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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Women are encouraged to be gay for me in order to increase my powers and enable the downfall of the United States as it currently exists.

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Okay, so this house…

(Yeah I’m going back to it because I’m obsessed with the idea)

Started as a family house, new people settling in and making a name for themselves, but the member of the family was not cut for the type of labor it is needed so they made new member trained them for war. Here the clones, people that looks like them, but are better and fulfill the role.

War happened and the house is left in disarray, the clones barely survive and left as soon as they could.

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Very upset i’ve never gotten a love letter. I’ve written plenty but recieved none that i remember. The injustice.

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So is Kirby just constantly painfully hungry, hence his eating habits, or does he not need food and just eats for like…decoration?

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Anyway by virtue of sheer unrelenting feral savagery i am now the Alpha Lesbian and the Alpha Trans Girl, anyone with objections can take them up with my teeth~<3

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You wanna throw meat into the dark depths of the ocean. You want to dump half your fishing haul beneath the waves. You want to feed my insatiable hunger with an entire whale corpse that i will swallow whole. You want to give me offerings so bad it makes you look stupid.

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If you are the beginning and end,

then let us be what we are best:

the slow departure, the unlikely subsistence,

bedmates without a bed.

- Meg Day, from “Ghazal for Finally Leaving What Has Already Left,” Last Psalm at Sea Level

gothic klonnie 2020 | day 1: white

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