catmat · a day ago
Not to be dramatic but chronic pain eats away at my soul.
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disabilityhealth · a day ago
Treat yourself as gently as you treat others
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heyatleastitsnotcancer · a day ago
Regular reminder that medications like Cymbalta, lyrica, and gabapentin treat nerve pain specifically. They are not yet shown to be effective for any other type of pain.
I'm seeing a lot of people prescribed these meds when they don't have nerve pain by doctors and people not understanding that why it's not helping. So here's my psa! A good doctor will help you figure out the type of pain and cause and treat it appropriately rather than just throwing the current popular medication at it.
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crazycatsiren · 19 hours ago
I want to wish every user of a mobility aid with wheels a very run over ableists' feet with them.
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phoenixonwheels · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Baddiewinkle knows how you do mobility aids - you flaunt them!
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soft-spoonie · 2 days ago
it is not a failure to have a difficult time taking care of yourself or advocating for youself. it is not immoral to struggle.
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percysblackgirlfriend · a day ago
Listen,'minorities don't make their identities a big deal!' is a trick to get cishet/white/neurotypical/etc creators to not do real research on the characters they're writing.I talk about being afrolatina,bi,trans and neurodivergent all the time,my lesbian friends talk about being lesbians all the time,my physically disabled friends talk about being physically disabled all the time,my jewish friends talk about being jewish all the time,my fat friends talk about being fat all the time.Yes,you shouldn't make it their entire character but it should be an important part of it,just like how it's an important part of us in real life.You cannot make good presentation if you don't actually listen to the groups you're representing
🚫Pro-shippers + Harry P*tter and D*smp fans dni🚫
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penis-peeper · 13 hours ago
The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and the Beast were the only Disney movies that really spoke to me as a child and then I grew up to be a disabled and deformed man with few friends and I understand why now
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a-little-revolution · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌻 they // them 🌻
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disabledprincesses · 10 hours ago
Clean in a way that makes you feel the comfort of dirty.
When you live in constant mess, it can actually feel bad or stressful to live without mess. So try to clean in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
- setting out lots of decoration that can be easily moved anywhere
- take off the door to your closet, or the cupboard doors so you can see the dishes
- have your clothes where you can see them
- don't hide your trash can
- have piles or boxes to hold things rather than hiding them in the furthest corner from your mind and body
Feel free to add more
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weebstr · a day ago
oh wow it's like I'm in pain all the time... chronically, even
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painroulette · 2 days ago
Ok, so if you’re like me and very into psychological or thriller type horror, then I would highly recommend Run. But I just watched it and was honestly ready to have it mildly ruined by finding out the lead was abled the whole time, only to be pleasantly surprised to find her to be a wheelchair user irl!
It’s such a low bar, and the fact that the bare minimum is so exciting is awful, but if that’s your sort of thing I’d highly suggest watching and supporting it!
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disabilityhealth · a day ago
Abled allies,
If you visit a business and notice that something is inaccessible, please mention it to the staff so they can correct it before a disabled person shows up -- especially if the problem might prevent us from getting into the building. 
We won’t be able to lodge a complaint in person if we can’t even get inside, so please use your voice for good.
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system-error404-notfound · 2 days ago
Accidentally subscribed to the free trial of “disabled” three years ago and forgot to cancel it….I’m done now…..can….can I cancel it? No? …….uh oh-
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crazycatsiren · 2 days ago
Almost was not allowed to take Wheelie Jean into a museum with me.
The guy at the door was worried that I would bump into priceless artworks and artifacts with her.
He checked with his supervisor and they ended up letting me take her inside with me. Not once was there remotely any chance of me even touching anything with her. I would have had to really go out of my way to try.
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disabled-dragoon · a day ago
Saw a post yesterday that was along the lines of "started referring to my chronic illness as an ancient family curse" and I would just like to talk to whichever one of my ancestors angered a god
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mollyryqrad · 2 days ago
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1980s-slasher-film · 10 hours ago
Please know that it’s okay to focus on your own problems. Even if they’re “small”, you have the right to be upset by them. You don’t have to try and save the world all day every day. It’s okay to ignore the issues that are bigger than you from time to time, especially when you’re struggling on a smaller scale.
It’s pretty hard to help other without helping yourself first.
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dissociativedoe · 6 months ago
sending love out tonight to everyone who is progressively losing their abilities, whether that's movement, ability to walk, eyesight, or hearing.
it's hard to come to terms with the fact that you can't do things that you used to be able to do. I'll be honest, it feels like you're losing control of your life. it can feel very isolating and hopeless. its scary and overwhelming, and it's so hard to deal with.
you are not less than just because you can do less. im proud of you for still being here, and i wish you ease with adjusting to new ways of life. please take care of yourself, i love you.
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disableddyke · 4 months ago
disabled adults don’t have “the brains of children” they have the brains of adults with disabilities. just because you can’t understand the difference doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist
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