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I can’t think of the name of this book!!! Help me

It’s a lgbtqa+ book

It’s like a Latin futurism type, they live in like a pyramid city and the lower levels are like the “slums” bc it’s near the algae power source

And the new summer/spring? King is from there and like it this King’s destiny to die bc society says it’s mans sacrifice bc they caused the war. But this season specially does have any power bc they can’t pick the next queen

But it’s about this King, a girl who is the daughter of like a powerful advisor? She has like a tech tree tattoo and her best friend is gay and like a fashion designer? And her her friend and the king are all like in a relationship but like the king and her are also planning a type of demonstration thing the whole time???

Does anyone know what book I’m talking about?? I read it in Highschool, I’m pretty sure it has a green cover?

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i am having a full on crisis of myself, who i am, and my sexuality and let me just tell you i wish i had a friend to talk to about these things aaaaaa

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Happy Trans Day of Visibility! All trans people are amazing and deserve nothing but love, support, and happiness! I hope you are all staying safe and managing to have some fun even with all the craziness going on. Love you all!

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Just unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs, so please reblog so I can follow you if you’re an active butch/femme blog, ofos blog, anyone lgbt and you wanna be buds <3

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