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I love this scene. Night city in the background gives such an interesting contrast.

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some people go to sleep without a care in the world, me? i look at all the pictures of november while listening to mitski and cry

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psa: if you run a nsfw blog please don’t interact with my posts

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depression is hard but sometimes you just need picture of monke and you’re all better :)

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i’m sorry i didn’t get to any asks today and also should i change my url to beccagilroy 😩

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mentally I’m holding Louis’s hand

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can’t stop saying “meanwhile” which means i’m watching too much of the nanny again

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ok one yj thought I had that doesn’t require forethought and lengthy explanation is how awful it was to watch all the g. gordon godfrey segments less than three weeks after a right-wing insurrection egged on by right-wing pundits

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Stephen King is right, Maine is filled with terrifying ghosts.

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every song by the deftones is sexy and i will die on this hill

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