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Hey! Could y’all do me a solid and make sure this gets to people who could use it?

I’ve kind of been compiling different resources and websites that could help people transition so I thought I would share it. Please feel free to add on! If you look these up you’ll be able to find it right away!

  • Refuge Resrooms-A Website that shows you gender neutral restrooms in your area (Enby friends 👀)
  • Practice With Pronouns-Helps you practice using Neopronouns along with binary pronouns and singular They/Them
  • Pronoun Dressing Room-Writes a story about whoever you want using the name and pronouns you put in!
  • Trevor Project-A hotline for LGBTQ+ people that feel at risk (also has a messaging system for those that don’t want to call)
  • Translifeline-Like the Trevor Project, but more targeted towards Transgender people
  • Transbucket-People can share transitioning experiences, specifically on top/bottom surgery
  • TomboyX-Trans Apparrel
  • GC2B, FLAVNT, Underworks-All Binders (And I think they also have some stuff for trans women on Underworks)
  • Gender Gear-Binders, packers, breast forms, etc.

I’ll be updating this as I find more!


Originally posted by aesxual

Thanks for reading this!!

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Shower dysphoria

Showering can be especially tough if you’re trans and the dysphoria that comes with it is can make it difficult to shower a healthy amount. There are many ways to make it more bearable though because showering is just about getting clean.

  • Playing your favorite music. This one is my favorite and having my favorite music as loud as possible is a very good distraction.
  • Showering with the lights off (or very minimal lighting). This one is not for everyone and it can take some getting used too. But not being able to see the things that make you dysphoric is a pretty effective way of avoiding the dysphoria that comes with showering.
  • Using a wash cloth or loofah makes it so you don’t have to touch the parts that make you dysphoric and they help with cleaning.
  • Showering with a swimsuit or a binder a size larger can also help because you don’t have to see or touch dysphoria inducing spots and you’ll still be able to get clean.

Showers don’t have to be long they are just about getting clean a five minute shower that’s just long enough to get clean is perfectly fine. Plus for people who have to hide their binders and wash them secretly showering is a good time to do so. You can do this by taking the binder in there with you and washing it with body wash. It’s very important to make sure all the soap is out and then ring it out. You want to make sure to get as much water out as possible and then you can wrap it in a towel and take it back to your room and hang it to dry. If you shower at night the binder should be dry by the morning and you can wear it the next day.

Also sorry I haven’t posted in a while online school is weird and I’m just getting into a schedule now and I should be able to start posting more again.

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Hey guys,

I have to write a story about a fairytale but change it so that it’s almost unrecognizable. I wanted to base my story on Mulan but instead of having the protagonist be a girl dressed as a man, I wanted the MC to be a transgender man who is enlisted in the military to escape his transphobic family and town as well as serve their country. While in the military, he meets the general, who is a woman, and they fall in love with each other like Mulan and Li Shang did. However, I’m a straight cisgender girl and do not know how to depict the POV of a trans man. Can you guys help me out?

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