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connabeth 2 days ago
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proof annabeth has never been the exasperated parent in their relationship and if you disagree, you鈥檙e wrong馃槍
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si-cant-spell a day ago
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The og Percy and Annabeth
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gibz-n-things a day ago
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she'll put you in your place 馃挭 馃挭 back again with more art after the new cast announcement ((dialogue from the musical))
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strungoutheart 2 days ago
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thaliasthunder 2 days ago
i think nothing will ever hurt me more than bianca saying "you've got so tall" to nico when they saw each other again after he summoned her in the last olympian, months of nico, a literal child being left alone, desperately trying to get to the only family that there was for him. nothing.
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raspberrysgod 2 days ago
deleting all my dating apps so i can find love the old fashioned way (save the world at 12, share an underwater kiss at 16, gets his memory wiped and only remembers me, then we fall into a pit of death together, survive, then share a kiss where our parents rivalry started)
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ifknlovenicodiangelo 2 days ago
um. the concept of nico having lil ghost buddies that he talked to about will, before they dated
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fierrochaseist4t 2 days ago
happy riordanverse sapphic summer
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calypsoswhatif a day ago
to all the people who headcanon all hoo characters as lgbt except frank, how does it feel to be so delusional? because i know my mans did not put a lit up lantern beside his bed to look up in the mornings to feel the calming presence of 'fire' and gather his thoughts and emotions together just for you to call him straight.
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readwithlivvy 2 days ago
hmmm the way some of y'all reacted to annabeth and clarisse's casting really shows your true colours
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annxbxths 23 hours ago
he's a 10 but look, he didn't want to be a halfblood鈥
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pipergracesblog a day ago
Percy: Bad things keep happening to me, like I have bad luck or something.
Annabeth: Percy, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass.
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simpingforpjo a day ago
Thalia: What do you think butterflies taste like?
Grover: They taste bad
Annabeth: How do you-
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strungoutheart 6 hours ago
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inlovewithficboys 2 days ago
Percy: annabeth you love me right??
Annabeth: normally i would say yes without any hesitation but i feel like i wont like where this is going....... PERSEUS JACKSON WHAT DID YOU DO NOW
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winstonprattmybbg 2 days ago
Maturing is realizing the Seven WERE friends but Rick was too busy focusing on their BEYOND terrible relationships that people don't realize they meant alot to eachother
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ifknlovenicodiangelo 2 days ago
i like to think that Sally sent Percy to therapy when he comes home for the school year
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More random riordanverse headcanons I have because you guys liked the first one??
Percy doesn鈥檛 know how to tie a tie properly and at first Sally helped him but then it transitioned to Annabeth helping him (she knows how since she went to private schooling)
Hazel likes adopting stray cats
Grover likes using his reed pipes to make plants (primarily flowers) grow so that he can give them to Juniper
Nico likes painting his nails but he always gets annoyed by how quickly they get chipped
Percy and Thalia like to talk about music a lot bc they have similar music taste and sometimes Nico joins in
Speaking of, once the campers at CHB found out Nico didn鈥檛 know any modern music, they all bombarded him with it (his favorite is MCR bc ofc it is)
Back to Percy and Thalia, the two mainly argue about genres because Percy is more into classic rock and Thalia is into punk
The two will also get into very heated arguments about music and not speak to each other for a while before they eventually forget why they were fighting in the first place
Travis and Katie are a couple (this still isn鈥檛 canon for some reason?)
Speaking of, Katie and the majority of the Demeter cabin definitely grow weed and the reason she gets so pissed at the Stoll brothers is because they keep almost busting her by accident
Annabeth and Piper introduced Taylor Swift to Hazel and now she鈥檚 obsessed with it and the three of them have Taylor Swift singalongs, sometimes joined by Percy and Frank
Piper loves Paramore
Jason often loses his glasses (Leo loves to hide them as well)
Rachel refuses to get a driver鈥檚 license
Leo pretends to like coffee but he always has to drink it with lots of sugar to even tolerate the taste
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yonemurishiroku a day ago
Annabeth and Percy are both somewhat scared of what Percy did to Anklys back in Tartarus.
So now, I鈥檇 love to know their reactions when they find out Nico technically鈥攕cratch that, straight up murdered one living demigod and allowed another鈥檚 suicide. Unafraid. Unrepentant. Knowing full well what he did was justice.
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bbyannabeth 2 days ago
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come morning light
chapter four: the bloodbath
The arena looked like two different places depending on where she turned her head. To her left were trees. She鈥檇 never seen ones like those back home, but they looked tropical from everything she鈥檇 ever seen in pictures and textbooks. To her right was a sandy body of water - one that looked endless, though she was positive that it was some sort of mirage. She didn鈥檛 have time to wonder about it right now.聽
There were twenty seconds left, and her attention shifted back to the Cornucopia. She saw backpacks dotting the ground around the mouth, one as close as fifteen feet away from her, and she figured that was her best bet. Her eyes flicked up and caught something gleaming in the sunlight - a trident. Percy.
Immediately, her eyes began searching for him and she found him only three tributes to her left. He was already looking at her.
read on ao3 // start from chapter 1
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