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#queer nsft
angelic-nsfw · 2 days ago
I desperately want a lazy make out session rn, just holding each other close, my fingers tangled in their hair as we kiss, letting their hands roam my body as i straddle them, feeling a bulge form in their underwear as I slowly start to move my hips against it, to tired to take it off and fuck we just keep kissing, covering each other in bite marks and deep purple hickeys as we fall asleep in each others arms
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abductaped · 2 days ago
Squish me
Tumblr media
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aerisafterdark · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
i’d like to think i have pretty nice hands, wouldn’t you agree?
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bunnyboywrites · a day ago
all horror stories start at night.
This particular night was darker than usual, it was raining and I had lost the last bus home. I was wet, cold and had a long walk ahead of me. Maybe in different circumstances I might've made different, wiser decisions. But they weren't and I didn't. Because when the stranger parked his car next to me and offered me a ride home I said yes.
I got in the car and immediately began rethinking my choices, but I saw him smile and all doubt went away.
He had dark hair and dark eyes, I couldn't see exactly what color in the dark but I could tell they were beautiful, he was beautiful.
He asked for directions and I gave them to him. His accent was strange but beautiful too. Caught up in his beauty, before I realized it I was home and I was asking him to come in. After all he'd been kind, the least I could do was offer him a cup of tea, return the kindness, right?
I set up the water on the stove and returned to the living room and when I saw him I stopped in my tracks. He was standing there completely naked, his cock erect. I was about to scream but when he smiled at me all fear went away, just like before.
Now I could see him clearly, his hair was jet black, it contrasted with his pale skin. And his eyes, his eyes were dark red, glowing like rubies and even more beautiful.
"That's it, be a good boy." He said, walking closer to me. His voice was like a drug, I wanted him to keep talking.
He touched my cheek.
"You know I was driving home and all I could think was how hungry I was, i have a couple rabbits, some deer I could eat but no, today I'm so hungry that wouldn't be enough. And then I saw you, beautiful, walking in the rain all by yourself and I couldn't help myself."
He ripped my shirt and my binder like they were nothing, exposing my chest and taking one of my breasts in his hand.
"So beautiful." He liked from my breast up to my neck and kept his mouth next to my ear. "You must be wondering why you're so calm, why you don't want to scream even though you know you probably should."
He grabbed my pants from behind and ripped them too. Throwing what was left to the floor and leaving me completely exposed.
"You see my voice confuses you humans, its like a drug, it mixes your signals so you find yourself doing things you usually wouldn't do. Like this."
He pushed me to my knees and I didn't fight it, I didn't want to. With his thumb he parted my lips and pushed his cock inside my mouth. He moaned as it went in. He didn't have to force me, I loved it, I licked it from base to tip and put it back in all the way. I could feel his hard cock all the way in the back of my throat and I wanted to keep going. He grabbed my hair and I moaned. I kept bobbing my head, taking all of him on my mouth. As he kept moaning the urgency in my head became stronger. I needed him and I needed his cum. I kept sucking him and as his cum shot into the back of my throat and he yelled with pleasure I could hear the teapot ringing in the back, I couldn't care less.
He took himself out of my mouth, I was drooling and there were tears streaming down my face and I needed more of him.
He spoke in a strange language I did not understand, it sounded ancient and he caressed my face.
"That was so good, my boy. You deserve a price."
He signaled me to rise and I did. He brought me closer to him, grabbing my hips and brought his mouth to my neck. He inhaled and I felt his teeth sink into my neck.
The pain was short, and then it was all pleasure. It was like I was having the best orgasm of my life, he was moaning too, I knew he was drinking my blood, I knew I should feel afraid but all I could do was moan and all I could think about was the wetness between my legs.
I began feeling faint, my legs were shaking, he pushed me backwards, I could feel the counter behind me and he took his mouth from my neck with a loud moan.
"no, please." I begged, " dont stop."
"Shhhhh," he put his index finger on my lips. "I know you want more baby but I want to play with you a little bit longer."
He turned me around so I was facing the counter and without warning pushed his cock, hard once again, inside me. We both moaned as he was thrusting all the way inside me.
"Does that feel good?"
I nodded, not able to talk and I tried pushing myself backwards, he was already as deep as he could inside my cunt but I just wanted more.
"Ohhh, you're a needy boy, aren't you?" He asked. And kept his hips still as his hands went up to my breasts and began pulling at my nipples.
I moaned again.
"You're so dirty, I bet you just want me to fuck your wet little holes, dont you?"
I opened my mouth but nothing came out. He kept pulling at my nipples and he began licking my neck were he had bitten me. It felt so good I needed nothing more to cum.
Soon the floor was a mess with my juices and he was laughing behind me.
"Nasty boy." He said to my ear and spanked me.
"You like that, dont you? You like it when I hurt you?" He spanked me again. "You want me to hurt you and eat you, you want me to use you for my own pleasure." He kept spanking me over and over.
Then he grabbed my hips and began fucking me again, so hard I thought I might pass out, he was taller than me, he lifted me to the point my feet were barely touching the ground. He pushed my face to the hard surface of the counter and fucked me for so long, longer than any human might've lasted. Pushing in and out of my cunt. Until finally his cum shot up inside me just as his fangs broke my skin again and I blacked out.
I was still naked when I woke up, but I was not in my kitchen anymore. I was comfortable, in a soft surface and there was no pain whatsoever.
It took me a few seconds to realize I was in a bed. A big one.
The man... the vampire walked in after a few hours of me faing in and out of consciousness. He was completely clothed this time.
He looked at me and licked his lips.
"You know I thought I'd killed you back there."
I could feel myself getting wet again and I knew he could tell.
"I'm glad I didn't though, I think I want to keep you for a while." He put his hand between my legs. "You're a pretty toy to play with."
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babys-nsfw-thoughts · a day ago
concept: a discord server full of subby puppies.
a channel where you post pictures of you ears and tails (bonus points if worn)
a channel where you post pictures of your cute puppy ass and/or tits and all the other puppies flood you with compliments
a channel where you post videos of yourself humping a pillow, edging and whining for all the other puppies to edge and whine to.
a voice channel where you’re not allowed to speak just whine and bark.
and of course a main chat where we all post our dirtiest thoughts to each other just to keep us riled up and ready for our doms uwu
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soft-babyj · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wish I could post these not so censored, mainly cos they're banging pics I can't lie......
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also thanks for 360 followers I appreciate y'all, especially those who always interact with my stuff 🥰
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ballgoodman · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok so who’s gonna let me fuck their face
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angelic-nsfw · 2 days ago
I wish I had a girl cockwarming me right now while we watch a move, my strap deep inside her while we cuddle, when I adjust myself to get more comfortable and accidentally slide in another half inch to hear her whine and gasp, thoughts of ruining her cloud my mind and all my attention is directed away from the movie and onto her pleasure as I start to buck my hips into hers
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pussybxy · 2 days ago
Anyways I wish both my pussy and ass were stuffed full of cock and being pumped with cum and then plugged up so all the cum stays inside and my holes stayed stretched
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aerisafterdark · a day ago
Tumblr media
see something you like?~
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🗡️ (ae/aer + she/her, minors + terfs DNI!) 🗡️
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yummydummy · 19 hours ago
Do you want a good excuse to join the gym?
Well let me tell you that I can't wait for a soft pretty boy, with a nice tight ass to enter with me to the spa, I want to softly jerk them off under the water, so ashamed they are not able to cut me off, I want to grope them all over rubbing all over their skin.
I want to sit them on my lap, pressing my cock inn and out hard forcing them to quite the moans until they feel my cum completely filling their ass.
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babys-nsfw-thoughts · a day ago
take me to the pet store to get a custom tag and then make me show the cashier the cute little heart with “daddy’s slut” on it 🥺
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strawberrybunnyyy · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s heating up, i think the temperature’s rising
minors dni/okay to rb.
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horny-ex-catholic · a day ago
Thinking about a girl holding me by my throat as she backs me onto the bed, not letting go as she nudges my legs apart and uses her free hand to tease me over my panties
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damneddamage · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’m a good toy- I mean boy! 😳
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prettiestbf · 2 months ago
thinking about being fully clothed but with a dildo all the way inside me while we make out,, you keep pressing your thigh between my legs to push it in deeper ,, i’m whining as i hump your leg and you’re calling me pathetic :)
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