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#you promised
stardustacefics · 26 minutes ago
From The Sunset To The Moon
Tumblr media
Chapter 13: Sick Day Snuggles
“Only you could get a cold when it’s this warm outside,” Teh laughed as he handed Oh-aew a cup of tea.
“It was definitely from that girl who was coughing during lecture,” Oh-aew groaned, taking the mug in his hands.
Teh grabbed a blanket from the other end of the couch and draped it over Oh-aew, gently wrapping it around his shoulders. He sat down next to him and opened his arms, beckoning Oh-aew over.
With a weak smile, Oh-aew flopped himself against Teh’s chest and snuggled into his embrace. “Don’t leave,” he whispered. “I don’t want to be alone.”
A sympathetic smile grew on Teh’s lips and he pressed a light kiss to the top of Oh-aew’s hair. “Okay,” he hummed. “I’ll stay.”
Teh softly played with Oh-aew’s hair as his eyes fell closed. Before he knew it, Oh-aew had fallen asleep.
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contransversial · 32 minutes ago
When did people start gaining the take "if you love and care about animals and prioritize their safety you're an eco fascist"
I hate to break it to you all but humans can fight for their rights. Other animals can't. They can't advocate for people to stop wiping out their entire species so there's nothing wrong with being an activist for them. I PROMISE you that pushing for anti deforestation legislation isn't what's stopping politicians from giving lgbt+ people housing rights
And there won't be any human rights issues to fight for if we destroy the earth and every other creature on it anyway
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shortpplfedup · an hour ago
Memory recall is a method acting technique?
Jai really is THAT guy huh...
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prismaticbutterflyy · an hour ago
One or two things to say after I read people about ep3 :
1) No need to ask P'Boss to come back etc 'cause he's producer on IPTYM. I'm sorry but he accepted the storyline from the beggining.
2) Nadao have nothing to do with this.
3) P'Meen have nothing to do with this. He's only the director for god's sake.
4) You have to remember an important thing : if BK and PP wasn't agree with their characters, trust me, they would do something about it. Did they ? No.
Stop your nonsense, calm down, inhale, exhale and see what'll happen next.
I understand you are angry but it's not necessary to hate P'Meen or Nadao or whoever.
We'll talk about all of this after the series ends.
Peace ❤️
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teatitty · 2 hours ago
One day we’re gonna get official art of Diarmuid in casual clothing and my HC that he only ever wears heels will be disproven and I will rant about it immensely and all of you will bear witness 
But until then we get to enjoy peace and silence!
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piningbisexuals · 3 hours ago
ok so this will be probably all over the place but I genuinely need to vent about ep3 I didn’t expect such a huge slap in the face towards viewers not from this show at least...teh kissed jai because he’s bored of oh aew and he had sex with oh aew because jai told him too fuck I mean he probably even thought about jai while doing it it’s so disgusting just beyond words for me also their kiss got better lighting and angles than any of the teh oa kisses which is another misunderstanding for me
like they’re genuinely trying so hard to make us hate the main couple and there’s gotta be an explanation for this they won’t end up together in the end right? because how could they if oh finds out about all of this mental betrayal I mean he will be crushed 💔 I can’t imagine them getting past this it’s huge huge betrayal mental and physical their relationship at this point doesn’t make sense it’s toxic
i've seen people say this is in-character for teh and others say the opposite. kinda made me realise that he's done this before to tarn, he cheated on her with ohaew cause it was something different. he also flattered ohaew to get him back and did stuff with him just to turn around and go back with tarn. so it's like he's had no growth/maturity, like he has not learned to not play with people's feelings or string them along until he figures out what he wants. quite disappointing writing :/ did not expect ipytm to be better than itsay (they set the bar pretty damn high) but this is just 💀💀
also the fact teh and jai kissed more passionately than any on-screen kiss between teh and oh-aew…when i was watching it i was literally like “why would they direct them to kiss like that if they weren’t trying to suggest teh was never really that passionate about oh-aew” because you’re always left to assume they’re just choosing to keep the kiss scenes in the show more ? idk the word but like modest/teen viewer friendly. but clearly they weren’t because teh and jai had a proper makeout. why would they direct the main couple to have a less passionate kiss that the affair?? it literally feels like they’re taking a dump on season 1 by entirely reframing it in a context where teh was never really that into oh-aew. bring bas back lol
hi anon, I put all of your asks together bc I'm pretty sure they're all from you, I hope I'm not mistaken! I knew since the trailer that teh & jai would have something AND I prepared myself mentally for literal weeks to endure the pain, yet it still was a slap in the face for me. so it's okay to be upset. I agree with everything you're saying, especially about teh's lack of growth. he was already lowkey toxic in season one, yet first of all he was in high school therefore immature & more forgivable, but also it was heavily implied that he had an emotional & maturity glow up in the last episode... which is all undone by this sequel. also teh & jai's kiss being that good is definitely not a subconscious decision. I think they might have wanted to try showing that it's a kiss out of pure lust, but still... it's just so sad to see oh-aew & teh having sex for the first time in a while & remembering their first time together being sandwiched between teh discovering his attraction to jai & then kissing him... even though I didn't expect ipytm to be anywhere near as perfect as itsay was for me, it's just so fucking sad to undo all the beautiful work done in season one for angst & drama... also I have no idea if they’re gonna try to put them back together, but both the director & the script of the show have been hinting at a sad ending so like.... 💀💀💀
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jaehwany · 3 hours ago
two things we learned through the ep 4 docu that we didn’t get in the actual episode:
oh-aew was influenced by au to dye his hair
this was such an easy thing they could have established if only there were more screen time for his bff group and more meaningful interactions between them. instead, we were left to fill in the blanks and assume it was just oh-aew growing into himself and feeling more comfortable with who he is. while that still holds true, it would have been nice to have shown au being that trigger. even a passing comment or a glance would have sufficed.
the kiss with jai happened because of teh losing control of his emotions
now i don’t believe this for one sec. i’m not sure if it’s bad directing (jk i’m sure it is) because to me, initiating the consent game came across as a calculated move to me. with teh wanting to test the waters with jai and deep down knowing or at least wanting it to lead to something more. and that’s why it’s made all the more worse. he went into that with his eyes wide open.
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maybeitsnabi · 3 hours ago
I Promised You The Moon Episode 3
I feel like an emotional pervert, but I loved it. Duh. 
I will start with Oh Aew, because we got a little from him this episode. It was Teh heavy. But my poor baby Oh Aew, what are we going to do with you?
Oh Aew is trying. I have so much empathy for him, because he’s growing as a person and with that growth are changes. He’s an expressive person and he’s making those changes externally which I love for him. 
I’m so glad Oh has a good group of friends in Bangkok, who seem solidly to just love him and he totally deserves that! 
Also if Teh isn’t going to say it, I will; Oh Aew you precious little bean. I’m so proud of you. It’s difficult deciding to change lanes, but you did that and you’re working hard. An A grade is fantastic! You did wonderfully! You grew an audience of followers on social media with that little savvy brain of you, I think you’ll do wonderfully in the AD/Media world. Keep it up bub!
Btw your boyfriend is an idiot, and if you decide to dump him. I’m on your side and I fuck with whatever you decide. Because you tried to meet him halfway, and you did not deserve what he did to you. 
Now... you may have read the last paragraph and think I’ve got heat for Teh, but I don’t? I just wish he was better at communicating his feelings. This was a problem we had to deal with in ITSAY.  If he was open with his feelings, he wouldn’t find himself in half situations he ends up in. 
All of what Teh wrote in that workshop diary was valid. I wanna say, his feelings are valid, you cannot take that away. As i pointed out last week, he’s terrible at accepting change. Even in ITSAY it took him so long to accept that he and Oh Aew were no longer rivals but lovers?
Anyways, I wish he had verbalised everything that he wrote in that diary to Oh Aew. It could be awkward at first, but I think Oh would have appreciated that. Because as much as I think Teh has bonded with and is attracted to Jai, I think he’s just been needing someone to talk and relate to. 
I was very much on Jai’s side throughout this whole episode. I may or may not have a tiny crush on him forming honestly. Because Jai is calm, he’s cool and even though he’s attracted to Teh he doesn’t impose that on him? I know, the standards are low but BL dramas have done this to me! 
Jai being a love rival and being attracted to Teh didn’t bother me at all, because he’s quite likeable as a person. He’s not manipulating Teh or trying to force his feelings on Teh. Their connection has developed organically. 
When Jai and Teh kissed, I wasn’t angry? I had kind of wanted it? I think when you build that amount of sexual tension, it feels a waste to do nothing with it? The kiss was hot too - sorry Oh Aew. But then he pulled away and there was no emotion? It was only Teh? I was so confused? I thought Jai was feeling it too?
I wonder what will happen next episode. I’m so curious. I obviously would not blame Oh Aew if he broke up with Teh. I wouldn’t be upset if they broke up and remained split. As much as I love them together, sometimes shit does not work out? However, I do think they may end up together, but taking baby steps to rebuild their trust? Teh will need to do a lot of grovelling. 
I don’t know, but I’ll be back in a week’s time with all my unsolicited opinions then too. Once again, happy pride to all the alphabet mandem. 
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amajima · 5 hours ago
i really didn't realize there was a prize!! not complaining though
ALKSJHDG LISTEN i was processing as i went okay i kept thinking of extra stuff and so i just. kept going... oKAY SO MAYBE I LOVE HIM
YES like okay i love him dearly and he's so interesting and, you're right, has woNDERFUL fics but it would take WORK to get along. alkjsh i would also never say anything, just wait for someone to call me out on it (then deny it, probably) 👀 the parallels to real life omg... not me going back in my memory and realizing that back in high school i also.. well then. of my few boy stories, this is the one i cringe at most bc i did actually grow to like him but when he made it clear he liked me, i panicked and unintentionally rejected him KAJSHDLKG he backed off and i never brought it up again bc i was embarrassed so we stayed friends until grad (in hindsight i'm now realizing how dense i was and how many things i missed before the one really obvious thing salkdjhg i'm so duMB)
i hope you (and i) can clean up stuff somewhat during break but also, very understandable if you don't bc same
speaking of time management, i know you have summer classes soon so i'm keeping an eye on you but CONGRATS YOU'RE DONE!!!
- 🍁
just a few pics to continue your brainrot bc yams deserves all the love 💃💃 HAHA
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THEN DENYING IT bye this is a good tsumu plotline. but your hs boy story ajdhsjsh!! on the bright side at least he was respectful and stayed your friend after that (not all boys are secure enough to do that oop). it's okay my hs boy stories are so cringe like nothing ever even came from them past flirting but they are SO CRINGE yikes
if i can even clean a sliver of this mess that is my drafts i will give myself a gold star HAHA (and you get one rn bc i said so heheh ⭐)
ooop you really said 🧐🧐 BAHAHAH YIKES THE BAD PART IS I PROBABLY NEED IT TOO HAHA. but ty ty <33 glad to have at least a week off before it picks up again
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emotionsinthewind · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Surprise, surprise, this hasn’t helped my *commitment* and *vulnerability* issues
(I made a tik tok to this trend but didn’t feel like sharing my face with it. Also, one of these friends hasn’t ~individually~ messaged me since i made a conscious effort to not be the one to initiate convos after they blew up at me for being vulnerable and then expected me to be happy for them a few weeks later 🤷🏼‍♀️)
Is this passive aggressive? Probably, but Reddit has inspired me and they’ll never see this.
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hotgirlgarak · 6 hours ago
hi who wants to see a TERRIBLE fucking take:
Tumblr media
are you. your brain is cottage cheese in what fucking world is buying FAST FASHION ever better than buying second hand clothes. even buying new clothes from “ethical” brands is still contributing to textile waste and consumption AHHHH
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shinjaeha · 7 hours ago
I'll be honest, ep 3 ipytm made me so uncomfortable :((
oh no, anon, i'm totally with you on this. it was a really difficult and uncomfortable watch for me too...and i know that we were heading towards more drama and angst from the build up in the previous eps, but i still don't think i was quite prepared for what we ended up getting (and tbh i'm upset that it even went in that direction).
personally, i'm not a 'cheating is an absolute dealbreaker' type of person when it comes to shows (though i have a lot of issues when it comes to trusting people so if this happened to me irl, i'm not sure i would be able to forgive the other person)...but i think i was more mad at the lack of respect teh showed oh-aew THROUGHOUT the ep. it really left a bad taste in my mouth. so the kiss with jai was the cherry on top of that mess.
i think what makes me the most sad is that itsay is such a comfort watch for me. i know that it was angsty as hell too, but it resonated so deeply with me that it also felt healing at the same time. ipytm just makes me feel defeated. like i can kind of understand why the characters do what they do, but i feel disconnected from it somehow. and i hate seeing so many of the characters/relationships regress? like i get that there's still room for them to grow, but i wish they could learn and grow without having to take so many steps back from where they were at the end of itsay at the same time. makes me feel so disheartened :(
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