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"I also don’t blame the fandom for attaching themselves to that ship. This book was published in 2014, and I don’t think people realize how little representation there was back then for gay people, especially in Middle Grade." Quoting this for truth! Queer rep in mainstream fiction circa 2013-2014 was incredibly rare, in mainstream children's lit practically nonexistent. For Nico to be canonically gay *and* have an on-screen love interest at all (even if last minute) was pretty damn huge. It's n
This isn’t to say that you can’t dislike Solangelo… I can agree it was underdeveloped, but I also wish people saw this more in context. I don’t expect everyone to see anything today from the lens of seven years ago, but I do think the lens is very important when it comes to understanding the fanbase’s reaction to Solangelo.
I’ve seen people compare Solangelo’s popularity to other underdeveloped straight ships, complaining that everyone hates Jasiper but loves Solangelo, and look, I do understand where they are coming from, I do. But… it’s not the same.
2013-2014 may not seem that long ago when it comes to gay rights… but there was a lot of homophobia back then, and homosexuality was still considered taboo, especially when it came to children’s media. Also, I think a lot of people forget that gay marriage wasn’t legalized in the U.S. until 2015. I think a lot of people underestimate how far gay rights have come in 7 years. The way gay relationships are viewed now aren’t nearly the same as they were viewed when these books came out.
The reason so many people love Solangelo who don’t love ships like Jasiper and Frazel is because it was representation in a time where gay rep was scarce.
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life-wise-girl · a day ago
Percy: have you seen my sunglasses?
Nico, staring at the sun glasses pushed behind Percy's hair: 30 dollars and I'll help you find it
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Nico will have really bad nightmares so he runs into the infirmary or the Apollo cabin and just hide it wills chest
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sinigangbased · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Glad they're getting their own series :)
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When there's light, there's heat, right?
Now imagine:
Will Solace glowing bright (or rather, hot) enough to absolutely incinerate all monsters around him.
Okay, but also:
We know that Leo can summon fire, and he's also immune to being burned by it, and Percy can control water, and he's also immune to drowning in it, right? So what if because Will can glow, that is, produce light, and in turn, produce heat, he's immune to getting hot (like temperature hot)?
Like imagine it's like 85 F outside and everyone else at camp is positively sweating buckets, while Will's just there chilling in a thick hoodie, drinking hot chocolate.
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godwishesiwasdead · 3 months ago
I love and appreciate fanfic authors, but I read their notes and I have to wonder what fucked up shit they did in a past life to make god hate them so much. Like why do the worst things happen to fanfic authors and they just brush over it. I’ll be reading a fluffy fic and the notes will be “hey sorry the fic is late both my parents died, I’m in hospital right now, and my house burnt down. anyway hope u enjoy this chapter!!“ bro???? Are you okay?????
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life-wise-girl · 18 hours ago
Beauty or Brains
Piper: bitch, putting on mascara doesn't prevent me from reading Shakespeare
Piper: my IQ doesn't drop everytime I wear lip gloss.
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lavfeyson · 13 days ago
mitski releases a sudden new song and the next day the zodiac killer is identified and there’s a new pjoverse book coming out she’s so powerful
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dreamyzworldlove · 13 days ago
rick: i’m writing a solangelo book
me knowing damn well rick was going to write a solangelo book:
Tumblr media
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