 1935 movie musical TOP HAT with a brand new video inspired by Irving Berlin’s iconic song "Isn’t This a Lovely Day (To Be Caught in the Rain)?” The opportunity to celebrate the music of Irving Berlin and the anniversary of TOP HAT was immediately enticing. The original choreography performed so effortlessly by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers remains a stunning example of two people communicating through dance in a way that both transports and uplifts the audience. Released during the Great Depression, TOP HAT was an excellent example of how song and dance helped bring joy to a troubled nation, and the fantastic new version of the song by The Powder Room immediately made me want to tell that kind of story: joyful movement in the midst of chaos. It felt appropriate to have two women – roommates Courtney Crain and Jordan Betscher – dance in the shelter of a New York City tunnel, as young artists facing an uncertain future but unwilling to let anything get in the way of their pure joy of movement.”

“Isn’t This a Lovely Day (To Be Caught in the Rain)?”

Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Vocal Performance by The Powder Room

Directed and Choreographed by Al Blackstone

Filmed and Edited by Pierre Marais

Performed by Jordan Betscher and Courtney Crain

Costumes by Lauren Starobin

Title Design by Abraham Lule

Shot on location in Brooklyn, NY

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Keep calm and pet the pone 🐴

Her name is Imperioness and she loves only me 💁🏽‍♀️

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absolutely obsessed with liam the cat

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