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okay, i don’t want to start discourse or anything, but why don’t we just call it the “queer community” instead of calling it the “LGBTQIA+ community” all the time?? i mean…

  1. it’s way more inclusive, since it automatically includes everyone
  2. it’s way easier to say and sounds cooler
  3. it help to reclaim queer as something other than a slur
  4. it spreads knowledge on what queer means, which is probably helpful for people who identify only as queer (which btw is a totally valid identity, you don’t need to be more specific than that)
  5. the dictionary definition of queer is “strange or odd” which i actually really like, since the queer community is all about celebrating what makes us different and diverse


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Meet the Blogger

I made this blog in February 2018, and since then, I have remained anonymous. Over the years, I’ve received a lot of questions asking me simple things like what my name is or how I relate to some of the content I post. Some of these questions I have answered, others I have politely refused to answer because I am not the important thing about this blog. My followers are.

So why am I making this post??
The last few months, I’ve received a lot more asks from people who have said they’ve been following me for ages and know nothing about me. I’ve done pretty well to make sure my identity remains unknown. And maybe now is the time to break down that barrier. Although, I probably won’t be making any more personal posts like this, so I can still remain, for the most part, anonymous.

So who am I??

My name is Kyle and I am 24. I am from the UK and I am a writer and artist. This is a side blog, so I can’t reply to anything from this blog, which has been a bit of an issue, as I would end up replying from my main blog, which doesn’t really work when I was anonymous.

My primary blog is a book blog. I am a book blogger and have been for over 5 years. Although I have been on Tumblr for longer than that. I know I have some followers on here that came from my main blog, and I thank them loads for not mentioning my identity. If you want to follow my main, you can find me here

I think the most personal thing I put on here was when my poetry book was free for everyone in March, but I deleted all of the posts once it was over and I only shared it because it had a positivity section and I was proud of it. I spent a lot of time covering my tracks after that post

I’ll be answering 5 of the most frequent asked questions that I’ve received over the years, some I have answered and other’s I haven’t.

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Remote Pride Month day 1: share a picture that gives you gender euphoria.

I don’t exactly consider myself LGBT, but from some friends and even an old therapist, I count as LGBT. Asexual & Aromantic, as well as being pretty androgynous or genderfluid. I don’t vocally label myself as such, I’m just me and you can call me with whatever pronouns you feel like using with me. Anyway, I believe I do experience gender dysphoria on occasion. Some days it’s so bad  I won’t look in the mirror or do anything to aggravate it. I went 3 years thinking I was trans. I am born female, but some days I miss my short hair and miss when my natural features looked great in masculine clothing and just being a guy. I could still have it like that, absolutely. It’s weird. Most days I want to be extremely feminine and extremely masculine, all at once. But I can’t mix them because it doesn’t feel right, let alone look right. Unappealing for my aesthetics, really. Masculine or feminine presenting, I am one person. I refer to myself as female, I believe I just haven’t found ‘the one’ yet. But, for those of you that do embrace who you are in full force, or those of you that are closeted, I hope you are managing your dysphoria alright. 

Anyway, here is a picture of myself in 2016 when I first started my transition to male. Seeing it does sadden me a bit, I miss it, but it also makes me happy. Gives me hope if you will. That while being the person I am now, I can work towards being female and still look fantastic in male/female-masculine clothing! Man, I’d look fantastic in some suspenders and slacks, suit jacket thrown over my shoulder, curly hair and red smoky eye shadow and deep red lipstick. I think I would have made an adorable boy.

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