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I was walking around town with my neirodivergent friend and they were headbanging to a Danganronpa meme and someone drove out of the parking lot we were walking by and rolled down their window, honked at us and yelled ‘rock on!’ Put the window with their pinky, thumb and index finger out in a rock and roll symbol and later I asked if they knew them and they just went ‘nope no clue’. Wholesome. 10/10

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I had a dream last night where I was in the fbi and I had to sniper shoot some old school friends (cause they were a massive danger or something). And my associates afterwards kept saying how sorry they are that I had to do that. How I must need to breakdown and cry because I hadn’t killed anyone before and because I knew them. And even though I knew I should be upset, I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t feel anything. I knew I should be an emotional wreck but I just felt numb

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Let’s talk stimming.

Stimming, also known as self stimulation, is a coping mechanism often used in neurodivergent people, shown especially in those with Autism and other sensory processing disorders. It is a sort of tool used to help soothe nerves and provide sensory input.

Coming in many different forms, stimming can be useful in overwhelming situations. It can vary in many different forms, such as repeated motor movements (ex. fidgeting and hand flapping) or auditory stims (ex. verbal clicking, humming, listening to music) and the use of objects such as fidget tool.

Stimming can help improve focus and concentration, as well as help with emotional control and sensory issues. It’s important that we let people stim when needed, and not be so quick to judge those who do so in public. It’s a perfectly normal thing to do and can help relieve tension in stressful situations.

Most importantly for those who feel the need to mask in public: Make sure to stim when you are overwhelmed and give yourself breaks!

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I looked at L and Levi and decided to rub my grubby little non-binary, neurodivergent hands all over them.

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Today’s echolalia:


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ive got this metal container that i put my stim toys in to take with me when i leave the house, right? well i just thought of what to call it:

the Stimmy Tin

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i know i’m not supposed to get mad at my brother because he’s neurodivergent and he can’t help it,

but GODDAMMIT i just want to glue his ass to a chair and duct tape his mouth close because HE WON’T SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP

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*flirting* girl i can make you a quesadilla

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A Characterisation/Writing Guide - Autism and ADHD


Hi everyone! This post is going to be a guide on how to accurately write characters with Autism and ADHD. I have been so many works where Autism and ADHD have been terribly written - using so many stereotypes and just nonsense that has nothing to do with neurodivergences, so I hope this helps educate writers and give them more confidence to write such characters.

For reference, I have Autism and ADHD, as well as many friends with either, therefore this information is coming directly from a neurodivergent.

This guide will be split into three parts: characterisation in both Autism and ADHD, Autism chracterisation and ADHD characterisation. This being because Autism and ADHD, while two different disorders, do have some overlaps. 


Neurodivergent - describes those differing in mental or neurological function from what is considered typical or normal

Neurotypical - describes those who are considered normal and do not differ in mental or neurological function

NOTE - Not everyone is the same. Everyone is different and will act and feel in different ways, this is simply an overview of how Autism and ADHD typically can be characterised

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Anyone else have an odd sensory thing where when you get anxious or about to have a meltdown, you have to hide your face?

I’ve made a dope mask to help with that and it works. But it’s weird and I was wondering if anyone could relate?

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Tone Tags

Hey guys, so a little tidbit on me, I’m neurodivergent so sometimes understanding things over text is really hard for me. I use tone tags as a way to express emotion over text. If you ever wanna talk me, which feel free to hop in my dms at any point, please try and use these, it helps a bunch.

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I’ve been described as “eccentric” in my medical journals and I think that’s very sexy of me

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Neurotypicals don’t realize that saying shit to neurodivergent people like “ you’re weird but in a good way lol” isn’t a compliment or flattering and it just makes us feel bad about ourselves.

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Would anyone send suggestions for new content creators to watch? A lot of the creators I used to watch have been revealed as creeps or are bigoted, and I just can’t take it anymore.

It would be great if you could suggest creators who are lgbtq+, disabled and/or neurodivergent, because it would be nice to watch creators who are like me. But it is not a requirement. Feel free to send in anyone you like who has a good track record.

It would also be great if there are subtitles or closed captioning on most videos, regardless of language.

I watch mostly on YouTube, and I’ll go to Twitch sometimes if someone is good live. I don’t use Tik Tok or Instagram, and I don’t intend to start, so please don’t send suggestions from there.

Anon is available for those who are shy.

-Mod Ark (Adele Shift)

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What’s a food that you love eating that neurotypicals would judge you for and tell you it’s weird without even trying it?

Mine is cereal with peanut butter. You get protein from the peanut butter, plus it’s crunchy because you mixed cereal into it, and the milk makes the peanut butter less sticky so it doesn’t gum up your mouth. It’s really easy to make, much more filling than plain cereal, and in my opinion it’s delicious.

I haven’t made it in forever because I’m living with my parents at the moment, and they would absolutely judge me for it, but today I was feeling daring so I made it and remembered how much I love it.

Anyways neurotypicals shouldn’t dictate what you eat and don’t eat. They’re going to judge you for being neurodivergent anyways, no matter how much you try to please them by acting “normal”.

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So what do you hobgoblins do with the excess expensive supplies you purchase before remembering your brain won’t stay on track long enough to use them? Because I’m running out of room…..

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Can neurotypicals stop it with the “you’re biting your nails you must be nervous, take deep breaths you’re rocking too much, oh hun are you getting anxious you’re fidgeting” it’s annoying as hell. Like, no Janet I’m not fucking nervous. I’m just vibing.

Stimming is not a sign of anxiety. Quite the contrary actually.

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