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i shed the pain and emptied my heart, i took the time to clean out the clutter and dump out the useless collections. you were the one i held onto before i finally let it go, i felt the goodbye ripping into me, you ripping away forever. a ghost is what you were? a dream perhaps? all i know is when i opened my eyes you were already long gone. the night the moon looked down on me i thought she was being unsympathetic but she was telling me to move on girl, waiting for my next move. my heart yielded, but this time i left with no tears numb from distance, diminished over time. yes, its finally gone. soulmate, twin…it never mattered to me when we would fast walk through the breathing trees. i saw you in my dreams looking right at me wearing green, even though i think about it i wont find out what it means. no more struggles, im not coming and you don’t have to come for me.

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Heyo, I’m a member and also the writer of this story you can call me pervy! I’m here to summarize the story that I’ve been working on and hopefully gain a few people who’re interested in stories with fantasy aspects while also being based in reality, as well as having tragic backstories, plot twist, romance and more to come as the story carries on, but enough on that Let me give you the background of the story.

The story is about our protagonist Kibishi. Kibishi is head of a group of orphans that he considers his family, not only that but most of them being extremely talented with gifted hexes they all deceived to form a mercenary group amongst the eldest of the orphans to make a living. The orphans that aren’t a part of the group stay at home and live without any major issues inside of their estate deep within the forest of Kaiban.

Them forming this group and climbing the ranks to be one of the world’s most profound mercenary groups, but before they became well known throughout the land of Folaina they had been assigned jobs like taking out small threats, never failing a single mission, well sort of. After a while of constant victories they were contacted by the Plunders Association and told to take care of a nearby threat, things went left and they framed eliminating their target taking her in and allowing her to join them.

And from there on they became a force to be reckoned with and this made them a threat in the eyes of many Kingdoms and tragedy stuck… If you really want to know what else happens in this story, Follow and I’ll be more than glad to fill you in and drop a bit of the novel to gain you attention.

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