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As adressed in my last post my parents aren’t the best allies (maybe they’re trying) anyway what’s been important to rem and has kept me from giving up are the people in my corner.

I have my therapist,my friends, my choir teacher, half the choir, that one girl who when my friend said my last name thought she said Alex and asked if I wanted to be called Alex, and the gay guy who sat next to me in history this year who asked me if I was trans ‘cause rumors.

People are there for you and not always who you expect .

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YA authors: *not putting any queer characters in their stories about a group of marginalized people overthrowing the government that oppresses them because it’s “not realistic” or “not necessary”*

Me, a simple gay working on a trilogy that I’ve had in the back of my mind since sixth grade, pulling plot points out of my ass: So the main character will be a mixed girl who’s probably asexual (tbd), her best friend will be a half-Jewish, ¼ Japanese lesbian who eventually comes out as non binary, and, if I’m feeling spicy, I’ll add enough hints in my book that if people complain about how many queer characters there are, I’ll just reveal that my token Straight White Boy of the Trio™️ is trans

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