mironkolumity · 2 days ago
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No context spoilers
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tehtariks · 2 days ago
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when he tastes his fingers with that smug little grin…. | KINNPORSCHE
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ankle-beez · 2 days ago
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uh huh
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wayward-delver · 2 days ago
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magpie-murder · 2 days ago
the sentence "it's impossible to misgender someone using gender neutral pronouns" is very thinly veiled transphobia btw
refusing to use someone's pronouns once you know what they are is misgendering. it doesn't matter what pronouns you replace them with.
if a trans woman tells you she uses she/her pronouns, and you knowingly use they/them instead without correcting yourself, that is still misgendering.
if a nonbinary person tells you it uses he/it pronouns, and you knowingly use they/them instead without correcting yourself, that is still misgendering.
this is not a debate, this is a fact, it is misgendering
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nicostiel · 2 days ago
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Tori Spring being an asexual icon ♡
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sapphic-fandom-posts · 2 days ago
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mikimuffinz · a day ago
You know what I’m really liking about Luz and Amity’s relationship? There’s no stereotypical relationship roles.
The Owl House does such a good job at breaking cliche rules, for real, like:
-Amity initiates everything
(ex. asking Luz out first, the cheek kiss, and now their first actual kiss)
-Luz acts more like “the gentleman”
(aka giving more compliments, spinning Amity around, going on a “rescue mission” for her)
-Amity is more protective
(“Stay away from my Luz” / “Don’t talk to my girlfriend like that!” / “Just don’t get hurt” / “I just want to know that Luz is safe”)
-Both lead during the Grom dance
There was no “who’s gonna be the ‘man” they both just took turns leading, which was cool
-Amity initially got more easily flustered around Luz
I mean we all saw “tomato face Amity” lol
-But Luz got more easily embarrassed around Amity
aka the whole tunnel of love scene / “Oh Crikey!….I can’t believe I just said that, I need to be more cool next time!!”
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lesbian-bottom-memes · 2 days ago
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listen i score based on my autistic swag and autistic swag alone
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gingerpines · 22 hours ago
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oh, crikey!
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kat-doesnt-like-you-rn · a day ago
In honor of Pride next month, can we all try to get #fuck disney trending? They have fucked over LGBTQ creators far too many times for us to give them any credit for queer representation. Take The Owl House, for instance. It's the best example of queer rep I've seen yet. The main character is bi and has a lesbian love interest, and they have a whole romance. There's gay couple after gay couple. There's a non-binary character whose pronouns are respected by everyone. An aroace character. The whole thing is normalized. And you know what disney did? They tried to shut it down halfway through the second season. Dana Terrace and the crew had to fight way too hard to finish season two, and even then, disney wouldn't allow a full third season. We're lucky we get the shortened season 3. Disney has disrespected and fucked over Dana and the crew, and now, they're going to turn right around and parade how this show means they're allies to the LGBTQ+ community and how "There's room for everyone under the rainbow!" It's an insult. So, in honor of Pride Month, don't support disney. Unsubcribe from whatever subscriptions you may have. Pirate as many of their things as you can. Don't buy their official merchandise, buy from small creators on Etsy. And whenever you make a post even slightly relating to disney, add the tag #fuck disney. Or #fuck the mouse, #fuck disney execs, #fuck Bob Chapek. And not just on tumblr- do it on any and every site you can. Twitter, tik tok, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, everywhere. Share the tag and the reasoning with your friends, family, whatever. Spread the word. Happy early Pride.
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ilove-a-londonboy · 2 days ago
Heartstopper season 2 and 3: the gays are happy
MCR coming back and touring: the emos are happy
Dan Howell posts and is going on tour: gay emos are happy
What a time to be alive
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robinisaloverboy · a day ago
I need someone to play with my hair it’s an emergency (I’m gay)
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allthecanadianpolitics · 2 days ago
Students of a Labrador City high school walked out of class Friday in support of a transgender student who wasn't allowed to use the school's female washroom.
More than 75 students at Menihek High School rallied in support of the student, who was told by school staff and principal Steve Murphy on Friday they were allowed to use only the school's gender-neutral bathrooms.
The student didn't take part in the protest on Friday afternoon, but other members of the school's LGBTQ community say the issue has been a problem for years.
"I've been fighting for this for five years," said Pez Jacobs, a Grade 12 student at the school. "It makes me very happy to know that people are doing this, because I shouldn't have to fight for my basic human rights to even use the washroom or be in the school.… I shouldn't have to worry about my safety."
The school's gender-neutral bathrooms are in the building's junior wing. For seniors, that means a walk across the building and the risk of being late for class.
Continue Reading.
Tagging: @politicsofcanada
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stormysapphic · 2 days ago
nothing better than lesbians coming out as bisexuals and bisexuals coming out as lesbians & both being met with celebration and support from the two groups plus the wlw community as a whole! 💞 literally nothing better than people finding themselves and sharing their joy and excitement with others who understand what a blessing it is to know yourself and live accordingly❣❣❣ while also being a part of a unified community where lesbian and bisexual experiences have been entangled since the beginning of time! ongoing self-discovery should always be encouraged & transitioning between labels and their respective subcommunities should feel positive, safe, and natural. 💕
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nicostiel · 3 days ago
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Heartstopper has been renewed for 2 more seasons! 😭❤️
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royal-protection-squad · 2 days ago
It felt a bit… incomplete.
Finally together!
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intersexfairy · 6 hours ago
people who are aspec from trauma don't need therapy to fix their aspecness. that's aphobic. we're allowed to exist as we are. the goal of therapy shouldn't be changing our identities, but healing (as best we can). if that means we're no longer aspec, that's fine. and if that means we're still aspec, that's fine too. our experiences are allowed to shape who we are - even when it comes to queerness.
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bebx · a day ago
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??????? tf is supercharged friendship my guys literally kissed on screen?????😭
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endofadaymp3 · 2 days ago
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shaped by clearest blue
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