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autism-fucking-rocks · 28 days ago
If you're ever asking an autistic person to do something, be sure to explain why you want them to do it.
When I was a kid, I always kept the windows open when it rained. I saw no reason to close them even though my mom kept asking me to. She never gave a reason, so I never listened. She'd say it let the rain in and I'd think "no shit" and continue to keep them open. Eventually, she explained that it could cause mold. That made sense to me, so I started closing the windows. Simple as that.
When we first got cats, they kept jumping onto the counters. Once again, I saw no issue with this. My mom kept chasing them down and I couldn't figure out why. She'd get annoyed whenever I let them stay up there. Once she told me that it was unsanitary, I thought that made sense so I stopped letting them stay on the counter.
To an outsider (and probably to my mom at the time) it may have seemed like I didn't understand the instructions or was being intentionally difficult. But I can't just follow an order without a reason. I must decide for myself if the order makes sense before I follow it, and I need the logic behind it to do that.
So if you're asking an autistic person to do something, explain why it needs to be done. It's very hard for a lot of us to override that part of our brains.
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mayhematician · 21 days ago
I think a lot of abled people get confused about ableism because they fail to recognize how diverse a category disability is. There are so many kinds of disabilities - intellectual, sensory, motor, chronic illness, neurodivergence, limb differences, to name a few - and people in these categories will have different needs.
Which is why you often end up with disability advocates saying seemingly "contradictory" things. One group may be advocating for more support while another wants increased independence. People with a terminal illness will fight for a cure and more research whereas some ND/sensory disabilities want to stop having their experience medicalized, and so on. The kinds of ableism that people experience will also vary for that reason.
And having one kind of disability doesn't make you an expert on all of them! Which is why it's important to have diverse disability rep within organizations and groups. I've encountered organizations in the past that claim to be accessible/disability friendly because they have one disabled person on their board, only to find them woefully unequipped to deal with my very different disabilities.
This disability pride month I really encourage abled "allies" to examine the ways they try to flatten disability into a monolith and to make an effort to listen to and uplift diverse disabled voices.
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azuremist · 21 days ago
What’s happening to autistic people right now?
(Trigger warning for abuse, electroshock therapy, torture, and ableism.)
The US court has overturned the ban on shock devices being used against disabled students, predominantly autistic students in the US.
The shock device being legalized is called the graduated electronic decelerator (or GED). This is a torture device that is used to ‘correct’ autistic behaviors / symptoms. Autistic people are shocked for stimming, and for having meltdowns, ect. This device was made popular by a behavioral center (the Judge Rosenberg Center, specifically) that is infamous for its abuse and torture of autistic / disabled patients.
Tumblr media
(Image ID: someone is holding their arm out and resting it on a table, with their sleeve rolled up. Attached to their arm are wires, which connect to a small cube device.)
This is what the device looks like. It sends electric shocks into the victim’s skin; the victim often being restrained and held against their will. This is torture. GEDs have been reported to cause intense psychological trauma, PTSD, and physical injuries.
In March of 2020, the FDA ruled for GEDs to be banned. (Although, of course, they were still illegally used at a number of places.) This ruling has recently been appealed, and today, the US court of appeals has re-regulated the law to stop the use of GED. Sounds great, right? It would be!
... If not for a huge loophole in the wording, which basically allows this torture to continue. This device is going to have continued use on autistic students in order to “correct their behavior.”
“So.... What can I do??”
Great question! You can:
Listen to and boost autistic voices to spread awareness
As-of now (July 7th), autistic activists are trying to get #StopTheShock trending on Twitter, so Tweet out the hashtag if you have Twitter
If you’re in the US, email / call your legislators
Sign this petition if you’re in the US
Follow this case and look out for updates
If Autism Speaks (known ableist hategroup) says anything about this, DO NOT BOOST IT
That’s all! Thank you. Reblogs are very appreciated!!
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kleeboy · 19 days ago
"adhd and autism are cousins, of course there's a lot of overlap, and we can come together to bond over shared experiences" and "for the love of GOD just because you have adhd doesn't mean you can speak on the autistic experience" and "not all neurodivergent people are autistic or have adhd and it's important to remember and avoid implying that places where adhd and autism overlap are universal nd experiences" MUST coexist
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justlgbtthings · 25 days ago
this 4th of july: if you're autistic, have PTSD, or anything else that is going to make loud sounds hell for you, please remember to have ear plugs/headphones, something to distract you like a book or music, and if possible, a quiet place you can go to relax. stay safe and prioritize your mental health! <3
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autism-fucking-rocks · 23 days ago
I saw this tweet about how things don't always "occur" to adhd people and I thought I could relate to it as well, although I'm autistic and not adhd.
For example - if I have a headache, it simply won't occur to me to take pain meds. I know I have a headache. I want the pain to stop. I am aware of the existence of pain meds. But the idea never occurs to me to take them until someone else suggests it.
The example they gave in the tweet was that if someone says hello to them, it may not occur to them to say hello back and yep... I do that as well.
I just never realized that other people may not do these things.
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alienjuuce · 22 days ago
pov your memory is so bad that you forget your interests and own age
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tolkien-fantasy · a month ago
One of the traits of Autism/ADHD/Neurodiversity that doesn't get talked about nearly enough in my opinion is Slow Processing Speed. Or at least, it's not talked about in the right way.
As someone with exceptionally slow processing speed, I've always felt very embarrassed and ashamed of it. My reaction time is pitiful compared to most people - If you threw a frisbee at me, it'd be 5 inches away from hitting before I even realized you threw something. Not to mention the bullying that came with it. I've been called "slow", stupid and the r-word more times than I can count.
There's so much stigma around being "slow", and it's made my life significantly harder. I've even tried ways to speed up my reaction time and processing speed, but it's just how my brain works and I can't exactly undo it. So, I offer this message instead
If you're "slow", like me, your brain is beautiful. You're not embarrassing or stupid or less-than others. Just because you work a little differently than everyone else doesn't make you inherently worse-off. You're a beautiful person with great skills, talents, dreams and likes. Anyone who says otherwise can shove it. We need more positivity for Neurodiverse symptoms even when they're not considered valuable or beautiful.
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justlgbtthings · 9 days ago
"people who rehearse what they say before they say it are liars trying to get their story straight and can't be trusted" as an autistic person i literally have to rehearse everything i say or else it won't come out right or i'll forget and it'll be confusing for every party involved so sorry if that's a "red flag" for you cheryl but not everyone can conform to your neurotypical standards of "normal" behavior
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autism-fucking-rocks · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Since I have both Tourette's and autism, I decided to make this venn diagram to explain the differences and similarities between tics and stims. This is based on my experiences and my understanding of other people's experiences. I may be wrong in some parts, but I'm pretty sure this general idea is correct. I find this much more helpful than the yawn/sneeze metaphor, personally.
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tonysiron · 25 days ago
me discovering a new hyperfixation: this is it. This Is The One. there isnt anything on this goddamn planet that could overpower my Love for this Thing. what i'm feeling is an all consuming, overwhelming, incredibly overpowering Happiness, an immovable force within me. I will never stop tal
me, like two weeks later: i literally do not feel an ounce of human emotion about this Thing. i am an empty void, numb and dark. i have only known happiness once. and never will i feel it again.
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things that can happen bc of executive function impairment:
making decisions feel really hard. even very small, simple decisions
it's hard to switch between tasks so this could be stopping one thing to do something else, getting really upset if you're interrupted while doing something and the interruption stays with you
struggling to do things that have a lot of steps like driving, cooking / preparing a meal, shopping
freezing up and feeling blank if something unexpected comes up in terms of problem solving and it looks like you're not gonna do anything about it at all but you actually just have no idea what to do or how to begin so you're just there
following spoken instructions is hard
you seem as if you're absentminded cause it's hard to remember things sometimes. little things
paying attention / concentrating is super hard especially when you're not really interested in something and u just cant make yourself do the thing cause you're so uninterested
not finishing things you start
blurting stuff out suddenly or sharing too much and just regretting it after
difficulty starting things like even though you want to do it, it's hard to just start it so this could be lots of things like taking a shower, cleaning up your space, organizing, starting a project, applying for a job or program or anything. it might seem like you're lazy or unmotivated
sometimes even doing familiar tasks you have to be really focused or it's hard to do things you're used to doing if you're under some type of stress (which could be lots of things cause we can get stressed out easily)
sometimes it's hard to shift your thinking if you get new rules or info
lack of a sense of time
it might take a long time like even hours of feeling uncomfortable before u realize oh i need to eat or oh i should put on a sweater
looking at tiny problem that you can do something about and it will only take a couple seconds or minutes to get rid of but you just leave it and let it annoy you for days or weeks without realizing you could just do this very simple thing and it will be gone
you're not lazy, unmotivated, a procrastinator, stupid, dirty, spacey, absentminded. you do not need to try harder.
use lists, reminders, routines, schedules, break stuff down into smaller tasks, allow yourself to stim more or just allow yourself to stim if u don't cause sometimes we suppress it, rest when u need to, don't force yourself to try harder, be your autistic self (bc not doing that actually draws on your EF too and will tire you out quickly) 💖
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autism-fucking-rocks · 16 days ago
Stop perpetuating the idea that avoiding eye contact = lying. Some of us are just autistic and shouldn't have to force ourselves to make eye contact just to avoid being called liars.
Same goes for fidgeting. It doesn't necessarily mean someone's lying or nervous. It could just be the result of neurodivergence.
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justlgbtthings · a month ago
i hate when the language processing center of my brain just randomly decides to turn off. i'll be in the middle of a conversation and then all of a sudden my brain is like "battery low" and goes blank and then i'm sitting there like "i don't know what you're saying"
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autism-fucking-rocks · 25 days ago
I will forever love those people who explain jokes in the comments. They are soooo much better than the people who say "nobody explain it."
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