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Soooo after catching up on tma in high speed and only waiting two days for the first season 5 episode I was obviously craving distraction and something new and because I had seen lots of talk about the penumbra poscast while going through other podcast tags like tma and wtnv I thought I’d give it a try and… BOI so much is happening!! So quickly! Juno?? Has like NO restraint and what a nice change of pace after lots of slow burn I am so ready for this openly randy guy who gets into this much trouble!!

I am ready… aaaand already five episodes in

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Seven-year-old Erzsebet Hedevary stared at the battered old TV screen in her family’s living room in mounting horror.  It was the end of the reaping. The boy tribute in Twelve was skeleton-thin and walked with a limp.

Erzsebet held her breath waiting for someone, anyone to volunteer in his place.  All the other teenaged boys of Twelve were right there .  Not one of them volunteered.

“They just stood there,”  Erzsebet said, tears of fury streaming down her face,  “How could they just stand there?”

“Things are different in Twelve,” her mother said, with the sort of calmness one learns when one has spent decades firmly, righteously angry about the way things are, and, having no other outlet, accepted that anger into the quiet stillness of their kindness.  Or, as Erzsebet understood it, like an adult.

Erzsebet did not appreciate adults at this moment.

“At school they say that people from the poorer districts are all uncivilized stupid, but I had no idea they were monsters ”

“ Erzsebet ,” her mother said sharply,  “You know we don’t talk about people from our fellow districts that way.”

“But they just let him— they’re all so selfish and heartless and cowardly !”  Erzsebet’s clenched fists shook at her sides.  She felt a nearly irrepressible urge to punch someone, but any desirable target was frustratingly out of reach.

Mrs. Hedevary gently took her daughter’s hands in her own.  “Things really are just different in Twelve,” she said, “I don’t think either of us could understand what it’s like there, with peacekeepers swarming all over the place, working in the coal mines until their lungs are full of black and they can’t breathe properly.  They have to work so hard just to survive there, we can’t imagine the kind of bravery that takes. I don’t think they have the space to care about strangers in Twelve. You have to look after family first, you know that. And I think it just doesn’t occur to people that volunteering is an option . The reaping is just a death sentence there, unlucky and unavoidable.  We can’t blame them. That’s just what the Capitol wants. Do you understand, Erzsebet?”

Erzsebet didn’t, but she understood that she didn’t understand.  And she knew that it was mean to call anyone stupid or a monster, no matter what.  Also, it wasn’t fair to call anybody a coward unless you’d personally gone and done whatever it was they were too scared to.  So Erzsebet nodded. “I won’t say mean things about the other districts,” she said. “And if anyone else says mean things,” she added, brightening considerably at the prospect,  “I’ll punch them in the face!”

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fanfic authors tag game

Tagged by: the awesome @gracenm (aka @lily-ellison)

Tagging: @stephics @caribmermaid84 @ceterisparibus116 and anyone else who wants to!

Ao3 name: irelandhoneybee

Fandoms: Daredevil

Number of fics: 40

1. Fic you spent the most time on: Carry Your Heart, my one and only non-one shot.  lol  It’s seven chapters devoted to Matt and Karen growing closer in the leadup to Foggy and Marci’s wedding.  It started as an excuse to get them dancing (I will be forever bitter we never got Karedevil dancing on the show)

2. Fic you spent the least time on: aside from ficlets, Sweet Tooth practically wrote itself; that’s the one and only time I’ve written and posted on the same day

3. Longest fic: Carry Your Heart, at  12,088 words

4. Shortest fic: Morning Lullabies  

5. Most hits: Surprisingly, Sweetest Downfall It was the first thing I wrote after watching season 3; it consists of two ficlets, one from Matt’s POV, one from Karen’s about them rediscovering their feelings for each other post season 3.  It probably reads as unfinished, but it was intentional on my part.  lol  

6. Most kudos: Also Sweetest Downfall

7. Most comment threads: Carry Your Heart, by far

8. Fave fic you wrote: I’m getting repetitive here, but Carry Your Heart.  If you’re at all familiar with me, you know I am a huge romcom (romantic comedy) fan, and I had an absolute blast writing what’s basically a Karedevil RomCom

9. Fic you want to rewrite/expand on: I am usually always expanding my ficlet/headcanon collections, so I’m sure before too long there will be more  (I’ve been in a headcanon mood lately, and those are added to What I Wouldn’t Do

As for one I want to write (I’m putting here so I’ll actually do it, I have an idea for one where Marci drags Karen wedding dress shopping (a bit of a follow up to Let Your Heart Be Light, in which (spoiler alert) they get engaged.  Matt and Karen have been too busy to do any wedding planning, so Marci takes matters into her own hands.  lol  

10. Share a bit of your WIP or share a story idea that you’re planning: just starting plotting one out, which was a prompt by @qs63 where the trio run into an old (male) friend of Karen’s, who knows all about her past, which, naturally leads to Jealous Matt (I’ve written Matt getting jealous several times, and it is a delight, so I am very eager to start writing it.  Sorry Matt.  lol  

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and now?

[ mytime_mp3 ]

it’s hard to want to celebrate my birthday in a pandemic..

my 18th birthday was today, and this is strange. I wanted to grow up as a child, but now I don’t want that anymore.. I don’t want to have big problems~

can I someday finna find my time

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