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guydirectionermc · a month ago
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Daddy, sorry daddy, sorry daddy....😩🤤
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captainmalewriter · 18 days ago
Inky Surprise
I've always wanted tattoos. I feel like I'd look good in them.
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Tumblr media
I already have a couple, but I want more. I want my body to become a masterpiece through my tattoos.
The only bad part is that I can't find the right ones to get. I couldn't figure out what I wanted for the longest time. I had a couple of ideas, but none of them really stuck out to me. A cross, a Spanish quote, a heart with a dagger in it; all of them felt really basic. I want something cool, something artistic, something that just looks nice.
Honestly, I was having a creative stump. Art was never really my thing to be honest. My first tattoo wasn't even my idea, it was my roommate Cal's.
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Cal was kind enough to come up with an original design for me, free of charge as a token of appreciation for choosing him as a roommate. I'm so glad he just gave me the design for free. He said if I wanted more, I'd have to pay up. But between commissioning him for a tattoo design and the cost of actually getting the tattoo, I wouldn't be able to afford very many tattoos. Even if Cal's art is some of the best I've ever seen, I just don't have the money for it.
It's such a shame though. Cal is an incredible artist, but he said that he wants to go into politics and isn't interested in publishing any of his work. I've seen him spend hours upon hours just drawing away in his notebooks. I think he has at least three notebooks completed filled in with drawings, and those are just the ones I know about. Cal's pretty chill about letting other people see his art, but not always. I've noticed it's mostly his charcoal drawings that he keeps hidden. It's weird, but I've chosen to just let him be. He got real angry the one time I tried looking at his charcoal drawings. I haven't tried since then.
That is, until recently. Cal went home the other day and he said he won't be back for a month or so. He left all of his notebooks behind too. It was the perfect opportunity to steal some of his drawings for some new tattoos!
I took my time looking over his drawings. I kept my favorites in mind, though I still couldn't stop thinking about those damn charcoal drawings Cal is so protective of. I just had to get a closer look at them. I practically flipped his room upside down looking for another notebook. I rampaged through his room until I finally found a thin black notebook tucked in between the mattress and the bed frame. Clever hiding spot, but now the notebook was all mine. I didn't even need to flip through all of its pages before I found the perfect design.
A sapling tree with a Satanic skull at the top, perfect for a chest tattoo.
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It's been about a week now since I got my latest ink. I made sure to put Cal's room back together exactly the way I found it. I'm sure he won't notice. He'll probably be mad about taking one of his drawings, but I'm sure he'll just get over it with time.
I was at the gym admiring my new tattoo when a burning sensation began to spread around my chest. The intense pain was unlike anything I had ever felt before. It felt like I was being burned alive! I quickly took off my shirt, and I almost couldn't believe what I saw. The ink of the new tattoo was seeping into my skin. The tattoo went from being on my chest to slightly underneath my skin, just barely visible enough to see it.
I was in excruciating pain. I grabbed at my chest, powerless to stop whatever was happening to me.
You shouldn't have done that.
I heard a voice, Cal's voice.
"Cal? Is that you? Where are you!?" I shouted.
In here idiot. Inside your mind.
The burning had stopped once the tattoo had completely sunken inside my chest. I couldn't move my body anymore. I was so stiff and heavy... I could only move my mouth.
"What are you doing to me Cal?"
I'm taking control, starting now.
My hand moved on its own, hovering right over my crotch and grabbed onto my junk with a tight grip. I winced in pain.
What's the matter Miguel? Can't handle a little pain?
My hand started rubbing my dick, and I could feel myself getting hard. I don't know how Cal was doing this. I could clearly hear his voice inside my head, and my body stopped listening to me. I became a passenger inside my own body.
"Cal! Get the fuck out-" I tried shouting, but my voice cut off midsentence.
Geez, you talk a lot. Just shut up, sit back, and let's have some fun.
I lost the last bit of control I had. Now Cal had full control over my body, all I could do was watch as it happened. My hands went up to my chest and rubbed my nipples. I pinched one of them, and I let out a moan against my will. My hands then snaked down my torso, following my treasure trail until they reached my waist. Each hand grabbed one end of my shorts and yanked it down, leaving my now erect cock to spring back up. My right hand then went to start jerking me off while my left hand kept playing with my nipples. Cal was thrusting my hips into my hand, and I kept moaning all the while. Each moan louder than the last.
Goddamn Miguel! I've never been this long or hairy before! I'm gonna enjoy every second of this!
Fuck, this is really bad! I was still in the bathroom gym, anyone could walk in and catch Cal pleasuring himself inside my body!
What's the matter? Not having fun?
I suddenly moved into one of the bathroom stalls. Cal stripped me down until I was fully naked. He sat me down on the toilet, and I felt an unwanted smirk spread across my face. Cal was gonna do something to me, and I had no idea what.
I know what'll get you going, now let's see how flexible you are!
My hands went under my thighs and started pulling them up to me. I started bending over at the same time. Within seconds, I was now face to face with my own dick. I tried crying out for help, but it was no use. My mouth opened and my dick went right in. I was sucking myself off in the gym bathroom.
My body moaned and groaned as I kept sucking. Holy fuck... Cal knew how to suck dick! He swirled my cock head with my tongue, making sure to hit all the right spots. He deep throated me with my own throat, and I didn't even know I could bend the way I did. It felt more like I was sucking a dick than getting my dick sucked, but it just felt so good! Cal was way better than any my exes! Or am I the one that's amazing at sucking dick? I've never sucked a dick before nor have I ever wanted to. I'm straight, but the way Cal used my mouth on my dick just hit different. It was weird. I don't know, and I didn't care. All I know is I haven't been sucked off in so long, I was in pure bliss.
Something tasted salty in my mouth as I sucked myself off. Oh God, I was getting close...
Alright, that's enough.
Cal moved me out of that position and put my clothes back on. What the fuck man? I was so close to finishing too! I tried protesting against it, but I was only reminded how powerless I was with Cal inside my body now.
What? Did you really think I'd let you enjoy yourself after you stole one of my prized drawings? Not happening, I'mma keep edging you until you pass out from blue balls.
I groaned to myself. I can't believe he played me like that. When he's out of me, he's a dead man.
What was that? You wanna hit the weights today? That sounds like a wonderful idea!
Uh oh.
I marched out of the bathroom and walked straight to one of the benches near the dumbbell racks. He sat me down and took pictures with my phone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's a picture of the last time you weren't in pain. Enjoy it while it lasts.
I was getting worried again. Unlike the bathroom, I don't think what Cal was gonna do to me will be so pleasurable this time. Cal, what are you gonna do to me?
Man, I can't wait to hit a new PR today! Aren't you excited Miguel!?
Cal moved my body to start adding more and more weight to the bench press. He just kept adding weight, way more than I can lift. This man is trying to kill me!
While I was being forced to add more weight, a guy walked by and distracted me. He was a walking beefcake, and his tight shorts left little to the imagination. The sight of his protruding bulge and the smell of his sweat was turning me on. I felt my dick getting hard again as I watched him go into the sauna room.
...Cal? Was that you again?
I stood there, dumbfounded and horrified by the implications of Cal's answer. Then, for just a brief second, I regained control over my body and smirked as I began to walk towards the gym sauna. Cal only pushed me along with encouragement. I could feel him smiling inside of me.
New plan Miguel, and this time, we'll both enjoy the pain.
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