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justlgbtthings · 18 hours ago
me: i have alexithymia
person: wow i can’t imagine what that must feel like
me: yeah me neither
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splatistic · a day ago
As long as you aren't harming yourself, stim as much as you want and however you want. Don't be ashamed of the ways you stim, and don't let others try and make you ashamed. There's nothing wrong with stimming and the ways you stim.
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anarchist-stims · 18 hours ago
Allistics will go on about how exhausting it is to keep up a customer service face all shift, then turn around and treat autistic people like shit if they don't mask
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pinstripes-of-doom · 20 hours ago
something i only recently realized was an autistic thing: NOT BEING ABLE TO ANSWER OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS.
"How are you?"
"What do you know about x thing?"
"Do you have any questions?"
"How's school?"
"What do you want to do/eat/listen to?"
These questions are useless to me because I have to specifically learn the parameters of what is acceptable in each situation. I don't have the social context that should tell me the level of detail at which I should answer these, or what options are available. I know that these don't literally mean I should answer with anything I want, but I don't know what the limits are.
It's also difficult because I'm a detail-oriented thinker, so summarizing feels like a less accurate answer, and I'm not sure how to prioritize which details are relevant to say.
Idk how many people relate to this, but it's genuinely been a big problem for me, and it adds a lot of anxiety every time a question like this gets asked. I tend to answer with something jumbled and overly detailed, something just generally untrue, or another question in an attempt to clarify.
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adhdtho · 2 days ago
feminine urge this masculine urge that what about the neurodivergent urge to go talk about your condition but fearing ppl are not gonna take you seriously and think you’re making it up because you’ve been masking for years or they don’t know how your condition works or maybe they do take you seriously but think you’re annoying for bringing the topic up and using it as an excuse for ‘x’ behaviour and you really don’t wanna infodump on them but at the same time you want them to understand your situation better because there’s so much misinformation but you also don’t know how to explain it properly because words suck you know
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x1i11y · a day ago
i never see people talk about showering in regards to hygiene in regards to autistic people
maybe im just fucking gross but i cannot tell when i need a shower. It’s fine until someone says something, and then its not. I’m white so my hair is pin straight and its really obvious when its greasy to other people but i just cannot tell at all. I know when my head itches because its been 5 days without one but thats it. 
I shower minimum once a week and have been pushing for two per week but i still really struggle with that. I kind of just sit thinking “i need a shower, i need a shower, i need a shower” until its past the time i allow myself to have one and i havent had one. 
Its not pretty its really gross quite frankly. The fact that i cant tell when i need one combined with my sensory issues in regards to water and general hygiene products is just bad. 
The thing is, I brush my teeth twice a day every day. If i dont, i can feel all the gross shit on my teeth and they physically start to hurt (nothing wrong with my teeth, my dentist says theyre fine). IDK why I have this hygiene gap thing but yeah
Lockdown was the only thing that got me into a routine of 3 showers a week because otherwise i literally wouldnt change clothes and my mum had to force me to have them
People are quick to talk about the more socially acceptable side of autism like stimming and meltdowns and special interests and whilst those things do need to be discussed and shared, there are less talked about areas of autism which are just as important
Anyways lmk if anyone else gets this or if im just weird and gross ty bye
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tylerloki-talks · 2 days ago
Autism is being personally victimized by the sun. The more victimized you are the more autism it is
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yourdailyqueer · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Paige Layle
Gender: Non binary (she/they)
Sexuality: Pansexual
DOB: Born 2000
Ethnicity: White - American
Occupation: TikTok influencer, activist
Note: Is autistic, has OCD and ADHD
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ghostonly · 2 days ago
Sometimes I feel like my disabilities aren’t enough to disqualify me from working Like A Normal Person
Sometimes I worry that when I try to get on disability, The Government People are going to scoff and throw my application in the trash because I don’t have it bad enough
And then I sit here, on the last day of the month, 16 hours before my monthly deadline, like I’ve done every single month for the last 3 years, icing my wrists so I can do my entire month’s work (9k words in commercial articles) in the 8 hours I have left before I have to stop and go to my therapy appointment...
... And I realize that it really is that bad.
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renxias · 2 days ago
I don’t normally talk about my adhd even though I’m undiagnosed but it feels so painful just to get through my assignment for my psychology class and I’m SO close to being done and it’s like getting so close to the finish line in a race and only to get up tripping over your feet and face planting into the dirt not being able to drag yourself up so you just end up crying unable to move and it’s terrible.
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oldmanbastard · 20 hours ago
i am the way that i am because i leaned my masking strategies from queer-coded disney villains and stand up comics.
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justlgbtthings · 14 hours ago
teach kids how to avoid getting bullied ❌❌❌
teach bullies to stop bullying ✅✅✅
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neurodivergent-noodle · 8 hours ago
society teaches us to think in certain ways, and that means that some people will have a kind heart but bigoted thoughts. this is unfortunate.
however. it is not the obligation of a member of a minority to stick around and wait for that person to learn how to be better. it’s not our obligation to educate. if we don’t have the energy to justify ourselves, we don’t have the energy, and that’s okay.
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adhdew · a day ago
adhd hacks for finals week!
hey guys :) i know the end of the semester is coming up for a lot of us, so here are a few tips that have been helping me get through that last work push. 
work in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable place. if you’re home, this could mean sitting on the stairs, in the bathroom, or even at someone else’s desk. i know it sounds weird, but the less comfortable you are, the less likely you are to get distracted. just don’t hurt yourself in the process, and take breaks when you need to!
put your shoes on. i’ve seen this floated around a lot, but it really can help! something about tricking your brain into thinking you’re going to go out and do something really makes a difference. it’s usually best for doing chores around the house, but it can work for studying too.
throw your phone across the room. don’t actually throw it, but seriously. you can catch up on notifications later, and it removes the temptation altogether. 
maximize your schoolwork tabs. this one banks on the notoriously bad object permanence of adhd. if you can’t see anything other apps or sites, then you might conveniently forget to check them, and get that last paragraph done.
naturally these won’t work for everyone– motivation is hard, but i know we can all get through this. best of luck!
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adhdtho · 2 days ago
people always talk about forgetting to eat or drink in the ADHD community but what about eating while you’re doing something else like watching a show or reading and you blink and suddenly you have eating your weight in food and the pantry is empty and why is my tummy hurting oh—
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reneesfanstuffdepository · 11 hours ago
Colin Robinson complaining about being accused of draining his friends on purpose and then actually doing it out of spite just to prove a point has the same energy of when I start talking non stop with my parents when they're watching TV after they made me feel like shit for something I was excited to tell them
oh, so you don't care about what I'm saying? then prepare yourself to listen to a forty minutes rant about color theory and it's application on cinema with no pauses nor consideration
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langdot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
adhd flag created by langdot! this flag is supposed to be used for people with adhd, self diagnosed adhd, and any other kinds of people with adhd!
color meanings:
pink: happiness of loving yourself despite troubles.
blue: acceptance of adhd being part of you as a person.
white: being respectful of all people with adhd.
green: fun things that people with adhd like to do! (example: stim a lot! not all people with adhd do this but you can use any example!!!)
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mogai-headcanons · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Diya from Butterfly Soup is a selectively mute autistic doggender pupgender woofwoofgender pupcute pupstimmic mutedgender demigirl lesbian with social anxiety who uses she/her, pup/pups, woof/woofs, dog/dogs, and no pronouns, and pup’s dating Min-seo, a neurodivergent butch trans nonbinary genderpunk agender ahauntic les4les lesbian who uses any pronouns! They’re both friends with Akarsha, a bisexual nonbinary genderfluid girlflux boyflux demigender catgender genderpurr meowmeowgender ciellagender weblinguic lexefunkyic person with ADHD who uses she/her, he/him, cat/cats, and web/webs pronouns, and Akarsha is dating Noelle, an undiagnosed autistic transfemme questioning lesbian who uses she/her pronouns!
dni transcript here
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