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brandhoekyo · 4 minutes ago
Heads up to anyone that cares! I've had an awful migraine off and on today so I won't be watching the episode until tomorrow which means no liveblogs until then :(
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cisphobicfives · 7 minutes ago
i have... so many drafts. and im always so scared when i save smth as a draft it'll post ;_; bro
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jasmine-tea-latte · 10 minutes ago
Tomorrow ends the anonymous period for all of the Zutara Big Bang fics, woohoo!
As intriguing as it's been trying to guess who wrote what (I've figured out one for sure, I have a theory on another), I can't wait to see all of the authors revealed, especially if it's someone I've never read before - yay, somebody new to follow!
I especially can't wait to share what my team and I have worked on for the last few months. My group was made up of some incredibly talented people, and I'm excited to share their projects all over again 💜
In hindsight, I probably could have put together a guessing game like some of the other authors have done, but it's too late now I guess. Oh well, there's always next year right? (Although if you want to drop a guess in my inbox, I'd love to hear it!)
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sureuncertainty · 10 minutes ago
why is it so FUCKING complicated to get the medication i need to literally function? i’m never gonna not need it so can we just like. idk give me a ten year supply or something and call it good? I just... it’s not like i’m gonna suddenly be neurotypical when i move out of state so why the FUCK can’t they just fucking refill it when i need it? why do i have to go through the fucking stress of being at the doctor’s whim whether or not they’ll process my refill while i”m sitting here watching my supply dwindling, thinking about rationing to make it last longer, and feeling like the newfound control and stability i’ve had in my life is about to get fucking ripped from under me for no reason other than that i’m moving
i wouldn’t BE moving if it weren’t for my meds. i’d go right back to where i was, unable to make anything of myself, unable to push myself creatively, finding myself stuck and miserable and feeling like an absolute failure and the possibility of going back to that bc some overpaid ableist shithead doctor thinks i don’t deserve the ability to function like a normal human is equal parts TERRIFYING and RAGE inducing
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aurieeeeeenyx · 13 minutes ago
thanks for the tag, @veneritia :D
30 QUESTIONS: get to know me!
1. name/nickname: nyx (i also go by aurie cuz lol my url...haha...)
2. gender: uhhh good question *sweats* i generally use the label gnc (gender non-conforming) tho i think i also like agender? still figuring that out sjfjnabs (i use all pronouns btw; i like when multiple pronouns are used for me, though if you want to use one pronoun for me they/them is good)
3. star sign: gemini (don't know what moon and rising are)
4. height: you'll never know
5. time: too late to be doing my laundry that's for sure (jk it's late afternoon as of writing this...but i have been procrastinating doing laundry for the past four hours)
6. birthday: ;)
7. favorite band: the score
8. favorite solo artist: alec benjamin probably??? tbh i haven't listened to his stuff in a while but he's good go check out his music :) i mostly listen to random music that shows up in my recommended sdjfhds
9. song stuck in my head: all of them /j most recently maybe "i'm gonna win" by rob cantor tho honestly i always have at least 4 songs looping in my head at any given time /hj
10. last movie: howl's moving castle
11. last show: no idea; i don't think i've watched any recently, tho i have been thinking of rewatching atla
12. when i created this blog: april 2020 iirc
13. what i post: literally anything. this blog is just full of reblogs of random stuff (especially fandom related things for whatever fandom i've inevitably fallen into lmao) and the occasional creation of my own (art, animation, writing, etc)
14. last thing i googled: naginata
15. other blogs: i have a writing-only blog, @/aurienyx, which is...kinda dead, honestly. usually i post whatever to this blog, and then if it's writing (like Actual writing, and also original writing only-ish) then i'll reblog it to that blog. this blog was originally supposed to be a side blog but then...well, here we are (i post fics/drabbles and stuff to this blog only cuz yeah this one's more fandom-oriented; i think i post fic updates to the other one though)
16. do i get asks? rarely, but yes! i love getting asks, so feel free to send me one anytime :D
(getting long so the rest is under the cut!)
17. why i chose my url: oh boy. time for an explanation nobody asked for but i'm gonna give it anyways >:) a saga in three parts:
1, my url for this blog (aurieeeeeenyx) has 6 e's because it stems from the original (aurienyx), and that's because it was originally supposed to be a sideblog/joke-y blog—being unoriginal (/hj), i decided to stretch the vowels cuz that's what meme subreddits did and i thought it would be funny
2, the name "aurienyx" has two parts: "aurie" and "nyx". "aurie" is cuz i take latin, and "aureus" is "gold (coin)" in latin and like. that's cool (also we used to do this thing in class where we'd give ourselves names in latin and mine was "aurelius/a"). "aurenyx" looked funky to me so i stuck an "i" in there and that was that. the "nyx" part is where it gets fun: i used to be (and still kinda am) a mythology geek thanks, pjo/hoo and i always liked the name "nix/nyx", so i was like ah yes goddess of night nyx that's great—BUT i also really like(d) phoenixes so i was like aha! double whammy! and then i mixed them together and here we are
3, the less important part, "aurienyx" is a fairly short name with three distinct syllables and therefore easier to remember so like. branding or something ig (i didn't think abt this til after lmao) (this doesn't apply much to the url for this blog cuz it's loooooong)
so that's why! thank you for coming to my ted talk—
18. following: 256
19. followers: 129
20. average hours of sleep: .....don't attack me like this (not enough, clearly /j)
21. lucky numbers: don't really have them, but maybe 3 and 8?
22. instruments: piano, and i'm currently teaching myself (ish) ukulele! :D used to play oboe and cello but unfortunately not anymore...maybe i'll get back into cello someday (also thinking about learning guitar but uh 6 strings brain says no thank you /lh)
23. what am i wearing: right now i'm wearing a grey shirt/hoodie thing and black shorts
24. dream job: no idea/don't really have one; would love to be a part-time author though...kinda (i just wanna be able to create things for fun on the side ig)
25. favorite food: potatoes, maybe? they're so versatile it's great. but there's a lot of foods contesting for the spot so who knows
26. ?
27. nationality: :)
28. favorite song: oh god don't ask me this i can't chooooooose (but recently, probably "favorite color is blue" by robert delong ft k. flay... or maybe "revenge, and a little more" by unlike pluto... or maybe—)
29. last book i read: uhh besides an ungodly amount of fics i think the last book i actually finished was none of the above by i. w. gregorio. it was alright, though i wasn't really a fan. there's several other books i started but haven't finished reading, including (but not limited to) leviathan by scott westerfield, song of achilles by madeline miller, vicious by v.e. schwab, the night circus by erin morgernstern, the raven boys by maggie stiefvater....the list goes on
30. top 3 fictional universes i would like to live in: that's....really hard, honestly. i don't know, but if i had to choose: 1, harry potter bc i wanna explore hogwarts dammit; 2, the world in the game monument valley cuz wow those graphics are so pretty (the world of sky: children of the light too); and 3, this wonderland-based world i created a couple months ago lol (yes i'm biased but also i did a Lot of worldbuilding and i think it's really cool >:>)
tagging: @charlesjosephwrites, @belialwrites, @ryns-ramblings, @oasis-of-you, @djthedumbass, @iwantadamusername, @kittycatinblue, and anyone who wants to join :D
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frenchtoastie · 16 minutes ago
I feel like every time I go to work I have a personal crisis about feeling like I don’t look my age
#as in I look too young#like I see high schoolers come to the register and the way they talk to me it’s obvious they perceive me as the same age as them#and so many of the high schoolers look older than I am these days???#and the adults who come to shop there always sound shocked when I say something that gives away how old I am#like they’ll have questions about stuff + then I give them rlly insightful info about different products (I work @ a craft store btw)#and they’re like ‘oh? this is really helpful? you know a lot about this?’#and I have to be like ‘haha yea I have a bachelors degree in design with an emphasis on graphic design and fashion/costuming’#so many people have asked me when I was going to graduate and they meant high school but then I have to tell them uhhhh actually I graduated#college a bit ago and going to be 23 in a couple months#I look so young and no one takes me seriously until they find out how old I am and what ive done already#but by the time they find out it’s after I’ve told them everything they need to know and they’re done talking w me now#and then of course there are the times when I get gross comments when someone hits on me#it’s always been middle aged men who put an emphasis on me being young and cute#one guy once told me he was hitting on me because I looked like I could be the age of a daughter to him#and there was some dad who had a middle school age daughter shopping in the store and this dad was standing like right there in earshot#and I just like froze up while this old guy was telling me all these rlly gross things and I couldn’t make myself say anything#I was desperate for the parent to like maybe speak up but nothing#so I just finished the transaction silently while I felt so gross#i always think about that time; it makes my stomach so sick#anyway I know I have this crisis like once a month so sorry for everyone who’s seen me have this crisis before#it’s just#it never leaves me alone
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pika-girl1 · 16 minutes ago
I hate it when bitches start making new OCs and start simping over them instead of working on more important pieces and finishing WIPs.
It’s me.
I’m bitches.
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isabella-study · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Here's a photo from last night when I was looking cute.
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isabella-study · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Woke up with a headache, sore throat and cough and even though there are no cases of covid in South Australia, I'm doing the responsible thing and getting tested.
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greedybastardman · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
supply runs are... tedious.
(or ed is worried greed might snap and spend all the food money on frivolous bullshit, and ling wont stop pointing out things for greed to gawk at because its funny and it pisses off ed but hes also quite concerened about the food...)
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cooltmoney95 · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some teasers for Oswald, The Spy Chapter 1.
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algrenion · 26 minutes ago
anyways im writing a fic and im stuck bc Character B could take one of two responses to something Character A is doing and im pacing my room trying to decide what direction to take it
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dragon-hoard · 27 minutes ago
the smartphone bullshit of removing all pressable buttons is so abliest against blind people
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animallover81 · 28 minutes ago
Oh my god you guys I never really updated ya’ll on how my research paper went right? 
Well, to anyone who’d like to know, it actually went pretty great! My English teacher was quite impressed, I made a few errors on the MLA citations (but my teacher said it was okay, and that she wasn’t going to take any points off)
I’m honestly happy it worked out, ‘cause I was so fucking worried and scared when I was writing the research paper.
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blackopallpastawarrior · 31 minutes ago
When you've just made your bed and you're going to sleep in 2 hours <3
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