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remuslupininskirts · a minute ago
I just realised that I have yet to say this on my page but FUCK JKR, she is transphobic just as a starting point for her flaws.
On this page we support everyone. No discrimination.
I myself am a bisexual (omni if you want to be specific) she/they person but anyone is welcome of any gender and sexuality.
This isn’t just about the lgbtq+ though this also includes excepting everyone of every race, religion and anything else you can think of.
This page is a for anyone as long as you aren’t attacking other in the comments.
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my-gender-is · a minute ago
my gender is country house by blur
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toymusa · 16 minutes ago
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lifekrisis · 19 minutes ago
How the f am I suppose to figure out my gender identity??
I don't really like girl, except sometimes I kinda do?
Nb is good but French don't have neutral pronouns so I feel like sh*t!
And boy is unknown territory, tho I like when I'm mistaken for a boy...
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fox-steward · 30 minutes ago
Because of this blog i tried detransitioning to see if I really had dysphoria before I had surgery and it was the worst mistake of my life. Every single day my dysphoria got worse and I nearly fucked up my kidney going cold turkey on hrt. And the worst part is that in order to get top surgery I had to be on hrt for 2 straight years, and because my therapist knows I tried detransitioning I have to wait the entire time all over again. Fuck this blog and fuck you
lmao your mistake is not my fault! better luck next time,see ya in 5-8 years 🤙🏼
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my-gender-is · 42 minutes ago
My gender is the main character from the tell-tale heart by edgar allen poe
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enby-moss · 42 minutes ago
Fellow Neurodiverse / Queer folk! I found an amazing movie with a neurodiverse + queer protagonist.
(Please watch it I'm obsessed and need somebody to talk about it with)
Tumblr media
Predestination (2014)
It gets intense at times but it's a seriously crazy, sad, and wholesome story. Time travel is a central focus so there are plot twists like every five minutes, many of which I DIDNT see coming (but looking back, they were clearly foreshadowed)...
give this movie a watch, it's seriously 10/10 and I couldn't reccomend it more for my nd trans friends, I personally found it inspirational and wholesome, and It instantly made it next to my other favorite movie, the matrix (💓 wachowskis)
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fluffyroki · 43 minutes ago
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my-true-gender-is · 45 minutes ago
My gender is Denki Kaminari but when he goes stupid after using his powers too much.
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randomalex11 · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I didn't post anything here long ago, I've been having several anxiety and panic attacks, plus apart the dysphoria added to all that, but I'm back overcoming all that a little bit! nvn
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whocaresgobuckwild · 53 minutes ago
I find it funny how terfs of tumblr (im not very active on other sites but I assume it's similar) will say that we're pushing it down their throats but like honey... There is absolutely no way you could have found my tiny ass post with like 3 notes without searching for it. Lets be real here, you just searched up transgender or trans or whatever into the search bar, went to recents and then started harassing the first person you saw, and then when we defend ourselves, you have the audacity to get mad!
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2headed-edbo-oy · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Local gender spotted on the news
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cubegargoyle · an hour ago
Hey Tumblr androgynes ! I need your help !
I've been looking for some stylish boxers + brassiere (but for adult) and I can't find shit anywhere in my country cause they systematically have briefs that shows the butt instead... And I'm asking because I remember some trans and queer friendly sites with this, where there was boxers/boy's shorts but I can't remember them at all !
The closer I could find to what I want was this... but the brand on the thing... It's kind of meh for me...
Tumblr media
So if anyone got some near website, that would be awesome !!
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Tumblr media
[Image ID: The trans flag waving on a black background with the words, "Born to be ME" written on the flag. End ID.]
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megan-jules · an hour ago
I have said, and I truly believe, that we all get what we want in this world. We just have to learn to live with the consequences of our actions. We close our eyes and express our true hearts desire without ever thinking about what comes next. A true djinn wish if ever I heard one.
I wished to be a beautiful woman. And so I shall be. But beauty is more than appearance. And gender is a construct. So really what did I wish for?
I created it all, including the horrible consequences. What did I really have to fear? Change. And now I will change the world. Just watch me!
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severalpottedplants · an hour ago
here is my attempt at some animal names:
- bear
- bug
- fox
- fawn
- kit
- fowl
- polliwog
- cygnet
- cub
- pup
- kitty
- arne (eagle, scandinavian)
- bird/birdie
- bunny
- colt
- mare
- jay/j
- lynx
- robin
- sparrow
- wren
- lark
- finch
- pike
- corbin (crow, latin)
- lupus (wolf, latin)
- avem (bird, latin)
- simia (monkey, latin)
- maki (lemur, french)
- puma
- neko (cat, japanese)
- tanuki
- tori (bird, japanese)
- takaki (hawk, japanese)
- kitsu (lemur, japanese)
- raion (lion, japanese)
- itachi (weasel, japanese)
- löwe (lion, german)
- falke (hawk, german)
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eggsfordevs · an hour ago
why do (some) cis people think they have a say in trans issues???
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