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It was piper’s birthday. She took a picnic basket and some food and went alone in the woods, not too far too get lost but away from others. She had prepared a meal for two. No one was coming. She sat there looking at the sun and telling cheroki stories to absolutely no one. At some point she got up and pulled out a cupcake from her basket. She lighted a candle and waited. After a while a ghost appeared. “hey… Long time no see”, Jason had come. He had never really abandoned her. She sat down and blew out the candle and sighted. “I told nico to help with this. Everyone misses you. I miss you… ”, piper was crying. Not from sadness, she finally accepted what had happened. These were tears of joy. Seeing Jason helped. “happy birthday beauty queen”, Jason’s image faded to mist. Piper was alone again. But she always had Jason watching her over.

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Every time this racism/representation discourse in the PJO fandom pops up it just feels like this:

PJO Fandom: Yass Uncle Rick! Representation and inclusion!

POC part of the fandom: uhhh… he got like 90% inherently wrong and is selling those wrong messages that are even included in the official art to young impressionable kids and has made millions off off that. Here’s what’s wrong and here are ideas on how we can fix that!

PJO Fandom: OMG! Stop bring so annoying! It’s a kid book series! It’s not that deep and not important! Stop bullying people! The canon is fine and I’m going to stick with it!

POC part of the fandom: What? We don’t want to bully anyone! We’re just making sure that the adults in charge get their stuff right. Riordan tried, sure! But he did many mistakes in canon and lots of them are offensive. That unfortunately includes some of the artwork, official and unofficial. And here are some links for further research!!

PJO fandom: S T O P B U L L Y I N G

POC part of the fandom:

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She swallowed. “Wear this, at least. For luck.”

She took off her necklace, with her five years’ worth of camp beads and the ring from her father, and tied it around my neck.

“Reconciliation,” she said. “Athena and Poseidon together.”

My face felt a little warm, but I managed a smile. “Thanks.”

“And take this,” Grover said. He handed me a flattened tin can that he’d probably been saving in his pocket for a thousand miles. “The satyrs stand behind you.”

im so SOFT for THEM

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@white PJO fandom: over the past few days, discussion over racism in the canon description of characters, as well as how characters are depicted in fanart, has increased massively. This is not silly and it is not something to be shoved under the rug. You need to listen to what fans of colour are telling you if they tell you your fanart is inaccurate at best and racist at worst-yes, you need to listen even if they’re angry at you for it, because people are allowed to be angry when their skin colour is completely dismissed or changed. People are not calling for your heads, they are calling for you to apologize and do better in all your next fanart. This is really not difficult.

Yes, fandom has an issue with racism. PJO fandom has an issue with racism. That needs to be acknowledged and changed.

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“The Santa Monica Pier.” Annabeth sat up a little straighter. I could tell she liked the “Your Highness” thing. “Get us there fast, and you can keep the change.”


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“Why can’t you place a blessing like that on us?” I asked.

“It only works on wild animals.”

“So it would only affect Percy,” Annabeth reasoned.

“Hey!” I protested.

remember being 12 years old and pointing at pictures of animals in the school biology book and saying to your friends “this is you”. same energy

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