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#actually autistic
betelgeusemoon · 2 days ago
for autistic (and suspecting) adults
here are some resources on autism that have helped me since my diagnosis at 25(!!) years old. hope these help (:
Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)
Welcome to the Autistic Community
Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
Autistic Science Person
What is Autism?
Que es el Autismo? (What is Autism? For Spanish speakers)
Asperger’s vs Autism
Hans Asperger
Functioning Labels
The Problems with Functioning Labels
I am Joe’s Functioning Label
Why ABA is Harmful to Autistic People
But What About the Good ABA Therapists?
Autism Speaks (why NOT to support them)
Autism’s Race Problem
Autism and the Pathology Paradigm
Psycopathy: Racism and Ableism from the Medical-Industrial Complex
Use of the term “Differently Abled”
Autism and Gender
Autistic, Non-Speaking and Intelligent
Sensory Processing Disorder (4 part series)
How to Reduce Sensory Overload
Shutdowns (2)
Study on Senses in Autistic People
Audio Processing Disorder
Pain Sensitivity
Sensory Differences
Sensory Pain
Traits & Co-Ocurring Conditions
Inclusive List of Traits
Traits (2)
Revised Traits, by an Autistic Person
Executive Dysfunction (4 part series)
Body Language
Fatigue (2)
Fatigue (3)
Communication Differences
Autistic Strengths
Alexithymia (2)
Autistic Talents
Double Standard of Empathy
The Empathy Conundrum
The Benefit of Special Interests
Special Interests
Eye Contact
In Defense of Stimming
More in Defense of Stimming
More Quizzes
Self-Diagnosis and the Issues with Formal Diagnosis
Issues in Accuracy and Speed of Formal Diagnosis
Difficulties Getting an Adult Diagnosis
Diagnosis in Adults
Adult Diagnosis (Pros and Cons, etc)
Getting a Diagnosis as an Adult
How to Start Pursuing an Diagnosis
The Evaluation Process
Misdiagnosis (pls ignore the unnecessary gendering)
An Article on Late Diagnosis
“Acting More Autistic” After Diagnosis
Adults Need an Easier Path to Diagnosis
Racial Disparities in Diagnosis and Treatment
Structural Racism and Autism
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the-grays-of-ink · 2 days ago
White cishet nt wine moms will put signs in their kitchen that say “i tried to be normal once; worst two minutes of my life, I’d rather be weird” without acknowledging the fact that masking is a very real thing that disabled and neurodivegent people do that can lead to burnout and absolutely destroy our mental health and we do it to avoid ableism from those exact same privileged people because even though they think being “weird” is quirky and funny they aren’t weird like the kids they bullied in school for talking to themselves and the kids they tormented and hurt and killed for deviation from the norm and so maybe neurotypicals shouldn’t talk about “being weird”, and “pretending to be normal” because your “weirdness” is not liking ranch on pizza but my “weirdness” could get me bullied, beat up, or killed so maybe don’t compare us
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ceruleanmindpalace · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Inktober No. 18 - Friendly
When Sherlock is plagued by sensory issues, he prefers to wear his sheet. It improves his mood.
 Ink and ink pen on grey paper, A4
From @bluebellofbakerstreet's wonderful prompt list.
 I am flattered if you reblog, but do NOT post my art on other sites/social media or use without my written permission.
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my-toenail-hurts · 2 days ago
any other autistics ever pick a certain person and literally try to BE them. like ah yes, this is a good example of a human, i will now copy everything about you exactly because you are cool and likable so if i am exactly the same as you i will be cool and likable too.
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ndcultureis · 2 days ago
Autism culture is texting someone new once and being done with all socializing for the rest of the day because sending 1-2 texts made you feel burnt out
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myundiagnosedlife · 21 hours ago
If you're against educated self diagnosis (for both physical and mental conditions), do something about medical gaslighting, biases, stigmas, inaccessibility, and ableism in the medical field, especially if you're part of the medical community
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autiebiographical · a day ago
Tumblr media
Someone getting an autism diagnosis is something that should be celebrated!
When my friend told me that they finally got diagnosed I was so excited! Since I can't celebrate with them in person I figured I'd celebrate with them in comic form.
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justlgbtthings · a day ago
oh my god i’m actually like. looking forward to doing my homework?? wtf is this feeling and how do i make more of it
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mega-autism · 2 days ago
Sometimes I wish I never had to speak, it's so much easier to just be silent.
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anexperimentallife · 9 hours ago
Really tired of having to restate this, but calling us "people with autism" is ableist. I don't "have" autism. I am autistic.
Do you "have" heterosexuality? Or "have" bi or pansexuality? Are you "a person with gayness?" How about tallness? Or shortness?
The fact that a tiny fraction of a percent of is may prefer person-first language does not negate the fact that the vast majority of us do not. If a specific person wants to be referred to that way, fine, respect that, but to refer to us in general with a term that implies autism is a "condition" that needs cured or eliminated is ableist af.
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butterflyinthewell · 2 days ago
Zoned out stimming with my fidget cube.
Soooo many parents see their kids doing this and try to interrupt it. I’m a 41 year old autistic adult and there is nothing wrong with doing this. I’m rehearsing social stuff for the next day in my head and the rocking and clicking action are helping me think.
Imagine for a moment that you’re about to go on stage for a huge performance. You’re in the middle of running through the whole performance in your head one more time before you go on when all of a sudden someone wants you to stop doing that and wash dishes because they think your staring off into space is doing nothing and they’ve arbitrarily decided you’re not allowed to do ‘nothing’.
You’d react with anger and annoyance at the unwanted disruption of your focus so close to go-time, right? So why do you think it’s okay to interrupt an autistic person who may be rehearsing a difficult task in their head before they have to do it? Even if all they’re doing is thinking of a favorite thing, why disrupt them? Stimming might look weird, but it’s not harming anything and it’s comforting, leave us alone!
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autie-j · a day ago
My latest youtube video is up! For today’s video I took a look at the first Spongebob Squarepants movie from an autistic perspective and explore how I believe it can be interpreted as an autism metaphor and what exactly the movie has to say when examined in that lens.
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pixiesky · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
new friend !!
is okay now . just . a little scary long time in box in shipping place . so all in blanket safe . new friend :)
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shitbrainratface · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New shirt I just made to spite the pro-cop autism mom shirt I found
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